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Kobe Bryant reportedly doing well after knee surgery


After undergoing arthroscopic surgery on his right knee nearly a month ago, Lakers guard Kobe Bryant told reporters in New York this past weekend that he's satisfied with his rehabilitation process.

"In a sense, I'm getting ready now," Bryant said at a Nike basketball clinic at Rucker Park in Harlem. "I'm doing rehab constantly for my knee, making sure the leg is getting stronger. As soon as the leg gets strong enough to go, that's when I turn it up."

Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak had said Bryant's operation "went well," and the team expects Bryant to be fully healthy once training camp begins.

Bryant's latest remarks provided little insight on what his rehab process entails, and it's not fully clear whether he'll have surgery on his right index finger. Also, it's safe to presume that had Bryant gone through any setbacks, he'd be reluctant to share them. Nonetheless, Bryant has kept his promise in maintaining a low profile on the basketball court this season. He's abstaining from playing with USA Basketball for the 2010 FIBA World Championships and even sat out a pickup game organized by President Obama.

Bryant isn't the only Laker considering health concerns in the offseason. After nursing two separate hamstring injuries, forward Pau Gasol decided to forgo playing in the FIBA championships with the Spanish national team. Despite having injuries to his left shoulder and right knee, forward Lamar Odom still plans to play in Turkey. Center Andrew Bynum recently had surgery on his right knee, which kept him limited throughout the postseason.

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Kobe Bryant is reported to be recovering well after having surgery on his right knee. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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So Carmelo wants out of Denver. CP3 wanted out of New Orleans. I wouldn't be surprised if Derron Williams wanted out of The Jazz.

Whats w/ every player wanting out to join some other team that already has a superstar?

Oh because LBJ did that. Oh ok. But still, why do these players want to join a team in the East? What about the West? I hate to say it, but it makes me respect Brandon Roy and Kevin Durant a whole lot more.

Once Kobe is done, and the Lakers are in rebuilding mode, the west is open to any team; except Sacramento Kings who are going to eventually move somewhere else ( is sonny belfast going to continue posting on this blog?)

If Bynum stays healthy this upcoming season and the Lakers could limit Kobe's minutes, i could see a 4peat. What player besides Bill Russell and crew could claim that feat? Maybe Kobe could.


Good Morning Laker Crew,

Joe_Corad - yep I love BRoy's and Durant's attitude. DWill hasn't said he wanted to go anywhere so I'm not mad at him either. As far as Melo or CP3 goes...their leaving for a team like NY is not comparable to Lebron going to play with Wade. Lebron is 2-time MVP....going to play with a top 3 player. Really Lebron? Really?

JustaLakerFan - I sensed something was going on that's why I asked. I understand your feeling disrespected, but based on JustaAnotherMambaFan explanation I don't think its right to vent at her nor do I think it was anyone's intention. She also reached out to you in the chat yesterday. I don't think you should confuse people affection toward JAMF as a dis toward you. Either way you have more in common than the name Justa....and its your undying love of the Lakers. I look forward to reading your post on all things Lakers and more.

Good Morning Laker Nation! I sense a disturbance in The Force. Has the season started yet? Lol!

Good Morning Nation...Check out the new Timberwolves uniforms...didn't they use to be green...;_ylt=AvP4uOVBmvclO.uG.a2NJRq8vLYF?urn=nba-262748
Posted by: LEWSTRS | August 17, 2010 at 07:12 AM
Good Morning Lewstrs. I don't know what color they use to be but it's gonna take more than new uniforms to help Kurt Rambis out. No teams uniform is as good looking as The Lakers though!

Hey folks i have a question and it may be a dumb one but here goes....

Would the Lakers consider entering the stakes for Melo? Kobe is not getting any younger and having a young stud to take over from him would be perfect....or is this wishful thinking?

Im not saying trade Kobe btw.

~~~ Would the Lakers consider entering the stakes for Melo?

How about trade LO & Sasha for Melo?

But Denver can probably do better.

Pretty soon, there won't be any competition in the West for Kobe and the boys...

This greatly increases Kobe getting to the Finals for the next few years...

Seems like the stars are all aligning for the Mamba...

I would rather the Lakers leave this core unit intact...They have a nice roll going, and I would like to see how far it can reach...

Are we crazy to even mention 4Peat...

Maybe I should copyright the term now...

How about Drew + Sasha for Melo?

Pau at 5

Melo at 4

Ron Ron at 3

Kobe at 2 and Fish at 1

Match up issues galore for opposing teams...

Check out the new Timberwolves uniforms...didn't they use to be green...
Posted by: LEWSTRS | August 17, 2010 at 07:12 AM

Yep Lewstrs they used to be green. I like the new look much better, but like Mamba said its gonna take more than new uni's to help the T-Wolves out. Here's an novel idea...sign your #1 draft choice.

I'll pass on Melo. I'm with Lewstrs...lets see how far this core can go. We really need to see what we can expect from Bynum before we know what our next move is.

Good morning Mamba24 & the fabulous Laker morning CRUE!!!

A couple of quick thoughts this morning to start your reading pleasure lol :

1. FEARless - you are one awesome disciple LOL! Now figure out what game you're talking about. You're gonna give LRob an aneurism.

2. ChicNstu - again, it was great to see a post from you. I'm sure you'll notice Mamba24 started a bandwagon for your sister? Hope everything works out well and quickly, so we can see you back on here real soon.

3. justalakerfan - I'm sorry for the "justa" confusion. I really didn't think you were all that serious about it, but now that I see you are, I apologize. Let's just hope everyone can ID their justa and let's move forward. From 1 to another... have a great day, my friend.

4. I was watching the Team USA vs France game last night (ain't TiVo a wonderful thing)? Anyhoo, I need to know who the hell ate Boris Diow? Seriously. Is he carrying some Michelin under his jersey? Wow - dude needs to diet.

5. Also regarding that game, Lamar did pretty well. Solid defensive effort, great rebounding - I love me some Lamar. I'm not sure that this team will win because they're very young, and are playing a very herky, jerky kind of offense, but next year? Look out world. (And of course in 2012 when the Kobester's back on the team looking for Gold # 2).

6. I'm gonna throw my hat in with lewstrs & LRob (and others I'm sure) in wanting to keep our core together. We have this conversation all the time. It's crazy to break up a core of players who have just won 2 cookies in a row. Crazy I tell ya! I'm excited for this season to begin. Everyone healthy - more veteran, hungry talent on board.OOOOO WEEEEEE this is gonna be some kinda fun! Who cares what anyone else is doing? I only care what the Lakers are doing. And from where I sit, I say we are poised to 3-peat. Maybe even Quat-row (that's 4 in a row) LOL! We got the talent. We got the skill. We got the experience. We got the best coach. We got the best player. We got the best tandem. We got the best defensive player. Hell - WE GOT THIS!!

7. Is it October yet? WHAT??? NO??? *sigh* Someone please pass the vodka & percoset...

Guys - we're going to have to a post up rather soon.

Justalakersfan - I deleted plenty of your comments last night because they were inappropriate and personal in nature. This is a warning. What you did last night would be grounds for a ban


Good Morning JustAnotherMambaFan(Head of The Mamba Clan)!
No it is not October yet! *sigh* It is too early for Vodka & percoset...sorrrrry!
(01) RICK FRIEDMAN - OWNER - Forget having Ron do a live chat. Let's see how much it costs to have him host a blog party. Bandwagon, anyone?
(02)JUSTANOTHERMAMBAFAN - DRIVER - Rick - my BFF - OH HELL YEAH!! Count me in! But only if he wears his championship pink feather hat!
(04) LAKER LASS - RIDING SHOT GUN - I was going for the live chat as a kind of starter session, then figured we could go for the blog party. We want RonRon. We want RonRon.
(05) MAMBA24 - SO SAY WE ALL!!!
(06) FATTY - Ron could fit in quite nicely. He could share stories, tell jokes, and sing.
(07) THE SNAKE - Sing? Well, OK, as long as it none of that Celine Dion stuff:
(08) RAIDERLAKER1980 - as far as Ron and a live blog party... o most definitely!
(09) LROB - Sign me up for the Blog party/live chat...sing? ok no Celine Dion or Raul Pierce serenade:
(10) DONT'BLAME DELL HARIIS - Add DBDH to the list, sir.
(11) PSYCHEDLAKERGIRL - I AM IN on the Ron Artest blog party bandwagon! Rick F. - awesome idea! He would totally do that if he knew about the late night crazies that would show up to talk all things Lakers. And BTW - I did ask him on his site to join us for a live chat before I read this. I said anytime, day or night, off-season or during any road trip. I have a good feeling about this one!
(11) JON K - Seriously, how could Ron Artest turn down hosting a L.A. Times Lakers blog party? How could he
(12) KOBESBAD - I am on the ron ron party for the blog
(13) PHRED
(01) JUSTANOTHERMAMBAFAN - OWNER - Miss you too, chic - hope your sis gets better really soon
(02) LROB - DRIVER - chicNstu - saying a prayer for you and your sister. I hope she gets better.
(04) MAMBA24 - Our prayers are with you and your sister ChicNStu
(05) JUSTALAKERFAN - Put me on that bandwagon

While on vacation traveling, I read lots of gripe from Just Laker Fan about the name "Justa". Both of you JAMF and JLF are passionate Laker fans and we need you under the tent, however we need some distinction and identification too. I believe it is just a matter of coincidence that two person has assumed the same monicker. We are growing by leaps and bounds so there is no wonder in duplication of identities. Let us settle the issue by adding one letter in the end like JustaG and JustaB. The girl and boy connotation addressed the issue on both claimants of Justa. Another thing a healthy dialogue is preferable and pleasant to read than griping or getting upset. (If we live in Pakistan, we have children around us without any food and clean water to drink and all we see outside our home is polluted water from the flood, I think anyone would be upset with that quality of life.) Put more "value analysis" to our system than getting upset on minutiae. Is that fair enough?

Like any summer and dog days of the blog, quarrels and trolls become the medium of conversation in this site than the Lakers. Our team got better this summer than any other summer, so we are excited to fast forward such anxieties by speculating the Lakers potentials on a daily basis. Afterward, we disagree on our own speculations that leads to intrigues and trolling like little kids. In this economic climate, I cannot afford to sit around and do nothing, I have more to attend to personal enrichment than being fixated with multi-millionaires on vacation mode. I don't know with you but in my case, if I have nothing to contribute and nothing to say good, I prefer to engage in other endeavors just like when there was no blog, like for example next week, I'll go to the East Coast and bond with older sister and her families. Have a nice vacation and see you around during preseason.

Watch out for Andrew when he gets back healthy and can jump, he's entering his prime and should put up HUGE numbers this year. Look for him to start taking over games. Phil will be able to cut some of Gasol's, Kobe's and Fisher's minutes as well as Ron Ron's so their fresh for the post season, we have such strong back ups now.

wow, that crazy over "justa"...

she says that the other guy was first and then she says, "call me whatever and i'm cool" and still a blood vessel bursts. i remember when people first started calling her "justa" last season, they did it because they liked it, not because she asked.

one thing for SURE, justanothermambafan is a fully legal and righteous handle(well as far as Lakersblogs go) as JustaLakerFan. panties unbunch!

Posted by: mud | August 17, 2010 at 03:52 AM

JuatAnothermambafan is fine, I have problem with justa part. Yes she did ask to be called justa. And to further clarify Justa is name I coined like first name Laker is middle name and Fan is last name. See where the capital letters are? JustaLakerFan. Justa by itself would not make sense without whole name and is short for the whole handle.JustAnothermambafan has a first name of Just and rest of name =Anothermamba fan. Where is the justa? unless she named herself JustA nothermamba fan but font is different. Now Mud put any paties over your buttless chaps.


Sorry about the illness you are experiencing.
I can't comment on the justification for your anger or bitterness, I am not in your shoes.
But I do hope you find some peace and relief.
Best wishes.

Posted by: Art - FL Laker Fan | August 17, 2010 at 04:05 AM

[Thank you I apprecite the sentiment.]

Guys - we're going to have to a post up rather soon.

Justalakersfan - I deleted plenty of your comments last night because they were inappropriate and personal in nature. This is a warning. What you did last night would be grounds for a ban


Posted by: Mark Medina | August 17, 2010 at 08:17 AM

Why are you a hypocrite too? I did the name thing to prove a point and I was right. I defended myself when this mamba24 replied angrily to his name use and started to insult me. Yet you don't threaten your boy for attacking me and inapproprite things he said. Go back and see who started the insults. So its ok for nerd to attack but not ok for me to respond? Sounds very hypocritical to me. And only one post spelled out was borderline. Yeah real blog integrity.

Good articles should share to every person ,hope you can write more and more good articles.

Thanks for sharing the information there would be some apprehensions from segment but I am up for it.

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