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Caught in the Web: Catching up with Lakers' stories


-- The Times' Lisa Dillman takes a look at the Lakers' schedule.

-- The Times' Patrick McGreevy reports that various lawmakers received Lakers playoff tickets from a stadium developer.

--'s Steve Aschburner argues Kobe Bryant is the favorite to win the 2011-12 regular season MVP award.

--'s Scott Howard-Cooper reports that the Lakers don't plan to shed costs next season.

-- Pro Basketball Talk's Kurt Helin isn't surprised Buss isn't cutting player's salaries.

-- ESPN Los Angeles' Andy Kamenetzky focuses in depth on Adam Morrison's NBA career. The Kamenetzky brothers also have a podcast on Shannon Brown's re-signing and the Lakers' entire off-season movement.

-- The Orange County Register's Jeff Miller isn't surprised one bit that the Lakers are playing the Heat on Christmas Day.

-- Fox Sports West's Matt Smith argues the Shaq-Kobe rivalry still exists.

--'s Mike Trudell talks to Lakers shooting coach Chuck Person. Trudell also has an extensive photo gallery of the Laker Girls tryouts.

-- Silver Screen and Roll's C.A. Clark has a report card on Lakers center Andrew Bynum. Meanwhile, Silver Screen and Roll's wondahbap has a report card on Lakers forward Ron Artest.

-- Forum Blue and Gold's Jeff Skibiski misses Nick Van Exel.

-- Forum Blue and Gold's Darius Soriano shares his take on Browns' re-signing.

Tweet of the Day: "Another crazy nite in DC, time 2 get serious wit bball now. 2 wrkouts 2day" -- DevinEbanks3 (Lakers forward Devin Ebanks)

Reader Comment of the Day: "It's great having a place to stop and get a Laker fix, even when nothing at all is going on." -- Mamba24

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant enjoys himself at the championship parade. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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It was one of those lazy Sunday afternoons when to my surprise, NBA-TV was finishing showing highlights of the Top Ten Games of the Season with the Lakers-Celtics Game 7 as the #1 game. I followed that by watching the Yankees continued to show Boston’s pitching ace Josh Beckett who his daddy was. Love how the Red Sox keep signing great pitchers who cannot beat the Yankees. Tonight it will be Lester. Shades of Pedro.
Watching the great Derek Jeter (the player, not the blogger, LOL) get a hit to pass the incomparable Babe reminded me of the great K0be Bryant’s many statistical accomplishments passing various Lakers legends. The captains of the most storied franchises in their respective sports possess many of the same championship characteristics, including constant attempts by the sports media to crown other players as their superiors.
For Jeter, shortstops like Nomar Garciaparra and Alex Rodriguez were prematurely ordained as the latest greatest thing to ever play the position. For Kobe, it was Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady, Dwayne Wade, and now LeBron James who the media have proclaimed at various times to have dethroned Kobe as the best. You would think that they would have learned by now to stop this silliness and accept the greatness of Derek and Kobe.
While I hope that Miami self-destructs, it will be interesting to see if LeBron James can somehow redeem his career by sublimating his game to that of Dwayne Wade, much like Alex Rodriguez has been able to resurrect his career with the Yankees by accepting his secondary role to Derek Jeter. It is an interesting parallel as I have finally come to respect ARod for accepting his role as part of Derek Jeter’s Yankees. Alex was much older and more mature when faced with joining the Yankees than LeBron was when he decided to join the Heat. It will be interesting to see how LeBron adjusts to playing on Wade’s team in Wade’s town. Will he be like ARod?

Congratulations Mamba24 as RCOTD, it is about time to recognize the poet laureate or (a lauriat). lol! Enjoy the day.


Mamba24 - congrats on RCOTD!!

MM - what's happening with Mbenga? Is anyone interested in him? Is he just falling off the NBA-scape?

MM - is there a delay with the insta-posting, or is it just me?


This will bring up some memories...Damn I miss Chick!

justa - the insta posting is on. So it's just you. As far as Mbenga is concerned, there hasn't been any reported interest in him. As soon as something happens, Mike Bresnahan and Broderick Turner will surely find out.


Dang MM.. Another vacation? Why don't you just rub it in all over the place?

And I want that shirt? Where can I find it??!! Its not on kobes website!

Mamba24 - congrats on the RCOTD...well deserved friend...

MM, you neglected to address the most important topic... like where can we buy one of those Black Mamba T-shirts like Kobe is wearing?

Morning Justa, Edwin and Laker Tom and all the usual suspects...

MM hope you had a great vaca...good to have you back...

@Lewstrs - Your taste in shows are similar to my own. My wife and I just streamed The Shield knowing nothing and it turned out to be, in my opinion, the best cop show to date. You should also check out Firefly. It was only around for one season well worth seeing. Rescue Me is another FX show that I like. It took a couple of episodes but now I'm hooked...

@LakerTom - Great post. It's hard to believe that Miami won't be great with that much talent, but at the same time LBJ and Wade both need the ball to be effective. And by need the ball I mean dominate it. Not sure how that will work. Your thoughts?

Colin Cowheard can be such a piece of (S)tool!

He just spent a whole hour of his segment this morning trying to defend LeCrab.. He has nothing to back his arguments but false and illogical statements like shaq did the same and came to the lakers to join kobe (HUH?)

This guy makes no sense.. Pls tune him out until college football starts.. And whenever callers tried to argue he would just cut them off and hang up on them.

No wonder.. How silly of me.. he works for BSPN radio.

yellofever - I didn't know I was rubbing it in by just telling everyone's schedule. But since I'm already down that path: I plan to lay out by the beach with a pina colada and a corona in hand with Laker girls by my side......I'll then play the slots and poker tables in Vegas with Laker girls by my side.......and I then plan to cap it off with a cruise with of course Laker girls by my side


Guys - You go to the Nike store to buy this shirt

Hope that helps



MM - focus my man - the T-shirt - where can we get the T-shirt?

Oops. Didn't bother to look on pg 2..

Just found it on kobes website!!

Get it while supplies last!


LoL.. Have a good time! Pls send many pics of the laker girls so we can at least live vicariously through you!

MM THANKS, For the RCOD! I really appreciate it.

oops - i'm slow on the draw - sorry!

Thanks everybody for congrats on RCOD! Having a slight family crisis at the moment, nothing serious. Talk to you tomorrow.


Welcome back and thanks for the great job you do in providing our Laker fix.

@MM... Welcome back, even if just for a couple of weeks. We missed you dearly. LOL.
@JUSTA.. “I WANT THAT T-SHIRT!!!!” LOL. That is exactly what I said. It’s $30 on E-Bay.

I like that shirt, but damn, $30 for a T-shirt?


Thanks for the Snoop link. I remember reading her story in one of the magazines a few years ago. I forgot that her character name in the Wire was her real life name. She's come a long way from her rough past. A genuine feel good story.

Sorry to ruin the image of your ideal, but I don't think you're her type anyway...if you know what I mean.


Good analogy of ARod and Lebron. It will indeed be interesting to watch it unfold. I don't know about the Jeter/Kobe comparison however. I know Jeter is a great player, but in Kobe we're talking about one of the top 10 all time in his sport and climbing - according to most people.

Mamba24..Congrat's on the RCOTD!! You deserve it!!Hope your day gets better!

@LROB... “Good analogy of ARod and Lebron. It will indeed be interesting to watch it unfold. I don't know about the Jeter/Kobe comparison however. I know Jeter is a great player, but in Kobe we're talking about one of the top 10 all time in his sport and climbing - according to most people.”
No doubt that Kobe’s place among the greatest in his sport far overshadows Derek’s place in the pantheon of baseball. However, the championship swagger, unmatchable work ethic, and proven team leadership of the most storied franchises in sports by these two team captains are undeniable. As are the ESPN driven national sports medias constant never-ending proclamations that the latest greatest young players are better. As for Derek Jeter’s final ranking in baseball’s pantheon? He is a Hall of Famer and one of the greatest Yankees.


I must disagree with your statement that "With Matt Barnes adding a defensive presence to the backcourt, the Lakers have a player they can count on to take on a speedy guard or help the team make a defensive stop."

I don't think Matt Barnes can keep up with speedy guards. He's more equipped to defend 6-5/6-7 guys.

@Mark Medina - hey now...gotta share the Laker just can't pull rank and horde the

@Hogan - what can I say have GREAT taste...:)

@Anyone in the family - $30 for that shirt is crazy...can anyone do some covert work and check out downtown by Staples...I'm sure they have a vendor down there selling them for $15 a piece...bootleg shirt...better than no shirt...I also want the shirt Kobe and Fish wore last parade, with the 4 rings on the hand, and then the new one with the 5 rings on the hand with the bandaged finger...


Well-deserved break for you! And if you haven't had time to pour over the threads of the past week I will just give it to you straight right here ~~ We definitely missed you!

By the way, I wrote an open letter to the "LA TIMES Sports Desk" that might have been a tad too reactionary. Please unruffle any feathers as needed.

I promise to hold my tongue during your next vacation break. I also promise not to tell wifey about your impending rendevoux with Laker Girls. (I can't vouch for JUSTA though... you might have to bribe her with some ASG tickets to keep her quiet!)

Again, welcome back!

THIS JUST IN: Trailblazers finally admit they don't have a rival.

Trailblazers General Manager Richard Cho last Friday in a meeting with a high school glee club in East Portland admitted what everyone has known for a long time: The Portland Trailblazers don't really have a rival in another team.

Arriving in what some would refer to as notably intoxicated state, Cho met with a group of 25 teenagers holding "Beat L.A! signs" and wearing "Blazers Rule!" t-shirts, Cho blurted out blurry-eyed, "Really? REALLY? Do you kids really think that the Lakers are our rivals? Really? We're an afterthought to the Lakers! Who do we even have as a rival? The Oklahoma City Zombie Sonics? Golden State? Give me a break. We're fricken Portland!"

After a teacher admonished Cho, retorted angrily, "WE'RE NEVER GONNA WIN A FINALS! It's the Walton Curse! We're condemned to be a sixth seed FOREVER!"

Cho then stumbled into a janitorial closet and took a nap.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I promise to hold my tongue during your next vacation break. I also promise not to tell wifey about your impending rendevoux with Laker Girls. (I can't vouch for JUSTA though... you might have to bribe her with some ASG tickets to keep her quiet!)

Posted by: LakerMike


My response: TRU DAT.

LOL Jon K - you are on a roll, sir!

Add me to the "thank you" bandwagon. It's great having a place to stop and get a Laker fix, even when nothing at all is going on.

Tom D.

Posted by: Tom Daniels | August 09, 2010 at 06:38 AM

MAMBA - congrats on the Post of the Day!

Tom D.

Is this REALLY what it's come down to for the Big Diaper? Being compared to Darko Milicic? Oh the humanity!

The Jeff Miller story (link above) is interesting.

Best line: We never thought Glen Davis could appear thin in a Boston uniform, but put Shaquille O’Neal in one, as well, and Davis might look like a lime-flavored ballerina.


Looks like Davis finally shed that "big baby" nickname he hates so much - now he's the Big Ballerina LOL!!

Slow down, the shirt KB is wearing is on his website , 2nd page of stuff.....I wish Kobe would expand his shoe designs with Nike, look at Jordan, retired for 20 years or whatever and he's got so many products out there and people still paying inflated prices, for not the greatest quality. The Lebron stuff from Nike is actually pretty good quality, shoes, shirts, sweatshirts....The Kobe stuff, I hate to say is on the lower quality scale, than Lebron stuff....

How many posts did I have on that 1000 plus blog????


The ESPN pundits are all having a field day with the newly constructed "Dream Team" in Miama. Quite frankly, that is to be expected. ESPN and its allies thrive on speculation, especially when it involves the Stern-elected NBA darling, Lebron. To say that there is bias is a drastic understatement, and it isn't even worth rehashing.

Lakers fans are fortunate, because the truth is this: The games aren't played on paper. They are played between the lines. Speculation doesn't mean anything when the ball goes into the air.

Between the lines, we have this:

- The two-time defending championship Los Angeles Lakers. The same core, better role players, stronger third-string bench.

- Kobe and Pau, who are -- without question-- the best one-two punch in the NBA. The finest 2010 post-season pick-and-roll sequences involve these two players, and they will continue to break teams down with their individual and collective brilliance.

- Off the ball defenders in Ron, Kobe, and Barnes. Watch Kobe play denial defense. He works tirelessly. Watch Wade play denial defense. He doesn't. Watch the wrestling match that is Ron Artest. Then watch Lebron. There will be bodies hitting the floor, and most of them will not be wearing purple and gold.

- On ball defenders in Ron, Kobe, Barnes, Bynum, and Gasol. Last year's championship was predicated on defense. This year will be even better. Guaranteed.

- Slashers/cutters in Brown, Barnes, Kobe, Gasol, Artest, Blake. Have you watched Wade play without the ball? Lots of standing around. And Lebron? Unless he's getting set up for a lob, he just doesn't dominate without the ball. Those two are NOT stand-and-wait-for-jumpshots-from-the-kickout kind of players.

- Championship pedigree. One cannot say enough about a winning attitude, a winning history, and a winning philosophy. The Lakers are looking at a three-peat... possibly more. It doesn't matter who they play.

In the end, I think the Miami Heat will be a damn good team. They might even be great. But the Lakers have something that the Heat don't. Actually, they have several things that the Heat don't. They have championship experience. They have a "built" team, rather than a "constructed" team. And they have Kobe. Always, Kobe.

Is it June yet?

Go Lake Show!

Jon K -

I actually could see it happening as described...nice!



I must disagree with your statement that "With Matt Barnes adding a defensive presence to the backcourt, the Lakers have a player they can count on to take on a speedy guard or help the team make a defensive stop."

I don't think Matt Barnes can keep up with speedy guards. He's more equipped to defend 6-5/6-7 guys.

Posted by: LRob | August 09, 2010 at 11:41 AM"

I disagree, Barnes will just physically abuse the smaller guards and even if he gets tossed, the Lakers are deep enough that that is not an issue. Barnes and Odom are going to be pretty key to the season...if they both play consistently as 30 year old professionals that they are, the intangibles that they both bring can not be matched. Both are players that do things that don't always show up in the stat sheet, well LO's stuff 18 rebounds, or 4 pts, or 6 turnovers, but I'd take him anyday. Look at the love he's getting for National team, they are already using his versatility, talking about potentially using him at center. Yeah, he may be pushed around, but when he gets the rebound, he can evacuate the defensive end with the ball, and the opposing center will be left behind...thus giving the National team a size advantage if they use early offense.

LOL Just being honest)

Tom Daniels - that was your comment? OOOOO - MM - you in trouble!!

Mamba24 - hope all is well....

Outlaw - great post. I agree. We got Kobe and so much more that the Cheat can only dream about.

humanomaly - you don't really expect someone to go back through the Seinfeld thread & count your posts, do you? (I nominate Mamba24...) LOL!

Laker Tom - yeah lol - I want it. I want it bad. I have yet to stock up on any championship gear, but I'm thinking one of these and one of the puppet hands with the 5 rings & the bandage. I also want a hat, but hubby says I don't look good in hats - I think he's full of crap on that one. I look good in anything. LOL!!

Hey guys we got a new post up



Well, someone counted Mamba24's,

you would think there would be a way to find old posts......sometimes you want to refer back to one, and it's hard to find one sometimes..... and no I don't expect anyone to do count my posts, I just assumed it was information that was easily accessible to someone, don't matter to me.....

...and if Sasha become the REAL "Machine" again, no way the Lakers lose, except one way, a very stern way......

"Hey guys we got a new post up


Posted by: Mark Medina | August 09, 2010 at 01:02 PM"

You know MM is back when you gotta get a 4 shots in a Venti drip (I thought that was a "quad", but apparently not, from Starbucks to keep up.

Welcome back Mark!!!! Man, people are still talking about one mega-blog....and all you had to do was take off!!!!

You know what's great about the picture at the top of this post, it's not his's his smile, remember all the down times in his career, things really changed.... Beautiful picture and smile.

I was wondering what the background of this guy Richard Cho was so I read one article....regardless, it will be tough, to be a GM you have to schmooz with the other GM's, but since he's a lawyer (was), he probably has enough snake left in him.

Mamba24.. congrats on RCOTD.



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