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Readers share their thoughts on the Lakers' 2010-2011 schedule

August 11, 2010 | 10:30 am


I shared my take on the Lakers schedule. Now here are yours:

I think for Lakers fans there will be less games of interest because some of the teams' stocking of talent. Cleveland and Phoenix will be less appealing with Shaq in Boston and LBJ in Miami and Amare in NY.

EAST: Orlando, Boston, Miami will be the ones I will mark as "Must See." Playing Chicago should also be fun.

WEST: I will be more apt to watch us play OKC than previous years since they showed so well against us in the playoffs. I think Dallas may be our greatest challenge out west. I want to see Blake Griffin as a Clipper. Portland always gives us fits, so i will want to see us smash them. Denver, Phoenix, San Antonio have lost their luster for me.

OVERALL: The big three in the east will be the funnest games to see. The west doesn't excite me. That's what happens when you are as good as the Lakers have become. Expectations are very high. It will be hard to exceed them." -- rdlee

"Oh thank goodness we won't have to hear all that NBA gave the Lakers a cushy schedule, like we had to all last year... First 25 games will tell us a lot... How the new players are acclimating to the team and our system... The rotations PJ will be using...His distribution of playing time... Will Artest still be making progress in finding his niche in the offense...or will he go backwards and regress... AB and how his aggressiveness level will be...Will he come out attacking, or a little overly cautious... Will our boys still be hungry...the main criticism last year was keeping focus...will the team keep playing down to the level of the competition...or will they need to be put behind the 8 Ball to get motivation... Finally...we will get a peek of Mitch Kupchak's off season moves...will it force him to make other moves before the trade deadline...Hopefully we get some sort of measurement...Artest move from last year was not fully answered till the final game of the season..." -- LEWSTRS

"There are 2 glaring differences between last years and this years schedule. 9 of the first 21 games are on the road, last year it seemed early on as if the schedule maker's were alergic to asigning the Lakers to play any road games, evident by how few they played.

The second difference in my opinion, oozes with the feel of Laker nepotism, which is a beautiful thing, for the LAKER-NATION. Last year the Lakers played Denver, in Denver, the second night of a back-to-back. Needless to say, without Pau, out due to hamstring issue's, the Lakers lost by double digits. On the contrary, this year we play 5 less back-to-back games. More importantly, in key match-ups like, Bos, Mia, and Okc, they have a day off beforehand, giving them the recooperative time they need to be at their very best. It's not to far off to assume the NBA understands the timeline of their best player, playing for their best team. It doesn't take a mind like Russell Crowe in the movie, "A Beautiful Mind", to see that." -- ToneBone24

"Overall I would say the schedule is relatively kind to us, and all we need is our players to stay healthy to have another GREAT season.

"One more thing: Last year every team brought their A+ game against the Lakers, since they were considered (and truly) were the best. This year, with Miami having all that hype (and the angst of other coaches with that so called "Super-3" they have built), teams are going to play their A++ game against Miami, which would work in our favor!!" -- Ruud Van Nistelrooy

"Most of our road games will be in December and Feb. Kinda a nice break after having Feb and March as having long road games. This also plays to an advantage to LA. Having a healthier team (because playing early rather than later when the toll of the season is more apperant) on the road and having the benefit of playing at home in the latter part of the season is good especially when the players are getting hit by the long NBA season and will enjoy more the confines of home. It's better off getting as much road games as early as possible to help with getting as good of an NBA record as we can get." -- KB Blitz

--Mark Medina

Photo: Kobe Bryant and the Lakers will open up the 2010-2011 season against former teammate Trevor Ariza, left, and the Houston Rockets on Oct. 26 at Staples Center. Credit: Rick Loomis/Los Angeles Times.