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Caught in the Web: Lakers training camp underway


--The Times' Mike Bresnahan details Pau Gasol's enjoyable summer, including his successful one-on-one matchup with his brother, Memphis center Marc Gasol.

--The Wall Street Journal's David Biderman rewatched the 2010 NBA Finals and assessed that Kobe Bryant would've had four technical fouls and Derek Fisher would've had two had the league enforced its new rule on T'ing up players for "overt" reactions to calls.

--The Orange County Register's Janis Carr put together a photo slide show highlighting Lamar Odom's one-year anniversary with Khloe Kardashian.

--The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding looks at how Bryant's work ethic rubs off on his teammates. Ding also mentions that Phil Jackson believes Andrew Bynum could return two weeks into the regular season.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin details how Bryant and Bynum are phasing into training camp.

--The Daily News' Jill Painter admires Ron Artest's effort to raise awareness on mental-health issues.

--The Daily News' Elliott Teaford looks more into the Pau's sibling rivalry with Marc.

--Sports Illustrated's Ian Thomsen expresses skepticism on whether a young referee will really have enough courage to eject Bryant for overt reactions to calls.'s Mike Trudell goes in depth with the Gasols' one-on-one matchup.

Tweet of the Day:

"Somewhat related, a West Conf. scout last season told me that Lamar Odom is the "best 2.9 player in the league," always knowing when to exit" -- mcten (ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin)

Reader Comment of the Day:

"Thinking" the call was wrong will not be allowed anymore. If the Ref "determins and feels" the player doesn't agree with the call, even though there is no obvious discernable action from a player, a technical foul will be called. 'Thinking' giveaways could be facial expressions, body language, undue quietness of a player, a player looking away after the call, a player overheard counting to ten quietly to himself, a player found smiling, a player whispering to another while the other smiles, (in this case each will be assessed a technical), rolling of eyes within 2 minutes of a call, doing nothing after a mistaken call, yawning, etc...All are dead giveaways and a technical foul should be called. Refs will also be stationed in team huddles to listen for any deragatory statements about the refs and league officials. Appropiate fines and technical fouls will be awarded to anyone violating this rule. On the otherhand, flopping will still be permitted and should not be given technicals, except to the offending player who mentions to the ref why it was a flop." -- Fatty

-- Mark Medina

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Fatty - congrats on another Friedman Award!

Completely unrelated but hilarious:

The real tough question for the Lakers are injuries. How will this team compensate for injuries to key players such as Bynum. The center position is soft and there is a need for assistance can Theo Ratliff play 30 minutes at a high level each night or 15 to 20 minutes. Get some help; there are some quality players who can fix this problem before it becomes a major one. Phil, Mitch and Jerry you have done an excellent job but do not be too complacent. Nestrovic can score and could help until Bynum's return. Remember the league is watching and the champions may have a kink in your armor.

are we really going to get to a place where a ref calls a T for "looking at him funny"?

there is a psychological concept called projection. i'm sorry, but the refs are not self-actualized as a rule and so will go with their guts , which is the absolute wrong thin to do

\o/ @ Brother Fatland!

NBA Refs are the worst in their job as compared to other sports in my opinion. Now they can "T" at any given time! When are they held accountable for blown or missed calls? This game is about the players and for the fans, keep it that way!

Good evening from where evening is actually night, beloved Family!

I almost drank at the Fountain of Greatness today after reading and watchin and listening all the goodies of past posts (thanx MM and everyone who contributed to my amazement).

I just can't hold my joy and excitement about the incoming season.

Somehow to have the second ring enlarges our perception about how good we could (shall) do, doesn't it?

You can feel it in the air... it's better than last year because somehow last year not many expected us to repeat (I did, but ehi... I'm biased ;)), while this year since we did, we are in some sort of ways more of media darlings than we used to.

But I DON'T BUY the sudden love for the Lakers from the media.

I don't.

I see how deceptive that can be... I wanna everybody to hate us and trash us down; I see Stern's Evil Troops are starting to conjure already though: these new "rules for Tech fouls" are so up in the air, so difficult to make and apply in an objective way that I can see like it's already before my eyes how they will be "fruitfully used" against us (yeah... I'm still biased, don't I? Whatever you may call me like for it, I'm sure Stern once more is gonna do everything to prevent us from another title... with every weapon he's got).

Even in this environment, what cn I do... I'm delighted to see our guys; I don't hate on Drew... if the team let him chose as he did, if PJ is fine about it, if Kobe and Derek have no bad feelings towards him... why should I?

I feel Drew is gonna be precious this year and while he won't be with us, we will be developing a good chemistry with the other guys.

Think at this from another point of view: if Drew would have been immediately ready the chance at playing from lots of the new would be severely decreased already from the start, with the risk they would have been rusty at any given time they would be actually needed on court.

This way some of them can get more valuable minutes in teh start of teh season, they can get accustomed with our gaming style and eventually they'll have time to fix their minus while Drew will be back in full force but with an actual and valuable presence on mattering court before it.

Sure, we could risk some but I prefer to see damages or risks as positive chances to actually get better.

KNow why?

Because my Hero KOBE THE GOD has said it so well (man, how I adore him):

"I just have to win"

And more from The Kobe Bible to Be The Best:

"I just have to figure out a way".

Man, ain't that the truth?

We just can overcome it all and we have to see the positivity out of our situation.

We're a better team than last year, at all counts.

I don't really want to start a season full of bitterness because one of our players, with the agreement of the team, chose to not take a surgery sooner than World Cup.

Maybe that way Drew spirit will be better, and in the end it's the spirit united with the body that accomplishes all golden achievements.

I don't know about you but watchin PJ, Kobe, Derek and Pau's faces from the videos gives me so much good vibes it's almost overwhelming.

They look focused and... extremely Zen.

They look like people who know they're actually facing a GREAT task (because it's even more difficult to win this year, just because now people seem to take us more seriously) but they actually seem to acknowledge they're in an even better position WITH THEMSELVES than they were last year.

Now it's time to make that better position WITH THEMSELVES being a better position to be at AS A TEAM.

And somehow (kill me for saying it, but I'm veryconvinced about that) the delay of Drew's presence will work well there too: the new will get some really going on prime action, Drew himself is actually an happier guy out of his choice, and after that PJ knows he will have a weapon loaded to show everybody he deserves those money.

Of course, mine is a fan wishful thinking... but I like to think NOT ONLY.

My heart rejoices in watching our guys in their shining Purple & Gold jerseys...
My heart is filled with pride and love and I have just one thing more to say, after hearing Kobe speaking in that YouTube video from Sunday practice:

"The God of Basketball has spoken. Surrender. He's here in all his glory to make peasants feel trashed again. "

For our pleasure and our exhuberant pride.

It's another Lakers year, my dears.

Let's get ready to roll over, steamy, sweaty, battling, and fiercely.

Catch you tomorrow, beloved fam (I'm watchin sweet UP movie on tv... I always cry at animated movies only...Gosh, I'm such a lightweight ;)).

L.L.L. ;) Z. :)

hmmmm, is insta-posting down again? did the trolls have their way this weekend?

Kinda thinking it might be nice to add Carmelo if at all feasible. Once he's gone and signed, not many opportunities at really Star players left for quite a while. If nothing else, Kobe should talk with him about being available next season. Any thoughts?

What penalties to reactions to calls will the fans at the game get, Fatty?

@ Wildone - Good to know you'll take care of the Barnes situation. I believe he's averaging 10 Tech a year for the last 3 seasons. Oh yeah, and try not to injure him when you mete out the punishment. Forgetaboutit.

@LuvthoseLakers - welcome aboard. Don't be a stranger.

@JamieSweet - lol...yep back stroking thru paperwork all day.

@Lewstrs - I think you're trying to make me unproductive! Actually its been a Classic Rock Monday and I listened to "Wish You Were Here" and "Time" earlier today. I am going to have to brush up on my pre-Collins Genesis. Ah, the questions run so deep for a "simple man"

@LUVTHOSELAKERS… Thanks for the kind words. Always happy to welcome another die-hard fan to the best sports blog in the world. Excellent points about the refs being human and how crying just turns them on you. Personally, I think concept behind the rule change is simply to get players to stop crying about every single call and just play on. The key to it working is for the refs to be patient and fair about implementing the rule by giving players warnings and not overreacting if the player’s response was not really out of line. In the long run, I think the rule could rid the game of the constant distractions of players constantly complaining. On this blog, the reality is that David Stern is probably the only NBA figure more polarizing than Bynum
@MCLYNE & FATTY… It is funny how excited we are about practice. I know we’ve all seen it many times but here it is again to enjoy: AI talking about practice:
I loved the part where Ron Artest is talking to Steve Blake and asking him how come he already knows the Triangle Offense… or when Ron is telling Phil “Didn’t we do that differently last year?” LOL. There are some people who just have a knack for having fun and enjoying themselves. To me, that is Ron Ron’s talent. Nice also to see Phil looking healthy and happy. Maybe he’ll coach for another couple of years before riding off in the sunset to Montana with Jeanie by his side. Exciting to see Phil be so positive so early about the newbies. Looking forward to a full report on the McLyne family’s first Lakers game together. Making memories. Fatty, congrats on the RCOD. The real funny part is that Stern has probably considered all of your ideas. LOL!

it'll be interesting to see if there is any evidence of the new ref's protcols in the games in barca and london

Cap's Goggles - No insta posting is still up

Looks like Kobe's gonna have to shut his trap some, huh?
(Good. He needs to conserve his energy. He's too old).

But, instead of free-throws for technical fouls,
I think they should do public canings.

This will give it more of a WWF smack-down feel to it,
which could make it even more popular in Hollyweird.

No worries Laker fans. Just remember my new slogan;

'If Andrew can't carry it, Luke will bring it!'

Go Niners (Gruden would make a nice OC, or HC for that matter)!


Fatty rules RCOTD, can we have a recount?

Lew or Mamba24, can we have a bandwagon petitioning LAT to let Mark Medina go with the Lakers to London and Barcelona. Mike Bresnahan should stay home for having a weak blog. lol!

are we really going to get to a place where a ref calls a T for "looking at him funny"?

Posted by: lance from da' bronx | September 27, 2010 at 12:33 PM
Apparently, we're there already.

OK, there is a move against habitual complainers among Superstars.

Who will check on the referees gross errors or one sided calls? I say more TV replays and termination for guilty referees.

Who will audit Stu Jackson and David Stearn on fines collected? Don't trust any officials who have accumulated enormous power, see what happened in the City of Bell.

now about these refs. i think that they have been given a relatively easy ride in the past few years. some absolutely terrible calls have been made.there is a problem in that there needs to be some accountability on ALL sides in order to have the balance needed for this, the "other" beautiful game, to work right. and there is too great a variability in the skill levels of the refs.

@ EG:

I'd pay some good cheese to see Bell's Rizzo run up and down the court as a guest ref during a Golden State Warriors v. New York Knicks game. It would be a cross between Jabba The Hut and an obese zebra.


For that matter, I think contributors who violate
the Laker-Blog-Nanny-Be-Nice-Law should also receive a good caning.

I'll do the caning and provide the videos. Great stuff for a dull day here, no?

And while we're on topic, great idea Edwin.

In Europe, Mark could not only cover Laker basketball,
but the trip will also afford a great opportunity to fine-tune some of those censorship skills which are do desired on this board.

They're getting really good at it over there. He could learn from the best.

If Andrew can't carry it, Luke will bring it!

Go San Francisco, superior California Giants!!!


DBDH, he gives a good description of a pork in a barrel. lol!

@LakerTom- thanks for the Iverson recap vid- It always makes me laugh!
I will for sure post the funny things my kids ask or do at their first game for those family guys and gals out there.

check out this great vid of Kobe's and Fish's first preseason game with the Lakers:

Sonny B, our moderator deserves a vacation in Europe in any kind of economic condition. He works hard for LAT, his blog is a profit center while Mike B as a Laker reporter is treated as a cost center because nobody reads the LA Times paper nowadays, they just log in on MM threads.

That's a lot a** kiss, most of my posts will go through now. lmao!

It's good to see that the "happy" meds are working. You are totally on MM's bandwagon now. I know you have ripped him a bit in the past, before the meds of course. Come to think of it we can all use some of those meds. Actually, I give MM credit also, he has been bringing it.
Edwin, I'm kidding with you a bit, hope you don't mind. I enjoy (most of) your posts. LOL.

I see LA is getting a heat wave...we are used to those temperatures here in Sin City...

Stay indoors if possible...stay hydrated...have water with you if venturing outside...

Use a windshield cover and keep your window cracked, to help keep the temp down while your car is parked...

If you can't bear it...head north on the 15 to least we have pools with hotties here, and cool casinos...

Contact me...we can have a cocktail...and discuss Lakers...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation

#17 Coming Up...

again, for those who ignored it, here's how the refs used to deal with dirty looks and complaints from guys they didn't like:

so what is actually changing? this is so typical of the stupidity of the public today, the love of new, powerful laws when there are already old laws that do the job...public relations, the work of an evil genius who wanted to destroy the public's ability to think for themselves so that their "betters" could more efficiently run the lessers' lives, Edward Louis Bernays...

So M. Jordan would have been suspended every other game. LMAO!

Thanks guys....

"What penalties to reactions to calls will the fans at the game get, Fatty?"

Posted by: Jamie Sweet | September 27, 2010 at 12:56 PM

You know Jamie, I actually had given that some thought.

First it would be impossible for Stern to discipline the crowd. But,.... I could envision 'Stern the Controller' putting up lighted signs, like you see for audiences of TV shows.

You know, the applause signs.

Some examples could be:

"Cheer louder"

He could expect full compliance by removing the fan from the arena for not co-operating. A legal disclaimer would be printed on the back of the ticket
for this very purpose.

Plus, he could improve the ' NBA atmosphere' by having pre-recorded fans yelling, piped through the sound system.

"Way to go Ref! Good call"
"Man, these Refs are the GREATEST!!"
"Refs are #1! Refs are #1!"

This way he could control the game for TV more efficiently or least make it look that way.

"Its all about control, and Stern IS a control freak" - AK

It's cool hearing positive reviews about the rooks. I was a little disappointed when we didn't get Raja Bell, he is so damn long on defence at the wing, more so then Barnes. Eubanks could become a Raja type talent from what they are saying. And Caracter, for all of you who played ball, thick, tough guys with skill are really hard to deal with. This dude could be very special. If there is an upside to Drew and even Kobe being injured it will be getting a chance for the two second rounders to get some floor time. Can't wait.

What does "2.9 player" in reference to Odom mean?




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