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Steve Blake reaches four-year deal to join Lakers

In case Derek Fisher doesn’t come back, the Lakers have some insurance.

The Lakers agreed to terms on a four-year, $16 million deal with veteran point guard Steve Blake on Friday, giving them a pass-first player with a decent three-point touch.

Blake made $4.25 million last season with the Clippers and Portland.

Blake, 30, averaged 6.8 points and 6.1 assists in 29 games with the Clippers while shooting a commendable 43.7% from three-point range.

In his seven-year career, Blake has averaged 7.5 points and 4.3 assists with Washington, Portland, Denver, Milwaukee and the Clippers.

Earlier Friday, a source close to Fisher said the 35-year-old veteran wanted at least a two-year deal worth at least $10 million. Fisher made $5 million last season and was an integral part of the Lakers’ championship run.

Blake cannot officially sign with the Lakers until the free-agent moratorium ends July 8.

-Mike Bresnahan

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Great job in the news. Much more quicker than that caption yesterday of Artest and Pierce :P

Excellent news. Blake is the best unrestricted free agent PG, and the Lakers got him without even spending the full MLE.

Thank you Mitch. Blake is perfect for the triangle (Kobe/Pau/Blake).

Your move Fish and Shannon or else both of you will be gone. Lakers can go to the 2nd tier Watson and JCritt,

I'd be bummed if Fish screws up his Laker legacy by holding out for an unrealistic contract like 2 years/10 mil... and ends up elsewhere...

Nice one Mitch! our first 5 of the future is now safe and secured


So one of the new hyped stories is Wade and LeBron to Chicago.

They want to play together, but apparently LeBron doesn't want to join Wade's team by going to Miami. By both of them leaving their own teams and going to Chicago, it's not LeBron's team or Wade's team from the start.

Might actually work too. They couldn't get Bosh into the deal, but with Rose & Noah, plus Taj Gibson at PF, they'd have a nice starting core. I think they'd have to dump off Luol Deng's contract to clear enough space to make it happen.

If I'm the Clippers, I call Chicago right now and ask how many draft picks Chicago is willing to give them to take Deng off their hands for nothing.

Mike Miller is next on the board. Great news when I heard this news on 710 ESPN, and Steve Mason broke it per John Canzano from a portland affiliate, his sister is a producer there, they broke the news there first, I said, Hell--Yes, now we got a top tier PG to replace Farmar and deliberate most of the guard issues there.

Fish and Shannon should go as a package, Blake #'s are average at best and has no defensive skills..........too many$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$'s.

Incoming: Blake - 4.25M

Outgoing: Farmar - 2M
Fisher - 5M
Morrison - 5.25M
Brown - 2.1M
Mbenga - 1M
Powell - 1M

~~What is next?


>>>Your move Fish and Shannon or else both of you will be gone.
>>>Lakers can go to the 2nd tier Watson and JCritt,

I'm totally with you there. To be honest, I think Blake is an upgrade on the defensive side over any of Fisher, Farmar, or Brown. Not a huge upgrade, but at least a slight upgrade. And the 40% 3-point shooting and pass-first attitude is gravy.

I have a feeling Fisher will be back, but I'm mildly concerned because he's already shown once that he'd take more money to play elsewhere. It'd be harder to do that with how he left Utah and came to the Lakers, but if it was to New York, it's not inconceivable.

If they've got Fisher+Blake, I feel much more confident about the PG position for next season.

Next up would be a cheap shooter and a cheap big.

Blake gave the Lakers problems when he was a rocket, I believe. his 3pt shooting is 40% career. what are you talking about hopalong?

Blake split last season between the Blazers and the Clippers. A career 39-percent three-point shooter, Blake would seem to fit the Lakers' needs well. With Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol handling scoring duties, the Lakers have needed a point guard who can shoot, make few mistakes and give effort on defense. Fisher has been an ace in all three categories in all 11 seasons he has spent in L.A., but at age 35 is losing what little quickness he had..

a LITTLE............ROTFLMAO................
thats's being a little....correction alot modest don't ya think.. He lost a little after the 1st threepeat. Not degrading fish he's come up big and I love the guy...History is about to repeat itself with fish turning down money and believing he deserves more. the playoffs are good and winning the ship is great,but there are 82 games B4 you get there. Players need to earn there money all of it.. one of the best thing bout fish is that he seems built like a rock,and was realitively injury free,but this is one year later, he shot bricks most of the season(give and take man)....I can talk about Bynum and luke also as far as injuries go but oh well....

P.S. You know what though at the end of the day the Lakers have themselves to blame and mayh always face these kinds of problems at least till lukes' gone...When you have guys like luke,(had Kwame) and odom who make certain saleries and often under produce you will always have a guy who believes they are worth so much more,and in fishers' case he seems most justified............

Posted by: VI Lakerfan | July 02, 2010 at 04:06 PM

My repost may fit better hear... fast to fast

I'd rather have Mike Miller. Does this mean that we can not sign Mike Miller? Seems like we would have to use the full mid-level exception on him. Does not seem like the mid-level exception would cover both of them?

Blake is hopefully a good fit - Lakers need smart players to execute the triangle.
Can't say I blame Fisher for wantig more. He could probably get 2 years/10 million from the Heat, Cavs, or Knicks. But I can't blame the Lakers either - Fish is a phenom in the playoffs, but in the Wild, Wild West, you can't coast. You need to get homecourt throughout the Western Conferance Playoffs. And Fisher's regular season ain't spectacular.


Where will they get the money to get Miller if they've spent it on Blake at 16M 4 years? What will happen to the 5.8 M MLE 5 years?

i think that lakers should have pushed for mike miller. or a way better point guard then Steve blake. to me just looks like a good bench player

Of course, that’s assuming that there is not a salary dump in our future.
PG – Fisher/Blake
SG – Bryant/Miller/Vujacic
SF – Artest/Ebanks/Walton
PF – Gasol/Odom/Caracter
CE – Bynum/?????

Point Backwards.............Blake's Games divided into points comes out to 2 baskets per game. When Kobe was ill, Shannon lit up the scoreboard with 20 point games twice..............hope he stays in town and shows Kup a lesson..............

Good move on Blake. He fits in with the top 5 Lakers. Now move Fisher to second team or put him in a package and trade him if he does not want to go second team. Odom needs to make up his mind if he want to show up for games or put him in a package and trade him. Give Bynum unit All Star break to show something or trade him. He is injury prone and has done nothing for 5 year of NBA playing for his size. Good job Mitch on Black. I can see another 3-peat !!


Kwame Brown.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Ugh. I love's me some DFish. But $10mil for 2 years? Dude has got to be smoking. I don't think any teams out there would be willing to pay up more than the vet's minimum on a one year deal for fish. I think the Lakers could go about 2.5 mil on a 2 year deal just for sentiments sake, but Derek may be playing chess at the park with Allen Iverson come November.

Someone once said NBA ballplayers, first they want money, second they want money, and third they want money. I'd hate to see him walk, but if the 10million figure is accurate, and Luke's not retiring, I say no way in hell they're paying him that.

shannon is a combo guard not a pt guard hoppa. I didn't say shannon would leave, I said in response to your question of whether he was a decent shooter, he's actually a decent shooter seeing as he is fast, can spot up, shoot, and spread the floor, and go deep from downtown. If they can only get mike miller to sign on the dotted line, we wouldn't have to even discuss shannon. get with it boy

>>>Incoming: Blake - 4.25M

I'm curious. How did you come up with that number?

Did they report the structure somewhere?

The first year of salary could be anywhere from about 3.6 million up to the full max 5.8 million (in which case Blake's salary would go down each year). Or it could be just exactly 4 million each season.

So where did 4.25 come from?

Steve Blake ESPN Stats:

~~ He made 23 pts against the Lakers last April, 10 rebounds and 7 assists. He can be dependable when he plays with good teammates.


PJ rotation does not change where the Center is interchangeable with Pau and Drew or LO i.e. if the latter is not traded in order to get Miller. I don't know man, I'm confused how money is flowing in the F/A signings.

Edwin, Blake on a 4 year 14 mil contract would likely have a lower starting salary. Since it would scale at I think 7.5%, he'll likely be making closer to 3.5 mil to start not 4.25 mil. On approx 5.8 mil that would leave 2.3 left on the MLE.

The Art of the 3 Peat

How we take for granted what a 3Peat really means. The has been only 2 coaches that has accomplished the task...Red Aurbach and and Phil Jackson. Of course comparing the two is ridiculous, for the 60s was a total different animal.

The league is so different now, with better athletes, faster game, different rules, free agency, salary caps, and the luxury tax...

If PJ and the Lakers get the 3Peat this year, do you really fanthom what they have accomplished...

What coach is capable of doing a 3Peat...Poppvich, Rivers, Scott, Van Gundy, Brown, Riley (if he comes back after the FA sweeps)...

Out of the 29 present coaches, (Clippers don't have one yet), including Pat Riley, here is what they have all accomplished...

Pat Riley - 10 finals appearances, 5 wins, 1 back to back
Doc Rivers - 2 finals appearances, 1 win
Byron Scott - 2 finals appearance, 0 wins
Larry Brown - 1 finals appearance, 1 win
Stan Van Gundy - 1 finals appearance, 0 wins
Jerry Sloan - 2 finals appearances, 0 wins
Paul Westphal - 1 finals appearance, 0 wins
Rick Adelman - 2 finals appearances, 0 wins
Greg Popovich - 4 finals appearances, 4 wins

So Pat Riley would have the best chance, he has won a back2back, but that was with the Showtime Lakers, and I don't think these FA sweeps would give him anything close to that team. Second would Greg Popovich, but Spurs aren't anything close to their Robinson/Duncan days, and he still has to win a back2back. Besides there is this current Laker team that they would have to go through...

Being a betting man, I do not believe another coach or team can do a 3Peat, except our Lakers. Even after Kobe and present team is done, I don't see anyone accomplishing this. Maybe you will have a back2back, after the FA sweeps produces an instant title team, ala 08 Celtics, or maybe even someone winning 3-4, but not a 3Peat.

So this will be a historic 2010-2011 season. One that I will be honored to witness with you all.

Let's Go Lakers...Let's make incredible history...#17 Coming Up...

The Los Angeles Lakers - Dynasty: The Next Generation...where 3Peats happen...

Err 4 year 16 mil.

Fish's demand is a reasonable first offer from his side, just as the Lakers first offer to him was reasonable. In both cases, neither side is likely to think they can get those numbers, but it is a start.

Unless LBJ teams with Wade & Bosh in Miami (in which case, I see Fish going there for bigger dollars than what the Lakers can offer), he'll probably be back for a 2 year deal in the neighborhood of $5.5 to $6 million (total).

My mistake LTLF, OK if it is 3.5M, the remaining value of MLE will be 2.3M. Will MMiller agree to that amount? Even Raja Bell will not accept that amount, he will earn 4.0M next season with Warriors.

I thought all along he would be a good fit for the Lakers. Nice move.

I thought all along he would be a good fit for the Lakers. Nice move.

Well Fish is making me look dumb here.
Ok, I did that all by myself.
2 yrs, 10 mill, what is he thinking?

Well, on the bright side, maybe the signing of Blake will shake some sense into Fish's 'demands'.

Team chemistry is very important and Fish was a big part of that.
If he leaves it will be a problem in the locker room.


Extremely disappointed. Blake is a decent PG but Mike Miller would have been extremely valuable with his shooting and his ability to play the 2 and the 3. It's Highly doubtful that he will accept the veterans exception or the remaining dollars of the MLE. To bad.


This could screw our chances of signing Fish. He might hold out for awhile and see if he can get signed for closer to what he's looking for on another team. Wouldn't it be a kick in the pants if he ended up back in Utah?

I'm not sure I value Blake much higher than Derek. With Derek you have a trusted ally on the field for Kobe, a spiritual and vocal leader in the locker room and grip-ton of playoff savvy. I hope the Lakers match what they give to Steve for Fish. 2 years/4 mil wouldn't be bad, guaranteed both years. Maybe big bonuses for playoff performance that could push it another mil or so.

Don't be so quick to discard wisdom over youth, often it leads to rash decisions.

Remember, nothing is finalized until July 8th, first day contracts can be signed.

sign and trade for MM imo. it's worth it 6'8 48% 3pt shooter had around 6 rbds a game or whatever, how freaking elite is that? more athletic than Luke Walton but a lock from the 3, imagine how many chances he'd have when Kobe gets double teamed?

>>>Where will they get the money to get Miller if they've spent it on Blake at
>>>16M 4 years? What will happen to the 5.8 M MLE 5 years?

Well, all I've heard is 16 million over 4 years. But that could be paid in a number of ways.

It could be 5.8 million the first year, 4.2 million the second year, and 3 million each of the last two years. The benefit of that would be that while Kobe & Pau & Lamar & Andrew's salaries would go up, at least one salary would go down.

Or it could be 4 million each season.

Or it could be 3.6 million the first season, 3.9 million the second season, 4.2 million the third season, and 4.3 million the last season.

So depending on how it's structured, the Lakers could have anywhere from 2.2 million to zero of the MLE left to spend.

Now. As for the money to get Miller, if you mean Mike Miller, I think that's off the table now. The rumors from yesterday were saying they gave him a midnight deadline. Sounds to me like he didn't see what happened to Ariza last year, didn't take the deadline seriously, and Mitch moved on to the next free agent.

But if you mean Brad Miller, maybe there's a chance he'd join the leading contender for 2.2 million this year and 2.5 million next (or something like that).

If Steve Blake plays like he did when he was in Maryland, he's a good fit for the Lakers.

Art FL fan,

The Blake move is similar to the Artest last year. Ariza was asking for more and Mitch could not wait because he might lose Artest to Cleveland. Well, there are many suitors on Blake. It was reported that there are lot of teams inquiring about Fisher and Shannon. What did Mitch do? He has to sign a PG immediately or else will lose all the guys in contention. Too bad, if only they could tell Fish that he will play only on the 4th Q for 5 minutes and the playoffs, perhaps he would agree to 2.5M. That's like part-time work with promises to F/O or Coaching Staff job. NO, he was adamant on $10M take at old age. lol!

>>>He could probably get 2 years/10 million from the Heat,

You're probably right. And Fish is an upgrade over Mario Chalmers as a starting PG, and would lend the team championship experience.

They wouldn't have enough to offer him more than the minimum if they get 3 max contracts, like they're hoping for. But if they get Wade & Bosh with no LeBron, then they'd have enough to offer Fish 5 million a year for two years.

And if they offered it, then once again I think Fish would leave the Lakers to go play for a loser.


Mike H....Blake is the PG that we *needed*.

Better than Fisher who is aging (leadership and clutch is where Fisher still has over Blake) and WAY much better than Farmar. While not as flashy as Jordan was or even steal happy he's a BIG upgrade over "I want to be a starter" Farmar.

Mike Miller while good scorer and not bad playmaker gives the bench pretty much only a scorer which is needed in one way considering Odom isn't a true scorer and well the bench well was overrated even in 07-08 their best year. We would have been still weak at PG with Fisher as our only starter (and 36 hmmm), and Sasha as the back up PG which while he seems like the perfect candidate to replace Derek (based on skill) he was terrible even as the back up point in 05-06.

Blake isn't a beast defensively but could be arguably better than Fisher (other than taking charges) and even as a back up was a good playmaker and can spread the floor a ton more because he's a real good perimeter shooter. He fulfills a more urgent need rather than someone who could score to give the bench some mojo. As much as scoring goes we needed a decent PG this time and Blake is the answer since he doesn't need to be a superstar to get this team another ring.

I've got no problem with signing Blake. I've followed his career since his college days at UM. He's a true PG and can hit from the perimeter, which is what this team needs. I just hope that they can still sign Mike Miller. I think his game would fit right in with this team.

Keepin' my fingers crossed.

GREAT NEWS! I can't believe the Lakers take care of that so quickly. Surely the feeling must have been mutual, Blake wanted the Lakers just as much as the Lakers wanted him -just like Artest and the Lakers last year. When there is mutual admiration, deal got done QUICK!

So... just like Odom before him, Steve might have gone somewhere else but his heart is always in LA! LOL!

Most excellent job Mitch! now that's twice in a row, (Artest was the first) Lakers got the most bang for their bucks.

Talking about eerily similar situations, let's hope Fish learned the lesson from Ariza last year. You'll never know how many other players in the league harbor secret desire to come to LA and play for a championship team along side Kobe. Take your spot on the team for granted and boom! they will jump in and take over in a second. Folks, you all should know by now LA is the PRIME destination for basketball.


Watched him occaisionally on the Clippers and he neither wowed me or soured me on him. He really is alot like Fisher with a bit less body mass. He could get bounced around by more physical guards like Chauncy Billups, Rondo, Jameer Nelson. Fish takes bumps from those guys and he doesn't go anyhwere. Blake is quicker, though and still an able defender.

Steve Blake's shooting, if he plays to his averages, will help open the paint for our bigs. If he and Sasha are on it gives you a solid back court in terms of D, long range shooting and tempo. But how would they fare under the extreme duress of the playoffs? I'm talking about those moments when Kobe isn't in the game. Blake is pretty un-tested in the playoffs, Sasha has proven to be inconsistent.

As of now we have 2 PG/SGs who have very little experience running the PG position for the Los Angeles Lakers and we can expect to face even stiffer battles in the regular season. I'm not saying whether it's good or bad, that's just how we stand now.

Will Fisher or Brown get offered what Blake has just accepted and is this another 'the offer is on the table for X amount of time, thenwe go public with it', like what happened to Ariza? Having Brown gives us athleticism that can change a game and ignite a crowd. Fisher has proven year after year how solid he is. Will Buss go all in?

>>>or a way better point guard then Steve blake. to me just looks like a good
>>>bench player

The problem is, Blake is the best unrestricted PG available as a free agent. The only better free agent PG was Ray Felton, but he's a restricted free agent and will likely make more than the MLE (and if the Lakers would have offered him 4 years for 16 million and he signed it, then Charlotte would have gladly matched).

But I do agree with you. Blake is a very good backup player.

The thing is, there just weren't any All-Star point guards available, and even if there were, the Lakers couldn't afford them.

I think Blake is the perfect PG for our team as long as Fish is back too. We need Fish's leadership, good chemistry with Kobe and clutch shooting. Also I love it that he takes a charge or gets a key steal when we need it most. Since he is our free agent we can pay him w/o going into our MLE. The rest of it should go to a back up center.

I think Blake is the perfect PG for our team as long as Fish is back too. We need Fish's leadership, good chemistry with Kobe and clutch shooting. Also I love it that he takes a charge or gets a key steal when we need it most. Since he is our free agent we can pay him w/o going into our MLE. The rest of it should go to a back up center.


>>>Of course, that’s assuming that there is not a salary dump in our future.
>>>PG – Fisher/Blake
>>>SG – Bryant/Miller/Vujacic

I think you missed a point here. Signing Blake means they likely won't be able to sign Miller. They definitely couldn't give him the money that was reported yesterday and also give Blake the 4 years at 16 million. There just isn't enough MLE to go around.

Does the signing of Blake negate the signing of Miller?

Does the signing of Blake negate the signing of Miller?

I find it so funny seeing all the other teams scrambling to find FA or seeing their people leave and spitting venom, while Lakers the pieces are just falling into place.

Even though there's still a few unsigned players that we want, like the 4th quarter of game 7. Things will work itself out.

guys, Miller is gone. there is no Dream Level Exception. do you seriously believe that he'd accept what's left of the MLE?

Wow, Jon K saw this coming months ago.

Great call, Jon K...


>>>Blake's Games divided into points comes out to 2 baskets per game.

Well, technically 2.5 baskets made per game. But so what. Fisher averaged 2.6 baskets made per game last season in about the same number of minutes as Blake. And Fisher had to take another shot per game to get that extra 1/10 of a point (Fisher took 6.8 shots per game to Blake's 5.8).

And you mentioned Shannon scoring 20 a couple of times.

Blake scored 20 twice when Baron Davis was out as well. In fact, the last game of the regular season, Blake got a triple double vs the Lakers - 23 points, 11 assists, and 10 rebounds.

Not that Blake's going to do that all the time. He's inconsistent like Shannon. He also had 1-5 games and stuff like that.

The best move for Shannon is to renounce his opt-out option & come back to the Lakers for the 2nd year at 2.1M. My question: is he entitled to "birds right of reconstructing his contract to 3 years at 2.5M per year? Shannon will be better of to play with Kobe, Pau & others as he becomes the veteran player in the 2nd unit. It is also possible, enter into a clause of 3M for one year only. Sasha's contract is expiring next year, he could take another shot of that contract next year.

Boy oh boy many wanted to be a Laker but there is only a handful money available. Kobe-san controlled the joint w/ lock, stock and barrel. lol!

I think Mike Miller is out. Checked the Summer League roster a few threads back and saw that Gerald Green is on there. That's interesting, he could probably be gotten for about 2 mil for 1-2 years, partially guaranteed I'll bet. He'd replace the athleticism we'd lose in Brown with a bit of a size upgrade and he could play 2 or 3. He has more upside than MacGrady, but far less talent.

Hopin' it's not too hot in the Gulf Coast today, temps been soaring to triple digits. Hard to clean oil when you're viscosity is way down.

Well look at the bright side.

At least Fisher had the good sense not to be quoted as saying that he couldn't feed his family on 2 years at 2.5 million per.

I'm ecstatic that Mitch signed Blake. Blake is all hustle with a high basketball IQ.

I'm a bummed out that Miller is out of the picture, unless Washington is willing to do a sign and trade.

i like that move now all we got to get now is shannon brown and mike miller or raj bell or tracy mcgrady if shannon brown does not want to come back

More info on Green:

Statistically, a slight upgrade over Brown. Better 3-point shooter, better rebounder, bigger. But not familiar with our offense. I iwsh summer league was still at the Pyramid in Long Beach. I could ride my bike.

@ Edwin Gueco

The problem for Shannon then is if the league locks the players out the following season. He'll have an expired contract and no team will be looking to sign him for anything like he could command now.

@Al Franken

As Senator of the great state of Minnesota, what is your feeling regarding the signing of one Darko Millicic (I think that's right)? Is Kurt Rambis crazy for asking for this because this has the feel of a coach giving his stamp of approval prior to the offer. Thoughts, Senator?

>>>Even Raja Bell will not accept that amount, he will earn 4.0M next season
>>>with Warriors.

I think you're confusing Raja Bell with Charlie Bell.

Charlie Bell will make 3.8 million for the Warriors next season.

Raja Bell is an unrestricted free agent (also from the Warriors).

Unless there's a report I haven't seen where the Warriors offered Bell 4 million for next season.

Again, if the Blake deal is set up with the least possible starting salary and max raises, then the Lakers have something like 2.2 million left of the MLE.

So if Bell is offered 4 million from Golden State vs 2.2 million by the Lakers, he might take the 4 million. But remember that he's 33, so he doesn't have a lot of seasons left. Depending on how well he's managed the money he's already made, he might be willing to sacrifice the extra money to play with the Lakers for 2.2 million with the chance of winning a championship.

At first i wasn't a big fan of the idea of signing Blake, but at 4 Mil per, its not a bad deal, might be in 3 yrs, i would have preferred to see 3 yrs + 1 yr option instead of the 4 yrs guaranteed as being reported. That being said we could still land Mike Miller if we do a sign-n-trade with the Wizards sending Sasha's expiring 5.475M contract, still a big if Wash would do that or that Miller would take a paycut from his 9.978M he earned this year. Blake is an upgrade over Fisher & Farmer, his defense is not great but at 6'3 he fits Phil's PG needs much better and probably still a better defender than both Fisher and Farmer. One thing he does do besides shoot 3 pts well is that he can pass and drive much better than Fisher, also we could run the break more because of his ball handling abilities. Fish would have to come back as a backup and for that he is not going to get more than 3 M if he's lucky from any other team, fish will be back.

Classy move by the Clippers Kim Hughes to give Steve Blaske the last three games last season to really shine, and he did. Played 40+ minutes in the final three games, the last of which against the Lakers where he dropped a 23 point triple double on us. So he likes to play at Staples, which is good.


Yes, I know what you mean about the Ariza example for Fish and that they needed to move on Blake.

I like the Blake signing but he doesn't replace any of those famous intangibles Fish brought.

Just as an injury to key players can stop a team on its way to a finals appearance, so can team chemistry.

Hey Mark, are you going to be at Summer League?

In case you're not an Insider, here are John Hollinger's comments on the Blake acquisition:

"It's a bear market for point guards this summer, which largely explains how Steve Blake got a four-year, $16 million deal from the Lakers. Or perhaps the Lakers only saw Blake in their final game of the regular season -- playing for the opposing Clippers, Blake had his first and presumably last career triple-double that night.

No matter how you slice it, the years are a real reach for a 30-year old whose output has scarcely been above replacement level in three of the past four seasons.

However, the Lakers can afford mistakes on contracts of this size, especially when they're in a win-now mode. They did the same thing with Ron Artest a year ago and it worked out awfully well for them in Game 7 of the Finals.

And in the short term, Blake fits. Whether as the starter or as the backup, he's a classic triangle point guard -- he virtually never penetrates, he's tall, and he shoots 39.3 percent for his career on 3s. Whatever his ceiling is, he's likely to come closer to hitting it as a Laker than in virtually any other system.

Blake's arrival all but seals Jordan Farmar's departure; presumably they'll bring back Derek Fisher and split the position among those two players. Blake lacks Farmar's quickness and thus makes the Lakers even more vulnerable to waterbug point guards, but otherwise in 2010-11 he'll be an upgrade on what Farmar gave them last season just because the system fit is so much better.

And realistically, that's the only time frame the Lakers care about -- right now. They'll deal with the carnage at the end of Blake's and Artest's contracts later. For now, it's about wining titles while Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol are in their respective primes and Phil Jackson is still willing and able to roam the sideline. Replacing Farmar with Blake helps them do that."


There was a report on Yahoo on Lakers interest on Raja Bell.

Here is a ESPN report on Fish. There is a strong inclination to join Heat or Cavaliers:

~~ That how the 36 year old cookie crumble, he wants to play 30 minutes per night for 82 games and 40 minutes during playoffs.

Good signing Blake, Mitch! I think Lakers get to keep Fish. As rdlee noted, he's our free agent so we can pay him w/o going into our MLE. It's just that negotiations still have to play out. Kobe wants Fish and Fish he'll get.

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When Ron Harper retired after the 2000-01 season, most felt that a then 26-year old Derek Fisher was ready to be starting PG. Instead, PJ brings in a 31-year old Lindsey Hunter.

Fast forward to today. Many felt that 35-year old Derek should begin to pass the torch of starting PG to Jordan F (or Shannon). Instead, PJ brings in a 30-year old Steve Blake.

It is no coincidence that Blake's impending signing comes right after PJ announces his return. The pattern is now apparent. In all of PJ's championship teams, from Paxson to Harper to Fisher to Blake: YOU HAVE TO BE 30-SOMETHING if you want to be starting PG in a PJ champinship team. Jordan and Shannon are not OLD ENOUGH for PJ.

Like others have said, there's virtually no shot at Miller now. Still, I think Blake was the more practical sign, it's really more of a need position... there had been talk about Miller as a big PG but it's just not his natural position. Blake is an assist waiting to happen... the leader in total assists this past season (as opposed to apg) and holds the record for most in a quarter at 14. As for Fish and the supposed 2 year/5 per wish, I'm sure it'll all work out. They'll meet somewhere in the middle, maybe around 3.5-4 with the second year an option rather than guarantee.

Looks like a safe, feasible choice. At least they have a PG. Not a "steal" like Gasol or even Artest last year, but not bad given the Kobe-like max money deals given to folks like Joe Johnson or Rudy Gay. As long as he's an upgrade to Farmar, it's a success. 

They should be firm on the money but be willing for a multi-year deal with DFish. I assume Miami & Cleveland are bluffing. DFish would be worthless to them, especially at $5 mil.

What's up with Cleveland anyways? First Shaw, now DFish. It's like they're a wannabe Lakers club now!

LEWSTRS 3-peat hereeee we go!

Stevie Blakie!!! Yeah! In MITCH I TRUST bandwagon!!!

Blake will even be better in LAKERS BECAUSE HE IS A EXCELLENT FIT!

Really like this "signing" by Mitch. We need a decent guard that can shoot and pass the ball. Don't know why Fish is holding out. He must not have come down and still be in a euphoric state over the championship if he thinks he is worth $5 mil per year and is a "starting" PG for the Lakers. He would help the Lakers more if he comes off the bench and accept a paycut to come back. I guess when guys like Gooden and Amir Johnson are getting $30 mil over the life of their contract, you can't help but ask why it can't also be you. So if you are leaving Fish, thanks a lot for the great memories. Good luck to you on your next team.

Okay, Chris Sheridan reported the terms. It's 4, 4, 4, 4.

So the Lakers still have 1.8 million of the MLE to offer. Other than that, all they can offer is minimum contracts.

From Rotoworld:

"Dwyane Wade had a second meeting with the Bulls on Friday, with Chris Bosh and LeBron James both set to meet with them on Saturday.
Looking at the Heat's depleted roster, the Bulls strong roster, and the fact the Chicago Tribune actually mentions a "long-shot, dream scenario" where the Bulls can do a sign-and-trade for one max player, and then sign two other "significant" free agents, we're starting to get the sense that Wade could be done with the Heat, and that LeBron and Bosh could be joining him in Chicago. No one seems to think it's possible, which is probably the reason they could be trying to pull it off. As Wade posted on Twitter Friday, he'd like to start a website called "if only they" Maybe it isn't all about the money."

-- Rose, Wade, Lebron, Bosh and Noah, coached by Thibodeau would be lethal, and a big threat to the Lakers threepeat. IMHO, against this lineup, Bynum would HAVE TO BE HEALTHY for the Lakers to win. The Lakers managed to win with a limited Bynum the past couple years, but they will not have this luxury against this Chicago lineup. Bosh for Bynum is sounding real good right now.

ps, some interesting young bigs on the summer team... Andrew Naymick's played well in euroleague and Tyler Sanborn had 30 double-doubles for Guilford in his senior year.

Beautiful move. The point guard I felt they should have targeted from the start, for months now. Great signing! Blake is a nice open shooter, his dribble penetrati0n and moves to the hole are a big part of his game. He keeps defenders guessing and is a very nice passer. He's also tough and gritty.

Very nice signing. Honestly, if it came down to Mike Miller or Steve Blake, I'm glad they got Blake. Miller's dead-eye shooting would have been a nice asset, but Blake is a good shooter himself, the best they've had from the PG position in a long time. Honestly, the only thing better than this is if the Lakers could have packaged Odom for Chris Paul or something like that.

Very happy day, we FINALLY have the PG we've been searching for for years! Fish can now transition into lesser minutes (and probably bench role, maybe as B-Shaw's assistant coach).

Perhaps the Lakers can still add Mike Miller, although very doubtful. Sorry Mike, you blinked. Like Ariza learned last year, you want to come play for a winner - for a CHAMPION - you jump at that chance - or else they move on!

I'm starting to love Kupchak as much as Jerry West, in the past few years he's been nothing less than utterly masterful in his management of the team. Other GM's feel they need to make moves simply to make them, to show they are running the team. Mitch did nothing, leaving the crew together and intact, and look at the results...

At this point, if the Lakers could add, say, a T-Mac or a Shaq for the veterans minimum it would be the icing on the cake. Their main priority has been addressed, and perfectly. Great, great day to be a Laker fan!

GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Of course, that’s assuming that there is not a salary dump in our future.
PG – Fisher/Blake
SG – Bryant/Miller/Vujacic
SF – Artest/Ebanks/Walton
PF – Gasol/Odom/Caracter
CE – Bynum/?????"

OUR back up-center is PAU GASOL! How else is Odom going to play IF GASOL only play PF?

You probably meant we need a third back up at CENTER, YES?


Welcome Blake!
Bye Fish, thx for everything. We love you and wish you were here for a realistic deal. And good luck finding a team that will pay $5 mi for a PG that shoots 33% in the regular season.

Mitch waited for MILLER to respond on his offer with a due date, TIME IS UP! Steve Blake has been waiting for 24 hours. If you want to be a Laker, you will get first priority!!! YES!

And when Collison and Durant blow by Blake who's picking them up???

We shall hold out a day or so but we have to listen to what the reports are concerning Lebron and Wade if they WILL join up with the Bulls. That having being said, brendan haywood is a decent pick, other choices would be brad miller.. the rest let the center deliberation begin

I'd go 2 years $8mil for Fisher with the second year being team option. Otherwise, I wish Fish the best and see what other offers he gets. If nothing comes up give him a one year deal. Does he seriously think he hasn't lost a step? If this is the way he negotiates it looks like a lockout next year.

Advice? Pay Fisher.

posted by Roland Lazenby | July 2, 2010

Yeah, Mitch and Jerry, I know. He’ll be 36 in August.

He’s lost a step. Maybe a step and a half.

He’s not even close to the pressure defender he used to be. And even back in the day there were those moments when he could be exposed. And not just a little. Sometimes he could be exposed badly by really quick young guards. And the league today is nothing but quick young guards.

Derek Fisher guard Rajon Rondo? John Wall? Derrick Rose? You can hear the chops slurping at nearly every stop around the league. These young people want a piece of that old man.

And finishing with the basketball? Fisher’s mix ups at the basket used to keep Lakers assistant and triangle offense guru Tex Winter grumbling, except when it came time to think about replacing him. Then Tex, like most everyone else on the coaching staff, turned strangely silent.

They knew.

No one else can do all the things that Fisher does for the Lakers. And absolutely no one can do them in the heat of the biggest battles, which is what Fisher has done time and again. He has proved himself every single day of his career, ever since he came out of the University of Arkansas/Little Rock as a late first round draft pick back in 1996.

Fisher has delivered so many big moments in so many games that … Oh, why go on? We could spend all day adding them up here.

Let’s just turn it over to Phil Jackson. Here’s what he had to say after Fisher hit the big shots to deliver the Lakers their 2009 championship:

“Well, it’s character,” Big Chief Triangle replied when asked about Fisher. “We’ve always said the character has got to be in players if they’re going to be great players. You can’t just draft it. It’s not just about talent, it’s about character, and he’s a person of high character, brings that to play, not only in just his gamesmanship but also his intestinal fortitude.”

But who cares about that stuff in these smart-ass days of pro hoops?

Yeah, it’s true. Fisher’s market value is no where near $5 mil a year. That’s a joke.

So, yes, for all the stat geeks out there with their calculators and formulas, Fisher is obviously past his prime and not worth the money. They say, “Don’t pay that guy, Dr. Jerry. He’s not worth it.”

Some of these jerks send me messages too. Fish doesn’t fit the XYZ, they say, and if Phil Jackson really knew anything about basketball he’d bench the guy.

Never mind that Fisher just delivered the most amazing performance of his career to secure the 2010 NBA title for Los Angles.

To the stat geek naysayers, Fisher is the joke who’s time has passed.

The Lakers seem to subscribe to that XYZ geek talk because they’re reluctant to bring him back unless he cuts his $5 mil salary in half.

Besides, the Lakers need to save money this year. Things have just gotten too tight financially.

Yes, Mitch and Jerry, you can certainly buy that line of thinking. You can start to believe that Fisher is a luxury for this very talented team.

But that’s sadly narrow thinking. Fisher is an essential. Remember when you brought him back to the Lakers in the 2007 off-season? People said he then he was washed up, a joke.

All he did was play a giant role in three straight trips to the NBA championship series and two titles.

Derek Fisher is a proud, determined man. That pride and determination are the bedrock of his heart. Pay him for that.

Screw these ignorant people who want you to get rid of him. Screw ‘em. They’re just a bunch of booger eaters in my book.

Really it’s very simple, Mitch and Jerry. You must make the smart play. You must reward that pride and determination. Do it, and you will look very smart.

Just Pay Derek Fisher. Please.

Do yourselves, do all of us, that favor. Don’t buy that conventional thinking about market value. The market doesn’t know shit.

Pay Derek Fisher. Please. He’s earned every penny. And he’ll keep earning.


".. and saw that Gerald Green is on there."

Who is GG, is he the one drafted by Celtics and got traded. Who is the last team he palyed for? I she the one that likes to shoot and shoot, like Von Wafer?

Time to get rid of the old lying greedy Fisher.


He did it in 04. He is doing it again!

Fisher has no loyalty.


I think the Utah fans are right.

Back Up Center: get Patrick O'Bryant for the minimum - only 24 with enough upside, also an insurance in case Bynum gets hurt again


I think the Utah fans are right.

If I remember correctly, Miami and Cleveland weren't one of the cities that had medical care for his daughter.

Utah fans were right?



what have i been writing? IN BUSS WE TRUST!! this is looking good.

bynum - someone posted "glass knees." they'll figure it out.

odom - candy & doobies

sasha & luke - we might be stuck with them

everyone else can giddy-yup

core group: bryant, gasol, artest... we need a productive & available "in the post season" BIG. bynum has potential but so does odom... how much longer does the team rely on potential? bynum & odom are a good package to send off for something good in return. we don't need great at this point, just good... good like steve blake. we got this next year.

I wouldn't put much stock in the espn report, it was pretty thin copy and they're just trolling for hits. Mitch has said all along that signing Fish is a priority. It'll happen and it'll be a number that works for both sides. Phil's back, Shaw's back and Blake got signed quickly and quietly. Fish is a co-captain and heart and soul of this team. He'll get to finish out his playing days here and then they'll move him into another position.

Great pickup for the champs! Blake's a solid, heady PG that will fit perfectly with the crew. Some of you keep knockin his defense, especially when he'll play Billups, Rondo, or DWill, but who could we possibly get with our MLE??? Most of the league's starting PGs now can't hang with those dudes.

Mike Miller wouldn't last a season without getting injured. Let's roll the dice and get Anthony Morrow or Dorell Wright on the cheap!

Mitch is Doc Holiday! He is quick! Fast gunslinger!

If Kobe is the assasin in the basketball court, Mitch is the assasin in the office and I would like to be the assasin in the blog! Yeah!

Lakertom, you missed two Points already! Back up center and Miller, you must be so giddy about the Steve Blake signing! Unless you are being greedy and want all the good stuff!!! That is FINE too!!!

finally, one down and two more to go...
we need mike miller and raja bell as well to comlete our
2nd unit.
FISHER is asking too much for his age. he might have played good during playoff runs but not on regular season so, i would think $2.5 per season is pretty darn good deal for one season for him. if he wants to retire as a LAKER then he shud take it. he alrdy got enough money when he signed with GOLDEN STATE back in the days.

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