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Lakers blog profile: CyberCosmiX has plenty of Laker stories to share

CyberCosmiX_1This is the 12th post in a weekly series that helps you get to know members of the L.A. Times Lakers Blog community. Feel free to send submissions to [email protected]

Screen name: CyberCosmiX

Occupation: Self-employed, although not doing much more at the moment outside of working on a fixer-upper and being a stay-at-home dad since the wife works afternoon/evenings.

Age: 42

Gender: Male

Hometown: Apple Valley

Story behind your screen name: I've used the name CyberCosmiX since about the mid-'90s when I incorporated that name to use for business. Specifically, I had owned and operated a comic book store for five years previously, and originally wanted to use the name Cosmic Comics, but that name was taken as a .com. So just played around with the name to come up with this one; it was also suited the Web work I was doing at that time. Definitely too much info... :)

How I became a Lakers fan: I started out collecting basketball cards around 1975 when I was 7 years old. Most kids around Torrance at that time collected baseball or football cards, but basketball cards were more intriguing to me. One of the guys my older sister was dating at the time gave me an old shoebox full of them, so I was able to at least see the legendary players this way, Wilt, Russell, West, Baylor, etc... I always loved the sport itself but didn't know much about it besides the Harlem Globetrotters. I don't remember ever watching even a single televised pro game during my early youth, I'd just look at the standings of the different teams every so often in the L.A. Times. Ironically, I do remember watching Chick Hearn on "Bowling For Dollars" without even knowing who he was at the time. My favorite player was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, but I wasn't necessarily a real big Laker fan, mostly since they weren't a great team during the mid-'70s and I liked to pick favorite sports teams at that time based on their mascots or logos, lol.

My first "favorite" team was the Knicks simply because I had more of their basketball cards than other teams. Crazy, I know. In '78 my mom and I flew out to Seattle to visit an aunt and she bought me a yellow and green Supersonics T-shirt, so I rooted for Seattle for about a year. When the Lakers drafted Magic Johnson, I quickly returned to being a Laker fan, staying one ever since (and forever more). It was also around that time that I started listening to Chick call Laker games; I recall many a night falling to sleep to Chick's voice.

36691455Favorite Lakers memory of all time: Leaving for a vacation with my parents to Santa Barbara right around the start of Game 5 of the Lakers/Sixers '82 Finals, listening to Chick call a lot of the game, but the radio started losing reception as we got past Malibu, so I asked to come sit up front and spent most of the second half trying to barely turn the stereo knob to the left or right to better tune in the game. As we drove down the coast we'd get a few seconds of Chick calling the action above the static here and there, and I know the noise was driving my mom crazy, lol. Unfortunately the Lakers lost that game, but came back to win the series in the next game.

I also remember calling Chick on the LakerLine pregame show he would do, this was around '87. I had been trying to get through for a couple of weeks, and finally managed to get through one afternoon. In the long minutes waiting for him, I got the hair-brained idea to record the call. So I quickly went and grabbed a cassette and readied my dad's old tape recorder, putting it up against the radio. As I waited some more I started to get nervous of being on the radio for the first time. Suddenly, Chick's voice was on the phone saying Mike in Torrance, and between trying to remember to hit record on the tape recorder, and ask Chick a couple of questions, I ended totally freezing up. The only thing I even remembered to say was Hi and ask if the Lakers might trade for Ralph Sampson. He asked me my age first, and my favorite Laker before answering and saying something to the extent that it would never happen, the Rockets would want too much in return because they would be breaking up their Twin Towers. I was disappointed in myself for freezing up; the worst part though is I somehow messed up recording our little conversation, but still I was very excited to have spoken to Chick. I'll never forget that.

Favorite Lakers memory: My favorite on-court Laker memories are beating the hated Celtics in Boston to win the '85 World Championship, winning the '00 title and jumping in the car with my son to join celebrate outside the Staples Center -- which unfortunately had become a riot in the time we drove there -- plus wrapping up the '09 title in Orlando. Also, the fourth-quarter comeback in '00 in Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals against the Trail Blazers. Still can't believe that one. Of course Magic's baby-hook, Fish's .04, Big-Shot Rob's game winning three-point shot vs. the Kings as time expired in '02, the comeback win vs the Suns in '06 playoffs, Kobe's game in '04 vs. the Blazers that gave Lakers the Pacific Division Title, the 81-point game..... sorry, can't pick just one, oh so many great Laker memories!

2009-10 season: Outside of the second half of Game 7 of the NBA Finals, which was just so very sweet, mmmm ... so many great moments this year, but for me the single best one was Ron Ron's catch-and-putback versus the Suns in the playoffs -- when he hit it my two older sons and I all went berserk, jumping around like crazy. Another great moment was watching Kobe hit that game-winning shot over Dwyane Wade during the regular season, coming on the heels of Wade's basket, Kobe leaping off of one foot, squaring his body in mid-air, letting it fly and bouncing it in. The entire play seemed like it was run in slow motion, so sweet the ending. Kobe's game-winner against Sacramento was a beautiful moment, too. I must say, we hooted and hollered I think more times last season than any other. Thank you Kobe for hitting all those exciting game-winners!

Most heartbreaking Lakers experience: Definitely it was watching Ralph Sampson hit that lucky mid-air catch-and-shoot off a mid-court inbounds pass with a second left on the clock in Game 5 of the '86 Western Conference Finals, clinching the series at the Forum. That was devastating; the Lakers had such a nice team that season, going for the elusive back-to-back titles that the Lakers had been chasing throughout the Showtime era, and messing up a rematch with the Celtics. Listening to the delight Tommy Heinsohn displayed on the CBS telecast after the shot is like getting salt rubbed into the wound. Man, did I despise that Heinsohn! Losing in '04 and '08 were pretty tough, too, but those were more prolonged agonies.

Favorite Lakers player: It's a tie, Magic and Kobe. My favorite unsung hero is Michael Cooper, wiry frame, short shorts, socks pulled up to the knees and feisty to the bone. Coop never gets enough props for all he did, and the excellence he played defense.

3495384Greatest all-time Laker: That's easy, Chick Hearn. Laker player? So many great Lakers, an embarrassment of riches, really. At this point in time I've gotta give Magic the edge over Kobe; Kareem too. However, god forbid barring major injury, I believe that Kobe will go down not only as the greatest of all Lakers, but the entire NBA. He's got some work to do still, but the intensity, work ethic and dedication to the game he brings should carry him and the Lakers to more winning years, hopefully title-winning. This dynasty is just getting started.

I've got to acknowledge Shaq and give him props for having the single most dominant season I've ever personally witnessed a player have, in '99-00. I never saw Wilt, but I could imagine that Shaq was the closest thing to him that season. He was so completely dominating centers, he was breaking them down so thoroughly, he was a force of nature that year. Unfortunately, he never took his training and conditioning seriously.

Last time you went to a game at Staples Center and at the Forum: I made sure I went and took my sons to the final regular season Laker game at the Forum in '99 against the Trail Blazers. There was a preseason Laker game the next season at the Forum which we also attended -- it was a Great Western Shootout doubleheader, Lakers playing the Phoenix Suns in the second game. Incredibly, I remember it wasn't even sold out; I couldn't believe what may be the final game played in that historic arena and Laker fans passed on the chance to be there. Well, we didn't, and we had the best tickets we've ever sat in the Forum for that game, just a couple rows back of one of the baskets. Funny thing is, during the game, our son Brandon, who was 4 at the time, was antsy from sitting for several hours through the first game and now a second one, decided to run under the basket, on the court. Luckily, it was during a break in play, and right at the end of a Laker Girl routine, as they were walking back to their endline spots. One of the Laker Girls grabbed him by the hand  and brought him to us; we had rushed from our seats to get him.

The last game I went to at the Staples Center was a playoff game against the Timberwolves in '03; I believe it was Game 4 without digging up the ticket stub. It was very special because it was the final sporting event my father attended during his life, and our entire family got to go to that game. We sat in the Hollywood Park Casino luxury box, my father was friends with the owner. Great memories from that day.

Opposing team, player you dislike the most: It used to be Bill Laimbeer, but currently it's Paul Pierce. I can see LeBron James eventually becoming my most disliked because of his arrogance, egotistical attitude and his eagerness to play second fiddle while continuing to call himself King and Chosen One, but until the Lakers face him in the Finals it will continue to be Pierce. He wasn't particularly effective this past NBA Finals, but I'm sure every Laker fan thinks back to the infamous moment that he got wheeled out in that granny wheelchair, only to come back out onto the court like a minute later. All I can say is that was a pathetic attempt to create a Willis Reed moment; either that or he should be a soccer player.

Most disliked team is easy, the Celtics. I join with NBA fans around the globe in universally hating the Miami Heat, but it's the Celtics that I love to hate the most. I don't wear green, hate leprechauns, four-leaf clovers and most former Celtic players. By the way, would the Celtics have been able to trade for Kevin Garnett if it wasn't a gift from Kevin McHale? He was helping his old team and buddy Danny Ainge by accepting Al Jefferson and a boatload of scrubs for him rather than the much better Laker proposed trade of Odom/Bynum and a couple of  No. 1's for KG. Now we can all thank McHale, that trade would have killed the Lakers. Thanks Kevin!


Interactions with Lakers players: Saw Elden Campbell and family at IKEA in Carson, circa '93; they were buying some furniture and standing in line in front of us. He was just as low-key in real life as he was on the court. Ran into Corie Blount around '98 at the Sam's Club in Torrance. Also saw Mychal Thompson at the Hollywood Park Hotel a couple hours before a Laker weekend game at the Forum, I think it was '88. I would see Jerry Buss every so often at the Hollywood Park Casino, also at the Bell Casino. My dad even went up to him one time we saw him at Hollywood Park Racetrack, this was in early Showtime days, and mentioned to him that his mother's side of the family are also Buss, jokingly saying our families might be related. They talked for a little bit about their family trees. Buss would say hi to him after that time whenever they'd cross paths at casinos they'd play cards at throughout the years.

Ran across Magic Johnson various times at L.A. sporting events, including at a Dodger Game around '85, and again a few months later at a Rams playoff game in Anaheim, in which they beat the Cowboys. Getting off topic, but I got to go the very next day see the Raiders lose to the Patriots in the Coliseum. Two NFL playoff games in L.A. on one weekend. Man, those were the days, the middle of Laker Showtime, the Dodgers were good, and two NFL teams to watch.

Most cherished piece of Lakers memorabilia I have: For sure it is Pat Riley's game notes and plays scribbled on the light-blue pad of paper he used to diagram on, with the a half-court imprinted on it. It was a late-season '89 game against the Mavs. There's about eight pages of diagrammed plays, and I remember it was a close game the Lakers won. Since my father suffered heart trouble, we used to wait until everyone left and the ushers would shoo us out at sporting events to miss the cattle herd of people exiting, and the traffic. So, we'd sit, and I used to scan the exiting crowd with my binoculars (trying to spot pretty girls :) ) but this day I focused on the seats of the Lakers bench, and spotted that under Riley's chair he left those play diagrams behind, so I ran all the way down and grabbed them.

Memorable stories about being a Lakers fan: During the late '80s my friends and I sneaked in and caught quite a few second halves of Laker games at the Forum. That was always fun, and all too easy to do.

My father and I went to Game 4 of the '85 Finals  vs. the Celtics, the most exciting Laker game I've ever attended. A very tight game throughout; unfortunately Dennis Johnson won them the game in the last second, hitting a jumper. It was a crushing defeat and as despondent a Laker crowd as I've ever seen. After the game, since we'd always stay after, I went over and joined a few fans standing behind Brent Musburger, who was doing a live postgame wrap-up for CBS. Well, I got a little out of hand, starting a very derogatory chant about Larry Bird which the CBS mics picked up. During a break, Musburger turned to a few of us that were now doing it and asked us to please stop. When they came back to him and he started talking again of course we restarted the chant, at much higher volume and more gusto, joined by even more fans. I was told by friends later that it was written about and mentioned on sports news; apparently that didn't go over too well in Boston. Man, I'd love to have footage of that!

My friend Michael and I decided to skip school and ride our bikes to the '85 Laker rally at the Forum, it was held in the rear parking lot. I remember there were quite a few beer bottles scattered about, and a van had run one over and got a flat tire. Michael laughed at them, not a smart move. It was a great rally, and afterwards we hopped on bikes and started riding out. On the way out of the parking lot of course he rides right over a piece of broken glass, puncturing his inner tube. Talk about karma. I wasn't going to leave him behind, so we ended up walking our bikes back all the way to Torrance, about a three-hour walk it was. I remember when we finally got home it was starting to get dark, and we were both sore from walking bikes for so long a time, but definitely it was well worth it.

We also went to the '87 Laker rally, but by now we were driving. So a group of five of us played hooky and made the trek to downtown L.A. We managed to get quite close to the rally, right up to the barricade on the left side, under a tree. At one point, sportscaster Stu Nahan grabbed a Laker and began interviewing him right in front of us, though I can't for the life of me remember which player. A friend and I took the opportunity to grab sticks and used them to prod Stu  during the interview. Stu was a true professional, he never lost focus, just moved forward a bit out of our reach. Naturally, it just made us stretch further and I managed to use the stick to come across his head and mess up his hair some. He never turned to us; I think everyone was in such a good mood that day it really didn't bother him. Gosh, thinking back, we were really bad... lol.

My two older boys' most memorable story is going to going to Staples Center on opening night in 1999, the first ever Laker game played there. I had made a tile inscribed with their names and the message "GO LAKERS!" which was placed in the walkway near the main entrance. I kept it a secret from them; they didn't know they had their own tile. I told my oldest son Galen to read all of the tiles on the floor to his younger brother and let me know if they spotted something familiar; they were confused but did so. However, there are hundreds  of them and it took them quite a while to finally find their tile. They were very excited, and to top it off we got to go in and watch the first-ever Laker game in the building. Generally though, my father and I went to a lot of Laker games together; rooting the Lakers on with the family are the most memorable moments of being a Lakers fan.

Photo: The enclosed picture is of CyberCosmiX's four kids and himself at home in Apple Valley. From left to right, Brandon (holding Sandy, their pet chorkie, on his lap), CyberCosmiX (Mike) in back, Galen, Brian the clone trooper, and Samantha. Credit: CyberCosmiX

Photo: Magic Johnson's arrival in L.A. prompted CyberCosmiX to become a Lakers fan. Credit: Los Angeles Times.

Photo: The late Chick Hearn is the greatest Laker, according to CyberCosmiX. Credit: Los Angeles Times.

Photo: Magic Johnson is one of several Lakers players CyberCosmiX says he's met. Credit: Tiziana Sorge / AFP/Getty Images

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@CYBERCOSMIX, I've laready told you, you are one of my favorite Bloggers. Now to finally meet your esteemed self has me overcome with emotion! LOl! Damn am I jealous. Nobody should be able to have all those wonderful memories but...Thank you for sharing them with us. Now I don't feel so deprived! Lol! Kudos to you and your family and of course it goes without saying...OUT FREAKIN STANDING SIR!!!!

Cyber - GREAT profile...glad to have met you...great looking kids and fantastic stories...

Looking forward to witnessing this coming season with you...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation

#17 Coming Up!!!

Cool stories!

cool profile...

They are showing Laker training camp on NBA TV. It's pretty cool. They have a mic on Ron Artest, he's all amazed at how much Steve Blake knows the Triangle offense already. Check it out.

Go Lakers!
Go Chargers!
Go Padres!

CyberC - great stories. Reading them just gets me so antsy for season to start. I love that you are sharing your passion with your kids and they are enjoying it. Especially like your 4 YO running on the court. Good stuff!

Cheers - PLG

\o/ @ Cyber...who is now (so far) the only Lakers Blog member other than me who saw that heartbreaking buzzer beater by Dennis Frecklface Johnson live and in the flesh inside of the Forum! In the presence of my mother, that is The Game That Shall Not Be Mentioned - because she couldn't go that night and I got her ticket instead. More on that fateful night whenever MM puts up my profile.

Anyhoo, good profile Cyber!

Wow CyberC, that's quite the profile! Nice to meet you - great stuff! Love the part about Brent Musburger telling you to pipe down in the wake of the crushing loss to the C's at the Forum in Game 4 of the '85 Finals.


WHere are you?? Do you really think it is too early to put the season in the refrigerator? I can hear the Jello Jigglin' and the butter getting hard. Can't you?

You don't want to wait until the fourth quarter of the fourth game in our Finals sweep, do you? Then refrigeration will be so obvious it will be superfluous. Now at least there is a little suspense, well at least for those without FAITH !!

Speaking of which, FAITH where are you?? I consider it all over. Put this season in the refrigerator NOW !!


CCX - wow, great profile! I hope to do mine sometime this weekend.

If Lebron says its racism, it is racism
If Lebron says he owes nothing to Cleveland, he owes nothing
If Lebron says it wasn't his fault the Cavs lost, it's not his fault
If Lebron says all naysayers beware, beware
If Lebron says the Heat will win multiple Rings, take it to the bank
If Lebron says anything, you will listen
If Lebron is wrong, he is mistaken


As a former High Desert resident... I salute you!

As a fellow Lakers fan... I salute you!

As a fellow, yet former, card collector... I salute you!

As a fellow, also former, comic book collector... I salute you!

As a fellow class cutter... I salute you!

As a fellow father sharing his love of all that is Lakers... I salute you!

Great read there, friend.


Title Heaven in 2011!


Cool profile, and nice Laker family photo.


Never mind all that. Being a comic book connoisseur, I want to know who's your favorite superhero and why!

Great profile! Based on these profiles, it seems that Magic Johnson sealed the deal for many of us becoming lifelong Lakers fans. While I really don't care much for the G.L.O.A.T. topic, if it is truly Magic who is responsible for growing the Lakers fan base the way he did, then that's some pretty compelling stuff in his favor for that discussion. Of course, the man you chose as your favorite, Chick Hearn, played an even greater role in growing the fan base, especially in the early days when they played at the Sports Arena. I hate to say it, but Bill Russell played a role in it to because the fans needed someone to hate.

Now I know why I thought the world's worst callers phoned into Chick's Laker Line Show! It was dweebs like you who froze up and sounded like dumb idiots. :) Seriously, were they the worst or what? I remember listening to that show because I couldn't wait to hear the next terrible caller. It was like, let's see if the next guy can top that! Did you happen to see the Modern Family episode last season when Phil froze up when Kobe spoke to him? Hilarious.

By the way, you should photocopy those Pat Riley plays and e-mail them to Phil Jackson because you know he's going to use them with this group of players, whether he's actually coaching or not.

Anyway, great stuff, man!

Cyber -

".....and spotted that under Riley's chair he left those play diagrams behind, so I ran all the way down and grabbed them."

This has to be my favorite part...pure creative genius to do that.

Troy B sounds about right to me

Posted by: Fatty | September 30, 2010 at 01:46 PM

Another one for Troy B it is!

The current standings are:
Troy B - 4 (Justa, Edwin, Mamba24, Fatty)
Beezy - 0
The Beez - 1 (Art)
Troyka B - 1 (The Triangulator)
Troy Beezy - 1 (Lakerlass)
Whatever next name gets nominated

So far Troy B is beating all others 4-3.




Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation...

#17 Coming Up!!!


@ Troy,

How 'bout Beelzebub?

Easy Beezy, lemon squeezy?



Posted by: Don't Blame Del Harris! | September 30, 2010 at 02:05 PM


"There is only one Laker Showtime. Perhaps, u can give that South Beach team with a new name like Hurricane, Thunderstorm, LA Copycats which appropriate in describing Florida. I left out NASA, cockroaches and mosquitoes. lol! Leave Magic, Kareem, Worthy their place in the Hall of Fame or at the Staple rafters."

I agree with Edwin Gueco. I will call the Miami Heat Showtime LA Copycats. But I am still very much intrigued with what that talent combined can do. We'll see.

Yes, yes Cyber CosmiX, (the original Laker Mike) a Laker Showtime blogger residing in Roy Rogers territory.

Funny when you said that you were turning the knobs l to r of your radio while on the road, trying to catch the words-eye-view of Chicky-baby, that's very true I did the same with my cheapy cassette/radio with dying batteries. The way you presented your profile you sound like Chick's blow-by-blow broadcasts. lol! Agree, once you're tuned with the legend, no need of video feed and I think Live Chat will have no chatters if it were available at that time. CBS broadcasters Brent, Bill Russell and Tom Heinsohne, what a boring trio all partial to the leprechauns, put them all on mute.

Most hated team Celtics. Yes, yes right on, especially when u mentioned that ugly name Ainge, the 3 pt killer and consummate complainer too. Paula is also ugly but pale in comparison to high blood pressure causing Danny Ainge lol!

It's nice to see your kids in the picture, an extension of LakerCosmiX reload for the next generation, they appear in the picture as the better version, just k/d, it's still father knows best. More power to you and keep on blogging.

Loved your profile CyberX!! Awesome Laker Family.

JohnnyP, FAITH is missing because she is now rich being a blog moderator too. You want to contact Faith, ask Fatty. I'm missing her since she stood me up during the parade. haha!

Troy B., the score is 3-1 in favor of your current name, wait till tonight when more flying voters will be voting. ArtFl suggested Beez, either he missed the y or imagining the flying insects in Florida. Don't go beyond Beezy or some wise guys might make fun... Bi*c*. lol again

Staple24, remove the name LA when referring to the Meat, Moot & Malevolent trio. Performance should be ahead of glorification crowning of thorns. hohoho!

Great profile there 2CX. Had me rolling! Very bad kid!

Posted by: LEWSTRS | September 30,

Interesting article at about Princess Jimmy's playing the race card. 92% polled told him to take a hike. The dislike for him has NOTHING to do about race, all to do with his actions and his egotiscal manner in which he handles himself. From now until the season starts we are going to be saturated with 24 hour BSPN news about Princess and his puppets. It makes me want to gag.

Great stories, man!
Just awesome.
What do we play for? RINGS!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

Hi Edwin,

>>> You want to contact Faith, ask Fatty. I'm missing her since she stood me up during the parade.

Perhaps you're just being tongue-in-cheek, but for the record, Faith did not stand you up at the parade. I was with her when she tried to contact you, but for whatever reason I can't remember, the call or text was unsuccessful. We very much wanted to hook up with you that morning.

wonderful profile and much appreciated. i'm going home now to see the return of the laker training camp


Great profile. So many great stories I don't know where to start. I enjoyed them all especially getting Riles game notes with the plays on them. Also appreciate the love for Coop - the man Bird says defended him best.

You have a beautiful family and even a cool


CyberX -

I'm REALLY glad Mark included a picture of you. Because when you said you sold comics, this is what I pictured.......

"Best Lakers family in Apple Valley.....EVER!"

Rick F.,

Finally, got your version of the story. Woke up @ 5am excited, in a motel at 30th, chased busses bound for downtown on side streets just to meet blog family. There were three Starbucks in that area so I kept on covering them all and calling your name and Faith & Cbuck to to every guy or girl i meet wearing a laker t'shirt from 7:30 - 9:30 am. Faith doesn't know my cell, she contacted me the day before through online. After the parade, my son & his friend were teasing me that I consumed lots of flakes for breakfast. lol

Faith emailed me later that you didn't stop at Flower and 7th station proceeded instead to Pico due to the reports of thickening crowds. No worries Rick I enjoyed my walk back in mixing with cornucopia of fans, chatted many of them in the hood who never saw games at Staples. I enjoyed the crowd more than the Champs double decker who just whizzed by good for 10 seconds under heavy police protection. For them, the atmosphere looks like they are strolling around the Wild Animal Park and we're wilds clicking cameras.

Remember the year before, can't find a parking place & coliseum was already packed at 9:30am.

CyberX - I'm REALLY glad Mark included a picture of you. Because when you said you sold comics, this is what I pictured.......
ttp:// by: Fatty | September 30, 2010 at 03:43 PM *
ROTFLMAO! Stop that!

You have a beautiful family and even a cool Posted by: LRob | September 30, 2010 at 03:22 PM
Yeah the dog is cool aint it? Would you believe I never even noticed the dog till you mentioned it? Seriously! Lol!

Magic Phil, I want you to slow down sir and smell the roses.

Mamba24, LEWSTRS, 63 Footer, PLG, utzworld, Jefe101, Johnny P, Troy B, DBDH, LAKER TRUTH, KobeMVP888, Fatty, Edwin Gueco, NewMexicoLakerLifer, J-Dizzle, Jon K, lance from da' bronx, LRob, Magic Phil - our WHOLE Laker Fam - Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I'm humbled by all the kind words, it is an honor to be on such a fine board, with some of the BEST people around!

I've gotta say, a lot of my Laker memories for the past few years revolve around the Laker Blog, in many ways it's become my 'center' of the Laker universe, the first place I go when I get on a computer, the last thing when I log off.

We've all shared in great times, a few low moments, some exceedingly funny posts (and a lot of head-scratching ones, too lol...) and the best place to debate all-things purple and gold. I feel like you all are an extended family, getting to know you all and participating on the board has been a pleasure at all times.

A special 'Thank You' to blogmaster extraordinaire Mark Medina. This series of Laker blog profiles has been great, getting to know everyone. Especially though, the writing of this profile for me has brought me back some memories that I hadn't thought about in years. I'm thankful for the opportunity to contribute and appreciate it being posted, so THANK YOU!!!!

So to the best blog, following the best team, on the face of the planet:

THANK YOU ALL!!! In the immortal words of Vic the Brick Jacobs: ONE LOVE!!!!

- - -

MAMBA24: Thank you sir, much appreciate the love. As usual you are first to post, as you are first on this blog for so many of us. I look forward to reading your profile, you submit it yet? C'mon, we wanna read it! =)
LEWSTRS: Can't wait for the season to start, and to share it all with our 'Laker Family'
63 Footer: Had a few more stories, but it was getting quite long lol.
Rocky: Thank you, and that NBA TV Real Training Camp was awesome, loved seeing that part when Ron Ron is talking to Blake, amazed he knows the triangle so quickly! lol
PLG: Glad you enjoyed it, I also enjoyed your profile and really love to get to know all of our Laker fam, it makes being on the blog that much more enjoyable!
utzworld: Can't wait to read your profile. That dreaded Dennis Johnson game had me about as low as any time I can remember being a Laker fan, it was simply devastating. I really thought that we would never get by the Celtics, I was really lose the faith (quite un-Jim Hill like) I have to admit. I'm sure you'll agree, that loss made the ultimate series win against the C's oh so much sweeter! :)
Jefe101: Thanks for the kind words. I remember my friends telling me that they had heard our anti-Bird chant during the postgame show, and I remember that in Boston it had gotten some news coverage too. I never saw anything to confirm it, so don't know exactly what was said/written about that 'incident' lol. The chant BTW had to do with Larry Bird's sexuality, I'll leave it at that... =P
Troy B: Can't wait to read your profile. I vote for 'Beezy', but Troy B is great too because it's you!
DBDH: Hiya neighbor! We do share a lot of interests, lol. Class cutting in the name of the Lakers is valid, no? I SALUTE YOU SIR!
LAKER TRUTH: Looking forward to the friendly banter throughout the season :)
KobeMVP888: A fellow comic-book lover! I'm huge on the old Kirby Fantastic Four Silver Surfer, all of his cosmic characters in general. In fact, you can now see exactly why I was looking to use 'Cosmic Comics' for an on-line store, lol. Silver Surfer though, that's where it's at! What characters are you a fan of?

Yeah, I contributed as one of those all-too-frequent bad callers to the LakerLine show, lol. Poor Chick had to deal with all of us. I think that at least once every 5 minutes he would tell us to turn off our radios, but I thought I would be slick, listen to his voice, start the recorder, turn down the radio, and ask him a bunch of questions, but no... lol. I gotta find the Modern Family episode, sounds hilarious.

I promise to scan a page or two of Riley's playbook. I thought I knew where it was, but it's not there so I've got to look for it a bit. When I find them though, I'll scan a couple and post it.
Fatty: You know a couple of ushers tried to stop me from running down and getting the diagrams, I just whizzed by them and said I had left something under my seat. Well, it wasn't exactly me that left them, more like Riles did, but I was retrieving something from under a seat! lol

BTW, my wife and kids see a lot of similarity between me and the Simpsons comic-book dude. We even got pony tails, lol...
Edwin Gueco: I live about a minute from the Roy Rogers house, lol. I remember the old Chick 'simulcasts', I used to always put Heinsohn and crew on mute and listen to ol' Golden Throat. In fact, I've got a number of old Laker games in which I recorded where I patched a radio into the 'audio-in' on the VCR and recorded the games with Chick calling the action. When I get around to cleaning out the garage I'd like to dig out a few of these VHS tapes and record them to DVD.

Yeah, I agree the kids are the improvements from the original, although they didn't have a choice on what team they rooted for. =P They were happy to pose for the pic, but the youngest one insisted to wear his clone trooper helmet. We all figured that clone troopers would be Laker fans, the Empire would root for the Celtics or the meat (BTW MM did a great job posting the larger pic by clicking on the small one in the profile page.)

Thanks gotta go out to the wife, she's definitely the better half of this couple, 20 yrs together and still going strong. Only thing is, she's a Sixers fan being from Philly. You can only imagine the fun we all had during that 76ers/Lakers Finals from '01 lol...
NewMexicoLakerLifer: Thank you, nice to see all of the Laker fans from outside of Cali on the board!
J-Dizzle: Glad you enjoyed the profile, I thank MM for the opportunity to do so!
Jon K: Thanks man, gotta admit that it was YOUR profile that motivated me to write this up! =)
LRob: Coop gets overlooked, it's a shame. He would have been most teams first or second best player. Shows just how deep those Showtime Laker teams were, the finest defensive player of his generation was a 6th-man (the GREATEST 6th man ever though!). I'd love to see his jersey hanging from Staples Center one of these days.

Sandy the dog is pretty naughty, lol, I guess it's the Yorkie in her. Of all the dogs we have, and currently have, she's been the best one though.

Speaking of which, we have some puppies that we need to find homes for, they are mixed toy-pomeranian/wire haired pointer. I will give them away for free from anyone from this board, if you can come to Apple Valley to pick them up. If anyone is interested, let me know. They'll be ready to be adopted next week, born on Aug. 5. You can email [email protected] if you want a pic of them or are interested.

Sowie 'bout the long post, wanted to respond to everyone individually =)

Thank you all again for the kind words!


Hey gang,

Just turned live a new post from MM, featuring some decent video footage of the Lakers going through a scrimmage. Pau Gasol makes a nifty no-look, over-the-shoulder pass for a layup on the second or third possession.

Enjoy. And Mark says he'll be dropping one more post later this evening.

@CCX…. Loved your profile, Mike. Great kids, too. Had to look twice when I read there were four. And what a terrific collection of stories. What I love about sharing the stories is that we all have pretty much the same set of Laker moments frozen in our minds, knowing where we were, whom we were with and you remember your own moments with those of other bloggers in a great burst of déjà vu. Nothing could be sweeter than you finding Riley’s game notes though. How cool was that?

CyberX...........You know I wished we lived in CALI!!!!!!!!!!!! We did go to two Laker games and I Love L.A. So it makes us feel closer with you guys that are from there. No fun going to DEN. and PHX. and have them cheer against us. There are really alot of Laker fans at the games though. I just noticed your little guy in the back with the mask. TOO CUTE!

Great profile and nice to meet you and your beautiful family. Loved the stories and look forward to sharing 3-peat with you.

LakerTom: Thanks for the love LakerTom, if there is anybody on the blog that I feel most 'on the same wavelength' with it's yourself.

Now, if Riley's game notes and play diagrams would give the Lakers an edge over the meat, I'd dig them up and fax them right over to the Laker offices, lol. I know you agree the meat are an ill-fitting collection of pieces, a mis-match of parts Riley cobbled together, and I have doubts as to how long the Miami experiment will be able to hold it together without friction and the sure-to-come chemistry issues blowing that team apart. If only others could see through the Miami hype...

- - -

NewMexicoLL: You know, we had planned to move to Las Cruces right before we ended up staying in SoCal and moving to Apple Valley about 5 years ago. In fact, we loaded up a u-haul trailer full of stuff and lugged it all the way out there and put it into a storage unit in anticipation of a move there. Did so because the wife said she liked Las Cruces on a trip around the western U.S. we had taken, and it turns out that she really meant Tucson, lol.

The stuff stayed out in Las Cruces for over a year, until we had to take a trip all the way out there and retrieve it. Beautiful state though, I really love it out there. One day in the future I'd love to get a place out there, I guess it will have to wait until the littlest one is out of school.

Michael Cooper went to New Mexico, so there is a kinship there with the Lakers, lol.

- - -

JustaLakerFan: Thank you, it was a lot of fun to write and rehash old memories. Can't wait to share in this upcoming 3-peat and beyond with you and our Laker Fam =)

I've never wanted to witness live anything by Chick Hearn more than after reading your words about him, and the emotional treasures he left you toy with for the rest of your life after the encounter.

Any of your words exudes so well the amazing about him, and also about all that Lakers are that hooks you up being a fan of them.

Such beautiful profile, once again.

And again another wonderful family (and a totally Laker Dog, too!!).

Somehow all these profiles make me feel even more at home round here.

Season starts and I've never been any more boosted and ready than now.

It's a privilege to share another season full of love and expectations with you as well, sir :)

Keep rockin that Lakers sweater!!!!

;) Z. :)



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