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Caught in the Web: Lakers training camp starts in three days

September 22, 2010 | 12:30 pm

-- The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding explains how Lakers forward Pau Gasol has made a positive impact on the international scene. Ding also highlights Ron Artest's suggestion that San Diego should trade the Chargers to L.A. for the Clippers.

-- ESPN Los Angeles' Andy and Brian Kamenetzky talk with Artest. Among the main highlights: Artest has given himself the nickname "Jockstrap Ron." Listen to find out why.

-- The Washington Post's Michael Lee reports that former Laker Adam Morrison has accepted the Wizards' training-camp invitation on a make-good contract.

-- Sign on San Diego's Mark Zeigler explains why Artest is upset that Pluto is no longer a planet.

-- lists the top moment of 2009-10. Feel free to guess what it is.

-- Hooped Up showcases Rick Fox's performance on "Dancing With the Stars" in the video below.

-- Silver Screen and Roll's C.A. Clark is excited about the season starting.

-- Forum Blue and Gold's Darius Soriano looks at the NBA's past super teams.

-- Lakers of Fire's Garrett Wilson profiles Derrick Caracter.

Tweet of the Day: "On my way to workout with @RobKardashian. Training camp starts on Saturday. No breaks! Life is good." -- RealLamarOdom (Lakers forward Lamar Odom)

Reader Comment of the Day: "On the one hand as some have pointed out, Bynum being out in the preseason will give some of the young guns more playing time and a chance to prove they belong on the team. On the other hand, we know that basketball shape is acquired playing basketball. Also, the new additions need to play with 'the starters' to develop a sense of chemistry and basketball rapport that only comes with playing with each other. Phil mentioned it, teamwork! You can not develop teamwork with the rest of your teammates if you are not on the court. Phil looks for certain lineups that give him a particular advantage during a game. It will be hard to figure out how Drew will fit with Blake, Barnes, and even Caracter playing together unless.... yup, they play together. Let's also not forget that they will be learning the triangle offense in the process, and Bynum needs to be a part of that puzzle. It will happen, but you want that to happen sooner rather than later." -- Laker J

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant and the team begin training camp in four days. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times