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Matt Barnes a perfect fit for the Lakers


The chippiness and physical play last season became so overwhelming that Lakers guard Kobe Bryant and Orlando Magic guard Matt Barnes had to be separated. Now, with the Lakers signing Barnes on Thursday, the two probably will be embracing a lot more. If that sounds like something that's happened before, well, something similar took place last season.

In the 2009 playoffs, Ron Artest ran across the court and got into Bryant's face after he thought he was elbowed in the throat. With the two helping the Lakers win the 2010 championship, each oozed enthusiasm when speaking about the other's work ethic. Barnes tried to test Bryant last season in a regular-season matchup so much that he pretended to inbound the ball at Bryant's face, and the Black Mamba refused to flinch. With Barnes joining the Lakers to bolster the backcourt defense, don't expect Bryant to flinch next season when he talks about how much Barnes brings to the team.

It's an interesting situation we're in these days. There's been much debate recently about whether past generations of NBA players would have joined forces in a fashion similar to what LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh have done in Miami. Besides Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird already having solid supporting casts around them, many point to the reputation that all three carried in being obsessive about beating their opponents. Barnes now crosses into friendly territory, but the circumstances are different. As shown in that game last season, Bryant and Barnes couldn't stand each other.

But similar to the Bryant-Artest dynamic, the very same reason the two nearly came to blows on opposite teams serves as the very same reason that they will bond together on the same team. Artest might have often appeared lost in the triangle offense, but Bryant knew he'd give it his all every game. Barnes may need to keep his emotions in check, but Bryant likely recognizes that passion can easily help spark a team that's often gotten beaten defensively.

The Lakers' acquisition of Barnes also neatly fits into their off-season storyline, in which General Manager Mitch Kupchak has added tiny wrinkles to make the two-time defending champions even more dangerous. With Phil Jackson and Derek Fisher returning, the entire corps remains intact. In acquiring Steve Blake, the Lakers added an immediate offensive punch to the backcourt reserves. With Devin Ebanks, Derrick Caracter and Theo Ratliff, the Lakers have dependable options to back up the loaded and talented front line. And after acquiring Barnes, the team brings in another Bryant adversary who will soon become another worshiper.

And when a player is in Bryant's good graces, that usually spells success.

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Former Orlando Magic forward Matt Barnes agreed to a two-year deal with the Lakers on Thursday, turning down a more lucrative offer from the Cleveland Cavaliers. Credit: Elsa/Getty Images.

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There's a statue of a guy that did many ball fakes and fake passes in a Lakers uniform.

Is that how Barnes is a "perfect fit"?

Barnes will flourish in this system, he is a strong-willed player and defensive minded. These are the type of players that the Lakers need coming off the bench, he is also an above average rebounder and three point shooter. What other qualities would you want in a reserve? He, Kobe,and Artest never back down from competition. I look for him to be our James Posey, an ex-factor with versatility. This signing will have a significant positive impact on the Lakers!

When the uproar in Miami subsides, the rest of the NBA is going to slowly realize that the Lakers may have had as superb an offseason as all those teams that gorged themselves on high-priced free agents. Beginning with smoothing the way for Phil Jackson to return, resigning team co-captain Derek Fisher, signing free agents Steve Blake, Theo Ratliff, and now Matt Barnes, and getting 2 second round steals in draft picks Devin Ebanks and Derrick Caracter, Mitch has proven once again that he has become a master at his craft as he has dramatically upgraded the two-time NBA champion Lakers’ bench.
The Lakers’ offseason objective was simple – better defense and veteran consistency from the bench. While we are not yet all the way there, there is no doubt that Mitch has greatly improved the bench by upgrading 5 out of the team’s total 8 bench players from last year. Versatile proven point guard Steve Blake replaces the disappointing Jordan Farmar as point backup. Veteran shot blocker Theo Ratliff takes over at backup center for the rarely used D.J. Mbenga. Rookie draftee forwards Devin Ebanks and Derrick Caracter will likely replace the never trusted Adam Morrison and Josh Powell and rugged perimeter 1-on-1 defender Matt Barnes will now probably replace the inconsistent Shannon Brown.
The big benefits this retooling of the bench will provide will be the ability to hold and build on leads while the starters rest and more importantly, the ability to reduce the minutes for the starters to keep them fresher and healthier for the playoffs. Blake may actually end up playing more minutes at point than Fish and Ratliff may get minutes that Mbenga could not helping backup Drew to reduce Pau’s heavy minutes and/or limit Drew’s minutes to deter possible injuries due to overtiring. And Barnes will save Kobe from having to guard Wade or Allen could be vital He may play the 3 but he is really a better defender at the 2 because of his 6-7 height, length, and toughness. Great end moves, Mitch.
As to the glut of small forwards, I think the Lakers are basically planning on Luke manning the inactive list for the season. I am sure he can contribute with a pen and clipboard. It is also not beyond possibility that the Lakers may end up with a $3M disabled player exception if Luke cannot play. Had we been able to sign Jeremy Lin, it would have been absolutely perfect. It was good to know that we didn’t get outbid. Bottom line, Mitch and the Lakers have aced the offseason and when the smoke clears everybody is going to change their tune as to which team is the favorite when play starts.
PG-Fisher, Blake
SG-Bryant, Vujacic
SF-Artest, Barnes, Ebanks, Walton
PF-Gasol, Odom, Caracter
CE-Bynum, Ratliff

Edwin, I agree with your concept. However, there were even more strategic reasons why other journeymen failed:

1. Why Malone & Payton didn't win.

a. Malone suffered a knee injury & couldn't provide anything. Had he been healthy, I feel the outcome would've been different in '04.

b. Payton had a great press conference joining the Lakers. Talking about how he was going to learn the triangle. Talking about how both he & Karl lost to the Bulls & PJ. How great the system is and how he would devote himself to learning it. That's as far as he went. He didn't (or maybe he wasn't smart enough to) learn the triangle. And, as usual, he became a malcontent. Wanting to play his way. It's our experience with GP that proves that AI would've been just as problematic--both wanted to do it "Their Way" (maybe they spent too much time at Burger King as kids or listened to too much Sinatra singing "My Way").

2. Vlade Divac. On the other hand, it wasn't Vlade's presence that caused the demise of the Lakers in the 1991 Finals. Mike "Dumb & Dumber" Dunleavy coupled with Worthy & Scott's injuries. There are Average NBA Coaches, There are Great NBA Coaches & then there are Championship NBA Coaches. There are some coaches that are great at developing young players. And then there's Dumb-And-Dumber-Leavy. Might be a great player, might be a great guy, but he's definitely NOT a great coach. And, unfortunately for the Lakers, they ran into the beginning of the Greatest Championship Coach Ever--PJ!

3. And then there's the others you discussed: Sucky Atkins, 2nd-Tierre Brown, (You've Heard of "The Unsinkable Molly Brown", Well, until his contract was expiring, he was) Kwame aka "The Untradeable Mammy" Brown, Mushcalade Parker, and Elden "Dilbert" Cambell (Small Hands and an Even Smaller Heart). None of whom are worthy of discussion.

NOW, Here's Why Barnes, Blake & Ratliff are Different:

They have proven skill sets and the heart required to step up and provide a formidable bench. That, coupled with the following (See Below), EQUALS "2nd quarter and end of 3rd quarter Rides Instead of Slides" PLUS A "GOT YOUR BACK" BENCH when the starters get in early foul trouble.

Barnes, Blake & Ratliff will be driven & prepared by the following:







All the Naysayers Said Barnes Wasn't Attainable! Mitch Did It!

All the Naysayers Said The Lakers Wouldn't Do Well in the Draft! Then Came Caracter & Ebanks! Mitch Did It!

All the Naysayers Thought the Lakers couldn't upgrade at point guard! Mitch Did It!

And Now Let It Be Said That Mitch "The Dealmaker" Kupchak Has Upgraded the Entire Bench of a Back-to-Back Championship Team! While At The Same Time Retaining the Core of that Championship Roster! Mitch Did It!

Barnes & Ratliff are upgrades and they will perform.

The Lakers Just Got More Versatile... More Deliberate... More Impervious!!!!!!



mmmmmm I don't know people, this guy has alot of tattoos.
I'm gonna wait and see how they play before getting excited. The Triangle has a funny way of messing players rhythm up.

@Magia32 "mmmmmm I don't know people, this guy has alot of tattoos."

So does Trevor Ariza!

Barnes isn't a Space Cadet or an Artest-Cadet. He has a high basketball IQ. But he's just an emotional player. That emotion will be tailored and focused by PJ, Derek & Kobe.

Barnes had 10 technical fouls last season. Kobe had 14. Barnes averaged 2.3 personal fouls last season. His career average is 2.2. I'm less concerned about techs than personals. A solid defender that averages 2.2 fouls per game is EXCELLENT!!!!!!

He'll fit in just fine...


I just hope this thug learn something from KB and PJ...
Can we still get Shannon back, or the party is over?

nice pick up for the 3-peat!
we need edgy guys like this on OUR side who can shoot the three and play D especially against the physical bullies of the east.
can you say Rick Fox-Lite?!~
i liiiike!

Magic Phil, I think that the party is over...the Lakers have two roster spots left, and they will probably sign the two rookies to round out the squad.

And to answer your questions, yes Barnes could cover a few minutes guarding either Dwyane Wade or LeBron. He's not going to lock them down or anything, but he'll make them work for their points, and he'll get under their skin.

Having him and Sasha on the floor at the same time is going to really annoy some people.

I'm not as thrilled as some about the Barnes signing. I thought we had the 3-spot well-covered and would rather have brought back Brown. Regardless, Barnes is now a Laker so I'll support him. I think Theo's a solid insurance player, he's been in the league a long time and he knows what to do.

Sorry Jon K but because that thing with your "source" well I just had to say it lol. Besides it won't be for a while until the next Lakers-Clippers game so just venting Anti-Clipper messages lol.

Last one until the scouting reports on the Clippers maybe...for sure it will be on the games (and maybe when the Clippers choke again LOL).

In any case about Barnes I'm happy we signed him we are getting towards defense instead of playing either Dumbo "I'm the best PG in the league" Farmar and Shannon "Where's Waldo erhm Ray Allen" Brown. Though I will disagree with you MM as much as Barnes is an upgrade defensively he isn't a "good" shooter by any means having his best shooting year at 36%. In an offense where spacing is everything he'll have to hit that mid range shot more consistently than ever. Plus it's going to be a fight between him and Artest to see who will be the one on the court during crunch time. Everyone knows that it will be Fisher-Bryant-Odom-Gasol in there so will it be Matt or Artest?


Indeed. If you were curious as to when it comes to passing, these are the bottom 3 ratings of Passing for the Lakers:


b. Payton had a great press conference joining the Lakers. Talking about how he was going to learn the triangle. Talking about how both he & Karl lost to the Bulls & PJ. How great the system is and how he would devote himself to learning it. That's as far as he went. He didn't (or maybe he wasn't smart enough to) learn the triangle. And, as usual, he became a malcontent. Wanting to play his way. It's our experience with GP that proves that AI would've been just as problematic--both wanted to do it "Their Way" (maybe they spent too much time at Burger King as kids or listened to too much Sinatra singing "My Way").
Posted by: Marc B (With a 'C') | July 22, 2010 at 10:34 PM


As the only PG to have ever won the DPOY, it must have hurt GP's pride that Tony Parker was running rings around him. GP knew that one of the ways to slow down young speedy PG's is to make them work on defense. GP was begging PJ to let him post up on TP, 'to get back at the kid'. Unfortunately, a PG posting up in the Triangle is a sacrilege and PJ prevailed.

That is a nice analysis too Marc B. I thought of reminding new Lakers that coming to the Southland is not just to get rings. It comes with it hard work, responsibility and contributions to the team. Artest paid his dues and earned something from his persistence. Gasol became a changed man when he became a Laker. That is what we expect from Blake, Barnes and Ratliff. They may be veterans, old in the business, used to do the same old things all over again, well they should change that paradigm as role players. When they are called to play they should contribute in so many ways may it be rebounds, defense, free throws. Their Laker tenure is not just a passing time to get to the next contract but perhaps a place where they would finish their career. A career that they can be proud of to tell their children and grandchildren that "I was formerly a Laker with so and so and this is how we played the game etc.etc. Every time I dribble at Staples, I'm having goose bumps as though I'm being watched by the golden voice, Chick Hearn chuckling at hot dog plays or the late Mikan & Wilt nodding their heads and Jerry West telling me how to execute a jump shot. The legends are still alive in the rafters, all present cheering for me."

True, Marc Lakers became better with the addition of these three veterans. As part of the package, their coming here also added a new legacy in their professional career as NBA player. They should contribute in order to attain the dream glory.

Marc B (With a 'C')

Btw I don't get the (With a C) thing, but anyways, I must be drunk , to be reading the blog this late. I might feel different about it tomorrow.
Anyways, what about the Triangles funny way of making players game disappear?
To tell you the truth I'm more excited about Theo, that boy likes block parties.

Still holding out hope that Shannon Brown will be back. He wanted a longer contract and I think the Lakers will give it to him.

I can't wait for Sasha and Luke's contract to be off the books. But I have to admit, I like Sasha's heart, and defensive intensity. He is just not very effective offensively.

Sad for Shannon...

Mitch...just buy out Walton's contract and sign Shannon Brown !!!!!

We need an outside shooter!

"DHoward has been 1st team all NBA and 1st team all defense for 3 consecutive years. He's a better one on one defender, help defender, offensive/defensive rebounder, shot blocker, intimidator than Bynum."

All true up to this point and realistically Drew probably will never be the defender that Howard is due to Howard’s explosiveness. He has made great strides defensively playing relatively few minutes though and IF he stays healthy there is no reason to believe that he won’t develop from a good to a great defender. Howard on the other hand doesn't seem to be making any progress offensively. I've been watching his game hoping that he would because I really like him as a player and a person but it's just not there.
As for grit I disagree. Drew came into the league at what 18? When he responded to being dunked on by Shaq by slamming it in his face on the other end we got our first glimpse of what lurks underneath. He is just now starting to become a man and to me alleviated any concerns I had about his motivation, toughness and heart during these playoffs. If he can put a full season together I think he’ll be right up there with any big in the league and he’ll still be a kid.
Would I trade him straight up for Howard right now? If the difference in salaries didn’t sabotage the whole team I think one would have to, but it would be a decision that could haunt a GM for many years….

Theo Ratliff was a great pickup.. Will be a valuable backup/mentor to Andrew Bynum. This Matt Barnes signing, on the other hand, is something that's going to take a little time getting accustomed to. Everyone is talking about his ability from 3 point range, but I look at his stats and see a career .329 shooter with 5 seasons below 30%. Sure, there's no doubt he's a tough, scrappy defender but he is lacking on the offensive end. He's a poor passer who is streaky from downtown.

Mark this post: TMAC would have been a much better acquisition during this offseason. Tracy McGrady is going to have a very solid year in Chicago this upcoming season ( where he's most likely to end up now that Barnes has his spot in LA). I think McGrady would have brought a dynamic to the Laker bench that Barnes never will & would have made them a much more dangerous team come next post season.

Let's not forget that unlike Raja, Barnes chose a championship contender instead of a bigger paycheck. Seems like a stand up guy already. If he is a thug...he's a thug that can play ball. I'd rather play with a thug than against one.
Shannon may still be signed if one of the Rookies isn't, if Luke is medically unable to perform or if the Lakers choose to carry 14.
I believe that trades are also possible still but not until the season starts. Mitch is booking his vacation trip, so far so good MK.

WAY TO GO MITCH!!... you and me are starting to think more and more alike.

with the addition of barnes... you know what this means?

- mitch is loading up on defense!

- our bench is VASTLY improved over last year with blake and barnes.. like a gazillion times better... we now have 2 very quality bench players in blake/barnes replacing farmar/shannon. WOW!

- theo ratliff is no slouch defensively.. very long. and capable of altering shots much like bynum... looks like mitch was looking for some wingspan. nice.. may come handy in playoffs as a nice insurance plan to bynum...

- but most importantly luke gets buried DEEEEEP to the end of that bench.

and way to go barnes! cavs offered you 7MIL guaranteed for 2 years. so let me get this straight... you gave up an additional 3.4MIL!! now that i can respect. you're gonna fit right in my man!!

To expand, I'm not saying that Howard can't score, but the Magic are a much better team when the offense doesn't run through him for all the reasons I listed in my original post that opened up this can of worms. I think that Bynum can get to the point that an offense can run through him and be efficient.

@KB Blitz-
I appreciate the stats and to this point Howard is the better player on paper and in reality, no doubt. The argument is who has the potential to be a great player. Shaq, Hakeem, Kareem, Wilt etc. in their prime are in the stratosphere. Howard and Bynum are both still on earth.

I think Luke will be on the bench or inactive list most of the year. The Lakers need another guard or they will have to pick one up during the year. Sasha gets hurt every year and Fisher is going to be 36. You need one more guard coming off the bench. Last year we had Farmar, Fisher, Kobe, Sasha and Shannon.

The bad news for Shannon and Sasha is that Blake can play the 1 and the 2. Blake is going to come in early for Fisher, play with Fisher when Kobe goes out and then finish the half on the bench and then repeat in the second half.

Switching topics, great pickup in Barnes. Will miss Shannon though, he was fun to watch.

The Snake-
the triangle, like the love, happily posts up guards.


Great moves by Mitch.

Adding defense and thoughness.

Voila! And with that the Lakers are re-loaded. Ive been saying the Matt Barnes prayers since Raja Bell fell through and it happened. This was a very necessary and key pickup. Bigger than Blake because Barnes is the only guy left that has the experience, and can play both the 2 and the 3 spot.

We desperately needed someone to make Luke Walton irrelevant. Now he is. Further, Barnes can give you minutes at the two guard which means Sasha's expiring contract can be used in a trade or can be used to motivate Sasha into having another machine like season before being banished back to Slovenia.

Brown was a fine dunker but an otherwise skill-less basketball player. This is now a deep and veteran bench that is going to be capable of alot more production. No more slides for this bench. Anything that Caracter and Ebanks bring will just be gravy and id bet one of two breaks out.

Would have like Raja. But Ill take Raja light. Matt Barnes.

Now we dont have to hear from the Shaq and TMAC brigade anymore. Basketball common sense prevails. If the Lakers are not now the prohibitive favorite id be shocked. Barnes puts us over the top.

Also, Matt Barnes turned down 2x the money to be with the Lakers. He gets an extra ovation at the Staples Center. No, he is not the dead eye shooter Bell is. Thats why he was the 2nd choice. But had we lost Barnes we would have been stuck with Luke in the rotation and Brown coming back. Cuz there was NO ONE left at the 3 spot who could play. Barnes was it.


@Magia32 "what about the Triangles funny way of making players game disappear?"


Most offenses these days are predicated on either pick-and-roll and/or isolations. High School and College systems further this style of play and players become indoctrinated in the "give me the ball and watch me do my stuff" mindset.

The Triangle (aka The "Triple Post" Offense) was initially developed at the college level by USC Coach Sam Barry. Tex Winter, who played for Sam Barry (as did Bill Sharman and Alex Hannum--more on that later), refined Sam Barry's system into The Triangle. And when run effectively, it actually breaks zone defenses (not just man-to-man).

Effective running of the triangle is predicated on the concept that the offense reacts to the defense. Not by holding the ball or dribbling, but through passing and player movement (cutting) in reaction to what the defense gives you.

The player movement (cutting) is through strong and weak side triangle rotations through three post options. Strong side triangle can become weak side and vice-versa due to the combination of ball movement and player movement.

There are plays that are run through the triangle, but, the moment the defense reacts differently, the offense adjusts. There isn't an audible. The play just naturally evolves into another. It requires quick thinking, reacting and crisp passing.

And it also requires player confidence on the best time to shoot rather than pass.

In the event the shot clock is about to expire (the defense has countered the countermeasures of the triangle), then that's where a closer like Kobe or MJ takes over.

If you look back at the 2001 Playoffs, you'll see (and this is in PJ's words) the crispest execution of the triangle by any Phil Jackson coached team. Prior to that playoff run, I recall PJ stating his 72 win Bulls ('95-'96 Season) were the best at running the triangle and definitely ran the most variations of it.


Players disappear in the triangle because they aren't capable of performing without the ball in their hands. They shoot at inopportune moments, aren't capable of reading the proper pass, hold the ball too long, or over dribble. These are just a few reasons they don't fit in.

That's why a player like Steve Nash or Chris Paul wouldn't necessarily be a good fit for the Lakers. They typically need the ball to create for their teammates.

In reality, slashers, post-up players & long range shooters thrive in this system.

Last summer, Kobe went to Hakeem to learn some more post-up moves and footwork. The reason for that is so he would have more options (threats) available that would force the defense to react differently. Which in turn opens up additional options for the offense.

The Triangle requires skilled, high BB-IQ players that are willing to sacrifice some elements of their game. For example, just looking at Kobe's scoring in the '08-'09 season, you can see he sacrificed his offensive numbers.

The Triangle doesn't routinely show off individual skill sets.

But The Triangle Wins Championships!

If you count the '71-'72 Lakers (Coached by Bill Sharman (Yes, Bill Sharman actually brought some of Sam Barry's some early triangle variations to the Lakers before PJ and Tex did to the Bulls; and Alex Hannum brought it to the NBA while Tex was developing his version as Head Coach at Kansas State)), the '66-'67 Sixers (Coached by Alex Hannum), and the '57-'58 St. Louis Hawks (Also Coached by Hannum), a Form of the Triangle has been run on at least 14 NBA Championship teams.

Hope that helps...

BTW, I'm Up Reading Your Post This Late Because I'm Having an Insomniac Moment...

FYI--Marc B (With a 'C') came about when bloggers started mistaking comments made by Mark G with mine and vice-versa. Actually, Mark G started it with Mark G (With a 'K'). After asking Mark G for his approval to use this concept, I decided to follow suit when some Trolls started using "Mark B" posing as me. I started getting flamed for things I didn't write. I responded with this and it just caught on.


The team's main weakness for the last couple years was the bench. It was sometimes painful to watch those bench stretches in the beginning of the second and fourth. The bench seems better now than last year(Blake>Farmar, Barnes>Walton), but there is still a question mark at shooting guard. If Shannon doesn't come back, Sasha has to step up. If he doesn't, can Ebanks or Barnes put in minutes at the 2? I haven't seen too much of them to make that judgment.

Darnit! I hate this Barnes guy. What a cheap shot artist.Also remember how he couldn't get Kobe to Flinch? He is going to to have to earn my respect.

Ruud: "Even after counting Sasha and Bynum, the average age of Lakers' roster so far this year comes to 30.5.....
Not sure why, but that kinda gives me some concern.."

Seems to me that Mitch, and Jerry Buss the master poker player, have gone "all-in." Future in now. In 3 years, Miami may be an untouchable monster. Dump the kids, bring in savvy vets. 3-5 year window, and get what you can, after which you gotta break the team down and start over, maybe around Drew, if he continues to develop.

Not to be a party pooper, but,

Matt Barnes was a non-factor against Boston in the playoffs.

But I do believe he was hurt.

I really think Shannon pulled an Ariza and basically asked the Lakers not to bring him back. From the second he opted out, I questioned his reasoning. It never looked to me like there was a team out there willing to offer him enough money to make up the difference between a two time world champion that he helped build and some cold-weather team with cap space. But he did it. He opted out and now he'll be lucky to get the long term deal he's hoping for from any team. He might get the deal to play in Cleveland, but not LA, at least. And he should know better. How many R&B videos has the guy been in the last year? He can kiss those goodbye, though I hear the "Chocolate Rain" guy is doing a video in Akron this winter. Shannon's been called.


Shannon Brown was irrelevant when the Lakers acquired him along with Ammo from the Bobcats, Ariza was also irrelevant when the lakers traded for him from the Magic. They both won a championship and wanted to test the waters; their bait was a ring and Finals experience. No shark took it and they wanted to come back on board.

Point is the Lakers helped their career and surely so did us fans and bloggers who said they were inmportant and a crucial piece to the Lakers winning. Well all that attention went to their heads and thought they were worth more than they are. Shannon should of called up Ariza and asked how was it to leave LA.

Great off-season decisions,Mitch.You've done it well.

Re: Ariza, Brown: Testament to the ability of The Triangle to take journeyman ballers and allow them to shine within a system that gives them a role to play and a means to excel. When you think about, no players who left have been able to achieve anything like the heights they reached within that system, even MJ.

The '04 team failed because, among other reasons, Payton and Malone never really embraced the system, especially Payton. [...listen to spoiled Laker fan: making finals and losing in 5 = failure]

The FO has wisely gone with tough/savvy vets. No need to worry about the avg age of the team b/c the league is now entering into the super team era. For the next 4 seasons baring injury or lockout, the Lakers rule the West; after that the big guns will age out. The Lakers wasted 3 years of Kobe's prime on "youth" (Smush, Kwame, B. Cook, Farmar, Sasha, etc.).....The next few seasons have to be about repeating as Champs and retooling the roster. The Last 3 Chips the Bulls won in the "Big 2 Era" were w/ savvy vet teams who out foxed younger ball clubs w/ toughness and experience. Mitch has done a fabulous job of signing role player who will make a difference.

Wow. LeBron James is quickly becoming the most hated man in American sports. No joke. After spending a week with D-Wade and Chris Paul, suddenly Chris Paul has demanded a trade to a big market team, with the Knicks heading his list. This is about to be an ugly trend that LeBron has given wings to, with all the small market guys deserting their small-market teams to be big-market, big-boy stars like LeBron.

LeBron is already hated in Cleveland, Toronto, New York and Chicago, with Carolette about to be put on the list if he successfully convinces Chris Paul to leave for New York.

This is about to change the NBA, and for the worse.


Barnes is like Sasha with tatooes, slightly better defense and some athlecism.

Artest, Kobe, Barnes, Sasha all has something in common, pesky defense.

Worst, as it were.

Hey MM--is there any way we can get an edit button on these posts? If I could edit my writings, I could eliminate about 85% of my typos and I would look like 85% less of an idiot.

That would be sweet.


Lakers need a man who can defend Dwyane Wade (Artest gets LeBron) for 20 minutes a game to protect Kobe from foul troubles. Bell would be the perfect man for that job, but Matt Barnes is my 2nd choice for that job. This is an important pickup.
This COULD BE the difference between Kobe sitting on the bench in the 4th quarter due to foul trouble vs. Kobe pulling the game away early in the 4th in the NBA Finals.

Yeah the trend seems to be that every so called 'Super Star' of the NBA is demanding to leave their team and sign w/ another team that has a 'super star' already. Like I said before, props to Derron Williams for not becoming a sheep.

Big big difference between Drew Brees and Chris Paul when it comes to the community...

After Brees and the Saints wins the Super Bowl, and unites New Orleans, after the devastation of Katrina...Chris Paul totally disrespects his city and community...

Maybe he has no alliance with NO, but only with Charlotte...Meanwhile Brees and the Saints have fully bonded with the city, with the team showing genuine support and dedication to the rebuilding...

Welcome to the age of the new athlete...One, where stars are more conscious about their image or brand...And they are all caught up with the notion that with out rings, they are just not elite players...they show no fan loyalty, and no patience...

I think this mentality will hurt the NBA in the long run....And on another note...This is why I have so much respect for Durant, and will be cheering for the guy...He is the youngest of all the new stars, but he handled his resigning with no fanfare...what a great professional...and he is willing to stick it out in Oklahoma City, and try to win a championship there...Hey Mr. Stern...there is your poster boy for the future of the league...


because u r the only one up, i found this book

The Solaris Effect: Art and Artifice in Contemporary American Film [Paperback]

the first chapter, like 20 pages R ABOUT Solaris. the rest is the influence. if u can't see the book in a bookstore, make an interlibrary loan. before u order it.

Sci-Fi is not my interest and Solaris was the Least Tarkovski for me. because of u i will try to re-Watch it, but i'm not in a great mood for it. at the moment i'm on a Pasolini-Marker-Varda-Godard menu. and it will stay like that for some time.

but maybe, i hope, u r already familiar with the book. if not, hope it adds something to your interest in the movie.

PG-Fisher, Blake, Vujacic
SG-Bryant, Vujacic, Barnes
SF-Artest, Barnes, Ebanks
PF-Gasol, Odom, Caracter
CE-Bynum, Gasol, Ratliff

I still can't stop smiling! Everything I wanted for this off-season has happened. Everything I did not want to happen has not happened.

A better back up for Fisher, who's actually better than Fisher. Blake is a combo of Brown's, height and dfense, Farmar's PG skills, and Fisher's stability and maturity.

A better back up for Kobe and Artest, whose got size, plays defense and can shoot three's. Barnes is an upgrade in dfense over Morrison, Luke and Sasha.

A 3rd back up Center, can defend and proven for PJ. Phil did not trust Mbenga, Ratliff is obviuosly Phil's kind of guy.

13 man roster.

Brown or Sasha? Regular season and playoffs, I will take Brown. Finals I will take Sasha!

Brown's versatility as a combo guard has been useful for PJ in the past. Brown has been effective playing bigger PG as well. Sasha's free-throws is money! If he only knew how to get to the line more frequently. Who is more consistent?

Bye Shaq! (Lakers need to be cohesive). Bye Tmac! (Lakers need role players for dfense, not offensive minded falling star).

"The Last 3 Chips the Bulls won in the "Big 2 Era" were w/ savvy vet teams who out foxed younger ball clubs w/ toughness and experience. Mitch has done a fabulous job of signing role player who will make a difference."

VERY JACKOSN LIKE HIRES. NICE MICTH! Exactly, Farmar, Adam, Mbenga are all gone and replaced by savy veterans for role players. IT"S DOMINATION formula now! This LAKERS ARE NOW LOOKING TO DOMINATE!!!

now the only thing left is to change the name of the franchise

the Los Angeles Turtles?

Los Angeles Sea Turtles?

or as a compromise (r there turtles in lakes - not very good with animals and plants)

The Los Angeles Lake Turtles?

THE LAKERS R GENTRIFIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not even dunks r allowed)

actually the signs of Gentrification started when PJ inherited his throne on the sideline. and the Zen of the Master over-flooded (sorry Fatty - no pun intended) the court

The priceless headline this morning? "LeBron Gives Paul Blessing to Seek Trade." I didn't even read the article; did anyone else imagine LeBron in a pimped-out Vito Corleone get-up, stroking a cat, wearing a tuxedo, with a greasy 'stache and a cane leaning against his desk? All he's missing is a giant, gaudy ring on his pinkie. Oops.

People are saying Chris Paul might come to the Lakers-- I'm going to give you three quick reasons why that won't work.

1.) The Lakers don't play Paul's brand of basketball. They have two 7-footers. TWO! And they both freakin' start! The triangle offense does not require a true point guard, just a guy who can get open and hit threes (stares at Steve Blake and Derek Fisher). The Lakers roster is good as it is to be a contender. To add Paul would require that...

2.) The Lakers would have to give up too much. Who the hell would they trade? Bynum? L.O.? Fish? Artest?... Sasha Vujacic? Yeah, maybe when my house starts pumping Heineken through the sink faucets. Then again, that's what I said about moving Kwame Brown and getting Pau Gasol. Never doubt Mitch the Magician.

However, even Kupchak would concede that this just isn't a sound investment. Remember, Chris Paul is playing without a meniscus in his knee. The meniscus is a shock-absorber for your knees-- without it, every time you jump or put pressure on your knee, the two major bones in your leg are grinding against each other. If that's not potential for future problems, I don't know what is.

3.) In The Color of Money , Tom Cruise is Vincent, a hot-shot pool player, and Paul Newman plays Fast Eddie, his beleaguered, clearly exasperated mentor. Cruise's character is a very raw, brash, and cocky pool talent who essentially wants to annihilate anyone that plays against him.

Eddie teaches Vincent to bide his time, play slowly, lose intentionally, and hustle the other players in order to make the most cash.

In a pivotal scene, Cruise goes absolutely berserk and shoots the lights out of a bar that he and Eddie had "scouted" to hustle—effectively destroying any potential revenue-streams. What could have been thousands of dollars is essentially crapped out for $150 that Cruise's character wins in flamboyant fashion.

Eddie at this point delivers my favorite line in the movie:

"A hundred and fifty dollars?! Vincent if you walk into a shoe store with a hundred and fifty dollars, you walk out with one shoe!"

I just described, in a nutshell, what Derek Fisher is to Kobe Bryant. Derek Fisher and Kobe Bryant are good for each other, and most importantly, Fish is USED to him, the same way Kobe's teammates right now are getting used to him.

Remember in 2007-2008, when the Lakers were atop the Pacific Division and in the running for the Western Conference—WITHOUT Pau Gasol? A lot of people forget that Pau Gasol came mid-season, when the Lakers were already looking like the best in the west. Derek Fisher was a huge part of that success; Fisher knows how to get the most out of Kobe, even where Phil Jackson may fail sometimes.

Chris Paul can't deal with Kobe; they might be friends off the court, but Chris Paul will never be the competitor Kobe is. Kobe has Michael Jordan's competitive disorder; I think I actually saw an entry for it in the DSM-IV, complete with the Michael Jordan rookie-card photo for reference. Let's get back to Chris Paul's trade request and his other star-studded destinations, though.

What disappoints me is that instead of guys who want to stick to their guns and work with what they have, "The Decision" has spurred players to actively seek to join championship teams.


Looks like Kurt Thomas will sign with the Bulls for one year...;_ylt=AqA7KWTtl2sT4zofhMP.tUy8vLYF?slug=ap-bulls-thomas

Wow. That's cool Ouch. Thanks for thinking about me and that great art. I'm an early riser and I'm on east coast time, I'm up at 3-4am LA time every day.



that's ouchhhhhhhhh and intangibles!!!!!!!!! LOL

Wow, what a great off-season we've had. Can't wait for the new season to start.

ohhhhhhhhhhhh, and the Shaq fans have to be very upset:

"No Snak's 4U"

(i hope Kobe has a special clause in his contract that says that until he is ALIVE, Shaq's jersey WILL not be retired AT STAPLES!!!!!!!!!!!!! - YESSSSSSS)

Lately I've been watching my bigfoot genra collection, Ouch, and even to the consternation of my friends and family (movie snobs) I love those films. From "The Legend of Boggy Creek," to "The Capture of Bigfoot," to the great 1957 "Abominable Snowman" with Peter Cushing and Forrest Tucker, to the countless cheesy late 70s mockumentary style films like "The legend of bigfoot," "Sasquatch, The Legend of Bigfoot," "The Creature from Black Lake" and even "Shriek of the Mutilated."

I guess we all have our odd sides.


Most of these are dollar bin films, too, and some of the best you can get at that price.

Ron Ron loving Matt Matt

"Matt has the heart off a lion on steroids wit extra chest hairs and three testicles screaming " Adrian "!!!!!!"

did the martial arts practitioners on this site know that:

"Blake is a far better athlete than is generally understood, with Mitch Kupchak revealing that in Blake’s Lakers pre-draft workout he "tested out as one of the best players we’ve ever had as far as physical ability." That was seven years ago, and even though Blake still looks like a dude working behind a Subway counter, he actually does mixed martial arts that showcase his uncommon core strength."

Mitch has done a great job. The bench was a very weak piece last year. I think the bench is much improved, now get them to learn the triangle.

Aesop Fable - The Frogs Desiring a King

The Frogs were living as happy as could be in a marshy swamp that just suited them; they went splashing about caring for nobody and nobody troubling with them.
But some of them thought that this was not right, that they should have a king and a proper constitution, so they determined to send up a petition to Jove to give them what they wanted.
"Mighty Jove," they cried, "send unto us a king that will rule over us and keep us in order."

Jove laughed at their croaking, and threw down into the swamp a huge Log, which came down splash to the swamp.
The Frogs were frightened out of their lives by the commotion made in their midst, and all rushed to the bank to look at the horrible monster.
But after a time, seeing that it did not move, one or two of the boldest of them ventured out towards the Log, and even dared to touch it; still it did not move.

Then the greatest hero of the Frogs jumped upon the Log and commenced dancing up and down upon it, thereupon all the Frogs came and did the same; and for some time the Frogs went about their business every day without taking the slightest notice of their new king Log lying in their midst.
But this did not suit them, so they sent another petition to Jove, and said to him, "We want a real king; one that will really rule over us."
Now this made Jove angry, so he sent among them a big Stork that soon set to work gobbling them all up. Then the Frogs repented when it was too late.

Better no rule than cruel rule.

That Aesop must have been pyschic...He wrote about Lebron and Miami back

Cast of Characters:

Frogs - Heat
Jove - David Stern
Log - LeBron James
Hero of the Frogs - Dwane Wade
Stork - Lakers

If the new guys learn the system quickly, there may be no Luke or Sasha this year. Luke is a great passer, but he's overpaid if he has back issues. Sasha is a shooter, but if he continues careless play, the new guys, especially Blake, can defend and shoot. I can see one of the two being released, so Shannon can come back.

[This is a re-post from the end of the previous thread.]

Wow! What a great day for the Lakers and Mitch Kupchak. Give the GM and A+ for addressing the team's needs this off-season.

The comparison to Payton and Malone is bogus. Karl couldn't have been a better citizen during the time he wore a Lakers uniform; the split between him and Kobe came later. Like Malone, Payton was brought in to be a starter; Gary just never clicked with the Triangle.

What Mitch has done is pretty much clean house with a bench that just never seemed to click last season. Farmar never delivered on his promise; Shannon showed us he could dunk but he also showed us the limitations of his game, both offensively and defensively. As much as we fans (as well as their coach and teammates) appreciated Mbenga and Powell for their character and their hard work, they weren't championship material where it counted.

The Lakers now have a bench that lives up to what Phil Jackson really wants from his second unit. From 6-11 the team has players who have proven their skills and have the fundamentals. They're not All-Stars at this stage of their careers, but they can be counted on to take care of business. Anything the Lakers get out of Caracter and Ebanks is a bonus, as they are both still projects, whatever their promise.

Some of you are bemoaning the apparent loss of Shannon Brown. Just yesterday, I watched the Lakers' Top 10 Playoff Highlights. UPS was prominently featured, no doubt about it. I'll admit to the thrills I felt as I watched him soar like an eagle and slam the ball through the hoop. It was exhilarating. But he and his agent gambled like Trevor Ariza before him and now he's on the outside looking in.

With or without UPS, the Lakers are now a better team than the roster that achieved back-to-back championships. Mitch gets an A+. Write it down. Take it to the bank. The Decision grabbed ratings. The min-decisions grabbed headlines. Mitch Kupchak has grabbed the pieces that place the Lakers in solid position for a 3-peat. There's no glamor. There's no star power in the off-season changes. The stars we need are in the starting lineup. What else could you possibly ask for?

@ Marc B (With a 'C')

Great post on Triangle offense.

I read one book about 71/72 Lakers season and it had a preface by Phil Jackson where he said that team would compete with his Chicago 95/96 team.
First because of the chemistry of the group that had Wilt Chamberlain and Jerry West on the end of their careers, but everyone shared the ball.

I think in the book it said they played a lot of fast break b-ball too.
Even Wilt admited that in the start he didn't believe in that team, but in the end they won the ring, and made some more records like the 33 straight wins.

So I just hope that Phil can make harmony between these players and for sure it will be another great year.

i like the signings. i'm not concerned about the jump in age for the Lakers. kinda reminds me of when PJ first came in to coach Shaq and Kobe. out went the youngsters and in came the vets: Rick Fox, AC Green, Ron Harper, Brian Shaw, John Salley, Glen Rice, and Robert Horry. i wonder what the average age of that squad was (minus the rookies)?

i hope the (soon to be?) rookies continue to develop. they should probably hook-up with some of the current Lakers and work-out together, get advice, and develop their respective games. Barnes needs to work on that 3 (especially from the baselines and corners), cuz he'll be seeing a LOT of open ones. maybe shaw, fish, and kobe can help out Barnes, Blake and Ebanks on the intricacies of guard play in the triangle. (and perhaps a refresher course for ron-ron)

i would've liked to see Lin get picked-up, too, but perhaps in the future. i hope Mitch keeps that kid on his radar by the time Fish retires. to lead your team in points, assists, rebounds, steals, and blocks is something truely amazing! the kid guarded the best player of the opposing team, regardless of position (1 through 5)! wow! i hope he turns heads over at Golden State (but not too many heads).

Shannon Brown is the most overrated Laker in quite some time. A few highlight dunks, and guys actually think he's a good basketball player.
He can't defend. He can't penetrate the lane. He's a high-flying leaper with very little demonstrated lateral quickness. His shooting is inconsistent at best. He is not fundamentally sound.

A few thoughts ...

1. Stop bagging on Luke/Sasha ... both had their moments in our recent championship run
2. Am I the only happy camper that Farmar isn't returning ... that's almost like addition by subtraction in my books, then again he also had his moments in the last run so best of luck 2 him
3. The thing I like the most about our FA signings this off season is that they're all competitors. Bodes well for our drive to 3peat
4. The thing i dislike most is our age. OKC is a real threat so lets hope our young rookies can run come playoff time cuz we'll need our legs.
5. CP3 is a no brainer but NO isn't moving him. Media hype as far as I'm concerned.

This is our era people ... Still enjoying the 2nd championship ... Still screaming at my kobe posters every now and then ... and so eager for the season to start

DOC, you can't just "release" either Sasha or Luke. they're both under contract for the upcoming season. it's possible to buy out Sasha, but that is rather pricey, and it's not a foregone conclusion that he can't contribute off the bench. he was starting to play farely well before his injuries (twice last season, i believe). plus Sasha is an expiring contract, so that is at least worth something.

meanwhile, Walton has 3 more years left on his contract. the Lakers are basically stuck with him until he retires or until that contract expires. another team might be interested in him in the final year as an expiring contract. for some reason, i don't see him lasting that long. hey, maybe he'll make a come-back this year. one bright spot: he shot 41% from behind the 3 last season! (which might mean he hit 5 of them...idk.)

Barnes may become a good player on our team, as long as he doesn't jack up more than one three-point shot every two games. But I don't think I'll ever be able to learn to like him like I did with Ron. Of course I won't take it too far and root against him. But I don't think I can defend him if the trolls start attacking his characters.
Nevertheless, Mitch has an excellent off season overall. I feel good about the upcoming season. I agree with the person who thinks that the Lakers FO go all-in with these moves. They feel that Miami will be a monster down the road once those players have more time to jell with each others and more role players are brought in. Let's win 2 or 3 more right now when our core group is still somewhat in their prime. We can worry about rebuilding later when their salaries come off the book. We'll have money under the cap to work things at that time.

Marc B (with a C),

Like reading your thoughts in general.
Saw your explanation for the "with a C".
The "C" might be less confusing and more obvious what it means if it were lower case.
I know, picky picky picky, mmob, ok...

Lakers is not the home of journeymen who are just interested of rings but home of ring makers and entertainers.

Posted by: Edwin Gueco | July 22, 2010 at 09:05 PM


That was really a good post, really enjoyed it.

this is our new clown, Matt Barnes:

and this, remember????????????????????


Agree with your comment about Durant being the futureNBA poster boy.
It is really hard to dislike him.
That is, until OKC knocks the Lakers out of the playoffs some year.

marc b, i also enjoyed that post about the triangle. i always wanted to learn more about it. i should probably read a book on it.

I don't like Barnes but now that he is a Laker will hope he does well and by mid-season am hoping he has shown plenty of good reasons why we picked him up.

Hopefully he doesn't pull too many "Sasha's"
(the elbow to Drajics face against the Suns).

But then, Sasha more than redeemed himself by closing out game 7 with those 2 ultra clutch free throws while finger combing his eyebrows. Talk about a cool dude.


KUDOS TO MATT BARNES!!! (turning down huge money for a chance to WIN)

Defense wins Championships!


Now that we got Matt Barnes we are closer to matching up with the Nuggets tat for tat!


Excellent comparison of 2011 Lakers with Bulls of 96-98. Both saavy veteran teams...i.e...old...that know how to get the job done. I remember thinking the Shaq/Van Exel/Jones - Lakers of 98 could beat the Bulls with all their athleticism and quickness. After blasting Seattle the Lakers got swept by that other veteran team...Utah.

Am I the only one who realizes that without Farmar and Shannon we have lost our energy guys and most productive bench players offensively?They put up 15 pts off the bench last season and though inconsistent provided scoring bursts in the playoffs and athleticism. Blake can hardly jump and is not a scorer. Not every team is stacked with non shooters like Rondo,Perk et al.We need to score! Barnes is a bad shooter and poor offensively and if we lose in the finals how do we rebuild with 30 yr olds? I hope Mitch knows what he's doing

Thanks for all the props and comments, we are all Laker fans yesterday, today and tomorrow. We always give our welcome mat and utmost respect to any player who will don the purple and gold. Like Blake to smile again and present his family to the fans is a very refreshing sign. Barnes, a Bruin who is familiar to LA life who showed some excitement in going for lower offer in order to play with the Lakers gives us hope for selfless players. Lastly, Theo Ratliff known for defensive prowess is replacing a huge shoes in the big heart of DJ. It takes time before he will be accepted by doubters but his performance on court is the key to that acceptance.

All in all with our new recruits, our team is much better last year on paper. It is a matter of time after honing up skills fitted to the system, working on chemistry in the locker room and travel, personal camaraderie with outsiders and newcomers with give and take attitudes blending to Laker spirit, then that will be the time we could laud these efforts. As my late father always remind me in saying: "the proof of the pudding is in the eating."

I wish Drew was in the conversation with Howard, but he's just not there yet. Howard has been the best center in the NBA the last 3-4 years while Drew hasn't even been an all-star. Howard does have the potential to achieve Dream/Shaq like greatness. He will never acheive Kareem or Wilt status...he's just not good enough. Bynum doesn't have the athleticism to reach Dream or Shaq greatness. Maybe he can reach Lanier status, which would be great for the Lakers.

Like I said before as Laker fans, we all view things thru purple lenses to some extent. But in Bynum's case, a few of you are seeing so much purple that even Prince aka artist formerly known as Prince...would plush.


I don't view the CP3 and Lebron situation as similar at all. Lebron was playing for a franchise that was committed to bringing a championship to Cleveland. Ownership said they would spend whatever it took. Yet he left. NO ownership has not shown the same commitment. I doubt blame CP3 for putting them on notice (just like Kobe did the Lakers).

Lebron was a free agent so he was free to leave. CP3 has two years left on his deal so he can whine all he wants but he has little power.

As far as CP3 competitiveness goes I think he's as competitive as any player in the league not named Kobe.

Here is latest news about Shannon on Fan House:

Bartelstein also represents Lakers guard Shannon Brown. Sources close to the Lakers expressed optimism that Brown eventually will return to Los Angeles but the sides are still haggling over contract terms.

"We're still talking,'' said Bartelstein, who did not expect any deal to be reached Thursday.

The Lakers are looking to sign swingman Matt Barnes with the $1.765 million left on their mid-level exception. But Bartelstein said a Barnes signing wouldn't affect Brown possibly re-signing with the Lakers.


There is still hope but the alley towards his return became narrower. It is a matter of days, Shannon should make the ultimate decision whether he likes to be a Laker or join another team for his demands. Shannon is not ready for MLE standards in other team or else they could have gotten him by this time. Lakers gave an extended rope in his career, I wish he could do the same and give back the Lakers another year of representation. He should think outside the box like promoting what Shannon can sell with his show in form of promotions, marketing etc. The contract the with Lakers is just a stepping stone to many other areas. He should sit with his agents, listen to his fans in this blog and MOVE ON........Stop negotiating with the train is ready to go.

It certainly wouldn't financially since the Lakers have early-Bird rights on Brown, and could exceed the salary cap to sign him. Brown opted last month out of a deal that would have paid him $2.149 million next season.

Marc B (With a 'C') ---

Excellent Post! Very thorough analysis and break-down of the Triangle (triple post) Offense.

Keep 'em coming, my man. Look forward to reading MORE of your entries.

As for the "With a 'C'" I get it: You are MarC - not - MarK.

However, as a Lakers Fan, I'm sure you understand that the Letter "C" is often associated with THAT ugly-green team from you-know-where! Haha.

P & G R

Erratum: The last paragraph is part of news clip from Fan House

Also it should read: "Stop negotiating when the train is ready to go."

The Lakers keep getting bigger and better. I love this baby! Miami who???

Dang, Laker's backcourt (and the backups) must be the most physical and intimidating in the league.

Barnes wasn't the guy I was hoping we signed, I thought Tmac could've been a real difference maker for us, but he's here, and he's one of ours now... him Ron and Kobe can get out there, lock some people down and irritate the opposition. Theo Ratliff, at 37 is an upgrade over Mbenga, sadly, with a dam near 40 year old backup center who's averaged 5 ppg in his career we just got better lol, 3 peat here we come!

Marc B (With a 'C') and Edwin,

Let us not forget the "journeymen"-type that have succeeded on the Lakers in the past:

1) Curt "Clark Kent" Rambis
2) A.C. Green
3) "Nick the Quick" VanExel
4) Ronny Turiaf
5) Vlade was successful, just not championship, and he got us Kobe.
6) Campbell was successful, just not consistent, well actually he was very good right up 'till he signed that $50 million contract.
7) Kwame wasn't successful at all, but he got us Pau.
8) Ron Harper
9) Brian Shaw
10) Rick Fox

There are many others. If you have mental toughness when you come to the Lakers, you will succeed. Period.


Pau Gasol, Jordan Farmar, Joe Johnson, Brandon Roy, Antawn Jamision, LaMarcus Aldridge, Mike Dunleavy, TJ Ford, JJ Redick, Dan Gadzujric, Mike Miller, JR Smith, Jermaine O'Neal, Martell Webster, Kendrick Perkins, Russell Westbrook, Tyreke Evans, Tracy McGrady, and Derrick Rose...

What do all these players have in common...

Edwin, thank you for that update on Shannon. i was wondering where things stood with him, and am hoping he returns. love that kid.

I love this baby! Miami who??? Posted by: EastCoastJessie | July 23, 2010 at 07:36 AM
You got that right Princess! I guess I don't have to ask how are You huh? Lol

What do all these players have in common...Posted by: LEWSTRS | July 23, 2010 at 07:45 AM
Out with it Lewstrs what? Lol!

Am I the only one who realizes that without Farmar and Shannon we have lost our energy guys and most productive bench players offensively?They put up 15 pts off the bench last season and though inconsistent provided scoring bursts in the playoffs and athleticism. Blake can hardly jump and is not a scorer. Not every team is stacked with non shooters like Rondo,Perk et al.We need to score! Barnes is a bad shooter and poor offensively and if we lose in the finals how do we rebuild with 30 yr olds? I hope Mitch knows what he's doing

Posted by: Stevie | July 23, 2010 at 07:09 AM

Blake is a much better spot up shooter than Farmar, we'll be fine there. Barnes is a much more consistent and aware defender than Shannon Brown, so we won't need highlight dunks to get the bench amped up after blowing a lead. What the team lost in athleticism, they more than made up for in execution and versatility. Blake can guard the 1-2 spots. Barnes can guard the 2-3 spots... nice moves.

so we won't need highlight dunks to get the bench amped up after blowing a lead. Posted by: raiderlaker1980 | July 23, 2010 at 07:48 AM

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