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Poll Question: How will Andrew Bynum's surgery go?

July 28, 2010 |  8:00 am


Wednesday would appear to be just another ordinary summer day, with Lakers fans wondering who else the team can pick up on the free-agent market, predicting the next funny antic Ron Artest will perform and lamenting that the NBA season hasn't started yet. But beyond everyone in this corner of the blogosphere being a Lakerholic, there's another reason why you're anxious. In case you're trying to remember why, I'll tell you.

Andrew Bynum is having surgery.

I'd cue the dramatic music, but chances are it's already playing in your head. You're remembering this marks the second time in three years that Bynum has had surgery on his right knee. You're wondering if this date will just mark another setback in Bynum's injury-laced career. You're wondering why can't I just enjoy the Lakers' championship DVD instead of worrying about this?

Even though I expressed strong sentiments that Bynum showed this season he can play through injuries and will find ways to be effective when he's not fully healthy, I honestly don't know if he will report to training camp at 100%. To assuage some concerns, there are no developments that suggest why anyone should worry. Bynum delayed his surgery by 10 days simply because his doctor, Dr. David Altchek, didn't have an appointment available until now. Before fans blame Bynum for putting off surgery until after the World Cup, keep in mind that most athletes don't have surgery right after the season ends; the procedure is tiring on the body, and most would prefer to rest up before an operation. And the Lakers expect that Bynum will report to training camp at 100%, though the team won't set an exact timetable until after the procedure.

Still, there's one huge reason why some Lakers fans will remain anxious until who knows when. Bynum's injury history and slow recovery time give plenty of fans reason to believe history will repeat itself. But I don't want to assume this. To get a breakdown on where Lakers fans stand on this issue, we're going to get a vote in the poll below.

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers center Andrew Bynum is scheduled to have surgery on his right knee. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times