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Looking ahead to rest of Lakers' free-agency movement


There's no such thing as a Lakers off-season, but there have been very few things that have caused the organization to stress out during the dog days of summer. Sure, there was the uncertainty on whether Phil Jackson would return, but he decided a week after considering retirement to stay for one more year. There were also a few questions on whether Derek Fisher would remain or join the super-team that is the Miami Heat. Other than that, it's all been clear skies.

Lakers fans have sneered at LeBron James and "The Decision," a move that makes the Heat a legitimate contender against the Lakers. But I believe the defending champs still remain the favorite for the 2010-11 season. Lakers fans have enjoyed some summer league action, with rookies Devin Ebanks and Derrick Caracter proving to be some of the top players thus far. And surely, Lakers fans have taken a break from basketball and enjoyed normal summer enjoyments such as the beach, sleeping in and doing nothing. For the sake of the blog's Web traffic numbers, I hope that's not the case. For the sake of everyone having a balanced life, I hope it's so.

The Lakers have their main corps intact, but that doesn't mean General Manager Mitch Kupchak can take vacation just yet. Among the items on the agenda

1. What to do with Shannon Brown

Brown opted out of his contract, but that was done with the hope that he could either get a long-term deal with the Lakers or see if his market value would give him a better financial deal than the $2.1 million he was going to make this season. Though The Times' Broderick Turner reported Brown has attracted interest from the Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz, there's been little indication that he's been heavily sought. Nonetheless, the Lakers have considered keeping Brown as long as it's financially feasible because they like his upside and attitude. Nonetheless, The Times' Mike Bresnahan and Turner report the Lakers lately are considering letting him go.

2. Will Lakers pick up more free agents?

With the Lakers signing former Clipper guard Steve Blake to a four-year, $16-million deal and agreeing with Fisher to a three-year deal worth about $10.5 million, The Times reports that the Lakers have a total payroll worth $89.09 million. The NBA salary cap for the 2010-11 season will be at $58.04 million, while a dollar-for-dollary luxury tax threshold will kick in at $70.31 million. The Lakers also have $1.77 million left on their mid-level exception. With the Lakers needing to fill four more names to their roster, it's unclear how they'll do moving forward with the money constraints.'s Marc Stein reported that Bryant will meet Wednesday with free agent guard Raja Bell, adding more intrigue to their relationship, given the contentiousness they had in the 2006 playoffs, which serves as an integral reason why Bryant wants him. Acquiring Bell would instantly add a defensive presence to the backcourt, a variable the Lakers sorely lacked last season. Bresnahan and Turner have also indicated Shaun Livingston is an option, though he's had incredibly bad luck with injuries. Some Laker fans have wondered if Tracy McGrady is an option, but as McGrady indicated on his Twitter account the Lakers' front office hasn't contacted him. Tweeted McGrady: "laker nation is coming hard for me... no talks with front office yet tho."

3. What about Adam Morrison , D.J. Mbenga and Josh Powell?

Nothing new has been reported since, but it's been indicated that the Lakers don't expect to keep Morrison, Mbenga or Powell. Each brought great attitude and work ethic to practice, but didn't receive much playing time. Nonetheless, the Lakers haven't made any decisions.

4. How about the rookies?

Kupchak stressed after the NBA draft that he wouldn't just keep his draft picks because it'd save him money. They also had to be good. With Devin Ebanks and Derrick Caracter headlining summer league, Kupchak surely can count on them to help balance his checkbook. If the Lakers keep Ebanks and Caracter after training camp, The Times reports they could make $473,604 as rookie forwards.

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak still has a busy off-season. Credit: Alex Gallardo / Los Angeles Times.

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MM - need i say more about the article, fantastic job... you should write for BP (bill smthing lol) instead lol

It's OK Mark.

Of course you know us by now. And I would love it if there was a sarcasm font. I would be addicted.



>>>Hahahaha...Richard Jefferson didn't want to play 82 games for 15 mil next
>>>year so he opted out...He was looking for a deal like his best friend Luke
>>>Walton...6 mil for sitting on the bench...

Much as people here revile Luke's contract as being a huge ginormous albatross, consider this.

Jefferson was slated to make about as much NEXT YEAR ALONE as the remaining three seasons of Luke's contract.

There's overpaid, and then there's OVERPAID.

I always wonder Why Lebron could not convince WADE and Bosh to join Cavaliers instead of him going to Heat, there is something other than Championship in this case, b'coz
1.Miami already have a championship, and cleveland doesn't.
2.Lebron has upper hand on over bosh and wade.
3.Lebron is from Ohio, whereas Wade from Chicago
4.He would have got lot of respect a lot in homeland (almost like a God).


>>>I always wonder Why Lebron could not convince WADE and Bosh to join Cavaliers

It was nothing so complicated as your 4 reasons.

Very simple

Cavs had no cap space.

You can't sign two guys to max contracts with no cap space.

Miami had enough cap space. No other team in the league had enough cap space.

Miami was the only choice if those three wanted to play together next season.

LTLF...lighten up.

I DO like the IDEA of Sasha and his expiring contract being traded for some assets that would benefit the Lakers. Everything doesn't have to be within a specific set of boundaries. We're blogging. Proposal, idea....what's the difference?

I got a request for a Sign T-Mac bus...

I am still on the fence on this one, like LTLF, I will not jump on yet...

But you asked for got it...

Mitch Sign T-Mac Suburban

====------ === ------===
/_____l______l__ ___\____
ll- - -SIGN Tracy McGrady ------]
L___(0)l______l__ ____l(0) J

enjoy the game
Bharath Venkat

justa - I already told you, there is a chat tonight


Hopefully by 5:30, justa and mamba will be wrestling each other on the ground. How much are tickets for this event?

Etu, MM?? Well I tell ya what. If you want to see it, it could be arranged BUT it will cost you a couple tickets to the ASG in LA with you. One for each of us. What say you now? Posted by: justanothermambafan | July 13, 2010 at 04:04 PM
OMG!!! Shameless, absolutely shameless! Nothing but crass commercialicism. I already admitted, I was getting slightly afraid of you and that you could probably kick my @zz. But now, NOW!!! Not only do you want to kick it you also want to profit from it. OH SWEET JESUS! And as for BFF I said it first:
You know Justa I am becoming slightly afraid of you. I believe you probably could do most of the things you say. But then again...That's why I virtually Love you. Now don't get cocky. I love a lot of people, Lass, Mari. G. East Coast Jessie. Lol! Just playing with you Justa. My only love in life is Mari. G....But you can be my BFF. Posted by: mamba24 | July 13, 2010 at 03:44 PM
I now rescind that! You can only be my BF from now on. Forever is a long long time and as I say I'm becoming slightly afraid of you and I don't want to spend eternity looking over my shoulder to see if my Best Friend Forever is still that. So I'm sorry Missy Best Friend all Good! Best friend Forever...
Clap, Clap! And that concludes the entertainment for tonight Ladies & gentleman a donation of 50$ or more as you exit the Blog would be greatly appreciated....I'm just playing with ya JAMF don't get mad!
But that wrestling stuff...Didn't sound half bad!!! ROFLMAO!!

LEWSTRS can you get me on that sign TMac bus please!

Jon K - You have made several inappropriate comments about LeBron that I wound up deleting. You need to stop this because I've noticed you've been doing this a lot. It's nice for you to share with the readers your perspective on being in Ohio but anything about LeBron's personal life is far from good taste. Keep it all basketball related and we'll be fine.


Hello old fam and new fam.

@ I Bleed Purple and Gold
LONG time ago, I mentioned Brandon Bass from the Magic for Sasha. They need a shooter replacement for JJ Reddick and or Matt Barnes. Bass can bang, rebound and shoot in the perimeter. He is that tree stomp that we can use against the Danny Fortson-K Perk, Big Baby types chubby-morph bodies.

Though it won't clear cap space, and assuming we sign Bell or a healthy Tmac; here's our marauding second unit: Blake, Bell-McGravy, Ebanks, Odom and Bass. That's what I'm talking about. Minus Lamar and his 420 habit, that's an all hustle team.


Charlito's way...


You've rarely answered my posts when I've asked you questions in the past, but I think we really need some clarification on this point:

I think the Times has too simplistically stated the Lakers' salary cap position. Not all of the salary that the Lakers must pay counts towards their cap, does it? Any players playing under MLE or Biannual Exception contracts are exceptions to the salary cap, right? Isn't that how those two got their names in the first place?

Plus, some of those contracts were in response to signing their own free agents, which I think can be done in some occasions without regard to the salary cap as well.

Does anyone (other than Kupchak) know which players are in which category and how much Buss will actually pay in taxes?



But Mamba24 - one of the ASG tickets was for YOU. Now I'm hurt....:(


Lewstrs Could you put Justa & I together on the bus? Thank you. Oh & don't forget about Laker lass!


"The article on Grover and Tmac was written in 2009."

Ohhhh... LAL818, consider me not fully sold.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"Mbenga is a no-brainer sign. Why? Cheap. Positive attitude. Capable of contributing.

Name me anyone else besides Shaq that has these qualities... oh wait, Shaq doesn't have positive attitude and prob wouldn't sign for minimum. Scrap that. Mbenga is the ONLY choice at back-up C."

Funny as HELL!

I'm with you!


sup Charles - my brothafromanothamotha! Good to see around here more frequently.


When you say "several" I'm not entirely clear. I think there have been a couple that SOME over-sensitive people could potentially view as "crossing the line", but certainly not "a lot" or "several."

Anyhow, this blog has always embraced non sequitors. For God's sake we've had threads dedicated to shrimp on a treadmill!

That much said, I will endeavor to keep my posts more directly basketball related, but, in my view my posts have been basketball related in that basketball is more than what happens on the court... its also a business fueled by the personal decisions/desires of interesting psychological profiles.

But, if we disagree, we'll disagree and I respect that you run this place and I just blabber on a lot in it.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Sounds like the Clippers are interested in AmMo as well.

So no collusion for the three puppeteers in Miami? So does than mean that Kobe can actively recruit Melo for next season or Deron Williams for the following year or perhaps now in a sign and trade? I guess so. Wow! Come on Kobe, get the non-collusion talks started!


I, too, am mostly indifferent and would truly prefer UPS to come back. He has more upside than either of those two players and he has been in the trenches with this team.

However, I find that scenario less likely with each signing that occurs. I just don't see Brown actually taking a pay cut at this early of a stage in his carreer (and were I his agent I would advise STRONGLY against it, you only have so many chances to make big money in the NBA and Shannon has one or two more chances, at best).

I agree with your basic assesment, Mc Grady would add some offense, Bell would add some D, but I do wonder about some of the intangibles that we can only theorize about, for instance:

Which would fit better in the triangle?
Which would chaffe the most about minutes/disrupt team chemistry?
Which would you want if they had to play in a clutch situation?
Which has rehabbed the best?

Most of these will only be answered after the ink on the contract has dried and they have been playing for a month in the regular season.

Tim Grover is supposed to be a miracle worker when it comes to conditioning/rehab, but T-Mac has already worked with him considerably and didn't show much life as a Knick. I'm not saying it can't happen, it just hasn't yet.

Nobody has seen Bell in some time as he has had numerous elbow/hand injuries so we won't know how healthy he is either. It'll all be speculation.

If we were to take the health issue away (let's just assume they'll play roughly 75 games and be healthy come the playoffs), I actually think Bell is a better fit for the triangle. He's a good spot up shooter, doesn't need the ball to be effective and has been noted several times is an able and willing defender.

However, with the loss of our two most athletic bench players (Farmar and Brown), we will have a need for someone who can create their own shot, or provide others with an opportunity off the dribble. That would be T-Mac (or Shaun Livingston, but he's just as injury prone, can't shoot from the outside very well, and would get murdered in the playoffs when the physicality ramps up).

Both COULD contribute and I wouldn't be sad to get either one, they'd both be better than hoping some rookie or d-leaguer steps up in a big's a we haven't even heard how willing they are to play for peanuts. it's one thing to say it, it's another to sign on the dotted line.

In the end, I agree with your perception that out starting 5 is better than any other starting 5 out there and that will take us a long way into the playoffs.



GO LEWSTERSSSSSS!! keep on adding people to the bandwagonnn.
hope MK is readin these comments lol


add justa lmaoooooooooooooooooooo :D
and JOn k
oh and MM too lol

add Charles nd i bleed purp n gold

cmon guys we need more!!! lets bring this SUV straight to Stapel Center Parking lot!!!

Okay, here's a new tip.

John Ireland reports that Kobe is recruiting Kurt Thomas to join the Lakers.

But Mamba24 - one of the ASG tickets was for YOU. Now I'm hurt....:(
LOL!!! Posted by: justanothermambafan | July 13, 2010 at 04:24 PM

Justa stop this, Stop this I say! You know when you hurt...Damnit I hurt!
Now I was all set to settle down with the most beautiful being in creation
Mari. G. but now I'd throw it all away for...those ASG tickets LMAO!

@ justanothermambafromanothamotha

Word solid.

Honestly I think T-mac is on the Cwebb train per Detroit Years, not Philly years. If Raja and Kobe can work it out, he can be our James Posey from the East Coast years.

Regards and many chest pounds...

Hey charles, that Sasha for Bass trade assuming we do get Bell or TMac makes our bench look great. But the proplem is we arent clearing up any cap space. And if Caracter can translate his great play from summer leauge to the NBA, we can have the same type of guy in Caracter that we would have in Bass for alot cheaper. Still dont know who would take on Sashas contract in exchange for a cheap big vet. I guess it stays as wishful thinking ):

I like the idea of T-Mac on the Lakers, but worry about the change in team chemistry that he brings. T-Mac has always struck me as a very talented player but is also a me-first kind of player and I think for the good of team, we need guys who are more team oriented... one that will take one for the team, e.g. Mbenga, Powell, Bell, etc.... one with good work ethic, and

We have Bryant, Fisher, Vujacic, Gasol, Odom, Bynum, Artest, Walton, and Blake signed. NBA minimum roster is 13??? That means we got 4 open slots.

My preference for the Lakers FO to sign to fill these 4:
Devin Ebanks, DJ Mbenga, Shannon Brown, and Josh Powell.

But, if we disagree, we'll disagree and I respect that you run this place and I just blabber on a lot in itPosted by: Jon K. | July 13, 2010 at 04:31 PM.

Jon K sir you do not babble. You impart some of the most relevant and breaking news any Blog has ever had. We had the inside scoop on Princess Jimmy before Princess Jimmy did. You placed your self in mortal danger time & time to bring us this information and I for one thank you for being a part of this Blog and say KUDOS to you my brother

Adding veterans is only good when they come to us with an empty cup instead of a full one.

There's Thriller's attitude of "I'm going to the Lakers because they know how to win and I just want to win. I'll do whatever I need to help them win. Teach me."

And then there's Gary Payton's attitude of "I'm a future Hall of Famer and the Lakers better utilize all of my talents if they want to win."

We need the former attitude, not the latter one.

If TMac or Bell embrace the former attitude, count them in. If they embrace the latter, then they'd better wear another uniform not colored purple and gold.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Thank you. Together we make this place great. Everyone has their contribution.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


FEARLESS... In answer to your question, every dollar of salary - whether it was a new free agent signed via the MLE, BAE, or Rookie or Veteran minimum, a Lakers player for whom we had Bird rights, as well as any incentives that can reasonably be expected to occur – counts against the Lakers salary cap and is included in the grand total to determine if the Lakers are over the cap or over the luxury tax threshold.
If the Lakers are under the salary cap, they may make any deals they want. If they are over, they must match dollars in current year salary for any trade and may only sign their own free agents for whom they have Bird rights. Teams over the salary cap get 3 major exceptions to sign free agents – the MLE ($6M/yr), the BAE ($2M/yr), or the rookie or veteran’s minimum, which are fixed schedules that depend on where the rookie was drafted or how many years the vet has in the NBA. Since the Lakers are over the luxury tax threshold, they are also fined $1 for each dollar over the threshold.
The thing to remember about trades and all the talk about the cap and luxury tax threshold is that these only use the current year’s salaries to make their calculations. That is why we can trade a player like Sasha ($5M/yr current and total obligation) for a player making $5M/yr who has a 5 year contract for $25M. That is also why expiring contracts are so valuable. By not re-signing Ammo, for example, the Lakers saved his $5M salary and the $5M in luxury taxes. That is why they could use their MLE this year and still end up with the same total payroll of this year as last year. Next year, Sasha will let the Laker s to do the same thing. That’s why we will likely NOT trade him. We need the expiring contract to allow us to spend our MLE without raising payroll.
Hope this summary helps.


Teams are really gearing for the Lake Show. Dallas has traded Dampier, Matt Carroll and Eduardo Najera for Tyson Chandler. The Mavs have already re-signed Brendan Haywood. Laker length has everybody scrambling.

Check LAL818 blog from today 3:22pm. Click on the link to read TMac's rehab progress.
After I read about TMac's rehab progress, I'm convinced that TMac will still be able to play competitive basketball. We just need to give him the chance. His rehab program with Tim Grover and David Reavy is very encouraging. If we give him the chance to play and develop his confidence again, it's most probable he can be the Comeback Player of the Year. Plus Tim Grover has been successful helping Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Dwayne Wade. Kobe needs to consult with Tim Grover about TMac's condition. If he's convinced, Kobe then can persuade Mitch and Phil to sign TMac.
TMac doesn't need the money; he knows it's Kobe's team so he will keep his attitude in check. He wants a ring and wants to play for the Lakers. After all this and it doesn't work out, the Lakers can release him. It will be worth taking a chance with TMac. I have the same sentiment about Shaq too. Let's try to sign Shaq. Kobe wants Raja Bell because Raja can play defense and can shoot. That's good enough recommendation: Kobe's stamp of approval. Just like last year when Kobe gave his approval to sign Artest.
I don't know much about Erik Dampier. Should we take a look at him too? If we sign Dampier after we get TMac on board (and no Shaq), then I think we will only have room for Ebanks. Hope we can find a way to keep and develop Caracter. He'll be a good player, but needs to develop him.

My preference for the Lakers FO to sign to fill these 4:
Devin Ebanks, DJ Mbenga, Shannon Brown, and Josh Powell.
Devin EBanks what the %%$@$^* is a Devin EBanks
DJ MBenga, surely OH SWEET JESUS you Jest!
Shannon Brown, the boy is a head case since the slam dunk contest
Josh Powell, who the &&%^$%$ is this, never heard of the BUM!

Actually I want Justa, but that's a different story


I would be extremely nervous about signing T-Mac, he may not have anything left. . Think about it, the Knicks do not appear to have an interest in him at all. And this is a team that is trying to piece together a contender. There really haven't been ANY rumors out there that ANYONE is really interested. I am sure he was scouted by pretty much the whole league last year while he was with the knicks, since he was to be a free agent this year. And no offers? None? Nada? HMMM whats wrong with that picture?



>>> I mentioned Brandon Bass from the Magic for Sasha

Sounds pretty good on the surface. And since Ryan Anderson stepped up and played well last season, Orlando might be willing to part with Bass. But there are a few problems:

1. Salaries don't match. Sasha makes enough that Orlando would have to include another player making at least $375K to make the deal match up. If it's possible (and I'm not sure it is), perhaps Orlando could sign and trade one of the Lakers second round picks to the Lakers (e.g., the deal would be Vujacic for Bass + Ebanks). That would actually reduce the Lakers' payroll by about a million. But I don't think the league would approve a deal like that. It probably violates the CBA somehow.

2. Orlando's not exactly lacking in 3-point shooters. Rashard Lewis (39%), Jameer Nelson (38%), Mickael Pietrus (38%), Ryan Anderson (37%), and Vince Carter (37%) all shot a higher percentage on 3's last season than Sasha.

3. Size. Bass is only 6'8". Presumably the Lakers will be keeping Caracter, who's about the same size and same type of player as Bass. What the Lakers really need is a BIG big. Someone 6'10" or taller. Or if 6'9" or 6'10", then beefy, so they can wrestle with Dwight Howard or Kendrick Perkins and not get completely owned. They need someone who can play some minutes at center if Pau or Drew gets injured. At 6'8", Bass just isn't going to cut it.

"I Bleed Purple and Gold" aka my brotha from the same cola' blood.

We are going to need need a roster of 13. With that lineup inclusive to Luke and Caracter we are still at 12. Knowing PJ, Caracter is going to get Jelani McCoy minutes or Greg Foster run.

But Brandon Bass is young and makes Big Baby look like he's on the Nutri-system diet of rebounding.

One Love. Pun intended, love intended. Fist bump to you.

Walton needs to man Up and walk away from his contract! I like the dude but he is in the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From what I can tell, Tmac's knee is done...

Sorry Laker nation. Let's get tinker bell

Jamie Sweet

I disagree w/ you about Tracy not showing much life w/ the NYK...he actually showed quite a bit of life considering he was coming off a career threatening injury during mid season w/o a training camp. One of things we do know is what Jordan/ Shannon brought to the table...athleticism but little else....this why Blake will key the second unit ...Signing T Mac at the vet min gives the Lakers very little risk. After all they played Morrison and Luke 10+ million last year for practically nothing but community events on behalf of the Lakers. While the Lakers do have best starting 5 it is not by much this season .... Wade/Mike Miller/Lebron/Bosh/ Big Z is right there with the Lakers . Over the past 3 seasons the Lakers starting unit was considerably better than other contenders except Boston's Big 3 in 08....Mitch and Kobe realize that going into next years finals w/ Jordan, Shannon, LO, Sasha, Luke was not going to cut it...however if we can land Raja and Sign T Mac for the vet min at the very least they will have two guys who would produce what Luke did in the Finals this year.....The up and coming Three peat will happen b/c of depth and veteran leadership from both units.....They can't overwork Pau and Kobe this season as they did last season....35-37 mins is enough....I don't see Raja or Tracy having trouble excelling in the triangle w/ LO and Blake on that second unit....It would actually be enjoyable to watch the Laker bench for the first time in the post Shaq era

Shaq truly burned bridges and beyond when he bounced.....Can't/Won't go back there! He dissed Jerry, Phil and Kobe...He dissed LA! so no to Shaq....

Eric Dampier will likely be waived. We probably could get him on the cheap. Big upgrade over Mbenga (even though "Tacos" is more likable)

I Bleed Purple and Gold,

>>>Still dont know who would take on Sashas contract in exchange for a cheap big vet

And the answer to that question is nobody... right now.

Ask again in February and there will be a list of several teams. Especially if Carmelo doesn't sign an extension with Denver by then.

Maybe Ronny Turiaf.

Maybe Anthony Randolph.

Maybe DeAndre Jordan.

Maybe Michael Beasley

Teams like New York and the Clippers might be trying to dump off a contract or two to clear up enough cap space to make a max offer to Carmelo.

concerning Shaq...If Buss, Kobe, Phil are for it.....I am for bring him back to play a key reserve role in the Three peat

Kurt Thomas is better than Powell...hopefully Kobe's words do the trick


>>>My preference for the Lakers FO to sign to fill these 4:
>>>Devin Ebanks, DJ Mbenga, Shannon Brown, and Josh Powell

Not a bad choice. Three guys from last season to keep continuity and the better of the two second rounders. At least you'd know what you were getting from MBenga, Brown, and Powell.

But I will point out that Caracter has a lot more upside than Powell, and he could be hired for half as much.

Basically, your team would be last year's championship team minus Farmar and AmMo plus Blake and Ebanks.

>>> That is why they could use their MLE this year and still end up with the same
>>>total payroll of this year as last year.

well, almost.

With Kobe, Pau, Lamar, Andrew, Artest, and Luke all having salaries that went UP, they have to pay less for their other players to end up with the same total payroll.

Thus the lower offer to Fish and the possibility that they'll sign two second rounders and not re-sign Powell

>>>Knowing PJ, Caracter is going to get Jelani McCoy minutes


Bob Seger > ouchhhhhhh

>>>Walton needs to man Up and walk away from his contract!

Oh please, would some of you put down the hash pipe. Walton is not going to walk away from his contract. It ain't going to happen.

Let me ask you, if you were contractually obligated to be paid 5 million a year to do something you loved doing, would you walk away from it?

didn't think so.

Luke will get healthy and have a run of good play for awhile. And then he will get injured again (I'm thinking ankle again next time) and will play poorly for awhile. And then he will get healthy again and have a good run of play for awhile.

The very soonest that Luke will be leaving the Lakers is summer of 2012.

To wish for him to be gone before then is unrealistic (and annoying to some of us).

Instead of wishing for him to be gone, why don't you wish for him to get healthy and to play well. That is something which could actually happen.

@Enjoy the Game You do good work! Oh and Welcome aboard!

>>>Eric Dampier will likely be waived. We probably could get him on the cheap.

Nope. There's something people aren't getting correct about Dampier's contract. It's not partially guaranteed. It's completely non-guaranteed.

So if Dampier gets waived, it's not like he's going to bank 3 or 4 million and would be willing to sign for next to nothing since he's already going to get paid anyway.

When he gets waived, he'll look for the most money he can get. I'll wager it'll be closer to MLE level money rather than minimum contract money. Probably from some team in the West that thinks that adding another big body improves their chances of getting past the Lakers. Oklahoma City? Utah? Phoenix?

I dont think Luke Walton can get healthy even if he was paid to...... oh wait, he is!

>>>Kurt Thomas is better than Powell

And Thomas could backup the Center position as well. He's not that tall (6'9"), but he's strong, so he can hold off most Centers.

tmac is worthless to the lakers. raja bell gives the lakers the point d that they lack and is a very respectable spot us shooter. Dont worry about past incidents,if kobe can get over,so can you. Kobe knows this guy is a tenacious intense player,and would split time with fish.Fish saved us in the playoffs,but couldnt cover me,most of the yr. Fish,Shannon,Sasha,& Farmar, to Fish,Blake,Bell,&Sasha= hugh upgrade.Get over the raja hating!

Isn't Slava Medvedenko available?


Thanks a lot fam.....but I have been posting here for the last 3 yrs ? I still appreciate it though.....

Blake/Raja/Tmac/ LO/ Kurt Thomas/ Sasha/Ebanks/ you guys smell that.... smell like a Three Peat to me ...Phil Jackson 98 Bulls Style.....

Thanks a lot fam.....but I have been posting here for the last 3 yrs ? I still appreciate it though.....Posted by: enjoy the game | July 13, 2010 at 05:26 PM
Damnnn! See what happens when you get old! Lol! But you still do good work!

Mamba24 - I saw that... :)

MM - sooooooo - what time is that chat?

I would guess Lakers must have some resources to find out more about TMac and his health status.

Don't they?

If they were interested couldn't they put him through a workout?

Or would that alert the league and end up getting TMac more interest?

At this point I would side with Kobe, if he wants Bell over TMac, if only one can be chosen.

TMac sure does seem intriguing though.

But what about a big back up for just in case.

What's the low down on Kurt Thomas?

If Kobe gets Fish, Raja, Kurt in one week....he now rivals wade for player/Gm of the year b/c these vets won't be signing for 15 mill +....more like 1-1.5

I hope Shannon is having dinner with Magic @ the Palm and talking about MSU glory days!!

Please sign him...................................

I'm really puzzled by some of the posts suggesting how the Lakers fill out the roster. T-Mac? His previous coaches couldn't wait to show him the door. Let him go to Miami where he'd fit in perfectly with all the other egos.

Bring back Shannon and Josh Powell? Why? Whatever their role in practice, they were largely ineffective on the floor. Showboating dunks are for college players.

Raja Bell and Kurt Thomas are proven commodities. This coming season, the team needs grown-ups coming off the bench, players who are dependable so the Lakers can reduce the regular season minutes of all the starters. Steve Blake was only the first step in getting better. Wherever the Lakers can upgrade, Mitch should do it.

IMO, Kobe wants Raja Bell for one purpose -- to stop D-Wade in the event of a Lakers-Heat finals.

The Lakers chose Artest over Ariza (despite the latter being instrumental in the Nuggets and Magic series in 2009) because management were looking beyond the horizon -- specifically, the likelihood of a finals against the Cavs.

As it turned out, the decision to choose Artest over Ariza was spot-on. The dude owned Kevin Durant, Jason Richardson AND Paul Pierce, and probably would have dominated Lebron as well. Note that Pierce was the unstoppable force and the Finals MVP in 2008. Without downplaying the better play of Kobe, Pau, Bynum and Fish in 2010 (as compared to 2008), Artest's defense may have been the singular determinant of the Lakers' success during the post-season this year.

Fast-forward to 2011. Derrick Rose will have Boozer, Pierce will have a stronger and wiser Rondo and D-Wade will have Lebron. We need someone to defend the 1 or 2 position during crunchtime. With a lineup of Pau-LO-Artest-Bell-Kobe (NOTE: Kobe and LO as facilitators, Bell as a 3-point threat on offense, and the stopper on defense), I envision a really, really formidable closing group that can tenaciously overhaul and/or maintain a lead in the last few minutes.

Rick Friedman

How soon you forget the all the coaches in the League were saying worse things about Artest and he ended up coming through in game 7....The Lakers are not some "outlandishly hyped build over night never played a game together paper champions" ....If T Mac signs here for the vet will be b/c the FO has verified his health and Kobe see's him as an asset.....Shannon is looking for a deal closer to what Jordan got....the Jazz will sign him for that .....Bell/Thomas/Tmac OR Barnes would all be solid pickups IMO...If they don't come to work in a business like manner Phil will give them the Isaih Rider treatment.....Kobe is not talking to players about the rings he will someday have he brings the hardware to the meeting....If Raja, Kurt or Mac want hardware of their own....then they play by Laker rules!!

AI would refuse to practice, how the hell he is to learn the triangle office?

we must get and sign tmac.yes he isnt near 100%.however,he is only 30,and he has been quoted as saying he wants to play for a winner,and will take less money to do so.he seems motivated and his close buddy ron artest seems to know more about his health,and his well being than most.i say bring him to la,let tmac play some 1on1 with both ron,and kobe,and see were tmacs game is.its a risk,but if he has any game left,even st 50% tmacs still better than 75 percent of the other nba stars.and,if we can get real lucky,just think what would happen if tmac ever got his legs back!look out the miami.when,and if tmacs is healthy he is no doubt one of the top 10 talents in the theory we either.take a chance and possibly win another 1,2,3,4 or more titles.i think its a no-brainer.bring tmac in for a tryout now!dont wait,do it now.

One thing teams like San Antonio have done consistently better than us the last 5-10 years is finding 'steals' in the second round. For teams like the Lakers with some super-star (well earned salaries) who are also aging a bit, find contributors is cruical.

So far so good. Eubanks is rated number one in the Las Vegas summer league and Character is third (Wall is in between). If both make the team and contribute, awesome for the Lakers. I would think with Kobe and being able to go from watching the Lakers to being Lakers they will give their all. If Fish and Phil can keep them focused during what I am sure is a hectic and tempting first year as a pro, then the Lakers are looking good.

Right now with Fish back and Blake and possibly good solid rookie minutes from the rooks, we are looking stronger than last year. If we add Raja..Miami is at least three years, IF ever, from dethroning us (barring Laker injuries).

I don't think T mac will be any less productive at 1.4 mill than Morrison was at 5+million

If I had to choose between Bell and T Mac?

I would choose Raja Bell.

I think he is a more proven player at this point in his career.

Recently, two time NBA All Defensive Team. Plus shooting his three's between 40-44%.

He would compliment Kobe when playing with him and be a nice piece to our bench mob.

Laker Tom -

Just to add to your well written and clear piece.

A team that signs a player to the Vet Min. does get some relief from the league.

The NBA pays the difference of the Vet Min and the established min. While only counting the min. against the cap.

So, if the Lakers were to sign a Vet to the Vet Min, it would cost us the same as a minimum signed player.

What about Ronnie Brewer? He's a good young player. A defensive gem, with a good 2-PT FG percentage. The Lakers need to start building for the future in addition to attempting to "Three-peat!" In addtion, how about Sasha and Blake for Posey and Collison, as a mid-year deal?

LEWSTRS- The TMAC Suburban is a no brainier, let see who actually knows the game. The 3 headed monster that's been created in Miami, wait until they get a look at the new DEFENDING CHAMPS. Nobody will have an answer for us, the bench will be frightening.

all i have to say is were is tmac?if this guy was healthy,then we would have not only the best starting 5.but,most clearly the best bench as does lamar,blake,sasha,tmac,bell,and who ever else sound.from what resources i have heard from,tmac will be 100%percent sometime in 2011.the knee injury take somewere between 12 to 24 months to overcome.tmac was operated on feb, ,he should by all accounts be back to almost new by march,2011.we need to jump on tmac right away.and make it happen.just,think tmac ,kobe,pau,lamar,bynum.artest,derek. this could mean ,a team with many more rings for la laker fans.


>>Not a bad choice. Three guys from last season to keep continuity and the better of the two second rounders. At least you'd know what you were getting from MBenga, Brown, and Powell.

But I will point out that Caracter has a lot more upside than Powell, and he could be hired for half as much.

Basically, your team would be last year's championship team minus Farmar and AmMo plus Blake and Ebanks.

Yeah, I would keep the team intact. My reasoning is fairly simple. If it ain't broke, why mess with it. We have to replace Farmar, because he wants out. Enter Blake. AmMo? Well, we're not going to pay him another $5+ million for sitting on the bench. If he would only take less... :) to stay... As much as I like the guy, I really like the 2 rookies Ebanks and Caracter. I choose Ebanks because he can play the 2 or 3; he's inexpensive; and he's got a lot of upside. I didn't go with Caracter because he's playing the same position as Powell. Powell got seniority in the triangle so I rather go with that. It will cost about a million or so more with Powell but in the big picture, that's chump change for Buss if we get our 3-Peat. We should trade Caracter's rights if we can get something for it. Just my opinion.

The contract we need to dump is Luke! Can't we find a way to declare him physically unable to perform due to injury and replace his contract with TMac, Raja, and Shannon? Or some veteran big like Thomas? A ton of quality players would love to get on the 3 peat band wagon but with Luke taking up too much space on his stretcher there's no room. Can we start a Dump Luke Bandwagon?

Idk why everyone is suddenly considering MIA a favorite. Bosh is going to be man handled by Gasol or Drew Lebronze doubled by Ron Ron & Co. KB on Wade. What does MIA have at center or PG? What about there bench? During the past 2yrs the Lakers have been blowing leads from left to right because the bench wasn't performing. Raja would provide solid defense and out side shooting. TMac hasn't had a healthy in years. Mbenga needs to come back how about a decent back up Forward in case luke goes down again?

TMAC anyday iflakers want a championship win over the heat they need to sign t mac none of this raja bell bullshit

and shaq we need a backupcenter he needs a team
t mac and shaq

Bring Back Mbenga and Brown. I'd bring back Powell also. MBenga and Powell NEVER ONCE complained about lack of playing time. They worked hard and were ready when called upon. They know the triangle offense, and they each have two rings. You REALLY THINK T-Mac wouild accept a roll where he plays on a second unit and makes the veteran minimum? I don't think so. Just sign these guys; add Raja Bell so he can clothes-line LeBumb, and be done with it.


Thanks a million! No pun intended! I'm wondering why they are called exceptions if they aren't exceptions, though? I knew that over the luxury threshold, the tax was $ for $. That also means that even though Fish got $10.5 million, Buss writes a check for his services to the tune of $21 million. In other words, Buss must agree with Kobe and not all the Fisher Bashers that still reside here.


>>> We should trade Caracter's rights if we can get something for it.

Now THAT is an interesting thought.

Caracter has been playing so well in Summer League that there may be some team that would be willing to part with an asset (maybe a future first rounder) to get him.

OTOH, he's been playing so well in Summer League, it would probably be a good idea (and certainly an inexpensive one) for the Lakers to keep him for a couple of years and develop him.

That's the dilemma. If someone plays well (Caracter), then they're easy to trade and you don't want to trade them. If someone plays poorly (Luke), then all the fans want to trade them (maybe the front office as well) but they're very difficult to trade.

Adding Tracy McGrady for the minimum salary would be awesome. I think he has few good years left, and at this point in his career I think he's ready to differ to Kobe, but has the upside potential of stabilizing the bench.

I would like to see Shannon vs T Mac. Brown still has some up side. Mbenga ahould be brought back and he would be willing to comeback, he knows the offense and he has been with the team now for a couple of seasons. If we can get Bell that would help on the offensive end as well as the defensive side of the ball as well. We will need everybody next season if we are going for three, we will need to rest our starters at some point during the season. The goal is best record but champioships

Mark -- Excellent write-up and thank you for sharing. As always, you impress.

I can't wait to see how the Lakers perform next year.

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