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Highlighting the best from the 1,000-comment post

August 9, 2010 | 12:42 pm


It had served as nothing more than a throwaway line. But it quickly became a rallying cry for the L.A. Times Lakers blog readers. With there being very little Laker news and the fact I wanted to enjoy a Saturday at the beach, I suggested to everyone to try to shoot for 500 comments in that day's only post. When I returned the next day, I saw everyone carry that pledge ... and then some.

At that point, there were around 600 comments on the thread, and I thought at first maybe I had just been out in the sun too long. But no it wasn't a mirage and it wasn't about to stop anytime soon. After then raising the ante to 800, this legendary post eventually reached 1,130 comments, which might spark a petition on my behalf to see if it this qualifies for any sort of Guinness World Record. Hey, then we'll be spoken within the same breath as Lamar Odom and Shannon Brown for shattering a record for most free throws made in a minute. To make it easier to store this legendary post for future use, I made a new category called "1,000 comment post," which is included in the categories below. That category will include the original post as well as this one that highlights all the best comments so you can treasure it for years to come. It could also serve as an easy reference tool for when the good people with the Guinness World Records verify our claim. Now we just need a volunteer to get in touch with them.

Without further ado, below the jump are the best comments from that memorable post.


"Mr. Medina, meet Mr. Murphy. Mr. Murphy's law is that since you hope this will be the only post of the day, all hell is likely to break loose. (Although for your sake, I hope not.)" -- Rick Friedman

"Lakers are already in luxury taxes beyond on what they have last season. The reason why they wanted to take Sasha off is to save money, save money for Shannon or save money to beef up the profit margins of JB. To add a veteran, that would be 2.6M including taxes. How many minutes will that veteran play? Therefore, I suggested why don't they get a good shooter from the D'League, Euro League at minimum rookie contract. Don't you think we can name at least 10 players available today who can shoot two 3's if they're given a playing time of say 2 minutes. That's what Lakers should be looking for, the "help" player or push button player who can readily turn the switch ON." -- Edwin Gueco

"actually get more and more excited with each video of LeBron and Bosh partying somewhere across the country, because it just widens the gulf they're going to have to eventually cross to get back to where they need to be to win a ring. You don't win from a luxury suite or the owner's box, and I for one am glad the guys in Miami don't know this. This really enhances our chances of completing this threepeat. But we NEED home court, and we can't depend on the 5th or 6th seed knocking out the top seed again this year. We need to get and keep the best record asap." -- wes


"Well, I'm probably not going to be around much today, so here's my best try at contributing to hitting 500; Luke Walton is a great player, he is more valuable to the Lakers than Kobe Bryant, his salary was a great move, and I think he needs a lot more playing time in crunch time. Andrew Bynum has already achieved more than more Laker's centers. He is definitely better than Dwight Howard, he doesn't need to have a breakout season this year because his last season was really why we won the title. He is underpaid, and we could probably try to trade Pau Gasol for Carmelo Anthony, or maybe Al Harrington because with the way Drew plays we just don't need Pau anymore. Derek Fisher is a talented and great athlete, but a locker room cancer. We should be able to trade him for a great character like a JR Smith or Delonte West who can really stabilize our locker room and not make Kobe upset like Fish always does. The Earth is flat, and anyone who says otherwise is a delusional Laker Hater who probably loves Lebron James, Tom Heinsohn, and Gray Davis. KB Blitz and hobbitmage, I don't believe any of your arguments because they are too short and don't offer enough random statistics. Somebody just said something bad about justa. IT IS NOT ALL ABOUT THE LOVE. I DON'T CARE WHETHER THE LAKERS WIN OR NOT" -- phred

"I’ve always said that I have complete trust in Jerry and Jim Buss, Mitch Kupchak, Phil Jackson, and the Lakers front office and coaching staff when it comes to making personnel and business decisions. Their record clearly shows that they have a vision for this team, a well-conceived game plan on how to get there, and the basketball and business smarts and organization to make the right decisions.

It’s fascinating after all the give-and-take and back-and-forth on the blog to finally see what the Lakers front office really thinks about a player as indicated by their decisions. It’s a chance for Lakers bloggers to get an instant reality check on their BBIQ. After all, the only vote that counts in resolving endless debates over a player’s value is that of the Lakers front office. So what have we learned?

First, it’s pretty obvious that the Lakers think very highly of Derek Fisher and what he brings to the team. The blogger DFish and Derek’s other detractors will still vent themselves every time that Fish has an off-game but 3-year $10M contract and the fact that the Lakers made re-signing Fish their #1 offseason priority pretty much settles the debate over Fish’s value. Derek will retire as a Laker.

Second, it’s equally apparent that the Lakers have not wavered in their support of Andrew Bynum as their starting center and the anchor of their defense. To the chagrin of the Bynum Bashers, the fact the Lakers front office passed on possibilities to trade Drew for Chris Bosh or Chris Paul confirms the Lakers still believe that Drew will develop into a franchise player and the next great Lakers center.

Third, it’s obvious that the Lakers still believe Lamar Odom’s talent and versatility are vital to the team’s success. Despite Lamar having a poor Finals, the Lakers clearly believe that Odom’s value as a sixth man who enables the Lakers to cover all 48 minutes at the 4 and 5 with All-Star quality players. This may have been the first year that we were not inundated with Lamar Odom trade rumors.

Fourth, it’s now clear that the Lakers did not believe that Jordan Farmar was a good fit for the team. Their decision to not even make a qualifying offer showed the Lakers had zero interest in re-signing Jordan and definitively cast their vote with the Farmar critics on the blog. As a onetime staunch supporter of Jordan Farmar, I can’t say that I disagree. Farmar was a big disappointment.

Fifth, it’s apparent that the Lakers do not believe that Sasha Vujacic is worth the $5.5M he will earn in the last year of his contract. The fact that the team is willing to give away a first round draft pick just to get another team to take Sasha is an embarrassing reality for the Machine’s fans to accept. Even the team’s obvious need for outside shooting was not enough to offset Sasha’s salary and tax.

Sixth, it’s questionable whether Shannon Brown will return. Best guess right now is that he will get more money and playing time from the Knicks, although I just read that the Lakers were supposedly offering more playing time to convince Shannon to stay. I have mixed feelings about that. I would like to keep Shannon because we already have too many new faces to integrate, but only as 10th man." -- LakerTom


"People, People, PEOPLE!!!! MM expects 500 posts today! We have yet to hit 100. OH THE HUMANITY!!!!!!" -- Mamba24

"Greatest Sports Franchise - Yankees or Lakers; GOAT - Kobe or MJ; GLOAT - Kobe or Magic; Best Laker Coach - PJ or Riley; Best LA Announcer Chick or Vin; Best Arena - Forum or Staples; Best Latina Wife - Vannessa Bryant or Eva Longoria" -- LEWSTRS

"Didn't MM start his vacation today.... I bet he is grinning and saying to himself, "there's no way those guys will hit 500"... While he is sipping a margarita in a Sushi bar..." -- LEWSTRS

"Indicators that will point to a NEW MACHINE in 2011.... No hacking 40 feet away from the hoop. Only one touch of hair per game. Show love to his countryman. Shooting like in 08 again" -- LRob

"I watched the Championship DVD earlier today, and I must say, it was kinda disappointing. The NBA better step up and produce a better DVD for the Lakers next year." -- EJK

"If the trolls were out today, we would of made our quota. LOL. I guess they do have a purpose after all. " -- Joe_Corad

"MM is going to be surprised when he wakes up to find we actually hit 500 ... now watch him up the ante to 1,000 next time. Hey, MM, just don't do it when I'm vacationing in Kauai next time!!!" -- CornerJ

"Why are we so excited about 500 posts? Just because? That's a good enough reason for me. I have no problem looking into the face of time and history and screeming, "We were here!", like the builders of our most ancient civilizations. Because we can, because we wanted to, because we're human, because we were here." -- wes

"Now about Sasha (I'm trying to do my little part of adding to the 500 posts here), his shooting is God awful over the last two seasons, but he made those two BIG shots in game 7 and that dulls my annoyance. He's also a pesky defender even though he does stupid fouls (like foul someone 50 feet from the basket). I'd like to see him perform and do better in his contract year, so let's see Sasha's sequel, "Return of the Killer Machine"." -- Seely_Iggy

"MM, Next challenge? In the immortal words of Rudy T: Don't ever underestimate the heart of a Lakers blogger" -- Art - FL Laker Fan

"I would love to see Kobe take over one day as GM of the Lakers. I have a high degree of confidence that he would be great at it!" -- JohnnyV

"By the way. I saw a guy at the movie theater concession stand that at first glance and second look really reminded me of Smush Parker! But before I could get closer, theater security ushered him out of the building as he shouted unmentionable things at the dude by the popcorn machine. Symbolism running crazy in my head, I could only smile and shake my head. " -- LakerMike

"If someone's gonna come up with a prize for the 1000th post, it had better be something the Real Laker Girls would want too, ok? !!!" -- justanothermambafan

"Well I prefer Kobe gets his shot at Miami this year. My worst fear is that he'll be solidly past his prime when he finally faces Wade/Lebron in the finals. Kobe has been so great for so long that a lot of us expect him to continue at this level for another 4-5 years and that's just not going to happen.


As far as the Kobe vs. Magic debate. I still give Magic a slight edge, but one more title and Kobe surpasses even the great Magic! We can only play the "what if" game with Magic cause we'll never know what his last 3-4 years would have brought if he hadn't retired prematurely." -- LRob

"The thing about Magic is that he made everyone better, kept everyone involved AND still was able to be "the guy" at the end of a game. He had more ways to impact a game than Kobe, so that's why, no matter the final ring count, he gets my vote." -- t_sensei

"Last I checked we're at 970. I'm assuming this will be the LAT Lakers Blog new record? Is there a prize? There should be a freaking prize - am I wrong here? And let me just add that virtual smooching just won't get it done. I want a blog t-shirt. WHO's WITH ME???!!!" -- justanothermambafan

"Feels like Game 7 after the last seconds ticked off. Total team effort. I'm outta here to sip some champagne. Thanks folks, one and all. Couldn't have achieved w/o you" -- t_sensei

"GREAT WORK TEAM!!! There's no "I" in BLOG... MM - have fun reading all 1000 posts...LOL" -- LEWSTRS

"1000 + post oh me oh my, The only question is Why, why! What manner of Blogger can this be, Setting record after record, creating history Only one kind of Blogger can do this thing, The Blogger whose team plays only for the Ring For more than B0loggers, they are Family, Only greatness springs from the Laker family tree We got every type of Blogger you can think of, but like Phred says, It’s all about the Love. MM says 500 we say what the hell, We can give you 600 just as well. The stakes are upped, 800 is the demand, No sweat, you bet, we give you a Grand No matter what the task Is, Tell them Justa, WE GOT THIS! D@mn right we cocky, cause we good, You’d be cocky if you were us, yes you would The Laker team is full of versatility, So are the Laker Bloggers it seems to me. So Wonderful Family of Laker Nation, give yourself a well deserved Standing Ovation!!!" -- Mamba24

"in the interest of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, shouldn't we just let it go? Put it out of it's misery? Hell - put it out of OUR misery? It's gonna take WEEKS for peeps to catch up on here. Think of their EYES. Their SANITY. Their VODKA CONSUMPTION. I don't want to contribute to the delinquency that's sure to be a result of this mindless, aimless pursuit. There's not enough percoset in the entire USA to help with this one...." -- justanothermambafan

"Most of the time I am reading and trying to keep up with the great basketball minds here. THIS thread has simply been pure fun and frivolity" -- JohnnyV

"Ok, I'm a little confused by the whole nature of the prize thing, but in the interest of keeping things interesting, I offer to spoon with a Laker Girl if we reach 2000." -- phred

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers forward Ron Artest is lighting up a cigar at the Lakers championship parade. He also might  light one up for the L.A. Times Lakers blog readers eclipsing 1,000 comments in a recent post. Credit: Wally Skalij  / Los Angeles Times

Photo: Lakers guard Sasha Vujacic decides to pass to an open teammate after driving into the heart of the Celtics defense in the first half of Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals. Credit: Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times

Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant dominate a lot of the discussion in a recent post that featured more than 1,000 comments. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Byant draws a crowd of Boston defenders -- (from left) Ray Allen, Glen Davis and Paul Pierce -- on a drive in the first half of Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals. Credit: Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times.

Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant finds himself in a double-team trap by Boston guard Ray Allen and power forward Kevin Garnett in the first half of Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals. Credit: Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times.