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Tweetable items from Mitch Kupchak and Theo Ratliff

Among the highlights from Mitch Kupchak's news conference:

--The Lakers hadn't planned on pursuing Matt Barnes, but Kupchak saw a possibility after Barnes' sign-and-trade deal with Toronto fell through.

--Kupchak is worried Lakers forward Luke Walton might miss the entire season next year because of the pinched nerve in his lower back, which is partly why he pursued Barnes and drafted Devin Ebanks.

--Kupchak expressed optimism that the Lakers will re-sign Shannon Brown: "I think there's a good chance that in the next couple of weeks, we can have some resolution with Shannon. I'm optimistic."

--Kupchak appeared satisfied with his off-season work: "I think we've added depth and I think we've addressed our major concern, knowing that Jordan [Farmar] would probably not return, that left a gaping hole in our backcourt."

--Kupchak said Andrew Bynum delayed surgery on his right knee for 10 days simply because of scheduling conflicts with Dr. David Altchek.

--Mark Medina

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DFish; I do not agree.

MM - how's it going?

Are you going to ban this idiot poster that uses the name of our co-captain in vain - again?

Wonderful interview given by Ratliff. His rep as a great locker room presence is spot on. I have no doubts that he would be a great addition and may actually allow BOTH Pau and Drew to rest after 8-9minutes of the 1st and 3rd Q's, then come back for the last 6mins of the 2nd and 4th Q's. This translates to healthier bodies in time for the playoffs.

The way i see it, the depth chart is as follows:

1st Team -- Drew, Pau, Ron, Kobe and Fish
2nd Team -- Theo, LO, Luke/Barnes, Sasha, Blake

Put in Ebanks (SF), Caracter (PF-C) and hopefully Shannon Brown (SG) at any time in the 2nd Team, and i don't see any significant fall-off in talent.

Who cares about Miami??? Even that 2nd Team seems capable of holding its own against Lebron-Bosh-DWade and any 2 inconsequentials! You have defensive stoppers (Theo, Barnes, Ebanks) being in the mix with 3-point threats (Sasha, Blake) or a triangle facilitator (Luke). And i do recall that Luke during his days as a starter was actually also a good shot from distance; thus, another threat from outside. What do you guys think?


derek fisher is one of the most reliable and noble players ever to play the game. does 0.4 seconds mean anything to you. did you even pay attention to the last playoff run

d. fish vs westbrook
d fish vs dervon williams
d fish vs nash
d fish vs rondon

he practicaly took over kobe scoring abilities on game 7 when kobe was struggling to find his shooting touch

you sir are a hater and i refuse to allow you to muddy the name of derek fisher who is a lord

are you kidding me? Dfish is not the worst nba PG and what he brings to the lakers isnt on a stat sheet. thats why the heat tried to get him. he can mold teams and brings some of the best leadership seen in all sports.. Blake will play more and put up better stats. thank god we got him but id still start fisher. doesnt mean he has to play the most minutes. also your making kobe happy right there.. theres plenty of benefits for what they did.


While your ascertains over time regarding Fisher - have some merit.....he is laterally slow and has had shooting droughts and in some cases against top tier point guards in the regular season - he was exposed (also in the 1st round against the Thunder). However, there is no question that without the performance of Derek Fisher in the Finals the Lakers would not have won. He saved us in game three and his defense on Ray Allen after game 2 was excellent.

I think the Lakers made a great move bringing in Blake to add more consistent and steady back up support. While Fisher will again be exposed against top tier guards in the regular season to follow, I still see his value in pressure games and in running the team. His leadership both on and off the court is apparent - is not over stated and should not be devalued. While I expect him to step into a coaching role in the next few years, I am still glad to have Derek Fisher on the Lakers.

HTZ/LEWSTERS…My understanding is that if Luke & his physicians decide he is out for the season for medical reasons before Nov 1st, the Lakers would receive a disabled player trade exception that would enable them to sign a free agent with first year salary around $3M, but which they would have to use within 45 days from date league approved exception. Ironically, if Luke then miraculously recovered, we would still be able to keep the replacement player. Of course, the question is whether Mitch would spend it, especially at this point with the roster set. One thought that went through my mind was that what might be going on is the Lakers holding off from making a deal with Brown because they might end up with the ability to sign a better player if Luke really cannot play. That might be way Mitch referred to getting something done the next couple of weeks. It’s possible.
Now as to Luke’s salary, I believe the Lakers still will be on the line to pay Luke but may have risk insurance to reimburse them. As to whether his salary still counts against the salary cap and luxury tax, the medical decision would have to be not just out for the year but career-ending. If so, the Lakers would still have a waiting period of 1 year before they could apply for relief, which would be worth $6M in saved luxury taxes for the 2011 and 2012 seasons. That is saved money that likely ends up helping to pay for personnel upgrades or raises to key players whose contracts are coming up.
Pat Riley deserves a lot of credit for convincing his Big 3 to take less than max. It reminds me of his move in getting Shaq to sign for less than he demanded from the Lakers. At any rate, Pat probably did the Lakers a favor because I’m sure that future Lakers negotiations are going to involve team expectations that the Lakers core players accept less to help keep the team competitive. That would mean that Andrew Bynum, even if healthy and an All-Star this year, won’t be getting a huge raise. That’s one good thing that has come out of this Super Friends deal. Really a gift from Pat Riley.

I think it's hilarious that I say "idiot poster" and right away the idiot identifies him/herself!


do you know the lakers system? do i need to explain basketball 101 to you?? the triangle doesnt need a true PG.....

ummmm guys???

STARVE the troll.....


fine fine d fish is slow laterally

but you try keeping up with russell "whatever"brook or rondo.

fact of the matter is fisher outlasted both of them and walked away with a ring, and a new 3 year 10milion dollar contract. he must be doing something right .

this is what matters, championships, not lateral quickness.

so if u cant see past ur nba 101 bulls**t and cant start trusting the lakers GM u better naff off sharpish sunshine.

DFish, I understand why you don't like Fisher. Period. I hear you.
The question is: Do YOU understand WHY I LIKE FISHER?
Can you see it?

Laker Nation get use to alot of this from Ratliff

LakerTom- thanks for that info!

yeah, i think Theo's going to help this team.

yeah, Fisher sucks. and then he wins....

i loves me some Fisher.

Lewsters said -

Shaq deserves what he Shaq jersey in the rafters...All the other players with their jersey up there would of never behaved like the Big Dummy... must've been channeling your inner Fred Sanford. Anyway Shaq number will definitely be retired because he deserves it for the 3 ships and because the Lakers is a class organization.


I'm in the insurance business but not too familiar with NBA players type of insurance. Is this similar to Lloyds of London? Gosh, the premiums are also very expensive.

Isn't great the door for SB signing is not closed? Two draftees will also come aboard.

Bynum will get his surgery and Kobe got a successful arthroscopic surgery, I'm sure the fingers will also be fixed.

What more can ask after SB signing? Thanks to the Buss Family. Nice job Mitch and have a vacation to Europe charged to Lakers Blog. lol!


Thanks for the salary/injury exception information. HTJ posed a question about Sheed's situation. Does he get anything if he retires?

Edwin?? A vacay charged to the Lakers Blog??

HEY!!! Can I please get me one of those???


Hey DFish give me FISHER over "Where's Waldo?" Shannon Brown any day of the week! An old man who knows what the hell he's doing ranks over a young athletic dude with NO IQ.


LRob is correct. Shaq's jersey WILL be retired. Giving you three titles in a row (not even Magic Johnson did that) and being the most dominant man of his time (Bynum will never be him) and producing statistics that is just unrivaled by any center in the Finals will have his 34 jersey retired.

What Shaq attack did after LA is irrelevant when it comes to his contributions to LA.

D'Fish, it is time to be a Laker fan and stop all these needling on Derek. You have said it, made your point and Lakers won the Championship so what is it to argue? Brother take my advice, you are sounding like a broken record, the criticisms do not carry any weight anymore. I'm sure you are old enough to understand when to quit.

Is Shannon really that important? I like him, but how much should I like him?

Fisher was pursued by a team desperately trying to win a championship with all-nba quality players. Pat Riley must be a terrible GM, enough said!
How many chips does Derek have? It's hard to keep up!

It is very hard to keep track of all of Derek's hero moments - too many for me to recall. Add to that the complete approval of Kobe - is he not the NBA's best?

Anyway - when are we getting Chris Paul?

Justa, you're too rich and too young to have one. Just watch on travel channel. lol! Hey, I heard the Champs are playing in Barcelona and London. October is the best month to visit these places, lots of package deals hotels/airfare, less crowd and pickpocket thieves too. London is a very expensive city not only because of the place but also the exchange rate of pound sterling. It's like paying luxury taxes. Justa, have you and your husband or family traveled in Europe before?

I'd settle for Carmelo.

Hey DFish you can't do anything about it can you? :P

I think the Lakers still need 3rd string PG to be on the roster. What if Fisher or Blake gets injured during the season then who will back him up?

Come on DFish make the world know Derek Fisher sucks! Do it here where in the LA Times Lakers blog where a high ranking Laker official named Mr. Like-We-Give-A-Damn will listen to you and terminate Fisher's contract! We all know your knowledge is good about the Lakers you are 100% correct about how the world works! It's flat because you say it! Luke isn't trash Artest is! We know because well everything you say is correct. You can in fact predict the future! Tell us what lottery balls are going to flow our way? Will the economy get better? When will we know that we will be done paying down our mortgage? When will you be quite for the last time? Please DFish poster because everything you post is right and you are never wrong!

(Sarcasm ends here)

Edwin - nope. Never been out of North America with the hubby - from Canada, down to Baja for a vacation once and then here to Cali. (I visited Cartagena Colombia with my mom once). That's about the extent of my travels. I've always wanted to travel some - go to Jamaica cuz hubby's from there, Egypt, Australia, France & Italy - just to name a few and not necessarily in that order. Maybe someday when someone that I don't know dies and leaves me all their money.... :)

KB... nice blah blah blah blah blah !!!!!

Posted by: DFish | July 23, 2010 at 08:58 PM

Because that's all you do and what ever you say is treated as "blah blah blah" to the rest of the blog.

As if you can do what you want with the Lakers lol an online blogger.

Dfish bar for posting intelligent comments is lower than low since the comments are ridiculously laughable. Couple of good shots that Fisher made in the playoffs happened to win game 3 in Boston, a big 3pt shot in game 7 happened to tie the game up, how much bigger DFish want them to be? Yea sure, the player is supposed to make big shots because they get paid to do that, but being able to perform in the pressure cooker ia a big difference, just ask LBJ, who made a lot more than Fish, why he did not earn his pay in the Boston series. It is obvious Dfish post was personal.

If that is the case why do people respond ?

Posted by: DFish | July 23, 2010 at 09:01 PM

Because it's amusing watching the blah blah blah.

Just as amusing that Derek Fisher is wanted in the NBA over Allen Iverson and SHAQ LOL.

I wonder how old this guy DFish is. If he's anywhere close to adult age, I can just imagine him on his computer throwing little princess fits, banging the desk, responding to our complimentary comments about Fisher. LOLLL I kinda feel sorry for him/her :[

Laker Nation please ignore DFish. He is an idiot!! STARVE THE TROLL!!!!! STARVE THE TROLL!!! STARVE THE TROLL!!! STARVE THE TROLL!!!

Fisher could throw up 82 bricks in a row and hit one shot and you morons would think he was a hero !!!

Posted by: DFish | July 23, 2010 at 09:08 PM

Yea because that one shot would have won a TITLE.

Just like Robert Horry with 7 rings for him and 5 rings for Fisher.

DFish rings: ZERO

How many Championships did Fisher win in GS and Utah ?

Posted by: DFish | July 23, 2010 at 08:50 PM

The Utah Jazz made it further in the playoffs with Derek Fisher than they have at any point since another great point guard, John Stockton, retired.

Unfortunately you wouldn't even need that shot if he hit any of the other ones. And that is the fallacy of your argument !!

Posted by: DFish | July 23, 2010 at 09:15 PM

Oh is that a diss towards Kobe now? So you hate DFish but hate that if Kobe didn't brick his shots that he wouldn't need those game winners last season then?

Nice hate will you hate the rest of LA now?

Bonus: Robert Horry bricked 90 3 pointers between 2003 playoffs and his Game 5 in the 2005 Finals against Detroit where he was legendary. You can be old and brick shots then become a hero when it COUNTS.

Why Rob has 7 and Fish has 5!

how nauseating. (re: Derek Fisher)

he wants to play till 2013 season. married to LUKE. sounds like heaven. bring in the harps and start the "angelic" music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From the accounts of it, Mitch is optimistic of SB's signing because of Luke's shoulders. Is it not right to say that the fate of the Lakers is resting on his back of Luke Walton? Two pillars are depending on that back, one is Shannon and the other is Barnes and at the middle is the one year exception as discussed by LakerTom. That's a herculean effort on the part of Luke, without doing anything he is hailed as the hero of the off-season.

DFish is valued for the intangibles he brings to the game -- his leadership while in the game, the respect he gets from his teammates (and one Kobe Bryant in particular), and his knack for KNOWING when he needs to step up to take that important shot AND MAKE IT. Guys, i recall that Lakers-Magic finals game last year, where Fish had a really rotten shooting night overall but, with the game on the line, he first hits 1 trey over Jameer Nelson to send the game to overtime, then hits a 2nd trey to practically ice the game in the extra period. And what about Game 3 of this year's finals where he scored 10pts in the 4th quarter (including that crushing 3 point play where he got steamrolled by Big Baby)? Finally, wasn't that Fish who tied the game at 64-all in Game 7 with this big big trey? Ice water in his veins, sniffing the need for greatness when his team needs it.

Yeah, it's that championship experience and focus in the most crucial times that makes him such a valuable piece of this team, and a trait that the Heat recognized over and above all the other FA's out there (e.g. Shaq, TMac, AI). But we all know that, right? That is, save for some people who just need attention.


Just as amusing that Derek Fisher is wanted in the NBA over Allen Iverson and SHAQ LOL.

Posted by: KB Blitz | July 23, 2010 at 09:02 PM

no other team wants Fisher, except the Lakers. Pleaseeeeeeeee

i expect more from U. (seriously).

Justa, get my email from MM and I will give you some of my secrets how to travel cheap and get first class treatment. Try this one, visit Canadian Rockies in Alberta start from Glacier Nat'l Park in Montana and drive north all the way to Edmonton. It was one of the most beautiful places on earth. Guaranteed, you and your hubby will enjoy it.

We got a pretty good GM. He's just quietly, methodically, checking off all the boxes. This team's so deep, it's gonna grind through the rest of the league, all season long.

EDWIN… I believe it is exactly what Lloyd’s of London does. Their experts assess the probabilities associated with the risk and then quote a premium that statistically should generate an acceptable profit when applied across a large enough pool of risks. I would almost assume that the Lakers bought such coverage on Drew when the gave him the extension. I sure am no expert in the field though but you would think with the inflated value these players have to the franchise, they would all be insured against career-ending injuries and maybe even season-ending. Anyway, that’s my guess.
LROB… If a player retires, I believe he forgoes the pay on his contract and the team no longer has the money counted against the salary cap since they do not owe it. There is no trade exception for a retired player unless retired due to career-ending injury. The salary cap relief is real, however, since the salary is not paid when the player retires voluntarily, as opposed to forced to retire due to injury which still leaves the team liable to pay the player’s salary. Again, that’s my interpretation only.

Mikey I couldn't be any goofier than any of you clowns including the biggest clown of all your leader Jonny boy K that should probably be in a padded room. Read some of his posts. The guy has huge anger !!!

Posted by: DFish | July 23, 2010 at 09:31 PM

Jon K.'s anger is NOWHERE as comical as yours.

Even his anti-Lebron's post have more merit. At the every least he respects LBJ's game though does not respect Lebron's childish attitude.

You on the other hand disrespects ANY blogger who don't share your views on Fisher.

Insulting the blog again? I see a future ban coming your way again!

no other team wants Fisher, except the Lakers. Pleaseeeeeeeee

i expect more from U. (seriously).

Posted by: ouchhhhhhhh | July 23, 2010 at 09:32 PM

No seriously Ouccchhh Fisher not only got offers from LA and Miami but also got offers from Chicago/New Jersey/Minnesota. Most likely as a veteran's presence.

I'm not lying to you. There was interest from other teams but the two top candidates was LA and Miami.

"Fisher's preference is to remain with the Lakers, although Miami, Chicago, Minnesota and New Jersey have expressed interest in him."

See I'm not lying. Teams did want him. He just chose to come back here.

Let me also make one thing very clear: I hope Luke recovers and is not only able to play but ends up playing the best ever in his life through the rest of his Lakers contract. On the other hand, I think he needs to seriously consider the ramifications of having to suffer some of the physical problems that his dad has had to. I’ve had back problems before and that is not something you want to have when you get older and your muscles get weaker. I’ve always been a realist about Luke and believe he has value and is a good teammate. The problem is that he becomes a liability in the game when hurt, which has unfortunately been more often than even Drew. Best of luck, Luke. Maybe time to hang them up and join Phil’s staff as an assistant coach. I think Luke has the stuff to be a good coach.

At least the poster Dfish has a variety of topics to talk about. Try focusing on something, will ya! LOL....

DFish is probably a 13 year old fanboy of Boston or more likely Utah.
Still bitter that he left.

Asking how many rings he won in GS or Utah?

None, like the Utah franchise.
But he helped lead the Jazz to their deepest playoff run since '98.

You have to wonder how his mind works, or actually, doesn't work.
Probably typing from his mom's basement, muttering to himself.
If he saw a professional, I'd bet they'd find a bit of autism in there.*

*Didn't really want to put this in, but maybe it will spur him to get the help he needs.


80-2 NEXT YEAR (2 loses vs BOBCATS)




Most likely as a veteran's presence.

Posted by: KB Blitz


i never implied that ur lying. and obviously you gave a reference article.

but exactly how BSPN is fluffing LBJ, all the LA media is fluffing Fisher. as u maybe remember - months ago, after the trade deadline - many bloggers complained about the PG position including all 3, Fish, Farm and UPS. i was the first one who said that there is NOTHING the Lakers can do till the end of the season when 2 of the contracts expire and UPS can be traded.

ur the one who agreed with me immediately. anyway, personally i think that Fish resigning was a huge mistake and especially for 3 years it is really catastrophic.

and except of the fact that DFish the blogger is not polite with the fellow bloggers, i STILL agree with him regarding everything he says about Fisher, the player.

Fishers "heroics" never make up for his shortcomings that r happening every game. but yes, all of us as human being have the QUALITY? to forgive when things r good. and especially the fans when their team is winning.

and starting with MM and the LA Media, there is NO ARTICLE that ever mention how bad Fisher and i will also add Gasol played. looks like the 2 of them have some kind of BB immunity. one is "diplomatic" (as a foreigner and especially as a spaniartd in the LA Angelenos community) and maybe the other one is political because of Fisher's function in the league.

personally that is my reason to bash on both of them. at least Gassy has some game.

Fisher for me is ANTI-BASKETBALL. and for a PG is the saddest representation ever. not even a Hollywood writer can make a fictional scenario of how bad, low and terrible a PG can be. but as Lakers fan, we have the reality at least 82 times/season.

i hope this was more "in depth" than just "Fisher sucks"

I agree with Zach saying we're 80-2 next year. Both loses against the Clippers.

I am not crazy about the Matt Barnes signing. That guy is an a whole. His trying to pick a fight with Kobe, fake throwing the ball in his face, both sucked. I like Theo because he seems to be a class act. I like all the lakers since they are really good people. But Matt Barnes seems to be a jerk with a tendency to get nasty and throw a tantrum when things aren't going his way.


"ur the one who agreed with me immediately. anyway, personally i think that Fish resigning was a huge mistake and especially for 3 years it is really catastrophic."

oucch only part I agreed was the "3 years part" since that means he'll be close to 39 when his contract ends. I would have no problem had it been a team option for the 3rd.

"Fishers "heroics" never make up for his shortcomings that r happening every game. but yes, all of us as human being have the QUALITY? to forgive when things r good. and especially the fans when their team is winning."

That's why we can forgive Kobe in 2004 when he shot 38% in comparison to Shaq's 63% in the Finals. Or can forget Kobe's 2007 rant and also calling Mitch "an Idiot" because eventually he got his long overdue MVP award and the next year his first Finals MVP. Or how he only has an average FG% (45%) yet is already cracking the top 10 list because of his accomplishments.

Same story about Horry where Rob was even more turrible at shooting 3pt% yet found the right time to do his antics. If it weren't for his game winning shot in 2002 WCF Game 4, Shaq and Kobe would have been blasted for not making the game tying (Rob's was a 3 pointer) shot and that shot helps cover the fact that Kobe missed the game winner the next game in Game 5 (that game where Bibby hit the game winner).

Fisher earned his money and spot in LA and is still an upgrade over Farmy and his ball handling which ironically was WORST than Fisher's. The 3 year thing I still have reservations but heck he earned it for at least 2 more years.

Edwin Gueco,

you wrote: Justa, get my email from MM and I will give you some of my secrets how to travel cheap and get first class treatment. Try this one, visit Canadian Rockies in Alberta start from Glacier Nat'l Park in Montana and drive north all the way to Edmonton. It was one of the most beautiful places on earth. Guaranteed, you and your hubby will enjoy it.

my response: I went snowboarding near Banff. Not enough snow, but
gorgeous. Have you been to British Columbia?

For all Robert Horry's Game Heroics (his legend is so far longer than Fisher's and has more heroics overall than Fisher), he really didn't be consistent from the perimeter as Fisher was. I'm going to compare it from 2001 Finals (when Laker fans accepted him as Big Shot Rob).

Robert Horry:
Playoffs from perimeter (3pt%)
2001: 36.2%*
2002: 38.7%*
2003: 5.3%
2004: 36.4%
2005: 44.7%*
2006: 35.3%
2007: 35.1%*
2008: 22.7%
Average: 31.8%

Derek Fisher:
2001: 51.1%*
2002: 35.8%*
2003: 61.7%
2004: 41.8%
2005: Did not Make Playoffs
2006: Did not Make Playoffs
2007: 37.5%
2008: 44.0%
2009: 28.4%*
2010: 36.0%*
Average: 42%

*Won NBA Championship

Fisher was more consistent from the perimeter than Big Shot Rob ever was. That being said I'll still take Rob over Fisher since Rob still has the longer list of accomplishments overall (Fisher beats him Laker wise) of hitting clutch shots.

KB Blitz- Well said, I totally agree.


you wrote: but exactly how BSPN is fluffing LBJ, all the LA media is fluffing Fisher. as u maybe remember - months ago, after the trade deadline - many bloggers complained about the PG position including all 3, Fish, Farm and UPS. i was the first one who said that there is NOTHING the Lakers can do till the end of the season when 2 of the contracts expire and UPS can be traded.

my response: re: ESPN fluffing LBJ. Ummm ... there was a tv show about a
loser's decision to leave his home town, start the destruction of his childhood
region, & artificially create a legacy that he couldn't create the normal way.

re: fluffing Fisher. I sorta agree with you.

you also wrote: Fishers "heroics" never make up for his shortcomings that r happening every game. but yes, all of us as human being have the QUALITY? to forgive when things r good. and especially the fans when their team is winning.

and starting with MM and the LA Media, there is NO ARTICLE that ever mention how bad Fisher and i will also add Gasol played. looks like the 2 of them have some kind of BB immunity. one is "diplomatic" (as a foreigner and especially as a spaniartd in the LA Angelenos community) and maybe the other one is political because of Fisher's function in the league.

my response: Actually there have been articles about how bad Fish was
shooting. They also talked about the "intangibles" he brings. *I* have
posted links to at least one. I think it was off silverscreenandroll ...
Anyway. Let's get real about this.

During the regular season D-Fisher & Artest did not have great offense.

During the regular season D-Fisher played *some* defense and continued
to be a fantastic locker room presence, as told by all articles who spoke of

In the playoffs, D-Fisher played really well and made huge shots as he has
for years.

Do to the marvels of politics & NBA basketball, the lakers are paying
*chump change* to an old guy to keep our thorough bred assassin
happy. We get the added bonus of watching the old guy pull a "turn back the
hands of time" every April and help us get a championship(s).

You can argue that he should play better or that we should have players who
don't need his coaching on the court/in the huddle. I would actually agree
with you, but that's not what we have. So. If paying D-Fish 1.5 mil keeps
Kobe happy and the Lakers win a championship ... PAY D-FISH!!!

There are things we could say about D-Fisher, just like Kobe, Bynum, &
Artest. We've won 5 championships with him doing time at PG &&&
we signed Blake. Dude! Let's ride this wagon until the wheels fall off.

Go Fisher!
Go Lakers!!!

KB Blitz

u r pushing i a "litlle". i don't think KOBE has shortcomings every game. :-)

2. "Fisher … is still an upgrade over Farmy and his ball handling which ironically was WORST than Fisher's. "

i thought we have a dialogue. Farmy should not EVEN be a back up in the NBA.

and now with a lot of SARCASM. i forgot, brilliant GM Mitch signed him. and could not get rid of him in the past 3 years. another PG "WANTED" by at least 15 teams in the NBA as a starter. (face opalm and heavily rolling eyes. already dizzy)

Can someone summarize why Shaq is reviled now? I recall that fiasco of a season before he was traded but I honestly tuned basketball out for a year because I just couldn't stand the stuff that was going on then. I don't know what he did or how he ended up with the Heat.



by the way, regarding Fisher wanted by Chicago, Minny and Nyets.

i'm nort into conspiracy theories BUT, let's see who can spread RUMORS and actually help Fisher.

Minny - the coach, the guy with the glasses. sorry the memory is gone now.

Nyets - isn't Rod Thorn the old VP of the league? wasn't he connected with Fish politically?

and i'm sure we can find a Chicago connection:

and the Miami thing was a total mascarade.

and of course, the RUMORS where coming from Fishers agent. did anyone checked them. NO. and you know WHY?

because except 4 the Lakers and the TRIANGLE, for other teams, FISHER represents ZILCH. his veteranship was his own PR promotional MANTRA.

do u really think that coaches and GM's r really blind? don't u thing that most of them had an answer from 2004, when Fisher was just 30 years ols and with GS was a total JOKE? in any other system, except triangle.

now talking about improving ones game.
did any of you Fisher dribbling with RIGHT HAND.
making a layup with RH?

or manything different than walking the ball up the court. and making a SPOT up shot.

his game is TURRIBLE


You did go to Banff, how about Lake Louise and Columbia Ice Peaks? That's why I recommended this Justa before the glaciers turned into river. Visit them now. We visited this place 20 years ago and up to this day, it's still fresh in my memory the beautiful sceneries within the reach of everyone's budget. You don't have to sell properties just to travel. lol. Yes, we visited BC too Victoria Island and Whistler. People are very hospitable and friendly, I hope Laker Fan from BC will invite us to his beautiful country.

Guys & Gals, hope you don't mind if we sidetrack a little bit from our first love, The Lakers. Since it is vacation time, let's us all unwind while getting ready too for the opening of the school. With all the miseries of the economy and unemployment situation, many families have lost touch of bonding w/ their kids through travel and lots of driving.

to the self centered and mean spirited, just winning a championship is never enough.

it's true. some are winners and some are losers. all win and lose, but some find a way to be winning more than usual. WINNERS are the best to have on a team. there'll always be losers, who when they are with winners, can get over the hump. there will always be those with great skill who can't win for losing and there will always be those with little skill who just can't lose. this applies to many different aspects of life, where competition exists.

it's always good to have as many winners as possible on a team(if you want to win). sometimes it's hard to tell, whether one is a winner or loser, but spend some time with a person and you'll find out. being a winner doesn't always mean being champion, but most champions are and/or are assisted by, winners.

in Basketball, at least, Derek Fisher is a winner whenever a title is on the line, he's long shown this pattern. he doesn't wilt under pressure and failure doesn't ruin him(ala Kwame).

i'm so glad that this forum is not the gm of the team. there is plenty of knowledge here and plenty of good ideas, as well as ignorance and bad ideas, but no one here is involved in the day to day of that team, except emotionally(love/hate, etc.). certain types of opinion are really just completely irrelevant. just wave the flag and cheer, and pray for good health for the team. the Lakers already have everything neeeded to win, now they just need to do it.

"do u really think that coaches and GM's r really blind"

Again those organizations wanted a VETERAN's presence.

Lebron himself picked up Fisher in the airport in fact.

Minny needed a leader in the locker room for their young guys. Same with the Nyets and the Bulls. Miami wanted Fisher to START even. They did not like either Chalmers or Arroyo.

They aren't blind to his faults but aren't blind to his positives either.

The fact they wanted him show how much he is valued in the league despite being 36 years old.

"and of course, the RUMORS where coming from Fishers agent."

Can you prove that? Until then it's the word from the articles over yours oucchhh.

You guys should stop complaining cuz one the health care we have now isnt as good as it was supposed to be. also the law has just been signed give it a try u guys are too hard on democrats they went to college and we voted for most of these if u want to say u have the right to choose tell that to ur congress men or state official. as for obama people are just tryin to make it look like america made a mistake he has done things to help us and we had a full 8 years of a terrible president and i will be so as happy as ever when a obama fixes bush's mistakes. You can find full medical coverage at the lowest price from . obama has to put up with the world judging his every move and trying to fix the mess we are in we are lucky anyone wants to be our president. STOP COMPLAINING AND GIVE HIM A BREAK. i wanna see one of yall do what he has done. some people are just so ignorant.

THE 2010-11 ROSTER !!!
This appears to be how the Lakers roster for 2010-11 season will look if Luke is out for the year.
I don’t think any of us really expected this kind of result, especially after some of the fiscal warnings.
Mitch Kupchak has really become a masterful general manager in my mind. For him to only rank
13th out of 30 GM’s is criminal, just as his not winning the EOY award, which Riley just sewed up.
Anyway, that is a very veteran and strongly defensive oriented bench with the exception of Sasha, whom I think it going to have a resurrection level year. Give Mitch an A as far as I am concerned.
In addition to the signings and draft picks, he appears to be choreographing Luke’s retirement.
Once again, Mitch Kupchak responds to the hopes and demands of the LA Times Lakers Blog. lol.
PG – Fisher, Blake
SG – Bryant, Vujacic, Brown
SF – Artest, Barnes, Ebanks
PF – Gasol, Odom, Caracter
CE – Bynum, Ratliff

i will interupt this program to offer ALL OF U something that personally i never seen before:

Kobe Bryant interviewed by Chick Hern after 1st NBA start

enjoy the new Lakers and the weekend.
great week for the L show

Jon K

in all seriousness (if there is a word like that)

i hope u heard/seen the Theo interview and u r happy.

the guy knows about alternative therapies and strengthening. hope his own personal care will influence all the Lakers players and especially Bynum. i hope also Gasol who looks like with his parents as docs has a very "western" medical approach to his care.

as a 12 years client of acupuncture, acupressure, chinese herbal and mineral patient, i find Theo a great addition. now that is VETERAN and especially INTANGIBLES.

@MUD… That was just great. Derek Fisher is the epitome of a winner, a leader whose presence and influence extends far beyond his game day stats and performance. What’s great about the Lakers is that we have mostly winners on the roster now. Although there are bloggers who stretch anybody’s patients (LOL, Matt), it’s the winners on this blog that make it the place for Lakers fans to go.

The Lakers as a team won the NBA Championship. If they would have had a replacement for Fisher they would of won the Championship even EASIER than they did. His negatives on the court far outweigh what he gives the team !!!

Posted by: DFish | July 23, 2010 at 11:19 PM

Oh so you forgot Kobe shot 10-29 that game, Gasol 5-11, Bynum 3-9. Not to mention he cooled down Jesus Shuttlesworth when he LIT No IQ Shannon Brown! Fisher held Jesus Shuttlesworth 0-13 that Game!

Oh before you give me the "Kobe guarded Rondo" crap again it was Phil's decision too put Kobe on Rondo so he wouldn't tire himself out defensively guarding Allen through off ball screens. It would have made no difference if it was Farmar at the point, Farmar would have guarded Ray while Kobe guarded Rondo so don't ever try to spew that crap

If ShanWOW wasn't such a goofball IQ wise the Lakers would have nearly SWEPT the Celtics (It would have gone to 6 imo had Shannon not been leaving Ray on the perimeter ALL NIGHT LONG!)

Can't wait for the season to start and watch the clown Fisher on the court.

Posted by: DFish | July 23, 2010 at 11:23 PM

And watch Fisher win another title and prove you wrong....AGAIN like the past two years!

Looking ahead to next season's All Star game in LA, the matchups should be fun to watch. The crunch time lineups should look like this on both sides.

West: Roy, Kobe, Durant, Melo, and Pau
East: Joe Johnson, Wade, LBJ, Bosh and Howard

Never mind this idiot - DFish poster. He's probably a Miami Heat supporter who is sour-graping that Derek Fisher did not sign with the Heat.

Sore loser lolz

Today you are all dumb cuz you let the blogger "D. Fish" ruin your day, making it as lousy as every single one of his days.....

The MFocker does not exist from here on.....anyone who responds to him, we will reprimand for playing the "DFish game"......

No more responding or reacting to the troll who is as dumb and blung as the GWB, Ding Ho from the OC Register, Kwame calves, etc.......No more responding!!!!!!

How many Championships did Fisher win in GS and Utah ?

Posted by: DFish | July 23, 2010 at 08:50 PM

If you're expecting GS and Utah to win a championship, it's gonna be a looooong wait. *rolls eyes*


"Jon K

in all seriousness (if there is a word like that)

i hope u heard/seen the Theo interview and u r happy."

Actually, I am. He's saying all the right things and I love his body language. It is a very pleasant surprise.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


D Fish,

You're sounding like you were abused as a kid. I can imagine you in a 3rd grade class, proud that you've just scored a perfect score on test, only to have some terible teacher say something like, "well, you just got lucky."

This is what you're doing to Fisher, so I assume someone did it to you first. Can't you see the injustice in not giving Fish (or anyone for that matter) his due after you stood alone and sort of built your reputation on pointing out this person's weakneses?

It's one thing to talk. It's another thing to talk without reason.



Can't wait for this upcoming season to see the clown post on this blog, which is you.

Jon K

So freaking hilarious; that's where DFish is probably living; on an alley in Downtown LA.

You have to keep DFish on this blog.
His unending disdain for Derek is great comedy that leaves me in stitches most of the time.
I wrote back when Fisher was signed for 3 more years what a kick it is going to be reading DFish's rants whenever Derek stinks up the joint, which is the majority of regular season games (come on Laker faithful be honest now). I also wrote by the third year DFish would probably be in the looney bin.
MM this guy is harmless, obsessive yes, but harmless. Just because some bloggers take offense at his stance doesn't mean you have to kowtow to their demands. A lot of bloggers agree with him to some extent, DFish just takes it to an outrageous level. Neurotic as DFish may be, his take is passionate which is a heck of a lot better than your some of the regular bloggers who just retread the same old garbage which lacks any ardor.

The only time this blog comes alive is when it responds to an anti-hero worshipping commentor.

or commentator

I agree w/ ya Troll man

Good morning,

What a week it's been! Actually, what a month it's been. The Lakers closed out the month of June as the back-to-back NBA Champions. Aside from the inevitable re-signing of Derek Fisher (it was inevitable to nearly everyone except Fish, LOL!), all the attention in July was to roster slots 7-14. Teams that can say that are few and far between.

The back-to-back NBA Champions are stronger than ever at this hour. Despite the end-of-season gnashing of teeth over organizational belt-tightening, Dr. Buss empowered his GM to do everything possible to position the Lakers for a 3-peat.

Yes, just as for the Miami Heat, the games have yet to be played that will determine the outcome of all the grand predictions. The ability of the team to stay healthy throughout the coming season is still the great unknown. But as our moderator (and many of us) prepare to go on vacation, the Lakers are in as good a position as one could ask for.

None of us can say with certainty what will happen tomorrow. I'm only talking about this one Saturday, July 24, 2010. All I'm saying is, for a fan waking up today, the feeling about our team is simply amazing. I don't know about you, but I'm giving thanks. To all the newbie Lakers, glad to have you. To Kobe, Andrew and Luke, a complete and speedy recovery. It may be the middle of summer, but I'm sporting my Purple & Gold today.

Resigning Fisher and making him the starter is one of the biggest jokes in all of sports. FISHER HAS BEEN WASHED UP FOR AT LEAST 3 YEARS NOW !!!!!!!! He hits a couple shots in the playoffs and people think he is back. Isn't that what he is paid to do. The bar has never been so low for any player in the NBA !!! PERIOD !!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: DFish | July 23, 2010 at 07:47 PM

Those "couple of shots in the playoffs" amounted to multiple championships. So let's see, how does that equal "washed up?" And in all your rants about Fish you frequently forget to mention his leadership off the court. You forget to mention his friendship with Kobe. It's the intangibles that makes him such an asset, PLUS the clutch shots he's hit to give the Lakers a chance to win. I don't understand how you can leave out his most valuable attributes. Maybe they're just not valuable to you.

GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!

Fisher for me is ANTI-BASKETBALL. and for a PG is the saddest representation ever. not even a Hollywood writer can make a fictional scenario of how bad, low and terrible a PG can be. but as Lakers fan, we have the reality at least 82 times/season.

i hope this was more "in depth" than just "Fisher sucks"

Posted by: ouchhhhhhhh | July 23, 2010 at 10:03 PM

I could give you all the usual arguments about the Triangle and how it doesn't need a "traditional" point guard, blah blah blah. But the fact of the matter is, I can't wrap my brain around how some people don't get ALL of what he brings to the Lakers. They just see stats. Fisher is so much more than his game. It's too bad you can't see it.

Like a lot of posters on this blog I've been disappointed with Luke's production at times. Nevertheless, I never want to see a Laker or any other player I hope he's okay. Either way I hope the Lakers sign Shannon...cause we need a least one high flyer to energize the crowd.

Also, the biggest point of contention most people have with Luke is his salary. But that's on the FO not Luke.

Do you Fisher haters realize how strongly Kobe went to bat for him, how badly Kobe wanted him back.

So you Fisher haters must also be Kobe haters, because when you demean Fisher and say what a loser he is and that he shouldn't even be on the team, you are saying Kobe must not know what he is talking about.

Fishers teammates and Mitch wanted him back also. Are they all idiots?

Are you serious?
Kobe wants the guy on his team, but you guys who don't like Fisher think you can judge Fishers value better than Kobe and his teammates and Mitch.

Think about that.

So you are a Fisher hater and a Kobe hater and think Fishers teammates must be stupid for wanting to keep him.
What about the Lakers do you even like?
Why even bother posting here other than to just try and rile people up.
Fisher is not a loser. If you want to see someone who is, go look in a mirror.

Did anyone catch, "Shaq is trying to get on board in Boston"?

Wow, it was reported on Fan House that Shaq wanted to be the Big Leprechaun for vet min $ 1.3M, perhaps to spite at his former teams specifically The Lakers.
This is purely EGO because after raking so much income in the past and at the twilight of his journey he could not say "quits" he wants to earn vet. minimum. Somehow, all retired NBA players have gone into this ritual, they can't quit at the right time, keep on going until they get disabled or get embarrassed by the resurgence of young athletes. He thinks he represents the Championship. For a HOF bound, will somebody please tell him to retire and retool himself in other field.

If he becomes a Celtic, let's have a petition not to recognize Shaq as long as he is alive i.e. Postpone the hanging of his jersey at the Staple rafters.

Shaq in the rafters?

His 5 years with the Lakers qualified him to be up there.

Since leaving, his dissing the Lakers players, owner, oranization, and fans, has disqualified him from being up there.

And now he wants to play for the Celtics, and why?

To keep the Lakers from winning another Title.

Numbers retired is reserved for great Lakers accomplishments and Lakers for life. At the very least, it must be in their hearts even if they play elsewhere.

Oh, I like that. I thought nothing would be as sweet as watching Russell award MVP to Kobe after LA beats Boston, apparently I was wrong. There is something sweeter:

Kobe's 3 Russell award (wherein it will be renamed just MVP on Russell's request as his heart can't take it anymore) on the 17th championship with Shaq doing garbage time to end the series.

"If he becomes a Celtic, let's have a petition not to recognize Shaq as long as he is alive i.e. Postpone the hanging of his jersey at the Staple rafters.

Posted by: Edwin Gueco | July 24, 2010 at 08:27 AM"

If he becomes a Celtic, no way in HELL-o should the Lakers honor him by hanging his jersey among Laker greats. That's like giving employee of the year honor to a guy who was fired last year for stealing company supplies.

Troll Man,

you support DISH. go to confession before you can receive communion.

or you will burn in Hell-O


I love Shaq, and I sided with him in the dispute way back in the dayy. He does not go up into the rafters of Laker legends - way too much water under the bridge. Big-shot Rob and .4 DFish have a better chance. How about Coop? All more Laker than Shaq.

Watching that news conference with Theo Ratliff, I think the Lakers made a great acquisition. You can just see the warmth, depth and experience in his eyes - the appreciation both for where he has been and where he is now. When he speaks, it's with both humility and absolute determination - much like Derek Fisher. We've got another high-character guy who is going to give this team what it needs when called upon.

Just imagine what Shaq's nickname would be if that happens: the Big Leprechaun, the Green Diesel, etc.

If the Lakers do somehow manage to sign Shannon Brown, how would he be used? I can't see the need for him as we are currently constructed and worry that if he is signed one of the rooks might not make the team. That would be a mistake. The only way this works is if Luke declares himself medically retired and we get cap relief. I just don't see the Lakers carrying a 14 man roster this year considering the luxury tax issue and the 2 rooks seem too promising to not keep both.

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