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What have you done to pass the time during the Lakers' offseason?


Call me naive. Call me a rookie. Or call me a clueless.

But I frankly thought fans on the L.A. Times' Lakers blog would be much different this offseason. I thought they'd soak in the championship as passionately and for as prolonged a period as Ron Artest. I thought they'd go through a transformation bubble similar to Kobe Bryant, changing from über competitive to relaxed and care-free. And I thought some would just get away from it all like Phil Jackson has done in Montana, refueling and recharging for next season.

Surely there have been fans like this. But there have also been many that have dreaded the summer, feeling as if the 2010-2011 season can't possibly start soon enough. For those fans, I'm wondering if you can provide us details on how you're getting through the summer.

Do you constantly rewatch portions of last year's playoffs on your DVR? Do you relive your day at the Lakers parade? Do you frequently have dreams of the Lakers three-peating or do you wake up from nightmares that the Super Team will dethrone the two-time defending champs? Or do you just simply twiddle your thumbs hoping that time somehow speeds up?

I'd love to hear your best stories. I'll feature the top ones in a post after Labor Day, which is when I'll resume duties with the Lakers blog.

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: There are plenty of Laker fans wishing that the 2010-2011 season would start already. Credit: Don Bartletti / Los Angeles Times

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@LAKER REFEREE… “He hails from Northern California, and has a life long dream of starring in a porno with the Beast.” I find that extremely offensive remark and not in the least funny. At least have the class to use your real blog name instead of hiding behind a one-time name while you slur people. You have no class.

Posted by: LakerTom | August 19, 2010 at 04:49 PM

~~Those were the parting words of our friend. This is the kind of "evil" that we should avoid in this blog.

Purple Reign,

I enjoyed your story. Slamming "the decision", watching game 7 incessantly, fitting in a good tv show and poking a little fun a Portland to boot. You fit in perfectly.

Purple Reign -

Your summer looks eerily similar to mine... except the 7 month old daughter part. My wife and I are holding off for a little while longer on that one. Ha.

Oh, and your Greg Oden comment made me LOL.

erased all of my 5 year-old niece's high school musicals on fios just so I had room for games 5 and 6 of 2009 finals championship against the Magic, games 1, 3, 5 and 7 of 2010 finals against the Celtics, 1 hour NBA Special featuring Lakers' 2010 championship run;
Posted by: Enjoytheride | August 24, 2010 at 10:06 PM

Erasing niece's musicals for Lakers games. Yep you got it bad and I love

"erased all of my 5 year-old niece's high school musicals on fios just so I had room for games 5 and 6 of 2009 finals championship against the Magic"
Posted by: Enjoytheride | August 24, 2010 at 10:06 PM

First, your 5 year-old niece is in high school? Either a) she's a prodigy of epic proportions, b) her family moved to the Ozarks, a place where her intellectual capacity is probably on par with that of the local 17 year-olds, or c) you meant to say 15. Those are my 3 best guesses.

Second, I'm assuming you mean games 4 and 5 of the 2009 Finals, since I believe game 5 was the series-clinching win.

Third, if your niece's plays were anything like mine as a kid, it probably didn't break your heart to replace them with classic Laker wins. lol


Thank you for correcting me. I meant games 4 and 5 against the Magic. And games 1, 3, 6, and 7 against Celtics.

My niece is 5 years old who loves the High School Musical movies 1, 2 and 3 by Disney that premiered on the Disney Channel (she just turned five last week). I only have 100 hours to record on Fios and the last thing I need is to junk it up with Disney movies. I gotta clear out some room for the upcoming 2011 games (To date, I have only used up to 28 hours). When she found out her movies had been erased, she started to whine and complain bitterly to anyone who would listen. I patted the sofa next to me and invited her to watch game 7 with me. See what a nice auntie I am.

I am jealous of anyone in Portland right now. Well, sort of. Be sure to check out Powells, Kell's, and the Farmar's Market for me...I miss that place.

Posted by: phred | August 24, 2010 at 06:35 PM

We have already discovered Kell's as my wife is a red headed Irish gal who likes her I'm a wimp and can't stand that hard stuff. Great town if you like the beer, tons of micro brewers! Farmers markets everywhere, but the one in town by the river(and Kells) is cool...all is good.

Are we posting yet?

Good Morning Laker World - where's the morning crew? Have a great day everyone.

The Harris Family faction of the morning crew is in full effect!

@ Edwin:

"If they produce players like Kwame-Smush-Cookie-Jones-Mihm-T. Brown (EDIT), those were abnormal years we call that Clipper-like performance."


I refer to those players/seasons as "The Lean Years, Phase II". Of course, "Phase I" was after Magic left. Phase I was entertaining toward the end, yes. Successful? No. Phase II was just painful, save for the PHX game with Kobe saving the day in regulation and OT and the regularly scheduled superhuman exploits displayed by Kobe Bryant. Scoring binges and juggernaut performances aside, winning sure is more fun to watch.

Anyway, how old is Greg OLDen? Dude looks like Michael Stahan's daddy.


I've spent the Lakers' offseason accumulating hate for the Heat and Celtics. Eddie House's addition to the Heat and Shaq's addition to the Celtics only made this process easier.


Once again, hate to disappoint you but @Lakerrefree is not my handle. Perhaps you should ask MM to verify who used the handle as it should have an email associated to it.

I always thought you are the blog's icon, prolific writer, philosopher and and an elder. You are like EF Hutton, when you speak we all listen.

EnjoyTheRide wrote: When she found out her movies had been erased, she started to whine and complain bitterly to anyone who would listen. I patted the sofa next to me and invited her to watch game 7 with me. See what a nice auntie I am.

my response: OUTSTANDING!!!

@ NM,

Indeed! My sights are set on a championship... however... if we stomp on some Miami cHeat and Boston Septics on the way there, that's coolio.

BTW, I never was a big Dr. J fan. He always seemed a little pompous towards his peers; I guess even a bit jealous. His game was so huge, yet his sense of respect and decorum were sadly miniscule. He was even a jerk during some of those weak dunk contests a few years ago. Then again, maybe that was warranted.


(Dr. J as a jusge during those wack contests)


good morning Blog Fam.

MM- I bask in the euphoria of winning the championship and try to stay away from basketball all together....that usually lasts about a week. Then I search the Internet for ANY Laker news (nothing is trivial). This year I've been super busy at work and home so I've been jonseing hardcore for Laker talk. I also usually rewatch finals games about 2-3 times a week.

Good article in the Orange County Reg. about Artest's reaction to Doc's proclaim. What I do to pass time is every morning check the blog to see what's going on. From there to all the NBA websites,and like everybody watch the repeats of game7. And waiting til' this darn season gets started.

Still have game 7 on my DVR, watching it here and there. I've also kept the celebration on SportsCenter, NBATV, the team on Jimmy Kimmel, Pau on Leno, The Parade, Real NBA (Champs Again). Been watching all these to remind me what a great season it was! Not worried about the "Super" team. They're like a donut. Really good core...NO CENTER! I can't wait til the start of the season so our new players can see what RonRon saw at the ring ceremony and make it their goal to get one too!

How have I managed this offseason? Well, since it would never do to be under Tootsie Roll's feet, I have attempted to stay way too busy to notice that there has been no Lakers to watch (no DVR, no NBA TV).

First thing that kept me busy was a little bit of business travel. Where could one travel that would keep the mind off the Lakers? If I tell ya, I'd have to kill myself, but it was interesting and I only checked the blog once.

That short trip however was not nearly enough to keep the shakes from setting in so I turned my attention to bicycling, riding in the LA Wheelmen's Grand Tour (Malibu to Port Hueneme to Moorpark to Ojai to Carpentaria and back to Malibu), watching the Tour De France, and going to Seattle to support my group in the Seattle to Portland Bike Ride.

Even these activities could not fill enough of the day to keep my desire for some purple and gold at bey, so I also began my own series of "How-To" videos for YouTube (you can google YouTube+Cyclesurgeon for my channel if you are easily entertained).

Though effective enough to keep Tootsie Roll from smothering me in my troubled sleep, I still need to occasionally watch clips from past seasons to keep from weeping in a corner. Winning a championship does not quell Lakerholism, it merely creates a greater need.


buried my nostrils in these blogs and following all nba news wherever i can get it. being an nba fan is a disease and laker fans are cult-like! GO LAKERS & IN BUSS WE TRUST!!

Enjoytheride -

You are an EXCELLENT auntie. :)

Edwin Gueco:

One last time I am going to make this very clear to you that before you go around associating my name with posts to LakerTom incident you get your facts straight. Below is the is the post from LakerTom addressed to Hobbitmage:


@HOBBITMAGE… “I'm sick and tired of his minions propagating BS as if it's sweet green from Nor-Cal. Can we wait for him to become an all-star before we watch the porn movie starring LakerTom & Andrew Bynum?”
I think everyone would appreciate your not making comments like this in the blog. Thought you were better than that but maybe I was mistaken. There was an excellent discussion going on before your comments.

Posted by: LakerTom | August 19, 2010 at 01:16 PM

insta-posting test.

I google the Lakers for news or rumors every day, 2 times a day. I look up news about the Heat.
What is this condition called, when you want to see the Lakers, especially beating up on the Heat and Celtics?
I can't wait, October can't come fast enough.

I watch games 1,3,6 and 7 constantly. Love, love, love Fish in game 6! Especially the part where Pau is helping him up off the floor after making that beautiful layup while three C's are there, ready to smack him down. Such a thing of beauty. So inspiring.

I've been going to the beach, hanging out with the fam, and relaxing this summer. But I always read the blog and comment when I can. Like I've said all along - I'm an un-recovered Lakerholic! Lakers all day, every day, baby. I can't get enough.


I rewatch Game 7 of the Finals all the time. Specifically, when the Lake Show starts making a comeback in the 3rd quarter. When I'm not at home, I'm on all of the blog sites. So when does the season start???

I always think of the past years,..... yeah I remember them all. When I was 10 years old in 1960 and the Lakers came to town I was instantl transformed into a B- Ball fan. I still remember Rudy LaRusso, Elgin, Jerry and Chick, with his wonderful quotes, hell I even remember Jim "Bad News" Barnes, always loved that nick, We've come along ways Lakers, Were CHAMPIONS again. Now August is almost gone and its time to get ready to DEFEND, God I love the Lakers......... I'm so ready for this campaign, Look out World were coming back!!!!!

Mainly, read the Lakers Blog. Till now, the LA Times had zero, zilch, nada with regards to Lakers'-related news. You guys rock. Seriously. Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

Thanks God, for NBA-TV. They have been a lifesaver showcasing all of the Laker playoff games in 1 hour formats. Running an all day marathon of "everything Kobe" on his birthday. I don't think I would've made it this far without NBA-TV. If you don't have it and you're a Laker fan - get now!!!

I've watched the NBA Finals Game 7 three times, watched Jerry Buss' hall of fame speech, watched NBA TV's Top Games of the Year, been following LA Times Lakers Blog, and strategized different Laker lineups against different teams.

Here's the deal.....this off season has been incredibly satisfying. Here's the other deal, the Lakers have an edge and swagger, and the second they lose it they are done! Teams are ready to step in and replace them as Champs now. Kobe knows it, and he knows his time to win multiple (3, 4 0r 5 more) championships has never been greater. He is poised to capture many more rings before his time is up. Which by my calculations is exactly 3 years. The Laker franchise is in an incredible position to 3peat and beyond. Buss and Kupchak have done there part, now it's the teams turn to do theirs.

The real hardcore Laker fans this Summer have been on edge. The ones that get it, the ones that truly understand where this franchise is. The ones that know that all good things come to an end, and like I said earlier, that's in 3 years. 3 more years of the good life.

My recommendation Laker fans, is to keep your edge for the next three years. Then it's time to re-tool, re-build, or do whatever it is teams do that have dominated for so long. This is an amazing run the Lakeshow is on, but it will come to an end. Trust me, the next three years will be amazing! Until then, I am going to watch as many games as possible. Be it home or away. Tv or in person. Road games are always more enjoyable, and intense. So stay focused, stay on edge, and hopefully the reward will be 1,2 or even 3 more titles!

Trying to complete my Lakers twitter directory:

Celtics have 10 out of 15, I need 4 more to have the same level.

I got to talk crazy sh*t to all my Celtic fan friends. Suck it Boston...great summer. And yeah, I bought the t-shirt!

Sleeping a lot early nowadays (pretty much hybernating) until the 2010-11 season starts!

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