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What nicknames do you have for Shaquille O'Neal and Miami's Super Team?


Perhaps I'm taking a huge risk going down this path and leaving myself vulnerable that this exercise will just open the floodgates. But I'll do it anyway.

Throughout the 2010-2011 season, surely fans of the L.A. Times Lakers blog will leave comments denigrating Shaquille O'Neal and the Boston Celtics as well as Miami's Super Team in some fashion, along with some not-so-flattering nicknames. I want to keep this clean, but I hope this forum can serve as a launching pad for what nicknames you plan to assign Shaq as well as the Miami trio (LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh).

Instead of presenting a poll with wide-ranging options, I'm going to leave those choices up to you so it doesn't stunt anyone's creativity. I will then follow up with a post on Thursday tallying all the results and featuring some of the best comments. Feel free to use it as a reference tool throughout the season in case you forget one of the names.

Remember, let's show some maturity and keep this in good taste.

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Laker fans have plenty of nicknames for LeBron James. Credit: Paul Tople / Associated Press.

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Shaq is The Big Blarney (look it up if you don't know what it means).

Heat are the Super Friends, Bryant is Solomon Grundy and Phil Jackson is Lex Luthor.

Shaq: The Boston Half-Baked Bean

Heat: The Miami Laker Envy

I've always loved our brothers and sisters sense of humor but this is off the charts!!!!! We can be ever so creative and innovative, specially with nicknaming!!! They are all GOOD!!!!!

Latino fans called Shaquille O'Neal: "The Chilaquil" O'Neal


Shaq- (the first time he gets hurt) The BIG LEPER-CON

Miami- The 3 ME-EGOS

I LIKE IT!!!!!

However, I harbor no hate for the Big Sham (Shaq) so w/o him getting hurt, I second the motion for the BIG LEPER-CON. He is definitely a malady and a con artist with a big ego. Talking about EGOS... I also think The 3 ME-EGOS for Miami is befitting but may I suggest, hoping that my LAKER brothers and sisters approve... The 3-I-ME-EGOS??


Mark Medina, "Remember, let's show some maturity and keep this in good taste."

LA Lakers Blog Guru... I know u'll be surprised that s/o did listen to ur request so i hope this also meets with ur approval fearless leader!

Miami Heat = Miami Beeches
Shaq = The Big HasBeen

Me-bron is too good. I can't top that. My sorrow is for Dwayne Wade: Seems like a really good guy and a team player. He is the loser in this scenarios even though this is what he wanted.

This will be a lot of heat but no light.

Shaq - I think he is going to do great with the Celtics. I don't think they can beat the Lakers, but I think Shaq will be a great fit. I thought he played great for the Cavs in the playoffs.

The Big Shaqechaun

Spoiled Heat

Shaq: the Southbeach Blimp


I just wrote a post for my blog ( regarding my take on the recent comments by Jeff Van Gundy and all the hype around the Heat. Here is a direct link:
Feel free to comment and voice your opinion.

How in the world can you ask for comments on Shaq and Lebron, the two most classless people in the game, and then ask for maturity and good taste?! Thats like passing the bong and then expecting us not to eat the Twinkies in the cupboard.

Shaq The Big Lepretard

Miami - Ledouche and the Kotex kids.

Might be interesting to collect all the hateful names for our Laker players, team, management and city. Now that list would be good to read when I want to get pissed off .

Boston: The Foulers They foul too much when tired and frustrated over their lack of offense.

We had Magic, Kareem, and Worthy for a great run in the 1980's so I have no ill will toward Miami having Wade, Lebron, and Bosh. That each of these guys took 14 million a year says a lot about how they want to make a super team. They are now Miami's Hope.

While the BACK2BACK defending CHAMPIONS the Los Angeles Lakers prepare to 3PEAT the pressure will be too intense for the lukewarms in south beach who will wilt, The 3amEGOS willnot win a single championship - nope, none, zero, zip, zilch, nothing!!! WE know how to win championships - with heart, effort, defense & rebounding. In miami they don't have a "team" yet, just guys around egos. ThreEGOS. and in boston it's the Big Minimum Wager, the Big Leprachon, The Big Rental.


The Big Bridge Burner
The Big Green Snaq Attaq
The Big Elder
The Big Ring Chaser

Miami Heat:

Flash, Sidekick and WonderGirl
The BFF Experience
The Miami Princesses
Dwyane Wade's Miami Heat, featuring Sidekick, Wondergirl and a bunch of scrubs.

O'traitor from the O'Celtics
LeBron$ Corporation

I have no creative sense so I will just vote for the ones that made me LOL. Rick F. - where are you chiming in on some of these - you usually have some good, well thought creativity...

Love these for Shaq: Big Minimum, Big Leper-con, Big Blarney

Miami: How about Miami Leeches (worms with suckers on each end)

Cheers all - PLG

SHAQ - the FAT UGLY CHAMELEON - the "FUC" for short

Shaq: Shamrock Shaq

Miami: The Circle Jerks

BTW-it is one thing to be traded to the Green Pukes, but it is entirely different to voluntarily sign up with the Evil Empire. This is an unforgivable slap in the face to the entire Lakers nation. Jersey 34 is now available to anyone that wants to wear it.

Miami,,"The Big LeBronsky", "The Miami Experiment".
Celtics,, "The Over-The-Hill Gang", "Shaq Faddy"

Shaq's name is Froghopper.
The name for the Heat 3 is Miami Thrice.

We need something to catch on so Laker fans at Staples can start to yell in unison.

for the guys in miami... a good nickname would be.... 2011 1st runner-up :P

Shaq- the big geriatric, Shaquille "O'Kneel", the big bricklayer, the big zero

Heat- The meltdowns, the 3 a "me"gos, the 3 stooges, the miami ho's, the miami hate.

and for his recent prediction...jeff van stupid, jeff van drunk, jeff van jackass

Fee Fye Foe Fum, who is that big a** player in that green uniform! The Jolly Green Giant!!!

1. The Big Shaq-tard.
2. The Shas-been.

The Big Underachiever & the Three Pendejos

The Big Ham hock!

You hear all the time players being referred to as "pieces" "assets" etc. Good to see the players gain some control on where they end up. Also its great to see players actually saying they want to win first rather than the 'show me the money first' motto which players have been ridiculed by the media for years. Now that they are playing for the rings it goes the other way? Quite simply its just the media doing their thing. I watched PTI a couple of weeks ago and Barkley was saying "I don't agree with what LeBron did" which the host replied with "didn't you demand a trade from the Sixers to the Suns" the next year after the trade he was MVP. Which i'd say would put him at the peak of his powers. There is little loyalty left in US sports today as soon as a player stops performing they are traded or not resigned etc. The only real loyalty left is from the fans.

As far as saying this Miami team won't be spoken in the same terms as the Magic's Lakers which included Kareem & Worthy in there primes is laughable. If they don't when chips it will be seen as a major disappointment as it would for any other high quality team that failed. But you watch, if win one the media will love this Heat team. This side is really only said in the case of fans who are angry he didn't join their team. The fact is as Wade said (referring to himself in the third person as per usual) any team who could have all three would take them in a heart beat....end of story. People can make as much fuss over how it was James handle the situation but its just clutching at straws because it didn't go there way.

With all this rubbish being thrown around by angry fans etc about how Lebron's/Wade's rings being worth less if they win with this team (and not theres haha). Thought i'd put up the teams there comparing to and see how 'valuable' in that since the greats rings really are...

Kobe's 5 rings
2000 - Finals MVP - Shaq
2001 - Finals MVP - Shaq
2002 - Finals MVP - Shaq
2009 - Finals MVP - Kobe
2010 - Finals MVP - Kobe (Very lucky to win in a joke of a G7, supporting cast and mainly Gasol got them over the line in the Final series.)

Shaq putting up 30&15 everynight was a clear MVP 00-02 add to that the Lakers doing nothing until Gasol arrived. All bar one of Kobe's rings have come from massive help around him.

80's Lakers
1980 - Finals MVP - Magic
1982 - Finals MVP - Magic
1985 - Finals MVP - Kareem
1987 - Finals MVP - Magic
1988 - Finals MVP - Worthy

Count them...3 differen't finals MVPs.

80's Celtics
1981 - Finals MVP - Cedric Maxwell
1984 - Finals MVP - Bird
1986 - Finals MVP - Bird

Two on Bird's Celtics plus grest supporting cast.

91-93&96-98 - Finals MVP - Jordan

The man that stands above the rest but still had two good supporting casts around him which of course included a Top 50 all-time player.

Apart from Jordan being the man every time, the rest have had big help come finals time and it is laughable IMO that any rings that Miami may win would be worth less. Because on that basis all the above players rings are worth less bar Jordan. The fact is a rings a ring and I doubt Kobe would think any less of his five.

Name for the Miami 3 - The Subpremes.

Miami 3 - LeBronettes

Miami 3 - The Disputed Untruth

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