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Lakers blog profile: LRob shows his devotion as a Laker fan during a bridal shower

August 21, 2010 |  8:53 am

Magic Johnson

This is the first post in a weekly series that helps you get to know members of the L.A. Times Lakers blog community. Feel free to send submissions to

Screen name: LRob

Occupation: Radio account executive

Age: 49

Gender: Male

Hometown: Detroit

Story behind your screen name: Short for my birth name

How I became a Lakers fan: It started when Kareem was traded to L.A., but really cemented when Magic was drafted by the Lakers. I attended MSU at the same time as Magic

Favorite all-time Lakers memory: NBA Finals 1985 Game 6, when the Lakers won the title in Boston. It was the first time the Lakers beat Boston in the finals and it was sweet payback from the '84 finals. In '84, the Celtics not only beat the Lakers but they also bullied and mocked them. Cedric “Cornbread” Maxwell made choking gestures, Bird goaded McHale into clotheslining Rambis and all of Bean Town took to calling Magic “Tragic” Johnson. So 1985 was sweet revenge. No opposing team had ever won the championship on Boston’s home court. Kareem won the finals MVP at the age of 38. A feat that may never be duplicated.

2009-2010 memory: “The Pat.” Kobe’s Game 6 performance against Phoenix when he hit all those incredible jump shots and gave Gentry a "nice try" pat after icing the game. Steve Nash could only marvel, saying, “Those are best-player-in-the-game-type shots."

Most heartbreaking Lakers experience: Easily the 1984 Finals. Nothing hurts like losing to Boston. The Lakers were the better team, but Boston was the tougher team. This was not like 2008, when Boston was the better team and the tougher team.

Favorite Lakers player: Magic

Greatest all-time Laker: Kobe

Last time you went to a game at Staples Center and at the Forum: Haven’t attended a game at Staples. 1987 at the Forum.

Opposing team, player you dislike the most: Boston's Paul Pierce and Ray Allen

Interactions with Lakers players: None recently. Once helped Magic promote an all-star game in Detroit during the off-season.

Most cherished piece of Lakers memorabilia I have: Old game tapes on DVD.

Memorable stories about being a Lakers fan:

1) Deciding the night of the final game of the 2000 championship that I would fly down to L.A. the next morning. I wanted to be in L.A. to read all the papers and soak up the celebration because it was a long drought since the '88 title. I got my brother to hang out with me and we were L.A.-bound the next morning. I got all of my championship gear, hung out for a few days and went to the parade. It was an expensive getaway but one I thoroughly enjoyed.

2) During the 1980 Finals, my best college buddy, who was a 76ers fan, and I decided at the last minute we’d ride to Memphis [Tenn.] with another friend. He was going home to attend his brother’s wedding. (I should’ve staying at school and studied for finals coming up the following week, but hey, it was college and kids do dumb stuff.) We arrived the night of Game 6. Back then, the game wasn’t televised live. My boy was confident that Philly would win because Kareem wasn’t playing due to a severely sprained ankle. I was skeptical of the Lakers' chances also, but I put up a brave front.

So while everybody was making plans to go to the bachelor party, we were trying to figure out where we could watch the game on tape delay without any distractions. (I also had to make sure nobody that knew the outcome told me the score.) The guy I rode with had no choice but to attend his brother’s bachelor party. He gave me and the Philly fan two options. We could go to the bachelor party and “maybe” see some of the game. Or he could drop us off where they were having the bridal shower and we could ask to watch the game there.

Of course, I chose to take my talents to the bridal shower. In one room was a bunch of women, some fine ones, too, I might add, doing their thing. We were in the next room with strict orders not to make any noise or interrupt their gathering. We watched the game, but couldn’t get animated or really taunt each other. The Lakers shocked the world that night, led by Magic’s historic performance of 42 points, 15 rebounds and seven assists. Silk chipped in with 37 point.

---Mark Medina

Photo: LRob has a significant attachment to Magic Johnson, seen here hugging Michigan State Coach Tom Izzo, because the Detroit native followed his career with the Spartans and once helped Johnson promote an all-star game in Detroit. Credit: Jeff Roberson / Associated Press