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Lakers blog profile: PSYCHEDLAKERGIRL's work helped her get Lakers tickets

47463843This is the ninth post in a weekly series that helps you get to know members of the L.A. Times Lakers blog community. Feel free to send submissions to [email protected]


Real name: Shannon

Occupation: Investment banking/structured credit sales -- I work in the securitization sector that creates bonds backed by mortgage loans. It's been a rough four years, but I am working, thankfully.

Age: 46

Gender: Female

Hometown: La Quinta and San Francisco (best of both weather worlds in California)

Story behind your screen name: I am an optimistic and energetic person and REALLY love all things Lakers.

How I became a Lakers fan: I grew up in L.A. (SFV/Woodland Hills). I went to high school from '79-'82. Truth be told, my family was actually more fanatical about the Dodgers. Ron Cey and Steve Garvey lived right near us (we tepeed their houses). I was a competitive swimmer with early-morning workouts, so I never really saw any Lakers games because the broadcast was always on TV too late. But how could you grow up in L.A., love sports and not get drawn into the hype around Magic's smile, energy and the beginnings of Showtime? I know this will come off wrong, but I became a loyal Lakers fan because I am a typical '80s Valley girl who wanted to do everything the "in crowd" did. If they loved the Lakers, so did I. And it helped that the Lakers were all about championships. You could say it was a bit bandwagon-ish, but my Lakers passion is no longer superficial.

When I moved to NYC in '88, it was cemented in the L.A.-vs.-N.Y. sports talk, and I had to keep up with my colleagues on the trading floor and their knowledge about teams, sports, etc. During that time, my Lakers devotion meant watching games even if I was up until 2 a.m. At work, I felt a duty to stand up for my favorites (Lakers, Dodgers, 49ers) as the guys would go on and on about the Knicks, Yankees, etc. And now, I am proud that I can hold my own in a basketball conversation. I truly love the "game," strategy and action. And I really enjoy sharing the game with my family and teaching them about the players, nuances, etc.

Favorite Lakers memory of the 2009-2010 season: Three things: a) Standing, screaming and jumping crazily during the 4th quarter of Game 7. b) calling my family in the desert and hearing all my nieces/nephews who have become PLG's next generation of Lakers fans screaming their excitement and c) Ron Artest's post-game interview -- true classic!

Favorite Lakers memory of all time: When I was living in NYC, I was given tickets to the 2002 Finals. I went with another California friend and die-hard Laker fan as well. Being in enemy territory, celebrating the Lakers 14th banner and last three-peat at Game 4, when the Lakers swept the Nets, it was amazing! We sat near the Lakers family section and gave Mitch Kupchak high fives. I was a little sad for Byron Scott, but it didn't last too long. The Nets crowd that stayed for the trophy ceremony was very rude and booing, but it was so sweet to be there for the win.

26618943Most heartbreaking Lakers experience: Magic Johnson's HIV announcement. I was living in NYC at the time. I remember watching the presser at work on the trading floor, and I couldn't hold back the tears. But it has been so great to see his leadership in backing AIDS education and funding causes. And to watch his business success. Magic is inspirational to so many.

Favorite Lakers player: Derek Fisher. Fisher's jersey is the only one I own. And I pull it out when I feel the Lakers really need a win or change the tide. So far so good; he hasn't failed me yet. I love D-Fish because he represents everything I see and feel about the Lakers organization: class, family, passion, winning mentality, hard work, leadership and respect. Fish never asked for the spotlight; it came to him. And his spotlight moments have been true to his core: .4 (hard work, passion), 2008 WC Finals, 2009 Finals G4, 2010 Finals G7, huddle speeches (leadership, respect), daughter's cancer (family). Even the Luis Scola takedown was awesome. The timing was impeccable; he showed dignity and made a point to his teammates.

Greatest all-time Laker: Tie: Magic Johnson/Jerry West. For the same reasons and qualities I see in D-Fish, I've seen in Magic and Jerry. They epitomize the Lakers organization through and through. I saw Magic play, and there was always a smile on his face, like it was never a "job" he was doing. He LOVES the game. Jerry West, I have only seen film of his games, but he is always classy. There is a reason why he is the NBA logo. And I am glad the logo is a Laker -- it fits perfectly.

Last time you went to a game at Staples Center and at the Forum: Jan 3, 2010, versus. Dallas. It was memorable in that the Lakers killed the Mavs by 35 points, so all was good on that day. I would love to take the nieces and nephews for their first Lakers game ever this season. That will be a memorable day for me.

I don't remember when I went to the Forum, but I know I was lucky enough to go before they moved. I also lived in NYC for 12 years, and thanks to the work I do, I was the very grateful recipient of tickets every year the Lakers played at Madison Square Garden. I saw games from the Riley era, which were always great. But I also saw games from the JVG/Chaney years, which were awful (because the Lakers seemed to lose). Kobe says he loves to play in MSG, but for that stretch when I saw him play, the Knicks would always rise to the nationally televised occasion against the Lake Show and I would always leave in a sad purple mood. Lastly, I have a client who is a 76ers season ticket holder. His seats were underneath the basket (on the actual basketball floor). So, I was able to attend a couple Lakers-versus- 76ers games in Philly. And I would call the family in California and tell them to watch for me on TV. There is no way Allen Iverson is 6 feet tall, more like 5-foot-something. I am a spoiled girl. ...

Opposing team, player you dislike the most: I dislike all things relating to the Greenies, especially Paula (Paul Revere) Pierce. Because I am Irish and green is a good color on me, this is very hard. I have quite the clothing dilemma. So I have a couple rules around this. During the season, no green when Lakers play the Celtics. Come the playoffs, I don't wear any green at all, and that is a challenge. If the Lakers ever play the Greenies on St. Patty's day -- I just don't know what I would do.

Interactions with Lakers players: This past season, I saw DJ Mbenga dropping off a friend at LAX. He was actually able to park his car outside of departures and come into the ticketing area (even DJ got the "Lakers VIP treatment"). I had just missed my flight to NYC, and I was too wrapped up in getting a new flight. Otherwise, I would have screamed out something and taken a picture. Can I just say that that dude is tall. I can't imagine seeing LO, Pau or AB. But I would definitely be star-struck and try to get my picture, autograph, anything.

Most cherished piece of Lakers memorabilia I have: I don't know if I can say its "cherished," but it holds a lighted display spot in my living room. During the summer before the 2003-04 season, I placed a bet in Vegas on the Lakers winning it all. And right before the season started, I spent a lot of money on a basketball signed by all the players. Looking back, those weren't my best Lakers memorabilia investments, but hopefully I will have a chance to get something to offset. UGH. ... Memorable stories about being a Lakers fan: Getting my nieces and nephews (ages 12-16) to be knowledgeable about each Lakers player during the season and being with them as they watch and break down each game we see together. Awesome.

-- Mark Medina

E-mail the Lakers blog at [email protected]

Upper photo: Derek Fisher Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

Lower photo: Magic Johnson. Credit: Los Angeles Times

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PLG, you're great!!!!

Very cool profile! The Finals win in enemy territory! How good is that!

From bandwagon to hard core Lakers fan....congratulations PLG! Nice profile, and kudos for getting some great seats to watch the Lakers. Oh, the perks....:-)

I’ve Toasted these Posted, Blogger Profiles, but this is one Blogger who just makes me smile
Her energy and enthusiasm are second to none and all of her post are always great fun.
She believed till the end in game 7 of the finals, I’ll always believe that belief was so vital
Even when I myself began to have doubts, both Faith & Psych refused to count the Lakers out
The Lakers won the game that we all know, but it was the belief of Psyched that sealed the show
I could say Out Freaking Standing but that’s not enuff, This is Pysched & she demands better stuff!
PsychedLakerGirl nice to meet you I’d like to say, this bloggers Profile has really made my day!

And, sorry I have to say it…OUT FREAKIN STANDING MAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLG… Great profile. Hearing the news about Magic contracting AIDS was for me as traumatic an event as JFK’s assassination, dominated by immediate tears and incomprehensible disbelief. I lost one of my very best friends to AIDS in the days when it was almost always fatal so the news struck me as a death sentence. Thank God for all the dedicated researchers and doctors that saved Magic. We’ve made great progress in defeating AIDS but still have a long way to go, especially educating people to use condoms and other common sense measures to protect against infection. And it’s just so great to see Magic smiling and going about his daily business brimming with good health.
Your battles with co-workers when you were in New York reminds so much of Mrs. LakerTom, who works as a bond trader for a risk management company in the mortgage industry in the city and is surrounded by former East Coast Celtics and Knicks fans who naturally are all Lakers haters. Like you, she had to become a more knowledgeable fan in order to hold her own in a male sports talk dominated environment where smack and bets have to be made before every big sporting event.


Like Fish, you're all class and represent the Lakers family well. I look forward to the banter this season. If the knowledge displayed in this forum during the off season by bloggers like yourself is an indication of what it will be like during the season(s), I can't wait!

Go Lakers! #17 coming up STRONG!!!

Nice profile Shannon. Three cheers for valley girl tho' I missed your picture being the first Laker girl to join MM's Lakers Blog Museum Before I make my comment, I've attached a video dedicated for you.

If you can survive in the Valley during the 80's, moved to Manhattan to play money game, then you can survive anywhere. From your profile it brings back those happy memories in 80's and the sad ending before the start of the season, 91-92 Magic announced that he has contracted with hiv. I told my wife, how could this be when he is the best point guard in the league and yet could not safe guard himself? I went to church the next day to pray for his soul, thinking that his days are numbered. Well, today he even wants to be a full time owner. LMAO, my prayers were answered. Well going back to you Shannon, your profile practically summarized our Lakers highlights, I'm sure you also cherished the mood of the times i.e. the Fernandomania and the first b2b Lakers as predicted by big mouth Riles during the parade.

It's a delight to meet you, Shannon.

Yaaay, PLG! Glad you friended me on Facebook!

Beautiful profile Shannon, it's nice to meet you! I especially loved your passage about Derek Fisher and your pulling out Fisher's jersey when you sense the Lakers really needing to turn the tide. What a great observation that Fish never asked for the spotlight yet those spotlight moments always do seem to find him; ".4 (hard work, passion), 2008 WC Finals, 2009 Finals G4, 2010 Finals G7, huddle speeches (leadership, respect), daughter's cancer (family). Even the Luis Scola takedown was awesome. The timing was impeccable; he showed dignity and made a point to his teammates." - great, great stuff!


I enjoyed your profile, especially the part of why DFish is your favorite player. You're pure class just like DFish. Way to represent the Lakers on the east coast.

Thanks everyone so much - what nice words! WOW, I am blushing. I am spoiled but I am REALLY thankful and try to never let it get to my head.

LakerTom: I know the company where Mrs. LT works. A few of my mortgage clients hedge through them. One of these days, I will go to their office and say hello/introduce myself to her as PLG (lol). I know she can definitely relate to the man's world talk and bets. Hopefully, she has won a few which definitely help give you "street cred".

Edwin - very funny video. I had forgotten a bunch of those sayings except "like and OMG". I have lost the Val accent. That was not cool in college. And I definitely experienced Fernandomania at the Ravine. We went to a LOT of Dodger games growing up because they had a great kids/family club. I have really good stories about meeting some of the Dodgers (Steve Garvey & Tommy Lasorda) but since this is a Laker blog..........I will just say, my home office is "Dodger Blue" with a shrine to Lasorda. But the Lakers take over the living room which is more important.

Mamba24 and UTZ. You two are the best. You really brought a smile when I needed it most last year during the Finals when my Dad died. Thanks.

MVP888 - welcome to the Laker crazy bin. Yes, I definitely can't wait for the season to start and our live game chats. The knowledge and insight that everyone shares is so awesome. I have learned so much being part of this blog.

Thanks again everyone.


I loved everything about your profile...from 'Valley Girl' (I take it you went to Taft), to East Coast Girl and the importance you have, to bring your nieces and nephews into Laker fanhood...

I look forward to witnessing the next chapter of Laker lore, with you this season...I also love how you chose Fish as the only jersey to own...

Keep on keeping on...Let's Go Lakeshow...#17 coming up strong...

MM - I think we are on profile # 9 and not #8...

8-21-10 LRob
8-22-10 ZairaAmaterasu
9-10-10 Jon K
9-11-10 LEWSTRS
9-12-10 KobeMVP888
9-16-10 Wilbur Post, Mister ED
9-17-10 Laker Tom
9-18-10 TNTLakerFan

Looks like Steve Javie is coming back this season. He went from being one of the worst refs when he entered the league to one of the best. It comforting to see him reffing because I know he'll call it fair, won't call a lot of ticky tack fouls and won't be intimidated by the home fans.

Javie has come a long way from his hot-headed, heavy-handed tech days. I hope his body holds up so we can see him in the 2011 finals. He was sorely missed in last season finals.

MM - Thank you too as well. The pictures you chose were spot on perfect.

Lew - we actually lived in Taft district but their swim team wasn't that great. So, I had permission to go to ECR where my team and I won a few City Championships. Had I gone to Taft, I probably would have been a little nicer when writing about Farmar. But since it's a rival school, perhaps that might be why I was never impressed (ha, ha).

Cheers all - PLG

My niece and nephew graduated from EL Camino Real HS...and still have one attending there...

Good game Jets vs Patriots...I knew LaDainian Tomlinson would help that team....

@LEWSTERS… How about that catch by Moss? I remember when Drew could catch everything like that. Hope his hops and quickness come back this year. Anyway, I hate any things sports and Boston so it’s always good to see the Patriots get beaten. The 49ers must win tomorrow or they will never recover from the 0-2 start. They have to win on national TV against the world champions.
@PLG… I thought you might since everything these days is a small world. Just to clarify things, her company just moved from San Rafael to the city last month. As to whether it’s a good place to work… well, it’s a job and in this economy sometimes that’s what you have to settle for. Looking forward to sharing another championship with you, Shannon, in a friendly and courteous blog.

Laker Tom - I have a deep feeling Kid Bynumite, he will shock the league this year...

Let's hope he stays healthy, and becomes what we both know he is capable of...

#17 Coming Up....

LakerTom - Yes, I am glad they are in the City now since I don't have a car. I am supposed to have lunch with my contact there. We just have to get it on the sched. Me too, can't hardly wait.


PLG!! Always one of my true favorite blogsters.

Great profile, PLG.


[email protected]

16 people on the 'interested' list. Too many for one league, not enough for two.

email me!

I noticed that you mentioned Rik in the last thread. Did you know him? If so, there's a pretty good chance that we know each other.

dave m - I knew Rik only through an acquaintance who was a girlfriend of his for a time. This being L.A., we not only probably know each other, we might even BE each other and not know it.

phred -

How many teams max per many more members do we need to join...or how many will not be able to join, if only one league...

Watching 2000 Game 7 vs Portland on FSW...

Bill Walton is such a Laker Hater, or a Blazer Homer...he can't stop complaining about the refs...

This was the beginning of the Kobe/Shaq 3 peat years...

Strange seeing Kobe w/ his baby fro...and Shaq doesn't look all overweight and bloated...

PJ is looking dapper seems like decades ago...

I firmly believe this current roster is a better team...


I can't be fully psyched about your profile till we see your

Another great profile.

@LEWSTRS Re: Game 7 on FSW.
Seems like decades ago because it was! OK, only 1 decade. Seeing Pippen on the floor for Portland, a young Wallace and as you say a fit Shaq and a baby Kobe.

Even thought it's been replayed over and over again, I still can't believe that 15-0 run in the 4th quarter. If I remember correctly, the largest 4th quarter comeback in a game 7 before this was 6 points.

Yeah Walton was a hater in 2000. His kid wasn't playing with the Lakers yet!

63 Footer,
Haha, then we'd BE a very split personality as I'm currently in Austin. Was the girlfriend Bambi (as you also mentioned the Pandoras)? I played guitar for Rik from around '81 - '84.

dave m - did you look a bit like Jeff Beck? I think I met you at Al's Bar or at Club 88. And yeah - Bambi be my friend.

Austin's a great city, especially for music.

Small world... especially for Lakers fans.

@LEW: I saw her pic. HUBBA HUBBA!!!

Hey gang, a couple of things, the first you'll hate, the second you'll love.

First, in regard to the 2000 Game 7, I think Bill Walton is always hyper-critical of referees, and from a basketball perspective (not a Lakers or a Blazers) if you don't think Shaq got away with a few fouls in that Game 7 then you're obviously looking through purple-and-gold tinted glasses. But that was always part of his game . . . you can't call every foul he commits or he'd be on the bench instead of catching lob passes in the 4th quarter.

And second, speaking of a young Kobe, 'fro and all, I pulled this out the LAT archives from our GOAT (circa February of 1998):


By Jim Murray
Los Angeles Times columnist

You hear about Kobe Bryant, the Lakers' 19-year-old basketball whiz, and your first reaction is, the last time anyone this good appeared there was a star in the East. I mean, you want to say, "Come on, what are you trying to hand me? Nobody's this good!"

Oh, they don't claim he can heal the sick, raise the dead or make water into wine. They're not blasphemous. But they do insist that anything that can be done with a basketball, he can do it. Michael Jordan, my foot.

It gets to the point where, when you meet him the first time, you want to ask him what he did with the halo. Did he fly in--or just walk across Santa Monica Bay? You don't know whether to get his autograph or his blessing. Or just touch the hem of his warmup suit. You feel inadequate interviewing someone so perfect. It's a job for Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, not a mere sportswriter.

He's not 9 feet tall, as you might expect. He looks perfectly ordinary. Of course, he's single, lives with his parents. But he wasn't born in a stable. Or even a log cabin. He was raised partly in Italy, where his father played basketball. He speaks better Italian than the pope.

He has a nice sense of humor. He laughs a lot, keeps it light. Everyone likes him. He's not at all arrogant about his talent, just grateful for it. To a man, the New York media loved him at the recent All-Star game there. And that's the toughest media in the world. They couldn't believe their good luck in finding a superstar this approachable. As for Kobe, he was having the time of his life. Bryant is no shrinking violet. If there's one attribute that sticks out all over him, it's confidence. Optimism. Accentuate the positive.

He eliminates the negative, all right. So, he missed the most crucial shot of the year last year, the one that would have beaten Utah and kept the Lakers in the playoffs had it gone in. Kobe didn't go home to perch on a ledge or go off to join the French Foreign Legion. He doesn't do sackcloth and ashes. He just shrugged and told himself that, the next time this happened, he wouldn't miss. "My time will come," he warns.

He didn't come cheap. The Lakers had to give up Vlade Divac to get him. And Divac was a 12-point-a-night, 800-rebounds-a-year, 7-1 center.

Kobe's role on the Lakers? "My job is to spread havoc in the enemy, kind of a spark plug," he tells you. The idea is to get the other guys trying to look over both shoulders at once for him. He's a disrupter. "I figure out what the team needs and try to supply it," he tells you. "Get the ball to Nick [Van Exel], get open, set up, win."

Technically, he's what they call a "sixth man." He is meant to come off the bench at key moments and spark a turnaround in the team's fortunes. It's a role pioneered by the Celtics' John Havlicek.

He plays to rave notices. Says Hall of Fame broadcaster Chick Hearn, who has been known to restrain his enthusiasm for the modern player on occasion: "Kobe is a 28-year-old in a 19-year-old body. The things he does with no college experience is beyond belief. He has total confidence. He'd walk up to a Michael Jordan or a backup guard with the same degree of skill and enthusiasm and expectations of success. He's a star on and off the court. I've seen lots of them come and go but none with the potential of Kobe Bryant. Someday, we'll be able to brag 'We knew him when!' "

You see what I mean? He comes into focus to the sound of organ music and the smell of incense.

You can see why you don't know whether to genuflect or buy him a lollipop when you first meet him.

Even rival Coach P.J. Carlesimo of Golden State bows. "He has so much composure, it's scary. Then you realize he should be a sophomore in college, and it's real scary. He's their sixth man, but he's not a complementary player. He plays a big role on a great team and makes it greater."
He has his doubting Thomases. To the prediction he has a chance to become the next Michael Jordan, they retort, "In 10 years he has a chance to be the next Kobe Bryant."

Lots of people think Michael Jordan is from outer space.

Nobody human could do those things he does with a basketball. Like fly, for instance. And Michael's debut outshone Kobe's. Michael threw in a league-leading 2,313 points his first year. Kobe topped out at 539 his first year. But Jordan played 3,144 minutes. Kobe played 1,103.

Jordan was a ripe old 21. Kobe was a downy-cheeked 18. Kobe's role was partly Get-the-ball-to-Shaquille-O'Neal-and-get-out-of-his-way. Michael's role was Go-get-me-the-ball-and-get-out-of-my-way.

Any way you look at it, you may want to get his autograph before he ascends into golf heaven. He won't be hard to find. He'll be the one walking through doors without opening them. Michael may be Air Jordan but Kobe is Heir Jordan.

Yeah Walton was a hater in 2000. His kid wasn't playing with the Lakers yet!

Posted by: MisterEd | September 19, 2010 at 08:31 PM

I give him a pass. First, he had to beat the Lakers in the Western Conference as a Blazer, then a Clipper, and then he went to Boston. On the flip side, the same fans who rooted for him in college were generally Lakers fans as well, so maybe he could have been more objective about his feelings.

I liked Walton as a player and a broadcaster. He'd say the craziest stuff. One of my favorites was when the Bulls were going for their fourth championship, he said: "Much like Magic Johnson never won without Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Michael Jordan has never won without ... Bill Cartwright." I laughed hysterically because his tome was so serious and I'll never forget it. He came up with off the wall comments like that regularly. It certainly wasn't boring, that's for sure.

Wow, how prescient that Jim Murray was. And, what a great writer - I miss him. Thanks for delving into the archives for that one Dan, that made my night - sweet dreams!

Welcome, Jefe101.

We might never see another sports columnist like Jim Murray. I'm not speaking about here at The Times. I mean ever. Often imitated, never duplicated.


Here a little thunder thumbs to get you fired up for your jam session.

PLG- I love it that the Fish jersey is used for special occasions, I have a sweatshirt that holds a similar power in my closet....great profile as well!

Dan -

Good to see you...I was going to post about game 7, just finished watching it...I was going to include a question to you how you felt about

Yes Shaq got a way with a foul there, but that didn't cost you the guys pretty much fell apart at the end...

So many emotions watching the game came up...

Sad to see what Shaq has regressed to...He was dominant in his prime...
That Blazer team was very talented...they were a deep team...loaded with stars...
Our Laker team had a lot of veterans...with the young pups of George and Lue...and Kobe of course...and some Bulls boys following PJ over... can see how much his game has polished in the 10 years since...

Well that was the spring board for all the success the franchise has had since the Showtime days...Like Showtime did for me...I wonder how many fans caught the disease, with that era from our history...


Here a little thunder thumbs to get you fired up for your jam session.

Posted by: LRob | September 19, 2010 at 09:48 PM
LRob, thx for the link, but I have/already-watch every single video from LJ ever made. Main influence, I must say. He's not the best bass player ever, far from that, but his style is my favorite by far...

Now, to end the weekend with the man, the one and only...


Thanks for posting that great article by Jim Murray.

You mentioned Shaq got away with a lot of fouls in that gm7 and I won't disagree. But I also remember a frustrated Scottie Pippen elbowing John Salley in the head at the end of game 4. He probably should've been suspended (but was only fined) and thus the Blazers would've lost in 5.

The key to the championship that season may have happened in the regular season. It was a crucial regular season game late in the season at Portland. They were tied for first and both teams came in with a 10+ game winning streak. It was a lot of hype and anticipation for the game. At that time, I think it was the lastest in the season that two teams had met with 10+ game winning streaks. Anyway the Lakers won a tough game and rolled the rest of the season to get home court advantage in the playoffs. Portland had a huge letdown after that game and struggled for the next few weeks. If Portland had won that game who knows they may have won home court advantage for the playoffs....and if game 7 was at the Rose Garden?????


Thanks for posting. Yep Stanley was my favorite since his days with Return to Forever - all the way to "I Wanna Play For You." Ron Carter was also the man.

One of the best subplots of that 2000 Lakers-Blazers series was the back and forth between Phil and Scottie. A series doesn't get exciting until there's a little between game chatter.

LRob, Stanley is not my favorite, LJ is. But SC is the best, handsdown. The guy knows more music than you think. He's addicted to bass....His wife is (or was) a bass player. Stanley is BASS all over. Jaco was awesome, a genius, but when I heard Stanley for the 1st time I was like "Oh, so all this is bass? NICE!".

Ok, let's sleep with one of my favorite ensembles: Louis, Paul Jackson Jr, Steve Ferrone, George Duke:


Oh yeah that was a nice collabo you posted. I'm going to have to get that George Duke DVD from that video. Speaking of Duke...another bad bassman is Byron Miller. He played on George Duke's classic, Reach For It.

Btw, don't get it twisted, I do have every Brothers Johnson album except for their last one.

63 footer/Lewstrs/Cyber,

Following up on our conversation the other day. My crack research staff says Marc Bolan (T. Rex) started the glam rock trend a hair before Bowie. And a year or two before the NY Dolls and Alice Cooper. However, I have no documentation to back it up. But here's a cool story about how Bolan/Bowie they nearly formed a super group later.

Okay its a slow day for NBA news....but here's Rondo spin on why he "left" the FIBA tourney. It includes a little mention on LO.

LRob - I believe Alice was doing the androgynous witch make-up/dresses around 68/69 (1st album) - courtesy of the GTO's (Zappa's "buddies"), while Marc was still doing his acoustic stuff, and pre-glam, then Marc went to glitter in late 1970 to '71 or so, thanks in large part to Chelita Secunda.

But, I could be wrong.

Rondo is a wussy boy...

LRob - oh, and '68/69 Peter Gabriel was doing the first of his "costumes" with Genesis, leading to the '70's Trespass album where he took it up full-time.

Rondo's got himself a small case of Lebronitis, Gotta watch it; it's catching.

Btw, don't get it twisted, I do have every Brothers Johnson album except for their last one.

Posted by: LRob | September 19, 2010 at 11:40 PM
A person that have all Brothers Johnson's records is definitely from my tribe.

Praise the 4 strings!

LRob - I believe Alice was doing the androgynous witch make-up/dresses around 68/69 (1st album) - courtesy of the GTO's (Zappa's "buddies"), while Marc was still doing his acoustic stuff, and pre-glam, then Marc went to glitter in late 1970 to '71 or so, thanks in large part to Chelita Secunda.
Posted by: 63 Footer | September 20, 2010 at 12:12 AM

63 footer,

I'm sure you're right. You could've saved me from paying my crack research I thought Alice started the whole thing, then order sources (supposedly more credible sources) convinced me it was Bolan. (Here's an excerpt from Bolan's Wiki...

T. Rex and glam rock
Bolan and his producer Tony Visconti sorted out the session for "Ride a White Swan" and the single changed Bolan's career almost overnight. Recorded on 1 July 1970 and released later that year, making slow progress in the UK Top 40, it finally peaked in early 1971 at No. 2. Bolan and Visconti largely (and, in many ways, unwittingly) invented the style that would become glam rock and helped restore a brash and exciting feel, when rock bands had grown increasingly self-important.

63 footer,

From Alice Cooper's wiki...

Nonetheless, at the time Cooper and the band realized that the concept of a male playing the role of an androgynous witch, in tattered women's clothing and wearing make-up, would have the potential to cause considerable social controversy and grab headlines. Cooper stated in a 2008 interview that his look was inspired in part by the film Barbarella. "When I saw Anita Pallenberg playing the Great Tyrant in that movie in 1968, wearing long black leather gloves with switchblades coming out of them, I thought, 'That's what Alice should look like'. That, and a little bit of Emma Peel from The Avengers".[20]

So like you said Alice was 68/69, Bolan/Bowie 70. Gabriel's stuff looks like it was primarily costumes so that's not really what I was talking about. Okay now that that's solved I can go back to getting a little work done.

LEW- 8 is the minimum for a league, 16 is the max, or at least that's how it usually works. But i'm aiming for 12-14 per league, and I'm pretty sure we'll get at least 24 people that want in, so I'm waiting for 24 probables. If we don't do that, we'll probably still do two leagues of at least 8.

Great read Psyched. Nice to meet you.

I'm starting to think that Lamar's performance in the World Championships is a real interesting insight into Phil Jackson and Jackson's coaching succeses as much as Lamar himself.

People are raving about Lamar's mental game.

Huh? I mean, I guess so, but I remember a different Lamar in the early Clipper years.

But Team USA is calling Lamar a master of spacing and position and that sounds a lot like triangle propaganda to me. I've heard it before, so I recognize it.

It's like watching "Ip Man," that great Donny Yen kung fu epic about Bruce Lee's master and then watching Bruce Lee himself in "Enter the Dragon" and seeing that the student has indeed learned form the master because he's teaching the same lessons.

Who knew?

But Lamar being thought of as a cerebral giant has to come form his relationship with Phil and maybe Kobe.

Nothing else makes sense.


LRob - it all starts with George Mikan... the rings, the Lakers domination, the face make-up (waaaaay before anyone else). That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

LRob - it all starts with George Mikan... the rings, the Lakers domination, the face make-up (waaaaay before anyone else). That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Posted by: 63 Footer | September 20, 2010 at 07:36 AM

lol....yeah that's the ticket. I knew it was in way over my head when you mentioned Chelita Secunda. On to the next subject.

Good Morning Laker Fam,

Hang in there only 5 days til camp.

New Mexico Laker - Bad news - yesterday - that was the Favre I feared we'd see this year. Good news - Lions up this week. And my beloved Lions can heal all wounds.

Nice original story, I haven't seen a story like this before where we get to learn so much about a fan.

Some excellent pre-camp reads for Bynum-Backers and Lakerholics:
By Hadari Jones for Bleacher Report
By Emile Avanessiam for Bleacher Report
By Dexter Fishmore for SBNation
Niners must win tonight against the World Champion New Orleans Saints…


I hope you get to read this; I really feel you about saying Magic's retirement was your mostpainfil lakers memory. I cried, too. I hated Karl Malknefor what he said about not guarding Magic. Still hate him.

You bleed purple and gold. You are a true Laker fan. We are honored by your presence!


LRob.........It was a BAAAD weekend for sports at our house! The Vikes, Twins, Wyo. Cowboys all lost... but so did the Dallas Cowboys, that kinda helped a little. Favre doesn't look into it as much this year, could be cause Rice is out for six games and he caught the most catches last year. Well, will cheer on the Niners tonite!!!! Have a great day LRobb!

Hey LRob, most welcome for the Murray column.

You wrote: You mentioned Shaq got away with a lot of fouls in that gm7 and I won't disagree. But I also remember a frustrated Scottie Pippen elbowing John Salley in the head at the end of game 4. He probably should've been suspended (but was only fined) and thus the Blazers would've lost in 5.

The key to the championship that season may have happened in the regular season. It was a crucial regular season game late in the season at Portland. They were tied for first and both teams came in with a 10+ game winning streak. It was a lot of hype and anticipation for the game. At that time, I think it was the lastest in the season that two teams had met with 10+ game winning streaks. Anyway the Lakers won a tough game and rolled the rest of the season to get home court advantage in the playoffs. Portland had a huge letdown after that game and struggled for the next few weeks. If Portland had won that game who knows they may have won home court advantage for the playoffs....and if game 7 was at the Rose Garden?????


Yes, LRob, those Lakers-Blazers games were classics during the regular season and then postseason back then. I remember watching the Blazers beat the Lakers at Staples Center one year, I think 1999 or 2000, and for the final minute as Portland defended a five- to six-point lead their lineup was 6-7 Steve Smith, 6-8 Scottie Pippen, 6-11 Rasheed Wallace, 6-11 Dale Davis and 7-3 Arvydas Sabonis. Needless to say, the Lakers had a tough time rallying against that gigantic squad and fell short.

But in general, I was not a big fan of those late 1990s/early 2000s Blazers teams that imploded, with Pippen leading the way. I hate it when teams -- like the Miami Heat this year and the New York Knicks will attempt next summer -- try to buy a championship. And those Blazer teams were just Paul Allen trying to buy a title instead of building a championship team for the long haul. There's a big difference.

And, yes, Game 7 was a bitter pill to swallow. I still wake up from time to time in sweats wondering how Wallace and Bonzi Wells missed all those post-up shots, the ball rattling in and out every time, knowing if each just makes one of those fourth-quarter shots how the Lakers probably fall short.

But that's not the way it happened, and there's probably a good reason for it. As in Portland didn't deserve a title for piecing together a team of mercenaries with bloated salaries, etc. And some poor character guys to boot.

OK. Time to get busy on the website. Later everyone.

How I love this features for bloggers!!!

And especially this one for a fellow female!!!

I am meant to say this as a TOTAL compliment... I would have NEVER guessed PLG age if she wouldn't write it down.

Beware, not because of her acknowledge of the game: there she is a savvy, competent, expert and full of insight reader of the game.

But I have learnt in this Forum this comes from the way we interact and so many of the younger bloggers sound way more mature than they age show when it's about writing of bball.

What was fooling me and giving to PLG almost my age (well, actually I was placing her at 23-25) is the enthusiasm she has in writing, so catchy and captivating and outspoken.

I assumed - wrongly - she was of my age range.

It's EVEN a better surprise to learn she 's my mum's age!!!

I LOVED fully every word you wrote.




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