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Shaq to the Celtics? Hello, Jolly Green Giant

Shaquille O'Neal will probably sign with the Boston Celtics tonight or Wednesday, sources told ESPN The Magazine's Chris Broussard.

Fabforum_187 and Comcast SportsNet New England indicated that the Celtics were "close" to signing the four-time NBA champion.

"For me, it's been a real thinking process," O'Neal told The Associated Press on Tuesday. "I came into the league very graciously and want to go out very graciously. My main thought was I would like to play for a winning franchise, somebody that's used to winning, somebody that keeps winning. Hopefully, I'll make my decision here in the next one or two days."

The Celtics can offer only the veteran minimum salary ($1.35 million for a veteran of 10-plus NBA seasons), but Cleveland could facilitate a sign-and-trade with Boston if the 38-year-old center wants more money.

-- Houston Mitchell

Photo: Shaq. Credit: Evan Agostini, AP.

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That's it for me. The Big Benedict has officially shown his true color. He decided to ride the Hated Green Weenies for one last chance. I honest don't know who looks more pathetic now: Princess Jimmy or the Green Michelin man.

What did you want him to do? Did we reach out to him? We could have been the bigger people and reached out to him to have the option to retire as a Laker, i am sure he would have jumped at it. So please do not complain.

The Big Puke trying to ride the Old 3's tailcoats to get another ring...

He can't do it himself, so he has to join a gang to win...

He thought by joining a King would do the trick...

Think the Big Dummy is running out of options...

Really, Shaq? Really?

{Shakes head in disgust.}

Did we mean nothing to you?

{Shudders in disbelief}

A part of me thinks that after seeing LeBron get so much attention by being cast from "King" into villian that Shaq did a "Oh! OH! Me TOO!"

This'll be a sure way for Mr. I Need Attention to get it!


Seriously, I was just arguing otherwise, but how are we going to retire his number now?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I'd rather Shaq get a swastika tattoo or light some puppies on fire. Those would be less objectionable.

WOW! that is a SHOCKER!


REPOST (let it be said let it be written)

and whats a kobe vs jordan debate without comparing their off the court exploits:

MJ: wife cheater of 17 years, addicted gambler, lost millions betting on the golf course and reportedly welched on bet, admitted under oath to writing checks to jim bouler (exconvict felon of drug trafficking and money laundering with ties to mob),

he also punched TWO teammates in the face, allegedly conspired to keep isiah thomas off the dream team, drafted kwame and morrison as GM... but after all this he is still THE FACE OF THE NBA.

conspiracy anyone?

Posted by: yellofever | August 03, 2010 at 04:38 PM

Ok, no more retiring jersey talk, ok?

If the Lakers thought Shaq could still do it they would have signed him, but they didn't.

He still has a few plus's, but has more downside and is a big liability with hsi lack of mobility. Think this year and down several notches for a guy that doesn't take care of himself.

When Perkins comes back, he will be the back up, to the back up, to the back up. Somewhere behing Big Baby, will sit the Big Cry Baby. He his no longer a game changer, but a bench filler, with a great seat, getting 1.4 million to embarrass himself.


You forgot to mention Michael Jordan's father being murdered under very mysterious circumstances not long after he refused to pay a bookie $250,000 he owed him.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Some of the fans might want to reach out to him, and that's their own opinions. But we as fans do not pay his salary and run the Lakers. If you run a company and hired a very productive employer, but he took advantage of company time, don't give 100% most of the time, screamed in your face " you gonna pay me now MF...", badmouth his former employer and coworkers when he left... Are you really gonna shell out 10 mil to bring him back when you know his 18 years of history vs every team he worked for? And that's not even considering the risk of tampering with the possible unprecedented 3rd three-peat in NBA history. Can anyone even imagine West, Magic, Captain, Kobe dons the green uniform? It might be a different story if he's a role player and looking for the possible last paycheck, but he made close to 300 mil in his lifetime, was considered to be one of the Lakers greatest and now reduced to this? Riding Wade for the last ring, tried to ride Nash and Lebron unsuccessfully for the last few years. Shaq in green? Yuck!!!!!

Oh no he didn't.


If this ensures the Miami posers won't make it out of the Eastern Conference, I am all for it.

Laker Tom - Regarding Larry Bird competing for money??

Are you sure you didn't confuse him with Woody Harrelson from the movie 'White Men Can't Jump'? (lol)



and that consequently led to his mysterious decision to retire... now for a man of jordans competitive nature to retire at the peak of his career to embarrass himself and bat .200 in the minor freakin leagues is UTTERLY INCOMPREHENSIBLE.

Teams Shaq has played for other than Lakers:


Each of these teams has at some point over the last 2 years been a moderate to MAJOR rival of the Lakers. It's almost like he's TRYING to piss off Laker fans and/or keep Kobe from getting another ring. Couldn't he have played for the Wolves, or Warriors, or Knicks, or Hawks or SOMETHING? Ugh.

Anyway, I hate that Shaq is a team-hopping, bandwagon-jumping, self-promoting brown noser, but, as much as it hurts me now to say this, I still think his jersey belongs in the Staples Center rafters. What he did here will forever stand and should forever be recognized.

Wow! *shakes head* Does this mean that they will now be called the "Old 4" (Celtics old 3 + Shaq)? LOL

On the other hand, I can't understand why Shaq would want to go through the indignity of being a so-called role player at the end of his career. Is it possible that he gave up a lot of money with that divorce settlement of his that he is desperate to make hay while the sun shines? Makes one want to go "hmmmmmmm". Just sayin'.

Shaq has such a long history in burning bridges. The Lakers, by disrespecting Dr Buss, and with the Miami Heat by running his big mouth and negative talk.

What a way to end the career. I could be wrong?

Shows Shaq never was a true Laker. No one with Laker blood would ever go to the Celtics.

What did Shaq say again about Stan Van Gundy? That SVG is a "master of panic and a front-runner"? Well, Shaq is the biggest front-runner there is! Tell me Shaq... how does your own @zz taste?

espn announces schedule...

but what about the biggest game we ALL want to see...NOT a single word of heat vs cavs!!! WTF.. more biased journalism trying to suppress any growing anti-lebron public sentiments

Shaq used to command 20M and up, would even go for 30M, now he is desperate to play at 1.3M.

On the Celtics, the trio must have scared the leprechauns, they're willing to get Wafer, Shaq and Kwame. The Boston blog were suggesting why not play the Chief, Mchale and Ainge too. Good Lord, what happen to the much talked about team of the ages, they've no more ideas working from Starbury to Robinson now to VW to BigBench guy.

HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM!! Posted by: yellofever | August 03, 2010 at 04:40 PM
LOL! Good one Yellow Fever!!!!

Which team would you root for if Heat and Celtics (with Shaq) play in the Eastern conference final?


"Which team would you root for if Heat and Celtics (with Shaq) play in the Eastern conference final?"

I'd root for neither. Somehow both team could find a way to lose, I'd hope at least.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


puddle is right he is just pissing us off, actually this will be his last card, he has to play it will in order for him to look beyong this basketball career. If he will retire as champion then his market value will be high, so that is why he choose this champioship caliber team in order for him to achive this goal.

Which team would you root for if Heat and Celtics (with Shaq) play in the Eastern conference final? Posted by: LakerPeace | August 03, 2010 at 05:20 PM
I would root that they would Freakin both Kill each other SHaq Disable Chris Bosh. Princess Jimmy & Paula get in a cat fight. Rondo lets a Roundhouse go on DWade. And they just totally and completely destroy each other. The Lakers will be there to pick up the pieces.

As recently as yesterday, I agreed with KB Blitz that Shaq's #34 should be retired among the Lakers' greats in the rafters at Staples Center. I hereby withdraw and reverse my opinion on that. What he has now done is sacrilegious in every sense of the word. As long as Jerry Buss is alive, I can assure you that his jersey will never go up there. In fact, as long at the Buss family owns the team, Shaq can forget about any number retiring ceremony at Staples Center. If you think that Cavaliers fans will boycott No Rings' return to Cleveland next year, Staples Center will assuredly be empty before tip-off for any Shaq number retiring ceremony. Then we'll show up just to boo him. This is vomit-worthy.

Shaq simply shows again how desperate he is to catch up with Kobe....He'll even ride the pine on the coat tales of the old big 3 to try to get his 5th. Too Bad he burned all his bridges maybe he can retire his jersey w/ Boston LOL. Good news for Laker land is the OLD physical Celtics will beat up on the Miami heat and soften them up for the Lake Show to wipe them out in the Finals. Another great day in Laker land....only true challenger in the West would be a healthy Portland team and a young OKC..... 3 PEAT NO DOUBT Baring injury

Glad to see Shaq in the league for another year. And this will add just that more spice when the Lakers & Celtics play. Interesting enough, Lakers vs Celtics are not scheduled for any of the big holiday match-ups.


"And they just totally and completely destroy each other."

I've had to restrain the same urge. I don't think we should ever "root" for a team to get hurt. I don't think that's within the heart of a true competitor, but... there is a part of me that would like to see the Meat and the Septics end with players being taken off in stretchers.

It's not cool of me.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Like the LAT blog, BSPN blog, it's all hoopla. Go for the match up that sells the league, the blog, the article. It is called Marketing, used to be the art of creating more markets now a means of survival in an economic stagnation. What happens to the small team markets? They are just fillers of the 82 game series.

Shaq is a big turd and his number should never be retired. What an a-hole!! He is not a Laker at heart - i would be pissed to see his number hanging from the rafters in Staples. I say "2 girls and a cup" is more palatable than that.

I hate lbj, the heat, the celtics, and shaq.

Go Lakers - kick everyone's ass this year!!!

"For me it's been a real THINKING process," Duh, That's a first!! Oh well, something to really get THE BLACK MAMA and his team fired up!!

Shaq is facing reality of Kobe sudden burst past him on the GOAT list...

Kobe doesn't have to do everything MJ did the way MJ did to be the GOAT. Kobe has a realistic chance to win at least two more rings. To break down what that would mean for Kobe:

Kobe will finish with 6- 7 rings (3-4 Finals MVP's)
Kobe could finish anywhere in the top 3 in career scoring
Kobe could finish as the all time leader in playoff scoring
" " " the all time leader in 3pts made in playoff history
" " " the all time leader ft made in playoff history
" " " the all time leader in stls in playoff history

Again all this could be accomplished in 2-3 more deep playoff to me the GOAT conversation as it relates to Kobe will be judged on his total body of work. He a MJ are two different people , different careers, different era's. But Kobe is already on pace to make his case as the GOAT and two more rings makes the argument undeniable from a historical perspective. People may like MJ's path to greatness more than Kobe's but nostalgia aside ....the results that matter will be very similar (i.e. championships, total #'s)

This is blasphemy.

I hope there's bloodbath between the Celtics and the Heat in the East and no one comes out of it, alive.

Shaq's a whore.

This decision does absolutely nothing to change my opinion of Shaq. For all his natural gifts, he did very little to improve his game over the years. 15 years is enough time to become a better free throw shooter or pick & roll defender. With the enormous size advantage he's always had, he should have averaged nearly twice as many rebounds as he did.

He is, was, and will always be a lazy guy who liked to have fun more than he liked to work at his craft--and that more than anything else is what distinguishes him from Kobe Bryant....

Average age of Boston's starting 5 (J O'Neal starting)= 31.6

Average age of Boston's starting 5 (Shaq starting)= 32.8

Factoring out Rondo's age (24):
With J O'Neal starting= 33.5
With Shaq starting=35

well, since there's only one from the East, who would you rather face - Shaq or LeBron?
be funny if, after being pretty much under the radar for most of the summer & covering the jolly attitude unlike previous years, Dwight Howard shows up at the end.

actually, in the pic above, Shaq looks like LeBron.

@FRMKT… “4 words: become a master facilitator. this team does not require a "kobethon" to win, but rather movement of the basketball. he does that this season and wins a championship, then he is close to becoming the greatest ever. i'd like to see kobe's game evolve some more. every year, he's in shape and new dimensions to his scoring game. now it's time to step up the passing game. he has it and he has two 7 footers to put those passes in play. GO LAKERS and IN BUSS WE TRUST!!
It would be an interesting development for sure to see Kobe unleash his inner Magic. I’ve often suggested in the past that Kobe reprise the role he played on TEAM USA to win the gold, where he focused on playmaking, guarding the other team’s best player, and closing out the games if close. With the weapons we have on this team, that would be a natural and smart way for Kobe to direct his game as he gets older. And Bynum gets better.
Funny, how Pat Riley was supposed to have used the idea of being the facilitator to sell LeBron on joining the Magic. In Riley’s winning sales pitch, LeBron would be Magic, Wade would be Kobe, and Bosh would be Kareem. LMAO, of course, because there will only be one Magic, one Kobe, and one Kareem and for a former Laker like Pat Riley to even jokingly insinuate that LeBron, Wade, and Bosh are in the class of those three Lakers is a total affront to purple and gold in my mind. FU, Pat.

at least Chip Fu's doing well

This sucks.. now the celtics have to rebounding to beat us. If they had perk they prolly woulda beat us in game 7 anyway.


"It would be an interesting development for sure to see Kobe unleash his inner Magic."

This line was so beautiful it made me cry. You made me unleash my inner-Fish.

Shaq to Boston. Imagine his return to the Staples Center, with 18,000 plus fans at attendance. At the 3 minute mark in the 1st quarter, with Jermaine O'Neal taking his break, Lawrence Tanter announces, now entering the game for the Boston Celtics, Shaquille O'Neal.. and the Laker crowd does..... nothing.... no cheers, no boos, nothing... how will Shaq feel?

No way in hell will/should the big fat fraud's jersey hang at Staples!!

I was already against it, but I could have dealt with it before this. Sure he lead us to three titles, but he continues to prove that he was never really a true Laker. Just a once dominant player with no loyalty and no sense.

Maybe we could hang it upside down!

Maybe we could hang it upside down!



Shaq = MDUE (Most Dominant Underachiever Ever)

What did that character on Fat Albert used to say?

"You like school in the summertime...NO CLASS!"

I have never, in my life, seen the word "gracious" misused so ungraciously like Shaq has. The Big Parrot opened his mouth and said "I came into the league very graciously and want to go out very graciously" like a parrot w/o knowing the meaning of the word "gracious". Shaq is nothing but ungracious; he might have confused "ungracious" with "gracious" thus he earned himself another name "The Big Confused". He burned bridges everywhere he played; the Lakers, the Heat,... hence another nickname comes to mind "Big bridge burner". The guy badmouthed Dwight Howard, among other great players, because Howard also shared a nickname with him: Superman. Frankly, his jersey should not be hung on the Lakers wall, it does not deserve even on the rest room wall although that is where it would fit him the most since he is full of it.

Let the lakers retire shaq's number and hang his jersey in Staples center rafter's together with shaq himself.

Seems like Shaq will join whatever team he feels has a legitimate chance at unseating the Purple and Gold from their NBA throne. I think he's obsessed with winning a title against the Ls coz I don't think he's ever gotten over being traded away and wants revenge against Dr.B.

Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

A couple of unclear points:

1. What new nickname will the green Michelin give himself this season?

2. What number will he be wearing since Paula already takes 34 and 1741 is not allowed by the NBA?

3. When will he official announced that Paula is the best player he ever play with, Doc the best coach, and C's the best organization he ever play for?

At least now........ Shaq can finally tell us Paula is the best player in the NBA, the best he's ever played with..... no question about it. Hummmmm....... wonder what nickname he'll give Paula?...... maybe "chair"man of the boards.

Celtics are going from trying to become a team for the ages to a team for the aged.

GO LAKERS!!! Do not give him # 5.

Get over it, people!

So you're going to forget that he got you 3 rings just because he's playing for Boston?
Hate the Boston jersey. No need to hate everyone who wears one.

True Lakers at heart will never become a Boston Celtic. I won't take nothing away from Shaq because he helped the team to win 3 championships, but Boston, come on.... Out of all of the teams in the NBA, Boston.

Why didn't he go to Oklahoma, or Dallas he wanted to try and unseed the Lakers b/4 the finals. They have 2 very good teams. I agree with someone else that mentioned that he just wants to piss the Lakers organization and fans off. He would have went to heat if they wanted him.

Come on Shaq, anywhere but Boston.

keen observer: The only way for the Lakers to be 'the bigger people' than Shaq would be to beer bong 1000 cheeseburgers each. He disrespected Kobe and asked him how his "@** tastes" in public, disrespected Jerry Buss ("pay me") in public, played without heart or drive unless he 'felt like it' ("The big dog doesn't guard the house unless you give him a bone"), and was all over the jock of Bush W. on the run up to the war ("Phil is Bush and I'm like Collin Powell"). The guy is a jerk, a moron, and a cancer on every team he's been on, even when he was successful. Not saying he isn't a HOFer or one of the best players in history, but he's a jerk, he's severely over-the-hill and doesn't deserve to be on this team.

Shaq to the Celtics? Normally Shaq is just washed up as a starter, but if he's playing meaningful minutes behind Perkins, then we're in trouble. Perkins is a good defender, and will keep Bynum in control while clogging the lane. When he gets tired and Shaq subs in, then we're going to be in trouble. Will we be keeping our starters in? How will Pau and Drew do their thing with Shaq clogging up the middle? Don't forget last year's Christmas game. And Shaq will likely save himself all through the early season just to go nuts in this game. Against the Lakers at Staples Center?

Shaq wants his 5th ring by beating Kobe and the Lakers. If it's going to be a match-up like last year's, with Shaq the Celtics would have beaten us. Not sure how much adding Blake and Barnes is going to counter the Celtics having Shaq in the paint. I would say ZERO effect, and that's being generous. Maybe we SHOULD be rooting for the Miami Heat in the East. They might possibly be a better match-up for us, but against the Celtics in a 7 game series with Shaq? It probably won't even reach 7 games. Let's just hope we have home court again because if we don't, it's a 6 game or under win for the Celtics.

You can be a Celtics and come to the Lakers. But once you've donned the purple and gold, you can't go green. It's an unwritten rule. I'm willing to forget some of the crap that he's done in the past because of what he did for the Lakers Nation, but donning green is the straw that broke the camel's back for me. I hope he never gets his jersey retired at Staples!

While I think it's VERY bad news for us that Shaq is joining the Celtics, especially if we see them in the Finals, I don't see why ANYONE would begrudge Shaq for this move.

Afterall, what did the Lakers do to Shaq after he WON us THREE RINGS? We kicked him out of the team, along with practically everyone else, including Fisher, because Kobe was sick of being Kato and wanted to be "The Man".

So we expect some kind of loyalty from Shaq after that? Please. If Shaq joins the Celtics and beats us in the Finals, that would only be karma. Afterall, he did it already by winning a ring two years after we kicked him off the Lakers, and would have done it the year AFTER if Wade didn't get hurt against the Pistons in the Eastern Conference Finals.

I wonder if Shaq joining the Celtics means we should probably start rooting for the Miami Heat in the East.

Besides the Heat being a better match-up for us, losing to the Heat would basically be just accepting the inevitable, that of them being the future "dynasty" of the league. Considering their youth and talent, there is no way we will be able to compete for years to come after Kobe slows down and/or retires.

Losing to the Celtics, however, is a double whammy insult. Not only is it the CELTICS, and meaning they are again two titles ahead of us (or SEVEN if like most people we count just the titles won in LA and not those won in Minneapolis) instead of us tying them, but because of SHAQ.

If Shaq wins with the Celtics, that's his FIFTH ring, which would make him legitimately a bigger winner than Kobe. That's because Shaq will have won THREE of those rings as "the man" and MVP, and possibly even FOUR depending on what happens in the Finals. But Kobe will have won ONLY TWO of those titles as MVP, though a strong argument could be made that he didn't deserve it this year, that GASOL was indeed "the man" and the Finals MVP for us this past June.

No matter what, that puts Kobe in an inferior light to Shaq, and it's already argued that Shaq is STILL ahead of Kobe since he won THREE rings as UNDOUBTEDLY "the man" and MVP, while Kobe rode on his back for THREE of the 5 rings that he has won.

Either way, it's a lose-lose scenario for us if the Celtics come out of the East.

Shaq is out to deny Kobe & Buss a 3-peat. I feared the Celtics would get him to clog the middle while Perkins was out. With Shaq as Bynum's backup Lakers could have gone for a 5-peat against Celtics or Heat. That would require humility and maturity on the part of Kobe & Shaq with PJ & Fish using their skills and Dr Buss forgiving Shaq for his immature public outbursts. The silver lining is the Celtics will give the Heat a smack down for their pre-season championship parade! A healthy Bynum and Artest recovering his offense within the triangle, Matt Barnes & Blake additions should offset the Celtic improvements. Forget retiring Shaq's number. A Laker career 3-peat award is all Shaq deserves as a retiring Celtic.

Well well well, I have a feeling Cleaveland will gladly assist in a trade in sign just to get back at Lebron the Miami Official new Queen. The Heat will not closely match up with the Celtics Big front of Shaq and Garnet. More bad news for the heat who has exhauted their finances on the Big Gamble.

What's your take on this...celtic great bill sharman coaching the lakers to a 33-game winning streak & nba title in 1972.

what's you thought?...magic johnson wearing a celtic shirt on larry birds retirement ceremony....XD

@Dendroaspis polylepis24

Well that's a good point, without Bill Sharman, our Lakers would have NEVER not only won 33 games in a row, but also have a 69-13 record, still the 2nd best ever and only beaten by Jordan's 72-10. In fact, without Bill Sharman, Jerry West would have NEVER won his ONLY ring as a player. And this was the FIRST ring EVER for the LOS ANGELES Lakers.

It could be said that Bill Sharman's 4 rings as a player and 1 ring as the Laker's MOST DOMINANT coach could make him the GREATEST Laker ever, even though his 4 rings as a player was with the CELTICS. Perhaps Riley's 1 ring as a player, 1 as an assistant coach, and 4 as a coach could put him in the conversation, but I would rate Sharman's rings as a player to be SLIGHTLY more valuable than one as a coach.

Of course Kareem, Magic and even Kobe has won more rings as players, but none of them won as a Laker coach, which puts them out of contention.

Bill Sharman, Celtic great and GREATEST LAKER EVER?!!


we're ranting shaq on possible joining the celtics, while back in history one of our greatest player magic johnson wore the celtics shirt during larry birds retirement ceremony...what's your take on this?

Kazaam's jersey will one day have to be retired and put on the wall at Staples but it will now never be the same. He could have retired with some dignity, but instead he goes for one final payday, going to the hated rival of the team where he enjoyed his greatest success and most loyal fan base.

Just call him The Big Leprechaun from now on, and he NEVER gets to alter his nickname again. Idiot!

@Alan Grossman

Jerry Buss has already guaranteed that Shaq's number will be retired. Now if Shaq helps win the title for the Celtics next year, AGAINST the Lakers, there would be GREAT justification for the Celtics to retire his number as well.

So will Shaq be the only player ever to have his number retired by BOTH the Celtics and the Lakers?

You never know, the Heat might retire Shaq's number as well, as they should. He brought them their FIRST title along with Wade. If Wade goes on to win 5 or 6 more titles in Miami, everyone is going to look back at the first one with Shaq.

So then Shaq will have his number retired by the Lakers, Celtics AND the Heat, who may well be the fourth NBA dynasty in history (first was the Minneapolis Lakers, then the Celtics, then the Bulls, and perhaps now the Heat).

All Shaq needs to do is then go onto the Bulls and win a ring with Derrick Rose, Boozer, and Noah and then he might get his FOURTH jersey retired.

How many times will Kobe's number get retired?

@Buckus Toothnail

Instead of wondering how many jerseys The Big Leprechaun can get retired to Kobe's one, why not ask how many rings Kobe will end up with in several years as opposed to how many The Big Leprechaun will have at the end of next season when his circus wagon will finally have to pack it in once and for all?

#34 will one day hang in Staples, but what started out as a funny and even childlike routine for The Big Leprechaun has turned into a sad clown commentary on how to have it all yet find a way to throw it all away because of poor work habits and blanket stupidity. There is a good reason The Big Leprechaun will be on his fourth team since leaving the Lakers and it's not because he likes to move around a lot.

The Celtics will be hard-pressed to even get to the Eastern Conference Finals in 2011, let alone win a title. The real question will be who misses more games, KG or The Big Leprechaun?

Ain't nothing wrong with Shaquille going to celtics. Did you all forget that Rick Fox was a Celtic turned Lakers?

@Alan Grossman

Well it's true that Shaq has been bouncing from team to team, but can you really blame him? He found his home right here in LA, but Kobe got Buss to ship him out along with the rest of the team. If he wasn't kicked out, we would have had our 15th title 5 years ago, and probably would have overtaken the Celtics already while at the same time denied them their 17th.

Don't forget Shaq almost won another MVP, finishing a close second to Nash on a controversial vote, the year AFTER we kicked him out, the same year we missed the playoffs (though the Clippers made it so LA wasn't left completely empty-handed). And then he won ANOTHER title the year afterwards so yes, he still had a few miles left and his forced departure was a shameful and unnecessary chapter in Laker history.

This will only make Championship #17 sweeter. Kobe finally gets to destroy his nemesis in the NBA finals. ..... And i thought #16 felt good, this would single handedly be the greatest sports moment of my life. I better cherish this year.


we're ranting shaq on possible joining the celtics, while back in history one of our greatest player magic johnson wore the celtics shirt during larry birds retirement ceremony...what's your take on this?

Anyone who can defend???

It's not about rings for snaq at this point. He's playing for the money and the attention. He has been jilted by laquit, and left on a team of scrubs in cleveland. Every player in cleveland, the fans, and the organization thought he would stay. He left without so much as a All this makes the free agents who were brought in to help him win look like scrubs for not helping the king get his ring. He tried to duck the pressure by playing with other superstars, no doubt about it. He probably realized how difficult it would be to build around a quitter.

Hey K24, It's a different thing to wear a friends jersey out of respect....seriously. Bird would never have played for LA, and Majic would nver have been a celtic....snaq will play for whomever offers money and attention. miami was not an option. He's joining the celts because they are in the hunt and will be on tv and the news. If he came back to LA, it would be too obvious. He wants to play until 40. ainge is one of the few dummies around looking for star power.

This photo makes me want to throw up. Enough with this guy already. He should have retired three years ago!

One thing I think to take into consideration here, is that Shaq has really fallen off. This reminds me of when Hakeem Olajuwon went to the Toronto Raptors. This will be somewhat of a debacle in my opinion, Shaquille cannot guard the screen and roll very well and that is what Boston is known for. However it is an interesting sign nonetheless, adding to Shaq vs. Kobe and Lakers vs. Celtics match-ups.

Your Honor, this is some Bewlshyt! How dare The Green Mile of bile defile the P&G?

Will he now be called "Shaqrechan?"

Will somebody do me a favor and step on the Big fella's toe?

I've had enough ,Celtics? Come on Shaq



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