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What would you do if you were Mitch Kupchak for a day?


The Lakers' off-season is nearly complete, but it remains one of those things where it seems like forever before all the ts are crossed and i's are dotted. Will Shannon Brown return? Are there any free agents the Lakers can still pick up? Are there any legitimate summer league prospects that will make the team roster?

Those are all questions Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak has to take care of while the rest of us get enjoy the the summer going to the beach, hitting the gym, going to Disneyland, sleeping in and of course re-watching, over and over, the Lakers' NBA Finals. While Kupchak is busy making those decisions, there of course are fans at the L.A. Times Lakers blog proposing what he should be doing.

You guys never shy from suggesting trades, who to cut and what to do, so this should be an interesting exercise. Imagine you are Kupchak for a day and say what you would do. You can do this in a variety of formats. You can give a running diary of Kupchak's activities and the supposed events and conversations that take place through the day. You can suggest what off-season movements you would take if you were in his shoes. You can really do anything.

The best answers will be featured in a separate blog post besides the morning links post. I'm sure plenty of readers will have some ideas that will be good enough to feature Sunday.

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Imagine you're in Mitch Kupchak's shoes. What would you do? Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times.

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I'd find a "guy" to take care of my Walton problem.

SHANNON BROWN… I think the Lakers were hoping to do better than Shannon Brown, whom I see as a flawed and limited player whose skills and tendencies, like those of Jordan Farmar, are better suited for a more wide-open run-and-gun style of offense than a disciplined system like the Triangle that requires players who can make good decisions with the basketball and create plays for their teammates by executing the offense. While we do need a fifth guard, I’m hoping that we don’t waste too much on re-signing Shannon.
SASHA VUJACIC… If there is one thing that makes a world of difference to a shooter like Sasha, it’s not having to look over his shoulder all the time looking for minutes and worrying about getting pulled if he misses a shot. That is almost enough to make me want to pass on bringing Shannon back because I think the result would be less playing time for Sasha. At best, Shannon is a journeyman. At best, Sasha is a great shooter. I’m almost hoping that we sign a long shot who would ride the pine as injury insurance so Sasha would get more minutes.
RAP MUSIC IS EVIL… As a child of the 60’s whose musical DNA is irrevocably rooted in the rock-n-roll of that era, I have never been a big fan of rap music for the obvious reasons that people of my generation always quote, primarily the gangster idolatry and disrespect of women that dominates much of the lyrics. Of course, critics had similar complaints about the free love, drug passion, and violent revolution that my music embraced. Bottom line, music is a reflection of what is going on in society and is symptomatic rather than problematic.
THE DRAFT PICKS… Desperate for talented but cheap options to fill out our roster, Mitch Kupchak looks to have pulled of a rare double-steal by picking Devin Ebanks and Derrick Caracter in the second round of this year’s NBA draft. Both players were ranked in the Top Five in the summer league and look to be locks to make the 13-man regular season roster. Ebanks may give the Lakers back the speed and athleticism they lost when “trading” Trevor Ariza and Caracter may give them another big power forward for physical matchups.
UNLEASH THE BEAST… While the rest of the league are quickly adding big men to their rosters to try and better match up against the reigning two-time NBA champs, the Lakers are looking forward to next season being a break out year for young Andrew Bynum, something that ESPN and the fawning national sports media has completely ignored. If Drew stays healthy, the Lakers become a dominant team for the next 10 years.

I would sign jeremy lin to a rookie minimum contract. That lil ninja can ball.

They've been trying to unleash the beast for 3 years now. The talent and skills are pretty much there. Nobody's debating that. As long as the beast can stay healthy, we've got an easy road to victory. The plan hasn't worked out just yet.

What's that saying about insanity being trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result?

A contingency plan woulda been nice. DJ is not that. Pau against a physical center on a team with a dominant PF falls short. I guess we'll see if Kurt Thomas will take the minimum and has some life left in those old bones.

Another Asian point guard? The Lakers supposedly have an interest in signing Jeremy Lin, an undrafted point guard from Harvard playing on the Mavericks summer league team. The kid is a 6-3 200# point guard who outplayed #1 pick in the draft John Wall when the Mavs met the Wizards in the summer league. This kid is no Sun Yue. Here are the highlights from that game:


Well, since you asked. I couldn't be happier with how things are developing for the Kings. Patience is a virtue. After some serious Magoofing, Petrie has been firmly at the reigns for a couple of years and it is paying off. Right now, it is all about the Lakers, Oklahoma City, and Portland. To a lesser extent, it is about Phoenix, Utah, Denver, the Mavericks, Houston, and even the Clippers have been mentioned. Let's see. Who am I missing? Not the Sacramento Kings, that's for sure. Which is fine. This will change.

Tyreke Evans. We call him Reke. Summer League MVP. ROY. Oscar Roberston, Lebron James, and Michael Jordan, none of whom played for Hollywood, are the three guys Reke stacks up with. Phew! The man will be a Superstar...a man against boys...just ask Kobe.

Demarcus Cousins. We call him Boogie. Probable Summer League MVP. ROY will be either Cuz or Wall. Extremely big. Extremely versatile. Very high BB IQ. Compared favorably as a cross between Chris Weber and Sir Charles. NBA ready right now. A man against boys. Some saying even better than Reke, which would be hard to imagine.

Some analysts are projecting that Jason Thompson could be an All-Star this or next year. Donte has always looked great, but now is finally developing consistency and some serious defense. Udrih has great synergy with Reke. Cisco, Dalembert, and Landry provide good physical and veteran presence. Casspi's a real (albeit) raw talent. Whiteside blocks about 8 shots a game, and the Brock-ness monster's attitude, hustle, and smarts are priceless.

Not to worry about the Sacramento Kings of Basketball. They are on track and will arrive sooner than anyone thinks. You can bank on it.


The starting 5 are still probably the best in the League.
Can Lamar Odom get his head into the game, every game...if he is focused, he is top off the bench around, if not he is just bad. Take a hard look at a trade here...maybe Odom and Brown for someone with good skills and looking for a ring.
If Kobe is ok with it, get Shaq...seems like an upgrade to Mbenga and Shaq doesn't like the Miami organization, which could be a useful motivator and he wants another ring. I don't much like Shaq but the bench needs an upgrade here.
Shannon Brown, like his energy, but isn't there a better free agent for the money out there that wants to win a ring that hasn't? Either way Brown is a better fit than Farmar.
Probably should have pushed hard for Mike Miller...oh well.
Getting Blake and keeping Fish was good...need to keep Fish's minutes down. Maybe Blake offsets Miller's shooting skills somewhat.
Seems like Caracter and Ebanks are pretty good, but not in NBA season shape, they appear to be good additions should they make the team and can acclimitize to the NBA and play like Ariza and Perkins as they have been compared to...tough for a rookie.
Walton needs to play...if not dump him to get his salary money and get a high level replacement with it, don't think anyone will trade for him with his injury history. Walton is probably the best passer on team as well as knowing the triangle...but he has to play minutes.
I was hoping that Morrison would come around and be the shooter he was in college...but that didn't happen so its ok that he is gone. And Powell is good in the locker room apparently, but needed to be good on the court. consistantly
With upgrades to the bench the Lakers should 3-peat.

I agree with LakerTom 100% about Brown and Vujacic.

My priority would NOT be to sign Brown. Instead I would spend the next big check on a worthwhile C/PF. Given the past history of Andrew Bynum I would not bet my house on him being healthy. Normally DJ Mbenga would be the PERFECT plan B to this problem. Unfortunately for mysterious and possibly wacko decision making, Mbenga was never developed and given the chance to do so.

So, if the coach stubbornly REFUSED to use Mbenga (because of personality issue) the front office might as well look for somebody else the coach will use.

The way it is now if Bynum becomes lame again (no surprise) and Caracter is not ready for prime time (most likely) the Lakers are in deep shiatzu at the front line. And that's assuming Lamar does NOT revert to becoming Odumb again! Way, way too much risk.

I also agree 100% on Sasha. I believe he has turned a corner on being more matured as far as no longer playing out of control and committing silly fouls which is my worst complaint about him. Given solid and steady minutes, I too believe that Sasha's shooting will come back.

With the PG position being manned by Fisher/Blake and SG being manned by Kobe/Vujacic, another guard is of low priority.

Instead the weakest link and shallowest depth for Lakers will be at the C/PF positions. This is where they will need the most help.

By Jeff Zillgit for USA Today
“Lin close to an NBA contract

After Jeremy Lin's solid week for the Dallas Mavericks in Vegas, the Mavericks – the first NBA team to reach out to Lin – now have competition for his services, including the two-time defending champion Los Angeles Lakers.

Lin, who went undrafted, is trying to become the first American-born Asian to play in the NBA and the first player from Harvard to play in the league since Ed Smith in 1953, according

Going undrafted actually worked out better for Lin. Now, he has a choice of teams.”

Trade the rights to Ebanks to the Knicks for Bill Walker.
Trade Sasha and a 2nd rd pick for Corey Brewer
Trade a future pick to Oklahoma city for Latavious Williams
Sign Shannon Brown

"So, if the coach stubbornly REFUSED to use Mbenga (because of personality issue) the front office might as well look for somebody else the coach will use. "

So you wouldn't rather use Pau Gasol at center after we dominated EVERY big man in the entire planet? (Yes he dominated Dwight Howard in the 2009 NBA Finals something Bynum has YET to do even when healthy).

Like we said your BB IQ=Zero.

lakers blew it with not signing raja bell.The lakers biggest weakness is defending other point guards.They still didn't really solve the problem.(I do like steve blake).Derek Fisher has been over the hill for 2 yrs, he couldn't cover me. I know,he saved us in the finals.God Bless him, but he should have retired,and became an asst coach.I dont see any point guards left that would be a big help. I would call out andrew bynum,and say, "hey,now is the time,man,either, get it done,this yr, or we're moving on". Wait,bide your time, and pick up a good,solid,hard-nosed point guard,who can defend for the 3peat.Good luck lakers!!!

I would address the back up center position...

Kurt Thomas or DJ Mbenga, who ever is cheaper...

Then I would have Kareem mentor besides AB, the back up center and the 2 new rookies...If Kareem can't fill the role due to health, try Hakeem or another legend who played center...(no not Shaq)...

SIGN SHANNON..........his healthy hands will make him a better shooter and this is his year to reach his proper level. Can play several roles................Go Shannon......


====------ === ------===
/_____l______l__ ___\____
ll- - - Mitch Sign DJ MBenga ------]
L___(@)l______l__ ____l(@) J

Jay Jay
63 Footer
Magic Phil


Bring Back Shannon Suburban

====------ === ------===
/_____l______l__ ___\____
ll- - - Bring Back Shannon ---------]
L___(0)l______l__ ____l(0) J

Purple & Gold Reign
Jamie Sweet
Double B
Magic Phil
Mark Medina
island priest


It is obvious to anyone who is living in reality that Miami has the best Big 3 in basketball (They have 2 of the best three players in the game and an all star starter this year)...However their weakness will be their bench ....therefore the Lakers bench has to be far superior to the heat....Boston is following this same formula ......Wade/Miller/LBJ/Bosh/Big Z/ Chalmers is a heck of a top 6 players ...but J. Anthony/J. Howard/Jwad Williams/Jason Williams/ J. Maglore are very pedestrian ......For this reason I say the Lakers should consider making an offer to TMAC and consider Shaq b/c the heat will be around until Kobe begins to age out in 5 seasons......I really believe the Lakers could hold off the heat and the possible super team in NYC for at least 2 more titles......Only depth will defeat the heat.....and DJ/Shannon/Sasha/LO/Luke/ Powell isn't quite depth IMO....Again very good guys but not much better than the heat bench w/ the exception of LO' rebounding and versatility ..... Ego's and past drama have to go out the window....Kobe is the best but not better than Wade/LBJ together .....If that means they have to forgive and put together a deal to bring in Shaq to teach the young bucks a lesson then so be it......or if it means taking a chance on TMAC for the vet be it....... The worst thing that could happen to the NBA is to have LBJ piggie backing a supper team to catch up w/ Kobe/MJ/ Magic in the ring dept. ...... The Lakers have 4 more season to rule the West and possibly the league ....after then......Super teams will run the league ...the basketball haves and have-nots .....Lets not fool ourselves Laker fam, the pedestrian bench play from the last 3 championship runs won't get it done....there are BOLD moves to made and Chips to be won!! Get it done Mitch you have 2-3 more cookies in the jar...LOL

I would sign Jeremy Lin . He seems like the next nash.

Laker Tom,

Like the comments.
Thanks for the info and clip on Jeremy Lin. I hadn't heard of him. Looks like he has a bit of speed and can pass as well.

Can you explain how is it the Lakers can hire someone from another teams summer league team?
I see you say he was not drafted so I guess he is open to anyone, but why is he on the Mavs summer league team yet they have no claim to him.
Just wondering about how that stuff works.

Seems having a young PG in training who can create his own shot, pass, play good D would be a good move, especially with the age of Fish.

Appears maybe he could be equal to or more valuable than any of the other 10-13 players the Lakers are considering?

You didn't mention a desire for a back up big.
I hope this is Drews break out year and he finally sheds the injury bug, cuz if he gets injured again this year the blog will have no mercy on him, lol.

Even to get a big just in case it seems the options are pretty limited at this point.

Sign Jeremy Lin!

IMHO the Lakers are that one extra dynamicc player away from being unbeatable. Of the course the problem with that our payroll is already very high(tops in the NBA the past year and likely again this year).But if we are just speaking on Hypothical terms..

The Lakers have a X-Factor in Adam Morrinson who we could use in a sign and trade as a 6m exp. k where only the first year is promised. Of course we would have to have Ammo's consent, but no way he turns down 6m when at most he will be makin the vets min next year

Comebine Ammo exp. k along with Sasha exp. k and thats close to 12m in exp. k. We also now have some young talent in Caracter/Ebanks and we can now trade 1st's again(we are in a win now mode). The last time we packed off exp. k(Kwame) and young talent(J.Crit/M.Gasol/2 1st) we got someone by the name of Pau Gasol..

If im the Lakers my target would be Andre Iguodola with the back up plan being Richard Hamilton

Iggy for Ebanks/Caracter/2012 and 2014 1st along with Sasha/Ammo exp. k


Geez....I guess people only listen to Laker Tom. I mentioned lin yesterday and I can still hear the crickets chirping

yenlard - I heard'ja yesterday and checked him out; real interesting player, and a great story. Harvard... who woulda thunk.

If I were Mitch?

I woulda' blown the salary cap right out of the water this year (even more than it already is) to sign the best we could get with money as a secondary consideration. My approach would be, win the Rings and Buss will probably overlook the expenditure, or fire me, but it's fun to manage OPM.
Que sera sera, there's always another job out there.
Maybe I've been reading too much about Yankee George lately.

As someone once said, better to ask for forgiveness later than permission first.
Great philosophy.


Lol, I missed that post of yours about Lin too, but that chirping cricket thing happens quite a bit to others also.

If the Lakers want another parade next June Mbenga is not the right DJ to do the party.....Unless of course they sign a dynamic scorer who can carry the second unit during stretches when Kobe is on the bench.....They need either a potent scoring G/F (Jamal Crawford type) or an interior enforcer.... Sasha contract can be assets along with Ebanks/Character....If I were Laker GM for the day I would

contact Shaq about a possible return for the vet min

contact Tmac and get him to workout for us along after the Clips

try to sign 1 or both for vet min and/or remaining part of MLE

if the above scenario doesn't pan out:

contact the Spurs about a possible s & t deal for Jefferson

Re Jeremy Lin-

It was pretty obvious Wall was playing 0 defense when Lin had a nice game against him, but nothing near the levels reporters will have you believe. Really, it's summer league and no one is playing defense. To anybody watching, it's obvious Wall is the real deal while Lin will have a nice story to tell the grandkids someday.

Lin is aiight. Seems like a nice enough kid. May catch on a roster somewhere. Don't see it happening here with the window on championships closing. Lin is still a few years away and the team needs player to contribute now.

Art - the thing is that Mitch simply couldn't blow the cap out of the water. Kobe, Pau and Andrew alone, put us at the cap. There was no way possible to have cap room or money to spend, we were too far over with our current players. All we could do was to resign free agents and use the specific exceptions available to us.

Okay, 1st, don't sign Jeremy Lin. you dopes are basing this off one summer league game? really? You're all FIRED. I saw him play for 2 years--No. Stop.

Sign 2 steve Kerr, John Paxson type shooters to make teams pay for clogging the lane on us. Eddie House? I don't care as long as they can sit in the corner & CONSISTENTLY hit the 3.
Sign Matt Barnes, a more athletic, bigger & younger version of Raja Bell

& get Lamar a shrink & into better shape which includes forcing a divorce from his media hungry wife. Lastly, find out what Bill Walton has on Phil Jackson so we can cut Luke's developmental league type game. Really, is it just me or has Luke regressed from marginal to scrub?

Thanks dave m.

On to Plan B.

Louis Amundson is also a guy out there for around 1 mill ...he is only 27 and avg 15 mins per game for PHX last seaon 12 mins in the playoffs.....

Perhaps he would be heady enough for Phil to trust for 15 mins a game as Bynum's backup......Perhaps they could land Barnes and Amundson

Blake/Shannon/Barnes/LO/Amundson/Sasha/Luke / Character / Ebanks

1. Resign Shannon Brown (3 years $9 mil)
2. Trade Sasha (1 year $5.4 mil) and Walton (3 years $5.2 mil) to Philadelphia for Lou Williams (3 years $5 mil) and Jason Kapono (1 year $6.6 mil)
3. Sign Anthony Tolliver at the mimimum
4. Sign Javaris Crittenton at the minimum
5. Pocket rest of the MLE


Mitch for only 'one day'?

Seeing as we are already Mitch 'everyday' on the LA Times blog, this actually would be a come down.

But if we must 'Be like Mitch', then I have a few ideas that I have sent off to the Lakers already, and inexplicably, no one has answered back my emails?! So I'll share them with a more appreciative audience, the LA Times Lakers faithful.

Now, if I'm picturing this right, we wake up, look in the mirror, and suddenly realize we are Mitch. "Oh my God! I'm Mitch Kupchak!"

Been given this almost, 'almighty Lakers power' for a day is quite a responsibility. Current and future dynasties are in the balance. Mitch's current and future job is in the balance as well. It would be imperative for me to have the latest and best information available. So as usual, a quick scan of the LA Times Lakers blog would be a must.

Then to prep myself for the task of the day ahead, I would visit my favorite Starbucks, using Mitch's company credit card for an extra large-venti- triple latte. (Wouldn't it be cool to have a Lakers company card?)

Not to waste any time, as one day will go by quickly. I would immediately get on my cell phone to MBenga's, Powell's, and Brown's agents, offering each the minimum for one year. Telling them I want a decision before my car pulls into the El Segundo parking lot.

Then, I would offer Ebanks and Caracter a non-guarantee camp invite contract.

And finally, I would call my wife, instructing her to pack enough for a three week Spanish vacation on the Costa Brava.

Oh, I almost forgot. I would also place a call to Smush Parker's agent saying we were REALLY interested in Smush as our new Lakers floor leader. Giving him my office number, then never returning his phone calls.

Yeah, yeah, I know I could have traded Ebanks and Caracter to Sacramanto for Cousins if they promised to take Luke, but that's just way too complicated.

What would you rather do? Bicker all day with 'wanta-be-super-agents' or lay on the beach on the Costa Brava, sipping Estrella's, with topless girls all around?

That's what I thought too....

keep shannon brown.. take ebanks and caracter and add tracy mcgrady on the roster and one big body 4 bynum dj mbenga 4 example. i would keep powell alson because hes good 4 the team chemistry. never change a winning team XD

From Fannation:

"LeBron vs. Kobe - The Debate Is Over"

"In an era looking for a new Michael Jordan, LeBron and Kobe are the closest things we have. And the media, fans, and whoever else love to compare them to each other as well.

Kobe has the rings...
LeBron has the stats...

So who do we like more? The comparisons are endless. However, what they usually don't cover are off the field issues.....

REWIND: It's the summer of 2004. The Lakers have just finished a disappointing season with the likes of Karl Malone and Gary Payton looking for title number 4 in 5 years. However, things end rather abruptly when they are beaten in 5 games by the Detroit Pistons.

And the team is quickly dismantled.

In one day, Kobe opted out, Phil informed Jerry Buss he wasn't coming back, and Shaq demanded a trade.

And Kobe was left to find a team after a disappointing season. The likes of the Bulls, Knicks, Nuggets, Clippers, and Lakers courted Kobe. He narrowed it down to the 2 Los Angeles teams.

And, after much deliberation, on Thursday, July 15, he told Jerry Buss he was coming back to LA. To be the man and be the star of his franchise.

Fast Forward: LeBron James, following a 2nd disappointing exit, becomes a free agent. Teams have cleared space multiple seasons hoping for him.

As a boy in Akron, LeBron grew up through high school just 45 minutes away from Cleveland. So, it seemed like destiny that the hometown boy would end up in Cleveland in 2003. A town that suffered so much heartbreak over the years was granted a present from the man above. LeBron came into the league at a full sprint and dominated the league for a better portion of the last 3 years.

So when free agency came around, all those in Cleveland felt like LeBron leaving was some sort of nightmare.

Nightmares can come true.

And LeBron did it in the worst way possible. He hosted a one-hour special like nothing we've ever seen before to tell the world he was leaving his town and joining two other superstars in Miami.

And how perception changed.

While Kobe has and likely always will have an asterisk by his first 3 titles, an asterisk will only be the start of it for LeBron. Kobe had one superstar in his prime. LeBron has one top 3 player in the league and another top 15 player with him. Nothing like this has ever happened.

LeBron had his shot to be the man. If he wants to be donned the King and be the greatest ever, he would have stayed in Cleveland.

MJ was the man in Chicago. He never left the team (while he played). Kobe was the man in LA. He never left the team when he could have.

And that why, in my book, Kobe's always going to have the edge. Throw all the stats you want at me. LeBron can go out and win 12 titles with Wade and Bosh, but it won't be the same. Kobe had his shot to run to the Clippers, who were in much better shape to win with Kobe than the Lakers, but wanted to be the man.

LeBron chickened out. Plain and simple. He tore the hearts out of every Cleveland fan. He did it in arguably the cruelest fashion in Cleveland sports history, which is saying a lot.

Sure, Kobe complained 2 and a half years later or so after resigning and wanted a trade, but he ended up calling off the demands and stuck it out. And that is more than LeBron can say. Never has someone meant that much to one city as LeBron did to Cleveland. And never has a man so cruelly ripped out their hearts as he just did.

Now Kobe will always be better than LeBron. He accepted his challenge, adapted, and won titles. LeBron copped out and jumped ship to join superstars.

Kobe will always have the rings now. He earned at least 2 of his. LeBron earned none. Kobe looked his challenge in the eye and said "Bring it on," LeBron looked at his and said "Wait, let me get help." And for that, I lost a lot of respect for LeBron."


I'll be brief.....

- Find a way to get Marc Gasol back to the Lakers before his stock goes so high it will be impossible.

- Search for the best possible 3 point specialist out there and trade for him.

- Find a way to reduce Kobe's minutes in regular season games to save him for the postseason.

- Comb Europe and look for a serviceable big man that can at least block shots.

- Lock up Ebanks & Caracter for a long as you can for as little as possible....these are 2 steals and I don't want our team to be in a position to lose them in a few years.

The bench needs explosive athleticism so they can be disruptive like they were in 2009. I like Sasha/Odom/Ebanks/Caracter/Blake/Brown. I would also add Matt Barnes for some toughness or Jerry Stackhouse for some scoring. I also think adding Javaris Crittenton (who the Lakers really liked the first time around) or DJ Strawberry (whoever plays better in training camp)and inviting Gerald Green to camp may be worth a shot. They still need some legit size coming off the bench. Maybe a Theo Ratliff? Does he have anything left in the tank?

Bottom line though: Mitch Kupchak is freaking AWESOME at his job. I trust his judgment. So if he is after Jeremy Lin as our 3rd point guard (and someone who can develop for us down the road), I say go for it.

And for those of you recommending a Shaquille O'Neal reunion, you really don't know a whole lot about basketball, do you?

And someone recommended Eddie House. I actually think that's not a bad idea. His shooting can be game changing, but Blake is already an excellent 3 point shooter, so it may not be necessary.


Pau has done very well yes but "dominant"? Please do not exaggerate lest people start thinking you're that ignorant. Perhaps you have never had the chance to see Shaq play as a Laker? Or Kareem? Now those are REAL example of "dominant"! Pau did not even start on West All-Star squad...

You might have also conveniently forgot that Pau did have a good, NOT dominant, game 7 against Boston only because Perkins was out.

Even though Pau can do more than an adequate job at C, it is still better to have him at PF because:

1) The Lakers will have more length which translate to better interior defense and rebounding.

2) It will save Pau from the wear and tear of going up bigger guys so he can minimize the risk of injuries as well as having more energy to do other tasks.

3) If Pau plays C who plays PF, Lamar? yeah, there's Mr. Consistency alright who always showed up and banged with the best of them... right...

4) If Pau starts at C who back him up? since Mbenga can't be used, maybe Luke Walton? or rookie Caracter? nice bench to counter the SuperHeat alright...

Hm, so if my basketball IQ = 0 does that mean yours = -150?

PS: we don't really know where Phil's behind has been so I wouldn't really consider blindly kissing it so much a good idea (LOL)

I haven't read the other blog comments, so if I repeat other ideas, then good for us!

Lakers need an outside long shot maker, and a big that bangs with a heavy, but quick base. Youth movement at low cost needs to start NOW!

The big should be a good defender and rebounder - not the stand around and wait for the ball to come to their current position, like many in the league. Think Rodmanish going to where the ball will be type.

Youth is also something we need to bring in/keep, so I say keep Shannon at about the salary he turned down, but make it a 5 year deal with significant boosts based on team options at year 3 on. I watched Summer league and can't imagine why Caracter would not be a good young banging big, with upside after learning our system and NBA initiation. I loved DJ, but he went downhill for some reason over the past year. Maybe not enough playing time....?

We have to either convince a veteran big to come in at the Vet minimum or take the rest of the midlevel this year. Why should Miami be convincing all these FAs to go there, when we already have an established team!!??! MK/JB/KB need to get in some faces and ask why not the Lakers!?

So, SB resigned as above; a rebounding big defender who can put their ego aside and join the World Champs!; and an outside shooter backup if Sasha cannot get on track this year.

I love Luke's attitude, but have hated the Walton curse he seems to have inherited...........nobody will take his contract, so everyone quit talking about trading him!!!

Specifics are why MK/JB get the big bucks, but waiting to see the leftover crumbs seems absurd to me. Go get some FAs to join the World Champs for Pete's sake!!!

I'm gonna leave signings & trade scenarios for other much more intelligent & knowledgeable Laker fans...

My question is - would I actually have to BE Mitch, or could I just have his job but still be me. Cuz if I was me and had his job, I'd get every single last Laker player I could, former & current, to come to my office for a private meeting and just spend time getting to know them all. Cuz that'd be the closest I'd ever get to any of them. THAT would be worth being Mitch for a day! But that's just me...

The Lakers could send Sasha/Walton/ Draft Picks to Cleveland for Antwan Jamison

**This would save the Cavs about 10 min over the life of Jamison's deal and they have more cash to make run at a player next off season....The Cavs would love to get rid of Jamison and have already announced that JJ Hickson will start in his position next season. The Lakers would love to rid themselves of Lukes bad contract.

**Jamison could play next to LO on the front line and at scoring from the perimeter and on the blocks ....he could easily avg. 15ppg as 6-7 man

Blake/Shannon/Jamison/LO/Kurt Thomas/ Ebanks/Character/Lin

Andrew Bynum is a young and very talented player, unfortunately he is injury prone, can't stay healthy specially during the playoffs when the Laker's need him the most, which puts on too much pressure on Pau Gasol having to play heavy minutes and against bigger and stronger players. I would trade Andrew and Shannon Brown to North Carolina for Omeka Oafur who is just as big as Andrew Bynum and more durable, plus Okafur is willing to play defense and rebound something Andrew does not want to do he wants to score more than anything else.

View from an outsider.

If I were Mitch Kupchak for one day, I would do two things:
1. Fly to NC to see my College Coach Dean Smith, who is slowly deteriorating, tell him I love him and thank him.

2. Take Jerry West out to dinner. Thank him, tell him I learned from the best, and now I am the best.

If I was Mitch, I'd be thinking - the Heat have just changed the game.
With all the Lakers have done so far this summer, the 2010-2011 Lakers will be slightly better than the 2010 championship team.

Artest will be better integrated, Kobe will be healthier, Drew hopefully so, Pau more rested, Fisher older, Blake will be better than Farmar, Sasha will be in a contract year, LO might be worse after a year as a Hollywood husband and the rest is a wash. A slightly better team than the team that won on the last quarter of a 7 gamer versus an old Big 3 + Rondo Boston team.

Next year, the Heat will have a much younger much better Big 3 than Boston. No Rondo but I think next year's Miami will still be much tougher than this year's Boston. Will a slightly better Laker team be good enough. I'm afraid not.

I'd be chatting with Buss on the need to open up the already wide open check book even more and working on a blockbuster trade to get one more darn good player on the roster. Perhaps a top quality backup C or a top quality PG. Can we convince the Grizz again to trade away a Gasol?

It is clear that free agents view the Lakers as stacked at every position and although they would love to compete for a title, more than anything they want minutes. Hence, Raja Bell opts for a 3 year deal in Utah that paid almost twice as much as the Lakers could have offered for the same length deal, but he will be a STARTER for the Jazz as opposed to a role player for the Lakers. Therefore, luring Steve Blake over here was a bigger accomplishment than one might think (albeit he plays the one position where we had a "need").

If I were Mitch Kupchak, first I would close the Shannon Brown deal.

Second, I would swallow my pride and call that despicable agent, David Lee, and gauge how happy Trevor Ariza is on a team that is suddenly deep at the wing positions. If Lee indicates that he is unhappy, I would discuss a possible deal which would send Sasha and his expiring contract, Devin Ebanks and a draft pick to the Rockets for Ariza. This makes sense on many different levels. After Kevin Martin, Ariza is their backup at the sg position. Isn't Sasha a better natural fit there? They are 3 deep at sf with Ariza, Battier and Budinger, so one of those guys is going to be unhappy, right? Plus, Ariza's contract is a little bit higher than Sasha's so it saves the Rockets a few bucks. For us, it gives us a solid 2-3 rotation (Kobe, Artest, Ariza) for the NBA Finals when we face the Miami Cheat's swingmen (Wade, No Rings and Mike Miller). Then we sign a leftover hybrid guard for cheap to replace Sasha.

Third, I would go hard after Kwame Brown with the remained of the MLE. Don't laugh. He is one of the best post defenders and one of the strongest bodies in the NBA. He knows our system, too, which would make PJ's life a little easier. Plus he's now used to playing limited minutes. Think of him as a veteran Elden Campbell. That would give us Bynum, Pau, LO, Kwame and Caracter, which I think would be an improvement over last season. If not Kwame, then Ratliff or Kurt Thomas, in that order.

That's what I would do.

Greetings Lakeshow Fans,

Hmmm...Based on events covering the past couple of weeks, DWade has redeveloped a case of "diarrhea" of the mouth. Never heard of it since 2006...He must have majored in "narcissistic" psychology recently...

Make no mistake about it, the HEAT is the #1 TARGET courtesy of the grandioso THREE KINGS celebration that consisted of bravado and the mention of SEVEN RINGS by YOU KNOW WHO...Such a grand stage to develop high levels of testosterone...

Also, DWade basking in the "premature" glow of the new look HEAT and crediting the Lakers as being the team to BEAT at the moment is STILL not sitting well with their fellow EC teams like the "bully" Celtics, "crafty" Magic, "high flying" Hawks, and the "darkhorse" Bulls. I suspect the the "heartbroken" Cavs is going to have a say as well...Like the saying goes, "Still gotta play the games!" (BTW, also not sitting well with the champion Lakers in the West...Phil's ZEN and KB24's DESIRE will be DWade's downfall...)

Furthermore, based on LBJ's "Not one, not two, not three......" assertion, not even spokesperson DWade can get him out of that prophecy. We shall see...

Whew! What an "added" insult it was for the rest of the EC teams and the Lakers to hear such a bold "summertime" comment from a self-proclaimed KING who has a total of SEVEN years in the league (all with the Cavs and with VERY GOOD role players that last couple of years, especially Mo Williams, AVerajao...), but NO RINGS to SHOW for it.

Of course DWade has talked on behalf of's natural...because he ALREADY has a RING. The pressure is now ON the HEAT and WILL BE for years to come...and on the new "court jester" LBJ by DECISION.

Listen, if LBJ chose the "make" his bed with the SEVEN RINGS prediction, he better "sleep" on it faithfully! He might want to make a bed for "spokesman" Wade and "follower" Bosh too...DECISIONS, DECISIONS, DECISIONS!

Laker pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY!

@ wes | July 17, 2010 at 04:44 PM -

great post bruh...

If I were Mitch for one day....

1. Invite LakerTom to be the Asst. GM

2. Look for any wealthy Sheik or Chinese and sell the Lakers for more than $1B+ and discuss the $ billion idea w/ JB & family, let's see if they will refuse that offer. Quit while ahead in value, championships & fame.

3. Thank all the fans for all their wild ideas in spending money, now they can realize their dreams with the new management while Buss et al keep the money and take a hike! LMAO


If I were Mitch Kupchak for one day, I would do two things:
1. Fly to NC to see my College Coach Dean Smith, who is slowly deteriorating, tell him I love him and thank him.

2. Take Jerry West out to dinner. Thank him, tell him I learned from the best, and now I am the best.

Posted by: Giant Green Bald-Headed Lunatic | July 17, 2010 at 05:23 PM

Giant, you're still a classy guy sir. Thanks for helping me out of that "lil Trouble" that time & just letting you know I'm still alive and kicking & thanks for the nice comment earlier.

" Perhaps you have never had the chance to see Shaq play as a Laker? Or Kareem? Now those are REAL example of "dominant"! Pau did not even start on West All-Star squad..."

2003, 2004 All Star Starter at Center was Yao Ming did that mean he was better than Shaq at that time? Highly doubt it.

Gasol as the second option under Kobe became the most SKILLED big man in the NBA. Not a franchise player like Dirk but one who doesn't have double teams facing him 80% of the time a very damn good big man.

Oh I knew how good Shaq was btw mister not to mention Kareem. That's why I'm super hard on Bynum. He's no way comparable to Shaq's dominance in the Finals let enough Kareem.

Big man dominance has faded ever since Shaq fell in Age 33. The next best big man to even approach the greatness of 90's centers (Hakeem/Robinson/Ewing for you) is Dwight Howard so how did Dwight vs Gasol did in 2009?

Remember: Bynum was plagued by foul trouble. Gasol did most of the heavy duty work.

18.6ppg (36/60=60%) , 9.2rpg, 2.2apg, 1.0 turnovers, 1.8blks

15.4ppg (21/43=48.8%), 15.2rpg, 2.2agp, 4.0 turnovers, 4.0blks.

Gasol not only scored a healthy 60% against the DPOY but he also limited Dwight to 49% shooting that year the same Dwight that had shot 57% in the regular season! Dwight was a beast defensively but Gasol had clearly outplayed Dwight even though Gasol was the second fiddle and Dwight is Orlando's go to guy.

"You might have also conveniently forgot that Pau did have a good, NOT dominant, game 7 against Boston only because Perkins was out."

Game 1: 25 points 13 rebounds
Game 4: 21 points 6 rebounds

No Gasol had TWO other games where Perkins was in. He played mediocre in Game 3 and 5. He also had a good Game 6 without Perkins, a terrific Game 2 against Davis/Sheed because Garnett and Perkins were in foul trouble.

Obviously you don't remember the whole series.

"1) The Lakers will have more length which translate to better interior defense and rebounding."

Concur though Odom and Gasol are far superior rebounders than Bynum. I never said I wanted Gasol to start that Gasol-Odom is a far superior tandem than Bynum-Gasol because as much as length does help so does spacing.

"2) It will save Pau from the wear and tear of going up bigger guys so he can minimize the risk of injuries as well as having more energy to do other tasks."

With the exception of Dwight and maybe, Yao, Gasol goes against far quality competition than Bynum. Who does Bynum have to guard? Perkins? Greg Oden? Erick Dampier? Compared to the likes of Dirk/Bosh/Garnett/Tim Duncan/Boozer Gasol always has had the heavier load both offensively and defensively.

"3) If Pau plays C who plays PF, Lamar? yeah, there's Mr. Consistency alright who always showed up and banged with the best of them... right..."

Obviously you forget your recent history. 2008-2009 where the Lakers still beat Boston and Cleveland without Bynum? In the 2009 Playoffs who was the one who got the more minutes Odom or Bynum? Obviously you forget so its my duty to remind you!

"4) If Pau starts at C who back him up? since Mbenga can't be used, maybe Luke Walton?"

When did I say "Gasol should start instead of Bynum" in my last post? I said Gasol is the BACK UP center and it has been the case for the past TWO seasons? What happened? Two titles! I don't care if you like it or not I like two titles! Tell me how many teams are itching to sign Mbenga? Indiana? New Jersey Nyets? Memphis? Even less interest than Dumbo Ears Farmar had! Mbenga has a wonderful story and is a fan favorite. But put away your Purple and Colored glasses for a second and see it from all around point of view: If your team was dependent on Mbenga to really produce do you deserve to be a CHAMPION? No!

Obviously you have bad logic along with bad memory since 1) I have not said "Start Gasol" 2) You forget that Gasol HAS played starting center at times for the past 3 years 3) Forget that if we did start Gasol, BYNUM would be our back up and 4) Gasol plays center almost 60-80% of the time anyways since he is a far SUPERIOR post option than Bynum has been.

"so if my basketball IQ = 0" Yes it is.

The most amusing one where you blamed Norm Nixon for having a bad attitude in the 90's when 1) Norm didn't even play in the 90's and 2) Norm didn't have an attitude problem even when he was with the Lakers and only traded to San Diego (yes San Diego if you didn't know!) for a quality SG in Byron Scott.

Psycorp don't bother to post. Your logic is even worst than the trolls.

The NBA has gone insane this season. Brad Miller , 3 years for 15 million? What are these owners thinking?
And they have the nerve to ask for a different Collective bargaining agreement?
This whole thing dos not make any sense at all.

If I were Mitch Kupchak for a day...I would immediately go to the ticket office and issue 2 season tickets, right behind the Laker's bench, to LEWSTRS and justanothermambafan....

Then I would get Magic Johnson, James Worthy, Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Ron Artest and Andrew Bynum sign one of their jerseys for LEWSTRS and justa, so they have attire to wear for the games...(even though I would keep the autographed ones at home, and wear my unsigned ones).

Then I would buy an old school bus, paint it purple and gold, with a Lakers logo, and the words "LAT Blog Bandwagon Bus" on the side...I would give it to Mamba24 so he comes back to the do what he does best...

Then I would have Mamba24 fill the bus with the loyal bloggers and send them to the next player I try to recruit, when the LAT Blog figures out what player they want me to sign...That would make my job easier, for who knows best, but the LAT Bloggers...

KobeMVP888 - great post as usual...glad to see you my brother from another

Please keep me posted on TrueFan and his funeral services...

I love you lewstrs....:)

justa - I'll take care of you if MM won't...


You are a true a Laker fan who thinks the welfare of all fans before anything especially the father of bandwagon, Mamba24 and also Justa. May your tribe multiply.

This Lin kid on the Mavs is Nice people. We should sign him quick he has more potential then jordan farmar or shannon brown has. Did u watch the video his dribbles and passing ability where crazy. He would hype u the staple center crowd so much with his game. He has a nice jump shot played defence and offence was great. If he was on our summer league team this year he would look real good, hes better then any point guard on our summer league roster. pick up Lin forget about shannon he opted out, play sasha more and groom Lin to back up blake at point when fisher retires. I just makes perfect sence to me. All this Shaq and kurt Thomas talk lets just get Sims the center on our summer league team to replace Mbenga and save money people 4 thhe future. Why pay shannon tmac and thomas when he can get younger. if you think im wrong let me know why?

Lewstrs,You are a true a Laker fan who thinks the welfare of all fans before anything especially the father of bandwagon, Mamba24 and also Justa. May your tribe multiply. Posted by: Edwin Gueco | July 17, 2010 at 05:58 PM
My sentiments exactly.

@YENLARD… “Geez....I guess people only listen to Laker Tom. I mentioned lin yesterday and I can still hear the crickets chirping.” Props to you, man. Good catch. It was probably your post that brought him to my attention as I had never heard of him before. So my apologies for not crediting you. Once I googled Lin, I was taken to the game against Wall and the mention of possible Lakers interest. What really impressed me about what I have read and seen of Lin is that he fits the same mold as Fisher and Blake and I would much prefer taking a shot at a guy like him than Shannon.
And that is not to say that Lin is as good as or is going to be as good as Shannon. Rather, it’s the case that the attributes and skills that Lin has are a better fit for what the Lakers need now than Brown. Lin is a pure point guard with a high basketball IQ and a knack for filling the stat sheet and playing hustling defense. He will never wow the crowd with above-the-rim dunks but he probably could get the ball in Pau’s and Drew’s hands in position for them to do damage and he is smart enough not to leave Ray Allen alone in the corner. I like how Lin whips the ball around and never stops moving. That ability to move the ball and to be constantly cutting is exactly what we need in the Triangle rather than Brown’s dribble-dribble-dribble-shoot mentality and questionable decision making.
Lin is not going to be a great player but his combination of smarts, well-rounded skills, and total attack the paint mentality helped by a great first step is what this team still needs at the point guard position. Watching Lin’s play against Wall reminded me of Goran Dragic’s great playoff game. He will most likely sign with the Mavs since they gave him the chance to play summer league ball but it would be interesting to see what Lin would say if his home-town Lakers made him an offer. And I think every Asian Lakers fan would love to see somebody come along to make up for Sun Yue.

I love the idea of this Lin guy...I never heard of him...

But nothing better than a great PR move while finding a talent that we need...

The LA fan base has the highest Asian fans of all teams, and Kobe being the favorite player in the Asia...this would bring a special pride...

We already see this, with the pride and loyalty from Pau's hispanic following...

Sun Yue never panned out...but if the Lin guy is for real, what a great thing to have the Asian community to have representation...

Everyone remember "Fernando Mania"...

I say " Book it Dano"...not only because I'm Asian, but it would open up more revenue, and that is what the Lakers could use the most...MONEY!!!

hehehe Laker Tom we are on the same wave length...

Actually, if I were Mitch Kupchak for a day, I would sign LakerTom to a 5-year $1.77M contract so I could quit my job, move to LA with Mrs. LakerTom, and wear Zegna suits while watching the Lakers play from my front row seat on the bench. I mean someone has to man the inactive list. Why not me?

Sonny Belfast.....

Sounds like you guys have something to show for all those years of mediocrity. We'll see if any of those players ever reach their potential. And if they do, will your team be able to re-sign them?

kobe888 - you wrote:

"I would discuss a possible deal which would send Sasha and his expiring contract, Devin Ebanks and a draft pick to the Rockets for Ariza."

I would love Trevor to come back. Even if he blew it and listened to his dumb agent.

"Third, I would go hard after Kwame Brown with the remained of the MLE. "

You are not the first one to suggest this on here, but are we ready for Kwame Brown Redux?

Why can't Phil Jackson help develop Sasha's play with more consistent playing time? I don't understand why he isn't being used while being paid $5 a year?

lil trouble - you are welcome sir, and have a great weekend!!

Seriously, Tracy McGrady??

I was trying to find the links on the net but I could not find it. Maybe MM will try to put this into thread, Sports Illustrated presents The Lakers Sweet 16th. I will try to log here some valuable information I quoted from the magazine:

1. between Kobe and Chuck Person - When Kobe was injured in Dec. he found an opportunity to approach him and suggested the idea of using the middle finger in directing his jump shots instead of the injured index finger. Kobe listened and made 42 pts against Bulls and 39 in Milwaukee and sinking the game winner. Chuck said: "There is one thing I could enhance....Kobe was following through with so much of the index that the ball was turning everso slightly off that finger and he was getting a little side spin." Person suggested to put more pressure on the middle and ring finger in his release, creating more backspin and friendlier rolls off the rim." Chuck knew this because he too had avulsion fracture in his career.

2. Kobe was conducting a basketball clinic in 2000 at Fireleigh Dickinson in NJ. Somebody shouted at the bqck of the auditorium, "I could take you one on one!" The voice belonged to Lenny Cooke who at that time was top rated high school sop in the country. Lebron before Lebron.An hour later, Kobe asked Gary Charles, Pres. of Grassroots Basketball in America, "Where is Lenny?"Gary pointed at Court 1 where Lenny was playing, after 15 mins. of watching, he went back to Gary Charles and said: "He has nothing for me."

more news in it and look for it on the stand a special edition for Laker fans.

Since M&M asked, if I were MK for a day, I'd begin with 3 Blue Moons in the am. I'd have a great lunch (Mejicano style)--guacamole style, pico- tortillas. I'd then fly to Cabo for the day and have tres taco de carne asada. I'd look for a back up center like DJ- in fact I'd have DJ with me and tell him he'd be more active-- and he would for 10-11. I'd have Matt Barnes w/ me for the afternoon and tell him he'd win a championship ring with us. We'd have some Avenged Sevenfold playing in the background. We'd realize the heat would be gunning for the finals, but I'd text Kobe and remind him of what's at stake. We'd have a few more cervesas and text all of the Lake CЯüE and tell them who's after our blingage (rings). Heart is all we need. If that doesn't work, I'd tell them to fly out with me to Colorado and let the view inspire them.

Cölöradö löves öür Wörld Champiön Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I were Mitch for a day I would call the Orlando Magic and I would offer Bynum, Odom & Sasha for Howard & Reddick. If the Magic declined my offer then I would call Atlanta and offer Odom & Sasha for Josh Smith. Both deal would make LA in the championship hunt for the next five years.

Why can't Phil Jackson help develop Sasha's play with more consistent playing time? I don't understand why he isn't being used while being paid $5 a year?

Posted by: charlesinoc | July 17, 2010 at 06:30 PM

Then ask Kobe to play only 20 minutes so Sasha could develop (if that EVER happens)

Or remember 08-09 when he did have minutes yet failed with a 5.8ppg?

For all the criticisms that Shannon Brown I've given about his dumb attempts to try to create with a very inconsistent jump shot he was more consistent as Kobe's back up than Sasha was as a true back up instead of being the team's 6th man.

Besides why pay Luke Walton only $5 million when all of last year he was a bench warmer and de facto assistant coach?

Seriously, Tracy McGrady?? Posted by: Giant Green Bald-Headed Lunatic | July 17, 2010 at 06:30 PM
Not only do you have class but you are very perceptive & funny as hell! lol!

LakerTom, you don't want that job of taking care of the inactive players like energizing Luke and the newcomers, it will hasten your aging. At this time, that money is in your home in Marin County sleeping on and having a sweet time of leisurely working and blogging for the beast. I think nobody here has nicer life than what you're enjoying at this time.

Garret Kall at 6:28 PM

Blah, blah, blah. How many consecutive titles will it take to put a lid the likes of you? Have some respect, young man. Even doubles tennis requires chemistry, so this "King No Rings is 10x better than Artest, D-Wade 2x better than Kobe," etc, etc, etc argument flies out the window faster than the door is opened.

Here's a post from a legendary Lakers fan who passed away on Wednesday. He actually had sympathy for jealous types such as yourself:

TrueFan1947 (4/28/2010 at 11:25 AM):

I think the envy and jealousy of the trolls against the Lakers and the fans of the Lakers is totally understandable. The Lakers are arguably the greatest franchise in the NBA! We long-time Laker fans know that our team does NOT hang Division banners or Conference banners in our stadium. The Lakers only hang World Championship banners at Staples! 15 of them to be exact! There are ALSO many world class Hall of Fame players with their retired jerseys up on that same wall. When WE root for the Lakers, we're rooting for them to win the O'Brien Trophy. Anything less than that in a given season is considered a disappointment. From the OUTSIDE, looking IN, a lot of fans around the country think Laker fans are just arrogant. We're NOT. We just are used to the Lakers occupying space in the Leagues highest category, based on past performance. We have nothing to apologize for and the trolls will just have to swallow their disappointment until their team wins a TROPHY!

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, young man.

Put me on the get Jeremy Lin bandwagon. I can live with bringing back Shannon, but his defense needs to improve.

I don't think bringing Shaq back is a realistic option. Sure, I'd love him if he would would come for the minimum and play hardly any minutes until playoff time. He's a bigger injury risk than Bynum.

Re-sign Mbenga, because I love that guy. What's Phil's problem with him anyway?

Lin come to La.............Asian Pride 4 in La

Not to worry about the Sacramento Kings of Basketball. They are on track and will arrive sooner than anyone thinks. You can bank on it.


Posted by: Sonny Belfast | July 17, 2010 at 03:01 PM

Gee, relocating to Chiang Mai to save on SSS Pension does real alteration on a guy's perceptions. Or do the mosquitoes there injects hallucinogens after sucking blood. LOL. Keep on belching Belchfast.

Edwin Gueco -

I need to get a copy of the SI issue for my collection...Thanks for the heads up...

Hey has anyone noticed, there have been no commercials for the special subscription for SI for the 2010 Champion Lakers...

I need to get the next DVD recapping last years #16 Champions season...I have every one since the 3Peat Lakers...the first 2 in VHS format...

Oh that's easy:
Trade Bynum and Odom for CP3 and Okafor.

Garrett Kall

I'm glad we posted simultaneously so you can see the difference between a well reasoned post and a short sighted post, like the one that you just posted.

Sophisticated fans understand the concept of "role players." While many fans in Lakerland have been disappointed with Sasha's general performance the past two seasons (particularly his stroke and the silly fouls he commits), we are also appreciative and cognizant of a very simple concept called SCOREBOARD. We care about what he does in the post-season, not the practice season, and the SCOREBOARD reflect a 16th Lakers championship, with Sasha making a couple of extremely important contributions.

While this may beyond your comprehension, Lakers fans don't get all caught up in the 82 game practice season. When it counted the most, Sasha played his role well. Twice during the NBA Finals (another concept that assuredly eludes you), Sasha was called upon in the waning moments to catch an inbound pass, get fouled and hit two free throws (23.8 seconds left in the pivotal Game 3 and two of the clutchest free throws in NBA history in Game 7 with 11 seconds left to put the game in the refrigerator). Additionally, he deflated, defended and defeated Gorin Dragic in the WCF.

Sasha is not a Lakers fan favorite, but you fail to take into account that he's 6'7", knows the system, can play either guard position and, most important, is a Kobe guy. he is also in a contract year and the last time that happened he was deadly. Trust me, he will not sink the Lakers and he is a valuable rotation player when he's not in PJ's doghouse.

If Sasha is dealt, it will have to be the right kind of trade like the one I suggested in my first post in this forum. He's not a player you just "get rid of."

Your simplicity is transparent, but then again, what would you know about a championship mentality? We feel for you.

When does training camp start...

The DTs are starting...I need a basketball

Mitch for a day....

I'd resign Shannon Brown for a little more than he made last year. He knows the system and I still believe in Shannon's upside. He's motivated and I think he'll be a lot better this year with his hand healed.

I'd plan on signing Ebanks and Caracter. It would be cost effective and both guys show potential.

I'd sign Rasual Butler for the rest of the MLE. He can shoot the 3 and defend. Be good on the 2nd unit.

I'd sign Rasho Nesterovic for the vet's minimum as my back up center. Rasho would come cheap. He's low maintenance and a good system player. He's got size and can hit the mid- range jumper. Good defender with experience. A poor man's Brad Miller.

Just One Man's Opinion

For those of you suggesting trading for Okafor, put down the pipe! The dude is NOT as big as Bynum. Bynum is easily 3 to 4 inches taller than him. And much longer. And much better offensively. You know what statistic Okafor ranks #1 in the NBA? Having his shot blocked.

This team does NOT need to make major trades. These are the two time defending world champions. And remember what makes us good. We are tall, long, athletic, and experienced. Keep perennial losers like Okafor off the team.

I'm down with Jeremy Lin.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



As much as I like the Lakers:

"For those of you suggesting trading for Okafor, put down the pipe! The dude is NOT as big as Bynum. Bynum is easily 3 to 4 inches taller than him. And much longer. And much better offensively. You know what statistic Okafor ranks #1 in the NBA? Having his shot blocked."

Amen! Ditto for LO/Walton for Okafur.

KOBE888MVP.........Your a Genious..........but very hard to understand for Garrett GALL the numb nutz troll. We don't like you troll!! BACK to BACK tp BACK CHAMPIONS... We LOVE our LAKERS

kobe888 - you wrote:

"I would discuss a possible deal which would send Sasha and his expiring contract, Devin Ebanks and a draft pick to the Rockets for Ariza."

I would love Trevor to come back. Even if he blew it and listened to his dumb agent.

"Third, I would go hard after Kwame Brown with the remained of the MLE. "

You are not the first one to suggest this on here, but are we ready for Kwame Brown Redux?

Posted by: balut | July 17, 2010 at 06:26 PM


If PJ feels that he's coachable and will work hard in practice, why not? It doesn't matter what the fans feel, although I was there at the Suns game on "The Night They Booed Kwame Brown" after Bynum went down in January, 2008, and on that particular evening I was not exactly proud of my fellow Lakers fans. I AM proud to say that I did not participate in that awful display by the fans.

Obviously, his role would be different now and he would be one less player that PJ would have to acclimate to the complex system he teaches at BOTH ends of the floor. Again, he is one of the strongest bodies in the league and an accomplished low post/screen-role defender. I would like to hope that I'm not the first to think of this one.

As for the Rasual Butler idea by bronxlakerfan (go Yankees!), my understanding is that he's a relatively low IQ player otherwise I think we would have heard his name mentioned already. Otherwise, I agree that he would be an interesting addition. Again, he's going to want minutes and would probably shy away from the Lakers because of the possibility of too many DNP CDs even though he'd have a shot at a ring.

As for Rasho, he's too old, too Z-like and there are better potential low post defenders out there like Kwame, Ratliff and Kurt Thomas, all of whom I would take over him as our third string center behind AB and Pau. Now, if we could lure Zeke out of retirement .... lol!

Also, O O M O!!

There's a reason Mitch Kupcak is GM and I'm not.

What's the greatest thing he ever did? Trade for Pau Gasol. Did I know much about Pau before he came to LA.? No. Did I know that the Memphis Grizzlies wanted to get rid of a big salary and that mattered to them way more than keeping an exceptional player? No. But Mitch did.

If I were Mitch for a day, I'd use this kind of well-researched, on-top-of-things, smart insider knowledge and make a trade like that. I'd also talk Dr. Buss into shelling out the bucks to be able to do it.

But I'm not Mitch and thankfully he is.

KB Blitz

I was at that game, too (Game 4). It was already lost and if you watch that play carefully, Sasha was giving way for Pau to rotate over. There was a miscommunication. But the game was over and we have since moved on to 2 championships. I was at Game 7 this year and, let me tell you, my central nervous system was rattled to its core, so you can only IMAGINE how Sasha felt when he went to the line to put the CHAMPIONSHIP in the refrigerator. If that didn't atone for the 2008 defensive lapse in Game 4, I don't know what possibly could. These weren't JUST free throws. They were more like Tom Watson's putt on 18 on Sunday at the British Open last year. If Sasha misses one of those free throws and the Chowds hit a game tying 3, we might be feeling a little bit different about things right now. Thank God, we will never know!


Just curious....Who's Zeke? Are you talking about Mutombo? His nickname was Deke.

Jeremy Lin looks like a baller to me and seems to have NATURAL PG instincts. As mentioned earlier, he likes to attack the paint on offense and seem capable of staying with quick point guards. And summer league does matter or else the high draft picks, including the first pick overall, John Wall wouldn't be playing in it. Even some veterans continue to play in summer league. If we land Lin, Mitch may have three steals this summer including Caracter and Ebanks. While we continue our championship run, it's nice to add some young guys to the mix.

Zeke? From Cabin Creek?

Now what did I do with that hot tub time machine.....?


"Lin come to La.............Asian Pride 4 in La"

I must admit, that video LakerTom posted of Jeremey Lin intrigued me. I'd like to know more about him... but I'm interested in him because he looked like a good player, and that's it.

Let me ask you, how would you feel if a blogger suggested that we sign a player simply because he was black or white? To me that would be very odd.

Are you suggesting we should sign Lin simply because he's Asian? Because, you know, terms like "white pride" and "black pride" are racially charged terms. I assume "asian pride" has the same resonance.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"Jeremy Lin looks like a baller to me and seems to have NATURAL PG instincts."

That long bounce pass for the assist he did in that video Laker Tom posted was a thing of beauty.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


If I¨d be the Lakers GM...Sign Luke Ridnour

I have been reading up and watching some videos of this Jeremy Lyn kid...I'm impressed...I like his driving and slashing game, he seems to have a decent jump shot, his ball handling skills looked good, and has great energy...

How did he slip under the Lakers radar...we were all expecting Mitch to find that diamond in the rough this summer, could this be it...

I think the Lakers should pursue him...he would be an instant crowd favorite...and he is a California home product, besides an Ivy Leaguer...he will be the first Asian-American to play in the NBA since Wataru Misaka in 1948.

Since he played on the Mavs summer team, do they have the rights to him...I would love to know how the rules work on this...

Well I'm convinced enough, I'm starting a caravan...give me some feed back peeps...


====------ === ------===
/_____l______l__ ___\____
ll- - -SIGN JEREMY LYN ------]
L___(0)l______l__ ____l(0) J

Laker Tom
Jon K.

If I was Mitch for a day my first order of buisness would be to buy out Lukes contract and send his no basketball playing @$$ home! He is not tradeable so buying this bozo out would improve the lakers depth and also remove Phil Jackson sick fetish for one of the leagues most non atheletic players since the late 70's.

I'd get rid of Steve Blake, and convince Jordan Farmar that playing 20 minutes a game for the Lakers is better than playing 10 minutes behind Devin Harris for the Nets.

I'd also re-sign Shannon Brown and call it a day.

I admit that I get attached to our players, but 2 championships in 2 years aint that bad, is it?

Keeping Odom is like rolling dices, if 7 comes up, the Lakers win but more than enough times, 7 did not come up. Every playoffs, the team and fans are held hostages by Odom, everyone was hoping he would show up and play well next game and its getting old. If the poortunity presents itself, the Lakers ought to trade Odom for another player, even if he is less talented than Odombut but more consistent. After all Odom's talents and versatility mean zilch if he disappears 2 out of 3 games, so what is the point of keeping him and everybody goes thru the same exercise, every playoffs of holding their breath for a good game from LO??? Enough is enough!!!

Trade away walton maybe sasha too. Pick up mcgrady. And BRING BACK SHAQ!!!!

Just one Solution ...

SIGN Shannon Brown....J. Powell and DJ Mbenga...on regular season give them(Powell and DJ) more minutes....we got 82 games, in certain games PJ should give them a chance to prove something why they are paid those $$$$.....


Just curious....Who's Zeke? Are you talking about Mutombo? His nickname was Deke.

Posted by: bronxlakerfan | July 17, 2010 at 08:11 PM

Oops! That's what I meant. Now my credibility is shot! Thanks fellow Yankees fan.

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