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Boxer Andre Berto suggests Trevor Ariza may have regretted leaving the Lakers


Over dinner a few weeks ago, boxer Andre Berto met up with former Laker Trevor Ariza to catch up. But one of the topics Berto made sure not to broach involved the Lakers' 2010 championship and whether Ariza ultimately regretted going to Houston.

"We didn't want to touch all that," Berto said in a brief interview before hosting Knockout Comedy Night on Tuesday at L.A. Live's Conga Room, an event that raised money for Haitian relief efforts. "We were just hanging out."

Still, Berto, a Lakers fan who said he's known Ariza well for a "few years now," sensed that Ariza missed his old stomping grounds.

"He's handling it," Berto said when I asked him if he had a sense on how Ariza felt about going to Houston and missing out on a second championship ring. "I don't know if he felt it was his best decision, but he's handling the situation."

I had hoped to get Ariza's take since he was a confirmed guest and planned to host the event with Berto, but he was a no-show. I had also hoped to clarify conflicting reports since his departure on what actually spurred the movement -- whether the Lakers' acquisition of Ron Artest essentially forced Ariza out or whether the Lakers had acted knowing that Ariza would sign with Houston. Nonetheless, The Times' Mike Bresnahan and Broderick Turner reported at the time that Ariza agreed to a five-year, $33-million deal with Houston after the Lakers came to terms with Artest. Ariza told The Times then that he was "happy with my decision," but that was before many events transpired.

There were the endless comparisons between Artest and Ariza, his argument via Twitter with Artest's brother, Daniel, and missing out on a championship ring. Even if Berto doesn't have a true gauge on how Ariza's felt about everything, it's at least telling he felt sensitive enough not to broach the subject.

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Boxer Andre Berto suggested Trevor Ariza may have regretted leaving the Lakers. Credit: Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times.

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Of course Ariza misses being a Laker and Laker Nation misses, Trevor.

He should fire his agent immediately.

Can you imagine if we had Trevor AND Thriller? Wow, we'd be good.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Couple of things; first, "Trevor Ariza may have regretted leaving the Lakers"....DUH!
Second, we probably had to choose one or the other and I think we made the right albeit difficult choice. There has been much talk about a healthy Drew/Kobe/Pau etc. and how much better we will be next year but I say how much better will we be with a Ron Artest who by his own admission finally gets the triangle, my goodness, we may win 3 or 4 more titles no matter the opposition, if you know what (who) I mean.

Trevor is always welcomed back, when his price goes down!!

The reality is that Ariza was “traded” by Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak for Ron Artest.
If you didn’t like the deal, they’re the ones to blame – not Ariza or his agent David Lee.
Trevor was gone the instant that the Lakers found out Artest was willing to sign for the MLE.
All of the stuff about his agent asking too much is just PR smoke to protect the Lakers image.
This was simply a business decision to get a long coveted defensive stopper in Artest.
The Lakers chose Artest over Ariza and last year’s championship validated their decision.

Once they leave, they all seem to have regrets as the Lakers continue to compete and dominate. There's a long list of grass is always greener and I think Shaq would be at the top.


Just read on Espn Sports Kobe met Raja Bell for breakfast at the Bilagio.

Bell wanted a week to give an answer and Kobe called him an indecisive wimp, or something of the sort, and they and ended up in a fight, tables over turned and everything. Evidently Bell had an old rope cloths line with him and tried to choke Kobe but Kobe deftly stepped aside and dunked a plate of meatballs in marinara sauce on his head.
After the tussle it was reported Bell said he will join the Lakers if they make him an offer he can't refuse.
Kobe is meeting with Bilagio henchman Antonio Scarpetti to make sure Bell does indeed get an offer he can't refuse.

Bottom line, Ariza's agent said $10 million a year or else & Mitch called Artest and said how bout that MLE???

Done deal.

Greedy agent screwed Ariza or Ariza screwed himself.

MM --

My understanding is that the Lakers will be holding their Steve Blake introducing news conference TODAY is this correct?

Do you know what TIME that conference will be held, and whether it will be available for viewing on TV and/or the Internet?

Please advise. Thank you very much.

P & G R

LakerTom has it right, the Lakers had been wanting to get Artest for quite some time. After Carmello dominated Ariza and had to have Kobe waste his energy on him the Lakers wanted Artest for that very reason. Artest was brought in for Anthony, Pierce, and Lebronz. I said from day 1 that is was the right choice and I NEVER thought otherwise. As billy in slo said: Next year it will pay off even more now that Artest has finally gotten the triangle down.

LakerTom, Ariza's agent David Lee is also the same agent that heads up Andrew Bynum. If you're familiar with how the negotiations for Bynum's extension went then you know the 8-9 mil that Lee wanted for Ariza wasn't smoke. Lee demanded max dollars for Bynum and trashed the Lakers when the Lakers weren't willing to give in. The Lakers offered $11 mil a year in counter. Eventually Bynum told Lee to get a damn deal done and we saw what Bynum got. A little more then the $11 mil the Lakers were offering but several mil below what max would have been.

He did the same with Ariza. Demanded more then his value, trashed the organization again in the media and the Lakers said "screw this, not doing it again" and got Artest when he was willing to take the MLE. Lakers offered Ariza the mid level first. All he had to do was take it. But yeah man... go back.. check the news from the old Bynum negotiations and you'll see what I mean.

I think the Lakers were contemplating Artest over Ariza but when Ariza's agent made the ridiculous demand, then went on to the press ripping the Lakers, "that he wouldn't EVEN return Mitch's calls!"

It made the decision much easier to make.

Its irony that Ariza's agent screwed him royally yet he still gets paid regardless where Ariza plays. Ariza ought to fire his agent who obviously did not have Atiza's best interests when he negotiated with the Lakers by over-estimated his client's value.

How about the Lakers sign T-mac and trade him and Sasha to the rockets for Ariza. Salaries would match up pretty close, T-Mac knows the Rockets and they would have a year to try out Sasha with an expiring contract.

How could Trevor NOT regret leaving LA? Seriously.

One thing that's obvious is that Mitch has a better grasp on market value of players and is very hesitant to go over it.... compare that to say 5 years ago when he was over paying for guys like Cook or Walton (or perhaps even Sasha??)

Ariza was worth the MLE and nothing more. Why? Teams didn't have any more than that and the few that did have more (Portland, Toronto, etc) were after bigger names.

Right now, many teams don't have much more than BAE or vet minimum and you wonder why Fisher is really only worth like $2million??

A guy can choose to look at salaries of other players signed in other years and complain, or they can look at what teams have to offer in a given year and compare that. Shannon Brown was not going to get more than his opt out, and yet he did it anyway. Fisher was not going to get 5 million a year because no one is stupid enough to give him full MLE money when he has no upside and is literally one of the worst starting PGs in the game...

These agents and players just always go for the throat. They better start getting used to aiming their sites a little easier.

Ariza's agent is an idiot.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



There's gotta be better talkin points than this.. How bout more info on summer league action or free agent news or castin ur vote on tmac?

And I demand a recount on the votes for tmac.. Don't recognize half the names on that list.. Somebody stuffing the ballots or we got a hanging chad problem in our hands.. LoL.

Pls investigate.

Mitch misses Ariza so much, he drafted Ebanks...

That is the closest we get Ariza back this year...Ebanks his body double...

We have 2 today...

Mr.Derek Fisher...
True professional always...
The heart of a team...


He's Kid Bynumite...
With fresh legs the beast will come...
All hail 3 dead kings...

Tim-4-Show -

I totally agree that Mitch has come to understand the market much better. I still think he has a tendency to overpay his own guys a little bit (see: Cook, Walton, Sasha, now Fisher) but most GMs do that, and he hasn't CRIMINALLY overpaid anyone like the Hawks just did with JJ. In a league where Amir Johnson can get 5/$34 mil, Channing Frye 5/$30 mil and Hedo Turkoglu gets 5 years/$50 mil, Mitch (and Jerry Buss!) have managed to resist the urge to spend like drunken idiots.

Although he was the starter on the Champs, Ariza wanted more money and more freedom to be himself on offense.

He had regrets that Kobe, Gasol, and Bynum were getting more attention in the offense.

I thought Shannon Brown had the right idea the year before. Sign for less, sign for only two years as you showcase your talents on a Champion team, and then try to get the big package.

And yeah Jon K, Ariza's agent was one lousy agent.

Larry, thank you for making me the "No to T-Mac Bandwagon" driver! I'll drive that bandwagon, wash it, change its oil every 3,000 miles, rotate the tires, buff the leather seats, keep it air conditioned and generally keep it in pristine condition for all who would like to join!

MM --

Please provide information on the STEVE BLAKE welcoming NEWS CONFERENCE scheduled for today.

Thank You!

P & G R

As much as we love our Ron Ron now, I think most Laker fans still love and miss least I do anyway. He was instrumental in our 2009 championship run much like his predesessor was in 2010. If it were possible, I know we'd all like to see him back in a Lakers uni any day. We all understand that his situation was all his agent's doing and we can't blame Mitch for going for such a deal with Ron Ron. Wish him all the best in Houston but I'd love it if he were ever a Laker again.


SO no doubts Ron is the man ..

Fish's agent wanted $5 million a year. Was Fish's agent being greedy? Of course not. Any negotiation process starts with a high or low figure. That's the agent's job for crying out loud. If Chris Paul was somehow available for $3.5 million, the Lakers would have jumped at the chance and signed Paul immediately, and would've had to say goodbye to Fish. The front office would have than made a public announcement stating that Fish's agent was asking for too much money, while Paul was available for less. This is nothing but good PR and good business.

The same thing happened with Ariza. Even if his agent had asked for the mid-level from the get go, the Lakers knew they wanted Artest over Ariza. It was no coincidence that the front office called Artest at 12:01 AM of free agency. It was no coincidence that Ariza was never given an official offer.

The Lakers made a smart basketball decision, and Ariza was unfortunately a casualty of the business.

David Lee the agent though didn't help things with those:

"If you cut Trevor he cuts Purple and Gold"

"There will be no hometown discount here (for Trevor)"

Using the media to gain leverage was where David Lee screwed up. The Lakers did not want to go through that again after the Bynum extension. When they found that Artest was willing to sign for the mid-level they jumped on it rather than trying to deal with Trevor's agent.

David Lee wasn't greedy. He was just an idiot in trying to use the media to get his money. The Lakers weren't having none of that.

Actually the more interesting point in all this was Lamar's contract and its role in all this. Everyone talks about Ron Ron vs. Ariza but in my mind I wonder if not more attention should have been made to actually keeping both of them and passing on Odom. Yes Odom's size makes him more attractive but really when you see what he gives the team in terms of consistency and the fact that he costs several million dollars more. Well. I like the idea of having both Ariza and Artest a lot better. You also could play Kobe, Artest, Ariza, Pau, and Bynum together much easier than trying to go big with Odom on the court. This line up would be deadly against those teams relying on quicker guards for the majority of their offense too with three great perimeter defenders at once. I am thrilled Lakers won last year. But boy Odom was severely disappointing.

I certainly hope everyone understood that my post on the last thread regarding "Justa's Decision" was a crack at the whole princess fiasco and NOT a tirade against Mamba 24 for "forcing" me to decide for or against TMac!

How about the Lakers sign T-mac and trade him and Sasha to the rockets for Ariza. Salaries would match up pretty close, T-Mac knows the Rockets and they would have a year to try out Sasha with an expiring contract.

Art - FL Laker Fan: i like your style sir!! you got the right idea!!! i agree!!!! so dose mamba24!!!! so dose 2phatt!! lol


LAKERS MGMT and Kobe have been secretly wanting to bring Ron to LA before Ariza came to be Lakers...

Odom is always a disappointment. (or close to always)

It's too bad that every other team in the L won't trade for the guy, otherwise right now would be a GREAT time to move him

Don't get me wrong, I like him and appreciate the versatility he brings on the court... but he hurts the versatility off the court with his high salary and no shows

Art and LAL818 -

If my understanding is correct, you cannot sign and trade a player who was not already on your team. I believe there is a window of several months before you're allowed to trade a player whom you have signed as a free agent. The Lakers could sign and trade Shannon, for example, but could not sign and trade T-Mac. At least that's my limited knowledge of how it works.

GOING INTO NEXT SEASON, LAKERS are going to be formidable with the addition of Blake, Raja Bell and two new rookies and maybe Shaq as a back up center.

This would be a great opportunity for Shaq to make amends with Kobe and Dr. Buss and come join the team and earn his 5th title

Ugh. Damn double post! Sorry y'all.

Your kidding right? Houston wouldn't take T-Mac for free!


He's a loser and a cancer just like A.I.!

Like everyone, I was very upset we lost Ariza and gained Artest last summer...

But as we saw, the one off season move Mitch did, could be said won Game 7 for the Lakers...

So in Mitch I defer...

As far as TMac or Bell...don't like either...

But I will join the TMac band wagon for these reasons...

1. Looks like a party bus...
2. I can't forgive Bell for the clothesline on Kobe...
3. "Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun." OPPS...That's a Big Mac, not...oh nevermind...
4. justa no matter what, it will be fun...

Artest is better than Ariza, but imagine if we had Blake, Lamar, and Ariza coming off the bench.

We REALLY need that one more player to come off the bench. He's out there.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Thanks for clarifying. Looks that that kinda deal couldn't be done until during the season then, oh well.
Still sounds good if the Rockets would go for it.

- The Spurs are after Raja, and can offer him double what the Lakers can offer. Kobe is the best closer in the game, and needs to close out this deal when he meets Raja today.

- Say no to TMac. Say yes to Raja.

Without Odom last year even if you put Ron at PF you lose out on the rebounding aspect especially.

Honestly with the way Bynum was playing and the fact he couldn't even play extended minutes in the finals who was going to be our other rebounder? Gasol? You need more than one because while KB is a great for a guard in terms of rebounding he isn't the one you would expect at least 8 rebounds per game.

Ron isn't a natural rebounder either. Neither was Ariza. And Ron has a height disadvantage against power forwards.

Odom is disappointing at times but to say rather have Ariza over Odom (when you have Ron at SF) says you would rather have flash than wins. If we had Ariza instead of Odom with Ron the Lakers wouldn't even have had the best record in the West (we could have had like 4th) because both Gasol and Bynum missed time due to injuries. And you guys are saying that it could easily be replaced by Ron at PF?

Quite Faulty logic there.

@LAKER TRUTH??? ummm i dont think so... i dont think your speaking the truth at all, let alone speak for the LAkers...

NO RAJA! SIGN TMAC ALREADDDDDDDDY!!! so that me and the Tmac SUVs can plow into justas, and laker truth house lol

RAJON BALLZ is a trader, he will probably go to the heat cuz he thinks his gonna win a championship!!! lmao his a trader he rather pplay for princess jimmy than KOBE!? and when they interviewd michale jordan he said Kobe is the best player! doen deal!

let him go to Heat!!! because Tmac will turn them into MEAT!!

GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!

David Lee strikes again!

Was sorry to see Trevor go but Ebanks looks like an Ariza clone!

Hedo Turkoglu gets 5 years/$50 mil?




My take? yes to Bell and Tmac, we're talking the rest of the MLE for Bell, and Tmac for the vet minimum...what risk is there in signing him for the minimum? if he doesn't pan out, you cut him, but my personal feeling is he will,and give the lakers a much needed consistent scoring punch off the bench...

that's a 13 man roster you can go to war with, don't you think?


"Odom is always a disappointment. (or close to always)"

I disagree. The truth is, whenever Lamar Odom plays well, we win.

It's just too bad that Lamar has been unable to play well 85%, it's more like 60% of the time.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


By the way, year 2 in the triangle for Artest means he will be much more comfortable and likely much improved.

@ART… “Just read on Espn Sports Kobe met Raja Bell for breakfast at the Bilagio.” LOL. We’re all so desperate for news on Raja that I fell for this hook, line, and sinker before getting it was a joke. Pretty damn funny, Art. I especially loved the bit about Raja bringing clothesline to the breakfast. Let’s hope the real meeting rocks.
@LAKER TRUTH…@NBA4EVER…Glad to see we agree about the Ariza for Artest “trade.” It’s ironic how many Lakers fans have bought the Lakers spin on the entire situation. Word is this was a Jim Buss move.
@BRIANAU… The reason the Lakers did not consider keeping Ariza and letting Odom go is that Odom plays power forward and with Drew and Pau enables the Lakers to cover all 48 minutes per game at center and power forward with starting quality players. That is why you never saw Mbenga or Powell in the game other than in garbage time. These three bigs are the reason everybody talks about the Lakers “length and strength” edge. Ariza would have just been an overpaid bench player who was not worth the $10M in salary and taxes we would have had to pay. The right move was to sign Artest and Odom and let Ariza walk, as good a player as he is. ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tim-4-Show -

I respectfully disagree with you about Odom. He was not overpaid at all. In fact, I think the deal he signed (what was it, 4 years $33 million?), is unbelievably reasonable when you look at what else is/was being handed out. In a league where everyone is obsessed with how many points per game a guy scores, the things Odom does go totally unappreciated. By all advanced measures (Win Share, PER, Adjusted +/-), Lamar was a highly productive player, and was seen as anywhere from an above-average player to one of the best and most unappreciated guys in the league. Not to mention the fact he is great insurance in case Drew goes down and is a highly underrated defender.

I don't disagree that Odom can be maddeningly inconsistent. I wish he would develop a consistent outside shot, work on his right hand, and reduce his tendency to commit charges, for instance. However, even with his faults he is a highly productive player whose length, defense, rebounding and passing make the Lakers special.


Kupchak has come a long way.. Turn back the clock and he used to love and fill the roster with nothing but nonathletic stiffs. (drafting rush luke cook sasha and sun yue, I think madsen was his pick too) extending deveans contract, trading for mihm, trading caron for kwame etc...

The turning point was definitely kobes infamous parking lot incident.. That flipped his switch and his whole philosophy has changed... Since then some of his more emorable moves have been: Trading ariza for cook/evans, drafting marc gasol and trading for pau of course, signing ron, and now drafting caracter and ebanks..

He really does get it now.. As kobe once said he went from FAIL to A+...

Trevor is long gone....hope nothing but the best for he and his family.....

Just read that TMAC is considering signing a vet min deal with the Heat….IMO the Lakers would be crazy not to at least contact him about that possibility ….especially when he made it clear that he wanted to play w/ KOBE/RON RON

lewstrs - I'm on the NO to TMac bandwagon. So jump ship & join the COOL CRUE!!

LAL - now my house is in jeopardy? It's not enough you're taking my sanity??


Mamba24!!!!!! SAY NO TO TMAC!!!! You know you want to join the COOL CRUE!!!

Tim Show,

I have been one of Lamar's biggest critics over the years, but since Gasol joined the team, Lamar has become a different player. In Gasol's first year, Lamar was a double double machine, and was a major factor in the team's road to the finals. In Gasol's second year, Lamar was even better, and his reputation for being inconsistent was fading away fast. Lamar was actually the most consistent Laker, after Kobe and Gasol, in those two years. Last season, Lamar went back to his inconsistent self, but I attribute that to his shoulder injury (that might need surgery). His ineffective play this past season has made fans forget just how consistent he was in the prior two seasons. It's going to be difficult for Lamar to shed that inconsistent label, but if a healthy Lamar can play well next season, he will have played well for 3 out of 4 years. That's pretty consistent in my book.

enjoy the game,

Isn't Tmac one back spasm away from retiring?

@enjoy the game -first off, where did you read that TMac wants to go to the heat???? i dont want him to go there! if he goes there we are dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomed!!!! you think RAJA is gonna stop TMAC???? i dont think so!! see if we loose TMAC to the HEAT iM GONNA BE PISSEDDDDDDDD!!

@justa - stop trying to convince other what wagon they should hop on lol i think its clear that me and mamba24 are the strongest advocates for TMAC and i think you have no chance of convincing him unless you take him out lol which wont happen cuz well double team you!!! so sign TMAC already GOSH DARNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!! you know what i mean lol



Good Morning Charles...Good Morning Everybody...

first of all Captain Obvious says Ariza misses being on the Lakers...what a surprise that was Sgt. Carter...

Though it does intrigue me some (and indeed I would be hopeful if it happened), I am not entirely convinced about Tracy McGrady, so I vote NO on McGrady, mostly due to chemistry questions and he seems to be lazy (especially his eyes, being the winner of the Eric "Sleepy" Floyd look alike contest), Tracy also seems to be a loser as well as a curse, similar to Chris Webber...if the Lakers did get McGrady would we make it out of the first round?

I do hope we aquire Bell, but I am also hoping for Brown to somehow be signed as well as Mbenga and the two draft picks
( both of whom I am very enthused about, as it were...)---that would be my final five to be added to the roster (barring some miracle signing)---if not Mbenga, I would also welcome Kurt Thomas as a back up center...

I do hope this all gets sorted out sooner than later---in Mitch I trust, seemingly...I think Mitch may have something up his sleeve that will blow us away, and all our postulating will be in vain (as opposed to in vien or vane)...

as someone wisely said, the Lakers build teams, and Mitch is still building this Dynasty, believe it...

"when the sun shines, they slip into the shade, and sip their lemonaide, when the sun shines..."

"actually I'm a gynocologyst and this is my lunch hour..."



Anyway we can do a partial trade? Keep Odom and trade all of the Kardashian Klan somewhere in Europe in return for some dark warm beer.

Cölöradö löves öür Wörld Champiön Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I said it b/f and I'll say it 100 more times until the Lakers miss out on him for the vet min.....The worst case senerio for TMAC w/ the Lakers (he gets hurt blah blah blah) CAN BE NO WORSE than paying Morrison 5 mill + to do nothing last season.....TMAC's potential alone is worth taking a risk at the vet goodness they pay DJ and Powell almost 2 mill just to be practice bodies and cheerleaders......He wants to come to LA ...he has made that very clear on his twitter....Kobe would simply need to make 2 calls....1 to MAC and 1 to MITCH....Guys..... I have to give the Heat credit....Wade/Mike Miller/LBJ/Bosh/Big Z/ Jwn Howard/ Tmac /Haslem= A young core with interchangeable veteran parts.......I live in reality......DJ, Powell, Shannon, Morrison seem to be great guys but as Kobe once said "you can't bring butter knives to a gun fight".......TMAC for the vet min is a no brainer!! Good job by the heat

Cons for signing Tmac... injury prone, has never won as the main guy, chemistry issues(this is the one that confuses me because none of his teammates has ever called the guy selfish or anything)

Pros for signing Tmac, solves our bench scoring issues, and with is triple threat game in spurts, an ideal fit for the triangle offense(anyone notice how well he fit in with the rockets when healthy??) underrated defender who would be flanked with great defensive help, comes cheap, is vying to sign for the minimum, and doesn't force the team to rely on Sasha regaining his lost for 2 years stroke to provide consistent bench production...

Bring TMac off the Bench
Let him play forward/guard. Forward on the bench, guarding the water or haterade. Serious, bring in TMac and cut Walton. Give TMac Walton's salary. It's a done deal. If Kuchuch cant pull that deal, let him resign and hire me to get the job done.

Hugo -

What's with the sudden umlaut obsession? lol

Shaun Livingston gone for 3 mill per deal
Sheldon Williams gone for vet min
Kurt Thomas - Kobe working on it as we speak
Shannon Brown - great athlete but not worth 4 mill per to Lakers

I don't know anyone on the market right now who will accept the vet min who is a better risk reward than TMAC

@ puddle - if the lakers do anything they wont sign and Trade Tmac... theyll sign him for Vets min for a year and see where that goes and if he dose good theyll bring him back again...

well they can do that with shannon because his an unrestricted free agent so we have a say on where he goes or not!

Have to be diffrent, kind of like öür Wörld Champiön Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mitch Kupchak's rise to fame:

1. Pau Gasol - The deal that tilted the league...It has produced 3 straight Finals appearances...2 Rings...and sent the league into a race to match up with the Purple Reign...The Princess bolts to Miami...The FA Sweeps...and there is more to come...
2. Adam Morrison and Shannon Brown - Getting rid of Vlad and his contract was the reason for this...AMMO even though he didn't suit up for the finals, and was the butt of Jimmy Kimmel's joke, he was a great team mate, and I'm sure contributed in practice, and he got 2 rings out of it, his expiring contract was huge this summer...Shannon was a bonus surprise...Gave the fans some great highlight moments, we will see if he is resigned...
3. Ron Artest - The signing sent Laker Nation into confused emotions...Mitch looks like he had a crystal ball, for the Artest moved proved critical in the playoffs, especially game 7 of the Finals...
4. Lamar Odom - He resigned Lamar as insurance for Bynum and his history of injuries...Lamar is part of this core unit...Mitch saw it as a necessity...
5. Kobe Bryant - He resigned for 3 more years...He now has his core unit of Bryant, Artest, Bynum, Pau, and LO...
6. Phil Jackson - The Zen Master will be back for 1 more year...Cmon everyone...there was no way we could defend our championship without PJ...Scott, Shaw, serious...
7. Devin Ebanks and Derrick Caracter - It is getting more evident every day of the Summer League, that Mitch found 2 steals in the draft...What a great luxury of having talent like this to help his strapped budget in trying to fill a roster this year...
8. Steve Blake - I have a good feeling about this...everything about this move looks great...
9. Derek Fisher - Kobe needs his seafood...and Mitch need to discuss The Bulldog's worth...Fish is now locked in with the core unit...

Still some work to do Mitch...But great job so far this summer...A couple more moves and our roster will be set...You have made the Lakers the team to beat...Let's give PJ a nice going away present with one of the best Lakers seasons in history...

Dang can we bring TMac to L.A already!! Blaker, LO, and TMac, wow now that looks like a great bench to me. Who in Miami would guard TMac? The answere is no one!! He would destroy the Heats bench and Miami would not have an answere for him. 3PEAT!!! CAN YOU DIG IT!!!!

Lewstrs sneaking off the 'TMac Bus' and boards 'The No to TMac Bus 'with

@ Floyd - apperantly you didnt get the memo about team chemistry that i posted the other day about Tmac...

fisr off his best friends with RON RON and is highly respectin KOBE and they are good friends... in every game he dose nothing but cheer his crowd on just like POWELL did every single game.. got up and cheered the team... so i dont think any bad chemistry...

yes he has a lazy eye you bafffoon!!! but that sad part is that he can play better than most NBA players that have normal 2 eyes lol so check and mate on that...

@whodattalking - CUT, PRINT, AND PASTE MY FRIEND, YOU ARE CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!

Art and LAL818 -

If my understanding is correct, you cannot sign and trade a player who was not already on your team. I believe there is a window of several months before you're allowed to trade a player whom you have signed as a free agent. The Lakers could sign and trade Shannon, for example, but could not sign and trade T-Mac. At least that's my limited knowledge of how it works.

Posted by: puddle | July 14, 2010 at 11:21 AM


If you sign T-Mac, the earliest you could trade him would be Dec 15th. (3 months or Dec 15th, whichever is later).


There's actually less risk than Morrison on the team at 5 mill.

Something around 3.5 million bucks less risk

Mitch's bonehead moves

1. Luke Walton bad contract
2. Sash V. bad contract
3. Smush Parker wore a Lakers jersey
4. Vlad Rad's bad contract

*** Good definitely out weighs the bad...but Pat R. is giving him a run for his money for best GM/President in the game...LOL

@ "I Bleed Purple and Gold" - man your so right!!!! see how come other people dont see what we see in TMAC are they just haterssss???

LEWSTERSSSSSSSSS CMONNNNNNN MAN why you gotta be like that!!

YOU CANT TRADEE!!!! our SUVS are still rolling?? can you bring it back on this BLOG one more time... cmon LEWSTERS dont be hater... lets bring the SUV's back


wheres Mamba24? i need some backup!!!

The Lakers have been dragging their feet on TMAC for over a month now.....the best case senario for the Lakers with MAC- he would be a guy to provide quality mins for the 1st unit as Rons Backup .....the second unit would possibly include: Blake/LO/Raja/TMAC/ Kurt Thomas/ Sasha/ Ebanks/ Character....The best Laker bench in post Shaq era

Look, you HAVE TO put someone on the team.

Cheaper = good

Upside = good

Experience = good

Tmac? check, check, check

This crap about locker room cancer is BS. His team went on a 22 game win streak. He was no cancer then. This thing about a curse is also BS. How about the curse of Gasol not getting past the first round? Or, how about Raja Bell never going to the finals?? Or how about Luke Walton never winning a title?? You can invent stupid superstitions all day long and they still won't have any merit. I threw Raja in there just to show... he's never been there, does that mean it's a curse?

Injury prone? Yes, absolutely. One would hope his rehab has helped him patch whatever issues he had. Grant Hill was also injury prone - he seems to have gotten over that bug as he's gotten OLDER.

Worse case scenario - he gets hurt or sucks or disrupts the team and he's excused. Yeah, you're out the vet minimum... but these things could happen to many players also being signed for this cheap. Upside is there.

Would you rather him help fill out the roster in Miami? And what if he is better next season and Miami is that much stronger??

You still in favor of being negligent here? Go visit the guy or fly him in for a workout and sign him if he looks half way decent.

The thing I respect aobut the heat is they aren't dragging their feet on deals and offers.....It took the Lakers 2 wks too long to sign fisher to a 3.5 mil per deal. Raja, Tmac, and kurt thomas would be the nail in the coffin for rest of the lead b/c with them on the lakers second unit ....Kobe and Pau could avg. 35-37mins a night instead of 40-44 min (especially come playoff time)

And thanks for the comments about Lamar.

He's a frustrating enigma. I love his versatility on the court, but I just wish there was a way to trade up.... oh well, guess I have to settle, not that it's a terrible thing

LAL818 I dont know broda, I guess they are haters. I mean lets be serious here. Blaker, LO, and TMac. Now how the heck is the Heat bench gona stop dat?? That is an A$$ whooping there!! TMac can single handedly destroy the Heats bench! If our starters and the Heats starters cancel each other out, our bench would give is the Win, but for that we need TMac. He is the X-factor because like i said NO ONE, NO ONE in the Heats bench would be able to stop TMac!

yellofever - how is this not newsworthy? it hasn't been explicitly suggested before from anyone close to trevor that he had regretted his decision. i went out there with the understanding he'd be there so certainly he would've provided insight and perspective after being a season removed from the team.


Tim4,LAL818, big props for seeing the big picture and looking past biasas. I remember last year not too many people were all that excited about Ron, an awful lot of mixed emotions/"we will mis Trever mark my words" comments. Folks act like this is AI. No this guy has never trainwrecked a team. He carried Orlando when Grant Hill couldn't stay healthy, then took a slew of unfortunate injuries in houston, where he was highly productive, a great team player, and improved his defense. He's not signing a big money conract, the freakin vet minimum! We've had to rely on JF and SB as instant offense the last 2 years, how can signing Tmac for the minimum be a bad thing? A lot of people tried to paint Ron as a cancer, turned out to be further from the truth. The guy is ASKING to play for the minimum, I mean come on, you're not going to get a much better deal or production from anyone else for that price. Lakers are building, and he's a nice spare part to have tot he sum of the whole equation off the bench.


You are right on it bro.......The worse case scenario will be what happened with Isaiah Rider.....however....I think TMAC is going to be a steal for whoever gets him for the vet min.....The Lakers have the best leadership in the NBA ....TMAC is not going to disrupt their chemistry!! The guy could be a major contributor off the bench ....he has that kind of potential.....The Lakers are not asking him to carry them and lets be honest guys...for last three seasons the Laker bench has been Indiana Pacer like....LO has versility but is not consistent enough to make 9 mill....and we are questioning giving a guy 1.4 mill b/c he may not be able to contribute what Morrison did last season.....LOL....Great Job by the heat if they make this happen

@ enjoy the game - yes yes yes and some more YESSSSSS!!!

@ raiderlaker1980 - big props to you big bro for seeing it like it iss... i mean TMAC by himself can take on the HEAT bench no doubt in my mind about that. he can come off the bench and score at will, he dosnt mind getting the VET min and he wants KOBE to lead the team, if MITCh and KOBE cannot see this, then they are blind, if HEAT do get TMAC than 2011 chapmionship will go to them, which makes me cry when i type that.. i mean there is only handfull of people who agree with me and they are right to do so because like raiderlaker said, look at the big picture,

everyone says tmacs injury prone, i just read an article about bell just now that said he only played few game due to injure with bobcast and you rather have him than tmac?? tsk tsk tsk...

so raiderlaker i feel you man, no one knows what we know and thats just sad because this is baskbetball fundimentals that everyone should know...

also stop sayin tmac is bad chemistry... has any of his teammates complain about him??? no!!! whos there on the bench cheering his team!!!?? TMAC!!!!!!!! whos dostn mind to give up the leader role??? tmac!!! whos willing to take the VETS min???!!! TMAC!!! so i dunnp people but if we get BELL thats gonna be sad, and whats gonna be even worse is if HEAT SIGN TMAC!!!!!!!

If you don't think the agent is to blame for this one, you're crazy. The Lakers put a great offer on the table (essentially the offer Trevor took from Houston) and his agent went off on the media. Complaining about the Lakers disrespect to Trevor with their offer.

OF COURSE this was the agents fault. Either that or it's Trevors if he told his agent to pull that ploy. Total backfire on Trevor. He had a great contract offer, from the defending champs, in his home town. He'll regret not signing that contract for the rest of his life.

LEWSTRS- Hold up, The T-Mac bus is full of WINNERS. Look man you're OLD SCHOOL, you know for a fact that offence sale tickets defense win rings. T-Mac would bring smile to everyone's face, even the HATERS in the family. You gotta hang tight, DON'T be swayed by JUSTA SMILE, wide

In a perfect situation for Ariza, he would be making big bucks as a Laker, but I'm sure that he isn't exactly depressed in Houston with his $33 million contract.

As a young player, he got a pretty huge contract which is very fortunate, and his experience as a Laker definitely helped raise his value. I love the LA stud athletes (Trevor Ariza, Dorell Wright, Desean Jackson) and although it was sad to see my second favorite Laker leave, but I'm happy that he got his money. Lakers couldn't afford him. It's business.

On the flip side of this article, at least he won a championship with the Lakers before leaving.

I hope he comes back to LA though. He's an awesome defender and a good role player.

What's the worst that can happen if the Lakers sign TMac?

By all accounts, the Lakers want to add two veteran players to the roster (assuming Character and Ebanks make the team), consisting of one big man and one perimeter player. If TMac is signed, he will basically be replacing Shannon Brown's minutes. Although Shannon was inconsistent last season, he averaged 20 minutes a game backing up Kobe. Even with Shannon's 20 minutes a game, Kobe still averaged 40 minutes. If TMac is signed and gets hurt again (very very likely), those minutes will have to be re-distributed to Kobe and the rest of the guards. The Lakers are risking MORE than just the vet minimum. They are risking the team's ability to keep Kobe fresh for the playoffs. They rish losing a crucial backup guard who can contribute 20 minutes a game. The Lakers need a more reliable backup for Kobe, not someone who will be lucky to be healthy enough just to play 30 games.

And comparing TMac's injuries to Raja's is not a fair comparison. Raja had a fluke injury to his non-shooting hand. TMac's had chronic knee issues for years, and has had multiple surgeries.

If the Lakers can sign a reliable backup first (i.e. Raja, Barnes, etc.), than I am all for taking a gamble on TMac, but if TMac is the only perimeter player the Lakers plan on signing, that is not a gamble worth taking.

I Like Ron artest and Trevor Ariza, but one thing I still cant get over is how much ariza helped slow Lebron down, Ron is as strong if not stronger than lebron but you can't slow lebron by putting a body on him, same reason why Lamar cant guard lebron, but I don't think its a secret that the lakers and heat will meet in the finals this year, and I still feel that the only way to slow lebron down is to counter his strength with length and quickness, something that we don't have with our current small forwards, we will miss Trevor.

I also think that the Artest-for-Ariza swap was intentional on the Lakers part. Trevor got abused by Melo last year, and since it appeared that Denver was going to be our biggest threat for the next few years, plus the fact that in the Finals we were likely going to be facing LeBron or Pierce, and as Artest has historically defended all three of those guys as well as anyone ever has, it made perfect sense at the time, and still does now. I loved Trevor, but dude's game has some serious flaws that make him not worth the $$ that his agent was demanding. Namely, he can't create his own shot, or create a shot for someone else, his handle is shaky, and he's a better team defender (i.e. passing lanes) than a one-on-one defender. In a few years we may wish we had Trevor, but for right now, I'm more than happy with Crazy RonRon. Besides, if we had Trevor this year, I think we would have had a difficult time getting out of the first round. I don't think Trevor would have held Durant to 30% shooting and gotten into his head as much as Ron did.

Yah your right Brian, in a perfect world we'd have both of them..

Laker Tom,

Your generally right about the Artest-Ariza quasi trade, but you need to add one factor to the mix. Kupchak KNEW he had Artest at the MLE but only had the hope that he would be able to get Ariza to sign for similar numbers. Given that situation, the decision to get the bird in hand makes sense and was certainly validated last month with the title. I still miss Trevor, but I do love Ron Ron and all's well that ends better.

Bad news people. Raja Bell, as reported on ESPN, will be joining the Jazz. 3 year, 10 million deal.

This is a very good lineup!!!


Why waste time on the fish that got away. Mitch just lost another, Bell signed with Utah. You want T-mac signing with Heat for the min? BS about chemistry? Remember the trouble breaking the OKC zone? T-Mac would be a dependable bench scorer with experience and length and would spread the court for Gasol/Bynum and allow Ebanks to be effective @ SF while substituting for Kobe! The arguments against T-Mac are shoot from the hip and ones the Heat & Celtics would plant while they tried to get him. Mitch has been outflanked by the Heat, Jazz, Celtics & Mavs. They have been far more efficient at plugging holes. Too much pondering results in Walton, Sasha, Morrison & Smush deals. T-Mac, Shaq & Kurt Thomas remain on a fast dwindling list, other talk is academic! Artest could have been had before he signed with Sacramento but was lost through bogus chemistry doubts!

Anyone ever watch the Rockets play the Thunder? Does Ariza defend Westbrook? We sure don't have an answer for Westbrook, and Kobe can only do that duty 15-20 min per game

Trevor was gone the minute his agent made threats to talk to Cleveland. And the previous comments about Bynum's negotiation were spot on. The Lakers had enough of David Lee. I miss Trevor as well but Artest is the only guy in the league who can single cover Paul Pierce, and LeBron James. Trevor could never do that. I think Trev would have been fine through the first three rounds of the playoffs but Ron was really critical against Boston. He would have been more critical if Lebron had shown up and will be more valuable when he meets the Finals.

T Mac is not coming. Not unless he pays us. Im hoping we can upgrade from Shannon Brown can happen. Would not be surprised to see some kind of a sign and trade that involves Chicago and Brad Miller. I think the next name we hear is Matt Barnes.

To everyone who says the Lakers forced Ariza out and its not Ariza's fault, please do some research and check out the time line and chronology of events.

There was weeks of posturing by Ariza's agent for more money and the Lakers had refused. It was an impasse. In that situation if it was YOUR money - and Ron Artest(a defensive player of the year) lands in your lap for exact same money, wouldnt YOU pull the trigger. Ariza's fault in this was this - he had to be smarter in finding out his value on the open market. It was his agents job to sell Ariza on "I can get you more money" but it was on Ariza to figure out fact from fiction before the situation got out of hand. Ariza should have stepped in when he saw negotiations with the lakers were at an impasse, found out if the Lakers offer was fair and gone from there. He did not do that and ended up paying the price(in championship rings terms).

When making ANY business deal - the most important thing is "Value for Money" - am I getting a good product for the amount Im paying. Something cheaper may not neccessarily be so in the long run and something more expensive may be over paying for what you need. I see the Lakers organisation following this concept/principle - spending where neccessary but not going overboard, with great success.

Ariza's was worth 33 million that Houston paid him and Lakers were willing to pay him. But a better Value for Money deal came along because Ariza left the door open. You cant blame the lakers for walking through that door.

To be honest, Ariza will ultimately regret his decision because his overall NBA resume will suffer after leaving the Lakers to join the Rockets for about 2 million dollars per yer. I never blame a grown man for making a smart "financial" decision but had he taken a one year deal and won a 2nd ring this would not be an issue and he would still have been a free agent this year where more money is being offered due to the lockout (thus he could have been paid even more money after winning another ring). 2 rings is what separates the fortunate champion from the real one.

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