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Kevin Durant is MVP favorite over Kobe Bryant, says gaming site

Durantkobe It’s only a gambling site, but says Kevin Durant, who turns 22 in September, is the favorite to lay money on to win the regular-season MVP award in 2010-11, with odds of 5/2.

Remember the Rolling Stone story last spring that declared Kobe Bryant had dropped to the third-best player in the NBA, behind LeBron James and "Durantula"?

Well, the gambling site’s MVP odds mix that up a bit.

They make old man Kobe, who just turned 32, the second favorite in the MVP chase at 3/1 odds. And LeBron James, who is 26 but is going for a three-peat this season in his collection of MVP awards, is pegged at a 9/2 favorite. Perhaps James isn’t listed any higher because this season he will have to share the ball in Miami with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

Rounding out Bodog's top five MVP candidates are D-Wade (9/1) and Carmelo Anthony (at 12/1).

Meanwhile, the site pegs Kentucky point guard John Wall, who was picked No. 1 by the Washington Wizards in June, as the leading NBA rookie of the year candidate at 5/4 odds.

Guess who’s No. 2? Clippers forward Blake Griffin, who should be entering his second NBA season, except he didn’t play in a regular season game in 2009-10 after having surgery on his kneecap. So, Griffin is an 11/4 favorite to nab the rookie award.

-- Barry Stavro

Photo: Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant battle for position in Game 1 of the Lakers-Thunder playoff series in April 2010. Credit: Los Angeles Times / Wally Skalij.

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Hey Hobbit,

Dude, I don't want to turn into the guy carrying the Shaq banner because I despise the guy for his actions and comments after he left as much as the next person.

Regarding the veteran savvy I referred to, that's why I said it's not quantifiable. I don't think it's just about his overall attitude (definitely poor, I agree with the sugery on company time thing and coming to camp out of shape), but I think during those years, he used his skills to his maximum abillity. He may not have been as agile as when he first came into the league, but he used his agility combined with power the best. Who in the league at that time could guard him one on one? He was a better passer - assist totals were higher in those years than the rest. And although Kobe may have proven to be a better leader, Shaq was the leader of those teams.

utz - we're not upset that MM's on vacay. In fact, we're glad he was able to take some time. The problem is the lack of good articles, good pictures, no communication with us, and lack of timely post updating and / or lack of insta-posting. Other than that....

I'll check in here, but I'm also gonna go to the live chat MagicPhil set up. I should at least get a fix that way. Hope to see you there!

Way to go Fish!!!! I am sooo proud of those two young men. Just watching Fish and Kobe interact gives me fricking goose bumps. You know they're chomping at the bit to get this season started. At least Kobe said he would'nt do what, what's his name did. He was being honest without putting LBJ down.AND, HE WILL RETIRE A LAKER!!!! It was great to get a Laker fix today. To H#@$ with Percocet and vodka. That should last for a day or two.

It's nice to get baack on the blog. I'm currently in Papa, Hungary. I got here Wednesday and will be here for a short while. Looking forward to the season. Did Los Doyers release Manny? I've been out for a while. Night night.

Colorado (via Hungary) loves our World Champion Lakers!

Mamba24... just did a little vacation that's all.

>>>Melo's done in Denver: ...
>>>Which means the following for us...

ESPN's comment is that Denver's only looking to trade for young talent and draft picks, and they listed the Clippers as one team having those assets. So if you're the Clippers, would you be willing to trade Kaman + Eric Gordon for Carmelo? What if the deal is Blake Griffin + Aminu + DeAndre Jordan. Do you do that deal?


I don't know if I'd do that deal, but I do know that Donald Sterling will somehow mess it up.

Go Clippers!


Hey Lakers fans,

Automatic posting of comments has been turned back on. Although this is against Times policy, with Mark Medina and other basketball staffers on vacation it's the best way to keep you guys up and running. We'll still sweep through the comments section to delete any offensive posts, but this way you can blast away to one another without delay.


Dan Loumena
Assistant Sports Editor

Something that is amazing to me is a couple of stories over on ESPN/NBA. The articles are Player of the Decade and Team of the Decade

In both cases Lakers & Kobe are dissed.
For Player of the Decade they have Kobe behind Kevin Garnet and Tim Duncan. With Duncan you can at least make a case, a weak case in my opinion. But to have Kobe 3rd to Kevin 2nd.

What are these guys smoking? Well looks like to me they just did every Laker fan a favor. We saw what happened when they said Kobe was old. He got his knee drained and procedded to reel off something like 7 out of 10 games with 30 points.

Kobe behind Duncan & Garnet for Player of the Decade...whew!
Barring injury, I feel sorry for the other NBA teams...well no I don't.

Go Get Them Lakers!!!

FYI: I saw the thread on the Lakers re-signing DJ Mbenga. Not true. Mike Bresnahan put out a call to the Lakers, who said they would not be bringing back DJ for the upcoming season.

Dan Loumena,
Assistant Sports Editor

NBA news is a little lean now, as one would expect this time of year.
Pro Football in a couple of weeks, then late September for real NBA News.

Yes, Kobe deserved more MVP's and Phil deserved more Coach of the Year awards. Both have plenty of earned and deserved recognition and respect by those in the know, and cash in their wallets, to rest comfortably on a Friday night. Both are WINNERS!

I would like to see Kevin Durant win the MVP. Hard for Lebron to be an MVP again on the new Heat team. What surprised me was Lebron taking $14.3 million, the same as Bosh and Wade. Lebron could have made a LOT more elsewhere. Cleveland had a damn good team, and by getting rid of Shaq they could have gotten some good complimentary players to work with the new coach Byron Scott. Lebron IS good enough to surprise me.

Is Walton coming back? How are Pau's hammies? Kobe's knee?

As for Glenn "Quack" Rivers, his remarks about his "undefeated" Keltic Fab Five ... their team lost because they were out rebounded, they fouled too much in Game 7 because they appeared tired, the guards and forwards shot a low percentage, the Lakers team was tougher on defense, we had home court advantage, and Phil is a better coach. We had our own share of injuries and missing players in 2008 and 2010 ... I don't hear Phil Jackson whining and making excuses about loosing. He goes fishing in Montana, reads, writes books, snuggles around the fireplace with Jeanie, and sits Zazen.

I don't know how some of the regular bloggers here find the time to post so much.

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