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Lakers sign draft pick Devin Ebanks [Updated]

Ebanks_200 The Lakers signed second-round pick Devin Ebanks Thursday, a team spokesman said.

Ebanks was selected with the 43rd overall pick out of  West Virginia University.

His contract is not guaranteed, but Ebanks will earn a salary of about $473,604, which is the minimum rookies can sign for, if he makes the roster.

If he stays with the Lakers, his second year salary would be $736,420.

Ebanks, a 6-foot-9, 210-pound small forward, was solid for the Lakers when he played in the NBA summer league in Las Vegas last month.

[Updated at 1:12 p.m.: Ebanks started in all five summer league games and averaged 15 points, 3.6 rebounds and 1.4 assists in 33.3 minutes.

The 20-year-old played two seasons at West Virginia, where he averaged 11.2 points, 7.9 rebounds and 2.6 assists in 69 games.

The Lakers now have the league minimum of 13 players signed to contracts, the same as they had last season.

Derrick Caracter, the Lakers' other second-round draft pick at 58, also had a solid summer league in Las Vegas.

But Caracter, a 6-foot-8 power forward out of the University of Texas El Paso, hasn't signed a contract with the Lakers as of yet.]

-- Broderick Turner

Photo: Devin Ebanks goes to the basket against Patrick Ewing Jr. (6) of the New York Knicks during the NBA summer league on July 12. Credit: Garrett W. Ellwood / NBAE via Getty Images

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...without warning Ebanks is quickly carried away to Lalaland!...he expresses sincere thanks to all of us for making his journey to get there a memorable one...he tells Caracter to remain upbeat and that he'll eventually get there...

Like it that a rook gets signed. Let's see what training camp brings...


...Caracter looks at me dejectedly and with his head down...I remind him that the prophecy of JonK has been partially fulfilled and that he must fulfil the rest...Caracter nods in agreement and continues to press forward over the rough terrain...


Awesomeness plus!!!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


...LongTimeLakerLover is the first to welcome Ebanks into Lalaland! is a time of rejoicing as the young man joins the ranks of that gold and purple city...LongTimeLakerLover tells Ebanks that the best is yet to come!...Before heading to the war room(gym), he turns and glances back into the distance...There is still one more out there...

...JonK rejoices, for he saw this coming from afar off...Caracter finds comfort and strength in the fulfillment as we continue on our journey unmolested...

...until now...Ah crap! I just stepped in a pile of green dung...A Shraq must be nearby...peeeeyewwwwww!...

Great News!!!!

I guess Caracter is still contemplating playing in Israel. Hope he opts for the Lakers.


Welcome to the show son...

Now study, obey and learn from the best...

Ebanks future just got bright... that's what a Magheatsuncavtic smells like...

Who has the option on the 2nd year, Lakers or Ebanks?...probably Lakers, but this player will probably work out as a keeper.

...The Triangulator tells Caracter to stay the course for Lalaland is basketball's equivalent to the promised land...Caracter trudges on despite the temptation to go elsewhere...he considers this journey a part of developing his character(pun intended)...not all roads lead to one place, but one road can take you different places...

...meanwhile, in the war room, LEWSTRS and Humanomaly break it down to Ebanks what it takes to become a Laker...Ebanks listens intently and clings to their every word...

LeBron gets heckled:

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


1 rook down...1 to go. I'd expect Caracter's signing to be announced before the day is out. Can't wait to see The Big Sellout try to post him up in the paint only to get served like a rusty old can of Boston Baked Beans!

they need to sign a rookie to run errands, carry their bags and to get food...anyway, he's going to be a good one, that is, if phil would use him...

Okay, Nemaia has gotten into the fermented Coconut milk again. Dang it! I told you guys to keep that locked up in the cupboard!

MM needs to put a sign at the top of the page:

"WARNING! Enter the blog at your own risk!"

Posted by: Fatty | August 12, 2010 at 01:21 PM

kettle - what has gotten into you? Is Fatty right? Is it the fermented coconut juice? Or one too many vodka/percoset cocktails? Either way, you're scaring me....

...the journey must continue at all cost...Ebanks has arrived, Caracter still on track, must get him and fermented coconut juice are my saving grace in this minefield...

The Lakers roster average age just has been reduced by almost 1 year.

My sources, and damn good sources they are. (the trash collector at the El Segundo facility)

Say that Dr. Buss will not let Mitch go on vacation until the Caracter issue is resolved.

...the Banner Holder adds Ebanks name to the banner...LeBron finds no peace in the false promise land...

...There is no rest for the weary...until Caracter gets there, our journey to the beginning will not cease...gotta see em through...

@LROB… “The funny thing is Bosh has NO idea what it takes to win a championship.” You hit the nail on the head, Rob. As we all know, neither does LeBron. Frankly, without the help of the refs, neither does Wade. There is a better chance that LeBron and Wade won’t be able to mesh than they will win a championship.
@63 FOOTER… What a great story. I cannot wait to see the movie. And for the hero to wipe out the Celtics entire starting lineup. Too bad you didn’t have time to set them up with rings that the hero could collect like human ears as trophies. What better trophy to take off a dead Celtic than their only championship ring.
@MM… Now I am confused. It sounds as if Shannon is saying that he did NOT turn down offers for more money to sign with the Lakers. Did he or didn’t he turn down bigger offers. I’m not what you would consider a UPS fan; always preferred FedEx. However, we need as much stability as possible with all the new faces.
@STAPLES… “Larry Bird just got himself a very very good PG for Troy Murphy, who he's been trying to unload. lucky! very lucky!” No kidding. Darren Collision is the real deal. Bird has to be in 7th heaven with what he got for Murphy’s expiring contract. In some ways, big expiring contracts are like solid gold for trades.
@KUPCHACK'S ASSISTANT… I agree 100% with your assessment. David Lee’s antics merely gave the Lakers front office a way to spin the story so the Lakers would not look ungrateful for Trevor’s contributions to the team winning the championship. Bottom line, the Lakers really did “trade” Ariza for Artest.

...ahhhh, LakerPeace sign ahead...must get Caracter there, King Kobe and his warriors await...

Thanks Jon,

In other news:

A statement was issued today from the corporate offices of the West Coast Division of Jack in the Box stating that they will be pulling the promotion of "Free Tacos" from all Laker Home Games this upcoming season. The promotion, which local Laker fans are all too familiar with, allows patrons at any Laker Home Game to receive a coupon for "Two Free Tacos" honored at all participating Jack in the Boxes any time the Lakers are able to hold their opponents to under 100 points in a game.

"Due to an overwhelming sense of the possiblilty that this year's Laker squad can very well hold 100 percent of their opponents to under 100 points this season, we've decided that in the best interest of our share holders and profit margin, we can not, in any good faith, allow such a promotion to negatively impact our company. Losses are projected to reach in the millions. We apologize to all Laker fans for this inconvenience and we hope that maybe we can offer an alternantive like lowering the promotion goal set to under 90 points a game. But even that may not be enough, we have our top lawyers and accountants working on a more equitable offering for all.

Thank You"

Well, that is certainly some upsetting news. Hopefully they can work something out.

We now turn it over to our Outdoor Weather Reporter Nemaia Faletogo for the weather report...

...entering the land of the giants, where LakerTom and the Bynumites reside...must pay my respects as I pass through...lots of shade...

What's up with the nickname link? I'm getting PAGE NOT FOUND.

...jgc711 preps Ebanks to carry veterans bags and do what is asked of him...Ebanks says "yes sir, I'm not Dez Bryant..."

Nickname link is busted.


HaolsAnt - Very creative....

But I have an idea. Instead of limited points, why not margin of victory?

Say, a 20 point win and the spectators get a free day-old copy of the LA Times.

Mark Medina and the blog crew could pass them out as everyone leaves.

Now THAT will get the fans all cheering!!

...Slimtata joins the journey...better late than never...

Brown said he didn't receive what he called more lucrative offers from the Knicks and Cavaliers. Frankly, you have to take it as a he-said, she-said. People close to both teams leaked stories that indicated their offers to Brown were higher than the Lakers, and Brown is saying otherwise.


...HalosAnt keeps the mood light and upbeat as we continue our journey to get Caracter, the remaining warrior, to Lalaland...

That statement supposedly from "Jack In the Box" has to be fake. It's a terribly-written statement, and there's no way the company would blame the home team being too good for pulling a promotion that would cost only an incrimental amount more than it currently does even if the Lakers won 100% of their games and held oppotents to under 100 points.

Also, let's do the math, shall we? Max capacity at Staples ~20k. Home games? 41. That means they give out at most 820k coupons for $1 free tacos. Where are the "millions" they expect to lose? I'm sure they also have statistics on how much business the coupons bring in.

The taco promotion is one of more more cost-effective marketing, and if they were going to can it, it wouldn't be for the reasons stated in that letter, nor would they do so in such a terribly-written note.

...passing another sign that reads tacos aplenty in Lalaland brings a smile on Caracter's face...walking with a little more pep in his step...

My grandson just got his first email account so I was sending him some Lakers videos to enjoy and came across this one, which will give everybody a reminder of what the upcoming camp will be like for the rookies…


Lalaland - you're kidding right? You KNOW we're doing fake news stories to entertain ourselves...right?

Hey guys sorry for the broken link. I fixed it. The post about the nicknames is now up


LakerTom - it was just a throwaway, but it was fun (actually the whole fight scene was fun - I like shooting those). I figured a few people might notice it. I'll mention the name of the film when my buddy starts doing the PR circuit(I can't now 'cause it's not my film), but when he gives me the "okay," I'll let y'all know the name so you can go see it. I'm back tonight to finish the pickups and extra coverage.

MM = 100% Pure Awesome.

Lalaland - you're kidding right? You KNOW we're doing fake news stories to entertain ourselves...right?

Posted by: justanothermambafan | August 12, 2010 at 01:57 PM


Thanks for clarifying that so that I wouldn't have to...

at least now we know the real reason why he/she uses the tag name Lalaland...

THIS JUST IN: Number Of People LeBron Has To Keep Track Of In The Hundreds Of Millions

In response to LeBron James' recent statement that he won't forget "everyone" who has said negative things about him this summer, a Google survey discovered that approximately 257,489,192 people worldwide have said negative things about LeBron via Internet this summer.

Even LeBron's marketing team dismissed the enormity of the number in a written statement, "257,489,192 ain't nothing. We've got a list! Everyone on it better watch out! LeBron's comin' for you."

However, the most egregious of negative comments seems to be a certain blogger "Jon K." from the L.A. Times Lakers blog. "Jon K. just makes me so mad," LeBron is reported to have told his inner circle, "That guy is public enemy number one."

When reached for comment by email, Jon K. responded, "Bring it on! I got a sackful to throat punches ready for Princess Jimmy and his possee of hoodrats."

When asked if he was ready for a throat punch, LeBron seemed confused and murmured something about having to meet a Tibetan witch doctor for legal advice.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Yeah, LeBron's going to start coming after us like Jay and Silent Bob at the end of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

44 days until the start of training camp.

According to ESPNLA.COM, Caracter has agreed to sign with the Lakers: ".....The Lakers other second-round draft pick, Derrick Caracter, a 6-9 big man selected No. 58 out of the University of Texas El Paso, has also agreed to terms with the team. Caracter is flying out to Los Angeles on Thursday to officially sign with the team Friday, according to Caracter's agent, Happy Walters."

@ Jon K. | August 12, 2010 at 02:21 PM



The spirit of Trevor lives on...

Jon K,

You're scaring the baby! He's going to tell his mama on you. hahaha.

I hate to be a negative nelly but; I predict Caracter will never play an NBA game. No skillz at all. unlike What's his name Yeu who had no physical ability. I laugh at the people who think these guys have what it takes to make it in the NBA. I remember people saying that chinese kid was going to start for the lakers right away and take them to the championship...Didn't you guys see Caracter play? He's too short, and can't play with the big boys on defense nor offense.
That said it doesn't really matter because, barring injuries there is no team in the NBA that can keep the Lakers from the championship again.

I just wrote a post for my blog ( regarding my take on the recent comments by Jeff Van Gundy and all the hype around the Heat. Here is a direct link:
Feel free to comment and voice your opinion.

I just wrote a post for my blog ( regarding my take on the recent comments by Jeff Van Gundy and all the hype around the Heat. Here is a direct link:
Feel free to comment and voice your opinion.

Caracter would be valuable as a rebounder and taking charges from Glenn Davis and Bosh. At 6'9" and 280 lbs with his aggression and willingness to learn he will match Davis of the Celtics and has similar skills! The price is right, go for it Mitch and then take a well deserved vacation!

I generally don't read all the comments, you guys are just too prolific of posters for a mere mortal like me to keep up! Just scan and that one caught my eye. So in fact, no I didn't know you guys were making up stories, hence my honest response. :p

@Jon K -- funny post, man!

@MM -- since you came up with a reader's reaction on nicknames for the Miami troika and Shaq the Celtic, how about (to keep us bloggers occupied and distracted from work) what goal the fans want the Lakers to set per game, and what the fans receive in return? Computations of LalaLand aside, I have reasonable expectations that we would have a more stingy defense this season and, thus, more Laker wins holding the opponents under 100 points. Would Jack in the Box continue with the promo? Can it in fact withstand the fallout from Laker fans if it pulls out the promo or, as suggested, bringing down the target to 95 or 90 points? So..... Who could come out with the better team incentive, and what do Laker fans get?

Ebanks has BB IQ, jumper, but not enough speed and drive to finish basket. I hope he improves.

check out youtube: lebron james flips out on clevland fans!!!



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