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Caught in the Web: Lakers nearing training camp

--The Orange County Register's Janis Carr details the efforts Derrick Caracter has made to get ready for training camp.

--The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding recounts a sit-down interview he had last season with Kobe Bryant.

The Lakers Nation found this great video of a trailer featuring Bryant

--ESPN Los Angeles' Brian Kamenetzky asks readers whether Bryant should play in the 2012 London Olympics.

--Ball Don't Lie's Trey Kerby says there's very little Bryant can do for more people to like him.'s Marc Stein had an early look at NBA Jam, and he reports that the game features Bryant, Pau Gasol, Ron Artest and Lamar Odom.

--Lakers Nation's Jason Barquero ranks the Lakers' Top 5 rivals.

Tweet of the Day: "Interesting tactical dilemma: If you're the Lakers, do you overpay Dampier just to keep him off the Heat?" -- johnhollinger ('s John Hollinger).

Reader Comment of the Day: "Selfishly, I hope neither of them ever plays international ball again. Both have their gold medals (Kobe's Olympic gold, Pau's FIBA and Eurobasket golds), both have represented their countries well. For the Lakers' sake, I hope it's their NBA legacies I hope they focus on." -- puddle

-- Mark Medina

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"Interesting tactical dilemma: If you're the Lakers, do you overpay Dampier just to keep him off the Heat?"

answer: HELL NO!!!!

keep him off the who?.....who?

I could care less for what they're doing right now...

Hello Laker Fam!

I agree with Magic Phil. The Lakers are a complete team, and will not worry about the Dampier factor, if there even is one. Yeah, he's a decent player, but with all our length inside, I'm not worried about it. So, Heat Shmeat.


Erika Dampier?????????

The Lakers are worried about her going somewhere?????

I think not.

john hollinger has to be one of the dumbest people there is, what an stupid tweet. Yeah broken down dampier would make such a huge difference. Still not quite as dumb as having the jazz beating the lakers in the playoffs.

@HOBBITMAGE… As a long-time 49er fan, I have to agree with you that I would not consider Terrell Owens to be a “superstar.” He is as much a fool as a tool. In fact, putting his name in the same paragraph as the great Jerry Rice is blasphemy as far as I am concerned. I hated him even when he was scoring touchdowns for the Niners. No way the guy will ever be voted into the HOF. He is the antithesis to team play and unselfishness.

Oh my - Hollinger is really searching for something to make his tweet count go up. Just mention the Lakers and you get press. UGH!

Good morning Laker fam! I added both new rooks to the twitter just to see what they were saying. It's all good.

Hopefully, LO takes a few more days off and enjoys the remainder of his awesome Summer. The KB24 trailer was great - pumped up for the a.m.!!

What is the blog subject of the day?

Cheers - PLG

*Hollingers 'tactical dilemma' is stupid in my opinion. Let the Heat sign Dampier, it means nothing to the Lakers. I also think Hollingers playerrater stat system is a farce.

*Reading those tweets from Devin Ebanks was interesting. I like that he's working with and developing a strong relationship with Derrick Caracter. Those guys are going to have the experience of their lifetimes. In reading Ebanks tweets, it looks like he's going to enjoy every minute of it.

*I enjoyed watching the FIBA World Championships this year. What Kevin Durant did in that tourney was outstanding. He showed that the rest of the world has a lot of work to do if they want to get players that are at KD's level. It's also not surprising that Russell Westbrook played so well. Westbrook seems to be the perfect complement to KD, they know how to play together. They were the only NBA teammates on that team so they had a readymade chemistry going into the tournament.

That final game against Turkey was great. KD lit them up for 7 3's. He was making those shots so easily, like layups. He was unstoppable. When the NBA season starts, I'm not going to be rooting for KD, but I appreciate greatness. Kevin Durant is a great player and will go down in history if he stays healthy. Lamar played a great game too in that final.

*Is anyone doing a fantasy league? Phred's league last year was good. LTLF's league the year before was good too. Yahoo is starting registration. Let's do this.

Go Lakers!
Go Padres!

Erik Dampier - like MagicPhil, LTLF and Justa said...I'm not worried about him. Although he would be an upgrade for Miami over Magloire. Lakers can't overpay for him anyway. All mid-level money spent.

Interesting that Justa used the name Shaq coined for that's who I wanted the Lakers to sign as a "pre-emptive" strike, but alas I understand that was never going to happen

Rasheed Wallace is the one guy I don't want to see the Heat get. Hopefully he'll stay retired and won't sign with them in Feb.

MM- can you please delete that post from 6:31am from the name-jacker. Thanks Cali.

Good morning Laker Nation.

Well it looks like I'm gonna me out today doing real actual work. yuck. So I won't be around till the afternoon.

See you guys later today.

WOW..Caracter entered high school as the No 1 player in his class - ahead of Greg Oden and Kevin Durant. I can't wait to see him develop in the NBA, and he is in the perfect situation playing for the Lakers and PJ. He seems like to make it to 275 LBS...

Um, Should the Lakers overpay Dampier? Are you kidding. I thought Holinger t least knew a little about basketball sheesh. Besides, how is it possible for the Lakers to overpay anyone right now. I was under the impression that we have
Already used our MLE and can only pay the minimum to ANYONE we might try to sign.

After watching an injured and limited Andrew Bynum in last year’s playoffs, I thought it was time for Lakers fans to go back and see what we really missed during this year’s Finals. Take a look at how high above the rim Drew is on some of these plays and how quickly he is getting off his feet. Then imagine THIS Andrew Bynum playing against the Heat, Magic, or Celtics. This is the Drew I am looking forward to watching this season.
The Making of a Beast:

Gooood Morning Laker Family!
I'm on break right now until the blog can figure out "The Bynum Rules" on our chat. Glad to see Laker Tom and Hobbit discussing something ..... ANYTHING but Bynum.

Nice to see that. When I saw Hobbit's post that included the 49ers, I was hoping for this.

Have a great day everyone.

I've gotten to the top of my profession (and still trying to go higher) through fortunate gifts and lots of luck, but I absolutely have and always will work harder than the next guy. He works five days a week, I work seven. He works seven, I work eight. It's the only way year in and year out I can stay on top.

Posted by: 63 Footer | September 15, 2010 at 07:46 AM
So that's where Ringo got his

Dampier is a Mandingo Queen.

Posted by: Edwin Gueco | September 15, 2010 at 08:54 AM

~~What's going on here? not my post. Somebody is playing with this blog, very sad we can't eradicate nuisance in our blog.

@LROB.. LOL. Must be those Detroit genes. You definitely are our music man. Great link, Rob.

Rasheed Wallace should go to Orlando Magic. Eric Dampier should go to Chicago Bulls. That would help them against their East rivals Boston and Miami.

Derrick Caracter could be a smaller version of Moses Malone or a slightly bigger version of Paul Millsap and that is a very good thing for the Lakers. A future enforcer of the Lakers.

Thanks, love, And did you hear the Heat just obtained Zach Randolph, how did they pull That trade off,

Posted by: Edwin Gueco | September 15, 2010 at 09:07 AM

~~another jacked up post. LA Blog became hostage of this undesirable poster. Anything posted under my handle this morning is not me.

LRob - never a problem. I've been reading and commenting on here WAY too long to know that you wouldn't EVER say something like that.

Looks like the trolls are rounding into mid-season form...

Celtics are considering signing Adam Morrison. Would you rooting for him to sign with the Celtics? funny stuff..

I've emailed MM about the handle jackers this morning - hopefully he'll delete everything that wasn't us.

(LRob & Edwin - we all know that wasn't you - no worries!)

Hey guys I apologize. I temporarily put insta post on in the morning just so the comments wouldn't get backed up. But geez, these trolls never quit. I banned those IP addresses and deleted those comments. We're back to moderation too.


Laker Tom's post with vid about the Beast and Johnny V's post following. That is funny.

FCM - did you plant that one just to start a morning rumble??

Since it's early and I am ready to roll. Here's my position:

I am not a basher but I am a realist. I just want to see the $13.8mm kid make it through the season w/o injury. If there is a glimpse of greatness or "beastliness", let it happen in the playoffs where stars are made. And it should be in the 4Q when it's all or nothing.

If he is our starting Center and being paid star money, then he should be finishing games. If he's an all star in the WC, he should be finishing games and not sitting on the bench because of foul trouble. (I know, I know - don't tell me he can't control the refs - he can manage cheap shot fouls).

The regular season doesn't count in my book as to how I view AB17's play. I expect inconsistency because that's all I have seen previously injured or healthy. If AB17 uses the regular season to prepare himself for the playoffs and a championship run rather than focusing on making the all-star team with a good month here or there - that's good enough for me. If he puts together a string of 3 months finishing games, he will have piqued my interest.

AB17 should be focused on a championship only and how to help his team get there. If he does that and goes out and plays like an All-Star consistently, then maybe he would considered worthy of the honor.

I don't think that's too much to ask for $13.8mm and the 3rd highest salary on this Laker team.


"I temporarily put insta post on in the morning just so the comments wouldn't get backed up. But geez, these trolls never quit."

Glad you get it. Your predecessors never did.

MM - Don't apologize; it's not your fault that some people choose to abuse instant posting. There's no way that those bad apples can spoil our bunch.

I like your write-up yesterday (the Ebanks post). Just thought you'd like to know.

Rocky- I was going to be starting at least one yahoo league sometime this week or this week end, probably depends on how many applicants.

I think I have your email already, but if you want to double check, or if anybody else is interested.


[email protected]

Appreciate the support guys.

Cali - I'm glad you liked the Ebanks post. He seems like an energetic and funny guy. And it appears as if the Lakers are embracing him. Surely a good sign...


I can't wait to see how the two rookies react when they're in training camp. Are there specific coaches with whom they are working? My expectations for their season averages are pretty low, but if they can produce some sort of energy and a willingness to be ball-movers instead of black holes on offense and ball hawks and box-out machines on defense, then we have the potential to have one of the deepest benches in the league.

It seems as if the two rookies have a sense of what it takes to make it in the league - LOTS of hard work, and a willingness to put forth lots of effort along with wanting to learn. There are hundreds of men who have the ability to play in the NBA (and potentially some women; Candace Parker comes to mind), but it's what's between the ears that really pushes those with the talent into long and productive careers.

Sweet, I got a RCOTD!

One note about Hollinger's tweet: about 2 minutes after he tweeted that, he recanted and said it was a moot point because the Lakers used their MLE on Blake and Barnes. So take that for what it's worth.

I know a lot of people here don't like twitter, but I don't have a problem with it. I don't like when it becomes a distraction, especially to athletes who tweet during games, and I don't like that it turns grammar and spelling into a total joke, but I think the analogies to 1984 might be a little strong, and frankly, a little paranoid. If anything, twitter being banned in totalitarian regimes such as China, Iran, N. Korea, Pakistan, and UAE shows that twitter is a form of free speech and free thought, which is sort of the opposite of what happens in 1984. Maybe I'm missing something?

Anyway, I enjoyed Ebanks's tweet about Caracter. DC has been through a lot in his life, and I feel it has forced him to mature and grow up much more quickly than his peers. I think that's a good thing, for sure.

Been away a while and return to find that the more things change, the more they stay the same.


Trolls Still Taking Over! Posers!!!

Like the trailer and the Ebanks tweets. Ebanks, I don't like getting up early either...

Concerned about Barnes being targeted by the Sac-Queens PoPo. It sounded like, at a minimum, mutual combat--but his girlfriend admitted she started it. Yet they didn't hook her up too. Matt may be a Sac Town native, but he's now a Laker.

Remember Kobe's food poisoning up there? Conspiracy Theory? You Betchya...

No biggy regarding Caracter's contract. Actually, it's about time NBA contracts started having performance requirements. Weight management would've been a great motivator for the Big Green Blob when he was a Laker.


@HOBBITMAGE… As a long-time 49er fan, I have to agree with you that I would not consider Terrell Owens to be a “superstar.” He is as much a fool as a tool. In fact, putting his name in the same paragraph as the great Jerry Rice is blasphemy as far as I am concerned. I hated him even when he was scoring touchdowns for the Niners. No way the guy will ever be voted into the HOF. He is the antithesis to team play and unselfishness.

Posted by: LakerTom | September 15, 2010 at 08:40 AM

I've been a Niners fan since Joe Montana starting winning Super Bowls, too. Call me a bandwagoner, but I moved up there in '81 and lived there for almost 5 years and I've remained a loyal fan. I'm also a Chargers fan since 1978 because I moved to San Diego for law school in '78 during Air Coryell. I've remained loyal to them as well. When they met in the Super Bowl in 1994 for Steve Young's ring, I rooted for the Niners.

Terrell Owens is no Jerry Rice, but he's a 5 time First Team All-Pro wide receiver who led the NFL in TD receptions 3 times. He ranks 6th on the NFL all-time receptions list and will catch Isaac Bruce this season and move into the 5th slot. He will move into the #2 slot behind Jerry Rice in all-time reception yards in the next couple of games. At 32, he played on a bum knee in the Super Bowl and would have been the MVP of that game had the Eagles pulled it out. He showed every bit the grit that Jerry Rice did in his 1988 MVP performance against the Bengals. And who can forget the 25 yard TD pass he caught from Young in the 1999 wild card game against the Packers to lift the Niners to a 30-27 upset win. Yes, he's had his share of bumbles, too. Not bad for a third round pick, number 89 overall. If he is not elected the Hall of Fame it will only be because of the reason that we are writing about him in the first place, his "Q rating."

I'm with those who dislike Terrell Owens. But keeping him out of the Hall of Fame would be akin to keeping Trevor Hoffman out because he never won the World Series. When you compare TO's numbers against the all-time greats, it is hard to argue against him getting in, except for his obnoxious, self-promoting antics. But this is certainly an interesting discussion with no right or wrong answer. Michael Irvin pulled some distasteful things to effect his Q ratings and Terrell Owens is every bit his equal strictly from a talent standpoint and he's in. I think he'll be voted in. Like I said, it's interesting.

On the top 5 rivarly article I have to disagree with a couple.

I would not put Detroit or Philly in the top 5. I would put Portland. The few years the Lakers did not make the playoffs Portland was the dominant franchise. Plus fairly close to LA and we can not seem to beat them lately. More history with them than Phily or Detroit.

I would also put Phoneix, when both are good, some heated stuff. Perhaps Denver. But Phoneix and Portland above Detroit and Philly

I think it may be time to register out handles so no other computer can use them. Is this a possibility? And I can't believe we're 2 weeks away from training camp. Where did summer go? (Wes looks forlornly at the Indiana winter slowly approaching South Bend).


Hey guys we got a new post up with some news


Does anyone know if DC made the weight to get the full contract

Lrob you got it right, Rasheed is the scary factor, he and CBillups are the biggest threats out there....

TOwens is a joke, remember hollywood henderson? these types help weak sportswriters meet a deadline, who would you rather have, t.o. or wes welker?

ocho cinco plus ocho uno equals more mouth than hands

adam morrison to the celts....he'd have more rings than any active celt.....cept rasheed, if he returns .....shaq don't count....kobe and wade got him his rings...

@KOBEMVP… No, it can’t be true. You’re a Lakers, Yankees, and 49ers fan? Damn, I thought I was the only person in the world with those as my favorite team. Of course, considering how the Niners played on Sunday, doesn’t look promising for my Triple Championship chances. As Meatloaf said, two out of three ain’t bad.
Like all such popularity contests, Hall of Fame voters have long included personality factors in whether to vote a player in or not. I would hope that TO’s antics and chemistry destroying personality would result in his being left off a lot of ballots. Regardless of the stats, I wouldn’t vote the guy in if I had a vote. And for the record, the guy dropped a lot of potential touchdowns when he played for the Niners. He’s a loser to me.

puddle -

Congrats on RCOTD...

Hollinger has got to be the worst of the worst...

Boston is trying to pick up any ex Laker they can get a hold

Although, I think Mustache, signing with the Chowds, is not Benedict Arnold move, like I consider Shaq to be...

The Making of a Beast:

Posted by: LakerTom | September 15, 2010 at 08:55 AM

Thanks for re sharing this vid. One of my favorites!

I have been a Laker fan since I was 12 yrs old. This is my first time in Cali, on a business trip and would love to know where do you guys see the players? If I could see or meet Kobe Bryant I would be THE world's happiest person this week.

In NY the knicks are all around the city hanging out, but no one cares haha.


Trey Kerby.. is an IDIOT and a d.a. Kobe Brian hater! He overlooked the fact that beside the one hundred-thousands that love KOBE here in the WEST, millions love him in CHINA as well. How does he dare to compare Kobe with a RING-less Miami CHICKEN....!

>>>Um, Should the Lakers overpay Dampier?

Let's put it this way... minimum wage would be overpaying for Dampier.

Should McDonalds overpay to hire Dampier?

I'd say the answer is the same as the answer to Hollinger's question... HELL NO.



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