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Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame chat

Live Event: "Basketball Hall of Fame" by latmedina
Scheduled start: August 13, 2010 at 3:45PM PDT

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--Mark Medina

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Show Sasha "The Machine" Vujacic Some Love

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/_____l______l__ ___\____
ll--- Sasha Fans Bandwaggon -----]
L___(0)l______l__ ____l(0) J

Jon K

How does it feel to be a sidekick?'s-house-says-he's-not-welcome-ews-original-wews-201008021280862360659

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Pierre, S.D. -- Governor Mike Rounds on Friday assigned South Dakota's acting state police superintendent, Randy Hartley, to create a special task force to investigate the disappearance of Lakers blogger phred phreddington. Unconfirmed reports say Mr. phreddington was abducted by aliens shortly after posting several comments described as "bizarre" by those who have read them.

Federal officials refuse to confirm other reports that a UFO carrying Mr. phreddington was intercepted by F-16's and forced to land at Area 51 on Wednesday night.

Gov. Rounds says he has received numerous requests from callers identifying themselves as "Fatty," "Rick Friedman," "Jon K," and "Justanothermambafan" to explain what happened to Mr. phreddington, who has not been heard from since. The governor told reporters, he is confident that superintendent Hartley would be able to deliver his first report within 24 hours.

"Mr. phreddington is a beloved citizen of Lakers Nation and the State of South Dakota," said the governor. "We will get to the bottom of this. After all, it's about the love."

LOL BFF!!!!!!

phred!!! Where you at????? COME HOME!!!!

Is this thing on?

Where is everyone?

Hmmmm - guess I'm the only one around here who doesn't have a life....


Funny stuff. I predict phred will surface with a vengeance soon...i hope....please phred come back

No Justa my dear, poor Mamba24 the misfit got dumped once again.
So that's it for Love & me. NO MAS! NO MAS!
Posted by: mamba24 | August 13, 2010 at 03:32 PM

I'm not buying it. To quote our beloved Jack Nicholson...Sell crazy somewhere else. We're all stocked up here!

Well Jon K...looks like the sidekick's girl is not exactly thrilled with this turn of events either.

Best owner in the NBA, at the end of the day his best desire is to celebrate his team winning championships and doesn't let money get in the way of the emotion of it all. He's a pro's pro, an elite entrepreneur and a game changer, and I am glad he's put this franchise on the map, everything he's gone through as an owner, from drafting Magic, to addressing the off 90's and rebuilding the franchise. His work speaks for itself. It's getting late so have a great night guys.. Welcome to the Party Pal!

Justa - I think since the post is titled "chat" maybe others don't think anyone is posting. Either that or maybe you really don't have a life. Am I gonna need extra padding for my neck area?

JonK - You're slipping. How come you didn't post this little nugget about Lebron. According to Bosh he was never recruited by Lebron to come to the Cavs....Ouch!

@LRob That's because Lebron is a featherweight. In fact he's paperplate weight. He's a small town guy- they are both small town fellers. He's a shrimp, Kobe is the eyes of the Shark, and Barnes is tailfin. Phil Jackson is the gills and Gasol is the spine. Bynum is the big nose on the shark. Mr. Artest is the belly, he's always hungry, Blake is the lateral fin, while Shannon is the top fin. Heat are not even in the area, but I heard the Shark smelled blood up north, juicy plump green blood. The shark though doesn't discriminate he's in shape and he's ready to get his beak caved in if he senses fear, if it comes to that.

Derek Fisher is the teeth ready to give the final blow.

Pointforward - what about Lamar?

rick- well, props for the research. I'll take your word on it about the name of the acting police whosits. I would have awarded many more bonus points if you had mentioned the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, which probably gets more attention from SD Law enforcement.

1) is there a less useful point of reference as to particular comments on my part than "bizarre?' Or comments on here period? You might as well write 'comments'

2) You can look up the name of two South Dakota officials but you can't bother to count how many 'd's' there are in 'phredington?'

3) Sorry, LRob, my vengeance will be slightly postponed. I'm working all next week. Usually, this would result in me being tired and crabby and thus having great material, but I'm working a lot of day shifts too, which means I will mostly just be sleeping the rest of the time. Besides, if FCM can take two weeks off, I can take a few days.

a couple of other things

1)I wrote the textbook 'when phred is missing' article before I went on vacation last year. I guess I should have brought it out again, but although I did go out of my way to save it, I save most of the stuff I write, which means it is buried somewhere in m0re than two years of...well, two years of the greatest works of phred. I have no idea where to even start looking for that puppy.

2)actually, given the nature of my most recent rants, you guys should have a more logical suspect than aliens in my disappearance. It would take one phone call from Darth Stern to Mike Rounds and nobody would ever hear from me again. If, you know, the state government of South Dakota could ever do anything, which I am pretty sure might actually be prohibited by the state constitution. (you think I am joking. There isn't a Tea Party movement in South Dakota because people suspect them of being a little too liberal)


You're back! Thank goodness. I was feeling personally responsible for your disappearance. Sorry about the misspelling. My dinner date arrived early and I had to pass on the spellcheck, as she wasted no time informing me how hungry she was. I know that sounds lame, but it is the truth.

If Darth Stern were to snuff any of us, it would be me. No one has pummeled him more frequently than I. Besides, it is obviously easier to spell Friedman than phredington.

As for the politics of South Dakota, George McGovern must be turning over in his grave. Oh, he's still alive. Never mind.

Whatever. It's all about the love.

Thank you for understanding especialy as you were the first to welcome me to the blog when I joined.
Not out of woods healthwise yet, but fighting all the way.

I had my rant so it is mostly out of my system. Truthfully it is the least of my concerns but easiest issue to address.

Going through a lot lately so tougher issues ahead to deal with and address.

Nobody's perfect

He left the Fabulous Forum

He let Jerry West go.

@Mari. G., Before I begin my 3-peat I just want to say: You are now and
I Love You Mari. That is all Carry On!

Karl Malone on next season:

“As long as you’ve got Kobe on that team,” Malone said, “and Derek Fisher on that team and Pau Gasol and coach (Phil) Jackson and his staff, I’m picking the Lakers.”

Dang, Kobe, hope you called the guy and congratulated him. Buy him a ticket to the opening game or something.

Rick Friedman -

Is that the 'real' Phred? I have my doubts.

I mean, he may look like Phred, sound like Phred, and write like Phred, but something is different about him.

First he went on an unusual posting spree. Even for Phred, it was odd. Then he disappeared for a few days, then back again. But this time, he was speaking very logically, without ANY emotion at all.

His excuse for being gone sounded 'fishy' to me. Working hard, long hours? No one on this blog EVER works much.

My conclusion? I think its rather obvious. I think Phred has been taken over by evil aliens intent on taking over the world, or at least, just South Dakota.

You want more proof?

Did you see how he ended his comment? There was NOTHING about, 'its all about the love'!! NOTHING!! Aliens have no emotions, and surely show no love seeing as they are 'hell bent' to take over the world, and make us into mindless slaves to do their bidding!!

Everyone. Protect yourselves. If you think you see a flying saucer land in your backyard at night, do not investigate! STAY UNDER THE COVERS!!

Fatty - Who is from Arizona where we know how to take care of illegal aliens from outer space. We deport them back to Mars where they belong.

Good read on dare I say...a maturing Shaq!

Not to jolt anyone this morning before they've had their coffee, but could Magic be leaving Lakers to join a group to buy the Pistons? I strongly doubt it but read for yourself:

LRob - Magic leaving?

His home, business, family are in LA now. Why would he leave the Lakers and limelight for having more stake in a franchise, especially in Detroit his old home town?

His stated goal is he wants to have more say in the BB operations. But his business requires him to spend a lot of time in it. I don't think he could do both.

Fatty - I agree Magic isn't going anywhere. He's just being PC and doesn't want to appear to disregard Michigan. Although if Dr. Buss wasn't around I'd have a little more pause.

Mamba 24, your love life is getting confusing. I've been trying to keep up, but you lost me. Is it "Third time's the charm" or "Three strikes and you're out" for you?

I've tried posting comments from my iphone but they don't go thru. Can anyone help? Thanks.

I just saw where Caracter's favorite LA restaurant is 'Crustaceans', a seas food place.

Has anyone else been to it? And what the heck if Derrick talking about food? He mentioned it the way 'Homer' does with drool coming down his mouth...


>>> Is that the 'real' Phred? I have my doubts.

By the 2nd post, I was beginning to have my doubts, too, but I wanted to believe. Now I'm convinced that you're right, and that I was conned by the poster identifying himself as "pHRED." Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

MM must have been out late last night? Its noon on the East Coast and he's still sleeping in with no new timely thread?

Oh Marrrrk.....Wake uuuup.....get the coffee brewwwwing.......turn on the laptop.....give us some links.....

Fatty - Wow you're on the money. There's a links post getting edited right now and should be up in a little bit. Was hanging out and catching up with high school friends.

This will be the only post for the day as per I'm spending time with the family today. Enjoy


Rick -

I hope its not true, Phred being possessed by aliens. He seemed like a nice guy and all. But if the new one remains a Lakers fan and supports the blog, then I guess it would be okay.

Fatty - Who feels the LA Times needs to verify every poster as to there planet of origin.

Nah, all they wanted to do was change me into a Scottsman, something about winning Wimbledon. However, I was unable to convince them that David Tennant was the prototypical Scottsman, so unfortunately I have been transformed into an amalgam of Groundskeeper Willy and Scrooge McDuck.

Now I have to go and look for my alien abduction insurance policy. I hope the Beagle Boys haven't stolen it out of me money bin.


I meant to say....

Fatty - Who feels, the LA Times needs to verify every posters age and planet of origin.

Phred - Is that REALLY you?

Can you verify yourself with the usual comment ending?

"Its all about the ______!"

And what county is Winner, SD in?

If you can answer at least one of these questions, we will know its the 'real phred'

I could just imagine Marks conversation with his old HS buddies last night.

"You must read my blog. You won't believe the characters we have their! Have I told you about Mike T.?"

I just saw where Caracter's favorite LA restaurant is 'Crustaceans', a seas food place.

Has anyone else been to it? And what the heck if Derrick talking about food? He mentioned it the way 'Homer' does with drool coming down his mouth...

Posted by: Fatty | August 14, 2010 at 09:09 AM

It's not really a true seafood restaurant, it's on little Santa Monica in BHills, on the corner of something and something, it was opened as a family venture, I believe, Vietnamese sisters, family....and it was like really the "IN" place to go about 4-5 years ago, maybe longer, it has an ""aquarium" that is quite interesting, it's in the floor of a walking path...the food, as I said is not true Seafood, American, or Asian, it's actually fusion (that's smashing two different things together and hoping something good comes out of it, think "nuclear' fusion)'s Vietnamese-Euro....what I found interesting about it was that being a Vietnamese restaurant there were few pork dishes, as that is the meat of the day, 7 days a week in typical Vietnamese restaurants. They have seafood, chicken, beef (filet mignon) dishes, a great selection of appetizers and salads. A word for the wise, the dinners are not the greatest, as fusion, as I implied, sometimes leas of "con-fusion", save some money, as it is pricey, and go for drinks and appetizers and you can get a feel for the place. That's actually the way to go with many restaurants, unless you have to take a lady out on a date to impress her. Appetizers often have heavy traces of the entrees, hey, it saves in costs to not have to carry so many different ingredients, and have to plan out a fully diverse menu. I owned a restaurant for 7 years, I know. I glanced at their website, and they go by the "An" group, as a name for their group of restaurants, and they are up to around 7 or 8, and they are all in higher end places, so they must be doing well. What's hot now??? I don't know, I know it was "Mr. Chow" for a while....after years of fine dining, I can do without, and I'm trying to watch my health, and weight (5'10", 177 lbs, on a skinny mesomorph frame, I need to lose about 12 lbs.)

"Has anyone else been to it? And what the heck if Derrick talking about food? He mentioned it the way 'Homer' does with drool coming down his mouth...

Posted by: Fatty | August 14, 2010 at 09:09 AM"

I hope he was impressed by the food, and not by the Asian woman as many men are, I don't want to get into that, as I am Chinese. I don't appreciate it when a non-Asian male will be interested in an Asian female, merely because of the fact that she is Asian. I call those guys "Rice Kings", and the opposite, a female Asian that won't date an Asian male as she turns her back on her own heritage, believe me, I've seen it....I call those girls "Social Decliners". Nothing against the ethnic background that she chooses to date, it's the reason that she chooses to date outside her own race that I find disappointing. If it's love, that's fine, if it's her stereotyping her own race as not worthy, than that's an issue.

(humanomaly) -

Thanks for the restaurant review. He probably liked it because someone else was picking up the tab.

Caracter, coming from El Paso, and being in college, (where even 'Top Ramen' looks good), may have influenced his tastes some as well.

Good luck in getting to your desired and preferred weight. I've got 21lbs to go myself. Like I've told my wife. Start serving me crappy food and I will lose some weight. Its all her fault, I am where I am. lol

Good health to you...



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