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Caught in the Web: Ron Artest raising awareness on mental health issues


-- The Times' Bill Plaschke expresses admiration for Lakers forward Ron Artest speaking out on mental health issues. Plaschke also highlights the uncertainty on whether Artest will really auction away his championship ring.

-- The Times' Mark Heisler reports that the Sacramento County district attorney will decide whether to file charges against Lakers forward Matt Barnes, who was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of domestic violence. Heisler also notes the contention by Gloria Govan, Barnes' fiancee, that he didn't physically abuse her.

-- The Orange County Register's Janis Carr explains how Artest benefited from seeking anger-management counseling.

-- The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding mentions that Lakers radio play-by-play announcer Spero Dedes will work his first NFL on CBS broadcast Sunday when he calls the Browns-Buccaneers game.

--'s Scott Howard-Cooper expresses skepticism that Byron Scott would become the next Lakers coach.

-- ESPN Los Angeles' Brian Kamenetzky jokes that Kobe Bryant should donate part of his salary to him.

-- Ball Don't Lie's Trey Kerby loves Artest's plan to auction off his championship ring.

-- Sports Illustrated's Jack McCallum highlights the drama in Team USA's 89-79 quarterfinal victory over Russia in the FIBA World Championships

--'s Chris Sheridan reports that Andre Iguodala vocally stood up for Lamar Odom during a physical matchup with Russia. Kerby also shows why L.O. isn't exactly the best swimmer.

-- Silver Screen and Roll's C.A. Clark gives his 2 cents about Barnes' arrest and debates whether morality has a place in sports.

--'s Mike Trudell has a detailed Q&A with Lakers forward Luke Walton.

-- Lakers of Fire's Garrett Wilson determines whether the Lakers should worry about the Chicago Bulls next season.

Tweet of the Day: "Errrrr got my license finally after 938362829984 tries lol. Na should I get BMW, Lexus, or hell anything wit 4 wheels lol" -- DevinEbanks3 (Lakers forward Devin Ebanks)

Reader Comment of the Day: "We may never know what happened. That said, it seems like something did and if these 2 are going to stay together it would appear they could both benefit by some marriage or family counselling. They've got to learn how to handle stress in a healthy way - especially if they're going to teach their children how to be healthy adults. It's not easy admitting you need help, but everyone does at some point in their lives. The trick is to recognize it and get it as soon as you can. I hope this man and his family work their issues out. It's more important than anything - including playing for the Lakers." -- justanothermambafan

--Mark Medina

Photo: Lakers forward Ron Artest is introduced at Eastmont Intermediate School, where he spoke to students about the mental health issues he has dealt with since age 13. Credit: Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times

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*I don't really care about Matt Barnes' personal life. If it affects the team though, I would want him gone. But, this issue is small time in Lakerland.

*I saw Team USA yesterday against Russia. Lamar played well, he stepped it up in the big game like he usually does. Lamar's rebound outlet passes are outstanding now. He can pull in that rebound and toss it full court with accuracy. It's real nice to watch. Lamar does all of those little things that win games and championships.

As good as Lamar is, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are pretty good too. KD was great all game long, scoring at will. And Westbrook was amazing, he put on a show in the 3rd qtr. It was Westbrook's energy that allowed Team USA to build a good lead. There was a sequence when Westbrook stole the ball, dunked it, put on some fierce full court pressure, stole the ball again, dunked the ball again, talked some smack to the Russians, stole the ball again, and took it to the hole to get fouled. I bet the Russians hate Russell Westbrook, he was a huge pest to them. By the time Westbrook was done, Team USA was up by like 20 and the Russians were defeated with another qtr to play.

*It's nice to see Ron Artest speak up on mental health. Millions of Americans suffer from some sort of mental health issue. This is a good cause for Ron because these people are voiceless. There isn't anyone of Ron's stature who educates the public on these issues. Many times people with Mental health issues end up on the street homeless because people do not understand the effects of mental disorders. There is an idea that people choose to be what they are, but with a mental disorder, people cannot be what they truly want to be. As one who has loved ones who suffer from mental illness, and who struggle with life as such, it's great to see someone like Ron Artest educate the public about some of these issues.

Go Lakers!
Go Team USA!
Go Padres!

@WINTONDUPREE… “I think you got the worst outcome. Saints won the game but they were exposed. Bert could have won that game if he had another week of camp! ;-)” While the way the Saints started out was pretty scary, they looked totally vulnerable by the end of the game. To me, the Saints winning but not impressing was exactly what I was hoping for as a 49ers fan. Look for the Niners to take out Seattle on the road Sunday and follow it up with a big upset of the Saints at Candlestick the following Sunday. Lakers, Yankees, 49ers all win championships this year for my first Triple Crown.
@TROY B… Good to see you back, Troy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Any wife who buys hubby Lakers tickets for their birthday has to be a keeper. Congratulations also on 10 years of marriage. Mrs. LakerTom and I have been hitched for over 40 years. The secret to making it that long is to work things out as you and your wife learned. Hope Matt and his fiancé can do the same for the benefit of their kids. It ain’t easy but in the end it is the key to long term happiness and appreciation for love and life. If you need help, just get it.

Ron Artest raises issues on Mental Illness

Boy, I'll say!


Rocky- great post.

I don't want Ray's comments on the last thread to pass unchallenged, but I don't want to respond to them because this is a basketball blog about the Lakers.

So I'm going to say that I think Ray might benefit from Ron's fundraising efforts.

Looks like Sonny is a sort of inversion of Milton's Lucifer. He would rather annoy in Heaven (the Lakers Blog) than do whatever it is he would do in Hell (is there a Kings blog? Do I care?)

Do we have a winner of the Racer Ron Photo Caption Contest?
Dying to know, made 4 entries...

Sonny; You could grow up.

Ron-Ron seems to have a geniuely good heart. He hasn't, of course, always behaved and acted as he should have, but nonetheless seems a good guy.

The ring auction/loan whatever got me thinking. MM can you pass this on to the Lakers. When Detroit won one of their more recent championships they had a lottery for a fan to win an actual championship ring that was presented to the fan when the rest of the team received their rings. It represented the contributions of the fans as a whole.

That was AWESOME. Pure, pure genius. I realize that fan might turn around and sell it, heck I probably would too, eventually. I would cherish it and love it, but would most likely have to use it for college educations for kids, savings, bills etc.

But I would have it for awhile and be thankful every second of it. I suppose if people really objected to the fan selling it write into the rules that you could not do it only give it to family members.

In any event it was such a simple, brilliant, amazing idea, that really costs what? 10k-20k-30k? Could even downsize it if it was more than that plus they give out rings to a LOT of employees.

It always shocked me that every team doesn't do it. Such a simple easy but elegant and classy thing to do that can really connect with fans. MM get the Buss-man on to this please.

Team USA maybe inexperienced but athletic and agile compared to the Euros. Whether it is Russia or Croatia, what I noticed about Euros good in zone, perimeter shooting and pick and roll. Team USA was both finesse and power dunk being exhibited by Igoudala, Durant, Westbrook and Rose. Lamar and Chauncey are giving their teammates some kind assists not only in basketball court but what to expect in a close game. The two are not that athletic but they have enough firepower in other areas such as rebounds and facilitating that creates mismatched, the Russians need 7 players on the court to stop the USA five.

Hey LakerTom, What you think, this year Bynum can stay healthy in order to do the Pau´s dirty job?

Well, Ron Artest has officially reformed himself.


He's set a great example of a guy who was marketing himself as a hood and now is marketing himself as a good guy. Much better and a much better role model for society.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


RonRon will now be a famous speaker among schools i.e. junior high or middle school. This is the focal point of a child's life when all things about adolescent life are introduced to him or her. If they don't have strong discipline, they get into gangs, drugs, unwanted pregnancy and later drop out. Artest theraphy as a professional communicator is just what they need. There is name recognition, character history and a turn around effect which is the most effective way of teaching a juvenile. It is worth more than a thousand speeches coming from politicians who have no experience on the community but on board rooms and back room deals but on a player who lived in a gutter life and extricate himself at a timely manner. Whatever antics he does, he's no longer perceived as a lunatic but a showman like a clown who prefer to entertain the crowd, the kids and tries to cover his own problems. When Artest said "I worked so hard to get this ringbut if this ring will help others, then it is a job well done". That is a true meaning of a NBA player who truly cares compared to the marketing jingoism created by Mr Stearns' NBA Cares. The latter is more of a show than sincere outreach.

If Mr. Stearns truly cares, why don't he donates the fines collected from players and coaches to a worthy cause than engaged in reality TVof combating illiteracy for one minute appearance in front of a camera? Mr. Stearns is more concerned of enriching his own pocket, retirement pensions and be a lackey of the owners in anchoring their guaranteed profitability except for Dr. Buss.

Dr. JB sacrifices his profit margin to build a good team always competing for No. 1 while others use their teams as tax shields, additional promo for their other businesses or exhibiting the billionaire style of massaging their restless egos like: Cuban, Sterling and the Maloof Bros.

Hey guys. We have a post being edited right now and it should be up fairly shortly. As far as the Ron Artest photo caption contest, I plan to do a post later this afternoon highlighting the best comments. I would've had it sooner but with news surrounding Matt Barnes' arrest, I pushed it back a little bit.


@RICKY… “Hey LakerTom, What you think, this year Bynum can stay healthy in order to do the Pau´s dirty job?” I think the odds are in his favor. He has been able to increase the number of games played and his impact in the playoffs each of the last two years. All we can do is hope that the basketball gods will give the kid a break. I also hope that taking the summer off will help Pau have a stronger year than last year.
@LARRY OF LA… Thanks for bringing up a great idea. How awesome would it be to be the fan who got a championship ring? Mamba should create a bandwagon that MM can email to the Lakers front office. The fans deserve to be given credit and rewarded for the impact that we have on the game. Great post.

Hey phred, I concur with your statement regarding Ray's comments. You know what else he needs? More LOVE!!!!

Larry of LA,

Rep Napolitano suggested to Artest instead of selling the ring why not just loan the ring to middle school in Southern California, it can be used as a reward for the worthy student who made a turn around in his life and wear this ring for one during classes. I think the ring will become a symbol of what Artest did in his life and create multiplier effects on the life of junior high students than the money raised from auctioning it to the public. Money is sometimes evil and a temptation at the same time to spend it for personal needs, it really depends on who is holding or disposing the money. If you happened to give it to the City Administrator of Bell, Mr. Rizzo, Artest and theLakers will get a warm thank you but he will use it to feed his race horses in Washington or to this Mr. O'Callaghan of Vernon, he would use that money for expensive travels around the world. I think loaning the ring would be more effective than selling it.

The Stanley Cup in Hockey goes around to the players, their hometowns and exhibited to everyone. Every hockey fan of the winning team shares the gain from the Cup.

Speaking of rings, it rings a bell of ideas - how about the rings of Phil Jackson? 10 of them plus the Hall Of Fame ring, now who benefits from them? I guess the spiders enjoy the diamonds as they create webs for sentimental reasons in keeping and hiding them from public site.

Seriously, as shocking as this is considering the Malice at the Palace, Thriller is a true redemption story. It's awesome.

What a wonderful role model to under-priviledged kids. Ron's been blessed with a real opportunity to help people.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Guys, we have a new post up on Andrew Bynum....hmm I think it's fair to say this will spark debate.


I warned this blog about being so giddy over the signing of Matt Barnes. If you don't think his criminal antics will affect Artest and the rest of this team, think again.

Another dumb move by Mitch.

Posted by: troy | September 09, 2010 at 05:08 PM

I disaree with your comments regarding Barnes. First of all Barnes has not played a single game as a Laker and is no reason to to condemn him as a criminal when the whole story is not known. Scondly Mitch has done an excellant job and should be given credit for what he has done to keep the Lakers stocked and in contention even while rebuilding team.
Let time pass and see if Barnes is a good addition or failure.


Ron never ceases to amaze me in a good way. I was worried about his antics following him to the Lakers but he has been a class act. Ron Ron be who you are and enjoy life.

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