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Is Andrew Bynum's limp kind of lame? Bill Plaschke provides an answer

September 23, 2010 |  8:47 pm


Times columnist Bill Plaschke has filed his column for Friday's edition and it's directed straight at Andrew Bynum's gimpy knee. Now, I know Plaschke is one of those columnists that people love to hate and conversely hate to love. I will say this: he's passionate about what he covers and the Lakers are a big part of his passion. He's been the national columnist of the year for major circulation daily newspapers four times in the recent past and that's not by accident. Sure, I don't always agree with Bill, and he strikes out every now and then under the pressure of deadline. But give the man credit, he crushes a home run now and then like few can.

Plaschke believes that Bynum has pulled a bit of a Shaquille O'Neal 'healing on company time' maneuver by putting off his surgery until after a personal vacation. Now Bynum comes to fall camp while rehabilitating instead of getting onto the court with his teammates to whip himself into playing shape. The healing and rehabbing should be done by the regular season (yeah, right). The getting into playing shape might not happen until the holidays.

No matter how you cut it (OK, pun intended), as Plaschke points out Bynum's mid-summer surgery once again brings about debate regarding his health and commitment to the team.

--Dan Loumena

Photo: Lakers center Andrew Bynum signs autographs for Marines at Cowboy Stadium on Saturday before the Bears-Cowboys game. Credit: Tim Sharp / Associated Press