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Former Laker Jordan Farmar makes cameo appearance on Entourage


HBO is the gift that keeps on giving. It provides amazing enterprise reporting with Real Sports. It recently finished hilarious and revealing behind-the-scenes coverage of the New York Jets' training camp in Hard Knocks. And it features the original series Entourage, which recently had former Laker Jordan Farmar and former UCLA star Kevin Love in a cameo appearance in the season finale.

Feel free to re-read that sentence again. Also feel free to re-read the following sentence I'm about to type. In the episode, Farmar and Love help break up a fight between Vinny Chase and Eminem. Something tells me Farmar did this kind of thing plenty of times in practice whenever Sasha Vujacic and whoever made him upset went all Rage Against the Machine.

I can't link to the described video because it's Times policy not to link articles or videos that feature profanity. And Entourage has plenty of that. So instead, I'll walk you through a Google search: type "Jordan Farmar" and "Entourage" and you'll see a website titled "".  After a few clicks, watch and enjoy Farmar playing peacemaker. 

--Mark Medina

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Good for Jordan. I wish him all the best. I wonder if he'll get many more "Hollywood" opportunities now that's he's in Jersey.

Dave Mason played on the Jimi Hendrix recording of "All Along the Watchtower?" I think not. He did record his own version on Columbia Records about five years later.
Posted by: Otis | September 13, 2010 at 09:58 PM

Otis - Hey what's up Otis. I do think Dave played on that cut. Dude isn't in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for nothing. See excerpts below and complete links.
Mason was a good friend of legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix, whose career was launched in England in 1967. Hendrix first heard the song "All Along the Watchtower", by Bob Dylan, at a party he was invited to by Mason, and promptly decided to record his own version. That night he recorded the song at Olympic Studios, South West London, with Mason playing acoustic guitar. It was released on the Electric Ladyland album in September 1968.

Hope Jordan likes what he has in that roster in New Jersey soon to be Brooklyn.

I thought he wanted to be a starter. Should have went to Indiana. Guess it was really about the money to be again (albiet a bigger role but then again he was saying he will be a starter in the post season).

Jordan Farmar thought he was better than what he thinks he could be (even the KBros announced that in their podcast). He is going to learn a bit of harsh reality that maybe Phil knew what he was doing when he started Fisher instead of Farmar.

When Jordan played under control he had good games like the 12 points 7 assists and the 40% in the 2010 playoffs from three. That being said his resistant to fully adapt into the triangle got him not as much good games while having more bad games (that's why LTLF he did not start and got yanked quickly).

Glad Jordan will be on Entourage and wished him the best with the Nyets. That being said he could have been our PG of the future but instead thought his 26ppg in High School could translate into the NBA.

Amazing if true.

WOW great timing on this post...I just finished watching Entourage 5th Season Sunday night...

I love that show...and I'm happy for the 2 Bruins in their acting debut...

I wish Jordan luck...sometimes be careful what you wish for...hope it works out for Jordy in Jersey...

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz that clip put me to bed

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz that clip put me to bed it was so wack

Jordan should stick to playing ball, and shelve acting gigs for awhile.

Jordan's speed was entertaining, and New Jersey needs something to make them more entertaining for a 12-70 bottom dweller.

Getting a bigger paycheck will comfort Jordan a lot, along with more minutes on the floor for his style of play. I wish former Laker/Bruin well.

Blake fits the current Lakers team better than Jordan.

Lou Rafterman,

Funny post.
I'm not entirely sure about this, but I think humor is always welcome here.

By far THE weakest camio ever.
Not that i've done any better, but come on now



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