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Reader comments: Assessing which Laker would be good at interviewing themselves

August 1, 2010 |  9:27 am


On Friday we asked, "Beside Ron Artest, who recently interviewed himself with the help of ESPN The Magazine's Sam Alipour, who else on the Lakers would you like to see interview themselves? And what would the questions and answers entail?" Here's a sampling of what you all came up with:

"Isn't it obvious? The Machine. If he is half as funny as Sasha V. the Blogger that will be one classic interview. But Ron Ron's interview is the all-time all-time interview. They will be discussing that interview in Sports Forums and even Journalism schools for years to come. When Ron ends his career as a Laker I venture to say - although I know I will get attacked for saying this - That Thriller will be the most beloved Laker of All time, yes even supplanting Magic!...IMHO!" -- Mamba24

""Besides Artest, who else would you like to see interview themselves?" For some reason I'd like to see Sasha and Andrew interview themselves. Sasha, because that's a lot of accent; Andrew, because it would just be so bumbling and awkward it would become fascinating. If Kobe interviewed himself it would be the most terse interview in the history of interests. KB1: Do you? KB2: Yes. KB1: I thought so. KB2: Right." -- Jon K

WHAT'S IS YOUR FAVORITE MOVIE? Terminator, Rise of Machine......and any movie starring international superstar, Fabio. Machine like style of Fabio very much, but Fabio need headband to achieve maximum sexiness.

WHERE ARE YOU MOST AT PEACE? Machine most at peace when hugging best friend Kobe. After game 7, Machine hug Kobe for 2 minutes and 24 seconds straight. Best friend Kobe try to let go, but Machine hold on for dear life.

WHAT ABOUT PHIL JACKSON? DIDN'T HE GET UNDER YOUR SKIN? Impossible to get under skin of Machine. Machine have exoskeleton.

BUT DIDN'T DRAGIC GET UNDER YOUR SKIN? Machine do not understand silly question. Next question!!

BUT YOU DO LOVE THE SPOTLIGHT, RIGHT? Machine hate spotlight, but spotlight follow Machine everywhere Machine go. Spotlight is both blessing and curse for Machine. Spotlight attract sexy lady fans of Machine, but also make people jealous of sexiness of Machine.

DO YOU STILL WANT TO PLAY FOR TEAM SLOVENIA? Only if Team Slovenia change name to Team Machine.

WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON KOBE? Best friend Kobe yell at Machine every day, but Machine don't mind. When best friend Kobe say to Machine "you are an extremely annoying pest", Kobe really saying "I love Machine".

WHO DO YOU WISH YOU COULD'VE PLAYED AGAINST IN HIS PRIME? Danny Ainge. Ainge game most similar to Machine, but Machine beat Ainge at his own game. -- Sasha V

"Andrew Bynum would be an interesting self-interview. He seems to be the most overlooked starter on the team. Really though, he is rather fascinating. He was the youngest player to play in an NBA game, he stood up to Shaq at a very young age, and survived Kobe's wrath during the pre-Gasol era. He also was a student of the legendary Mr. Jabbar for a couple of years. I would also like to hear about how he has dealt with all the injuries through the years, as well as his adolscent days in New Jersey." -- TNTLakerFan

--Mark Medina

Photo: Lakers forward Ron Artest recently interviewed himself with ESPN The Magazine. Credit: Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times.