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Weekend sightings in Lakerdom


Wish I had more time to develop something a little more Mark Medina-ish, but as I was doing my weekend duties (which include a lot of copy editing and photo editing for the Web), I came across some images that I thought I'd share with you Laker-holics.

Kobe_250 Now, there's some good news. Like Lamar Odom (pictured above) becoming a central figure in Team USA's bid to win the FIBA World Championship tournament. The Americans actually look really good in opening pool-play 2-0, particularly on defense and in transition. LO has had something to do with the former as he's been a pain to opposing big men.

And there's some news out of left field: Kobe Bryant on a baseball diamond with his family. Yes, that took place this weekend when Kobe's daughter Natalia threw out the ceremonial first pitch at Angel Stadium on Saturday. Kobe and wife Vanessa got a close-up look (pictured at left).

We all knew that Kobe was a huge soccer fan, but his interest in what used to be the national pastime? We all know it's football across America these days, and basketball here in L.A., of course.

So I had to Google why the Bryant family was making an appearance at Angel Stadium. It seems that Natalia was on the mound, so to speak, as part of the Angels' celebration of Girl Scouts.

And now for the not-so-good news.

Shaq_150 Yep, that's the Big Fill-in-the-Blank at UFC 118 on Saturday night at TD Garden in Boston. Shaquille O'Neal has popped up at various MMA events before, but never as a Celtic. I've never been a big fan of the self-proclaimed nickname, but I know many of you are or used to be.

I guess Shaq wanted to get a look at a couple of guys older than him who still compete at a high level. Possible inspiration for the upcoming NBA season? Well, 47-year-old Randy Couture certainly was up to the task as he pummeled the outmatched James Toney, a 42-year-old former world boxing champion, for about three minutes before Toney tapped out in their heavyweight bout.

Ah, the rich pageantry of life. Hope you enjoyed the view, Lakers fans.

-- Dan Loumena

Photo credits: (Lamar Odom) Jeff Haynes / Reuters; (Kobe and family) Lori Shepler / Associated Press; (Shaquille O'Neal) Al Bello / Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

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Nice write-up Dan.

I didn't know Kobe was an Angels fan. He's been spotted at several Dodger games having good natured ribbing sessions with Matt Kemp, but I suppose it's possible to root for both teams, even though many Dodger fans I know would abhor the thought.

Glad to see Shaq still doesn't have his priorities straight. It's always been entertainment first, career second with this guy. Buss knew what he was doing when he held on to Kobe over Shaq.

Yes Dodger fans abhor the thought of cheering for the Angels.

That being said Kobe has stated he is a Dodger fan even though growing up he was a Mets fan (which made Philadelphia even more angry at him). He also likes the Yankees and also the Angels because Anaheim is close to his house in Newport Beach.

Good Job Dan...this is what we are talking puddle, I didn't know Kobe was a baseball or Angel fan...

And you re-instated instant posting...

Dan Loumena - 2
The Rest - 0

Blitz - never knew Kobe was into baseball...I know he loves soccer, and knew he was into football, but never heard about his baseball affections till now...

One thing for sure...the Mamba will be very fresh and rested at the beginning of the season...

And if PJ can limit his need for a knee drain in the's pedal to the metal straight into the Finals...

I predict Lakers in the Finals in only 14 games 12-2...

Dream on, LEWSTRS, Lakers going 12-2 into the Finals, why don't you put your personal fortune on this wager, you dumb ass moron! Tell everyone what you've been smoking before posting your idiotic comment!


That’s the team that everyone’s shooting for and they should be. The Los Angeles Lakers.

Not a bad dream...Took 16 games last year...I think they can do it in 2 less...

Suck on that...Fred...

Exactly, we did it in 16 games... we still got same starters, Bynum is healthy, got a few good picks for our bench.. which was def. a upgrade. so why not 2 less games? I think Fred should tell us what he's been smoking cause it smells like the same thing Lebron fans were smoking...

Is Vanessa pregnant?

Shaq looks fat.

12-2 is a realistic bar to shoot for. Better than 73 games or 14-0 (though I would looooove that 14-0, 18-0 even better, not necessary as long as they get teh 18 wins). It's certainly possible if everyone is healthy, and health is everything. I've been raised to believe that the less playoff games a team plays (and the less minutes in the 4th quarter a star player plays), the less chance for injuries. That's why I hated when our bench let teams back in last year. If I were screaming anything at the TV when Kobe had to go back in, it was: "Don't you people know! You can't get an injury if you're sitting on the bench!"

I sure hope Kobe doesn't quit the Lakers to try out for the Angeles, I mean he IS the next Jordan you know....... : )

Well, the Lakers have gone undefeated into the finals. That year, every series was a sweep - including the finals. So, it is possible. . . . . .

But why speculate?

DAN - Now that's more like it LAT.

Still - don't forget about Magic Phil's Live Laker Chat-a-palooza! Still going strong at:

Is it October yet? This is killing me... slowly but surely.

Vanessa (and Shraq) both look fat. Like - really fat. What's up with that?

Is Kobe holding something or is that a finger splint?

Is that a clean block on LO? Or did the dude get called for the foul?

Enquiring minds want to know.

>>>Vanessa (and Shraq) both look fat. Like - really fat. What's up with that?

Uh, maybe Vanessa's preggers?

LTLF - maybe.... looks more like she's growing a hunchback.

ESPN3 replaying FIBA - USA Vs Slovinia right now. It's a good morning at work.


1. Kobe's holding a camera.
2. Vanessa may very well be in the family way again...
3. Who gives a heck about The Big Sellout's MMA match appearances?

Vanessa - Bad angle, bad dress, and bad posture. I keep telling myself that I have the same problems. No way am I fat...right?


Hey utz! Ahhhh - a camera.... I was wondering. See?? I told you guys I need a bigger font...

JR - you're not fat. You're fluffy.

Good morning Family!

A rare off day gives me a chance to post something: How is Baseball NOT the national pastime when it is the ONLY American business that is NOT subject to anti-trust legislation?

When a country gives a sport that much latitude, it has to be the national pastime. That is, until some other sport (NFL, NBA, etc.) gets the same privileges.


Any news on how LO is liking playing center? I saw some of the game vs Croatia while at work, and (A) Tyson Chandler is still offensively horrible; (B) the guard play is decent (chauncy is keeping all of those youngsters in control); and (C) as soon as Kevin Love becomes a free agent, I'd love to see him on the Lake Show. He rebounds like a beast even though he's usually 5 inches shorter than the person he's guarding, and he's a great passer (especially in transition).

Hope everyone is having a good day!

Hey guys,

Kobe has always said he doesn't like Baseball as a sport, but he does like the Dodgers (and the Mets in the past). That makes him sort of a casual fan. But, as you can clearly see, baseball has crept into his life.

BTW, only casual fans can like both the Dodgers and the Angels. Which explains the photo.

Kobe thinks baseball is "boring". Those are his very words.


FEARless - baseball IS boring.

Kinda like watching paint dry.

(No hate mail please LOL)

Morning everyone.

Just some random thoughts - was listening to the herd this morning and colin was trying to justify the decision (which he called a press conference) by saying that high school players call press conferences all the time to announce where they are going and that 10 million people watched the decision so there was a market for it.

Sorry, the decision was a press conference on steroids (to quote my new favorite heat player jk) and just cuz a bunch a people watched it doesn't justify the gratuitous, self-aggrandizing nature of it. To be honest, I watched part of it just because it was like watching a train wreck - maybe that makes me part of the problem.

I think Durant did it the right way - either that guy has a better head on his shoulders or his handlers are much better.

All these players that posture and celebrate after they do something meaningless drive me crazy. Reminds me of why I always liked Eddie Jones - he played his game and let it speak for itself.

I predict Lakers in the Finals in only 14 games 12-2...
Posted by: LEWSTRS | August 29, 2010 at 11:11 PM

Sounds good to me...but only if the final win total is 16!

FEARless - baseball IS boring.
Kinda like watching paint dry.
(No hate mail please LOL)
Posted by: justanothermambafan | August 30, 2010 at 09:22 AM

Judging by the number of fans in that least 5 people disagree with you.

Watching paint dry would be fun if you were in a ball park with friends on a sunny day with a beer in one hand and greasy hot dog in the other (and the kids had a babysitter).

As we established last night, I'm a St. Louis Cardinals fan, Justa! Saying baseball is akin to watching paint dry is fightin words, sistagurl!

you know what? seeing kobe in that picture w/his family is pretty amazing when you think about that horrible year he spent in court. you have to give kobe TONS of credit: he kept his family together, endured the relentless scrutiny, maintained his focus on his primary job: basketball, on his way to his 2nd 3-Peat and will be in the HOF. Good for you Kobe! He is the most professional and the best player today in the NBA. GO LAKERS & IN BUSS WE TRUST!!


"Ah, the rich pageantry of life. Hope you enjoyed the view, Lakers fans."

THAT'S the kind of panache we've been waiting for!

I MAY not completely hate you until Mark Medina come back.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Watching baseball is akin to watching paint dry with the sound of a concrete mixer growling in the background... UNLESS you actually go to the park to watch the game. THAT is an entertaining experience. Baseball simply doesn't translate well onto television, much like hockey.

However, there is a HUGE change when baseball enters into the playoffs. Suddenly every pitch matters and the game just becomes electric.

I love the post-season, otherwise I'm utterly uninterested unless I'm at Progressive Field or chomping on a Dodgers dog.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Saw where Kobe is Rockin a Torii Hunter Jersey... Gotta love him wearing a former Twinkie Jersey. Justa, I'm with you with baseball until the World Series and then only watch the Twins.So glad you guys are back on the blog. Missed ya alls' humor! I don't know how many rebounds LO got, but it looked like quite a few. Hope this carries over to our season.


One of the most exciting sporting events I have ever seen in person was a game 6 of the World Series won by a Kirby Puckett HR in the bottom of the 11th.
The entire game the stadium was rocking and it built to such a volume in the later innings you couldn't hear the person next to you if you tried to talk.

Baseball can be fun to watch if you are really into it and know the subtle things to watch for.

I've heard casual basketball fans say what's the point of watching an NBA game until the last 5 minutes of the 4th quarter.

Different strokes...

Ok ok - let me qualify my answer -

Baseball is boring. Unless you're at a game. Or eating a Dodger dog. Or it's the playoffs. Or the World Series.

Otherwise - boring as hell.

Art-FL Laker Fan...........My sister and her husband were at some of those games and they got our boys HOMER HANKIES!!! They still have them.

Shaq always looks fat.


Hi, yep, I still got a HH, lol.
I still like those Twins, but of course am also a Rays fan.


So, let me get this straight.
Baseball is boring:
unless you're at a game,
eating a hot dog,
it's the playoffs,
it's the World Series.

Lol, so I guess a regular season game on TV is boring.
You're right, you are funny!

Art - I was justa trying to make everyone happy. I personally think it's boring no matter what!

Ok ok - let me qualify my answer -

Baseball is boring. Unless you're at a game. Or eating a Dodger dog. Or it's the playoffs. Or the World Series.

Otherwise - boring as hell.

Posted by: justanothermambafan | August 30, 2010 at 11:10 AM

JAMF, I'll buy that. Wow! That is actually a very mature response to acquiesce (sort of) like that. I thought we had purged all the maturity from this blog? I guess I am mistaken. This reiterates why I am a disciple!



If you get lucky, there are games that are exciting no matter how you take them in. I am a person who listens to baseball on the radio. Some games are just electric somehow.

I've been to three of the more exciting games at Dodger Stadium, though. I was at the Manny Ramirez grand slam game. I say an Andre Ethier walk-off. And I saw Gagne save a game by striking out the side (and the heart of the order) with 100+ mph heaters.

Exciting just doesn't describe what I saw. It was surreal. All three were with my family. The kids love it because they can act completely crazy and nobody cares. They don't have to be quiet. And they get lots of junk food that they love.

For the record, those three games would have been great on TV and on Radio (as long as Vince is doing the play-by-play, on either medium) as well.

But, I understand that I'm a different cat. Some of you might have noticed this, too. I can watch a chess match and be not only entertained, but fascinated.

I wish baseball games were broadcast on four channels at once, each showing a different view of the field and displayed on four different monitors. Then, the viewer would actually be able to see the subtleties of the game. Vince is good at describing those "off screen" maneuvers...but, sorry, JAMF, I can tell I've already lost you.

To each her/his own.

I'm still a disciple, though. You better b'lieve that!


"1. Kobe's holding a camera.
2. Vanessa may very well be in the family way again...
3. Who gives a heck about The Big Sellout's MMA match appearances?

Posted by: utzworld - the BANNER HOLDER | August 30, 2010 at 08:54 AM"

As any proud father would, as Natalia was throwing 1st pitch, he's human at times, like the rest of us...

There is a new thread and this is anhour from the last post, so more than likely no one will see this post but...

I am a DIE HARD Angels Fan (hint the clue is in my handle) and a DIE HARD Laker/Kobe Fan and aside from the joy of catching glimpses of him at some Angels games the past few years, (yes even during the 2002 World Series run)to actually see him sporting an Angels cap & jersey, is AWESOME!!!

Well for me at least.

My other favorite picture of Kobe is him wearing a Joe Montana Jersey as he was walking in ARCO Arena before Game 7 of the 2002 Western Conference Finals.

I'm also a DIE HARD Niner Fan.

What's up lakers fans

for some reason I want to see shaq go up against chuck liddel, or big show hahahaa.

for some reason I want to see shaq go up against chuck liddel, or big show hahahaa.

for some reason I want to see shaq go up against chuck liddel, or big show hahahaa.

Baseball is 15 minutes of action crammed into 3 hours.

The Big Fella's new nick name:
How about the Big Snaq
Or maybe Snaqheel O'Neal.

After all of these years Boston finally has not one but two Irish guys, both named O'Neal.

DWTS definitely has a Laker flavor this time around. Rick could play on the hardwood, but wonder if Rick Fox will find the floor in the ballroom to his liking. Heck, even Kobe's old "friend" Brandy is on the show. Wonder if Vanessa will let Kobe watch the show.



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