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My apologies, and remember Bob Boozer?

August 8, 2010 |  8:07 pm

First, I want to apologize to the Lakers blog faithful for the length of time between posts yesterday and today. I have several resposibilities here at The Times, and manage to spend time with my wife and kids too, so time got away from me and I wasn't able to post something as frequently over the weekend as I wanted.

Good news: Mark Medina will be back Monday! You won't have to deal with me until his next vacation!

I wanted to highlight a story written by Jerry Crowe today. Crowe writes about Bob Boozer, who spent some time with the Lakers. An excerpt: 

"Knee injuries delayed the professional basketball debuts of No. 1 NBA draft picks Greg Oden and Blake Griffin.

For Bob Boozer, it was national pride.

The top pick in 1959, he kept the Cincinnati Royals at arm's length for more than a year to maintain his amateur status in hopes of playing for Team USA in the 1960 Olympics.

'I always had this deep desire to represent this country on its Olympic basketball squad,' Boozer says, 'and at that time, you only had one go-round at it. Everyone told me, 'Your chances are remote,' et cetera, et cetera. Each person that tried to get me to sign on the dotted line expressed that, but I said, 'Hey, this is something I've got to go for.' I knew I only had once chance.'

In 1966, he helped the Lakers reach the NBA Finals and in 1971 he won a championship with the Milwaukee Bucks.

'That season with the Lakers was the most enjoyable season I ever had in the NBA because it was Hollywood, Los Angeles,' Boozer says. 'Jack Kent Cooke had parties at his place and you got a chance to meet movie stars. It was a fun time.'

Anyway, it's a nice story, and I thought Lakers fans would enjoy reading it as a reminder of the rich history of the team. You can read the entire article here.

Thanks for sticking with us during the week, and I'll see you again down the road. Until then, I re-hand the baton to Mark Medina.

-- Houston Mitchell