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Lakers blog profile: Don't Blame Del Harris has a fondness for the former Lakers coach

30790587This is the 11th post in a weekly series that helps you get to know members of the L.A. Times Lakers blog community. Feel free to send submissions to [email protected].

Screen name: Don't Blame Del Harris!

Occupation: Government Puppet

Age: 35

Gender: M

Hometown: Inland Empire

Story behind your screen name: It's not his fault! Nah, but I really enjoyed the Lake Show years. After Magic left in 1991, I refused to join the Chicago bandwagon (a la the Cowboys or 49ers in the NFL with their fair-weather-fans) and stuck it out during the lean years (phase one). Dunleavy had jumped ship. Randy Pfund was no Pfun. Worthy retired. Byron went to the Pacers, I believe. A.C. Green went to PHX, I think. Perkins went to Seattle for Benoit Benjamin and Doug Christie. Sedale was the starting point guard. We missed the playoffs in 1993, after just barely making it in 1992. Then we drafted Eddie Jones out of Temple. Campbell started playing better. Nick was Nick. Peeler was bombing away. Ceballos was getting 20 and 10 the hard way. And Del Harris took a rookie phenom, a young beast in the paint, along with the other youngsters, and won 50+ games for a few years. This is my tribute to Del. He's no Phil, but he ain't bad.

How I became a Lakers fan: Kevin Johnson and his Phoenix Suns only cemented my resolve as a new Lakers fan. 1991 was fun because we had a young Elden Campbell out of Clemson, and a Flopper Deluxe in Vlade. I am a Lakerholic. YES!

Favorite Lakers memory of all time and of the 2009-2010 season:* All-time (a) - Watching Magic play LIVE in 1990.... I received some Lakers tickets for Christmas. It was a Clippers game, truthfully, but it was a game against the Lakers nonetheless. Magic even made a buzzer-beater at the end of the first quarter. I wore every piece of Lakers clothing I owned. At 15 years old, that wasn’t much! *All-time (b) - Nick Van Exel's buzzer-beating, game-winning, crowd-hushing, Garden-closing, 3-pointer in the Lakers' last game in the old Boston Garden. Nick at Nite issued his classic “SHHHH!” index-finger-over-lips move to the stunned crowd and by doing so, created an image that still makes me smile to this day.

*'09-'10 season: Ron's game-winner. Last time I shouted so loud was the 0.4 shot. I lost my voice for two days after each of those memorable events. Ron-Ron’s rebound from nowhere and game-winner prompted me to nearly blow out my knees from jumping up and down. I just shouted, “Ron Artest! Ron Artest! Ron Artest!” for about two minutes straight. My neighbor across the street asked my wife the next day, “Who exactly is Ron Artest?”

Most heartbreaking Lakers experience:* Magic retiring in 1991. He had become my favorite athlete; quite unusual for me because I was so terrible at sports. Something he did just pulled me in. Magic was always a joy to watch. *Ralph Sampson in 1986 -- 'nuff said. *The Double Hamstring Mambo in the '89 Finals. *2004 and 2008 Finals losses to old enemies. Bitter indeed! *Chick.

Favorite Lakers player: Kobe. His body of work is more than I ever thought we as Lakers fans would ever get to witness since the days of Magic, the first MJ! Kobe may be polarizing to the general public, but his accomplishments and abilities cannot be ignored. He will be considered one of the best ever when his playing days are over. The scary thing is that he's not done yet.

Greatest all-time Laker: Magic. He saved the NBA (w/Bird), ushered in the new generation, and captivated his audience with an unabashed style and flair that has yet to be matched. Imagine what could've been if he had not been stricken ill.... What a ride it was, though! Try to watch the 1992 NBA All-Star Game online someday. Magic made that game his personal statement to his family, his friends, his teammates, his opponents, his audience, and his illness that he would never be defeated. Priceless. The 3-pointers over Isiah Thomas and Mike were storybook endings in a time when the fans needed one.

Last time you went to a game at Staples Center and at the Forum: Staples Center, 2006. My wife had surprised me with a tickets to the Jazz/Lakers game in January for Christmas that year. I would finally get to see Kobe in person! Alas, it was not to be. Kobe was suspended for that Jazz/Lakers game after elbowing Mike Miller in the throat a few nights before. Forum, 1994. I was lucky enough to see a rookie named Eddie Jones, a young Nick Van Exel, and “Run TMC” during a game against Golden State. A lot of running, gunning and grinning that night.

Opposing team, player you dislike the most:I cannot stand the Celtics. PP, KG, every one of them is constantly on my list of potential Kobe victims. And LeBronze. I can’t wait for the Miami Cheats to flame out. Hopefully, the Lakers will be the team that puts their fire out.

Interactions with Lakers players: James Worthy autograph session @ Circuit City Monrovia; Luke Walton autograph session @ Upper Deck Store Huntington Beach; John Salley @ Sea World San Diego (meh); Kobe, Sasha, Pau, Trevor, and Luke @ Fiesta Lakers 2009

Most cherished piece of Lakers memorabilia I have:Kobe #8 UDA autographed home 2002 Finals jersey with Sept. 11th patch, Magic Johnson-signed basketball circa 1990, and a James Worthy Starting Lineup figure I purchased at Toys R Us way back when.

Memorable stories about being a Lakers fan: Attending the 2000 Championship parade and rally, and living to tell about it. We left just before things got hairy. And watching the 2002 WCF, Game 7: After we won, I ran outside and started screaming. As I looked over my left shoulder, I saw my neighbor doing the same thing. We stared at each other for a second, silent and awkward. Then we high-fived each other and began to scream again. My wife still doesn't get it to this day. Also, watching the last game of the 2004 season when Kobe hit the game-tying, last-second three-pointer in Portland, then the subsequent game-winning three-pointer at the very end of overtime to secure the Pacific Division crown over Sacramento. That dude flexed so hard on those fools! My last memory is a continuous one: the blog crew! Thanks, everybody! Title heaven in 2011!

--Mark Medina

[email protected]

Photo: Don't Blame Del Harris argues that Harris got too much criticism when he was the Lakers' head coach in the mid-1990s. Credit: Los Angeles Times

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@DBDH, Sir I salute you! You are a true LakerHolic, not a fair weather fan. You stayed through the hard times so the good times should be even sweeter to you. A lot of your Laker moments match up with mine. greatest all-time-laker, favorite Laker, most disliked team and player. You sir are an oustanding represenative of Laker Nation...they don't come no better! So we salute you as we should. You are also, yes, yes, Yes!...OUT FREAKIN STANDING SIR!!!!!!!

@DBDH… Loved reading your profile. Great Lakers stories. DH was definitely in a no-win zone being the Lakers head coach in between a pair of HOFers like Pat Riley and Phil Jackson.

DBDH - great profile... but I shall not blame you for it.

@LAKERMIKE…. One additional important point to bring up is that Phil implied in his comments that part of the reason for the delay is that the doctors wanted to fix the knee in a way that would make it stronger and unlikely that Drew would suffer the same injury again. Here’s what Phil said:
"Now, that's an unfortunate thing, but the type of surgery that the doctor did on his knee takes a little extra time," Jackson said. "Obviously we hadn't prepared and Andrew certainly hadn't prepared for the fact that it could take an extra month and a half or so to rehab this type of surgery.

"It's an unusual type of surgery. It's not very often. Obviously the area of the tear with Andrew is a very unusual tear and Andrew has knees that, I think, have shown we have to watch and be careful with them and THIS IS SOMETHING WE HOPE IS GOING TO REPAIR THE KNEE IN A WAY SO IT CAN BE MUCH MORE STABLE IN THE FUTURE."
Now that sounds to me like GOOD NEWS, not bad news. That is if you are really a Lakers fan.

DBDH; You even look a little like Del - is that Kobe with you?


I enjoyed the profile. The 3pt Nick hit to beat Boston was sweet...reminiscent of the 3pt Magic hit to also beat the Celtics in Boston.

You are a great Laker fan indeed. How can we be mad at Del? He led the Lakers back to respectability.

“Who exactly is Ron Artest?” - aw no he didn't.

Great story. Thanks for sharing. And you're right, it wasn't Del's fault.

\o/ @ DBDH! Another great profile!

DBDH, love your occupation as a gov't puppet at least there is a job out there. When I first read your handle I thought you were referring to Nick VE quick exit with Dell as you very well know they're were the cat and mouse in the 90's. NO, Del Harris was one the intermediary coaches during the 90's that prepared him and Shaq. hey calling you out aloud: your first name or even just initials, your loving wife who was with you at '00 Championship so she's also an avid fan, any kids, where do live in Inland Empire. I used to hang around there near UCR. Which government bureaucry do u promote? (sic) and most important - you or your family's portrait. You may be bashful just like many of us afraid to be identified by our neighborhood friends to be associated w/ the lakerholic blog (lol!), however it is about time to promote yourself. You have been chasing Laker players for autographs and I'm sure some of them are reading this blog, they have to know who DBDH is? It is one way of giving your own autograph through this blog. Go for it man, please provide a supplement info in your reply. Keep on posting during the season.

Edwin Gueco -

I spent 3 years on a BSPN Blog...They have some features that we don't have in our Blog. First, you have to create an account. So you have to sign in first before posting. They are also on an instant post system. So trolls can still permeate, but emailing the moderator will get rid of them. When posting you have some features that are nice. You have an edit button or cancel button. So you can always go back to your post and change spelling and grammar mistakes, or you can delete the whole post completely. You also have a feature to 'report' any other post that is not yours. If the poster is in violation of any thing from 'terms of use', you can immediately report that poster, and state the reason why, ie. "Impersonating another person' or 'spamming'.

The moderators are usually very quick to act, with that poster being banned, and all his post deleted, by the next day. Also the program they use, has some default settings on words not allowed. They have words that are not going to be accepted by the system, and when your post comes out, the words not allowed will come out like this...xxxx.

So they have a pretty good operating system. It would be great if we could implement the same here, it would take alot of workload of MM's plate.

But bottom line, for content, knowledge, information and camaraderie, The LAT Blog is the best...

DBDH - Wonderful profile, it was great to meet you...

I love the Ron Artest part...and I'm remember the Nick, Eddie, and Vlade days...

I think we made four players in the All Star once...KB, Nick, Eddie, and who was the fourth...either Vlade or Shaq....

Anywho...will look forward in witnessing 2011 together...#17 Coming Up...

DBDH - great profile!

Dang, Kobe looks yooooouuuunnnnggggggg.

Thanks, y'all! It's a pleasure to be here, and an honor to be included in the crew! Weekend's really busy with the family, so this is a short one. Muchas gracias a todos.


Sorry, EG, but I cannot reveal my true self. However, I am always on board for this Lakerholic Sanctuary. Besides, any real facts about me would compromise the shroud of mystery I have so carefully crafted!

And much live to MM... excellent photo choice. As some of you have seen in the chats, my avatar if Delbert sticking his tongue out. I appreciate MM's nod to my chosen internet alias. I'm out, y'all.



...much love to MM...


Thank you Lewstrs those comments made will be very helpful to the management of LAT. I refer to ESPN as BSPN because they have all the resources to do all those things. As Rick said, they go with Bristol instead of Typepad. During the KBros, we used to log in also the bot letters to post which is really very inconvenient but at least it helps to go mainstream that being toyed by kids or trolls who would like to inflict harm to the blog.

I think LAT management should provide MM a little help like an intern to have a watchful eye on those instant postings. If he sense that it going out of bounds raided by a looney, he could transform to moderating.

I also believe there is a thin red line in banning bloggers, trolls or others. Sometimes the first amendment is compromised where does responsibility begins and freedom of speech ends. It becomes a subjective issue from the moderator's standpoint. Like for example with my difference with Phred on the presence of an old blogger here by the name of Mike T. I admit he is a controversial fellow and sometime is language are not palatable for descent reading, however we coexisted with him during the formative years of this blog. Between 2006-07, I think this controversial blogger attracted so many posters including what puddle said. We hate his posts especially those biased Jackson Journals but come to understand him well as time goes by. I really disagree with Mark and others here who believed he should be banned for life from this blog. We have these trolls JH or OH who are not giving any kind of contributions to this blog except those kibitzing comments, yet they have the freedom to lurk around. Who is more destructive MT or these trolls? Shall we sanitize this blog with just one frame of mind i.e. Lakers loyalty, and if you are not a Laker fan, then you are not welcome? I think it doesn't represent the mind and the diversity of Laker fans in LA. Like in the editorial staff, we have Dan who is a Blazer fan, Mark who is now a Laker fan, I'm sure there are Shaq fans like Barry. lol! it is a free for all society, as long we stand by to the rules of decency then freedom should prevail.

In addition Lewstrs, I like those features that you said, "You have an edit button or cancel button. So you can always go back to your post and change spelling and grammar mistakes, or you can delete the whole post completely".

Oh man, I made so many mistakes and I am very grateful for readers to provide the right spelling, grammar or missing words. Sometimes I'd like to rewrite everything all over again. Well, we have the edit button too, just too lazy to do it always.


You brought lots of memories...Nick, Jones...

That was AWESOME to read.


Great profile and nice stories. I was surprised you didn't mention DH running down and slapping scorers table when Kobe made a last second shot. He was yelling did you see who took that shot?
But great stories.

Dude you can't forget Game 7 of the 2000 Western Conference .You got to include it into your Favorite Lakers memory of all time .We would not be talking of another 3 peat now


Great read! My favorite part: Cedric Ceballos getting his 20 and 10... the hard way. Oh how very true.

One of my favorite YouTube videos is of Nick hitting that 3 in the Garden to win it for the Lakers, shutting down the Garden for good. That was a crazy shot.

On a side note, who would have thought that the last game the Lakers and the Celtics played in their respective buildings would both end up in losses for the home team?

Don't Blame Del Harris -

Thanks for sharing your bio. I enjoyed reading it very much.

Coach Harris has a brilliant basketball mind and is why so many teams try to use him as a consultant.

Very nice meeting you, and I have always wondered about the reason behind your genius screen name :)

Passion flows in your blodd and for that I bow at you.

It's gonna be a beautiful year for all us in the Fam: glad we'll share it along :)

@ Z,

Thanks! I'm honored by your comments. You have reached mythic proportions on this blog, and to receive such praise from you is quite humbling.




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