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Caught in the Web: Ron Artest to auction off championship ring for charity

51190715's Scott Howard-Cooper reports that Lakers forward Ron Artest plans to auction off his championship ring. He then plans to use those funds to help pay for school costs for aspiring psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists. This is awesome in so many ways. It speaks to Artest's randomness. It speaks to his genuine efforts in restoring his reputation. And it speaks for a good cause. I'd be interested in hearing from fans how much they'd be willing to spend to get Artest's 2010 ring.

--The Orange County Register's Janis Carr highlights Artest's explanation for getting pulled over in a mini-racecar.

--The Associated Press reports that Lakers Executive Vice President Jeanie Buss and former Lakers forward Tommy Hawkins will attend a ceremony in Iowa on Sunday for a basketball court dedication 50 years after the team's emergency landing in the town of Carroll.

--The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding outlines the many concerns the Lakers and their fans should have over Matt Barnes' arrest.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Brian Kamenetzky wonders how many games the Lakers will win this season.

--Forum Blue and Gold's Jeff Skibiski lists the top story lines heading into the Lakers' season.

--Lakers of Fire's Garrett Wilson compares the team's roster to various TV shows.

Tweet of the Day: "DON'T LET YOUR EARS WITNESS, WHAT YOUR EYES DIDN'T SEE!!!" -- matt_Barnes22 (Lakers forward Matt Barnes)

Reader Comment of the Day:"Ok, some free advice to Matt Barnes; Don't tweet about an impending criminal case. -- phred in reaction to Barnes' arrest.

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers forward Ron Artest plans to auction off his championship ring for charity. Credit: Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times

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FCM- that was actually a joke about Barnes living in Sacramento. Please change that to either contain the whole text or take it down. That doesn't reflect how I feel.

And the leading rebounder in the USA-Russia game, with MORE THAN DOUBLE the rebounds of any other U.S. Player...

Lamar Odom.

Good job, candyman. Way to clean up the boards against a bigger Ruskie front line.

phred - my mistake. I put in another comment from you, which I thought was pretty good.


I had reservations about the Barnes spider sense was tingling...

Now I know why...we don't need any distractions on this team...

If Barnes will be a cancer...Mitch needs to do an extraction immediately...

that was quick. Thanks.

where did my post instant post gone...

FCM- you can probably delete my comment from 11:09 now, since it doesn't make any sense with the current COTD, as that one was pretty much what I meant.

sorry, I'm a lot of work today. It would be easier if Rick Friedman had posted something about Barnes you could put up. LOL>

So I'm watching Lithuania beat up on Argentina early and take a 29-18 lead with 9:43 to go in the 2nd, and I'm mostly thinking- dang, those Lithuanians have some cool, team color coordinated shoes.

Style helps.

Artest is really enjoying the limelight in Hollywood from a Formula One driver in a gridlock freeway to a Championship ring donor. What makes the latter deed significant is that this is his only ring in his 11 years with the league and willing to give it away for a worthy cause. How many in the skid row area needed psychiatric help but due to budgetary constraints, they're deemed as hopeless homeless? I guess it takes a nut to be aware on the needs of other nuts because they understand the limitations out there. Next season, Artest needs to babysit Matt Barnes, I'm worried the impulsiveness of our newbie. It was only recently when he slapped an asst. coach, this time he wrestled with his fiancee over a phone because it is a potential domestic violence case. The season has not started yet, Barnes is getting to the headlines what more when the Laker pressure sets in to his system can he take it? Where is the Bruin discipline in Matt Barnes? Artest did crazy things with other teams but redeemed his stature last season from a bum to dignified showman. Is there a need for preseason anger management course for Matt Barnes? I wonder why Magic did not offer him a long term contract? Did they sense a psychological problem? You see, he has an important role in the 2nd unit. If he gets upset with PJ's rotation, there goes the desired camaraderie we're looking for. PJ has a good rapport with notorious players but he could compound their problem if they turned out to be uncooperative. I think Artest has another mission to guide Barnes, the same way Odom guided Artest to the Lakers.

phred - what's up with everyone thinking the RCOTD always goes to Rick Friedman? He's won a lot, but it's not like the system is rigged. He just makes good comments. But I've managed to spread the love.


What an interesting psychological display of how our experiences/perceptions come out in response to a polarizing subject. You post something like the MB story and you get cries of "What a loser!" "What a disappointment" "Innocent until proven guilty!"

Here are the facts:

1) We don't need this kind of distraction
2) Both parties are probably somewhat at fault for the altercation, but Barnes is (should be?) held to a higher standard because he's a professional sports player and "role model"
3) Sorry, everyone, there's no such thing as innocent until proven guilty
4) Men who hit women are more despised then women who hit men - chivalry is not dead

FCM- well, it works when it follows Barne's twit. Or tweet, or whatever.

Wow, Argentina is getting worked. Scola is starting to look like the whole Lithuanian team is Derek Fisher.

Lithuania leads Argentina 50-30 at halftime.

Edwin Gueco

Nice post. Something tells me that Barnes is not a very happy person and it wouldn't surprise me if he was still upset about the Raptors ordeal where it appeared that he was finally going to make some NBA money. Then he allegedly turned down about 3 mil per year from the Cavs to settle for 1.77 mil by signing with the Lakers. His minutes are going to be down and he will have a difficult time learning the triangle, too. Phil goes with players he trusts, so if Luke is healthy (BIG "if"), Barnes could potentially be third or even fourth in the small forward rotation should PJ decide to play Kobe there from time to time. I'm no psychiatrist, but maybe he regrets his decision because he knows there's a chance that he gets buried deep at the end of the bench which would once again hurt his market value. Even when they signed him, Mitch basically said that he's insurance for Luke in case Luke's back doesn't hold up. Maybe Barnes' eyes weren't as wide open as he thought they were when he made this decision. Who knows.

The Devil just called. He said its getting really cold down there. Apparently, Laker fans are soliciting Artest's advise and guidance for Barnes and his emerging anger issues. Whatever works, I guess.


That's a great gesture by Ron. Helping those less fortunate attend school and generating awareness for the physiatric industry.

KobeMVP - or maybe they where picking up a piece to include in a Sasha trade? I could see Kobe working with Mitch to bring in Barnes in a effort to pick up someone he really wanted coming off the bench. Oh, the convoluted thinking going on in my brain today...


Ron Ron: Please give Matt Barnes the number to your Shrink. PRONTO!

FCM- Well, Rick wins enough so that it can be a running gag in my routines. I think you are fair to a fault with your COTD.

Rick probably does have a higher proportion of his comments get COTD, because he doesn't post as often and is succinct and to the point where some of us...ahem...ramble a tad.

DBDH- Ron has earned his wisdom the hard way, but he has learned something that Barnes apparently still needs to learn.

LFICT- I agree with your comments in general, except a caveat on 'innocent until proven guilty.' It is 'rich people don't go to jail very often.'

Personally, I feel a lot more for the women who don't call 911. Most domestic violence doesn't happen once and get reported.

* and men. Men are statistically less likely to get victimized, but waaay more statistically less likely to report it. And not all domestic abuse occurs in male/female relationships.

Ron Artest for President! lol. From his drinking days in Chicago to the brawl at the palace to coming up with the answer for world peace!

Well, maybe not that big, but it would have a dramatic impact if somebody had the foresight to funnel more funding to mental health in schools rather than spend on building more prisons and hiring more police and pay for more guns. No, I'm not saying we don't need prisons, police, or (god forbid) guns. I'm just saying that we would get more bang for our buck if we spend the money on the mental health treatment for children in need. That way, you might be able to prevent crime rather than lock them up once they commit with no real hope of rehabilitation.

Go Ron Artest! Could elevate him to GLOAT...jk, but seriously, what an amazing thing to do.

Hey Staples 17/24 where are you???

The dude you want to trade not only did not go scoreless (6 points) but he grabbed a team leading 12 rebounds with 5 of them coming on the offensive side of the ball.

What am I saying you don't know jack squat about BBall. I can't wait when you show again your true colors and do your "trade Kobe" "trade Lamar" "trade Pau" "fire Coach Jackson" charade during the regular season.

I'm starting to like Lithuania. Something about neon green and yellow Nike merchandise.

Millions and millions, if I had the dough. Easily.


And holy crap they have well coordinated fans. They brought a Lithuanian flag that is about the size of, well, Lithuania.

Phred - Speaking of posting aimlessly and rambling, you're on a roll with this thread!

Nice to wake up and watch U.S. whip Russia in basketball, led by Lamar Odom. Yes, Lamar does more on this team than any other player on the floor. Durant is the scorer, but for the most part it is L.O. that is setting picks, clearing the paint, helping off his man and getting back to contest shots, facilitating on offense selflessly (although he should be getting a lot more touches) and playing the smart, unhurried, not pressing way that he plays.

L.O. isn't going to ever rack up the numbers, but he does as much as anyone on the floor at both ends of the court.

- - -

Edwin: Excellent post on Barnes. I wrote last night that Kobe/Fish have got to sit him down and let him know that these types of distractions are unacceptable on the Lakers, but I more agree with what you wrote about Artest helping Barnes through, like Odom was there for Artest. Artest has been there, done that as far as NBA trouble, so he naturally would be the best mentor that Barnes could have.

- - -

KobeMVP888: Yeah, Barnes looks like an angry person. Don't know what it is, haven't observed him enough, but it seems like he has anger management issues.

I hope the lack of minutes he's surely looking at with L.A. won't cause him additional problems.

Barnes has got me worried, a heck of a lot more than Artest did. I just hope this in no way affects team chemistry, and ultimately winning because then I'd like to see them cut their losses short and send him off, for a bag of peanuts or nothing if need be.

- - -

phred: Lithuania's shoes are pretty sweet, and I hate Argentina's uni's. Aren't they supposed to have the baby blue's? Argentina though is getting killed, Lithuania is going to be a tough test for the U.S. - beating them in Spain a couple of weeks back was meaningless.

Like Fran Fraschilla pointed out a number of times, FIBA teams don't play their best against the U.S. in exhibitions going into tourney's since they figure that it wouldn't be possible to beat them twice. The Lithuanians simply went through the motions in the meeting in Madrid, the U.S. better not come out with the same poor-effort game they played in that first meeting, or are going to get stung by Lithanian sharpshooting!


Gee, that's not an illegal screen on Scola or anything.

Hey, if I can find a picture of Hernan Jasen, I can make a poster- FIBA basketball! So easy a caveman can do it!

Ah, here we go. You have to imagine the facial hair.

Sorry, repost.

Hey, if I can find a picture of Hernan Jasen, I can make a poster- FIBA basketball! So easy a caveman can do it!

Ah, here we go. You have to imagine the facial hair.

I remember actually visiting with Ron Ron for a few minutes at Arco Arena when he was a King, and I told you then that I thought he was an extremely personable, and likeable dude. It was being so off the wall that I liked the most about him.

But, let's not forget that he did charge into a crowd and pound on someone, and had his doggie impounded for neglect, and actually served time in the slammer for domestic abuse.

I still like the heck out of him though, because he tries so hard, and is such a bad MF'er on the court. But why the need to elevate one at the other's expense, Ron vs. Matt, when Matt hasn't even been to court?

Remember, it was Matt who could easily have broken someone's pretty nose had he turned loose of the ball, and there's nothing Kobe could have done about it.

I can remember seeing a lot of scathing remarks about Testes, that is, until he became a Laker. Oh, I know, he changed, all because of you.

No. Ron was never a bad guy deep down, and maybe you're being prematurely judgemental with Mr. Barnes, when he could most use your support, or silence right now.

On another note (Repost)

At about 2 a.m. today,
Ray posted a link which expresses a point of view
extremely relevant to the thread topic,
and held by many, many Americans,
and it appears to have been removed.

I really regret not having bookmarked the link.
I would never have imagined that you would delete it,

I even commented and suggested that Ray repost it sometime today,
and I'm not even in agreement with much of it.
It is thought and discussion provocative,
and many can argue that it pertains directly
to Mr. Barne's case, in particular.

My post remains. His post, and the link are gone???

(My apologies if you didn’t remove it)

But, is this really what you want to be doing here;
thought policing?

Is all of my sarcasm about the little girls on this board
thinking they need a PC nanny really true?

And worse still, the LaTimes staff, probably by committee,
is going to fill this role?

I lived in Wahhabi Saudi for about 5 years.

Is this where we have arrived?

Is it a sad day?



Thanks, FCM. I'm bored and I got about 2 hours of sleep last night.

hey phred - might as well put a general caveat "life isn't fair" lol. thanks for the correction about abuse not only occuring btw male/female relationships. I wonder in the levels of despise argument where men who beat men and women who beat women fall. Obviously all bad, but in the court of public perception...

FCM- and if you had just had a live chat for the Lith-Argentina game, you wouldn't be getting any of these comment #s.

Mark, why all the attention for phred?

Someone acknowledge me!

Blitz- why are you jumping on Staples now when he has finally started making sense?

i honestly think this is a dumb move by Artest. it is honorable to do something philanthropic but you have to pick your 'battles' so to speak, your ring is your championship ring for goodness sake, just keep it. do a charity run or basketball game or something weekly, im sure it will bring in more money for the cause and you can keep your ring.

lone star laker fan - don't worry i'm acknowledging you


@BLITZ… “What am I saying you don't know jack squat about BBall.”
Come on, Blitz. Those are exactly the type of comments that we don’t need around here anymore.
I know you are better than that.

hi lone star! How are you doing?

I get all the attention because I won't shut up. And i'm funny.


brian- don't worry, he'll win more.

Actually, I think the level of sacrifice is exactly what will make it such a meaningful gesture and get a better level of attention. Of course, I'm hoping the rest of the Lakers take up a collection, win the auction, and give it back to him.

First of all, hello Blog Fam!

Secondly, you go, Ronron. Love that he's in the giving spirit. And truly, who better to give back? ;p

Phred - I love your comments! But today, I'm particularly admiring your sort of hypnotic take on Argentina's shoes. It's the only comment that actually made me laugh out loud here in my quiet office. :-)

Love, love, LOVE that LO gobbled up the rebounds. When he's on, he's ON. This is what he brings to our team. I just wish it was with more regularity. But truly, the end of the third and all of the fourth quarter of game 7 this was his persona. Gobble up the rebounds and get offensive put backs. Glad he's doing it for the USA!

I'm having a serious unrecovered Lakerholic jones. C'MON REGULAR SEASON!!!! :-)

Or maybe Shaq or Lebron should try to bid on it. Might be their last chance.

Remember Rocky,

when he took a hammer to his Heavyweight Championship Belt
to retrieve the precious stones?

Let him give the ring to charity. At least it will remain intact.

Although, you don't want to be with Ron around the end of next February,
when it occurs to him that there ain't gonna be a second.

Go Kings!
Go Niners!
Go Giants!
Go Team USA!
Go Manny, go!



Lithuania is about to invoke Lawler's Law in a 40 minute game. Nice

Thriller sure is doing a fantastic job of rebranding himself.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Hey guys we got a new post up.

Damn maybe Lebron should buy the ring because the 3 queens aka the miami skeet i doubt will even get out the east

Got to watch the game here in Thailand.
Lamar looked good. A solid 12-12 I believe.

Watching him play, I was reminded why I like him.

The dude does some boneheaded stuff at times,
but he always seems to come through with these incredible,
most unlikely, yet very timely plays.

He looked like a leader last night.
I like this 'B' team a lot better than the A-Hole team.

I watched the game on FIBA online stream.
The American (or possibly Canadian) announcer
talks out of his butt. If he is not doing the announcing
for the games you watch in the US, count yourself very lucky.

He comes off as an NBA expert, but kept saying
Tur-ko-glu all night in the Turkey, Slovenia game.
When Russia took the lead early in tonight's game, he said:
'Alarm bells are ringing without question in Washington D.C.'
He's actually a closet Brit.
I really wanted to stick a sock in his mouth.

He did say one thing that I agree with though:

'When he's in the flow, there's nobody better'

Of course, he was talking about Kevin Durant.

Go Kings!
Go Niners!
Go San Francisco Giants!
Go Team USA!
Go Manny, go!


The ring, especially if it has Artest's customization on it, is probably worth quite a pretty penny - far outside my budget. I'd pay 5k for it, but it will fetch probably 100k or more.

It's mind blowing that the guy goes his whole career to win the ring, and then gives it away.

I guess in the end, it's about winning - not having some souvenir of when you won.

Ron Ron is a class act.

RE: Matt Barnes - Not exactly the type of spotlight you wanted to be in this early into your Laker career... and although you might not want most people to jump to any conclusions about what really transpired, your track record isn't exactly what might be construed as "stellar" by any means. "Benefit of the doubt" and "Innocent until proven guilty", as unfair as it may seem, unfortunately doesn't apply to you here. It's the case of the dreaded "it is what it is". All you can hope for is that this situation ends in a favorable light for your sake and that you can focus on the upcoming season.

Remember winning heals all, and makes people forget, ask Kobe and Ron about that.

@ Ron Ron - I admit I thought it was a little crazy (no pun intended) when you first started mentioning that you would be looking to give away your First Championship Ring, but doing it this way makes it a lot less crazy and a lot more AWESOME!!! You are a very unique, quirky and generous individual and I take back any misconceptions I ever had about you. You are a TRUE WARRIOR in the sense that you acknowledge your weakness and work hard to overcome it and you are doing all the right things to try and rectify your past and build a more positive image of yourself. Keep it up! And see if you can't rub some of that off on to your new teammate there.


I never dissed Ron Ron. NEVER EVER.

I was clapping when he went into the stands to punk that a-hole that threw beer. I don't care who you are or where you're at... you don't start a fight if you're not willing to finish it. I thought Ron should have gotten a medal for going into the stands... but, probably one of the numerous reasons I'm not the chief of the NBA.

Matt? Haven't been convinced - check the posts all summer. Hopefully he works out okay for the Lakers, but I'm not willing to put too much $$ on it.

'...although you might not want most people to jump to any conclusions about what really transpired, your track record isn't exactly what might be construed as "stellar" by any means. "Benefit of the doubt" and "Innocent until proven guilty", as unfair as it may seem, unfortunately doesn't apply to you here'

Posted by: HalosAnt | September 09, 2010 at 01:21 PM

And isn't that a damn, unfair shame.



I never dissed Ron Ron. NEVER EVER'

Tim-4, this is true, and you are one of the few, and the proud.
But that can hardly be said about many on this board.

Actually, don't you think that Laker fans should be on their hands and knees,
thanking the Maloofs, the Kings, and mostly, the Sacramento fanbase for
giving Ron a home, and putting him back on track?

Go Kings!
Go Niners!
Go Giants!
Go Team USA!
Go Manny, go!


I truly admire Ron Artest. Once known as the NBA's bad boy and disgrace, he has transformed into an NBA champion and a humanitarian. I was skeptical when the Lakers signed him last offseason wondering if he would be a distraction on and off the court, and I carefully watched him. Surprisingly, he behaved himself. I think the factors of him being the lone player on the team without a ring, the strict leadership of Kobe Bryant molded him into a focused player. He knew that if the Lakers didn't repeat as champions, it would be because of him. In addition, his gratitude towards his psychologist which helped relieve the pressure off of him playing with the high-profile Lakers was key. His success is now being turned around to help others. Artest has always displayed random acts of kindness throughout the years, but his intention to auction off his first championship ring to help others is truly incredible. Ron Artest in the past year has grown up into a man.


>>>Or maybe Shaq or Lebron should try to bid on it. Might be their last chance.

Nice. Very nice.

i'm not really encouraged by the remarks by matt. i don't think that playing the role of victim in this is a useful way to go. but "time will tell, just who has fell, and who's been left behind"

i'm not really encouraged by the remarks by matt. i don't think that playing the role of victim in this is a useful way to go. but "time will tell, just who has fell, and who's been left behind"

lance- when we go our way and he goes his?

R A is full of surprises, the majority of them are pleasant. It also indicates Artest is confident he will get more rings.

Ron Artist was nor is Crazy.... he is a brilliant being with so much passion and compassion towards people. He's mind and heart thinks and feels so fast like a speed of light that sometimes people find it unnatural. But, he is of the future... follow your bliss!

You guys should stop complaining because, one the health care we have now isnt as good as it was supposed to be. also the law has just been signed so give it some time. so if u want to say u have the right to choose tell that to ur congress men or state official. If you do not have insurance and need one You can find full medical coverage at the lowest price by calling 877-882-4740 or check If you have health insurance and do not care about cost just be happy about it and trust me you are not going to loose anything!

Good for you Ron. We need more people who are interested in helping our school aged children. The school systems could welcome what you are trying to do. I hope they get on board with you and your journal for success. I would like to work with you on this issue. This is something simular to what I plan on doing for my community in regards to alcohol and drug abuse.

Send me more information



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