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Poll: What would it take for the Lakers to acquire Chris Paul?

For the second time this week, plenty of Lakers fans analyzed a possible acquisition, only to see the scenario get squashed within 24 hours. A day after's Ken Berger reported that the Lakers are one of three teams Hornets guard Chris Paul wants to join,'s Chris Broussard reports that list actually includes New York, Orlando, Portland and Dallas, but not L.A.

It's not my place to evaluate which one is accurate, but the differing reports provide a good case study on how not to overreact over anything involving free agency. Case in point: It appeared the Lakers were acquiring Harvard guard Jeremy Lin earlier this week, but he wound up with the Golden State Warriors.

Bottom line, the truth will emerge at some point, but we just don't know when. And with the off-season in full swing, what else is there really to talk about? How the Lakers won the 2010 championship? I'll pass.

Even if the latest report suggests the Lakers have less of a chance to get CP3, surely Lakers fans will continue to discuss the trade scenarios. And upon request from readers in the previous thread, below is a poll on which trade scenario would be most likely if the Lakers managed to acquire Paul.

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Ideal case for the Lakers:
Contracts: Odom, Vujacic and any other contracts that make the trade work. Toss in Ebanks and Caracter if NO wants young potentials. Would include Blake but he's recently signed and untradeable until December, right? Not sure if Fisher is in the same boat, but if not, include Fish too and NO could buy him out for additional immediate savings.

This trade isn't happening unless CP decides on LA for sure.

If that did happen it's Bynum that's going out not Odom. The Hornets would want a better piece than LO in return for trading away the franchise player.

The Knicks are the front runners but with only Eddy Curry as their trading piece? No way Hornets accept that even for cap relief.

Orlando has the biggest case overall having pieces that would be intriguing for New Orleans (possible Rashard Lewis/Jameer Nelson) and would be an upgrade for Superman. So if I had to make the guess it's Orlando.


Hey guys.......

This might divert attention away from CP3:

Unless Cleveland raises multi-year offer that starts around $3.5M, Matt Barnes will sign a 1-year, $1.7M deal with Lakers, sources tell Y!

Interesting so what position will Barnes play at back up SF? Don't we already have a logjam at SF not to mention that Kobe also spends time there as well?

Back up SG? Maybe but Barnes isn't a solid shooter only shot 32% in 3 point land happy Orlando heck Suns fans cringed at him shooting threes when he was in the Desert.

That being said Barnes would be another perimeter defender for the Lakers and having a 1 year deal is good.

Let's hope Cleveland focuses on other players because it would be an upgrade for LA.

Apparently it would take spamming the RSS feed for this blog with about 100 lines of blank underscore.

Seriously, can you get that fixed? The RSS feed here often has length issues, somebody's got some settings wrong somewhere or something.


How old is Barnes?

How many 30+ players do you want on Lakers?

Thank you MM for putting it into a vote. Initial analysis the Status Quo is winning when pitted with three scenarios. But in terms of number, there are more fans who would like to acquire Paul than just sit idle i.e. combined nos. on Bynum or Odom for Paul.

We won two Championships but clearly divided on the pursuit of dynasty.

The Lakers ain't interested. End of story.

@BLITZ... Thanks for the update on Barnes. I loved the guy at UCLA and always thought his toughness and grit would be a good fit on the Lakers...until he punked Kobe, this is. At any rate, the kid can play tough defense. Don’t know what his problem has been in the locker room but he would definitely be a big upgrade over Shannon Brown, who I would prefer the Lakers don’t sign. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Edwin - No problem. Thanks for initiating the idea.


KB Blitz -

I'm guessing Barnes would find plenty of time (20 mpg) splitting the SG/SF spot. I think he'd be a real coup for the Lakers if they could nab him at 1.7 million. He's a very good rebounder for his position and a damn feisty defender.

I still think he'll sign with Cleveland (too much money to pass up), but should he end up here, that begs the question: who will the Lakers be able to acquire with the vet minimum to back up young Drew?

It was going to be hard enough with 1.7 million. With the vet minimum? Egads.

Not to dampen the spirit for those egging for Paul, latest report of Chris Broussard, it's only Knicks and the Magic in contention and not Lakers and Celtics. Of course, we can't rely on Chris words who is after the downfall of the Lakers.

Is it Paul who will decide on this or management of NO since he is still under contract with them? Of course, if he will only be destructive to the team, then it is better to ship out early than later.

How come we have a different approach in the Lakerland, if you are destructive to the team, we sit them down and pay them more. Now we can afford to get a rookie and blame ourselves.

IF LA really wants to do this trade then i see them trading (Lamar, Bynu, Sasha for Paul & Okafor)...salaries match and NO wants out of the Okafor deal, and i dont think it will be a bad deal for either teams. But i highlly doubt LA would do this deal.

MM, I voted 2x alreadu and LakerTom 15x one vote for Kblitz, for Rick F, for Art Fl, for hobbit.... take him out from voting. It's not fair. lol!

guys im on yahoo sports right now... no one is talking about barnes signing anything with LA... whos spreading those rumors?

Wojaski is probably trying to do the same idea as MM reported about the other authors writing BS material just to get us talking and other teams betting... so its all bs so far guys, i went through yahoo sports over and under but couldnt find what KB is talking about... im sure its just a hype...

hobbitmage --

What's with your Ad Hominem post against LakerTom?

Why don't you retract your claws and play nice? The minute you derisively call LakerTom "old man" you immediately elevate him while simultaneously showing your own immaturity and foolishness.

There is an old middle eastern proverb: When you see an old man, sit down, listen, and learn from him.

Has the thought ever occurred to you that perhaps the REASON LakerTom is such an advocate of Bynum is because he understands what WINNING basketball is all about? There is winning ball, and there is entertaining ball. Sometimes you can have both. But, if forced to choose, which brand of basketball would you want the Lakers to play?

Let me remind you and everyone else that Kareem Abjul-Jabbar (remember him?) confidently said, "Andrew Bynum has the potential to become the Next Great Lakers Center." And this from someone who PERSONALLY mentored him. Do you think it's possible that The Cap knows what he is talking about?

Look at the Phoenix Suns. They've had a great guard, Steve Nash (2x MVP) running point for his team WITHOUT quality size in the middle, and how have they done? Impressive regular season record -- fail in the playoffs!

Even this past year, the Suns beat the Celtics in BOTH of their regular season meetings, but (honestly) how do you think they would have done IF they met Boston again in the finals?

As for Bynum being "injury prone" I would argue that his injuries have been accidental and not something chronic. The kid is still only 22 yrs old. He has still been growing into his body. With improved core strength and conditioning, I expect that Drew will put the injuries behind him and finally develop into The Beast, the best center in the WC.

Others who mention the old axiom that you 'don't trade Big for Small' are also absolutely correct. Take inventory of how many true centers there are around the league. Then, think about how many great guards there already are, and how many seem to come into the NBA every year. Even this year, with John Wall.

If you took a survey of NBA General Managers (basketball cognoscenti) they would overwhelmingly choose a DOMINANT center over a guard. The blueprint for building a winning team begins with TWO players: A 1 and a 5 - Pointguard and Center. I've already mentioned how many, in relative terms, good guards there are.

Centers like Andrew Bynum are just NOT that common. Period.

With the NBA rule changes, perimeter play seems to be all the rage, and many teams feature lightning-quick guards. But, in the hottest playoff battles, games are ultimately won with two things: Defense and Rebounding. They are won in the trenches. And, this is where 'Bigs' become invaluable.

Every playoff team that has faced the Lakers the past few years mentioned the Lakers "length." EVERY team. Have you already forgotten how teams would attack the middle as-soon-as Bynum went out and Gasol moved over to center?

Why would Laker Fan want to give up on our biggest strength? Even for someone as talented as CP3. Chances are, the Lakers can find 'serviceable' guards before they find another center like Andrew.

P & G R

Barnes would be great! The less time Kobe plays at the 3 the more he actually RESTS during the regular season and the better shape he'll be in come May and June.

CP will never happen - too much of a disruption of our scheme of things.

Now let's get down to another piece of recent news and a REAL need:
Tony Battie just signed a deal with the 76ers - another 3rd string 7 footer gone.

Folks we NEED an experienced 7 footer behind Drew and Pau - to keep our monster height advantage in the middle if either of them is limited by injury. That's our BIGGEST advantage over the Miami cHeats - we won't beat them if Pau has to play C for 48 mins. Caracter is a nice prospect but a joke as a real alternative at this point. He needs a couple years as the 13th or 14th man riding the pine and watching before he's ready - hell even Drew took that and he's way bigger and more talented.

We need to sign DJ or find someone else NOW!


Adrian Wojnarowski reports Orlando Magic free-agent forward Matt Barnes is close to reaching an agreement with the L.A. Lakers on a one-year deal for $1.7 million

Paul + Kobe = Best back court in the Assn. Keeping Ron, Pau, & Bynum would be a scary starting lineup...Best front court too. Gorget about the big 3, that is the Big 5. Trade everyone and else if you have to. Nobody can compete with that lineup. Can you imagine the level of whining and crying Popavich & other coaches and GM's would produce? Now that's entertainment.


How old is Barnes?

How many 30+ players do you want on Lakers?

Posted by: Todd | July 22, 2010 at 11:26 AM

Awww are you sad that LA might actually acquire Barnes instead of trying to re-sign your boy the scrub Shannon Brown?

How's Jordan Farmar btw? I heard they rolled out the big carpet for him and Nyets Fans cheered as him being the savior of the franchise and petitioned Billy King to put his face together with Mikhail Prokhorov and Jay-Z.

Joking aside you really don't want to upgrade LA do you? A guy in his prime for a ONE YEAR contract and who actually knows the word "Defense" and you treat him like an old man?

Better than Shannon Brown anytime of the day save for flashy dunks. Yeah old Man Ray playing HORSE while Shannon Brown is reading "Where's Waldo?" on his way to 32 points is your idea of "Improving"

Seriously what is it with you and scrubs? Fine. Let's bring back Tierre Brown, Brian Cook while at it.

And don't be on me. The Lakers organization has an interest in Barnes so if you want to complain: File a complaint to the Lakers to stop signing "Old Men" LOL.

Not in here.

Yes Jay jay, let's focus on the ball sign Shannon + Mbenga. With or w/o CP3 we'll be ok. With Paul, new chemistry and longer dynasty. W/o Paul, same old chemistry and always at the edge of our seat that Bynum will be healthy, Odom to be consistent and Walton to contribute more pts and thru process of elimination we will win the WCF.

Chris Paul deal to Lakers = Michael Jordan to the Raiders.



I wish we could get rid of Luke's contract, throw in Sasha and a draft pick for Chris Paul. Then pick up either Tracy or Barnes. I wouldn't trade away Odom but that might be what they will have to do. I definetly wouldn't trade Bynum because it will be our luck that he would stay healthy from here on out and haunt us.

For those who said that PG don't win championships unless they're 6-9, let me remind you of Isiah Lord Thomas, one of the true all time greats. Some how Zeke gets left out of the conversation when talking bout great players from 80's..Magic, Bird, Jordan. Still one of the NBA all time travesties was leaving Isiah off the 92 Dream Team.

Anyway I do think CP3 is a great player. But I prefer to stand pat with our proven formula. Unless of course the Lakers can get him without trading Bynum. But under not circumstances do I want Okafor. His game has progressed very little since in the NBA. Very disappointing.

PURPLE & GOLD REIGN...Outstanding post. I also think Lakers fans are going to be very pleasantly surprised at what impact Steve Blake is going to have. I believe the Lakers are committed to Andrew Bynum as their future center, believe he will overcome his injury problems, and will not be tempted to trade him for any point guard, including CP3. Every team in the league would like to have a true NBA center like Drew manning the post on defense and offense. Andrew has answered all the questions about his abilities and his heart. Now he has to prove he can stay healthy and he will be on his way to becoming the next great Lakers center. That is not to say that the injuries are NOT a concern but just a recognition that they are part of most big men’s careers.

Even for someone as talented as CP3. Chances are, the Lakers can find 'serviceable' guards before they find another center like Andrew.

P & G R

Posted by: Purple & Gold Reign | July 22, 2010 at 11:38 AM

Shaq/Robinson/Olajuwon/Alonzo Mourning/ even Patrick Chewing would be dominant over Bynum if they were all 23 years old.

As for Laker Tom, as much as I respect him he does have tendency to belittle people with insults when he's passionate.

Are you saying it's not ok for Hobbit respond yet ok for Laker Tom to insult other people? Isn't that hypocritical?

In other words you think it's ok to allow someone who is an old man to insult other people. That's a big fail man.

And as for the Bynum thing. Fine we should NEVER have traded Divac for Kobe. A solid center in his prime for a rookie out of high school? You don't trade Big for small!

Look how that turned out to be.

Bynum is at most a second fiddle. You have more of a chance to finding a second fiddle than a franchise player.

Or I shouldn't say that because people who want to trade Bynum are not Laker fans they are bandwagoners fair weather fans, Bynum is immune to criticism because he's 23, and that Bynum is already better than Wilt because Bynum can shoot Free throws better than The Big Dipper?

"For those who said that PG don't win championships unless they're 6-9, let me remind you of Isiah Lord Thomas, one of the true all time greats. "

Good post. And who was his Center?

Bill Laimbeer. No one would rank his butt in the "All Time greatest center" list but those Pistons squad won 2 titles.

Though Laimbeer would be rank amongst the dirties players of all time. Elbows to the face........hmmm.

@ Purple & Gold Reign - WOW, im gonna PRINT this and hang in on my wall!!! VERY WELL SAID... GOOD POINTS ALL AROUND! my hats off to you sir!

MM -

I switched browsers and the formatting issues I spoke of earlier are gone. Stupid IE. Don't know why I ever use it.

I don't think this trade is going to happen and I don't think that it needs to happen. I'll take AB over CP3 just because of the makeup of our team.

As far as Barnes, that would be a great pickup. Age? Who cares if he isn't 40, Todd how many young inexperience guys do you want on a team competing for a championship?

Shannon Brown, don't sign him!

BLITZ... “And as for the Bynum thing. Fine we should NEVER have traded Divac for Kobe. A solid center in his prime for a rookie out of high school? You don't trade Big for small! Look how that turned out to be.”
With due respect, Blitz, we all know that Jerry was rolling the dice with the expectation that he would be able to sign Shaq as a free agent. Had Shaq not been available, who knows if West would have made the trade. My hunch is that he would have because Vlade was not a championship level center. Bottom line, Drew is now a better center than Vlade ever was and still has great upside and Chris Paul, as good as he is, is no Kobe Bryant.

"Shaq/Robinson/Olajuwon/Alonzo Mourning/ even Patrick Chewing would be dominant over Bynum if they were all 23 years old."
Posted by: KB Blitz | July 22, 2010 at 11:51 AM

They're not 23 though, are they?

Lakers aren't interested. End of story.

I don't believe he will come here due to the offense. Has anyone here ever thought about the fact that the minute someone hears that the Lakers are interested in someone, other tends who were not interested start to get involved?

i.e. Raja Bell - Lakers and Heat. Then Utah shows at the last second.
D-Fish - Heat with foolish thoughts of prodding him away.
Jeremy Lin - Lakers and Dallas. Warriors show up in the final hour.
What was previously reported that CP3 was interested was false.
CP3 - Knicks, Magic, and Lakers. Now it's Knicks, Magic, Dallas, and Portland.
Matt Barnes - we move from Raja Bell to Matt Barnes, and now TORONTO & CLEVELAND.

This is why I was waiting for Blake to sign before I say it was a done deal. We need to stop leaking our interest, or are other teams and agents leak our interest once they find out we're interested?

First ever post and just my 2 cents.

The Western Conference had added 7 footers to cover Bynum/Gasol.

Cole Aldrich - Thunder
Demarcus Cousins - Kings
Whiteside - Kings
Dalembert - Kings
Haywood - Mavs
Nowitzki - Mavs
Chandler - Mavs
Mahinmi - Mavs
Splitter - Spurs
Pekovic - Wolves
Milicic- Wolves
Jazz- Jefferson

In the East elite,

Howard- Magic
Gortat- Magic
Oneal- Celtics
Perkins- Celtics
Garnett- Celtics
Wallace- Celtics
Ilgauskas- Heat
Pittman- Heat
Anthony- Heat
Mgloire- Heat
Monroe- Pistons

ALl NBA TEAMS aspiring to beat the World Champion Lakers are piling up avg of (2) 7 FOOTERS each team... not point guards!

The length of Andrew Bynum a huge factor!

Jodel -

I don't think it's the Lakers who leak their interest. In fact, the Laker FO is notoriously tight lipped. Instead, it's the agents who have every incentive to leak that certain teams are interested. It drives up the price of their client and starts a bidding war. In this case, though the interest from the Lakers might be genuine, I believe Barnes's agent is leaking the Lakers interest in an attempt to improve the offer from the Cavs. That's just how it works, unfortunately.

Oh, and thanks for posting Jodel! Keep em coming!



Because Bynum IS BROKEN. He's had four surgeries, two bad knees, and a fragile achilles. He has a wide pelvis and is knock kneed. It does not matter that a couple of his injuries were flukes. The damage done from those injuries are REAL. The ridiculous amount of time he takes to recover from injuries is also real. He is Samuel Jackson from Unbreakable. Bynum's career is currently closely mimicking Sam Bowie's. Would you trade Sam Bowie for Isiah Thomas? How can anyone not be willing to trade an injury waiting to happen for a TOP 5 PLAYER?


Several years ago, Phil and Tex Winters decided to change up the offense a bit. They wanted the team to run on every missed shot. If an easy shot in transition was not available, they set up in the Triangle, which resulted in the Lakers becoming one of the top offenses in the league. The transition game led by Chris Paul (with Kobe, Lamar and Pau) would be unstoppable. Chris Paul's transition game would be maximized with Lamar and Pau outrunning opposing bigs (another reason to trade Bynum over Lamar. CP3's transition skills will be better utilized with Pau/Odom than Pau/Bynum).

I disagree that Chris Paul needs the ball in his hands to be effective. He does not need the ball in his hands to be an elite defender, which he is. He is also a very underrated spot up shooter from the 3 point line, and is one of the best penetrators in the league, something the team sorely lacked last season. Let's also remember that pick and rolls are part of the triangle. Can you imagine a p&r with Paul and Kobe, Paul and Pau? Absolutely SICK.

Yes, we will be giving up size, but the team will still have plenty of it with Pau and Lamar, as well as another backup big, along with Character. Pau and Lamar will still have the edge over Miami's bigs, and CP3/Kobe/Artest will also have the edge over Lebron/Wade/Mario Chalmers. This team would be a Miami Heat killer for years to come!

I've been quiet on Chris Paul because:

a) I already got into this argument about a month ago in here and

b) it seems no more likely to even be a possibility now than it did then.

It is the fun and frustration of the offseason - all this fuss is sort of fun and creates a fight here between those who love the excitement of CP3 and those who hope for the dominance of Bynum. But in the end it's just a bunch of - ummm - self pleasuring (not that there's anything wrong with that).

CP3 as a Lakers is a million miles from reality right now.

But I would like to see Matt Barnes added to the bench. Toughness, dirty work and perimiter shooting. My idea of what a bench player brings.

@ LAKER TRUTH - i agree with you on some points but your kind of only talking about from the Lakers offense, now give me your opinion on this... okay we trade bynum for Cp3.. now the other team is attacking our basket, who is gonna be in the center to stop them? Gasol? ummm yea but he dosnt have that big of a body like bynum to completly stop the other team from driving to the basket, sure cp3 can guard on top of the key but what if they beat him to the basket? who will stop and block the shot? who will box the other bigs out of the key so they wont get offensive rebounds? make your point in the defensive side for the lakers and you might have a valid point about the trade, until then, its a good idea but wont ever work, our size is the key, just like the other post, even the NBA commentators always said in every game " lakers got size " and " who ever outrebounds the other team wins the game" we saw that in Game 7 last chamiponship... we couldnt shoot if the ring depended on it but we sure could get rebouds right? and that was thanks to fish or kobe?

so give me some pointers on how the Defensive end would match up with only Gasol as center and cp3 as a PG... shine some light and then well have a good discussion...

There is little upside for Chris Paul coming to LA. Him replacing Odom would mean more pressure than Artest faced replacing Ariza.

forget cp3 he doesnt fit. bring barnes!! he may come check out yahoo latest news

This is tough for the Laker nation and GM Kupchuk, do you stick with the championship proven lineup or do you mess with the lineup and trade for the future. The thing is Miami is matched well to beat the Lakers and the only way to beat them is with the point guard. Point guard position is the most important these days because it can decide the outcome of the game (look what Rondo did in the playoffs). As much as I like Bynum and Fisher, I would trade him (not Fisher - he'd come off the bench) Walton, Vujacic, Ebanks and Caracter for Paul in a heartbeat !!! The bench would be thin but couple free agents and we would be alright. Bynum already reached his potential during 2007/08 season, don't expect him to get even better and oh, he won't play more than 40-50 games a season the guy is an injury magnet !!!

Posted by: Purple & Gold Reign | July 22, 2010 at 11:38 AM

@P & G Reign....

Really enjoyed reading your post. You made some very solid points.

He ain't coming is now leading widest percentage and also in numbers combine of A & B. Well, lakertom has voted 100x that's why?

guys stop saying this BS story about Barnes... just please stop there is nothing not even a comment about it on yahoo sports....

go to click on sports, click on NBA and go through the entire site and tell me you find one thing about barnes signing a deal with the LAKERSSSSSSSSSS!!!

please stop the nonsense!

How in the world can the World Champions Lakers defend its TITLE without the LENGTH of Andrew Bynum, the STRENGTH of Andrew Bynum, the POWER of Andrew Bynum, the SHOT BLOCKING ability of Andrew Bynum, the INTIMIDATION of Andrew Bynum?

With all these 7 footers, Gasol will be pushed around. What happens if Gasol gets injured, did you even think about that?

Blake and Fisher can handle the point, FOR SURE!


Championships are won BY BIG MAN IN THE MIDDLE, not by SMALLM MAN... this is basketball, not soccer!

Isiah Thomas and Joe Dumars did not win a title witout the the BIG MAN's BADNESS in the middle, BILL LAIMBEER (BAD BOY 1), James Edwards, PF what's his name (BAD BOY 2), JOHN SALLEY, DENNIS RODMAN. That's FIVE big men!

Even MJ and Scottie had Bill Cartwright and Horace Grant.

Lakers are unbeatbale because of Bynum and Gasol, you tak e one of them out, the team becomes vulnerable.

How many championships did Bill Russel have, Abdul Jabbar, Duncan/Robinson, Olajuwon/Sampson, Shaq? Wilt went to how many NBA Finals?

NBA is a BIG MAN'S league. If your team has a big, you will dominate!

Kobe, Odom, Butler can't do anything. Until Bynum and Gasol came in...

Protest, protests voting is getting rigged by naysayers lol. It should be blogger per blogger close supevision i.e. 1 vote = 1 blogger. lol!


How can you tell how many times someone has voted on the poll?

Art - FL,

That's the big problem we don't know. So just keep on voting every time you log in. It is not accurate just like counting the number of posts here, some are double and others are triple. This is like my golf game. lol!

With Blake and Fisher at Poing Guard, Kobe, Gasol, Bynum, Artest, Odom in the mix, CHRIS PAUL is only worth expiring contracts, drafts picks and some talented rookies AS FAR AS THE DEFENDING CHAMPION LAKERS ARE CONCERNED!!!

You can take it to the bank!

ALl NBA TEAMS aspiring to beat the World Champion Lakers are piling up avg of (2) 7 FOOTERS each team... not point guards!

The length of Andrew Bynum a huge factor!

Posted by: Staples 24 | July 22, 2010 at 12:04 PM

Very strong post. For years, everyone talked about the lack of center play in the league. Now, the pendulum seems to be swinging back in the other direction. It's a copycat league, and right now, and everyone is trying to do what they can to keep up with the back to back champs.

@Jodel "D-Fish - Heat with foolish thoughts of prodding him away."

Was it really foolish? You assume the Heat really wanted him. Perhaps for the veteran's minimum, which is all they offered and could pay him, they might have taken the chance, if only to disturb the Lakers' chemistry.

But knowing Pat Reilly, he understood Fisher was never going to leave the Lakers, and what he was really doing was playing along with Fisher in driving up his market value, and it worked. We ended up giving Fisher a $10 million 3 year guaranteed contract, keeping in mind Fisher turns 36 in a couple of weeks. He's going to be less than 2 months shy of 39 when his contract expires, and honestly, does anyone expect him to be effective for more than a year? At the same time, we spent precious cap space to bring back Fisher, which affects us until 2013.

If you ask me, I think Pat Reilly knew EXACTLY what he was doing.


Other teams cannot go with Paul like the scenario of Lin and Bell because he clearly identified only three teams namely: Magic, Knicks and Lakers. Maybe, in order to kick the behind of the first two to get serious or else he will go for Lakers. Laker fans got excited because of these developments but it's not Paul who makes the ultimate decision, it will be the owner, Williams and Demps. It should pass their conditions before accepting any kind of a deal.

It is understandable that it is hard to say goodbye to scrubs, it already deep rooted in the system, part of the landscape somehow it adds scenery to a forsaken garden. Why change when you are used to seeing the scrubs grow dandelions and added decor to multifaceted landscape. Why don't we add more scrubs in Tmac and Barnes and join Walton in the bench forever? hohoho!

Purple & Gold Reign -

Great post...

Time to move on with this CP3 debate...he won't be coming to LA, but it was nice it blew up the

Now what's this about Barnes back in the picture...

@ puddle

Thanks, I was thinking that also that they were trying to strengthen their clients position, and what I think it really does is alert teams that the Lakers hav the nerve to try and get better so I believe they are out to block anyone else from coming since they are upset we picked up Blake.

@ Staples24

I see that you saw what was happening in the west to with everybody getting bigger and better. Even the Warriors got better by adding Lee and Lin. Kings got better. Portland, Dallas, Denver Utah, Pheonix, Clippers even got better. We are not even going to mention OKC. And they are saying the East is the Best. A select few teams have gotten better in the East, but the West is still stacked

CP3 is a great player, but not for the Lakers..much bigger need for AB to stay with us..let's focus on getting Barnes or Shannon Brown signed..def need Mbenga back too if possible..

"This is tough for the Laker nation and GM Kupchuk, do you stick with the championship proven lineup or do you mess with the lineup and trade for the future."

Mess with a championship line up? Are you hearing what you are saying? CHAMPIONSHIP LINE UP?

Championship line up MEANS.... We've WON proven!

Why are bloggers comparing Chris Paul to a HEALTHY Bynum, when Bynum has been hobbled for the past 3 playoffs in a row?? Bynum was NOT the key for the Lakers making the past three finals. Kobe and Gasol were the keys. After them, Lamar has easily been a bigger contributor than Bynum in the past three playoffs. In fact, you can argue that Ariza and Fish have been bigger contributors than Bynum. If there was a big three for the Lakers, it has been Kobe/Gasol/Lamar. This is the lineup that closes out games. This was the lineup that shut down Boston in the 4th quarter of game 7. This was the lineup that contained Dwight Howard the previous year. Losing Bynum's POTENTIAL is a tough pill to swallow, but how can anyone ignore his injury history? Trading an injury waiting to happen for the best PG in the league is an absolute no brainer.

I also feel that LBJ is playing a role in CP3 due to CP3 switching agencies this summer to LBJ's. I also feel Chris Broussard is being used as a pond in all of this. Anyone else see this as what is happening?


At this time there are only 53 posts and yet the voting poll has reached 2,200, see the proportion. My goo friend LakerTom asked his wife to participate in voting too just like what they used to do on American Idol - Vote often. An hour from now, he will ask his son to vote as well. We can't win against LT. LMAO!

LakerTom --

LAL818 --

bronxlakerfan --

Thank You for all the kind words and support.

My sincere hope is that the 2010-11 season sees Andrew Bynum's game continue to develop and mature...silencing his critics. But most of all, I would like him to remain healthy, and get through the playoffs in Top Shape.

With this summers' events around the league, player additions/subtractions, the chance for another 3peat, NBA Title #17, PJ's swan song, and KB24 and DFish going for their 6th rings, next season is going to be...EPIC!

P & G R

The Guy might be pushing 50.....but what about Theo Ratliff. Has he signed with anyone?


Thank You too!

P & G R

That'd be Rick Mahorn, Staples 24. And you're right. Even the Bulls needed Cartright (3peat I) and Bison Dele aka Brian Williams, Luc Longley and Rodman (3peat II) to get it done.

I can settle this for everyone...we can keep all of our fans happy. Yes to Chris Paul on NBA 2K11, No to Chris Paul in real life....on the video game this will work given ratings and the ability to take over with Pau. In the real world however, Pau is a pf who can play C with the right matchup. Bynum is a C who dictates a power balance allowing Pau to dominate at pf, and wait, here's the key... a guy who would start on any other team in Odom to come off the bench. let's sign a vet C and a backup combo 2/3 and win another title, thank you very much

BYNUM IS 23 years old, getting older, getting stronger, getting better! Scary thought for the NBA league.

Chris bOsh who? Chris pAul who? Chris mIhm sure!!!

If the Hornets were crazy enough to trade CP3 for any combo of Odom/Walton/Sasha we would just as crazy to pass it up. It would be intriguing to see and it's fun to think about, but even if it could happen we would run into some serious luxury tax issues once his contract is up and we'd be in the same position as Miami; a great starting lineup but not much else.
Trading for Bynum would be a mistake. There is nobody out there that we could acquire that is anywhere close to having his build and skill and having some hack in there would reduce the effectiveness of Pau as well. With Bynum and Pau both on the floor we create matchup problems for every team in the league including the Heat.
I would much rather we keep the championship formula of being a long, tough, defensive minded team that can score. Acquiring a bunch of superstars and hoping it works out is fine if you haven't been to three straight finals, but in our case if it ain’t broke, well you get the idea...
What I'd really like to see are some productive players on the bench. I'm sick of seeing 10-14 never seeing the light of day and our starters sucking air. Signing Barnes and another CENTER (not a PF is disguise) that PJ will actually play would be huge. With that, a healthy Bynum, and my firm belief that Blake is going to surprise some people; we will have had a great offseason IMO….

@ LAKER TRUTH - we won because of gasol/kobe/odom? are you on crack.... kobe couldnt make shot to save his life in Game 7... now tell me what lamars point total was during game 7.. then gasols....

there is no way your going to even gets passed the Western Con without a dominant big in the center, there is just no way your going to do that... others teams are copying us and getting at least 2 bigs in each teama nd your saying we can give up andrew for cp3??? oh lordy lordy what has this blog come toooo... do you people reason when you guys type? i mean andrew didnt score much, but who boxed out the other centers? gasol? odom? kobe? ODOM COULDNT EVEN GUARD BABY DAVIS AND HIS FATTER THAN LO... so reason before you say something i mean what you said completly didnt make sense... i dont see that trade even close to winning a championship... there is no way were going to give up our big center, who can rebound, box out any other big and be a dominant presence both in offense and defensive side... you apperantly dont see the rebound andrew gets a game... like i said before... the team that outrebounds the other wins... so dont say that cp3 will be rebounding for LAL or LO because Lo can do squat... if he could possibly play any better dont you think PJ would give him the starting job? why is andrew starting for LO if he won our championship? why is artest starting and Lo on the bench? even though artest came just last year and got a starting role? that tells me that ARTEST dose a better job than LO anyday... so please reason then type because its really getting annoying with this BYNUM and cp3 trade... first of all you cant compare them and second we will never trade our big for small... no way wont happen... we signed BLAKE and thats all we need, if cp3 would take a paycut and replace BLAKE im up for that but i doubt that will ever happen... so case and point about that no brainer thing!!

Keep Andrew Bynum. Who knows he might be injury-free next season. We have enough good guards.

@ puddle
Thanks, I was thinking the same thing about the agents trying to strengthen their clients position. And so everyone is thinking, "the nerve of the Lakers trying to get better, they already got Blake," so I believe they're going into discussions with any player the Lakers are trying to get.

I see you also saw the West getting bigger and better. Sac, Warriors, Pheonix, Portland, Utah, Dallas, Denver, Clippers, Houston... And they are saying that thei ha been a power shift to the East. Only a select few teams have gotten better in the East, but in the West, more teams that those who were in the playoffs have gotten better. And no I didn't forget about OKC.

To all the bloggers who are naively crossing their fingers, and praying that Bynum will be healthy next year, despite ALL THE EVIDENCE that suggests otherwise, I present to you a comparison between Bynum and Sam Bowie, two big men with loads of potential, derailed by injuries. These are their stats for the first 5 years in the league:

Bynum - 10.3 points, 6.7 rebounds, 1.5 blocks, 23.6 minutes per game. 6130 total minutes.

Bowie - 12.2 points, 7.8 rebounds, 2.1 blocks, 28.94 minutes per game. 6,563 total minutes.

Trading Bynum for Chris Paul is no different than trading Sam Bowie for Isiah Thomas. Nuff said.

@ raiderlaker - ahaha see this is why i like this guy... he knows what his talking about lol loving this " I can settle this for everyone...we can keep all of our fans happy. Yes to Chris Paul on NBA 2K11, No to Chris Paul in real life...."



What is your obsession with Laker Tom these poll results?

Do you suppose it's possible that people vote in the poll but don't bother posting a comment? I have done that myself on previous polls.

@ Laker Truth

Bynum had a huge impact in the Boston series. He provided relief to Pau by occupying Perkins while on the floor. Perkins wasn't in game 7 which alleviated the need to have Bynum out there. I agree that he being healthy is a question mark this season but I think his past issues are due more too bad luck, than say Yao who is physically awkward.

Okafor for Bynum.. Okafer can defend and is also a hell of an athlete for his size.. rebounds I watch some of his games where he boxed people out. I might do this deal if I was Mitch, then again I'd ask Phil his thoughts first, and if he ok'd it I'd go for it.


"They're not 23 though, are they?"

You mis-read.

When they were age 23 They were 5x the player Andrew Bynum was.

And fyi, Rodman was a combo Forward. He played SMALL FORWARD in Detroit and Power Forward in Chicago. He was *not* a big man. He was only 6'9!

"BYNUM IS 23 years old, getting older, getting stronger, getting better! Scary thought for the NBA league."

Weren't you just worrying over your bed about how good the Miami Heat was and how they signed big dudes who could neutralize your boy Bynum Staples17?

Laker Truth
LOL. Again people wouldn't even trade Bynum for Kareem/Wilt/Kobe/MJ/Magic Johnson/James Worthy. Heck they wouldn't trade Bynum if the entire Team USA roster could be on the Lakers.

I didn't know 15ppg and 8 rebounds dwarfed the legends.

Oh and Purple and Gold Reign it seems that you agree Bynum>>>>Wilt. Okies have no problem with that.


Agree about that but the facts remains that he wanted Kobe to come in the trade. Not another big man or future draft picks he wanted KB.

Laker Truth... there is a very real concern about Bynums ability to stay healthy granted, we get that, but while talking about Sam Bowie, let me point out how valuable big men are in the NBA.... the closest thing to Sam Bowie in the league right now, Greg Oden... when he's able to play, Portland is the 2nd best team in the West. When he's out of the lineup, they have to trade for another big in Marcus Camby to even stay afloat..and this was all before Brandon Roy got hurt... Oden is a walking torn ACL, and he's that big of a difference for Portland. Yao Ming has been injury prone his entire career, and well, you see the difference in the Rockets with and without Yao. Bottom line is, CP3 is a great player, but to trade a legit big for a guard is a travesty in the making. Maybe this can enlighten you a little bit... John Wall will probably win rookie of the year, but unless Javele Mcgee can play like he did in the summer league, the Sacremento Kings with (yes a great guard in Tyreke Evans...but) will be a lot better off with Demarcus Cousins who can change the game from the most pivotal spot on the court... Kobe is the MAN and look how far we got until he got a legit big..and even still, without our center we lost that year. I'd be all for getting CP3 if it didn't cost Bynum, but even I'd shake my head while celebrating if the Hornets took Odom.

Bynum is better than Vlade? IMO that statement is a bucket full of holes. .


How many Chris Paul comes in the league every 5 years?

Deron Williams, Gilbert Arenas, Tony Parker, Derrick Rose, John Wall, Russel Westbrook, Monte Ellis, Stephen Curry, Oj Mayo, Eric Gordon, Tyreke Evans, Jrue Holiday, Darren Collison, Rajon Rondo, Devin Harris, Bueabouis, Dragic, George Hill, etc, etc,etc!!!

Top 5 you say, all these guys are like 5B to Chris Paul's 5A. Liitle difference in terms of impact at PG. Darren Collison almost had the same effect at New Orleans when Paul got injured. What about when they lost Chandler (BIG MAN) to injury, Paul is not able to sustain their playoff run? They went down the standings pretty quickly even with Paul at the helm.

Bynum was nonexistent in the Finals or for most of the playoffs this is well documented.

CP3 wants to be in a contender, is hungrier.

You could sign Okafer who's just as young 2MIL cheaper than Bynum, and still get rid of some of your bloated contracts

Enough said.

EDWIN... Please stop with your BS. I voted once for no trade for either Drew or Lamar. Like 1,508 other bloggers.

LAL818, read my post again. Can you dispute any of these points?

- Lamar has been a bigger contributor in the past three playoffs than Bynum = FACT
- It was the lineup of Kobe/Gasol/Lamar that shut down Boston in the fourth quarter of game 7 = FACT
- The crunch time lineup has ALWAYS been Kobe/Gasol/Lamar. This is the lineup that Phil has trusted. = FACT
- It was Gasol that contained Dwight Howard, not Bynum = FACT

Again, you are comparing a HEALTHY Bynum to Chris Paul, when Bynum has been hobbled for the past three playoffs in a row. I'm hoping that Bynum stays healthy and turns in to the Beast next season, but let's be realistic, the odds of that happening are marginal at best.

ALl NBA TEAMS aspiring to beat the World Champion Lakers are piling up avg of (2) 7 FOOTERS each team... not point guards!

The length of Andrew Bynum a huge factor!

Posted by: Staples 24 | July 22, 2010 at 12:04 PM

Very strong post. For years, everyone talked about the lack of center play in the league. Now, the pendulum seems to be swinging back in the other direction. It's a copycat league, and right now, and everyone is trying to do what they can to keep up with the back to back champs.

Posted by: bronxlakerfan | July 22, 2010 at 12:47 PM

Staples 24 and Bronx,

No one could've put it better. When you look around and see how teams are gathering bigs to match up with us, it's obvious to all here and abroad, that our opponents are clearly understand know what the Lakers strengths and advantages are. Size and length. It can't be overstated or overemphasized. I'll even take it a step further and say that we're truly blessed as a team to have not only have three bigs with size and length, but unbelievable skills as well. That's still the big difference between the Lakers and the rest of these teams that have amassed a platoon of bigs. Anyone on this blog or anywhere else would be hard-pressed to find a tandem or trio of bigs as skilled as Pau/Andrew/LO. This is what makes us unique. There's no ifs ands or buts about it.

Although Andrew's injuries, LO's inconsistencies and Pau's supposed softness at times drives us up the wall, the fact remains that there isn't a more deadlier, potent, bigger, stronger trio of bigs in the entire league. Kobe and Fish are the cornerstones of our team, but Pau/Drew/LO and now Ron are the foundation. To remove any of those guys right now would only weaken it. My hope is that we will finally see all these guys clicking in unison and playing their best basketball together.

The dominant Center at both ends the last 5 years, there is only TWO right now, Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum!

"You mis-read. When they were age 23 They were 5x the player Andrew Bynum was."
Posted by: KB Blitz | July 22, 2010 at 01:15 PM

I didn't misread and that's not what you said. Still, my point stands. Those guys are not playing right now. Bynum is. What big-man is better now?

The other teams in the league know his worth, and I suspect the Lakers do as well;-)

To all the guys showering Bynum with HUGE complements:
1- Andrew has not earned his salary yet. All basketball experts agree on this one. Priod!!
2- Bynum IS injury prone. The type of "accidental bumps" he sustained whould have been no-issue with most other NBA players. His knees are definitely fragile and his healing ability is not promising considering his young age.
3- He may have a block or two per game but his defense overall is HORRIBLE. This is mainly due to his turtle-slow style of playing basketball. Defensively, his slow reaction to the ball is what always got him in foul trouble.
4- In 95% of the games, Bynum is NEVER on the floor during critical 4th quarter games. Why do you think PJ keeps him out during such crucial win-lose junctions???
5- With the exception of the few playoff games when Adrew put in "good" limited minutes under injury, I have not seen any sense of urgency in his game, any fighting spirit in his attitude or true heart throughout the years!

You can sugar coat his weaknesses all day long but there is a very good reason why Andrew's name comes up first during every trade rumor/discussion.

@ Laker Truth

Bynum had a huge impact in the Boston series. He provided relief to Pau by occupying Perkins while on the floor. Perkins wasn't in game 7 which alleviated the need to have Bynum out there. I agree that he being healthy is a question mark this season but I think his past issues are due more too bad luck, than say Yao who is physically awkward.

Posted by: Hogan | July 22, 2010 at 01:14 PM

Game 1: 10 points 6 rebounds
Game 2: 21 points 6 rebounds 7 blocks
Game 3: 9 points 10 rebounds
Game 4: 2 points 3 rebounds
Game 5: 6 points 1 rebounds
Game 6: 2 points 4 rebounds
Game 7: 2 points 6 rebounds

Overall: 7.5 rebounds (45%), 5.1 rebounds, 1.3 blocks.

Only game Bynum had a true impact was Game 2. Otherwise don't mistake a 5.2ppg 5.0rpg withot his Game 2 production as "Impactful".

BTW, Blitz: Rodman may only be 6'9" but he guarded Shaq for part of the Orlando series. Dude played like a big man.

Bynum's going nowhere.

Chris Paul is great, but he'd be a waste in the Triangle.

Matt Barnes has WAY too many tattoos.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


As far as Matt Barnes goes, I'd welcome him simply for the fact that he defends and gets after it. Another defensive minded player off the bench can only make us a stronger defensive team. I believe Barnes will also have a better 3pt stroke playing here like Ariza did. If Luke can't go, I see Artest, Barnes and Ebanks sharing time. Barnes could also spell Kobe at times.

This year we won with everyone hurt.

Next year we win with everyone healthy.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


@Staples 24
"How many Chris Paul comes in the league every 5 years?

Deron Williams, Gilbert Arenas, Tony Parker, Derrick Rose, John Wall, Russel Westbrook, Monte Ellis, Stephen Curry, Oj Mayo, Eric Gordon, Tyreke Evans, Jrue Holiday, Darren Collison, Rajon Rondo, Devin Harris, Bueabouis, Dragic, George Hill, etc, etc,etc!!! "

Chris Paul averages 10 assists, and 4 ribbies while dropping 20+ in a non contending team how the hell?? CP3 is like a younger Steve Nash with more mmph. Like Nash, Paul can hit in the 40 dot line from both deep and 2, and as a rookie was a beast. His sophomore year he was 17.3 points/per.. You couldn't say this for Dragic or half of your list. Oh and he still is 25 years of age.. and getting better by the day trust me, I would trade for CP3 in a heart beat and it's not even close. Bynum is replaceable. Your lack of knowledge is well representative of your opinion about this guy. . You seem to respect Bynum's game a whole lot but yet this shorty CP3 gets no love? Stop the bias man, respect the game when you see it. Gasol is basically the reason why the Lakers have been to 3 finals in a row.. he's been the healthiest, most consistent PF/C in recent memory, been an all star every season, it hasn't been Bynum. And Colby always went to a final when he had a legit C, except that K Brown experiment which didn't work.


What's your obsession with MM's vacation? Are you going with him?

Mark Medina,

In all seriousness, has there been ANY discussion AT ALL coming out of the Lakers offices regarding Shaquille O'Neal?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


The way that the CP 3 deal would benefit both teams and be better than anything Orlando and NYK are willing to offer is to send

Bynum, Sasha, Luke, Draft picks for CP3 and Okafor

1. New Orleans has made it very clear that they want to get rid of Okafors bad contract (52,170,126 left on a 4 year deal). NO might consider taking Sasha's expiring contract and Luke bad contract (17,103,113 left to pay out to Luke/Sasha) .... NO would save (35,067,013 )

2. Chris Paul has made it clear that he wants to be traded ASAP! New Orleans already has a great future PG in Darren Collison who is only 23 add Andrew Bynum to the mix at 23 and you have two fantastic young players to build around.

3. NO would have approx. 25mill in cap space July 2011 and another 15 million July 2012 . They will have a 40 million to spend on FA's the next two seasons should they do this deal.

4. The Lakers would not only rid themselves of Sasha/Luke, but also add a defensive bruiser/stopper in Okafor who would compliment Pau's weakness perfectly. Okafor is not as big as Drew but he is a better defender an equal rebounder.

5. Lakers would max out the Last 4 seasons Kobe and Pau career as NBA kings..... before they begin to age and decline rapidly. The down side would be trading away Andrews Youth he would be 27 in 4 seasons ....the flip side is he's had consistent knew problems.

in conclusion: CP 3, Kobe, Artest, Pau, Okafor - best starting lineup in resent memory bench: Fisher, Blake, Barnes, LO, Kurt Thomas-Theo Ratliff, Ebanks, Character..... at least 3 more championships in 5 years

either way in 5 years: Kobe 37 , Pau is 35, Artest 36, LO 36, Blake 35, Fisher 41 the Lakers will be in rebuilding mode with or without Andrew ......Super teams will run the new NBA era and dynasties will be tainted in a steroid like manner.....The way the current team is constructed is to win as many chips as possible in five years, retire Kobe as the GOAT/GLOAT and Find new young talent to contend w/ the super teams.....CP3 would most likely come at the expense of Bynum....IMO I would get CP3 if realistically possible even if it means taking back Okafor

Since Paul was coined the best PG in the NBA, the point guard game has evolved to an all-time high. Meaning, there are more NBA point guards that have either been all-stars or have all-star potential than any other time in NBA history, about 25 of them. That being said, Lakers would be foolish to acquire Paul if it means giving up Bynum. Bynum is in a class by himself, the only true center in the NBA in his prime who has true low post offensive fundamentals. He's the one player on LA's roster that gives opposing coaches nightmares because they're always at a mismatch at the center position. IMO, they're better off keeping Bynum and trying to get Melo for Kobe next year to cancel out him getting older, not being in his prime ever again


Nobody is arguing that Bynum did not contribute. Bynum definitely had an impact in the finals, but not a huge one. Kobe and Pau had huge impacts. Artest's defense and game 7 heroics had a huge impact. Chris Paul would've had a huge impact.

STAPLES.. You’ve arrived now that your new AKA is Bynum Staples 17. LMAO.
TOM (AKA BynumTom)

KB Blitz- I didn't say he had great numbers I said he had an impact by occuping Perkins (and other bigs) helping free up Pau.

Bynum is liable to get injured again next season in which Gasol will AGAIN have to bear the brunt of the matter, and we will be using Odom's services only to lose Bynum AGAIN in the finals. He impacted the game by being there, using his length, but he barely did anything. Heck an Okafer in the lineup is more liable to be healthy and jump off rotating picks to pick up Perkins.. all he needs is to add like 30 lbs. Add in the fact he's a brick defensive wise I don't see how you don't do the trade. Lakers would steal players.. 2 players in their mid 20's. CP3 could still damage inside though, see what Nash did to the Lakers, and he's like 36 yrs old or so. CP3 = HALL OF FAMER, BYNUM AVERAGE BIG MAN with a big ass salary.. OKAFER = potential. Bynum WILL get injured again bro's, let the Hornets take the brunt, cause if it's the Heat, it will be health the main concern.

Sam -

"3- He may have a block or two per game but his defense overall is HORRIBLE. This is mainly due to his turtle-slow style of playing basketball. Defensively, his slow reaction to the ball is what always got him in foul trouble."

This is so untrue. When Bynum is healthy, he is a very good defender, both as an on-ball defender and as a helper. He has seriously bothered guys like Tim Duncan, Jermaine O'Neal and Al Jefferson in the post. And when he's not dragging around a useless leg, he is very good at coming over and changing shots - which is sometimes even more effective than blocking shots. A blocked shot is usually spiked out of bounds or has a good chance of going to the opposite team, but a changed shot usually leads to a poor shot and a defensive rebound. The Lakers trust him enough that their defensive scheme (besides having Lamar or Gasol flash to the strong side) is to funnel guards in towards him. This is a big responsibility and he has done it without committing too many fouls, which is a major accomplishment for a young big man.

It's unfair to judge Bynum based on his play when he was injured. He clearly was a step slow. But when he is healthy, he makes an enormous positive contribution on the defensive end.

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