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Fill out your L.A. Times Lakers blog profile


You guys have wondered what to do with your time until the 2010-2011 season starts. You survived July after speculating about what trades or acquisitions the Lakers might make. You tolerated the early part of August after the Lakers' upcoming schedule was released. And you managed to get past last week while viewing Jerry Buss' Hall of Fame induction speech.

Now you're left wondering what's left to do, besides rewatching Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals for the millionth time. Well, I've just found your fix. A few weeks ago, I met with the Los Angeles Times blog editor, Tony Pierce, and he came up with an excellent idea that should keep fans of The Times' Lakers blog entertained: Fill out your L.A. Times Lakers blog profile. Here's how it will work. Starting next week, I will post a profile of one our esteemed readers of the Lakers blog. I plan to post these during the weekends, when news is usually rather scarce, but I will adjust the timing once the season starts and build it around the Lakers' schedule. (As a quick aside, your enthusiasm for this blog can't be overstated. I've been told by Pierce that the Lakers blog recorded the second-highest traffic numbers in July, trailing only L.A. Now).

Here's how to get started: Fill out the following template and e-mail it to me at [email protected] All of these questions are entirely optional, so don't fill out any questions you don't feel comfortable answering. You can also add questions and answers on your own. Whether you're an old-timer here or you just started reading the blog last week, you are encouraged to fill out a profile. Bottom line, this is meant to bring a strong community even closer together, so have fun with it.

Below is the template:

Screen name:

Real name: (with mug shot optional)





Story behind your screen name:

How I became a Lakers fan:

Favorite Lakers memory of all time and of the 2009-2010 season:

Most heartbreaking Lakers experience:

Favorite Lakers player:

Greatest all-time Laker:

Last time you went to a game at Staples Center and at the Forum:

Opposing team, player you dislike the most:

Interactions with Lakers players:

Most cherished piece of Lakers memorabilia I have:

Memorable stories about being a Lakers fan:

Again, this is just a rough template, and you are free come up with any questions and answers you want. The only thing I will edit is to fix any grammar/spelling mistakes. Please refrain from any profanity and inappropriate answers. Instead of filling out answers in the comments section below, please e-mail me responses to this template at [email protected], so I can feature them throughout the season. And have fun! Hopefully this will help everyone survive the dog days before the road to three-peat begins.

-- Mark Medina

E-mail the Lakers blog at [email protected]

Photo: Lakers fans cheer for their team during the championship parade in downtown L.A. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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The dreaded repost!

My people. The blog is being flagged for unnecessary drama today. So I suggest you cue up the song...and take its advice.

My powers seem to be outta whack..... repost:

I'm kinda swinging back and forth on Barnes. On the one hand, he really seems incredibly sincere when he says he's happy to be a Laker. That it's a dream come true for him. And given the professionalism and veteran leadership of this team, I think he can learn to play using his "crazy" to our advantage. OTOH - he may just be nuts and untameable, and no amount of PJ, Kobe or RonRon in his ear will be able to channel his energy to make a positive impact for the team in a game or series. I'm hoping for door number one.

MM - Thanks for detailing Barnes latest flair up. (Okay I couldn't resist since Lamar called him Ric Flair.) Anyway I agree that Barnes won't have have any major issues this season because of the strong personalities on the Lakers.

But here's where I disagree. I think Barnes has a greater propensity to self destruct that Ron Ron. When the Lakers got Artest I was not worried about him imploding because he hadn't had any real problems sincy Indy. However, I am more concerned about Barnes.

Check out their numbers from the last 4 seasons
Barnes 30techs/9flagrants/3ejections -
Artest 19techs/0flagrants/1ejections

Keep in mind that Artest played more minutes than Barnes which makes that differential even bigger. Over this time Barnes has proved to be a more borderline dirty player. My biggest concern with him is that his antics will turn the refs against the Lakers. We already have Kobe whining and being a league leader in techs. We def don't need a role player to also create tension with the zebras.

BTW...I believe Barnes 9 flagrants in last 4yrs is tied for most in the entire league with Jamaal McGloire. Even Kenyon Martin only has 7 flagrants in same time.


Can you clarify a few things?
What will be done with the profiles?
Who will have access to seeing them?
Will they be linked to a posters "handle" so that if clicked on the profile appears?
Or is it strictly for you?


Ok then, perhaps this can be the repost thread.


Interesting stats on Barnes. I'm not quite convinced he is 'home free' yet either.
I hope the team keeps him in line, am taking a wait and see approach.

Andy Kamenetzky, in his post at ESPN LA also has a few concerns.

He wrote:

"Still, there are concerns, as I first mentioned when Barnes and the Lakers agreed to terms. Barnes says he's fine with whatever minutes are thrown his way, and while he seems sincere, that's also easier to claim before the games have commenced. I don't anticipate Barnes playing close to the 26 mpg he logged with Orlando last season, and he's been vocal in the past about wanting to be on the floor. Granted, he willingly signed up knowing Ron-Ron ain't getting bumped, and a shot at a ring is a nice trade off for a few extra minutes on the bench. But I'll be keeping my eye on his mood as the season progresses.

Speaking of mood, Barnes' reputation as an edgy, temperamental player has been well-documented and well deserved. The dustup and ball fake heard 'round the world in Orlando. The 10 technical fouls in 2010, plus another 10 in 2009. (The Lakers have enough guys jawing at the refs as it is.) Intensity swings both ways. It can be an asset or hindrance, and the former Bruin needs to make sure his emotions don't carry negative results.

Worst Case Scenario
Barnes catches the team-wide epidemic of "three ball fever," reminding fans Barnes' occasional description as a deep threat is mostly due to his 2007 campaign with the Warriors. Frustration over what feels like a limited role bleeds onto the hardwood. It becomes evident why Barnes is now playing for his eighth team in eight seasons."

Art - FL Laker Fan - The idea would be that any member that was interested would fill out a template answering those various Laker questions and email me them. Throughout the season, I would feature one profile a week and put it up as a blog post. This is meant to just bring the blog closer together and allow everyone to learn more about each other, but don't answer anything you feel uncomfortable answering. It's all just in good fun.

Let me know if that clears it up.


Art - FL Laker Fan - I also plan to make a separated category titled Lakers blog profiles so people can view all the different ones once they're posted.


I also plan to make a separated category titled Lakers blog profiles so people can view all the different ones once they're posted.


So, they would be viewable by anyone at that point.

When you get to the point of making them available for all to see, will the owner of that name be able to edit or delete the profile at any time if they want to?


is the blog profile mandatory?


The blog profile isn't mandatory and you are free to answer any questions out of the template and add your own. When I plan to run a certain profile, I can certainly correspond with the user back and forth over what edits they'd like to see, etc.


'Melo would look good in Purple and Gold, don't ya think? Just sayin. Okay, I'm gonna go back to sleep now. LOL


Cool, we finally have the opportunity to see the blog Godesses! JAMF (that justa sounda wrong), Laker Lass, Zaira, Faith.

You know, I really would love to see a profile of Hobbit and Laker Tom. Is it justa me?

Another thing to note: If you submit a blog profile, please be expansive on your answers. For example, if you list your favorite Laker player, please explain why that is the case. If you list your favorite Lakers memory, please go into detail what it is and how you felt at the time and any other interesting things that happened during that time.


Blog profile complete!

Or as complete as it can be while I have real work to do.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Art - FL Laker Fan,

If Barnes starts freaking out and bringing bad vibes to the locker room because he's not getting enough minutes, we'll trade him like we did Vladmonovich.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


LOL Jon K - we'll Vonislav Waferdenko his behind right on outta here!

(apologies to the blogger)

Jon K/justa~etc,

That's funny. Waferdenko Vladmonovich outta here!!

He may be ok, I hope he knows the high expectations we have for him.
I don't think he quite gets it yet frankly.
That incident with slapping the asst coach was just unacceptable.
If he loses his cool that easily in a meaningless summer game how will he behave in a pressure packed Finals game?

Anyway, he has an entire season to get indoctrinated and I am hoping once he actually has this Laker team around him he will understand he's not in Kansas anymore and learn what it means to be a Laker.
He's now part of the Purple and Gold and the best franchise in sports history.

You reading this blog Matt?
Leave the reckless immaturity back where you came from.
You can still be tough, but be smart tough.

Art-FL Laker Fan,

"He may be ok, I hope he knows the high expectations we have for him."

He better know. He went to UCLA. He's met his fair share of Lakeraholics in his life.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


can we change gears here for a minute?


favre just announced he's returning to vikings...


I thought you were trying to create a Lakersbook (patent pending)!

Can the trolls put pictures of their rear parts? because there they have his brain (so they can think and **** at the same time)

his = their
My brain is on my other wallet right now! XD


favre just announced he's returning to vikings...
Posted by: yellofever | August 17, 2010 at 03:32 PM

NewMexicoLaker - where are you. Stand up for your Vikes!

Yellofever - I'm tired of Brett's drama like you. But I just don't think he can duplicate last season's I think Minny should've told him it was time to go in a different direction.

(Note): For those who may have missed it, or those who would like a recap, last week on the eve of the signing of the two rookies, Nemaia Faletogo took a journey. Here is a recounting of his adventure, a story about a A Day In The Life of one's effort to get to Lakerville (in some circles AKA Lalaland), through five different minefields, sometimes called threads by those 'in the know'...


I followed behind him, staying in the shadows but close enough to hear his mumbling and ramblings, and listened as he dodged throat punching villains and slimy green goo, welcomed those he met during his journey, picked up and brought along two travelers he met along the way, and ended up going where no man has gone before, to that Final Frontier, the minefields that surround and protect Lakerville (Lalaland)...

Now, in it's first showing as a complete work, one day to be released as an epic film by 63 Footer, let the dialogue begin:

(End note)


Nemaia's Adventure (As told by Nemaia Faletogo)

Good Morning Laker Fam!

I'm going to tread carefully onto this minefield know as the Lakers blog...

...minefield is fraught with "Pot"(Justa)holes(her jokes), a dangerous snake(M24), Hobbit, HalosAnt hill, Artist(FL-Laker Fan), citizens of Troy, a touble making Magician(MagicPhil), a Banner Holder bearing the Lakers colors and a bus driver(Lewstrs)with a psychedLakergirl for a sidekick...

...but it seems that Nemaia isn't the only one to venture into the minefield, as another soul brave enough to us his real name on here seeks to make it through unscathed as well. His name, Gilbert Battung...

...Nemaia has been spotted by Mamba24 and quietly whispers, "I'm doing fine, thanks, but I must try to get through the rest of this minefield without any mishaps..."

...thanks Mamba24 for the candy, must use it for strength in order to make it through this ordeal, now I know how the candyman (LO) feels when he comes through here...somewhere Justa is lurking with her vodka and percocet, to pounce on me...

...Ah man, now there's a 63 foot long barbed wire fence I must get around...where does this stuff come from? Who put it here? Can't stop now...
...not too many have survived this minefield, known as the Lakers blog...past fatalities...GUNNER...KL BEAST...Mike T...Kwame...Smush...Cook...Vlad...Von Wafer...Farmar...and the list goes the line of fire...Luke Walton...facing a Blitz from the Hobbit(s)...Andrew Bynum...

...down goes LRob...Mamba24 calling out to him, but no reply...

...yes, Lalaland is in sight! Gotta keep moving...

...the Artist looks over at me with an encouraging gesture to move forward carefully, greatness is within reach...

...I've never heard a snake laugh before, but it sure is different and peculiar... the serpent chastises me for my past associations with a mad woman who loved ripping out throats...the very one I am trying to avoid now for fear of the same fate...

...there appears another Snake...This isn't Mamba24...could it be the same serpent that deceived Adam and Eve? Is he my friend or foe? He appears oblivious to me, so I must move on...

...Lewstrs makes the sound of how a snake laughs, but it sounds similar to the air leaking out the tires of his bus courtesy of some jagged rocks... ears hear a shout of jubilation in the sounds familiar...Jamie Sweet? Is that you?

...somehow, LRob has survived the onslaught and is back in the trenches, not a moment too soon I might add...this minefield is tough...

...the blog god MM has placed another post or obstacle in way, but I must push through...there are apparitions who appear to be Devin Ebanks and Derrick Caracter, endlessly floating along, hoping for a place to land...

...I say to Ebanks and Caracter that if they want to get to LalaLand, they must follow me...I tell Ebanks that he must NEVER make the same mistake that his twin Ariza Trevor is in fetters down in New Orleans...Caracter remains silent...

...Ebanks and Caracter look down and ask me if Mamba24 is my pet reply? No, he is one of my mentors...he will help navigate us through this minefield until we reach our destination...

...even if it takes us until Sept.25th to get there...Ebanks and Caracter nod their heads in agreement and smile at the reptilian sage...

...Ebanks seems distracted by a voice declaring he be entrusted with his departed twin's number, 3...the voice is one also known as Scottie...
I implore Ebanks to stay focus for the journey has just begun...

...a shrieking voice like that of a boiling pot or cauldron causes us to shudder in fear...Ebanks and Caracter see a beautiful lady, but I know better...will Mamba24 desert us now? Or, will he continue to guide us through this perilous journey?

...after revealing to Ebanks and Caracter that the beautiful lady has ripped throats out, they swallow hard, put their hand to their own throats and beg me to proceed through the minefield...

...we come across a zany, yet colorful character on the minefield named Fatty. After some dialogue with him, Caracter says that Fatty reminds him of the MadHatter...Caracter shakes his head and chuckles...I retort to Caracter that he shouldn't tease because if we don't get to Lalaland soon, he'll be looking like Chesire the cat...

...another figure of great stature appears on the scene, the Seer (Prophet) JonK...his messages are sublime and prophetic...he prophesies that both Ebanks and Caracter will become Lakers and that the Lakers will live today, tomorrow and forever! He encourages us to continue on journey for the rewards of completing it are great...

...Mamba24 seems to have disappeared, but the much trusted humanomaly hands me a map and directions on how to make it through a dark pass...Humanomaly looks up, mistakes Ebanks for Ariza at first, but smiles when he realizes that the prophecy of JonK indeed is true...Humanomaly wishes Ebanks the best of luck and sends us on our way...

...finding a place to rest, we come upon twin optimists in Rizzo and Yogi, who upon seeing Ebanks and Caracter are delighted and chat with them about all things Lakers...two more of their friends, Laker J and scottie pimpin join in and share how enthusiatic they are about newbies, Ebanks and Caracter...

...I reply to the lovely Justa (Pot) that our journey is to make it to LalaLand and please is a journey of hearts and minds, grit and determination, honor and glory... our place of rest, I reflect upon the words of the great Phred, that indeed, it is all about the love...This is what makes the journey worthwhile...

...Ebanks looks a little perturbed by all the comparisons to his twin, but understands the reasons and mutters that he will carve out his own niche'...

...Steve gives Ebanks a shot in the arm by declaring that his signing is imminent...Ebanks smiles and sends the message out via twitter...

...Ebanks gives ToneBone24 a chestbump for comparing him to someone other than his twin...plasticman, Stacey Augmon...Caracter is still asleep...

...Caracter is snoring...but at least he doesn't drool like Big Baby...Ebanks considers ToneBone24's words, LAKERS4LIFE for a tattoo...

...there seems to be a deafening silence on the minefield now...the calm before the storm...something is brewing...

...what perils and adventures await us the rest of the way?...

...we are awakened by Staples 24 who presents some different options for both Ebanks and Caracter...their reaction is one of indifference...Staples 24 makes a compelling offer...Ebanks and Caracter nudge me to continue our quest...

...who would've thought that getting to Lalaland would have so many twists and turns along the way...

...Ebanks and Caracter hear the discussion between the Artist and Humanomaly regarding their value...Ebanks and Caracter look at one another and shrug their shoulders and sigh...are we there yet?...they can't wait to see Ice Cube at a home game...

...without warning Ebanks is quickly carried away to Lalaland!...he expresses sincere thanks to all of us for making his journey to get there a memorable one...he tells Caracter to remain upbeat and that he'll eventually get there...

...Caracter looks at me dejectedly and with his head down...I remind him that the prophecy of JonK has been partially fulfilled and that he must fulfil the rest...Caracter nods in agreement and continues to press forward over the rough terrain...

...LongTimeLakerLover is the first to welcome Ebanks into Lalaland! is a time of rejoicing as the young man joins the ranks of that gold and purple city...LongTimeLakerLover tells Ebanks that the best is yet to come!...Before heading to the war room (gym), he turns and glances back into the distance...There is still one more out there...

...JonK rejoices, for he saw this coming from afar off...Caracter finds comfort and strength in the fulfillment as we continue on our journey unmolested...

...until now...Ah crap! I just stepped in a pile of green dung...A Shraq must be nearby...peeeeyewwwwww!... that's what a Magheatsuncavtic smells like...

...The Triangulator tells Caracter to stay the course for Lalaland is basketball's equivalent to the promised land...Caracter trudges on despite the temptation to go elsewhere...he considers this journey a part of developing his character (pun intended)...not all roads lead to one place, but one road can take you different places...

...meanwhile, in the war room, LEWSTRS and Humanomaly break it down to Ebanks what it takes to become a Laker...Ebanks listens intently and clings to their every word...

(Note: hecklers shout from the distance)

Fatty~~~~"Okay, Nemaia has gotten into the fermented Coconut milk again. Dang it! I told you guys to keep that locked up in the cupboard!
MM needs to put a sign at the top of the page:
"WARNING! Enter the blog at your own risk!"

justanothermambafan~~~~~"kettle - what has gotten into you? Is Fatty right? Is it the fermented coconut juice? Or one too many vodka/percoset cocktails? Either way, you're scaring me...."


Nemaia ignores the taunts and pushes onwards (end note)


...the Banner Holder adds Ebanks name to the banner...LeBron finds no peace in the false promise land...

...there is no rest for the weary...until Caracter gets there, our journey to the beginning will not cease...gotta see em through...

...ahhhh, LakerPeace sign ahead...must get Caracter there, King Kobe and his warriors await...

...entering the land of the giants, where LakerTom and the Bynumites reside...must pay my respects as I pass through...lots of shade...

...jgc711 preps Ebanks to carry veterans bags and do what is asked of him...Ebanks says "yes sir, I'm not Dez Bryant..."

...Slimtata joins the journey...better late than never...

...HalosAnt keeps the mood light and upbeat as we continue our journey to get Caracter, the remaining warrior, to Lalaland...

...passing another sign that reads tacos aplenty in Lalaland brings a smile on Caracter's face...walking with a little more pep in his step... we've come to a place of unimaginable stench and filth...littered with bad rap, bad acting and traitorous trash...home of the ogre known as Shraq and three blind mice...

...Thankfully, Hogan offers to take us to the other side on his boat...I tell Caracter that loyalty is a sign of royalty...Caracter points to the Logo (Jerry West) on Hogan's boat and nods in agreement...

...the Triangulator can be seen squashing the meeces to pieces...

...DBDH is heard screaming obscenities at the green ogre...

...the Artist applauds Hogan and HalosAnt for their attacks on all Laker enemies...

(Note: Hogan passes overhead in a balloon and shouts down:
"Nemaia - Good luck in your quest and FedX me some of that CCNUT juice!")

...I thank and promise Hogan some of the best coconut juice as soon as we get Caracter to Lalaland...

...Hobbit returns with a vengeance...Barkley stomps on the three mice...Caracter just wants to be a Laker...gotta get him there...

...LongTimeLakerFan has begun the countdown to training camp...must get Caracter there first...
(Note: As Hogans balloon drifts away he could be heard shouting: "Good job Nemaia, you're almost there...")

...thanks Hogan and bids farewell for now...must continue to get Caracter there...the journey is almost complete...

...finally...after the long arduous journey, we're finally in Lalaland!...Caracter is relieved and smiling ear to ear...the mighty Lakers host greets us, led by Justa...the prophecy of JonK has been fulfilled...Caracter looks around and thanks the entire Laker family for the warm welcome...he is far from satisfied in just getting the greatest journey actually's all about the be continued

Posted by: Nemaia Faletogo | August 12, 2010

Brett Favre should join the Celtics.

>>>Over this time Barnes has proved to be a more borderline dirty player.

Do you consider Rick Fox to have been an asset to the Laker squads he was on?

Fox once chased an opposing player down the hallway into the locker room and attacked him.

A little crazy doesn't hurt. It keeps opponents off balance. They're never quite sure what guys like Artest or Barnes will do, and that unsureness occupies a certain percentage of their focus at all times when one of those guys is on the floor. Some people (e.g. Kobe) are able to block it out well. Others (e.g. Dirk No-win-ski - remember the GoldenState Dallas series?) can get quite flustered by it.

Let Brett do whatever. LA's NFL season is over anyway.8-)

Some catchup stuff…
--Ok, I’ve been pondering, and I watched the clip that LRob posted;

I am pretty sure now (of course, I have taken enough psych classes to know how useful or factual memories are) that I definitely watched that game, but I probably combined the fact that it was Glen Rice that missed the free throw and the Golden State part of it (cause that was an awesome play) and another unrelated play. So I guess we really have nothing to go on, sorry. Kobe was pretty spry at the time, though.

--Rick- I’d say if you were dumb enough to bribe FCM to win any award that could be won by somebody like me in the first place you deserve what you get. : )

--RE Barnes; I’m still worried about Barnes. The difference is that I liked Ron Artest in Chicago, I liked Ron Artest before everything hit the fan (no wait, that was just him) in Detroit, and I’ve wanted him on the Lakers ever since he was leaving Sacramento or before. I base this on the multiple stories and interviews I saw with him where he seemed like a genuinely nice guy who tried hard, made mistakes, and wanted to be liked.

It's different with Barnes. I won’t make a laundry list of why, it was arguably prejudice against UCLA at first, but I hated Barnes at UCLA and thought he was a punk, I forgot Barnes existed for about four years when he was struggling to even play in the NBA, and I disliked Barnes the last couple of years in Orlando. He just doesn’t have the easy going and well, sweet personality of Ron, and he has been a lot more well, consistent in his cheap shots.

Rodman? He played hard, he was very talented, but he was pretty seriously crazy and he never learned from his mistakes because he never had to pay any price for them. There was no way in heck Rodman would ever think to thank his psychologist after winning a championship. I think (no way of knowing) he would have been even more successful as a player if he had used better judgment.

Sure, I hope Barnes succeeds, and I won’t go on the record as saying it will or won’t work. But he has a long way to go before I go so far as to not worry about him, and I think the most important thing to start with is for him to admit it if he makes mistakes. Like slapping a coach. Just dumb.

Art / Nemaia - an instant blog classic!!

Blog profile entries? I can't think of anything that could possibly go wrong with sharing all of my personal information around here. I mean, it's not like anybody on here would go crazy, get angry about something stupid and spend an entire evening attacking me personally online! Sounds like another great Tony Pierce idea!

On the other hand, making up all that secret identity stuff would be fun.


*The Dreaded Repost*

Albeit warranted...

Barnes = Foxy

Justa what we needed; a fiery defender/foul machine to get opposing wings flustered. Foxy played that role to a "T", sometimes literally. Rick wasn't exactly a world class defender, however, he did manage to irritate some players (and fans). By getting all up in their grills, they would in turn lose focus on Kobe, thus rendering their defense efforts on him powerless and futile. Matt will be fine, y'all.

DBDH! (TM) No name jacking, please.

Posted by: Don't Blame Del Harris! | August 17, 2010 at 11:03 AM

---I felt as though our thoughts were in complete synergy, not unlike justa & mamba24---

The Laker Blog Collective has become self-aware...


"...DBDH is heard screaming obscenities at the green ogre..."
Posted by: Nemaia Faletogo | August 12, 2010


Apparently, my reputation remains solid.


SPOTTED Edwin Gueco on the picture above, bottom right corner with the dark shades and KBlitz on the bottom left corner with the dark shades...very cool..

Hey guys Mike Bresnahan has a post up about Jerry Buss


it's summer, and the posting's easy, so here;

Screen name: Justaphred

Real name: (with mug shot optional); phred phineas phredington. (how could I make something like that up?)

Occupation: Internet Stalker

Age: over 13. Definitely

Gender: Sure! Your place or….dang it, FCM, you were supposed to use a different word.

Hometown: Lower Pig&^#@, South Dakota

Story behind your screen name: wanted something clever, witty and memorable. Gave up and picked this one.

How I became a Lakers fan: Free Tote Bag!

Favorite Lakers memory of all time and of the 2009-2010 season: All time; given the success of my recent tries at remembering stuff, it probably never happened. This season? Ron Artest giving the greatest post championship interview ever, in the history of the universe.

Most heartbreaking Lakers experience: In seriousness, Magic’s HIV announcement, or Chick’s death. Can’t decide, but I did cry for Chick.

Favorite Lakers player: Luke Walton

Greatest all-time Laker: Luke Walton

Last time you went to a game at Staples Center and at the Forum: Wait, the Lakers play at Staples Center? Don’t they play at Arco Arena? Wait a minute…oh crap, I’ve been cheering for the Sacramento Kings all these years. How embarrassing.

Opposing team, player you dislike the most: Two words; Kevin McHale.

Interactions with Lakers players: Still picking my choice here 1)I am secretly Ron’s psychiatrist 2) That one time I got arrested outside of Derek Fisher’s house.

Most cherished piece of Lakers memorabilia I have: Luke Walton. He’s tied up in my basement at the moment. Unless my demands are met, I’m going to let him go.

Memorable stories about being a Lakers fan: Man, you won’t believe this, but there is this one crazy place on the internet where a bunch of pathetic Lakers fans hang out…

Finished my profile. I actually want to get picked so you guys can read it and of course vilify me...



Screen name: DOC4daLakeShow

Real name: (with mug shot optional) Glenn D.

Occupation: Scientist (chemical company)

Age: 45

Gender: M

Hometown: Philly. PA

Story behind your screen name: Me for the Lakers

How I became a Lakers fan: Kareem Abdul Jabbar's arrival.

Favorite Lakers memory of all time and of the 2009-2010 season: Kobe's 81/ Ron's last second put-back

Most heartbreaking Lakers experience: Losing to the sixers in '83

Favorite Lakers player: KB8/24

Greatest all-time Laker: Magic

Last time you went to a game at Staples Center and at the Forum: My wish

Opposing team, player you dislike the most: Portland/laquit james

Interactions with Lakers players: Knew Kobe's father in Philadelphia

Most cherished piece of Lakers memorabilia I have: Kobe's #8 jersey

Memorable stories about being a Lakers fan: How friends called me when we were down to Sacramento by 26 pts and I got to return the favor in spades thanks to "Big Shot Rob" SWWWWWWEEEEEETTTTTT!!!!!

lakers will whip all pretenders including shaq 'the big minimum' celtics and the three stoogees of the heat.

About Barnes"

"That incident with slapping the asst coach was just unacceptable.
If he loses his cool that easily in a meaningless summer game how will he behave in a pressure packed Finals game?

Posted by: Art - FL Laker Fan | August 17, 2010 at 03:19 PM"

...and Robert Horry giving Ainge the Towel Facial was??? I don't know the circumstances about the escapades of MB, but in a summer game, I'm sure you know, that there are many players that want to take it right to the big boy (NBA player), and if the refs. and the coaches don't control it. I could easily see a slap going down. A slap man to man, is like saying I don't respect you. A man slapping a woman is called "assault" or "domestic violence". A close handed punch is a much more serious act. As we all know. I have been punched by men and women. Did I deserve it? No, my aloofness drove them over the edge. Did I call the police, no. I understand the circumstances with which the events occurred. If I were walking down the street and a stranger comes up to me and slaps me or punches me, then I would call the police. But that's just me.


I read your commentary on the "holy trinity", Rodman, Artest & Barnes....

...I hope that Barnes is playing the role of Rodman. I don't know his iq, or his major/GPA from U.C.L.A., however, I would say there are great similarities in their M.O. and style. Now, if we could only get him to put 30 more pounds of muscle on his body, then he could hold his ground against Shaq, as Rodman tried, and was fairly successful at. I'm hoping the best for this "experiment" and as others said, "Barnes/Artest watching" will leave Kobe and Pau as an afterthought as they slice and dice the opponents.



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