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Doc Rivers' suggestion that Kendrick Perkins' injury resulted in Lakers' 2010 NBA Finals win proves unfounded

Doc Rivers

Let the revisionist history begin.

The Lakers didn't win the 2010 NBA Championship because of Ron Artest's Game 7 heroics. They didn't win the 2010 title after becoming much tougher than in the 2008 campaign. And they didn't win after Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Derek Fisher, Artest and Sasha Vujacic made key shots late in the game. No, the Lakers are back-to-back champions simply because Boston center Kendrick Perkins tore the medial collateral and posterior cruciate ligaments in his right knee, causing him to miss the final three quarters of Game 6 and all of  Game 7. Or so that's what Celtics Coach Doc Rivers would like you to think.

"They still have not beaten our starting five," Rivers recently told ESPN 980's John Thompson, as provided by Sports Radio Interviews. "Our starting five against the Lakers starting five has a ring. Tell him [a Lakers fan] don't forget that. We will be back strong and Perk will be there next year if there's a Game 7."

I'm not the only one who's scratching his head and wondering if I saw the same game Doc saw. Silver Screen and Roll's DexterFishmore wrote, "Doc. If you're going to say something stupid, did it also have to be so inflammatory and grotesquely ill informed? One needn't be a Laker fan to be enraged by this. One need only possess a respect for historical accuracy and a memory that stretches back three whole years." Ball Don't Lie's Trey Kerby mused, "That's a very specific set of circumstances, but it's valid. That's a good team and the Lakers haven't beat them. But the thing is, that's not necessarily going to be the team that faces the Lakers, and even when they don't, the games still count. On the other hand, if Boston can petition the league to only count games in which the expected Celtics starting five takes the court, we might be looking at the first undefeated team in NBA history. It might only be for six games, but still."

Doc Rivers 2

Unfortunately for the Celtics, games aren't played under perfect scenarios. Every team, particularly ones that play further into the postseason, have to deal with less-than-ideal circumstances regarding injury, fatigue, etc.  That's essentially what sports are, playing the best you can with the cards you're dealt. In no way am I downplaying Perkins' absence, but for Rivers to suggest he was the primary reason the Lakers won the title, as former NBA great Julius Erving also suggested to me at the ESPY's, proves absurd for various reasons.

Let's first deal with the logic that the Celtics still have not defended their title from 2008. That title defense stopped once Boston was eliminated in the 2009 East semifinals by Orlando. And the Celtics won in 2008 against the Lakers, which featured an absent Andrew Bynum and a limited Trevor Ariza. Leading up to the 2010 Finals, many members of the media, including myself, asked various Lakers how much different the 2008 campaign would have gone had they been fully healthy. With not wanting to appear as if they were downgrading Bynum's and Ariza's potential contributions, the Lakers made it clear they would've helped, but in the end, the players on the floor didn't execute properly. Likewise, Boston failed to do the same thing in Game 7, allowing the Lakers to dominate the offensive glass, 23-8, and holding the Celtics' perimeter players in Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce to 14 of 42 shooting (33%).

So much for Rivers' pregame contention that the Celtics would respond to Perkins' injury with a rallying cry. But he was right about one thing before the game: "The game is going to dictate everything."

"We're here, and we'll be ready," he said before the game. "It is a little emotional losing Perk. He's so important to our team. But he's still in the locker room, he just will not be in uniform. And I think our guys in some ways, they want to do it for him. Listen, the game is going to dictate everything, and I don't know, but as far as our emotions, I think we're pretty much in check."

After the game, when he was asked how much Perkins' absence affected the Celtics, Rivers brought up "the starting lineup hasn't lost" argument while making it clear it didn't make or break the team.

"I can't say," Rivers said after Boston's Game 7 loss. "I know, and I told our guys this, the starting lineup still hasn't lost. It was a shame we didn't have that starting lineup tonight. But I told them, you're still yet to have a true chance to defend your title because Perk wasn't there. But listen, give the Lakers credit. They were terrific."

That much was true. Even with Bryant having an uncharacteristically poor Game 7, the Lakers came through. Despite Lamar Odom's NBA Finals disappearing act, the Lakers came through. And despite Bynum's significant limitations because of the torn cartilage in his right knee, the Lakers came through. The Lakers, frankly, went through similar adversities as did the Celtics and it revealed two things. The Lakers made adjustments, while the Celtics just provided excuses.

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Celtics Coach Doc Rivers recently suggested that the Lakers wouldn't have won the 2010 NBA Finals if Boston center Kendrick Perkins hadn't gotten injured. Credit: Elsa / Getty Images.

Photo: Celtics Coach Doc Rivers receives a Gatorade bath from Paul Pierce moments before winning the 2008 Finals, when the Lakers were missing Andrew Bynum. Credit: Winslow Townson / Associated Press

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>>>And I also realize that 2008 will always hurt you guys. It wasn't a win, it was a
>>>40 POINT beatdown.

Yes and NBA finals are a single game elimination.

Oh wait, no they're not.

The Lakers WON two of the six games played, and were within 6 points in 2 other games (just over two possessions away from Lakers victories).

There was a ONE GAME beat down, not a series beatdown.

Sort of like in 2010, when the Lakers handed the Celtics a 22 point beatdown.

Sort of like in 1985 when the Celtics had a one game beatdown on the Lakers on May 27 (a 34 point beatdown). Except for the fact that the Lakers won that series. Winning by 20 or 30 or 40 points in one game doesn't mean SQUAT.

And by the way, the Lakers lost that one beatdown without their starting center, so by Glenn "Douche" Rivers' standards, it doesn't count as a real game anyway. Thanks, Douche, for trying to bail us out, but Laker fans (and coaches) know that injuries are part of the game.

It's only adding a couple of letters, so I think the official spelling of Glenn Rivers' nickname on the Lakers blog should be changed from "Doc" to "Douche".

I feel the refs bet on the game. I clearly remember 8 trillion soft fouls on the Celtics in the fourth quarter. Strange, huh? I actually believe the fouls were something like 33-17 to be exact. It was a bogus win. fixed. rigged. BS. asterisk. Paper champs.

Doc's coaching is aging faster than his player's. To be honest the FAILTICS, are and were mediocre. In '08, there was no easy series for Boston leading up to the finals. In the Finals '08, a rugby match broke out, similiar to this years Championship except we beat them at there own game. If you go back to '08 and compare the play there is no difference except the Lakers took the punishment and smiled as they ripped the heart out of entire City of the newly named, KOBE-BEAN-TOWN.

KG looked like he was ready to collapse during the whole series, his actions ecxuded, Senior Citizen Discount. Doc can direspect all he wants because at this point it's all talk, that's all they have left. Shaq is going to look around and see that his teamates skills are equal to his, then he'll wonder out loud why is he taking a back seat to anyone there. He's the four time Champion, the vaunted FAILTIC locker room with veterans that can handle newcomers to the roster because of championship pedigree. No FAILTIC on that team or coaching staff has Shaq's championship pedigree and as season go's on and he's forced to play a minor role for players similiar to him, hahaha. Who's going to shut Shaq up then, nobody, period.

Boston won't make it out of the second round and they know it, all bark no bite, that's all they have left.

Orlando and Miami will start the pension papers for the grandpa failtics.

They haven't lost with there starting 5, what a joke.

Some of the greatest of all time never lose a Finals.

Some of the greatest of all time barely win by a few points.

Kobe lost by 40 in a finals.

Jordan? Nope. Bird, Magic? Russell, Wilt? Nope?

Only Kobe...

Sore Loser! The celtics LOST, Doc! Deal with it!

Yes. I remember that comment that he made. When I seen and heard it, I said to myself what a sore loser. I actually had respect for him before that statement but now I don't. No one made excuses in 2008 and the lakers didn't have their full team. Also, Bynum didn't make excuses in games 2, 4 and 5 when they lost to Boston in this series and he played hurt against Kendrick. Also, I thought that this is a slap in the face to Rasheed because you are basically telling him that he wasnt good enough. I thought he played better than perkins. Anyways, I actually was hoping that Boston beats Miami, Orlando or Chicago so that we have a rematch, but now, I don't want them to make it to the finals with the Lakers because I don't want to hear any more excuses. Injuries are part of the game. You just have to deal with them.

And I also realize that 2008 will always hurt you guys. It wasn't a win, it was a
>>>40 POINT beatdown.

Yes and NBA finals are a single game elimination.

Oh wait, no they're not.

The Lakers WON two of the six games played, and were within 6 points in 2 other games (just over two possessions away from Lakers victories).

There was a ONE GAME beat down, not a series beatdown.

Sort of like in 2010, when the Lakers handed the Celtics a 22 point beatdown.

Sort of like in 1985 when the Celtics had a one game beatdown on the Lakers on May 27 (a 34 point beatdown). Except for the fact that the Lakers won that series. Winning by 20 or 30 or 40 points in one game doesn't mean SQUAT.

And by the way, the Lakers lost that one beatdown without their starting center, so by Glenn "Douche" Rivers' standards, it doesn't count as a real game anyway. Thanks, Douche, for trying to bail us out, but Laker fans (and coaches) know that injuries are part of the game.

LOL, tell that to ANY legend. NO other basketball great has lost a GAME 7 that badly (which is all I mentioned, not a series. I didn't expect a Laker fan to pick up on that no worries).

Going back to the Red Auerbach days, the Boston Celtics are arrogant and classless in victory, and arrogant and classless in defeat. Nice to see Doc Rivers carrying on that fine Celtic tradition.

Posted by: Mike | August 24, 2010 at 01:28 PM


Right, Lakers fans BURN their own city everytime they win and we are classless. It's so bad, the NFL won't even let you have a team. Otherwise you could hang your hat on more than one team. I guess we will have to wait until June for LA to be able to compete at any sport credibly.

as justa says, he's a maroon and I SAY HE'S a MACAROON! HA HA. waa waa waa. thE lakers could only play against who was on the court for boston the 2010 finals. what a whiner! i guess we didn't miss bynum and a VERY LIMITED ariza in the 2008 finals? or missing magic and byron scott in the 1989 finals against detroit pistons. or i guess we didn't miss james worthy when we lost in the finals against the philadelphia in the 1983 finals. INJURIES ARE PART OF THE GAME, doc rivers! YES, THEY DO IMPACT A SERIES, ESPECIALLY THE FINALS! no one knows that more than the L.A. Lakers. these are just a few examples DOC, so get over got your crummy 1 title. now, we're back with a VENGEANCE! DEAL WITH WITH IT!

This story and most of the comments are moronic.

It was a great championship series and it was a testament to team basketball that KOBE had an off night and the Lakers still won. Having seen many interviews with Kobe , I bet He couldn't be happier the way it all turned out.
As far as Doc's comments, He could care less about what the media or what fans think.
Like Phil, his comments are made for the benefit of his players ears.
Furthermore, Anyone who is talented enough to play for an NBA team is my Hero. Stop your whining and enjoy the game!

I am really, really hoping that a totally healthy Celtics team gets bounced from the playoffs in the first or second round next year. How will they rationalize that one?
Doc Whiner has no class.
Shaq should feel right at home there.

In 2010, the Celtics didn't have Perkins for the last 1 3/4 games. And the lakers beat the celtics by 4 points in the final quarter of game 7 after the trailing the first 3 quarters.

In 2008, the Lakers didn't have Bynum and lost by 40 points in the 6th game against the Celtics.

2010 = a tight, down to the last minute series that could have gone either way.

2008= a resounding ass-whupping.

Without Kobe Bryant the lakers are a hollow shell of a team, while the celtics took the eastern conference champions Orlando Magic to 7 games without Garnett.

I'd take the celtics on this one everyday and twice on sunday

Can we say locker room poster material? Thanks Doc, it won't help his team but his comments will put a little more motivation into our meetings on Jan. 30 and Feb. 10.

Don't put any benjamins in the Staples ceiling this year, the LATimes Laker blog will use it to fund a "Boston sucks" party.

Cheers - PLG

Im from spain, we used to cry in every soccer worldcup when we got eliminated, talking about injured players, referees, bad luck or whatever...i hated all that looser staff, now, we have overcame all that staff, and we won the Worldcup. I see the same feelings in Doc Rivers, in 2008 bynum didn´t play, ariza had problems, gasol had an sprained ankle a and i didnt remember jackson complaining about that... This year Bynum was on one leg and bryant played with a broken finger...and...we beat them!!! Excuses, the way of loosers lies themselves. Sorry about my improving it..! :D

I guess we will have to wait until June for LA to be able to compete at any sport credibly.

Posted by: Chris | August 24, 2010 at 02:57

Well, since all of yours lost this year, I guess you're waiting too.


Doc "Cry Me A" Rivers can go and Scrooge himself...

Posted by: HalosAnt | August 24, 2010 at 11:06 AM


This is the all time best nickname, ever!


LOL, tell that to ANY legend. NO other basketball great has lost a GAME 7 that badly (which is all I mentioned, not a series. I didn't expect a Laker fan to pick up on that no worries).

Posted by: Chris | August 24, 2010 at 02:52 P

You know Chris, if you had won the series this year, you wouldn't be bringing your weak little arguments into our blog. I think it shows the depth of your bitterness, to come onto a Laker blog and talk about that game 7. But I guess you have to hold onto something, right? Personally, I don't even think about it. Guess you have to have something to hold onto to get you through those sad, cold, lonely nights where you dream about those last 11 seconds where we out-rebounded your butts.

Can someone explain to me why Doc is so proud of winning the 2008 championship against Space Cadet Radmonovic? I wouldn't have brought the whole thing up if I were him in the same situation. At least not to the press...

Maybe the "Doc" really isn't in, huh?


Doc Rivers basically threw his whole bench under the bus. Wait, he also threw the other four startes under as well. He just communicated that they are incapable of stepping up for each other.

Also, since his starting four was playing against less than our starting five, he admitted that everything must be perfect for the Craptics to beat the Lakers.

I really don't call that motivational.


I haven't gotten over the nightmare of witnessing Big Baby spewing his disgusting toxic spittings on court and now comes another, even worse, from Doc Rivers' mouth.

Still waiting on Chris's explanation of how that 13 point Game 7 lead vanished into thin air.

Los Angeles, CA: Where what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger
Boston, MA. Where what doesn't kill you only makes you complain after the fact. Don't'll be taunting us about your 9-4 NBA Finals record against us next summer.

Or...if Miami or Chicago have their way, it may still be a 9-3 record after all.

its some kind of ironic what doc rivers he may forgot that it was rasheed wallace who played played huge 4 them in game 7. And he played 4 perkins.he stepped up and hit some nice shots. rasheed wallace was the reason the celtics stayed alive until near the end of the game.

in 2008 we played without it wasnt the lakers starting 5 *DOC BRAINBUG?*

its so easy to forget some 2010 bynum was the almost the complete 7 games hurt injured and he wasnt able to play most of the time..did u hear anything from the lakers during that time? cry..but when the celtics cant play with one guy they cry cry cry ...


>>>LOL, tell that to ANY legend. NO other basketball great has lost a GAME 7
>>>that badly

Nor did the Lakers. It was game 6.

Loston is green with envy over being owned by royalty...they still cry to this day about losing to the purple and gold. Cheer up peasants, you did beat the queen!

>>>Kobe lost by 40 in a finals.
>>>Jordan? Nope. Bird, Magic? Russell, Wilt? Nope?

nope. You've got him there. Go ahead, say nanner nanner nanner, or whatever makes you happy.

You know what? When you finish doing your nanner, I'll just remind you that you lost in the finals this year.


Pierce, Garnett, Allen, and Rondo LOST IN THE 2010 Finals.

Did Kobe? Nope. Pau? Nope . Sasha Vujacic? Nope. Even the machine didn't LOSE in the 2010 finals.


First Doc very conviently leaves out that his team choked away game 6. in losing by 22 with no heart or desire.You didn't see phil make excuses for his team in 08.The complaint about the lakers in 08 was that they weren't ready to play mentally/physically like the celts.So when they do step up everyone wants to bail the celts out for choking by blaming the refs.To me that is not only hypocritical it show lack of class in Doc Rivers.My father taught me to win with grace and lose with humility.

Poor Perkins, I don't know how he is going to live the rest of his life knowing the fact that he cost his team a championship...if only he would have toughed it up for, even another 15-20 mins, you know, like what Bynum did, except Bynum did it for the whole playoff series.


>>>Kobe lost by 40 in a finals.
>>>Jordan? Nope. Bird, Magic? Russell, Wilt? Nope?

nope. You've got him there. Go ahead, say nanner nanner nanner, or whatever makes you happy.

You know what? When you finish doing your nanner, I'll just remind you that you lost in the finals this year.


Pierce, Garnett, Allen, and Rondo LOST IN THE 2010 Finals.

Did Kobe? Nope. Pau? Nope . Sasha Vujacic? Nope. Even the machine didn't LOSE in the 2010 finals.


Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | August 24, 2010 at 04:52 PM



Let's not forget to mention that Farmar, Morrison, Mbenga & Powell


Yup, the Celtics SUUUCCCKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LMAO! Sounds like a sore loser. Was Bynum and Artest starting in 2008? lmao.
Was the Lakers a 100% healthy? Bynum at 100% instead of 85% would tear up Perkins. And this year we got shot-blocker extraordinaire in Ratliff. Of course Ratliff was also hired by the Lakers to teach Bynum the art of shot blocking. With Bynum 100% healthy and his defense and blocking skills that will soon be upgraded by Ratliff, and Bynum already has good offensive skills down low, the Lakers would beat Boston in 5 if they meet again in the finals.

Garnett just got older by another year, so is wheel chair Pierce, Allen's shot is now one more year older into inconsistency, and they got Shaq who is a liability in the last 5 minutes of the game.

Garnett, Pierce, and Allen are clearly showing signs of aging, CLEARLY! The 2010-2011 Lakers are actually better than last year's team. Ratliff instead of Mbenga, Blake instead of Farmar, Barnes as back up instead of Sasha, PLUS two young outstanding rookies that were steals, Caracter and Ebanks.


It just show you that they are poor losers, they are no way near lakers category, we win with pride and we lost without excuse

Doc must have had too much to drink!
The last time I checked the boston celtics starting 5 didnt beat the lakers startin 5 in 08 either!!! NO BYNUM& A VERY LIMITED TREVOR ARIZA!!!

1. techinically...those green idiots never beat our starting line up in the 2008 we didnt have Bynum and had a half-strength Ariza.

2. those green idiots were up by 13 points in the 3rd quarter of game 7 and we hammered them!

shut up doc!

Then the Celtics didnt win the Lakers in 2008 because Andrew Bynum was injured. The Celtics were in the lead through out the whole game but they lost because they SUCK!!

Good for you, Doc.

Please ignore us while we party. Just continue with the sound bites.

Vodka while you think about it for a year?

One purple tinged year!

I liked this article even though I think only one brief argument needs to be made: If we are to believe Doc Rivers, then there has to be consistency and balance, and there isn't. It's a one way street. A what if on Boston's side but no what if for the Lakers. Well, what if Kendrick Perkins was healthy? Now add this: What if Bynum was healthy? Let them both be healthy. Go play now. Guess what, another hard fought game. And probably the Lakers win.

The Cs have won 1 ring in the last 10 years/27 tears and the Lakers have won 9.
5 in last 10 years.
What a joke.
Go DFish, Kobe, Pau, Bynum, Ron Ron, Lamar, Luke and Sasha and the rest.

Hey Doc,

Ariza and Bynum didn't play in the 2008're lucky to have one that series.

If you happen to make it out of the EAST this upcoming season..we'll be glad to beat you again.

Im niether Laker or Celtic Fan.

But to Laker fans you cant really make the argumet saying the Celtics havent beat the Lakers starting 5 because of Bynum.

Bynum cant make a 38 point difference!

Perkins however could make the 4 point difference.

Stupid!! The lakers didn't have their starting center in 2008! For the whole series.

im neither a lakers or a celtics fan.

But it is true Lakers have not beat there starting 5. Laker fans you cant use the argument that the Celtics never won against your starting 5 because of Bynum. Bynum couldnt have made a 38 point difference. However Perkins could have made a 4 point difference.

We will never know what could have happened. But i would like to congradulate the Lakers on there win.

This was an absolutely patheic and bitter comment by a coach that I would expect better from. Injuries are part of the game. Nobody will remehber that Perkins was injured, in reality he is not a game changer. If it was Pierce or Garnett, this argument would have some validity, but Perkins? Come on! Next year try and keep your team healthy, "Doc"....


It is important to remember the Lakers have an intense rivalry with the Boston Celtics and an important two seasons to complete championships in. Because when those are completed the franchise will be the one with the most titles. Last year's series was won on rebounding and execution. I would argue that if Perkins started Game 7 the Lakers would have beaten the Celtics by 10 or more. He is not a low post threat offensively and the Lakers had adjusted their defense accordingly. He is a great low post defender, a poor offensive and defensive rebounder, and that's what they needed.

Let's be clear the Celtics are going to have trouble getting back to the 2008 level because Doc and their fans underestimate the loss of having Eddie House, James Posey, PJ Brown, Leon Powe, now Tony Allen, and Sam Cassell to throw at the Lakers in the series. Their long range shooting and more bodies to but on Kobe Bryant without Ray and Paul having to guard him was essential. They have lost that and not addressed that issue with off season pick ups of the O'Neal's (Jermaine and Shaq). Matter of fact they lose the spreading of the floor and low post offensive savvy with Rasheed Wallace retiring. So that is the point. They gained offensive potency with Rasheed and would have gotten beaten soundly in Game 7 with Perkins, who, with this injury is not working on the weaknesses in his game. The Lakers were on a mission.

Hey Chris, take your Celtic green panties and hit the showers!!!

Chris, absolutely. The 2008 C's were much better equipped to put pressure on KB, and the lack of an inside presence (Bynum) and a rattled Gasol was a recipe for disaster. I don't know if the young Laker's front court would have made a difference, fully healthy, but I'd like to think it would have gone to Game 7 in 2008. The C's defense that year was ridiculous, and Phil warned our team all year 'round, but they got punched right in the nose.

I'm hoping we can agree that the 2010 series was physical, showcased tons of ticky tacks both ways, and during Game 7, it just happened to fall in LA's favor at the end. I've at least acknowledged that the officiating was suspect, but rigged, I can't agree with that. It still doesn't dismiss the rebounding discrepenacy and to go 4 minutes without a FG in a Game 7 is horrid. And with so much stoppage from foul calling, not really acceptable.

The better question for 2010-2011 is whether the C's have made the right moves to get past Miami, Chicago and Orlando. Clogging the lane is the best bet, so I think their offseason has set them up to compete in the East. However, they are short on swing men and defensive-minded guards, both critical components when playing against the West powerhouses.

Like any Laker (and Celtics) fan, I'm all about the LA-BOS rivalry, and I'm crossing my fingers that the Celtics toughness will carry them through a tough conference, for another rematch with the Lakeshow. The Heat don't deserve any part of this conversation until they prove otherwise :-)

Of course, I don't think anyone really compares to a healthy Lakers team in the West, but I'm quickly gaining respect for Kevin Durant and the Thunder.

Cheers to the upcoming season, and can't wait for more irrational soundbites from rival coaches!

LOL....Doc Rivers, while an inspirational person for the Celtics team isn't the reason that team has been successful under his tenure. Thibideau (sp?) is the reason they were so stout defensively, give the rest of the credit to Ainge for assembling the Team. Take away one bad game vs the Celtics in 08 (game 5 at home) and the Celtics are looking at a Game 7 in Boston that they may have lost to LA anyhow. This isn't surprising considering the makeup of the organization....Auerbach tossing stones at PJ, Allen at Kobe, Pierce at Artest, Garnett at everyone....they are a joke with no class. I remember when Garnett won the Sportsmanship award for the League a few years back all the while running down the court yelling...."mutha f----as" as loud as he can with kids in the stands....yeah, class act, class organization.....NOT

Doesn't even sound like doc rivers....It sounds like The Big Malignant influence has already hit the Celtics....Shaq will have this team so screwed up it will be fun to watch. This is just the beginning of the crumble.....The Big Whinners. Bird and Shaq don't fit in the same sencence.

too funny! Doc is already listening to the Shaq theory of marketing.
Shaq's Rule #1 try to make a rivalry interesting to sell tickets, even when one team is clearly inferior. The true fan knows that the Lakers would have found a way to win, regardless of Perkins playing or not. Probably KG and Sheed would not have played at a high level without the urgency of losing a teammate.

agreed that Celtics are classless.

Look at the video, the celtics are throwing towels and waving their arms in the air when the Lakers (especially Sasha) shoot free thows. They must have learned this from the towel throwing, biting GM they have (Danny Ainge)

Where else on the web can you get such great history and perspective? No where. great post Tom Daniels !

I will not lower myself to Quack Rivers's level by commenting about 2008. We won in 2009 and in 2010, against a Celtics team that got to play a game 7 against us completely their slow-paced, grind it out steal, with the last great performance from Rasheed Wallace and they still LOST.

Boston is inferior. The rest is window dressing.

oops, not steal, *style.

This comment from Doc is really crap as I have mentioned in another article, he should have seen how the game was played. Rasheed performance was very critical for Boston as he managed to keep Boston afloat with his timely jump shots and containment of Pau. Just imagine if Perkins was in Rasheed would not have played those meaningful minutes for Boston and do you think Perkins can score..not in my lifetime. Pau has done more damage with Perkins around than when Rasheed was in so the score would not have been close if Perkins was in. I have seen the games over and over again and I see that Perkins would have helped but I don't think he could have altered the results. As to the Lakers, If Bynum and Ariza played up to the level they showed during the regular season before their injuries then I believe the outcome would have been different and most likely our Lakers would have had a 3 peat crown now. This really is a lot of crap and I think Doc is only trying to drum up the spirits of the current Celtics as they have a lot to go through with the now strengthened Miami and Orlando..

What I can see based on paper is that Lakers v.s. Heat for this year's championship with the Lakers most likely coming out victorious in 6 games. Kobe would have already released those pressure he had during the Boston series and with his new cast the Lakers will still be the team to beat.

what a stupid thing to say coming from som1 we have so much respect of...giv credit to wer credit is due so u can be man of respect.

Yo MM,

You make some good points,
but get your facts straight.
IN 09 the Celtics lost to Orlando in game 7 of the eastern semis.

In 2011 They will be back for The Fakers In the finals.
Because there is no competition in the west(maybe okct).

One thing I like about sports is the objectivity. At then end of a game, the team that has more points is the winner. One can wine, explain, cry, or rationalize, but the simple fact is at the end of a great series, the game score was Lakers 4, Celtics 3. Everything else is hot air. I actually think Doc is a heck of a coach, and he's fun. Like Phil, I think he likes to stir the pot. It's ok. I love hearing his stuff. Next year's a new year. The Celtics are a year older. I think they are done as a contender, but again, what I think doesn't really matter does it? At the end of next year's finals, we will see who has the 4 wins, and they will be the champions. I'm betting on a 3-peat!

I know one thing for sure, Doc isn't among a few good men BECAUSE HE CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH. Also Perkins agent should take Doc's words to the next negotiation table and will see how much the Celtics pay the Finals Series Changer player. The facts were Kobe played with assorted injuries that would have sit many others down yet he still scored 23 pts (albeit a bad first half that was rescued by Artest) and 15 rebounds which spoke volume for his burning desire for another championship while the Celtics stars like Pierce, KG, R Allen and a surging Rondo only had good but certainly not consistent minutes. Doc's words were a two-edged sword, while providing and inexcusable excuse to the loss it also highlighted the aging and inefficiency of his other stars. Lastly but not least INJURIES ARE PART OF THE GAMES, as a coach he had to come up with a better plan to offset Perkins' absence and all he could come up with was a LAME excuse.

It's aways sad when a grown man acts like a 14 year old. Phil would have blamed his team for not executing, not used injury for excuse.

Ummm, we could trade championship years if this would help make the whining C's happy. Give us the 2008 trophy since Bynum did not play, and we'll give you the 2010 trophy. In 2008 Bynum did not play the entire series. At least they had Perkins for 5.25 games. Also, Bynum played on one leg in 2010. Also, Doc's comment that they have beaten the Lakers starting five is dead wrong. Bynum is a starter and did not play in 2008.

Yeah boy, that's exactly what Lakers' fans want to hear, we want to hear that Boston still hurting and crying over the loss. I can't wait to see Lakers vs Boston in the Finals again, let see what excuse Doc River will come up with, but I think think this might be the news: "The Boston Celtics has fired head coach Doc River.". Hahaha Let the the true be told.

If Doc team go to 2011 Final...
they will lose to Lakers AGAIN...5555

no doubt about that...

HEY RIVERS!( I lost RESPECT).. LAKERS PLAYERS AND ORGANIZATION ARE HIGH CLASS from TOP TO BOTTOM! Bynum( knee) did not call in sick and neither did Odom (shoulder), KOBE ( ankel,broken finger,fluid removed from knee). HATs OFF FOR MITCH & Dr.B they knew and still do what they're doing. GROW UP,STOP CRYING. WHEN YOU LOOSE NEXT SEASON, BLAME SHAQ, THAT IS MORE REALISTIC!!!!

Yeah boy, that's exactly what Lakers' fans want to hear, we want to hear that Boston still hurting and crying over the loss. I can't wait to see Lakers vs Boston in the Finals again, let see what excuse Doc River will come up with, but I think think this might be the news: "The Boston Celtics has fired head coach Doc River.". Hahaha Let the the true be told.

So what!!! We got the ring!!! Anything else matter?

Doc's argument does prove one thing: That's he's well qualified to wear the disgusting green livery of Our Ladies of Perpetual Poor Sportsmanship.

Yes, Perkins was out. Personally, I wish he had played.

The Lakers played the entire series with their starting center injured. And let's not forget that the hero of game 4, Big Baby, should have missed that game for his textbook flagrant 2 on Fisher at the end of game 3 that went uncalled. That's different, though. Right, Doc? Bad things that happen to the Lakers are part of the game. Bad things that happen to the Celtics are an unjustice.

We've been listening to this crap since Red Auerbach had red hair. Nothing changes in Crybabyland.

Coach Rivers can say what he wants but Boston had a 13 point
lead at the start of the 4th. quarter and the lakers came and took it away from them. Come on Coach Rivers the Lakers did not complain in 2008 when you beat them badly. You are a classier guy then this.

I've never liked Doc and his scumbag, classless act. Remember Doc's rude walk off after being beaten by Orlando in the 2009 Eastern Finals? Remember the towel toss from the Boston bench when Sasha V. was shooting free throws in game 7 of the 2010 finals?

And now this 'sour grapes' excuse when a real man would be congratulating his betters. The best team always wins, Doc, by definition.

An organization with integrity and high principles would never let an individual -- especially the coach -- represent them with such unsportsmanlike drivel.

Doc, your legacy will be forgotten, but before that, ridiculed.

Here's an example to throw back in Doc Rivers' face; it was replayed on Prime Ticket the other night, and I'd to see someone use it on him: Game 6 of the 1980 Finals.

Kareem incapacitated, and the Lakers start their rookie point guard at center. And they still kicked ass.

Suck on that, Doc.

Should I make the case we lost in 2008 because we didn't have BYNUM the whole time?

I'm back...

As many people are saying, "I thought Doc Rivers was more classier than that..."

I totally agree....obviously he's been drinking too much of the green Kool-Aid (no endorsement intended, I always knew it was just food coloring a tad of flavor and you have to supply all the sugar and water).....


Did he forget Bynum pretty much played on one leg during the whole playoffs?
We never had an healthy Bynum. Yeah let's play an healthy 5 on 5, Doc.
Perkins will be nowhere with Drew healthy.

This is sooooo stupid!!!! You lost Boston, no excuses!!! Same thing when we lost, no excuses! We came back and handled our business, two times in row!

If I know the Lakers..somewhere Kobe, Artest, Barnes, Fish are now pissed off. Thanks Doc for giving our vets some tackeling fuel (Waterboy reference). Rule #14 of pro sports, never disrespect veterans, they always are looking for tackeling fuel.

BTW what happened to Perkins face? he is the fugliest Celtic since Parish..

oh my god! a good coach will never say that....well, is he a good coach anyhow? nah......not even close. take out garnett and boston is probably done.
this was the lamest excuse i hv ever heard in years.....


Perhaps Doc has been watching "Back to the Future?"

Does any sport pause while everyone gets healthy? Of course not, but Willis Reed played hurt in the NBA finals, perhaps Doc should have played Kendrick Perkins.

What next Doc, Celtics would have won if Bill Russel were playing? or Red coaching from the cementary?


Doc doc doc ... what about Bynum you idiot! Game 7 came down to final SECONDS! Suck it up Celtics! I can't wait to see Lakers/Celtics this season (and HEAT!) - there is NO TEAM in the league that could touch them last 2 years (hmmm wasn't it Orlando that knocked out these sorry crybaby pathetic jokes! God Doc, grow up!

adjustments are better than excuses, I guess...

Well, the Celtics haven't beat the Lakers starting 5. Remember in 2008 when Andrew Bynum was injured for most of the playoffs? I don't hear the Lakers complaining about that.

celtics never beat the lakers starting 5 either, bynum was missing in 08

Throwing it down right now.

Everyone needs to show up Jan 30th with a pacifier and rattle and shake that thing all game long for little whiny Doc. ( That is unless someone else presented this idea first.)

One last thought...remember PJ in the huddle telling the team that the C's have proven all year long that they know how to lose in the 4th quarter...just keep playing and they will fold like a cheap lawn chair. That was before Perkins was out so Douche, your team performed as expected and choked down the stretch. Guess all the rah rah coaching doesn't work when your old tired legs are out of gas.

Who Were The Starters in Game 7? Doc Cmon Man Stop Acting like Red. Man. Your Starters Started The game. Quit Playin. Take It Like A Man See Yall Next Year. You're In Denial


If the Lakers had had a healthy Andrew Bynum, the Celtics would have never made it to game 7, regardless of Perkins being healthy or not.

Do you think it would have been a seven game series had Kobe and Andrew been perfectly healthy? I don't think Celtics would have lasted even for 6 games.

The latest article about Doc Rivers is absolutely crazy. The man is scratching for answers-like the songs bizarre -how bizarre. Taking nothing away from the 2008 Celtics they had the moxie -no doubt. 2 years later ands playing for back-to-back and Doc can't even manup to the truth-the guys a jerk. Nah, it ain't ammunition hw was trying to pull =just plain stupidity. A Coach and Player of his years -just goes to show the guy never won a ring as a player might have as a coach-he ain't all that. Respect wise he's lost it with me....and probably a lot of other fans Lakers or otherwise. The man's team got beaten with a Lakers team that was beaten up and he can't give them their might as well spit in their face....I think he just did! He's a punk. A cheap @%* punk. Nope - he's lost respect alright.

The Lakers with a healthy Bynum would have made a difference as we have recently seen....A stronger and healthier Bynum this year and it would have been even close. Man the guy just punked out. How very, very sad.

Nevermind.....Should every Laker remain healthy this year- they'll take it out AGAIN! Bring it on Boston. You ain't all that. Shaq included. Oh he ain't talking about where the heck to Ray's touch go? Oh hang on I know-Perkins done it....had he been in Allen would have found his touch? My #^%#^*% No way Jose'.

L.A. should just keep it tight-do what they do-possibly the best team in the NBA in a few years.....making it to the Finals this would mean 4 in a row.....hello Doc-you readin this feel what I'm saying.....yeah, yeah call it whatever-you live on Mars anyway you fool!

Down Under-that's New Zealand (not Australia)


Doc Rivers comments are the perfect example why it is so easy to dislike the Celtics organization.

Yes, they make the Lakers better and it's even sweeter when the Celtics lose in the finals. But, compared to the Lakers, the Celtics have always lacked class and have never, ever acknowledged that the Lakers were better than them when they lose.

On the other hand, the Lakers have always maintained a semblance of propriety whenever they beat or get beaten by the Celtics. The biggest difference again, is that the Lakers have always acted classier than the Celtics since the days of McHale, Parrish, and Bird.

Give Doc his moral victory even though he is low class to suggest it. Doc look back in history. LA was not fully represented when they faced Boston in 2008, against the Bad Boys Pistons of the 1990s, The Bulls and Philly in 1983 and these teams celebrated their rings as they rightfully should.

Doc's not the type of guy to talk in public about poor officiating. It's difficult when a center is injured. It's hard to find a 7 footer that can play ball. The Lakers had home court advantage and that played a huge part. The ref's were wack. Everyone knows it. Just watch the tape

This is about the same logic that says the Lakers don't realy have 16 rings because of the ones won in Minnesota. Good one Boston fan! Maybe its the water up there.

and what about the 2008 finals mr. rivers??? bynum wasn't in der starting 5 because of his injury ... the whole playoffs!!! and nobody of the lakers cried like you.. dumbass

What I don't understand if you Lakers are champions why are you defending yourselves?

gee doc after we beat you to win the championship you
said the lakers were the better team. now you're saying
if you had perkins things would have been different.
let me see it's like confessing to a crime but wait i
change my mind i didn,t say that. your other starting 4
didn't step up to the plate example ray allen wow 0 for
13 in game three if he made at least five of those shots
you would have champions. even with game 7 if at least 3
starters would have made at three more baskets you
would have raise banner 18 so don't blame it on
injuries or the refs

These comments by Doc Rivers are just as ridiculous as the Sacramento Kings fan who believes that the officiating in Game #6 of the 2002 Western Conf. Finals is the sole reason the Kings lost that series! Especially since the calls in Game #3 of that series was even more one sided in favor of the Kings in a game which was also played in Los Angeles (which blows up their "home court bias" claim from Game #6). And I still (8 years later) have not heard 1 Laker fan whining about the officiating in Game #3 of that series.

Shaq has been looking for a new nickname now that he's a member of the Celtics. I think BOBBYGO has come up with a perfect one: CLANK-FOO! I think that one fits him perfectly!

Even if Doc Rivers' comments were credible - he should also remember that the Laker's starting 5 have never lost. I would love to have seen a Finals wherein both teams were at full strength. The nod would still go to the Lakers. If both teams played up to their full potential - it would have been a total slaughter. Drew, Kobe, Ron, Lamar, Sasha, Luke, were all under par, playing maybe at 65, 65, and 60& - respectively, of their potential. Just Kobe, aone, at full strength, the Lakers would have swept the Cs.

What is Rivers smoking? How can he insist his "starting five" has not lost to the Lakers when the mere fact that there was a game 7 last season meant the Boys in Gold had to have beaten his Green Goblins three times previously, including the first games in both LA and Boston? Also, the year after losing in the finals in 2008, didn't the Lakers sweep the season series in Boston in 2009, and beat them in Boston again this past season? Wasn't that against their "starting five?"

They won a championship against a 2008 Lakers team battling key injuries and this year the Lakers did the same to the Celtics. Your "starting five" are the people who suit up when the title is on the line. Fantasy teams don't count. Rivers is full of hot air on this point.

The Celtics, like most Boston teams, are a completely classless outfit. In his book, Kareem talked about how the Celtics used to not heat the visitor's locker room in winter, and would telephone the visiting team's hotel rooms all night long to disrupt the sleep of the opposing team. Kareem described the Boston fans as "savage;" and come to think of it, didn't they stone the Lakers team bus after they WON the championship in 2008? Rivers carries on the tradition of the Celtics as arrogant, whining, sore losers. Hope you Goblins enjoyed losing in this year's finals, because your aging outfit won't come close to it next season. Shaq to the Celtics; it couldn't happen to a better team. Have fun with the Big Green Whale this year, Rivers.

"They still have not beaten our starting five,"..."Our starting five against the Lakers starting five has a ring. "


How quickly does this idiot forget that we played '08 without Bynum AND Ariza. And, since we're now splitting least in '10 they had a healthy Perk for 6 games. We had a healthy Bynum for ummm...ZERO.

Nothing short of moronic, inflammatory...and motivating. Keep whining. That's all you got.

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