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Doc Rivers' suggestion that Kendrick Perkins' injury resulted in Lakers' 2010 NBA Finals win proves unfounded

Doc Rivers

Let the revisionist history begin.

The Lakers didn't win the 2010 NBA Championship because of Ron Artest's Game 7 heroics. They didn't win the 2010 title after becoming much tougher than in the 2008 campaign. And they didn't win after Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Derek Fisher, Artest and Sasha Vujacic made key shots late in the game. No, the Lakers are back-to-back champions simply because Boston center Kendrick Perkins tore the medial collateral and posterior cruciate ligaments in his right knee, causing him to miss the final three quarters of Game 6 and all of  Game 7. Or so that's what Celtics Coach Doc Rivers would like you to think.

"They still have not beaten our starting five," Rivers recently told ESPN 980's John Thompson, as provided by Sports Radio Interviews. "Our starting five against the Lakers starting five has a ring. Tell him [a Lakers fan] don't forget that. We will be back strong and Perk will be there next year if there's a Game 7."

I'm not the only one who's scratching his head and wondering if I saw the same game Doc saw. Silver Screen and Roll's DexterFishmore wrote, "Doc. If you're going to say something stupid, did it also have to be so inflammatory and grotesquely ill informed? One needn't be a Laker fan to be enraged by this. One need only possess a respect for historical accuracy and a memory that stretches back three whole years." Ball Don't Lie's Trey Kerby mused, "That's a very specific set of circumstances, but it's valid. That's a good team and the Lakers haven't beat them. But the thing is, that's not necessarily going to be the team that faces the Lakers, and even when they don't, the games still count. On the other hand, if Boston can petition the league to only count games in which the expected Celtics starting five takes the court, we might be looking at the first undefeated team in NBA history. It might only be for six games, but still."

Doc Rivers 2

Unfortunately for the Celtics, games aren't played under perfect scenarios. Every team, particularly ones that play further into the postseason, have to deal with less-than-ideal circumstances regarding injury, fatigue, etc.  That's essentially what sports are, playing the best you can with the cards you're dealt. In no way am I downplaying Perkins' absence, but for Rivers to suggest he was the primary reason the Lakers won the title, as former NBA great Julius Erving also suggested to me at the ESPY's, proves absurd for various reasons.

Let's first deal with the logic that the Celtics still have not defended their title from 2008. That title defense stopped once Boston was eliminated in the 2009 East semifinals by Orlando. And the Celtics won in 2008 against the Lakers, which featured an absent Andrew Bynum and a limited Trevor Ariza. Leading up to the 2010 Finals, many members of the media, including myself, asked various Lakers how much different the 2008 campaign would have gone had they been fully healthy. With not wanting to appear as if they were downgrading Bynum's and Ariza's potential contributions, the Lakers made it clear they would've helped, but in the end, the players on the floor didn't execute properly. Likewise, Boston failed to do the same thing in Game 7, allowing the Lakers to dominate the offensive glass, 23-8, and holding the Celtics' perimeter players in Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce to 14 of 42 shooting (33%).

So much for Rivers' pregame contention that the Celtics would respond to Perkins' injury with a rallying cry. But he was right about one thing before the game: "The game is going to dictate everything."

"We're here, and we'll be ready," he said before the game. "It is a little emotional losing Perk. He's so important to our team. But he's still in the locker room, he just will not be in uniform. And I think our guys in some ways, they want to do it for him. Listen, the game is going to dictate everything, and I don't know, but as far as our emotions, I think we're pretty much in check."

After the game, when he was asked how much Perkins' absence affected the Celtics, Rivers brought up "the starting lineup hasn't lost" argument while making it clear it didn't make or break the team.

"I can't say," Rivers said after Boston's Game 7 loss. "I know, and I told our guys this, the starting lineup still hasn't lost. It was a shame we didn't have that starting lineup tonight. But I told them, you're still yet to have a true chance to defend your title because Perk wasn't there. But listen, give the Lakers credit. They were terrific."

That much was true. Even with Bryant having an uncharacteristically poor Game 7, the Lakers came through. Despite Lamar Odom's NBA Finals disappearing act, the Lakers came through. And despite Bynum's significant limitations because of the torn cartilage in his right knee, the Lakers came through. The Lakers, frankly, went through similar adversities as did the Celtics and it revealed two things. The Lakers made adjustments, while the Celtics just provided excuses.

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Celtics Coach Doc Rivers recently suggested that the Lakers wouldn't have won the 2010 NBA Finals if Boston center Kendrick Perkins hadn't gotten injured. Credit: Elsa / Getty Images.

Photo: Celtics Coach Doc Rivers receives a Gatorade bath from Paul Pierce moments before winning the 2008 Finals, when the Lakers were missing Andrew Bynum. Credit: Winslow Townson / Associated Press

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I would like to thank Doc Rivers for once again giving me a chance to remind everybody me that the starting five of the Sacramento Kings from 2010 also has never lost a playoff series to the Lakers, and would really appreciate it if we gave them credit with some kind of asterisk or something.

I would also like to remind everybody that if Kareem Abdul Jabbar had a mutant healing factor that kept him virtually immune to the ravages of time, and if Magic Johnson was in fact descended from Zeus, king of the Greek Gods and was immortal and ageless, and if James Worthy had in fact been bitten by a radioactive lemur in 1984 and given its proportionate leaping abilities (lemurs do leap, right? I have only the classic expression to go on here)...

Then we probably would have won at least one more title between 1988 and 2000.

And if my butt had magical powers, maybe I could fly!

This makes me sick.

When a teammate goes down, others must step up. That's why they're paid millions. The same accountability applies to the Lakers (no excuses).

Doc Rivers full of it. Allways remember BOSTON SUCKS

MM -


This was a GREAT article!

Also I would like to point out that Doc Rivers typically uses cheap motivational tactics on his team, like the whole 'hiding the money' stunt. Do NBA players really go for this sort of thing? Cause I think most high school teams would tune out anything that dumb, and I would hope the average NBA player is more self motivated.

I don't want to get too involved in cheap insults here, but I do suspect that Doc Rivers is not really a good coach, and I am on the verge of suspecting that he isn't exactly a rocket surgeon, either.

Why would you even waste your precious time writing an article about doc( smart nickname for a stupid guy)rivers idiotic comments.
For God's sake... is this seriously what boston fans are saying right now? Is this there excuse? Were defending back to back champs because of Kendrick frikkin perkins?! whose stats are often more sour then his face??

Enough said

Doc Rivers is now officially a troll in my books.

Phred's comment has effectively drubbed Doc into troll fuzzy dice and he's now hanging from phred's rear view mirror.

What a maroon...

Why would I waste my precious little time writing this? Well it's debatable that my time is precious for one thing. Two, I think it's necessary to provide some facts to Doc's illogical argument.


Doc "Cry Me A" Rivers can go and Scrooge himself...

Did Doc forget that when his "Starting Five" beat the Lakers in 2008, That the Lakers did not have Andrew Bynum at all, nor did they have a healthy Trevor Doc just needs to man up to his loss.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but isn't the Lakers starting five still undefeated against Boston since 2008? I don't remember Bynum playing in the 2008 series. And I also remember Ariza being limited when we had to run Luke and Radmanovic out there to guard Pierce.

Hey, but at least we had a 100% Bynum this year! Oh, wait, no we didn't.

Way to man up Boston.

Outstanding, Mark Medina!

Top notch! Top notch!!!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Mr. Rivers also refused to go to his bench in the second half. He insisted on going with a 6 player rotation and no back court substitutions. Wallace played his best game of the season, the Boston front court was not the problem. Their back court disappeared in the second half. Allen was too tired from chasing Kobe around to shoot and Rondo couldn't throw a pea into the ocean from a rowboat. How Perkins helps the back court problems is beyond me.

On the other hand, Jackson used just enough of his bench to win the game. He showed the confidence in his players that Rivers simply did not have.

Listening to Doc Rivers on the sidelines is so fricken tedious: "You guys gotta win this on the floor out there AS A TEAM, alright? You've got to give it your all!!!"

Doc, come on, it's not a JV volleyball match.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Could we make the same statement that our starting 5 hasn't been beaten, after all Bynum was out in the 2008 finals and we won the past two years.

I just googled it...he's not even a real Doc!

Doc is 100% correct.

Scoreboard!!! Nuf Said

What moron would make an argument that undermines hiw own team's previous championship win? Only the Doc!! Guess the Celtics have never beaten the Lakers starting 5 either. This doesn't deserve any press whatsoever. If this is his last motivational tool for his team, get ready to be tossed in the first round this year Boston.

The current starting five for the Lakers is also undefeated :P

Doc should have taken the high road by retiring to watch his HS kid play ball and should have kept his mouth shut. Maybe he would pick up a thing or two about sportsmanship if he went to one of his kid's games.

He should take notes from Suns' coach Alvin Gentry. He had nothing but positive things to say about the Lakers and humbly admitted defeat.

*Sports Cliche' of the Day*

Injuries are part of sports.

Justa ask Lakers fans about 1989,1991, and 2008.


On a more relevant note...looks like Sasha's feeling the pressure to come in ready this season. All those trade rumors must've gotten to him.

Well if Wilt hadn't gotten hurt in the forth quarter of game 7 in 1969, the Lakers would have completed there comeback and won that game, so lets go back and give the 69 championship to Elgin and Jerry!

what i think is so funny is the celts & their fans in 2008 said us complaining about not having bynum FOR THE ENTIRE FINALS was an excuse, but they don't have 1 player for 1 game & that's why they lost?!? (not to mention they were winning that game in the 4th quarter) CHOOOOOOOOKE!!!

1. I have never heard Phil Jackson blame a loss in a series to an injured player

2. Kendrick Perkins was a downgrade from Big Baby in the series in my opinion

3. Its almost like Doc Rivers thinks he came up with this brilliant thought that no one has ever come up with "This starting 5 has never lost" and got so excited about it that it completely took over his brain. In fact it may be the only comment we hear him say this whole year.

4. The "Starting 5 has never lost" theory is filled with a detrimental after thought. It essentially communicates to his players that if any one of the starting 5 get hurt, that they cant win a series. Its entirely possible that one of his players gets injured again. What if its Rajon Rondo thats hurt this year?

So it's the absence of Kendrick Perkins that made them choke a 13 point lead in the 3rd Quarter. Duly noted.

Wait your turn, Miami. We obviously have some unfinished business in LossTown.

Actually, this is great news. We can now put astersiks on all the titles Boston won AFTER Elgin Baylor's knee injury.

Let's see, there was the year Worthy broke his leg.

The series against Detroit without Magic and Byron.

The Lakers could have won plenty more titles if Kareem hadn't gotten so old.

The Mailman's injury clearly negates that loss to Detroit.

Bynum's injury puts an asterisk on the 2008 Celtics.

This is fun. I always though injuries were part of the game. I thought the Celts being so deep in bigs, with Wallace and Big Baby on the bench, might have weathered the loss of Perkins.

But this is much better. Games without your 5th best starter now can just be stricken from the record. Box up that trophy and send it off to Doc. I feel we bad that ever took it from them.

wow! the only way this thing can be resolved is for the two teams to meet again this NBA season finals. talking is cheap.

I'll see Doc's argument and raise him with this one:

Andrew Bynum & Ron Artest have never lost an NBA Finals series to the Boston Celtics. Right?

So I guess if we lost (but we didn't haha), we could have claimed that since Boston didn't beat the team with Ariza on it the Lakers would still be the champs? I don't get stupid logic.

This is Doc's desperate attempt to get some attention for Celtics because most people are predicting Lakers and Heat Finals coming season...I've never heard Phil complained about Bynum's injury after the Lakers lost to Celtics in 2008. I think he actually admitted that the Celtics were better team and just came back to win next two Championships.. See the difference between the ULTIMATE winner and loser?

We should start a petition going for the City of Los Angeles to establish August 24th as Kobe Bryant day for the following reasons:

- To continue celebrating Kobe's birthday; back-to-back days
- Today's date is 8/24 -- represents both phases of his basketball career in LA
- This may improve Antonio Villaraigosa's chances of not getting dissed by Kobe

Get the word out and lets make this happen!!! This is Kobe's town!

It may have been the worst-played Game 7 in NBA Finals history. Neither team did themselves proud, but one of them had to win. Better us than them.

If the Lakers had lost, KB's abysmal shooting performance (4-20 at one point) would have gone down in NBA history as one of the all-time choke jobs.

But winning does heal all.

Bet no one realized the irony of Kobe's age yesterday. He turned 32... 3 + 2 = 5 championship rings.

He'll turn 33 next year...3 + 3 = You got it!!! 6 rings baby! THREE-PEAT!!!

Ok, I'm delirious, I know...but whatever!

Come to see victory in a land called fantasy. Doc this songs for you...

I'm sooooooooo sick of people resigning themselves to believing that Boston was the better team in '08. I don't buy that BS for a hot second.

Despite having no Bynum and virtually no TA, that Laker team was poised to win that series. There's a reason all the prognosticators had the Lakers as virtual locks in that series.

The refs for whatever reason, didn't like that plan. Throughout the western conference playoffs, physical play was forgiven, but outright hacking and taunting tactics were quickly called. In the finals, crickets. Kobe couldn't buy a whistle. Pau was getting absolutely butchered, and got nothing.

I clearly remember one play, Pau posts on the left block, hold the ball up high, punk rondo comes around the back, grabs Pau's jersey, hacks him across the arms, comes up with the ball, looks at the ref with the guiltiest face I've ever seen, gets no whistle, and starts the break the other way. That was the tone of that series. A little even officiating and it wouldn't have even been close. Darth Stern and the bunch needed a Lakers v. weenies rivalry to revive interest in the league so they let the weenies get a freebie before they all got too old and worthless to compete.

And forget about Perkins being any real help next year. With an ACL, he'll be lucky to make it back in April, much less being any kind of effective for the playoffs. Kelts are back where they belong - in a prolonged obscurity. And they've got a fatshaq albatross to create locker room discord. Couldn't have happened to a nicer team.

Doc is delusional. One tainted championship and dude thinks he's Phil. Truth is before Frankenstein McHale gifted him KG, he never won squat and really hasn't won squat since. Unlike Paula Pierce, there is the truth.

4. The "Starting 5 has never lost" theory is filled with a detrimental after thought.

Posted by: Ryan C. | August 24, 2010 at 11:40 AM


No Ryan,

The proper term is "...theory is filled with EXCREMENTAL afterthought."


That Rivers feels compelled to grope for excuses instead of admitting he was out-coached and his team out-played is a pure delight. Just when the glow of a championship seemes to be fading, Doc reminds us how bitter Boston still is about losing to the Lakers. Makes me feel good all over again!

Be sure to tune in next week when Doc Rivers explains that the Lakers beat Boston because "my dog ate my playbook."


Good point HalosAnt. You nailed it

Thats not how the game is played. You gotta win. You can't say we WOULD have won. The only thing that counts is a win.

Del Harris' starting five teams in LA are also undefeated vs. Boston in the Finals.

So there!


First of all, Doc Rivers can kiss my purple and gold butt.

Secondly: "Doc "Cry Me A" Rivers can go and Scrooge himself..."

Posted by: HalosAnt | August 24, 2010 at 11:06 AM

Halos - that rocked!

What an immature statement from a delusional man. I wish he would make excuses for his team. OH WAIT. You'd never hear Phil talking like that. My theory is that he is coming back for this season just so he can "avenge" his team. Dude. You got outplayed, out-rebounded, and outscored. You lost. C's couldn't do it at the end when it mattered. They had some bad fouls, lost the ball out of bounds, and missed shots.

The Green Weenies lost. End of story.


Boston, lost for 22 years in obscurity and not able to defend their title in 'o8. Yeah Doc, it was all about Perkins. Sure. Right. Whatever.

That is like saying 1984 celtics didn't really beat the lakers because we didn't have McAdoo or the 1985 celtics citing if it wasn't for Bird's hand injury we would have won, therefore they didn't really beat us. Let's face it, is anyone ever at 100% when competing for the top prize? At that time of the year, there is no time for excuses, you better give your best or you're finished. As long as I have followed this rivalry the Celtics have always complained when they were beaten by Lakers, especially Tommy the cry baby Heinsohn. I wonder how many more times the Lakers will not really beat the Celtics in this decade?

I'd like to remind Doc that the Celtics haven't beaten the Lakers starting 5 and that Sheed had a better time guarding Gasol and Bynum then did Perkins and that Perkins would have made things harder offensively for the Celtics. In fact, with Perkins in the lineup, the Lakers may very well have had an easier time winning.

I CAN SEE Doc's point of view, and it is true. Even Doc J suggested that laker's eeeked out a win largely in part of Perkin's absence (injury). We all watched the game and did not think that the Lakers were in control, it was a sea saw battle all the way to the end, even Shasha's free contributions were much needed and crucial.

I just wonder if Lakers could have beaten Boston, even minus Perkins in Boston. One of the reason Magic is the greatest lakers to date is because he led lakers to a title win in Boston, one and only win. So I ask can Kobe lead this team to a title win in Boston?

Doc is incorrect, I hate to say.

The refs were the deciding factor.

37-17 foul imbalance. The NBA...where rigged happens.

If you need further proof, look at Kobe's face, the look of suprise on the "MVP".

Enjoy for now Lakers, the 2010 Charity Champs.

We can read the silence message from Doc. We all know that Rivers speak about the influence of the real MVP finals (no, he is not Kobe) This influence without Perkins on the floor was absolutly key and make the Lakers champs. If you can´t understand who´s this "Big influence" and "The Real MVP Finals" about Doc still speaking, you dont know the game.

And I also realize that 2008 will always hurt you guys. It wasn't a win, it was a 40 POINT beatdown. One you still have yet to recover from after being given it this year.

Before you scream 3-Peat, realize this hasn't even started yet. If it wasn't rigged to create this year's rubber match, it would be 2-0.


Doc is incorrect, I hate to say.

The refs were the deciding factor.

37-17 foul imbalance. The NBA...where rigged happens.

If you need further proof, look at Kobe's face, the look of suprise on the "MVP".

Enjoy for now Lakers, the 2010 Charity Champs.

Posted by: Chris | August 24, 2010 at 12:31 PM

Or just look at the crying and whining face of Paul Pierce, when he clearly fouled, pouting and whining. Or Sheed, running around the floor, hands spread wide in surprised.

The Boston Celtics, where the ability to lose gracefully reigns.

Enjoy for now, Boston Celtics, the 2010 Cham..... oh wait.

Quit your crying, Chris. You can also kiss my purple and gold butt.


I thought Doc Rivers was a great coach, it turns out he is one of those individual that cannot believe his beloved celtics were beaten fair and square last nba finals. Instead of sourgraping with the loss he should concentrate on rebuilding the celtics with his has been, aging players. Time to move on doc.

Kendrick Perkins was Key in the 2010 Finals. Without him, Celtics was in trouble against the Lakers. You should remember that in the last finals, Kobe, Pierce or Allen was the key player for his team. We Know the Real MVP is another, and the Perkins´absence make the Lakers champs and this player the key to the ring. I think this "misterious" player is the actual best Laker player and the real 1 option in offense. The real leader on the floor. Out the floor, obviously is Kobe and Fish.

I wish you'd use a different handle than "Old Hippy"...

You're giving us a bad name..

..and it's ie, not y btw..


Posted by: Chris | August 24, 2010 at 12:34 PM

Believe that you're delusional? Already done. That's right, go ahead and blame the C's loss on reffing. Yeah, that's right. YOU GOT OUTPLAYED, OUT-REBOUNDED, AND OUT SCORED. Deal with it.


Chris, you said that 2008 would always hurt us.

That's funny. That's how we feel about your 2010 loss.

Have a great day!!

Whit his words, Doc Rivers know who´s the key player in the finals, and not, he´s not Kobe Bryant.

I know a very heavy guy named "Slim" and a very tall guy named "Shorty".
I think 'Doc" got his nickname the same way.

lol... ahahahah.... what a sore looser... i mean LOOSER! hey spock... i mean doc... whatever it takes to beam your team's spirit.. cause frankly.... i think we broke them on game 7 of the 2010 FINALS! WOO HOO.. GO LAKERS!

Whit his words, Doc Rivers know who´s the key player in the finals, and not, he´s not Kobe Bryant.

Posted by: Ricky | August 24, 2010 at 12:41 PM

If we respected Doc then this might mean something. But we don't.

Doc Rivers is barely even a coach. Before those allstars fell in his lap he won 20 something games the year before. In an interview on Ric Bucher said Doc hardly even talks about x's and o's in the huddle, he just appeals to his player's emotions. Pathetic.

Oh boy! what a comment. Basketball is a team effort and it so happen that Celtics wasn't good on it. Get over it Doc Rivers! your Celtics was 3-2 but lost 2 consecutive games. You should go back to your drawing board and teach your starting 5 "TEAM EFFORT". What you did was just downgrading your professional expertise. What a cheap excuse.

Yayyy we have a troll and ricky (I only love Pau because I'm a spaniard) semi troll...

So Chris, maybe you should put your rant on a "blankie" so you can sleep with it at night and make yourself feel better while sucking on your thumb. Make sure to SUCK HARD (Just like your fav team) so you get the full Celtic Finals Experience.

And ricky, you should join him with your "I *heart* Gasol" blankie...

River's an idiot, if you want to go that route, then why not mention that Bynum was injured and basically a non factor, so there! with perkins out it evens out the field. Go jump in the river, Rivers!

Also Rasheed Wallace, who started that game, is twice the player Perkins is, even when he's old and injured. Perkins is just a big dumb ogre. He's in the Greg Ostertag/Eric Dampier category.

Nice feature, MM, I love the ending line!

well said jpal2002001 ! River sore loser, nah na nah na nah!!!!!! were still world champions, say what you want to say LOSER!!!!! oh did i say SORE? guess not SORE LOSER!!!!!

Looks like insta-post is back.

We can supposedly assumed if the Boston magnificent 5 were not beaten in two consecutive games 6th and 7th, then they intentionally TANKED the game in 2010 because of the missing players. That's what really happened folks, they did not lose but rather they don't want to win. They were missing Perkins, House, Posey, Brown, Cassell also Bird, Mchale, Johnson (r.i.p.) notwithstanding the retirement of Bill Russel, Cousy, Nelson and Havlicek. If only these players were available then Doc Rivers could have won 2010.


your buddy bull fighter is the prowl..

Rajon Rondo withdraws from USA Team. Didn't play against Spain an thought he would be cut!!! WOW, an almighy Celtic got cut!!

This is absolutely delicious!!!!

'What's up' Doc 'cry me a' Rivers - HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Rondo off Team USA - HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Weener trolls still whining & complaining - HAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!

And just when the dog days of summer were bringing us down! Just when the jonesing for the new season was starting to get really bad! PRESTO - instant transport back to SWEET 16!!! Thanks Weeners - you guys always know just what it takes to cheer us Laker fans up!!!

Gee, how come it took Rivers this long to use Perkins injury as an excuse? Fact it Doc, the Celtics were out-played...& you were out-coached.

Doc might be on to something here:

Laker starting 5 of Magic, Byron, Kareem, Worthy and AC never lost either. Injuries in 89 and Kareem retired in 90.

Kermit in 77, Walton 78, Worthy 83, Isiah 88...this is fun...dang, why did Magic & Silk spoil everything in 80 by winning that game without Kareem.


sorry, can't change my handle and i don't suggest that you change your handle either, fair?

Dang your good MM.

just my 99c, Lakers starting line up as not lost to Celtics either, 2008 was lost because Bynum was injured. I hate these guys so much

Doc who?

Doc forgot to mention that the Celtics were tired in the 4th quarter. That's why they were reaching and fouling instead of moving their feet and playing defense. So "if we weren't tired we would've won game 7 as well. Also, the bus getting to Staples was like 3 minutes late. And I didn't get to eat my usual breakfast cereal at the hotel. And the crowd was kind of loud and we couldn't concentrate."

It's Amazing the Two Players with a Variation of the Moniker "Doc" (or "Doctor") in their names are whining.

Dr. J and Doc Rivers, OBGYN are suffering from Psychosomatic PMS! They should open up a clinic together.

(This is NOT a knock on women. In fact, they handle PMS far better than Dr. J and Doc Rivers handle their Psychosomatic PMS.)


Obviously, the cry baby antics of Doc Rivers and his flawed logic for why they lost the finals has been well documented by MM and our wonderful cast of blog posters.

Doc Rivers will be claiming that the Keltics still haven't defended their title when they lose in 2011 since Kendrick "Turtlehead" Perkins again won't be in the starting lineup. Doc Rivers will start Shraq in an attempt to calm Whaquille's ego tantrums.


But the question remains: "Why is Dr. J such a hater?"

The answer lies in "Jealousy"!

I remember a Lakers game against the Magic in Orlando (ABC Sunday Game) where they interviewed Dr. Jealous during a timeout.

Dr. Jealous was asked "You watched Kobe grow up. What makes him so great?" (or something to that effect). His response:

"All I remember was a punk kid. Truthfully, his sister was the better basketball player."

At the time, Kobe already had 2 more rings than Dr. Jealous. I can't remember the year, but Dwight Howard was already making a name for himself (I think it was most probably the 2007-2008 season). Kobe had definitely already scored his 81 against Toronto and his 62 in three quarters against Dallas.

Dr. Jealous. You are a Petty, Sniveling Twerp who isn't worthy of carrying Kobe Bean Bryant's Jock Strap!


Long time reader, first time poster. I'm posting because I agree that officiating plays a crucial factor in these games. But disagree because you can't simply blame the refs. The foul calls went back and forth throughout the entire series this year. So, I'm sure if LA lost, we could argue the same, but that would be weak sauce.

The plain and simple fact is that BOS was outrebounded, and we all know, excuses aside, that rebounding is what was going to win this series. LA had 23 offensive boards, and were approx. +13 for the game. I feel that this stat is where KP would have helped the C's. But that's the only thing that was missing.

Let's also not forget that the C's went on a 4-minute scoring drought during the 4th the most critical game of the year. So I think there is something to say about Game 7 nerves getting to the C's, finally.

You can make excuses and give out "charity" props, but the bottom line is that neither team was exactly healthy, and the refs weren't very good at all throughout the entire playoffs. It was an ugly series and an ugly Game 7, Boston couldn't have played it any better, it was their type of series.

It's a bummer that Perk wasn't in the lineup, it would have been so much more rewarding to muzzle the "we haven't lost a series" garbage.

C's fans can gloat about 2008 til they are green in the face, but it doesn't matter, because they didn't defend the title in 2009, and failed to match LA's intensity in Game 7 2010 when it mattered. Quit blaming everyone/everything except yourselves.

You lost. Deal with it. See you next June...if your knees hold up.

Going back to the Red Auerbach days, the Boston Celtics are arrogant and classless in victory, and arrogant and classless in defeat. Nice to see Doc Rivers carrying on that fine Celtic tradition.

lakers vs celtics is our best rivalry, lets keep it that way.
the (yankees) heat senario only prooves that LeQueen James can't win a title by leading the leagues top team 92 years running) to a win in the finals without superstar help. I hope the celtics oldsters kick the heats butt just to prove that they really are an elite, though second place team.
whats is with the lame effort delivered by James in the playoffs amyway?

2 years running... typo

also remember, woulfd have been Kobes 6th if not for the colorado setup

rondo wanted more playing time... easy to see.... make a shot and stop the turnovers if you want to play

keep it lakers celtics

Laker fans and more importantly the Lakers themselves would KILL to face the Celtics again in the Finals next year. One finals win away from silencing them FOREVER with the most championship wins ever BS...KILL...

Agree with everyone here that Glenn Rivers doesn't know what he's talking about. He is full of excuses. That's why I'm not going to use his NBA moniker because he's just not clever enough to label him with that. Last I check, his starting five was vanquished by the now two-time world champion Lakers. He claims that his starting five has beaten our starting five for a ring. If I am suffering from Alzheimer or some dementia, I probably won't remember the fact that we were without Bynum and we didn't really have a fully operational Ariza either when Boston beat us. His starting five played in this year's Finals. Granted he lost one at game 6. But we've had a 1/4 functioning Bynum throughout the Finals, limited by his knee problems. This is the reason why I just absolutely love pounding Boston and why I don't like Shaq now because he joins them. I hope Boston makes it through the East next year because I would like the Lakers to pound them for our 17th title and watch them cry like the babies and poor sportmanships that they are.

Welcome Purple Reign.

C's coaches, players & fans can choke on ass-terisks all day, every day until they're 6 feet under. Their whining & complaining only brings tears of joy to my eyes as I contemplate our Back-to-Back title and our quest for the 3-peat!

Maybe we'll see you again in June. We'll be there - I'm not so sure about y'all... HAHAHAHAHAA!!!!

lakers to be the next defensive juggernaut.. you tell me

I'm downgrading Rivers from Doc to QUACK!

I went over to the Boston Globe Celtics blog to see what they were saying about this and... *crickets*

It's not the first time Doc made this statement - he said that same thing post game - also no comments about it on the Celtics blog (lots of Laker trolls there though, pretty funny).

Anyways, Chris, sorry you had to come here since no one over there wanted to relive the humiliation of losing, but you should tell your buddies to look to the Lakers example in 2008 as a way to handle losing. They didn't make excuses - they came back fired up and won 2 straight titles. If the Celtics team wants to cry about foul discrepancy (as your OWN coach says is usually an indicator of who was the aggressor) or that you didn't have your 5th best player in uniform for 1-2 games, then I think Ryan C is right in his last point. You are not going to have the mental toughness to win next year, only more opportunities for excuses (I can already hear them - "Shaq didn't mesh well," "We lost Tony Allen," "If only we had Sheed back in uniform to get us fired up with his technicals," etc).

By the way, that's fine with me.

face it, pau outplayed garnet, the lakers "outdefensed" celtics....c'mon Doc

This confirms my opinion that "Croc" Rivers is a complete idiot and anyone who buys into his sour grapes theory is also an idiot.

Hey "Croc", instead of blowing smoke about your starting five still not being beaten, I have yet to hear from you how your starting 4+1 blew that 13 point lead you had in game 7.

What if LeBum played a decent series against the Celts ...
What if LeBum didn't plan to go to Miami Heat before playing against the Celts ...
Doc River is just a sore loser. We all know that he can't handle it.
The "what if" game is for peanut league, not for the NBA.
I can't stand to see those *&^%ers. I hope they will not pass the second round this year.
I don't want to see them any where near the Staples. Please, stay in Boston and watch us play in June.

Did Perkin's injury/absence in game 7 allowed Pau to operate freely in the paint area, grab key rebounds and put backs in 4th qtr?

Both wins, Celtics 2008 and Lakers 2010 are tarnished. Neither of the teams can claim a true victory.

DOC IS shouldn't be talking celtics didn't win 2008 because bynum was injured
and bynum is so way better than stupid perkins. Doc should know.

I know its already been posted, but c'mon Doc, man up!!! If your theory is correct, then Bynum's absence in 2008........oh forget it. The only thing that matters is that the Lakers are Back to Back Champs, soon to be Three-peaters!!

I have two things to say about this:

1. Cry me a River, Doc.

2. Funky Cold Medina!!!!

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