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Readers react to Ron Artest playing dodgeball

July 28, 2010 | 12:30 pm


Here are some of the best comments on Lakers forward Ron Artest playing dodgeball:

"If I'm on a Dodgeball team and I see Ron Ron show up to play on the opposite team I say 2 words....Hi! and Bye! As I hurl the Ball at him I also say nothing because the moment I throw it at him...I'm out the door. I'm not crazy, I just play crazy in commercials." - Mamba 24

"I would take Ron Ron on my flag football team as long as he could learn the passing routes." -- rdlee

"Ron Ron is a fool and this is just like him to do something like this LOL...but hey, al the talk about Ron Ron and nobody notice Gasol standing back there on the black team?" -- EastCoastJessie

"If Artest showed up to play for the other team, all I'd say would be 'dibs'." -- justanothermambafan

"Ron Artest: Man of the People. Gotta love it :-) The more we learn about him, the more we can see that he really is a softy. Family man: devoted husband and father. Mingling with the public. Spending $18,000 dollars of HIS OWN MONEY to buy courtside seats for fans he did NOT EVEN KNOW for a playoff game. Dropping by for dinner with the family of another Lakers fan he recently met. The photos with countless fans. The hours spent signing autographs. Ron is a genuinely 'Nice Guy' that deserves all the praise and accolades. It is definitely a 'feel good' story when nice things happen to good people. The biggest part of Ron Artest's tale of redemption may be tied to his Game 7 heroics and winning Championship #16 with the Lakers, but I suspect the inner-Ron has always been a kind and gentle soul. Kudos to the media for being on the (dodge)ball with this, and helping draw the curtain back on this side of Ron." -- Purple & Gold Reign

"I would pay good money to watch the Lakers and Celtics play a spirited game of dodgeball." -- Jon K.

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Ron Artest, who admitted in October that he'd begun seeing a psychologist back in his days with the Rockets, thanked his shrink after winning his first NBA championship with the Lakers. Credit: Lisa Blumenfeld / Getty Images.