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Thriller Ron might be gone, but there's video evidence to the contrary

Most of you have probably heard by now that Lakers forward Ron Artest has changed to jersey No. 15. That's right, his ode to Michael Jackson -- wearing No. 37 in honor of "Thriller" being No. 1 on the charts for 37 weeks -- lasted one season. Well, one very important championship season, mind you.

Although some were thrilled when Artest joined the Lakers' ranks, bringing hard-nosed defense, a supernatural intensity and at times otherworldly three-point shooting, many thought keeping Trevor Ariza might be better in the long run. And in the short term for team chemistry. Although time will tell if Artest wears out his welcome or his usefulness, such as getting into Twitter wars or missing a vast majority of his long-range shots, the Lakers have him to thank, in part, for another championship and some thrilling highlights.

So, in homage to Ron-Ron, MJ (the original, not Logoman 23) and the wonders of video editing and YouTube, I bring you "Thriller Ron," a video put together by a friend of mine, Matt Shaffer. He posted it during the NBA Finals in the spring. Some of you might have seen it. If so, I hope you enjoy it the second time around. For the rest of you Laker-holics, experience the transformation:

-- Dan Loumena

FYI: The video can easily be found on YouTube by searching for "Thriller Ron."

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Speaking of your Testes,
I thought I might start your morning off with a chuckle.

(Sorry Cyber, I like soccer too, but any comparisons made between the NBA and professional soccer in order to rally the troops around the sport are wishful thinking I'm afraid. They love soccer here, but in Thai, I call it 'Dancing Ball', which brings around more than a chuckle or two).

Go Kings!
Go Niners!
Go Team USA!
Go Los Angeles 'real' football team (and we know it isn't the Trojans, don't we?)


wow. a 2:30 AM post? that's impressive.


It's early evening Tuesday here in Chiang Mai.


Well, I actually wrote this up in the late afternoon, but since we already had a couple of posts in the works, the bosses wanted something fresh for the a.m.

Now, I'm signing off for a few hours. I actually do sleep, although I have some co-workers who wonder about that. Stay somewhat classy, everyone. And thanks for stopping by this morning. I'll chat with you on the flip side.

Dan Loumena,
Assistant Sports Editor



Thanks for a good post. Gotta love both Ron Ron and the real MJ.

I sure miss "Mamba in the morning here". I'm glad MM has some time off as we wore HIM OUT this year. But I can't wait for his return.

What's with all the negative stuff being posted? People diliberately post negative stuff knowing that the Times will take away our insta post? Must be Laker Haters doing it.

Now that was funny!


Good morning blog fam!

Good post Dan - I didn't see that one. Thanks.

Cheers to everyone - Mamba wake up!


Ditto on the thanks Dan - that was pretty funny!

"Mamba in the Morning" - LOL JohnnyV!!

You guys are missing the biggest Laker news of all though - RICK FOX IS GONNA BE ON DANCING WITH THE STARS.

(Yeah... I know... big woo)

Still - it IS Laker related LOL!

So was that really Jon K?

The thing is - we complain when insta-post is turned off and complain when there is no moderation. Serving people is tough.

That post doesn't seem like the real Jon K.

Another one bites the dust......

Naw, couldn't have been Jon K.; it didn't mention a third-hand account of someone knowing someone who knows something about Lebron (and his downfall) that Jon thinks makes him (Jon) seem important for knowing, why all rap is bad (because Jon took some courses in music, rather than actually being a full-time, dues paying, money making musician), something incorrect about Gandhi which, when pointed out, he'll never cop to, a completely self-aggrandizing statement about something that he feels strongly about despite actual facts or evidence to the contrary, and triple spacing between lines to draw more attention to his post. Nope, not Jon K.

Funny stuff, Dr Freud - but none of us can survive this type of scrutiny. You were a cocaine addict whose theories have all been left behind for more accurate assessments of human energetics. Since Jon K is our brother, we take him as he is - a great Lakers fan. You? We don't know you.

Bob Seeger>Dr. Freud.

I watched Team USA yesterday against Brazil. It was an entertaining game. Brazil hasa very good team. It's unbelievable how good these international teams are now. Brazil had Leandro Barbosa, Tiago Splitter, and a bunch of other guys who had some game as well. Brazil played very good fundamental basketball, their transition defense was outstanding, and offensively they passed the ball around and moved without the ball very well.

The ONLY reason Team USA won that game was because we were more talented. Brazil outclassed us fundamentally.

There's a few things I see that concern me about Team USA. The obvious thing is that we have Lamar trying to play center. Lamar is doing a good job considering the circumstances, but it is not an ideal situation for Lamar or Team USA.

Another thing that concerns me about Team USA is its reliance on Kevin Durant. The great thing about the 2008 Team USA is that it didn't rely on 1 guy to score, the whole team contributed. This team rely's way too much on KD for offense, and it's usually isolation plays. In FIBA, that will not win the championship. These international teams play too good of team defense, plus the court is smaller so there's less room to operate on isolations. We need to get out of the NBA style iso plays and move to more of a motion passing offense.

And finally, If Kevin Durant is the go to guy, why is Chauncey Billups throwing up a bunch of ill-advised 3's early in the shot clock? I think Chauncey is taking this being the SG thing too serious. He needs to play his game, and that's being the PG leader. If that means, putting Derrick Rose on the bench, then Coach K should do that. Although, I would have a tough time putting Rose on the bench as well.

It's going to be very interesting to see if this team can win this. While we are a matchup nightmare in the backcourt. It is a nightmare for us to try to match up in the frontcourt against alot of these big international teams. As we Lakerfans know, you must win the frontcourt battle if you want to win a championship. I think Kevin Love needs a bigger role on this team.

Go Lakers!
Go Team USA!
Go Padres!

Otis - You don't know the man who founded the psychoanalytic school of psychiatry and is a die-hard Lakers fan? Tsk-tsk. "Tell me about your mother...." I agree, no one can undergo that sort of scrutiny without a few oblongs in the box; nevertheless, it must rightly be said that it was not Jon K. as it had none of those things in it. :)

And fake Otis: Who the heck is Bob Seeger? I know a musician Bob Seger, but no Bob Seeger.

What the heck’s going on?

Are some of you trying to sanitize it here? Here’s a clue, get a life.

Some of you sound like 11 year old little girls who've been told they can't wear lipstick. Disappointing really. Maybe some skin thickening is in order.

This is a sport’s blog, not ‘The View’. You always talk about being the biggest and best at everything...well, if that’s true, it comes at a cost. This is THE Laker Blog right? Grow a pair.

This is a sport’s board, more specifically the L.A Times sports Laker’s Blog. A large majority of the content (one way or another) relates to the Lakers; the much despised, and much loved Lakers.

The L.A. Times has readers all over the world, of all persuasions. This board is not anyone’s little domain. Those who think otherwise, need to reconsider.

With its flaws, this board is amost perfect. Those who feel they need a nanny (or that everyone else does) please do everyone a favor and don't try to make it perfect, O.K?

If it's too hot, get out of the kitchen.

Go Kings!
Go Niners!
Go U.S.A.Team!
Go Los Angeles (whatever ever it is you call your football team these days)!
Go Tiger!


Thank you, Dr. - I'll make the correction.

One of the things I like about international BB (but I'm not a giant fan like I am of the NBA) is that team ball goes further than iso superstar ball (most of the time). I think Team USA needs to get more on the same page as a team if they want to keep winning. They have the talent (if not always the size); their skill set is excellent; I just don't know if they'll gel as a unit. It's what I'm liking about the Lakers possibilities this season: skill set, talent AND gelling as a unit. (See how I got it back to the Lakers? It's a gift.)

It wasn't Jon K.


The L.A. Times has readers all over the world, of all persuasions. This board is not anyone’s little domain. Those who think otherwise, need to reconsider.
Posted by: Sonny Belfast | August 31, 2010 at 09:17 AM

Like mamba24, justanothermambafan, Jon K all loosers with no life beyond this blog.

Justa Hater,

I really wasn't talking about any of the three posters you mentioned, or anyone in particular, but many on this board have done more than a fair share of whining lately, and some have even taken action on it. So be it.

In any case, as bloggers depart, vacuums are created. And we all know what happens to vacuums.

Go Kings!


you said;

you wrote: The LA Times is owned by the Chicago Tribune and the tribune owns many newspapers and TV Stations. The tribune is a publically owned company by stock investors and they are run by a board. They are not the NBA which has special anti trust protection granted by Congress. The Tribune is therefore held under FCC and public not private laws.

my response:

What Is the FCC’s Responsibility

The FCC is barred by law from trying to prevent the broadcast of any point of view. The Communications Act prohibits the FCC from censoring broadcast material, in most cases, and from making any regulation that would interfere with freedom of speech. Expressions of views that do not involve a “clear and present danger of serious substantive evil” come under the protection of the Constitution, which guarantees freedom of speech and freedom of the press. The FCC cannot suppress such expressions. According to an FCC opinion on this subject, “the public interest is best served by permitting free expression of views.” This principle ensures that the most diverse and opposing opinions will be expressed, even though some may be highly offensive. However, the Commission does have enforcement responsibilities in certain limited instances.

For example, the Courts have said that indecent material is protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution and cannot be banned entirely. It may be restricted, however, in order to avoid its broadcast when there is a reasonable risk that children may be in the audience.

So ... This actually isn't a broadcast. I don't think it's covered by the FCC.

Posted by: hobbitmage | August 30, 2010 at 12:24 PM

As I told you I am not interested in a back and forth with you. This will be my last reply to you.

[As you pointed out you showed a snippet of what the FCC covers. In regards to broadcast the FCC has the right to control opinions and regulate content. Ask CBS 2 news and Dan Rather for making a statement on air which the Bush administration took exception to. CBS was fined a huge amount. I am not going to look back for details. The Times is not a broadcast but I never stated it was. I stated it was a publically stock traded owned company and anyone can go to a broker with cash in hand and buy stock. The point there is that the Tribune is publicaly owned company and cannot discriminate.
The NBA, NFL, MLB, etc have special immunity and protection from anti-trust laws.
Since the Trbune owns TV stations they are regulated by FCC
and newspapers especially publically owned ones cannot inhibit or deny freedom of speech. That as you pointed out is protected by the Constitution.

And as the Times states minors(children) can read the blog but not participate. This shows that it is reasonable to expect children to read this blog and be exposed to offensive language and accetance of drug and alcohol abuse.

That is my point and facts. Don't care what you debate about this accept it or agree to disagree.]

Any updates on training camp invitees?

Sonny Belfast: Dancing Ball? Sounds likes something middle school kids do after class is over once a month in the school auditorium.

If Jon K is gone too, if it was really him 'signing off', it would be another big hit to this blog. I don't have time to write daily, but if I only have a few minutes to hit the Internet (which, unfortunately, has been the case for me lately...) this blog and google news are about all I do, maybe the odd bleacher report article too.

The main reason is because MM has made this a quality place, really it's the current 'Laker Central' in my eyes. But it's the quality posters, that have been around for years, those characters's we've grown to love and know so much about their personal lives, that has given this blog life.

I hope that everyone comes back when preseason starts, and hopefully these negative, derogatory trolls will step back when the blog is full-on up and rolling again. The way it's going, within a few weeks there will be no one to post BUT the trolls and crickets...

Probably not the real Jon K. I think it’s the same j*&# @$$ we had on here last year who pretended to be somebody complaining about somebody impersonating him, because otherwise nobody would have noticed or cared.

Hey, for a few days, I’m going to code all my real posts to prevent imposture. Hee hee. I love this stuff.

“Funny stuff, Dr Freud - but none of us can survive this type of scrutiny. You were a cocaine addict whose theories have all been left behind for more accurate assessments of human energetics. Since Jon K is our brother, we take him as he is - a great Lakers fan. You? We don't know you.
Posted by: Otis | August 31, 2010 at 09:01 AM”


Mike, Cyber, Rocky- Thanks for real conversation about FIBA and Lamar. It was worth checking in this morning.

Dr Freud- You are an idiot.




phred - "Dr Freud- You are an idiot."

Maybe, but I likes my cocaine (and I know it from chewing gum, at least), my Lakers and am truthful enough to call a Jon K. a Jon K. No one said I was wrong in my description of his posts, just that I shouldn't say things like that (boo-friggin'-hoo).

Besides: where's the love?

Dr Freud- no, you are an idiot because you pompously corrected Otis on how to spell Seger, but that is a long running joke between him and Jon K, which you would know if you paid attention.

I have no problem satirizing bloggers, I am pretty good at it, if you want some lessons or something let me know. Lets start with lesson 1) Have some actual knowledge of who you are satirizing. 2) sometimes the best satire you can use is to just tell the person in question that they are an idiot, causing them to possibly reconsider what they said, examining their previous statement for signs of idiocy. This is often educational.

Plus, as you may or may not have noticed, you a posting under a fraudulent name. I don't know if you are a real person or not, so how do I know whether I have to love you?

Also, the name of the person you posted under was a horrible, self aggrandizing fraud who performed unethical and unscientific experiments on his clients in order to manipulate the results, which would be used to support his frankly horrible beliefs about psychology, beliefs which are still doing damage today, although lately they do more damage to the credibility of the psychiatric profession than to the mental health of anyone dumb enough to believe in psychoanalysis.

So, I encourage you to use a real name, satirize Jon K and anyone else to the best of your ability, but keep aware that as Otis said, none of us is exactly safe from that kind of scrutiny. Don't hide like a coward behind fake names, then maybe I will respect that you are willing to risk satire yourself.




Heat's lineup with 18 players as of latest report, well they need six more bodies to have two teams to have a chance to beat the lakers.

Wow phred, I sit corrected. Actually, I have to put up with Jon K. far too much around here, so I wasn't really satirizing him, what I said was all truth. He does try to draw far too much attention to himself with his multiple spaced posts, his hatred of anyone or anything that doesn't agree with his opinions (seriously ALL rap/hip-hop is bad? There's an open mind), his inability when corrected to acknowledge he was incorrect (but quick to jump on others), as well as thinking he's the center of the world in his posts, disregarding others in the process (he once met John Wooden, but when others discuss that they actually were coached by Wooden, he doesn't think that's nearly as cool as the fact he once met the guy in passing).

You're right, I missed the Seegerism... I've only been following this blog for a couple of years. I actually thought that was a fake Otis doing that (as that was the moment of falseness in handles). Wasn't a moment of pomposity; though you're quick to cite me of that. Oh, and phred, as far as "real names"... seriously, this is the internet - no one around here (well, very few) are using "real names;" it's what makes this sort of thing so fun/irritating/idiotic. Chillax, dude.

And double oh, and as much as the real Dr. Freud's faults, etc., I agree with the dangerousness of his theories now... which is why I chose the handle. Nevertheless, he helped contextualize psychiatry in a way that possibly wouldn't have happened without him - right or wrong. Example: there was a lot wrong with Copernicus's theories of planetary motion, but his putting the sun at the center still holds true, even if the rest of it was hooey. Science (soft or hard) is an evolution of ideas, and ideas (good or bad) are necessary to lead to better ones.

On the other hand, we can agree that Lakers three-peat would be the best of possible worlds, and a healthy team is a dominating team, eh?

I don't hate this Dan Loumena guy.

He kind of gets it.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Tex Winter is the reincarnation of Copernicus.

He came back to get it right. The sun is not the center of the universe, the Triple-Post Offense IS!

Now That's Some ISH!


L.A. Times Mothership,

"I am officially posting my last comment on this site unless we get some moderation back here..Have had enough with these trolls time after time, if any comments go thru with my handle, they are Not from Me Sorry to be such a tight arsed fan, but this has gotten way out of hand. For Noe, Signing off..."

I didn't post this.

This is the fourth post falsely put under my name in the last two days. Just so that's clear.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I'm so confused now, so I'm just going to assume that EVERYONE is using a fake name (including Dan Loumena, who's really MM in disguise) and leave it at that. I have to admit, though that The Triagulator's (not his real name) theory of Tex Winter being the reincarnation of Copernicus has merit. Does that mean Phil is the reincarnation of Newton?


I didn't sign off. I'm not that guy.

It's another impersonation. It happens every season and every offseason. I'm not sure why, but trolls get a kick out of trying to defile my name. I pity them.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I found this posted by Wes on Magic Phils chat.
I didn't think you'd mind sharing it Wes, I hope.

Go Fish!

NBA Star Courted by New Orleans Saints
8/31/2010 12:02 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

TMZ has learned the New Orleans Saints are determined to get Los Angeles Lakers star Derek Fisher into their locker room for opening day ... because they believe Fish holds the key to back-to-back championships.

Sources close to the deal tell TMZ that Derek "has been asked by the Saints to address the team before their home opener in N.O. on September 9."

We're told the team especially wants Derek to talk about what it takes to lock down consecutive championships "as he did with the Lakers."

Fisher personally received calls from coaches and "other team staff" -- and we're told the courting worked ... because Fisher agreed and will be in the Superdome to pump up the reigning Super Bowl champs before they take the field.

Dr. Freud,

So, why do you have a problem with me, again?

Is it because you spend your time critiquing people's comments instead of saying anything that is uniquely your own?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jon K., actually I don't have a problem with you. When someone impersonated you I pointed out why they'd gotten the impersonation wrong. The spacing was wrong, the tenor of it was wrong (not overbearingly opinionated), etc. I'm fine with you.

On the other hand, we can agree that Lakers three-peat would be the best of possible worlds, and a healthy team is a dominating team, eh?

Posted by: Dr. Freud | August 31, 2010 at 10:59 AM

The one thing that the two of you could agree on is a fallacy. It's a shame really. But your team is far from healthy now, and it's only going to get worse.

I'm afraid you're going to have to buy another team pretty soon. Those guys are getting long in the toothe, you know it?

Who are the Thunder going to play, Miami or Boston?


63 Footer,

You are Correct Sir!

Phil traded in his apple for a larger sphere. But it still hurts when it falls on his head.

Newton reincarnated as Phil so that he could watch MJ and Kobe defy his Law of Universal Gravitation...


Dr. Freud,

Keep in mind that I put myself out there. That means I have confidence and courage, while you hide under a false name. What does that say about you?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



You were pretty rough on Dr. Freud. Not as good as Bob Segar? Really? Ouch.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Sonny, you are delusional sir, and I should know, for I am a psychoanalyst. Lakers three-peat. We take the Thunder in five on the way to playing the Celtics (if they stay healthy) or the Magic (if they don't). Heat get beaten by better team play waaaaay before then.

"Any updates on training camp invitees?"

I second JustaLakerFan's request.

Actually, I asked 21 questions yesterday and all of them remain unanswered. Each one of them could have been a reasonable thread.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Dr. Freud,

" I don't have a problem with you."

Your posts would indicate otherwise. If you don't like my posts, don't read them, and by the way, you may want the courage to post continuously under a singular name instead of being a scared little girl.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Triangulator (there, I spelled it right this time, sorry about that Chief): don't forget Newton's/Phil's first law of motion - "Every body remains in a state of rest or uniform motion unless it is acted upon by an external unbalanced force." This means that a championship team going for a three-peat will continue to win championships! (Or at least that's how my math works it out.) For though the Heat may be unbalanced, they are hardly a force.

lol@Dr. Freud,

Jon K just put you in your place with 3 little sentences. Quit hatin on Jon K. He is the Original Lakerblog Blogger. He's been here since Day 1 and he has a lot of opinions, accept them for what they are worth.

Go Lakers!
Go Team USA!
Go Padres!

Jon K.@ "you may want the courage to post continuously under a singular name instead of being a scared little girl."

What are you, six? "Neener-neener-neener!" is that your next repartee? Wow... just... wow.

Funny post. I hadn't seen the video but found it rather amusing. Hope to see some Laker NEWS posted soon though. Training camp, injury reports, season previews etc...

@ 63 Footer | August 31, 2010 at 11:20 AM


I like your theory mate...

@ 63 Footer | August 31, 2010 at 11:20 AM


I like your theory mate...

Dr. Freud,

What you fail to recognize is that the concensus here is that you are the idiot in this dialog, not I. Since only a fool argues with a fool, I shall not acknowledge you any more, idiot.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Freud 1, Jon K. 0

Someone please tell me that out of compassion for Lakeraholics that the Lakers have decided to start training camp early. PLEASE someone tell me that.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Dr. Freud,

Yes, I may be delusional, but I already knew your dog in that fight long before you were compelled to tell us (it is what and not) who you are, right?

You'll have a shot against the Thunder, but only if you win home-court advantage, and that my friend is far from fait accompli, if you catch my drift.

You boys are old...the Tipping Point has been reached. Poor Andrew. You'd do just as well to retire him now.


Lewstrs - it is in fact simply an extrapolation of The Triangulator's Copernican Universal Reincarnation Hypothesis. I also subscribe to the application of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle that states: one can know the amount of rings Kobe will win in his career, or one can know the amount of years in Kobe's career, but one cannot know both the amount of rings and the amount of years simultaneously.

Oklahoma, Portland, Sacramento...all on the rise. Oh the next few years are going to be fun. It's 1:55 am Wednesday here. Good night.


Sonny Belfast,

I pride myself on my geographical knowledge and I am unfamiliar where Chiang Mai is in China. Please enlighten me.

I'm not bristled in the slightest about your anti-Lakers comments. The emotional reaction is closer to that of a yawn.

Do the Kings have any hope this year? Quite frankly I'd rather they be a competitive team rather than completely sucking forever.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Chiang Mai? I know there's one in Thailand. Maybe I'm mistaken.

63 Footer,

You might be right. I'm kind of embarassed that I'm at a lack of knowledge on this one.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jon K. - there's only around 2.5 million cities in the world (a little less), so I think you're allowed to miss one or two occasionally.

Jon K.,

Chiang Mai is in Northern Thailand.

More Importantly:

Sonny Belfast, come clean! Admit it! You were Miss Tiffany 2002. Your name back then was "Honey Belfast"...


Jon K,

Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, the old capital.

I'm not too big on the sucking part myself. The Kings aren't going anywhere this year, but they'll probably quadruple their national television appearances for the following, then watch out. They'll be fun to watch, and monsters on the glass.

Reke will be unstoppable (just ask Kobe) and DMC, my new cuz, may be even more profound. We've got a solid, althletic, very talented young team. I'm more than satisfied with continued development of our youngsters, Green, Casspi, and Whiteside. On the other hand, if Petrie can work his wonders, and pull off another Webber type coup and bring in Carmelo, that would be fine too.

I remember those days on this board when the argument was whether the Lakers were more likely to get 5th or 7th seed in the west. You might want to dig up some of your old postings and save yourself some work in the
not-so-distant future.

Good night from Chiang Mai.


For those of you NOT familiar with the Miss Tiffany contest and in the immortal words of BUTTHEAD, "That's a Dude Beavis!"


Being a long time or original poster doesn't mean you can't be wrong or can't be called out. A blog is meant for people with different opinions to interact. I don't think any of us could do a better job than Phil or play better basketball than Kobe but we still argue about what they should have and how they should have done it. Some bloggers come off like anything they saw is a fact and anyone who disagrees is an idiot. I enjoy the blog for its diversity but i am (like others i'm sure) getting pretty tired of people trying to make out like "gods" of the blog. If someone disagrees with you argue and try to support your point. The handle we choose (real or imagined) in no way makes our points not valid.

There's a very good explanation of what Ron-Ron was doing when he stuck out his tongue at Kobe.

Ron-Ron: "Hey Kobe. Do I have a pimple on the end of my tongue cuz it hurts something awful."

Kobe: "Nothin' a Ring won't cure..."



We don't seem to be understanding each other. Allow me to clarify.
[ Yes, I understand that you won't be responding. ]

you wrote: I stated it was a publically stock traded owned company and anyone can go to a broker with cash in hand and buy stock. The point there is that the Tribune is publicaly owned company and cannot discriminate.

my response:

I never denied that the LA times were part of a publicly traded company.
That does not mean that they are public. They are a private company
owned by the shareholders.

re: what a publicly traded company can & can't do. [ i.e. freedom of
speech & blogs. ]


There are several companies who have attempted to control the Yahoo boards by removing messages, posting rebuttals and even suing the Yahoo users who made the defamatory comments. This brings up a host of issues to consider: free speech, manipulating stock market results and consumer privacy.

Dollar General & Yahoo: In 2004, Dollar General Corp. was involved in a seven-month lawsuit against an individual who called himself “dolgeniv”. This Yahoo message board user, whose true identity is still unknown, posted comments on seven different dates. He shared insider and confidential information that Dollar General’s sales were falling below company estimates and that the retailer planned to invoke some deep discounting to rebound.

After the suit was filed, there were no new Yahoo messages posted by “dolgeniv” and ultimately Dollar General decided to drop the case. Dollar General has not had good luck with Yahoo Message Boards, as back in 2002, they experienced similar challenges with a different Yahoo user, “mslefxr”. Read more here.

2006, Consumer Case: The issues over free speech and message board issues extend beyond the business community. USA Today reported in October 2006, that a Florida women, Sue Scheff, was awarded $11.3 million in a defamation lawsuit against a Louisiana women, Carey Bock, who posted negative messages on the Internet. This disagreement stemmed from online message board commentary tied to their children, boarding schools and how to handle some behavioral problems. Scheff stated that Bock accused her of being a "crook," a "con artist" and a "fraud." Read more here.

What Does Yahoo Have to Say?

When you visit one of the Yahoo Finance Message Boards, the following note from Yahoo is posted: “Do not assume you are anonymous when posting to Yahoo! Message Boards…..Messages that harass, abuse or threaten other members; have obscene or otherwise objectionable content; have spam, commercial or advertising content or links; are off-topic or otherwise are posted to disrupt the use of the message boards may be removed and may result in the loss of your Yahoo! ID.”

*My* point is that as a *private* entity owned by the shareholders and not
the general public, they have the write to moderate the blog under the
"Terms of Service" as does ESPN, a subsidiary of Disney.

I'm not interested in debating this with you either. When the Kamentsky
brothers were here they moderated the blog. As was the right of the LA times.

Hmm what percent of the posts so far are about Ron Artest, or the Lakers? Sure Ron-ron didn't shut anyone down, but he sure did slow down the big 3's and he
sure had a lot of steals in the playoffs!

I miss Ariza's freakish athletics, but I'll take a tough guy anyday. Especially when all we had for an enforcer was Fish (cause Phil wouldn't let Mbenga the 7' blackbelt play!)

Ron's saying/singing he is sorry for pulling an opponent's pants down ... and that he will do it again. Priceless. Play it again Ron.

The put back of Kobe's shot against the Suns .... yes, yes, yes.

His play in game 7 against Pierce and his 3 pointer in Winnin Time ... yes, yes, yes.

I thought his offense was missing in action a lot of the time this past year. Hopefully, the triangle offense will work for him better this season.



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