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Fill out your L.A. Times Lakers blog profile

August 17, 2010 |  1:16 pm


You guys have wondered what to do with your time until the 2010-2011 season starts. You survived July after speculating about what trades or acquisitions the Lakers might make. You tolerated the early part of August after the Lakers' upcoming schedule was released. And you managed to get past last week while viewing Jerry Buss' Hall of Fame induction speech.

Now you're left wondering what's left to do, besides rewatching Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals for the millionth time. Well, I've just found your fix. A few weeks ago, I met with the Los Angeles Times blog editor, Tony Pierce, and he came up with an excellent idea that should keep fans of The Times' Lakers blog entertained: Fill out your L.A. Times Lakers blog profile. Here's how it will work. Starting next week, I will post a profile of one our esteemed readers of the Lakers blog. I plan to post these during the weekends, when news is usually rather scarce, but I will adjust the timing once the season starts and build it around the Lakers' schedule. (As a quick aside, your enthusiasm for this blog can't be overstated. I've been told by Pierce that the Lakers blog recorded the second-highest traffic numbers in July, trailing only L.A. Now).

Here's how to get started: Fill out the following template and e-mail it to me at All of these questions are entirely optional, so don't fill out any questions you don't feel comfortable answering. You can also add questions and answers on your own. Whether you're an old-timer here or you just started reading the blog last week, you are encouraged to fill out a profile. Bottom line, this is meant to bring a strong community even closer together, so have fun with it.

Below is the template:

Screen name:

Real name: (with mug shot optional)





Story behind your screen name:

How I became a Lakers fan:

Favorite Lakers memory of all time and of the 2009-2010 season:

Most heartbreaking Lakers experience:

Favorite Lakers player:

Greatest all-time Laker:

Last time you went to a game at Staples Center and at the Forum:

Opposing team, player you dislike the most:

Interactions with Lakers players:

Most cherished piece of Lakers memorabilia I have:

Memorable stories about being a Lakers fan:

Again, this is just a rough template, and you are free come up with any questions and answers you want. The only thing I will edit is to fix any grammar/spelling mistakes. Please refrain from any profanity and inappropriate answers. Instead of filling out answers in the comments section below, please e-mail me responses to this template at, so I can feature them throughout the season. And have fun! Hopefully this will help everyone survive the dog days before the road to three-peat begins.

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers fans cheer for their team during the championship parade in downtown L.A. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times