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Kobe Bryant shows involvement with Lakers' off-season moves


Appearing as relaxed as he ever can be, Lakers guard Kobe Bryant sat back during his exit interview in June full with smiles and little worry. He shared his plans to attend the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, admitted that he planned to take it easy this summer to rest his assorted injuries and even acknowledged some of his vulnerabilities during Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

At the time, I noted that Bryant's changed demeanor perfectly reflected how winning a championship helped soften his sometimes gruff exterior and revealed that he's human after all. Bryant's laid-back attitude couldn't have been more prevalent than when The Times' Mike Bresnahan asked him what off-season moves he thinks the Lakers need to make to secure a third consecutive title.

"You know what, to be honest man, I don't even stress myself out thinking about that," Bryant said. "I don't have to. Mitch [Kupchak] has put together a hell of a squad, man. So my job is done. I did my part. Now he's going to do what's best for the organization and the team and helping our chances win another one. I have all the confidence in the world that he can do it."

Kupchak surely did. He helped keep the Lakers largely intact with the team re-signing Phil Jackson, Derek Fisher and Shannon Brown, picking up free agents Matt Barnes, Steve Blake and Theo Ratliff and drafting Devin Ebanks and Derrick Caracter, both whom have a chance at landing a spot on next season's roster. The only losses entailed Jordan Farmar going to New Jersey and the team letting go of Adam Morrison, Josh Powell and D.J. Mbenga -- departures that will really have only a marginal impact on the Lakers.

But as far as Bryant staying out of the process? Well, it didn't really pan out that way. Bryant didn't go on a radio tour like he did three years ago. He didn't appear on a fan-made video that featured a profanity-laced rant on why Andrew Bynum should be shipped out. But he remained occupied enough with the team's off-season moves to make an impact. This isn't to discount anything Kupchak did in putting together the 2010-11 roster. But clearly, Bryant's fingerprints are found in numerous deals.


Calling Derek Fisher

Fisher and the organization unanimously agreed that it'd be best for him to re-sign with the Lakers, citing his leadership, his five rings and his playoff performances that propelled the Lakers to a second consecutive title. But the two sides had disagreed over how to measure that in dollar figures.

Bryant predicted during his exit interview that Fisher would be back, but he expressed irritation that the two hadn't reached an agreement. The Times' Mike Bresnahan and Broderick Turner reported at the time that The Lakers initially didn't want to pay Fisher anything more than $2.5 million for one season, while Fisher, a 14-year veteran, wanted to make a similar figure as last season ($5.048 million) with a multi-year deal.

"We need to have him back, it's as simple as that," Bryant said at his basketball camp in Santa Barbara about the teammate who has been with Bryant since 1996, winning five titles together and establishing a close relationship. "It's not a question of if he will be back; it's a matter of when ... I don't care what [the cost] is. They need to work that out and get him back because his significance to our ballclub and to me cannot be understated."

Likewise, it couldn't be understated enough on why Fisher ultimately agreed to a three-year deal believed to be worth about $10.5 million, including a player option in the third year. In his statement, Fisher highlighted Bryant's influence as a significant reason why he decided to stay with the Lakers.

""At the end of the day, there's one person I could not turn away from. Kobe Bryant asked me to stay but supported whatever decision I made," Fisher said in a statement. "He and I have played together for 11 seasons, came into the league together as kids; he has been loyal to me even when others had doubts."


Possible Raja Bell acquisition

Bryant's willingness to meet with Bell over dinner four years after getting clotheslined by him truly speaks to how Bryant favors winning above all else.

Ultimately, Bell canceled the dinner meeting and chose Utah, valuing security over the lure of a championship ring. But the Lakers wouldn't have been in such a strong position to attract Bell if not for Bryant. The Lakers could offer Bell no more than $1.77 million from their mid-level exception, but found themselves in a strong position despite Bell fielding offers from Miami, Chicago, San Antonio, Portland and Utah.

""I think [Bryant] has a lot of respect for Raja and Raja has a lot of respect for him," Bell's agent, Herb Rudoy told The Times' Bresnahan during free agency. "I think they would rather play with each other than against each other."

Ultimately, Bell much preferred trying to help Utah to a title run after making the playoffs four consecutive years mainly, as he told the Salt Lake Tribune's Ross Siler, that a championship doesn’t hold the same kind of weight in your heart if you’re just kind of along for the ride and you didn’t get to compete and put your blood, sweat and tears into it as much as the next guy. Even if Bell canceled the dinner plans, the fact he was initially open to it showed his evolving respect for Bryant.

"Kobe was very cool about it," Bell told Siler. I told him my situation and we talked about it for a minute. He thought it was a no-brainer for me also. "I know Jazz fans might not want to hear it, but Kobe and I are actually on pretty good terms."


Texting with Matt Barnes

Bryant applied the same logic toward embracing Barnes as he did with Bell.

"He told me anyone crazy enough to ... mess with me is crazy enough to play with me," Barnes said of Bryant, referring to when he testily guarded Bryant in a regular season game last year and pretended to inbound the ball toward his face. "Let’s get it done. He’s one of the best competitors to play the game. I played with a lot of the same fire he does. Finally after eight years in my career, I’m finally done guarding him except in practice. I’m glad he’s going to be on my side hitting those game-winners rather than hitting them on me or see him hit them on my team."

As soon as Barnes told Bryant his interest in becoming a Laker, Bryant immediately texted back. Barnes had grown up rooting for the Lakers, idolized Magic Johnson and longingly respected Bryant from afar even through those contentious matchups. Bryant's immediate response demonstrated the feeling was mutual. The conversations temporarily stopped once it appeared Barnes would join Toronto after agreeing to a two-year, $9-million contract through a sign-and-trade, but the deal fell through after the league's salary-cap rules prevented the Magic from offering that money. The two immediately picked up the texting, a factor Kupchak said "didn't matter" in securing Barnes, but one he acknowledged helped keep the GM in the loop. "His approach was kind of like, 'This is what I’m hearing,' " Kupchak said of Bryant. "He never said, 'What are you going to do, this is what I want you to do.' It was, 'This is what I’m hearing.' Apparently, they had a dialog that went on for quite some time."

As detailed above, Bryant had plenty of dialogue with plenty of potential and current teammates. So much for taking it easy this summer. But thanks to Bryant's efforts, the Lakers are even more strongly suited to three-peat.

-- Mark Medina

Follow the L.A. Times Lakers blog on Twitter: E-mail the Lakers blog at

-- Photos (from top): Lakers guard Kobe Bryant catches his breath during Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

-- Derek Fisher strongly credited Kobe Bryant for convincing him to stay with the Lakers. Credit: Lori Shepler / Los Angeles Times

-- Kobe Bryant and Raja Bell have a contentious history together, but that didn't stop Bryant from trying to persuade Bell into joining the Lakers. Credit: Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times

-- Lakers forward Matt Barnes communicated with Bryant frequently via text message during free agency. Credit: Nick Ut / Associated Press

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God - I hope I don't burn out....

The dreaded repost:

There have been some very nice, well thought out points made about the schedule this year and how it's going to benenfit us.

My reaction is schedule, schmedule. All I care about is that they forever abandon the "turn it on" mentality and play their azzes off from the git go. With a stronger bench, this should be a no-brainer, with less minutes for the starters to keep 'em fresh for the real season. Speaking of which, THAT's the schedule I can get excited for LOL!

MM, you're on fire today. You had more posts in 1 day than Houston in 1 week.
Welcome back!

It's feast or famine around here! MM you are en fuego!

In short, Kobe's the man.

This is his team and he's leading IT to Greatness, got it?

This is so much better than when we had to deal with Shaq's drama.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


So the Celtics have come to picking in our garbage can to try to win. They hope to find some championship pieces in our discards. Well, Shaq has been in the can for a long while.

Furthermore, the Smelldiks don't get the team concept. The reason we throw pieces out, ala Rad, is that they don't complement the team. It isn't about the individual things we throw away, it is about the set we keep in tact.



PS Why don't you report on Kobe's dinner with Kupcake in which he tried to get him to re-sign Ammo? Do you not want to tarnish the sheen of your idols? They tried and failed. There is no shame in that.

For those thinking Sasha will suddenly gain his stroke and average enough minutes to make a difference:

" Hassan in Lake Forest, CA:
Assuming the Lakers cannot move Sasha, do you think the Lakers will try to get the most out of him by giving him more playing time? Afterall, this is contract year and he should be playing better (if not for the Lakers, for another team).

Eric Pincus:
No. Too many other players need minutes like Kobe, Barnes, Brown, Fisher, Blake, Artest, etc."

Read more NBA news and insight:


No time to comment on it earlier....

But did you see Dr. Buss's enthusiasm over the Blake and Barnes signing?

Dumping salary wasn't Dr. Buss's concern as was reported by the LA Times, but it was, "Can we improve the team?"

And they did, greatly I think.

Of course, Dr. Buss was elated at the price he paid, and the money saved to improve the Lakers. He is the owner of course, and owners of businesses (trust me on this), feel good when they improve the business AND save money. ............"Honey, we saved $2.27 on toilet paper and its the softer kind! Let's go out to dinner and celebrate!" - Fatty as a business owner

But this year, ....this year, if Andrew Bynum can stay healthy, we may be looking at one of the great Lakers teams in the making, no matter where our record may end up being.

For Jackson's 'last stand', its all about legacy. Don't forget that, because Kobe, Fisher, and the rest of the Lakers will not.

Fatty - Who feels the East Coast media is infatuated with the sweet smelling perfume of the Trio's jock straps.


This is why I missed MM when he was away. He posts interesting write-ups that I look forward to at the end of a long tough day (sitting on my butt building instructional materials). I really enjoyed reading this one, MM. Although the topic is not new (it's been covered at BSPN, Sports Illustrated, MSNBC), you somehow manage to add a few new details in there and your own take on it that still makes it interesting.

Summer would be SO unbearable without our spectastic (spectacular +fantastic) Lakers blog.

Fatty - Who feels the East Coast media is infatuated with the sweet smelling perfume of the Trio's jock straps.

Posted by: Fatty | August 10, 2010 at 05:09 PM


Yeah, drink away the Eric Pincus koolaid:

Read more NBA news and insight:

Posted by: KB Blitz

"...Adam Morrison, Josh Powell and D.J. Mbenga -- departures that will really have only a marginal impact on the Lakers..."

Understatement Of The Century! Marginal? Are kidding me? This is humongous impact for the upside. The only people missing from that group - regrettably - are Luke & Sasha. I like Jordan's move. It's what was best for him and the team. Good luck Jordan... You'll dig the east coast.

The Lakers only regular season goal should be to post the best record in order to win home court advantage throughout the playoffs. 73 wins or 34 games in a row don’t matter. We do not want to play a game 7 in Boston.
I disagree with Eric Pincus that Sasha won’t get any minutes. Sasha will get his chance because Phil knows he is a wild card whose 3-point shooting is a big weapon. Whether Sasha comes through is another question.
After back-to-back Lakers championships, it seems that the rest of the NBA has suddenly remembered that size matters, adding big men to their rosters as faster than anxious men responding to stupid Prolixus ads.
All the analysts and prognosticators are completely ignoring the impact that a healthy Andrew Bynum will have on the Lakers 3-peat aspirations. A healthy Drew elevates the Lakers to a level above the Celtics and Heat.

Man, I really would like to get a hold of Taj Gibson in a trade from Chicago...Just like this guys work on the court and I think he would fit in a six man rotation down low.....

Andrew Bynum (C)
Pau Gasol (PF,C)
Taj Gibson (PF)
Lamar Odom (PF,SF)
Ron Artest (SF)
Matt Barnes (SF/SG)

I'm sure Caracter and Ebanks will get their time in the future, but I'm imagining they will be spending some time in the D'leagues to sharpen up their game. I didn't forget about Theo Ratliff, however I am imagining he won't be taking up many minutes. Luke is on the injury list (Whom I think the Lakers need to finally cut ties with).

Our backcourt looks very impressive too with....

Kobe Bryant (SG)
Matt Barnes (SF/SG)--yes I added him again intentially
Shannon Brown (SG)
Derek Fisher (PG)
Steve Blake (PG)

I left Sasha out in hoping that we can get Taj Gibson is some sort of trade. Anyway, Go Lakers! Look forward to next season!


Very nice post and man, you're on fire today! You've unloaded the clip, LOL! It's funny how many people, including some Lakers fans turned on Kobe two years ago when he went on that rant. This is what Kobe wanted all along, some players willing to go to battle with him, give it their all and contend for titles. With Mitch and the organization finally surrounding him with great pieces, Kobe has more than held up his end of the deal and lead his team. That's all Kobe ever wanted and that's why he's doing his part along with Mitch to keep this team playing at a high level for several more years. Kobe has shown Mitch love for the moves he's made and the squad he's put together, and so I give him Mitch props as well for finding ways to get the most out of this offseason. Go Lakers!!!

The objective of the off-season is to have a deep bench, I believe that was accomplished. Whatever the fans of Farmar and the rest will say, it's still good riddance and if Lakers did not improve, well we can't win 3rd in a row. We were lucky last year to gain the homecourt advantage, which gave us the 6th and 7th game. However, Lakers were hopping on the way to Championship. Even PJ is not sure of the outcome based on the opening performance with the Thunder. Why? Because of the injuries and weak bench. Fuzzy statistics plus analysis paralysis plus fanaticism will not lead to realism. There has to be a change in personnel. The support that will come from Blake as 1; Barnes as 3 and the two rookies superb summer league performance gives us a renewed hope, revived our confidence than depending on recycled scrubs. We love Mbenga, Powell and Morrison too but PJ is not playing, it means something. They are not reliable to produce when the tough gets going.

Thank you so much Mitch, you deserve all the accolades from the very Laker fans who were criticizing you in the past. You diagnosed exactly what the Lakers needs.

We are the passionate Laker fans here, blogging everyday talking our Lakers 7/24 sometimes we are too close in seeing the trees and don't have a wide outlook of how big is the forest. We are just going around and around with our opinion ad infinitum, don't know what we really want. It's good Mitch did not listen to what you want but picked the right players that lakers can afford.

Thank you Jerry Buss for going for the 3rd try in signing PJ and the rest of the Lakers at the risk of decreasing your profit margins. After winning two Championships, most of the owners will cash in their fame but in your case you increased the ante. Long Live Jerry, I hope you will reach age 100 and more.

Hopefully next year Pau will be involved with the offseason player moves.

Brother Marc, Rudy Fernandez, or Ricky Rubio. Start texting Pau!

Without Kobe we would have still gotten Blake, Barnes and Ratliff. Barnes would have been a Raptor if the money was there or a cav if they would have upped the salary. Kobe made it smoother with his communication but didn't bring any particular player in.

Agreed, Fatty.

@ Fatty - Cheaper AND softer??? You just blew my mind. :D

Welcome back MM,

Nice post!

Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

You know it's the off season when we get excited about cheap AND soft toilet paper...

Dr. Buss is a man who understands VALUE. That's why he picked Kobe over Shaq. It's why he green-lighted Mitch to do what he did this summer. Kobe has matured in ways he's still not getting credit for. Mitch may have done the heavy lifting, but his load was lighter because the new talent he signed wants to win with Kobe. This is Kobe's team and that's as it should be.


That was a nice tv series list. I've seen all except Rome,The Tudors,Friends(not interested),Band of Brothers(not my cup of tea),Spartacus:Blood and Sand(excessive violence),Arrested Development, and Curb Your Enthusiasm. I did see the first episode of 'Taken' but, cancelled my cable subscription shortly thereafter so I'll have to add it(and a few of the others mentioned) to my Blockbuster queue. Thanks for the recommendations.


Thanks for recommending 'Firefly'...I'll have to add it to my Blockbuster queue as well.

Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

"Im glad Kobe stayed! Poor guy had no chance before Gasol got here. But Kobe was patient..."

Posted by: daniel leon | August 09, 2010 at 12:35 PM

response: Patient! Now that's a bit of revisionist history if I ever heard it my friend. The way I remember it the Black Mamba was anything but patient. I'll refer you to a snippet from this post by MM.

"Bryant didn't go on a radio tour two years ago. He didn't appear on a fan-made video that featured a profanity-laced rant on why Andrew Bynum should be shipped out".

Now if you call that patient, then I'd hate to see him when he's REALLY impetuous.(LOL)

Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

It dismays me that Kobe never got in touch with Jon K, Nemaia F or Lewsters. If Kobe wanted someone to protect his back, these are the guys to call. Call NOW, Kobe!

Edwin Gueco:

You wrote:

Thank you so much Mitch, you deserve all the accolades from the very Laker fans who were criticizing you in the past.


How conveeeeeeeeeeeeeeenient that you call out on “others” for criticizing Mitch, as I recall you were pretty vociferous in your criticism of Mitch in the past. You better go to Church this Sunday and pray for forgiveness for trying to come off as mr goody two shoes…

How conveeeeeeeeeeeeenient!!!

Should the Lakers try to surpass 72 wins next season? Are you serious? I am trying not to hit the floor while laughing so hard.
Should Lindsey Lohan try to win an Oscar?

You have to be ABLE to do it before you can TRY to do it.

@ Johnny P

Get a life, man!
Shaq last played for you in 2002. We was NOT in your garbage can. Furthermore, Jeannie Buss said today on the radio that there is NO DOUBT his number will be retired. Hope that ends all this nonsense!

What is a Smeldik?

So, WE don't get the team concept? Did you even watch the playoffs last year? The reason we made it to the Finals is because we were AT WORST the second best team in the league. It takes five to play Defense. We shut down Wade, MeBron and De-Wight.........................and Bryant was 6-24 in Game 7. You guys won, you had the better team, but c'mon, man, we go looking in YOUR garbage is a little over the top. He was on CLE last year Johnny!


Most people didn't have a problem with Kobe venting about needing more help in 07. (Hello, Smush, Kwame, Luke and Cook is not the stuff contenders are made of. That's why Kobe absolutely deserved the MVP in 2006 for carrying that team.) The only problem was dogging Bynum and Kupchak on video...not cool. Remember Kobe also wanted AB shipped out of town for JKidd. That would've been a huge mistake.

KB Blitz,

I read that chat. I hope E. Pincus is wrong.

This is were Kobe separates himself with MJ. Two years down the road, the debate will be is MJ still the GOAT of all time?

Go Kobe! Go Lakers!

Nice to see Kobe happy with Mitch

Lakers have the best player, best tandem, best coach, best GM, best profits, best FANS etc...

so who want to be a looser ( Septic or sHeat fan)?

Magic Johnson = GOAT :P

Unquestionable Hall of Fame Players:
Boston Celtics: 4
Miami Heat: 2
LA Lakers: 1

This Lakers team is one of the weakest championship teams I ever remember seeing.

Green guy......

Shaq, I sort of get, because they are worried that Perkins might have a set back or something.


You didn't answer the signing of Von Wafer?

He's the one I don't get. Did Ainge sign him for comic relief value?

I can't wait to see KG smack him around for shooting too much.

Ok Kevin Tully, we give up. Your argument is bullet-proof.

Now go play in the corner and keep trying to shove that square block into the round hole.

kevin tully

You're the loser/loosers i was talking about.

It is also sad to have 4 "Hall of Farmers" and lose against one Hall of Famer

Go to your blog and cry.

Kobe went into a rant 3 years ago because the players that FO got for him didn't compete to the best of thier abilities. To Kobe, basketball is like going to a war, you take no prisoner in the middle of a battle. He was mad that many of his teammates took the attitude of Shaq toward the game as the norm, he couldn't stand laziness. He wanted to have players who could go with him into the hardcourt and bleed, dying for every single position. To a player of his caliber and disposition, there is no greater insult than for FO to have him play with players with such kind of indifference towards the game he loves.

To this end the world has been shaped and will continually be changed by men with such as high resolve as our Kobe Bryant.

Go Kobe. GO Lakers!


I agree about Kobe's maturity. Now that this is his team it makes Phil's job so much easier. Kobe's work ethic pushes his teammates and let them know that anything less than maximum effort is unacceptable. This is something that was sorely lacking in the Shaq era.

Mitch did a very good job with Blake, Barnes and the two rooks. I wasn't gaga over the Theo signing, but hey you can't get everything you want. Management has set this team up for greatness the next two-three years. Andrew's health is the only real concern.


Funny stuff!


Agree with you wholeheartedly on all points.

Phil Jackson spoke about a "last stand" this season. For obvious reasons, if he fails to pilot the Lakers to another title, then that is more than enough reason to ride into the sunset and live on his Montana ranch for the rest of his life. But what if (that's a small if, because i sincerely believe we'll get the three-peat) the Lakers win? Next year, Phil may re-sign for "The Quest", with the following sub-themes:

1. Lakers with a four-peat
2. Phil with his OWN four-peat (had 2 three-peats with Da Bulls)
3. Kobe winning his 7th ring, going 1-up over Michael Jordan
4. The Lakers going 1-up over the Celtics in number of NBA Championships

Something to consider..... ;)



God, this Aspire computer is killing me.


Wow. As a rule MM, when a woman says "You know you want" something, I just always agree.

Puddle, yep, I was amazed by those films. Not only is Woo Ping doing his awesome choreography in both (I believe), but these films have soooooo many inside jokes and they treat the genre with a sense of historical perspective and really, pride.

In "Shaolin Soccer,' the scene with the Bruce Lee look alike was very touching to me, because it handled his amazing, iconoclasm with a real sense of delicacy, and this comes after decades of the chopsocky tradition showing no decorum toward the Lee estate by having every new kung fu star for a decade take the name of Bruce Lee...or Li...or Lea or whatever. But I found it touching that they couldn't kill off the Bruce Lee character, but instead had him need "a good rest."

Very subtle, very nice.

Posted by: wes | August 09, 2010 at 03:03 PM

I'm not really into martial arts movies but, I was wondering if you were familiar with the film 'Ip Man'. If you've seen it I'd appreciate your opinion. I tried to get it on Blockbuster but, it's not yet available.

Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!


Absotutely! I love the spirit on this blog but please stay smart - we are not children. Celtics are a great great great great team - 2nd best in the league.
Celtics have always been about strength, execution, and winning. Mentally,
always the toughest, in playoffs - always better than the regular season. Did
they not shock the east last year?

I am a Laker fan forever - don't make me scold this blog again for I come out
looking like hell trying to keep us straight.

BreakfastSausage -

Good point. Not even 4 supposed Boston HOF's could take on one Lakers Kobe and win.

I guess there are HOF's and there are HOF's.

I can see the greenies are still having emotional issues dealing with the loss.

"We really should have won....wah, wah, wah.... the green piggies cried all the way home"

Giant Green Bald-Headed Lunatic,

Some of what's said here may indeed be over the top, but I think the majority of Lakers fans respect your team. Speaking for myself, I know I do.

About 50% of Lakers fans feel some degree of animosity towards Shaq for reasons I hope you can understand. I'm all for his right to earn a living in the NBA and I think he definitely makes the Celtics better. While the Buss family is the ultimate decider of whether his Lakers jersey gets retired, some of us still choke at the idea.

Looking forward to the Winter meetings between the two teams, and believing there's a likelihood we'll meet once again in the NBA Finals.

I sense fear and trepidation. When you only win 2 championships in a row what is that called? A Twopeat? Enjoy your twopeat because that threepeat can't possibly happen now. The competition has improved astronomically while you guys have improved marginally. This is the year, finally, when Bynum will hopefully have no more excuses and we can see him for what he is, a second rate center.

I've taken a break from posting now that the team is pretty much identified for next season. I've done some work travel and am waiting to go to Hungary in two weeks. I'm pretty excited about the new season later this year. I've watched my 2010 Championship DVD so it's been a great summer.

Cölöradö löves öür Wörld Champiön Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fatty and Breakfast Sausage,

I was wondering, are you guys vegans? Probably a dumb question.

@RAYMOND… You know, you could be right, especially if Bynum is healthy and the Lakers romp and his health is good. It’s not like he would be like a gambler who didn’t know how to quit. He won’t lost what he has accomplished, even if the Lakers crashed. That’s a win-win situation. Of course, he has to win this year for that dream to even have a chance.

Church Lady,

I noticed that whenever you make a comment on my post, you hide in different handles. Anyway, I have a clue who you are.

Why don't you read what I posted: "Thank you so much Mitch, you deserve all the accolades from the very Laker fans who were criticizing you in the past". That includes me.....we are the very Laker fans before, we are the very Lakers fans today and we are the very Laker fans tomorrow.....Problem with you, you try catch and bait at the regulars. Get out in the open, join the conversation and don't hide on different handles. Lakers Blog is not designed for coward fans who refused to be identified.


I'm glad you asked......

Fatty is a play on my last name. I was always tall and skinny, so the nick name was an opposite that stuck from my old basketball days. (Back when we used Apple crates for hoops)

The nick-name was pretty much forgotten among my family until I started to post on the LA Times Lakers site, where I resurrected it again.

Fatty - Who feels this blog is so good, that even Celtic trolls are drawn to it over Boston sites.


National Anthem:

USA - "The Star Spangled Banner" = Not too long has a VERY NICE build up to a cresendo that ALWAYS makes every Americans Heart swell with Pride and even maybe a tear in the eye, especially during the Olympics (where we usually have to hear it about a hundred times).

Posted by: HalosAnt | August 09, 2010 at 03:07 PM

Tho' I know you made this comment in jest, I wonder if you and others have read the complete lyrics to the star bangled banner? I was especially taken aback by this particular stanza with the reference to slaves:

"And where is that band who so vauntingly swore
That the havoc of war and the battle's confusion,
A home and a country should leave us no more?
Their blood has wash'd out their foul footsteps' pollution.
No refuge could save the hireling and slave
From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave:
And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave"

Read more: The Star-Spangled Banner —

Lets go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

kevin tully -

"Any fool knows that bravado is always a cover-up for insecurity. That's the truth. And on that note, I'll say goodnight. God love you."

-Bobby Darin


You got it right. You were here with us when Kobe ranted and he has reasons for doing it. I remember in 06 and 07 seasons Mitch kept on saying - we're getting there just a little tweaking. The blog was about to declare a civil war at the F/O and the loyalists bloggers, we kept on hearing Kwame is great, let us start Farmar, Luke has a high IQ. Come playoffs, we can't go beyond first round for two consecutive years. If Kobe did not rant, perhaps we are still dealing with the rats who kept on creating holes on a sinking ship. If Kobe was traded to the Bulls for Hinrick, Gordon, Deng perhaps there will be fans flight and maybe the end of this blog. We were just so disgruntled and disappointed on the state of the Lakers, we are the laughing stock of NBA. I remember Mr. Thorn of the Pacers would not ever answer the phone call of Mitch in offering Bynum for JO. Well, in 08 season, we saw a different Mitch, a semblance of the old asst of Jerry West who daring and wheelin' and dealin' at the envy of all NBA owners and coaches.

Suggesting that someone might be a vegan carries no negative connotation to it. The word troll is a derogatory word however and is used to denigrate a poster who just happens to have a contrary view from most of the posters on this blog.

The inside story was certainly interesting however and I enjoyed it.

The Lakers have had some tremendously talented teams over the years. This edition ain't one of them. The last time these Lakers faced a healthy, strong and talented team it was in 2008 and what did we see??? Total and complete destruction.

Probably a dumb question.

Posted by: kevin tully | August 10, 2010 at 08:52 PM

Hi KT!
Do you really care about saying dumb things?
That can be your 1st time. I hope you keep that in mind before make us read your posts!
Sorry, i can't stay to talk. I'll read you tomorrow.
Good night!

Edwin, that was true of those times......

And yes, Kobe did have something to do with Mitch taking his job more seriously.

But I feel it was the Blog members threatening to burn down Mitch's office, with him and Jim Buss in it, that really woke him up.

Phred was wrong, it was not about the love. It was the fear of us roasting Mitch alive that changed him into the GM he is today.

Fatty - "Its all about the fear"

Do you think Kobe and Mitch spent a nano second thinking about bringing Shaq back?

LA v. Boston game: I can see Shaq running pass Dr. Buss screaming "Why didn't you pay me!"

Brazil flattened us tonight......2-0, in front of 77,000.


Now I'm firmly convinced that the Boston Trolls are having some serious emotional issues dealing with the loss to the Lakers....


Flagstaff weather forecast: Sunny and warm for the next week. Yeah baby!

Fatty, you always know how tickle us in every turn. What is great about your funny remarks it is not at the expense of another individual, sometimes you even use you poke at yourself in order to initiate laughter. You are really a treasure in this blog.

Well, the Laker patriots were just standing behind Kobe, one of them is Mamba24 who would like to quit the blog. I said, don't, I would like to quit too but not yet ripe for it. They have not traded Kobe. Before the start of the '08 season, Smush was not re-signed and Fisher came back, that was a new hope in the Lakerville. As the season was just starting, immediately there was another change, here comes Ariza in exchange of Evans and Cook. Ok, one scrub down.....more to follow. Kobe is seen laughing and light hearted, he and Bynum are now buddies. Of course, Feb 1st I remember it because it's my natal day Gasol came to Lakerville in exchange of Kwame.....REJOICE, ALLELUIA the rest is history.

Regular season 76 days away and I'm ready. I love the Lakers, but also just love NBA hoops. So here are the top 10 things I'm looking forward to:

10. How will Farmar fair with the Nets....I'm rooting for him.
9. How will Cuban's gamble on Chandler/Haywood to compete with the Lakers work out.
8. Greg Oden's return. He was playing well before going down last year.
7. Can OKC continue to rise. Will they contemplate signing Sheed in Feb to help matchup with the Lakers? Durant is not only a great player. But his humility makes it easy to root for him.
6. Watching the Rookies...Wall, Cousins and Griffin...3 future all-stars.
5. DHoward's improvement. How much did the workout with Dream help?
4. Chicago's improvement. Now a legit contender...and I love watching DRose.
3. How will Boston's big 3 age this season? Ponce De Leon anyone? How long before Doc and Shaq clash over playing time. Can Rondo will them back to the finals?
2. Miami Superfriends. How will they handle adversity. Will Riles go to the bench? Can Lebron handle DWade being viewed as the man? Will Riles motivational pitch woo Sheed?
1. ALL THINGS LAKERS. How the bench will mesh. Ron's growth. Bynum's health, Kobe's climb up various all-time charts...the 3PEAT!

I sense fear and trepidation.

Posted by: kevin tully | August 10, 2010 at 08:38 PM
I sense a looser with bball i.q. = ZERO

P. Ang,

Yes, that was the famous Shaq challenge which started his Laker downfall. Well, he was just joking Dr. Buss but it was disrespectful too.

When the Lakers traded Shaq, I didn't like Brian, we could have gotten D'Wade instead, however it was done in haste because Kobe was about to sign with the Clippers. Even without Shaq, Lakers are still strong if Malone, Payton, Fisher, Butler, Kobe and Odom were retained in one team. It didn't happen that way, it was a complete reorganization that catapulted to the era of the scrubs from Tierre Brown, Atkins, Jones, Mihm and so on...Then, suddenly Rudy Tomja could not accept what's going on, he said at the middle of the season: "no mas, no mas I'm getting sick again." lol!

Brazil flattened us tonight......2-0, in front of 77,000.

Posted by: Fatty | August 10, 2010 at 09:34 PM
Sorry about that, Fatty. The new young kids are really good.

Edwin Gueco:

The premise of the blog is to share thoughts related to Lakers over a virtual medium. I am not here to ask you out to dinner and don’t expect the same. I simply pointed out that you are a hypocrite in calling out Lakers fans for criticizing Mitch, if my memory serves me right, you have been very critical of Mitch in the past, perhaps very vocal in your criticism of remember “Cupcake”, and shall we bring up Dfish whom you called an antique and a player with no value. When I called you “elder” you went whining to MM, how conveeeeeeeeeeeenient! Your salvation is in the Sunday Church, be there and be on time!!

That’s the fact jack!!

Edwin Gueco:

How conveeeeeeeeenient, lets just blame it on senility and forget what was said in the past, hahahaha

The Calls Kobe Blocked:

The Big Monolith (Now Part of the Stonehenge Keltics)
Mushcalade Parker
Von Wafer-Thin-Mint
Tracy McPastry

[Feel Free to Add]



Lakers vs. Miami Marielitos (Cuban Salsa Dancing Gets Mamba'd, Black Mamba'd)

Stonehenge Keltics vs. Miami Marielitos (Hoping They Beat Each Other Senseless)

Lakers vs. Stonehenge Keltics (Looking Forward to Drew Owning The Big Monolith)

Lakers vs. Orlando Meeces (Black Mamba's Post Moves vs. Goofy's New Post Moves)



Church Lady,

OK, you better consistent with this handle.

Did I not tell you that I AM INCLUDED on those very Laker fans who were critical to Mitch. Did I deny that? We called Cupcake before and most recently called him Cupcake again for losing that PG rookie to GS. is there anything wrong about that? He is a public figure and that's part and parcel of having that stature. We are only fans here. We can always say anything against public figures, maybe something good on a given day and maybe bad some other day. If you have problem in understanding what constitute a public figure, read the law that encompasses what is a public figure?

With regards to D'Fish, I said he is a Laker antique. What is so bad about that statement? You have a wrong connotation of an "antique" and I've explained this matter before. An antique connotes something old but still precious in value. Does this refer to Fisher? Is he not old compared to other PG's, not fast enough to guard them like Rose, D'Will, CP3 etc.? On the other hand, is he not valuable that he can still compete with them in some other ways that makes him valuable? Conclusion, he is old but has value to the team. Where is the problem there?

The problem with you is that you are a hater and a stalker. Whatever I will say you have already made up your mind that I am a hypocrite. I am your target and kept on following my posts. Hey, if you don't like what is being said, skip it. Espouse your own ideas.

Based upon the latest Station Casino's Sports Book Odds to Win the 2011 NBA Championship (As Of 8/2/2010), Las Vegas is basically forecasting the following Eastern and Western Conference matchups:

1. Heat (Odds to Win Championship (OTWC): 8/5)
2. Keltics OR Magic (OTWC: 8/1)
3. Magic OR Keltics (OTWC: 8/1)
4. Bulls (OTWC: 16/1)
5. Hawks (OTWC: 28/1)
6. Bucks (OTWC: 40/1)
7. Knicks (OTWC: 45/1)
8. Cavs OR Bobcats (OTWC: 50/1) [I'd Like to See Cavs, But Bobcats R More Likely)

1. Lakers (OTWC: 5/2)
2. Nuggets (OTWC: 12/1)
3. Mavs OR Thunder (OTWC: 15/1)
4. Thunder OR Mavs (OTWC: 15/1)
5. Spurs (OTWC: 22/1)
6. Trailblazers (OTWC: 25/1)
7. Jazz (OTWC: 30/1)
8. Suns (OTWC: 35/1)

NOW, I don't agree with these seedings. But, it would make for some interesting matchups.

Bobcats vs. Miami Marielitos
Marielitos vs. Bulls
Marielitos vs Keltics/Magic

Not an easy road to make the NBA Finals for the Marielitos.

Lakers could possibly match up against two of last season's Western Conference Playoffs opponents.

With that said, I don't think it will play out this way. In the East, I don't see the Knicks or Cavs ahead of the Bobcats. The Sixers (OTWC: 100/1), Pistons (OTWC: 100/1) or Wizards (OTWC: 100/1) could also beat out the Knicks and Cavs.

In the West, I wouldn't count out Houston (OTWC: 40/1) nor would I count out the Grizzlies (OTWC: 50/1).


As for the 5/2 Odds for the Lakers, it's NOT A BAD BET. I'm Seriously Considering It...



Since the Church Lady has not responded, it is time for the "elder" to rest. If by calling me elder makes him happy.

Here is the parting words of the elder, I quote from John Ruskin:

" The question is not what a man can scorn, or disparage, or find fault with, but what he can love, and value, and appreciate."

G in DC,

I don't know it, but I'll look it up.


Edwin Gueco:

You wrote: " The question is not what a man can scorn, or disparage, or find fault with, but what he can love, and value, and appreciate."

Nice quote and you should really try to love, value and appreciate Mitch, Dfish and the Celtics and not scorn them. Otherwise, you are being a hypocrite by posting a quote.

By the way, I do enjoy your posts simply because you put lot effort into composing and choice of words and hoping that MM will select your post as RCOTD.

I think were pretty much done here. Just counting the days. Id expect to see alot of Sasha in the first half of the season. I still have one eye on Chris Paul. At some point the Lakers have to acknowledge their future, or lack thereof. If CP still wants to come to LA, which of course he does, and Miami is looking scary, I would not count out some effort to bring Paul to the Lakers for Odom another guard and maybe Ebanks and.or draft picks.

The Lakers have an aging team. Paul would bring them and 18 and 10 young presence. If the Lakers can bring Caracter in quickly to fill Lamar's role I think this can happen at some point. If not, Ill take what we got. Its Lakers fully loaded.


Best post ever. I also HATE ESPN

The Lakers have 15 b2b games, question now is how many do the Heat and Celtics have? I am usually on top of that, ut not this time around

It makes me sick and it angers me to hear that the Celtics are the example that the regular season doesn't matter.

They were lucky to have faced the Heat on the 1st round. If it would of been the Bobcats does anyone think that they would of survived that round? If they did, they would of been so beaten and the Cavs would of walked all over their CARCASS'. The Cavs or the Magic. They would not have managed to reach the Finals.

Come next year, they are going to do the same. The only difference is that they are going to be on the 5th, 6th, 7th or maybe 8th playoff spot. Only because the regular season doesn't matter. Stern always has the last word.

If The Lakers even reach the 65 win total in the upcoming season; that should go on the record book. West is always better than East.

Why does every supposedly NBA Superstar run to the East, or why does every Superstar stay in the East? To at least make it to the Finals.

When Kobe Finally is done whats going to happen to the NBA? Is that why David Stern is trying to create teams overseas? Is that why he is trying to sell Kevin Durant as the next big star?

Kevin Tully-

The Lakers Franchise has come close to that 72-10 mark twice. Even if it was within 3 or 5. How many other NBA Franchises can claim that oppurtunity? Can your's?

Kevin Tully-

Its called a repeat. The next championship is called a 3peat. But I don't think your team knows that meaning, or yourself.

Am I Night patrol? Sure hope so cause no trolls come around when I Post.

hail to the greatest owner of the NBA...... KING DR. JERRY BUSS sir you are one of a kind!!!!!! brilliant mind... long live the king! more power... LA LAKERS FOREVER.

Would love Lisa Leslie on TNT. Best WNBA player that has ever played along with Swoops/ Thompson.

Cheryl Miller greatest female player to have ever played when it comes to basketball. It sucks she has to interview schmucks.

Would love Lisa Leslie on TNT. Best WNBA player that has ever played along with Swoops/ Thompson.
Cheryl Miller greatest female player to have ever played when it comes to basketball. It sucks she has to interview schmucks. Posted by: Joe_Corado | August 11, 2010 at 04:06 AM
Hey! Cynthia Cooper wasn't so bad just 4 WNBA championships
First female MVP of the WNBA what elser you want? I love that girl. I loved the Houston Comets the 4-peated!

Why does every supposedly NBA Superstar run to the East, or why does every Superstar stay in the East? To at least make it to the Finals.Posted by: Joe_Corado | August 11, 2010 at 03:21 AM
You forget Joe, The East games come on 2 hours earlier than the West so the stars get a chance to play before more of the Nation. That's why David Stern was so anxious to have an Eastern superteam, besides beating the Lakers. By the time the Lakers finish playing it is midnight or past in the east.

(01) JUSTANOTHERMAMBAFAN - OWNER - We Got This & We Want More! Nothing but a (17th) Title will suffice.
(02) LEWSTRS - DRIVER - I'm on the "WE GOT THIS" bandwagon...
(03) LAKERLASS – RIDING SHOTGUN - No matter what universe or alternate reality I’m in I AM A LAKER FAN!!
(04) #4 - WE GOT THIS
(05) MAMBA24 - SECURITY- HELL YEAH WE GOT THIS!! Besides I got Justa's Back!!
(07) LROB - Sign me up. Make no mistake...WE GOT THIS!
(09) NOAH
(10) CORNER J - SECURITY - Wherever there is will find us, Wherever there is 4th quarter suffering...we'll be there, Wherever the No-mo-Bynum banditos beckon to break up the brotherhood of Laker will find... THE LAKER AMIGOS!!!
(11) utzworld – THE ONCE AND FUTURE BANNER HOLDER – CHAPLAIN - On the line this season: Kobe's 6th ring. Kobe's 2nd 3Peat. Phil's final season. Phil's 4th 3Peat. A potential head to head defeat of Shaq should the Celtics make the Finals. The NBA record tying 17th Championship. Destiny is calling. MOVE, HATERS! GET OUT THE WAY!
(12) LAKERMIKE - LIKE FINE ART. . .--stand too close, and the brilliance cannot be fully appreciated --pass judgment before the masterpiece is complete, and short-change the genius of the process Nobody ever marvels at the canvas underneath the final presentation, but instead the magnificance of the finished product. This postseason run of the Lakers is like Fine Art. Wait, just wait on it, & behold the beauty
(13) VMAN - When Dark threatens to extinguish Light, Lakers and Celtics collide. When Good and Evil can't coexist for another second, Lakers / Celtics collide. When Love is threatened by Hate, Lakers / Celtics collide The path is clear. It's time to get ugly, turn up the tough. Pain? what pain? Injuries? Cut me. No Fear, the Suns shall illuminate our path, aid in our preparation for the battle ahead.
The Good, the Light, the Love, will Prevail... Rise Up! GO Lakers!
(14) FEARLESS - Kobe can win THROUGH his team mates. He can win WITH his team mates. He can win DEFERRING to his team mates. He can win IN SPITE OF his team mates. He can win INSTEAD of his team mates. He can even win BY HIMSELF (just ask Dallas & Toronto). Champions are forged in the 4th QUARTER. Franchises are defined in the 4th QUARTER. Dynasties are cemented in the 4th QUARTER. Sit back & watch PJ, Kobe & Fish orchestrate this symphony we call Lakers basketball to another parade down Figueroa Blvd. Hell are You
(15) ZAIRA AMATERASU - Laker Land: where all that is possible and even a lot of what is impossible happens on a daily basis. History repeats to the same patterns, but evolving from them to a more perfected reality, round after round. So we are the same: just better than last time. And we are getting better with every step more we take within the future.
(16) J24(LADYJEM(24) - To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping” basketball is a journey, teams learn about their weaknesses and strengths as they play along all 82 games. so let's enjoy this journey with our team. onto the next win.
(17) JON K – LAKERS TODAY LAKERS TOMORROW LAKERS FOREVER – What do wwe play for? More Rings! Destiny is calling" I feel its pull. Let's get this!
(19) FAN OF THE MAMBA - Ooooh Weeeee!!! Just had a shot of that URLF Unrecovered Laker Holism Formula now put me on the "We Got This" bandwagon!
(20) FATTY
(21) CHRISTINA H. - I ride wih my Dad!
(22) D(EREK ) J(ETER) - The 17th Bandwagon. Me on that? Well duhhh, add me RIGHT NOW! I like Championships, ha, ha!
(23)NEMAIA FALETOGO - Sign me up! We been had this! 2 years straight and counting!
(24) RAIDERLAKER1980 - requesting charter membership to we got this wagon! yes we do. grand stand is what Phil is calling the Lakers at the podium this year!
(25) LAL –FAN – Put me on the WE GOT THIS BANDWAGON
(26) MAGIC PHIL - We have the BEST TEAM (eat this Meat & Chawders). PERIOD
(27) POINTFORWARD - Add me to the curator of the 17th.
(28) LONGTIMELAKERLOVER - Put me on that bandwagon,! I am READY for the "WE GOT THIS" wagon. Yeah, baby. Yeah. <--said in my best Austin Powers impersonation.
(29)SAMLL - I don't know why some people are harping about the Celtics' bigs. They can only play them, at most, 2 at a time. Will they play Shaq, Big Baby and KG together? I don't think so. Meanwhile, the Lakers can play Drew, Pau and LO together. So, what are you all worried about? WE GOT THIS
(30) HALOSANT - HATE the Celtics SO MUCH that I REFUSE to change my light bulbs to the more energy efficient ones, I REFUSE to recycle my aluminum cans, plastics and paper, I REFUSE to buy a hybrid vehicle, I REFUSE to stop using aerosol sprays! And WHY might you ask? BECAUSE I REFUSE TO GO GREEN!!!!Plus I leave my A/C on ALL DAY 'cuz I HATE the HEAT TOO!!!LAKERS BABY!!!!!!WE GOT THIS!!!!
(31) PURPLE & GOLD REIGN - Do I really have to say it? WE GOT THIS!!!
The default setting should be: Go ahead and ADD me to every Lakers Bandwagon there is! My Fan-dom may not extend as far back as some of the elder members of this Blog (who vividly remember the West/Baylor era), but my Devotion to the Los Angeles Lakers takes a back seat to no one. Cut me, and I bleed Royal Purple & Gold. I even have a fondness for the Minnesota Vikings just because of their team colors.
(33) WALLACE – Riding with JUSTA on the WE GOT THIS BANDWAGON!

(01) LROB = 132
(02) LEWSTRS - 111
(02) ART-FL LAKERS FAN - 103
(04) HUMANOMALY = 68

This season, the schedule.
I look forward to all the games, but especially the televised ones.
Of those on TV, I look forward to the one's played against east coast teams so they come on at a decent hour here on the east coast.
I look forward to the games against all the better teams.
Especially look forward to the the Lakers only visit to central FL and hoping I can get to the game against the Magic in February.

While I would love to see the Lakers go 82-0 I guess I have modest expectations. I expect they will lose a few to teams they should beat, like the Clippers, of course Charlotte, wouldn't be surprised to see the Kings beat them up in Sacramento.

Interested in seeing how much impact the Spurs new center Splitter will have and see if the Spurs make one more aging run for Tim, wouldn't be surprised to see them go deep into the playoffs.

OKC won't sneak up on anyone this year so they have a bigger challenge.
Mavs, Nugs should be a tough out.

Hope to see the Heat lose 3-4 in a row just to read the press reactions and see them squirm.

Don't care much about Shaq but hope Farmar does well. Hope we don't miss him.

I expect the west will be very tough and think it will be like last year coming right down to the wire to see who finishes where. I don't care about how many wins the Lakers get, more important just to finish on top of the heap.

And of course, we can't go a full season on the blog without the usual
Bynum/Fisher condemnations with jabs thrown towards Phil, Kobe, Pau, Ron and LO along the way. But that's just all part of the entertainment.

The NBA is a Broadway show, the blog is a place where we all get to play a role in pushing our favorite players and team to be the best they can be.
We get to play the role of blog participant as well as be part of the audience, to entertain and be entertained at the same time.

The NBA is a Broadway show, the blog is a place where we all get to play a role in pushing our favorite players and team to be the best they can be.
We get to play the role of blog participant as well as be part of the audience, to entertain and be entertained at the same time. Posted by: Art - FL Lakers Fan | August 11, 2010 at 05:58 AM
Good morning to you Art and might I say excellent observations sir. I think The Lakers will do surprisingly well 60 +.

Hi mamba,

60+ would be great, I just don't know what to expect for number of wins,
maybe 56-66.

With the significantly improved bench, I expect our record to improve this coming season.

The time difference between East and West coasts does have a significant impact on viewership for NBA nighttime games. Unless an East Coast fan has NBA League Pass and digital recording capabilities, they just don't get to watch us as much as we get to watch selected games of East coast teams.

I'm sure that any Laker with "influence" would help to recruit good players. Lamar helped bring in Artest. Kobe's encouragement, as Mark M pointed out, carries great weight. Mitch K, however, is the master at the wheel.

Onward to 17!

Good morning crew!
Nice post FCM!
I love all the new trolls - at least they are making me laugh with during this non-season.

Cheers all..........PLG

Good morning, Art, RedBluffPete. Hey PychedLakerGirl. Has anybody checked
out the Heat or Celtics schedules yet? I haven't but I think I will.

Good Morning Mamba24 and everyone,

Last night I was under attack by the blogger who kept on changing his handle, yet his postDNA reveals that he is the ordinary black hole we are very familiar in this blog. He attacks different regular posters and make it convenient for him to be anonymous to the anonymous. He said: "you should really try to love, value and appreciate Mitch, Dfish and the Celtics and not scorn them." Hehe, after all the hiding he is a leprechaun fan too.

Then, he lodged his attacks on MM, the same guy who prodded MM's short vacation and the blog is back to activity. Black hole indeed, a rebel star who is envious on those chosen by MM. Frankly, I hope MM will end the RCOTD recognition sometime in the future because some bloggers felt unwanted and find a reason to lay the blame on others who are frequently chosen. That's understandable even in an office atmosphere, jealousy will always be there.

Joining a blog is really a mind exercise and a training ground on how you relate yourself to your friends, close family ties, co-employees and acquaintances in the real world. What you express here and your relationship with other bloggers is a reflection of yourself in the real world. You have a choice on being friendly, treacherous, kibitzer, antagonistic, optimist, pessimist, agreeable, cheerleader, backbiter, rude and so forth. It can be a summary of every trait but you should have the conviction to own it and defend it. We are here in this blog because of the Lakers. It is not the cult personality of any blogger or any other individual including MM formerly AK/BK. We all have our own opinions and no two opinions are the same at all times. It is all said with passion and kept on changing as the games are played and decisions are taken.Therefore, if you disagree on certain inferences, say it. If the other guy/girl disagrees with you maybe in 3 or 4 posts, perhaps end it in a common courtesy in agreeing to disagree. Isn't that a good policy in the real world? Unfortunately, we are not all the same, there are some individuals who have superiority attitude in their upbringing or others with inferiority complexes and most are middle of the road. It takes a blog village to cure those defects in time. In any political unit whether in the office, in families or among friends there are good vibes as well as disharmonious feelings that may exist. That's normal because we have human feelings capable of all these emotions. It is best to cure our own flaws, enlighten our reasoning power through blogging. If Dale Carnegie is still around, he could have said it better with the title of his book, How to Win Friends and Influence People. Just my 2 cents.

Good morning blog crew!

The lights are on, the coffee is brewing, the open sign is turned on, and the blog is open for business.......

Fatty - Who doesn't mind losing to Brazil too much. But, being dominated by a bunch of kids, to young to drive, drink, and shave is embarrassing.


Here you go mamba24

They start playing against each other on 26th.

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