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Ron Artest is spending lots of his off-season on Twitter

July 6, 2010 |  9:44 pm


Lakers forward Ron Artest vowed he wouldn't use Twitter until the playoffs ended. And now that he's nearly a month removed from winning his first ring, he can't seem to get enough of it.

As I'm typing this sentence, Artest is tweeting so much that he's even managing keep himself as active if not more than the numerous tweets surrounding LeBron James' decision to announce at 6 p.m. Thursday his future whereabouts on ESPN. While James' one hour-special appears equally self-serving, annoying and captivating, Artest's constant tweets seem more amusing and portray the innocent, aloof and random persona he continuously projected all season.

As of 9 p.m., Artest posted 148 tweets today, surpassing the 26 he posted on Monday. While Artest's tweets featured numerous contests, answers to fans and nuggets about several topics, I felt guilty in constantly nominating him for Tweet of the Day, an item I feature in every morning links post. That's because Artest's activity on Twitter has coincided with everyone else -- teammates and media members - decreasing their Twitter updates since the season ended. I didn't want to just to automatically cede Artest the undisputed champion in this contest. As justanothermambafan noted today, "I say let Ron's tweets win EVERY DAY if this is the competition." Fair point, but that makes it harder to choose the best Artest tweet. So I'll make it easy and just present all the memorable ones he posted today.

--"One lucky girl can get me to leave a sexy voicemail if she is good Lol 21 and over Last one before bed"

--"When you ask for message put ringtone or voice mail Like "dam whose calling now" Paul pierce"

--"My name for the rest of this month 'No Perm Ron'"

--"I will not buy another I phone I have three This is my 5th I phone No apple stuff I spent over 100k with apple ... But first Let me get I pad and 4g Then that's it damnit"

--"I think I just saw two homosexual racoons making out Too many wild / wild animals in my back yard"

---"I just spent $391 and 70$ tip n olive garden 16 of my nephews and nieces 40$ at super market could have went a long way"

--"“@msbrits: With all these inflated contracts being signed can you believe we got @RONARTESTCOM for $33 mil/5yrs? Lakers know how to bargain"

--"“@fattykat: @RONARTESTCOM What's Kobe Bryant's tweet account” Kobe and god don't tweet Everyone else does"

---"“@RONRONSRING: @ronartestcom Yo Ron, I am your ring, you need to follow me.” Your my favorite"

--"I am in the process of perming a racoon"

--"I'm in the process of becoming a physical therapist For women only I charge 600$ a hr"

--"I'm in the process of making out with my wife"

--"I'm in the process of teaching my monkey gang signs"

--"I'm in the process of signing lebron to coach the lakers"

--"I'm in the process of seeing my therapist for random thoughts"

Obviously many of these only make sense in Artest's mind. But that's the joy of it. What's your favorite tweet? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Since Ron Artest won his first championship ring, his Twitter account has been continuously active throughout the day. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times