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LeBron James spectacle discomforting in so many ways


LeBron James's hour-long special announcement predictably became the spectacle no one wanted to see even if people remained glued to their television. Even amid a scene where James chose the Miami Heat over the Cleveland Cavaliers, presumably for less money and better hopes to win a championship, the forum represented the narcissism, ego and entitlement that unfortunately defines professional sports. And with ESPN enabling all of this to happen doesn't surprise any of us even if it still disappoints us.

The Times' Mark Heisler gave a fair shake on the situation in today's paper, making it clear James has the right to take his time in deciding which team he wants to play for while also faulting him for going through this process in an hour-long special. The Times' Scott Collins and Joe Flint also rightfully questioned ESPN's journalistic integrity in airing a one-hour special highlighting James' announcement, allowing him to control the terms of the show and justifying it, as Collins and Flint reported, because an undisclosed amount of the sponsorship proceeds would go to the Boys & Girls Club of America.

And when it came time for the "The Decision" to air, all our preconceived notions unfortunately played out in the most egregious ways. The night started off annoyingly enough with anchor Stuart Scott proclaiming, "LeBron James,the most prized free agent in NBA history, will make an announcement that will impact the league for years to come," soon followed with an anonymous voiceover saying, "with breathless anticipation, the basketball world has been waiting. The courtship of a franchise-saving superstar has come to a close."

But not quite. Despite various reports indicating James would share his decision within the first 10 minutes of the one-hour special, that didn't happen until 27 minutes into the show. Up until that point, we witnessed constant examples that show how ESPN continuously bastardizes journalism for the sake of self-promotion. Scott reiterated over and over again the long-term significance James' decision will make on the league. NBA reporter Chris Broussard kept with his hunch that James would go with Miami, as indicated by his sources, but allowed himself enough wiggle room to say it's plausible for James to change his mind at the last minute and go with Chicago, Cleveland  or New York. And you heard all the analysts constantly assess how James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh would play together with the Heat as if we hadn't heard their take the first time.

It continued even once ESPN finally switched over to reporter Jim Gray interviewing James on set. Instead of starting with the obvious question: "LeBron, which team will you play for?," it took 16 questions before Gray asked the one as he termed it, "the answer to the question everybody wants to know." He filibustered beforehand with questions that were perhaps insightful, but they served to cynically build up the anticipation and keep the audience on the edge of their seat. The nonsense continued when Gray and all the on-set analysts thanked James for his time even though he is the one that dictated the terms for the entire show. It remained prevalent when James was offered congratulations for making a decision. And it became worse when he was questioned about any of the negative reaction, most notably Cleveland fans burning his jersey, with an apologetic tone as if fan frustration was unjustified and James was put in an unwinnable situation.

The reality is that ESPN and James put themselves in an unwinnable situation. This news should've only been announced in a press release with a follow-up news conference. Instead the program featured a charade of mindless self-promotion, endless analysis and hyping up a player who has won zero rings. Even amid the long buildup toward his free agency, James had every justifiable right to take his time with his decision and ultimately decide to leave Cleveland, and his body language surely suggested the process wasn't easy. But he made a whole mockery of the ordeal by doing it in this format.

--Mark Medina

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Photo: LeBron James, left, talks with his publicist Keith Estabrook during an afternoon workout at the LeBron James Skills Academy on Tuesday. James met with representatives from six NBA teams last week and revealed Thursday that he will play with the Miami Heat. Credit: Chuck Crow / Associated Press.

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Amen Mark Medina, Amen...

How do you feel if you work at ESPN tonight? disgraceful journalism...

I think nearly everyone agrees that lbj had the right to leave - it's the classless way he did it. I really couldn't stand him and espn before but now it's at levels that I refuse to ever watch espn again. I'm going to just configure my tv to skip over those channels.

Loving it that laker haters are converting to laker fans!! I guess it works both ways because now that lbj is gone i am rooting whole heartedly for the cavs!! Dan Gilbert - not sure what to think. He created the monster but i like that he's finally opened his eyes to see what lbj really is.

I'm wondering what other teams in the east are thinking? I hope that every team that plays these circle jerks will physically pound the hell out of each miami heat player. yes, they won't win the game but punish them - make it hell for them the entire season.

Very well stated MM!

Reactions from Cleveland were ugly (Burning Jerseys), Anger (See Dan Gilbert's reaction), to just plain funny:

DA HEAT????!!!!!

Poor guy.

Want a LeGone vs Kobe comparison?

When Kobe wanted out after 06-07, he flatly stated: "Either get me good players or trade me." 

Once the 07 Lakers actually looked like a good team, thanks to a blossoming Bynum and the return of DFish, Kobe quieted down. This was BEFORE Pau, mind you. 

When LeGone wants out, he doesn't just be honest and state it openly like Kobe. Instead he DRAGS it out publicly for weeks, knowing the press will follow like a puppy and shower him with attention. Then he hosts a ONE HOUR SPECIAL where he makes "The Decision"--to stab his hometown in the back. 

You see? With Kobe, it's about playing winning basketball. The fame, etc is secondary. The GAME is what's important. 

With LeBron, it's not about the game. It's about ME ME ME. 

Like others, I have no problems how DWade & Bosh agreed to play together. Nor with LeBron's decision itself. But the self-centered, narcissistic way he did it turned me off. 

I was never a LeBron hater before. I even rooted for the Cavs over the Cs last season. But I'm seriously turned off after this. 

He clearly would have liked more time and was rushed by agreeing to make the announcement on this day. He told Chris that the decision was not made up until the previous night. Also, really poor journalistic integrity by ESPN to show LeBron his burning jersey and ask him how he feels about it.

Awesome article, MM!
Way to go!

Couldn't agree more. This type of thing emphasizes that James' ego is almost as big as the NBA. I usually don't wish things like this on a player, but I can't stand the egocentric ass that this guy and the media have let him become. He doesn't shake the Magic's hands after they beat him. He skips the media session to go to the bus. He "blocks" the video of a kid player dunking on his butt. He then leaves Cleveland, a city that welcomed him with all their heart and soul and considered him to be their BB saviour, to play with some other spoiled brats who had orchestrated this the week before but then gets a TV special out of it.

I hope that he blows out his knee after the Lakers beat the new "big 3" in the Finals in 4 games. He's classless and disloyal and karma doesn't forget.

The thing is, what did we expect from a guy that ring-led those self-promoting fake pictures before games in 2009 and the dancing stuff in 2010? All of which were very disrespectful to the opponents, let alone the non-hand shake after losing to Orlando. I do think that this SHOW went well beyond a sense of true dignity. What a legacy!

Hey, I think the Cavs should retire their #23, who will want to wear that?

I guess the "King of No Rings" better do well in Miami, may not ever have a retired jersey, ha, ha! Kinda like Shaq, who's going to retire his jersey?

Lakers in 5.

This article was truly well-written. It is no wonder that more and more sportsfans are turning to bloggers to get away from the hype machine mass media that ESPN has become. ESPN is the TMZ of sports, and frequently misleads the public on a number of stories that become sensationalized for the sole purpose of ratings.

I mean seriously, I think the Cavs should retire their #23, who will want to wear that? least it makes this convenient.

1. more rings than shaq? Check

2. beat the celtics in the finals? Check

3. beat both wade and lebron to kill that greatest player of this generation debate, get one more than Magic and tie Jordan for the greatest ever debate....set in stone 11 months from now!

All in one fell swoop....damn Kobe, you're quite a multitasker!!

MM & Everyone Else,

Please explain something to me. I may be wrong, but I swore I read and heard Chris Bosh say that the reason he didn't choose the Cavs was because he wasn't sure LeBron was going back, right? I thought I also heard that LeBron was trying to bring Bosh with him to Cleveland, but Bosh refused, instead opting to play with Wade in Miami instead, right? So which story is true? Were they both lying and this was all a big charade? From the way it sounds, either Bosh already knew LeBron was going to Miami or LeBron wasn't really trying to recruit Bosh to the Cavs because he already agreed to team up with Bosh and Wade in Miami.

What I'm getting at is that for the past few days, Broussard and others kept saying that LeBron was trying to get Bosh to go with him to the Cavs, while Wade pulled for Bosh to join him on the Heat. Bosh then says he didn't choose the Cavs because he thought LeBron wouldn't stay there? Was Broussard, Legler and some of these other butt kissers trying to cover for Bron and save face? I don't believe for a moment that Bron was trying to really bring Bosh to the Cavs or else Bosh wouldn't have made a comment that he wasn't confident that LeBron would stay with the Cavs if he joined him. What? How could you say that if Bron were asking you to join him Cleveland?

I think all three of them played these teams, the media and the fans with this pretentious ploy. They knew all along they would be playing together. Wade was fake with his statement about tearing up just thinking that he could've played in his hometown in Chicago. Bosh was just a loser in Toronto. James appeared indifferent and didn't appear even a little saddened about leaving Cleveland. Sure, they're grown men and can choose where they want to play, but the way they went about it was classless.

Lakers in 5 over boston this time? I look forward to betting w/ my celtics-cheering friends again

Your best post yet, MM. Thank you for taking Lebron, ESPN, and the pundits to task about this. Self-promotion at its most blatant. All from a player whose crowning achievement is being swept in the Finals by the Spurs.

There is no honor in this. Only shame.

Go Lake Show!

#4 and NF,

Well said my friends!

Nemaia, they all knew. It was all classless BS leading on all those teams. Basically LeBron had every team he was trying to go to sell themselves out in preparation for a player that was never going to show up.

I love that the Lakers took the high road years ago. They were never, ever going to be put in the position where their future hinged upon a competition for a free agent amongst other, lesser teams. Kudos to Mitch and Jerry Buss for that.

Nemaia Faletogo,
Wade is the key for your puzzle.
LeDone was trying to bring Wade to the Cavs, but Dwane said no.
Bosh have been chasing Wade for the past 2 weeks.
Wade was the guy that convinced LeDone to join the Heat. Then Bosh just followed...

A few comments regarding the way in which LeBron announced his decision. First of all, I admit that watching that special was a drag. I don't care too much about all the commentary, or all the sappy questions each of the ESPN commentators had a chance to ask LeBron after he made his announcement. However, I disagree with the argument that many have voiced that this special reflects a narcissistic, egotistical LeBron James. Somewhat ironically, I DO believe that the decision LeBron made was selfish, but NOT because I think he is any more selfish than any other existing or aspiring NBA champion. Quite the opposite: I believe this kind of decision is inherently selfish, and rightly so. With that in mind, I think that, if anything, LeBron should be praised for agreeing to do this special with ESPN. I'm sure he found his post-announcement interviews annoying and excessive like many of us. He even looked nervous and uncomfortable when he spoke. So, why do I think he deserves some credit for going through with this? LeBron is no naive child; he knew that his free agency was a big deal. Obviously, the ESPN viewership at 10PM ET was through the roof. What's impressive is that LeBron used this inherently selfish moment as an opportunity to raise money for a very charitable cause. If you don't know already, while we were all (selfishly) entertaining ourselves watching this event, LeBron and ESPN raised over $2.5 million in ad revenue, all of which will be donated to the Boys and Girls Club of America. Pretty cool if you ask me. LeBron would not have earned anything for sending out a simple, perhaps more humble, press release, and you can bet that Cleveland, Chicago and New York fans would have found a way to hate him anyway. No matter how clearly and objectively you can argue that LeBron deserved to make the decision that he made, there will always be the irrational, angry spectators, and LeBron wasn't afraid to take the hit in order to benefit others. Not too shabby.

Lebron, DWade and Bosh have talked about teaming up since 2008 Olympics. But I don't think they seriously thought it could happen to recently. Remember Stephen A. Smith reported that it was a done deal 10 days ago. However, I think Lebron truly was finding it hard to leave Cleveland and tried to convince Bosh to join him there. Bosh however was not going to renege on DWade (they have the same agent). Once Lebron saw he couldn't get Bosh to join him I believe it sealed his fate to leave. Bosh explanation doesn't pass the smell test to me.

Yes, “The Decision” has been made, but this is a hilarious article mocking the process
LeBron James announces that he will buy the Miami Heat, endorse the New York Knicks, marry two of the LA Clippers’ Spirit Dancers in a Utah ceremony in August, become Executive Vice President of Mining and Distribution for Polyus Gold (NJ Nets’ owner Mikhail Prokhorov’s gold empire) and play basketball part-time for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Read the FUNNY article here:

wow, now Lebron is definitely in perfect position to be on the team with the best regular season record -- for the THIRD consecutive year! -- hell, the Heat could be on their way to a regular season dynasty!

I got this from Digg:
"Adam Morrison still has two more rings than LeBron James."

In 2009 when the Cavs lost to the Magic, LBJ did not congratulate any of the Magic players; he was a sore loser. Tonight he graduated to be the King (with no class).

LOL dwntwn atty.....

There are really going to be a boatload of bad teams next year!

Give me a break people. Let's regain some perspective here. Don't forget what the "E" stands for in "ESPN". Entertainment! ESPN is NOT journalism just like blogging is not journalism. It's entertainment. If you don't want to watch the self-promoting BS then turn OFF the TV, read tomorrows paper, move on with your life and stop whining. We care less about your complaining than we do about LBJ's decision, which means "not at all."


Once I finish this post, I'm sharing it on my Facebook page. I hope it's republished in every non-ESPN affiliated sports site in America. You should also be a guest on Jim Rome and AM570 talk shows.

Hours later, I still hate myself for even watching this hour of snake-oil television. I'm not sure who's more disgusting, LeBron or ESPN.

Apart from what did happen, I'm equally appalled by what didn't happen: any recognition of Kobe and the Lakers as the ultimate NBA franchise. LeBron denied he did this to dethrone the Lakers, at which moment he should have been struck by lightning.

Tim Donaghy looks like a choir boy after this fraud played itself out. A shameful episode in the history of sports.


This is how I rank them:

#1 Lakers

#2 Celtics

#3 Orlando

#4 Dallas

#5 Chicago

#6 Oklahoma

#7 Miami

Great article. I'm upset because I gave LBJ the benefit of the doubt. Discussing his yet to be made decision w/co-workers at work today, and being the compassionate lady that I am, I was sure he would not pull a stunt on national television, like dissing his team, and his loyal Cleveland fans. Never underestimate the heart of a proven loser.

Jared - why don't you go sell some jewelry at your store in the mall. It's your opinion we don't care about.

You know, I live in Los angeles, and to me James is a great player (he's no Kobe, but he has limitless potential at this point) . This circus that has spawned in his wake is unthoughtful and pretty much downright disrespectful. Pat Riley is a goon, obviously as most of you know this was a scheme months in the making of impending free agency of the 3. All it does is offset the balance of the league and look like a feeble attempt to cram as much talent as you can on a team with disregaurd to the role players involved in winning a championship. The lakers built there team piece by piece, they didn't sign 3 max contract guys and expect championships. Every guy on the lakers has a specific area of expertise, whether its RonRon and his D, Gasol the nimble big, Bynum the overpower post force, and kobe, insert anything here. Bottom line is championships aren't bought, they are not something you throw money at and win. Championships are fought for and the players involved gain the experience of whats on the line.
in short the heat has given us something to loathe, something so unbalanced and un-natural that it makes you want to vomit, Exactly why it will be so gratifying when the 50 some odd million pat riley has spent putting them together get dismantled by LA.

I want to defend Cle for a minute. I've never been there, don't know anyone from there, but I understand humility and professionalism. You want to leave Cle, so be it, but what's with rubbing their noses in it, exactly? What did that org/fans do to you except pay you huge cash and bend over backward? Most of us left a job we hated, but common human decency dictates appreciation on some level. This was just childish and just not what grown men who want to be business icons do.

Gregs, I disagree about this move offsets the balance of the league.
The Lakers is still the best team.

" Comical, but sad... what a blow to the game of basketball. Clearly, Dwyane Wade wears the pants, and LeBro, despite his talents, lacks confidence to forge his own legacy. I have rooted against Kobe for 10 years, but I hope that he and Pau destroy this ridiculous "all star team" in 2011... but I will not watch, because the NBA, as of today, has become an absolute joke. "

I am hoping tonight is the last night we can talk about all this baloney for the rest of the Summer and beginning of Fall. Can we all get back to the REAL reality show....


Okay folks, pinky swear no more talk about his royal fakeness. We have our own ROYALTY and it's called the purple and gold.

I just had to get that off my chest. LAKERS ROCK IT!!!


The Washington Post's Mike Wise eloquently echoes and expands on many of our sentiments:

"LeBron James's poor choice of medium, of grand spectacle -- of really not having the common decency to break up with his first love in person rather than by prime-time, prearranged, Jim Gray-as-paternal-figure special, hundreds of miles away in Greenwich, Conn. -- ultimately is why Cleveland and much of the country can't stand him today. "

What is wrong with you people. I could understand if James came out and said, "I still haven't decided." I'm going to the clippers, or anything else silly like that. The fact is that every F-ing team in the NBA wanted James. This includes you Quakers! If you had the opportunity to get James, you guys would be on the bandwagon as well. I bet Kobe is kicking himself because he didn't think about this years ago. You people want to talk about rings like this is the ultimate bottom line in the NBA. James put himself in a better position to get one by going to miami. He gave the Cavs seven great years. What more does he need to do. He is not out there tweeting about how is better than Jordan, Kobe, or any of the other greats. James just wants to win. He fills that Bosh and Wade give him the best chance of doing that. Why is that so wrong? The semantics you yahoo's are arguing is wrong. This was great television however you want to slice it. The point got accomplished and a charity got helped. There is no pleasing some people, period! And for the fans about who constantly ride Kobe's chain about five rings, so what! Fischer has five also. Neither will never be MJ. I don't care if they get 10. That's like saying that a Pop singer that produces 50 platinum records will surpass Michael Jackson. The Fact Of The Matter Is That It Will Never Happen! The best is the best. No substitutes!

I use the the term relatively light. For the most part I think Lebron, who prior to this retarded move, I had no negative feelings towards, past up other teams that had a much better chance at the championship. Such as the bulls, you already have a set core lineup with a young but trustworthy point guard, with the addition of boozer. I'm a laker for life, for better or for worse. But as said before me the way this was handled was a disturbing show up narcissism, something that truly separates Kobe from the rest of this new gen of money hungry, ego driven "super" stars. The lakers are solid, experienced, road worthy and tried and true (hopefully odom starts playing like he should). All i'm saying, screw the heat, screw Pat Riley, Dan Gilbert is awesome for his open letter. Lebron lost any sort of legacy he had started to build, hes off to miami to play sloppy seconds to Dwade, oh and that dude bosh who's suckling at the teet of power.
pathetic. I could rant for days. But you get it.

1. Hopefully the backlash against LBJ, D-Wade, and Bosh grows as time passes so LBJ's endorsement deals dry up. I'd like to see him get hit where it really hurts - his pocket book.

2. Anyone else think Kobe's gonna win MVP next year? Kobe obviously doesn't need any more motivation, but you know the ultimate competitor that he is, he'll come out with guns blazing next season. And have you noticed how people across the country are now starting to recognize Kobe's greatness in light of this free agency circus?

3. The guy who has to step up for us to win it all next season is Drew. He's our supposed third star. With the migration of star bigs to the East, Drew should be able to own the West. Miami's Big 3, as of now, is clearly better than ours. Drew will need to step it up in order to even things out...I expect domination over whoever Miami's starting center will be.

Here is my take, Riles has to build a team around these three players they have to sign 7-8 more players after commiting 15-20 million dollars to each player so Riles real work is ahead of him. The real story is who else in this free agent class is going to sign with the Heat. Is the" Big Washed Up " Shaq going to be begging his way back to South Beach now that this has happend. I am shocked what Dan Gilbert had to say tonight but not really Lebron didn't have the balls to even call his former owner to tell himhe was leaving. And Gilbert was right Lebron quit on the Cavs in game 5 vs the Celtics it looked as if he checked out so it was no surprise and as for this whole Wade, Bosh fiasco they made a mockery of this free agent process. If i was Stearn I would fine these guys for there actions and deception for wasting everyone's time. These guys had this planned out along time and they pulled the rug over David Sterns head on this one. The players should be held to the same penalties as Mark Cuban has for even sneezing about saying Lebron's name when he talked about the potential free agency market and his possible interest in signing him. So I think that they will eventually win a championship but the Lakers and Dr Jerry Buss will do everything it takes to keep winning Championships so long as Kobe,Pau,Bynum and Artest keep healthy and Lamar decides to foucus on himself instead of Kloe and her family drama we will be just fine. This just puts the pressure on the Lakers to focus on the regular season to make sure we own the best record in the leauge. So Dr.Buss keep spending the money to keep your former employee from winning on what should be the Lakers run on title's never seen since the Bulls , Celtics and your own Lakers so do what it takes to keep the new evil empire from winning on Kobe's and Co. watch.

Lebron wants to Win Titles, with his friends, in a beautiful places with beautiful women down there in Miami, around winners, like Wade, like Pat Riley, who can not only make him a better player, but can make him a winner in the NBA. Although he won Gold in the Olympics but it is there that he must have felt what it was all about...WINNING...with a TEAM...amongst WINNERS.

The Cleveland Owner proved to have no class at all. Funny how they rip Lebron who gave 7 years of his career to that city and to that shit of an owner, yet forget they failed to put a great team around Jordan had, like Kobe had, etc.

You can't do it by yourself. It's just when those two won people forget about their team. Their team that picked them up when they played bad. Now Lebron's team, WOW...sad.

Glad Lebron is around friends, around WINNERS, and will be rooting for him to win.

Play as a TEAM BOYS and Hope you win.

Heat ship Beasley to Timberwolves for draft pick;_ylt=Avz_9Alj_ZaespC0EeWeI5C8vLYF?slug=ap-timberwolves-heattrade

Chris Paul joins LeBron’s marketing company;_ylt=At8MFRrFneceIWtrFc7dM4m8vLYF?slug=ys-paullebron070810

more surprises? BIG 4????????????

Gregs, I hear you, bro. I was just taking your sentence to the next level. Lakers = unbalance. I meant, Lakers is still the best team even against the Heat.
We'll cruise thru the west and cruch...erm...maybe Orlando, or the all-star Heat, who cares.
Lakers is in a good spot right now.

Now the heat sign Miller? This sure sounds fishy. Lakers built up over time - Heat are doing it in one fell swoop.

NBA might as well convert to 2 teams with 200 players on each side. Getting ridiculous.

And still more brickbats from Sports Illustrated's Richard Deitsch:

"Author and LeBronologist Buzz Bissinger described it as TV's equivalent of waterboarding. New York Post columnist Mike Vaccaro called it an "awful night for Cleveland, worse night for sports, worst night for ESPN." Eric Stangel, the head writer and executive producer for The Late Show with David Letterman, delivered an equally scathing review on Twitter: "I'm keeping my 2 yr old up to watch the LeBron James Special. I want her to see the exact moment our society hit rock bottom."

Mike Miller is going to the Heat now.

5 year/30 mil

I disagree with the whole article, I mean everyone was talking about where he was going to end up, I mean I watched the Decision and I didn't mind it people look too much into things, trying to find reasons to make someone look bad when he doesn't look bad at all. I'm glad he decided to do it this way I like the drama bc its fun to watch. So just move on, its all over anyways people just like to pick at things. I mean I feel bad for Cavs fans but I mean he gave 7 yrs of himself their he took them to the finals he did the best he could, do people actually sit there and think he could have won a title in Cleveland this isn't the Lakers the Cavs aren't run by Jerry West. Anyways its basketball all he wants to do is win a damn title, ho owes nothing to Cleveland. People are so pissed over nothing they should go worry about the oil spill in the Gulf bc thats hurting our world way more.

You can not let your girlfriend on TV.
A funny reaction from a fan of cleveland.

P.D.ouchhh anytime we talk about world cup
you were very interested when Spain lost
his first game

looks like the Lakers blog is already INVADED by Le Choke apologists.

So some other blogger posted that cp3 and dhoward contracts up in 2012? and they're buddy buddy with ljb and wade.

If that happens why even have a league?

Maybe the NBA will just implode and we can all laugh at all these greedy sob's with their million dollar salaries and mansions.

Do you think that when shaq left kobe has it easy? Talk all the trash you want about Kobe but no one will deny his legacy, with shaq or without him. Lebron is 25, if you really want to get into it Jordan was 28 when he one his first championship. All this bullshit did was basically make an eastern conference all star team with no supporting role players. Also you say that derrick also has 5, yes, you know why? Because he knows how to play his role, he handles the ball well, and when its all on the light he doesn't break, just like kobe. Unlike LBJ and his magical post season reputation. He can't take the pressure, He cracks. They talk about the bejing olympics, lets be honest, USA vs anyone is almost like mike tyson fighting a one legged man.
"the best oppertunity to win, to win for multiple years, not just to win in the regular season, but for years to come" jesus how many times is he gunna say win.
he hasen't produced thus far, and i'm sure that karma will bite him in the ass wherever he goes.

LeBron made it clear awhile ago that what he wanted was to join the team that had the best chance to win a championship. So what's the big surprise? Seems like he just followed what he said he was going to do. Those people who are upset now, where were you when he said what he planned to do awhile ago? That was OK then but now it's not???

I just want to know who fills out the rest of lakers roster.

I hope tracy mcgrady and shaq. Sounds like the Hedo rumor is farfetched. C'mon who's it gonna be...

This whole fiasco makes me appreciate Kobe Bryant that much more.

Speaking of, random thought, but maybe Kobe choosing to wear numero 8 in his younger days & then switching to 24 ain't no coincidence cos he work(s)ed eight days a week to try and be better than Jordan and imho, at this rate, he'll be considered that by the time he hangs 'em up.

Ain't no Super Team stoppin' the Lakers next year. Gotta' give it up 2 Pat Riley tho.. well played, sir.

-Fowl Out

BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Darth Stern Has Formed His SuperTeam, Defeating The Champion LA Lakers is his Dream
Princess Jimmy, Dwade & Bosh were drafted, This is the SuperTeam Darth Stern has crafted
Miami is the place they were selected to go, Don’t blame Dwade or Bosh Oh Hell No!
Darth Stern & Lebron are the Masterminds, But saying Jimmy has a Mind is being Kind
Darth Stern thinks he will own the Lakers throne, The Champion Lakers say BRING IT ON!!!
LeBron there’s no denying you have some skills, But you still got on your Training Wheels
You been a King in training for 8 long years, Yet the end of every season finds you in Tears
Not one Ring do you have to your name, Yet it’s always someone else that you place the Blame
You have no idea who you dealing with, We the Freakin Champion Lakers & we don’t take no SPIT!!!
To beat the Lakers you need more than a dance & song, If U think U ready then BRING IT ON!!!
You think cause Darth Stern owns the Referees, That winning the Title will be a Breeze
Before you count your Chickens Miss, Let's see what the Mamba says bout this
Know what a Black Mamba is Princess girl, It’s the deadliest animal in the world
Why do you think this is Kobe’s nickname, Cause he’s the deadliest BBaller in the Game
Lebron I don’t think you’re ready for this, You can’t beat Kobe as God is My Witness
If you come against Kobe your ISH better be Strong, If you man enough Then BRING IT ON!
Don’t let Darth Stern make you look like a Fool, Even though you are a Darth Stern Tool.
Lebron you use to be such a nice young man, So this Princess Jimmy act I don’t understand
Now that the show's over & reality sinks in, Are you still so sure against the Lakers U can win
Or are you beginning to have doubts galore, About what the Lakers for you have in store
If you think you’re ready to take the Lakers Crown, Then come on with it BRING IT ON

Wow. You just don't see a Franchise player walking away like this especially from his home town to go somewhere else. the cavs were good during the season, but didn't have that playoff mind frame. The 3 of them will have something to prove so they will play tough. For the Cavs to love him like they did for that many years, he could have at least did a press release. I knew he was going somewhere else once I heard he was doing the announcement at the Girls/Boys club.

They will be the team to beat. Hopefully everyone will be healthy this year ((Bynum, Perkins,and any other injured players) esp in the playoffs), so that every team can put its best players out there.

Miami is the team to beat, but on any given day, it can happen. The only thing about the victory, I think deep down inside, Lebron won't feel the full satisfaction because he knew he wasn't the main man whenever they win. MVP to Dwayne because he has the better personality.

Go Lakers/Chicago (finals)

The ESPN special instead of a modest press release or press conference was a bit much, but so is the criticism of it. Who cares that he did it in a special? Is this simply jealousy of ESPN a competitor?

It is significant news where Lebron decided to play and the big three that now make up the Heat's roster is huge news. The Lakers are still the favorites in my mind because we have two big stars and a bunch of solid role players.

I agree with Lebron's choice, but sympathize with the Cleveland fans who have to deal with yet another disappointment. The Heat are a first class organization and Pat Riley really is a genius.

With all this stuff being in the books, when the smoke clears and the Miami stage men move the mirrors away.. Who am I kidding. I am not fazed in the least. Who are these cats kidding honestly? Honestly, anybody with some foresight will tell you that right now the East is harder than it was last year already and to think that they got home court locked up is just ridiculous. The Celtics will be adding Jermaine O'neil, Magic Chris Duhon, Bulls Boozer, Knicks Amar'e. So what you have here, ladies and gents is the equivalent of last season for the Lakers. To think that these egomaniacs will get a system and execute it to perfection with some role players and lock this thing up, is very shortsighted. I just heard Mike Miller already agreed to join the Heat and perhaps Raja Bell *(considering his recent statements about going back to Flo. and taking less money)* going to the Heat. The Lakers are still the best team in the association though.

So when is Raja Bell gonna sign with Miami? ;-)

Welcome to The ¨NBA VERSION OF THE WWF ¨.What a Classless Act By ALL JOURNALIST Who Have SPUN this (CIRCUS TYPE HYPE).LeBron,Wade and Bosh...ALL Knew This Plan Over The Last Two Years !!! I Must Say That I Have Admired LeBron Coming Into The NBA with so much Pressure on His Shoulders to become The Next Kobe or even The G.O.A.T...MJ,but have been seeing trace´s of a (EGO FAR BEYOND ANY SPORTS STAR EVER),and doing so with the Help of The News MEDIA.Which happens to do so even though The SELF PROCLAIMED ¨KING ¨,,,,,,,,,,,has No RINGS !!! All this was Disrespectful and Tasteless to Boston & Lakers who were Representing The Best Of The Two Conferences and were Getting OVERSHADOWED by a Player who Just Lost to Boston with this CRAP about where LeBron may be going,Huh???The Fans ,News Reporters,and The NBA....Created This Sad Saga and having ONE PLAYER Be Looked Upon as being GREATER Than The NBA........When Will We as they say............WITNESS LeBron for what he Truly Is...........EGOTISTICAL BRAT.

Now that the lakers have beaten the celtics and Bill Simmons has been humbled a little bit in his anti-lakers vitriol, I actually can enjoy his writing a little bit more. And he's actually funny.

Henry Abbott however, is such an idiot. At least Simmons was always funny.. Abbott, I will look forward to reading your also-ran loser blogs from now on. (Simmons was actually becoming a Laker fan as last year progressed, and you could sense his grudging respect in his writings). Abbott, we all know you hate Kobe and the Lakers. Your Blazers never won squat, and now we can enjoy you flapping your gums in admiration and support of Lebron as his team loses to the Lakers again. It will be fun.. (and yes, I know he isn't reading my response)

The Big 3: Pierce-Garnett-Allen

The Bigger 3: Wade-Bosh-James

The Biggest 3: Kobe-Pau-Bynum

Just curious: A couple of years before Kobe's off-season rant in 2007, he was actually a free agent.

As I recall, he didn't sign with the Lakers right away. Instead, he visited a number of teams to listen to their offers.

In fact, he reportedly called the Clippers to tell them "I'm a Clipper," then changed his mind before signing with them when he found out that Shaq was gone.

Am I the only one who remembers this?

no jimjoyce but this time you aren't the only Lebron James apologists who sell Kobe's last rings short.

Bandwagon Lakers jerk.

It seems though that there are fans in Cleveland now hating Lebron instead are turning to Kobe even though they don't like his personality.

One man's and/or woman's garbage is another man's and/or women's treasure.

Kobe was a free agent but he only asked Mitch Kupchak to add players, after losing to the Phoenix Suns multiple seasons in lesser rounds, which is something LeBron never went through since about 2007. Remember Kobe had the worst no.1 draft pick in a million years, and a pathetic starting lineup to say the least. More, to the point, Kobe was trying to have the least bit of decent talent build around the system to be able to succeed. Not go on prolonged week long spectacles with round the clock coverage about where "I would screw my team 2x years in a row with 60+ win teams and bail on them in game 5". Moreover, Kobe and Jordan both had combined 6 titles before they resumed winning titles. When Mr. Bryant ultimately, opted to re-sign with the Lakers he did it through a news conference and signed the contract the following morning. Huge difference folks.

LBJ got a right to leave the Cavs. I don't question that move. I was hoping though that he was more respectful, tactful to properly inform Cavs management and fans to allow Cavs the chance to get something back, e.g. a sign and trade... I don't think the Cavs can get a sign and trade with the Heat. The Cavs are over the cap and don't have a lot of flexibility to improve their team. I feel bad for the Cavs and their fans.

^^^^interesting story. When the world calls you King for 7 plus years I guess it's hard not to believe it yourself.

MM, Excellent Take On It!

I would only add that when LeBron came into the NBA, he was labeled a "Man Child". And Now, He's Just a "Childish Man".

He could've manned up and stayed with Cleveland. And for that, he will never be in the same conversation as Michael, Magic, Bird or Kobe. Kareem was Traded After Winning a Title for Milwaukee. Same with Wilt.

"The Princess Jimmy Lottery Hour" was exactly what we all expected.

As for his new team, ESPN pundits have already anointed the Heat as the Next Dynasty. Claiming that Miami will Win the Next 5 Championships.

Wow! One Might Ask: Why Even Bother Playing the Next 5 Seasons? ROFLMAO!!!!!!

They Also Point Out that James, Wade & Bosh brought home the Gold in the 2008 Olympics.

What they fail to mention is that James & Wade, With Melo, Couldn't Win in 2004. Team USA in 2004 Couldn't Compete with the Euro Teams.

Moreover, Bosh was NOT the Key. Bosh Wasn't Even as Important a player as Melo.

But, Ultimately, Everyone Knows that Kobe & J-Kidd Were the Difference that Elevated Team USA Back to Greatness!

They've Got a Long Way to Go to Be a Dynasty. And I Say: BRING IT ON!!!!!!






I don't think there was anything wrong with his decision itself(Cleveland wasn't going to improve and he gets to play with two allstar buddies), but the hour-long "Lebron is great fest" was stupid. It probably turned off more people to the 'Lebron brand' than it turned on. I don't know what his people or ESPN were thinking when they thought it up. I actually feel sorry for the people in Cleveland. When any other free agent signs to a team, its just a press release and an introductory conference of some sort. If I was a fan, that wouldn't sting as much as the hour-long Church of Lebron thing they did.

i don't care where he plays, that's his business. what i'm disgusted with is the one hour tv show to announce his decision. 10-15 minutes would have been more than plenty of time to make the announcement and speak to the press.

LeBron’s announcement turned Kobe and the Lakers into underdogs

"I’d like to think that Kobe watched LeBron’s announcement with his hands bridged under his chin in anticipation, and that his cold eyes narrowed and his lips curled into a thin smile when the decision was revealed. Say what you will about Kobe, but I guarantee you that he’s not afraid. On the contrary, he fully realizes how his legend will grow if he can conquer this three-headed beast.

Just when I thought he was about to begin a gradual fade into retirement over the remaining four seasons on his contract, Kobe now becomes a more compelling figure than ever. He has a new challenge to inspire him in case he needed a reason to keep working hard for that sixth ring. Now that he’s beaten the Celtics, LeBron could be his final great conquest — and that’s all the motivation he’ll need to wring every last ounce of greatness out of himself."

Hey ROnRon...Why don't you lend your Psychiatrist to LEBRON...LBJ you're such a NARCISSISTIC !!!!! ....Hey Nike, do you think Lebron deserves your BRAND...uuuggghhhhhh !!!

I already stated my comments about the classless way that Lebron did this but there are some rebuttals that I want to make to some arguments.

1. I didn't watch the bloody show so that made me feel good.

2. If he wanted to raise money for the Boys/Girls Clubs, he could have donated the $ and saved Cleveland the embarassment.

3. He showed his true nature tonight AGAIN!

4. Who's going to coach all those egos? And, will they listen?

5. If you're old enough you might remember the 76ers in the mid 70's sign just about every all star they could but they never won because there was only one ball and they all wanted it and couldn't ever play together. Remember that before you think the crown is surrendered.

6. This will make Mitch and Jerry work even harder to find the right pieces to the puzzle.

MUST READ by Michael Rosenberg

GREENWICH, Conn., July 8, 1990 -- Michael Jordan announced on national television he's leaving Chicago to join the Detroit Pistons. Jordan said it was tough to bolt Chicago, where he was the most popular athlete in many years, because he thinks he has a better chance to win a championship if he plays with Pistons star Isiah Thomas. Jordan said by playing together, he and Thomas "won't have the pressure of going out and scoring 30 every night."

That would have sounded absurd, right? Well, it is no more absurd than what LeBron James is doing. Jordan was 27 years old in 1990, slightly older than James is now. He had never been to the NBA Finals. He had been beaten up by the Celtics and Pistons for years. He doubted his supporting cast was good enough.

But he never doubted himself.

And it became very clear Thursday night that LeBron James does doubt himself. James will be a champion in Miami -- if not next year, then sometime after that. If you put James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh together and give Pat Riley five years to find the complementary pieces, that team will win a championship.

But James does not have the heart of a champion. He does not have the competitive fire of Jordan, the bull-headed determination of Kobe Bryant, the quiet self-confidence of Tim Duncan, the willful defiance of Isiah or the winning-is-everything hunger of Magic Johnson.

He is an extremely gifted player who wants the easy way out.

And how do we know this?

James said so himself.

Oh, not in so many words. But once ESPN was done ESPN-izing its LeBron coverage -- filling it with babbling experts, needless hype and Jim Gray submitting his top six entries in the Stupidest Question Ever contest -- the self-proclaimed King said everything you need to know about him.

1. "You have to do what's best for you, and what's going to make you happy."

This is what's going to make him happy? Sharing a stage with two other stars? Really?

I guess that's all LeBron is: A complementary player with superstar talent. We should have figured this out before: He got that giant CHOSEN 1 tattoo on his back and calls himself King James because he is desperate for reassurance.

There is no greater challenge in sports getting drafted by a godawful team, planting your flag in a city and working like crazy until you have turned that team into a champion.

LeBron James didn't want the challenge. He wanted to play with his buddies.

2. "We don't have the pressure of going out and scoring 30 every night or shooting a high percentage."

Whoa. Hold on there. Scoring 30 a night is too much pressure for one of the five most talented players ever?

Find me another all-time NBA great who would utter those words. Jordan would rather do an adidas commercial than say that. Bryant must have laughed as he heard the so-called "King" say that. Larry Bird? The next time he complains about pressure will be the first. Magic was the greatest team player of the last 40 years, but he was also so competitive that he wanted to play Jordan one-on-one in a promotional event -- and this was when Magic had won titles and Jordan had not, so Magic had more to lose.

3. "I know how loyal I am."

The man just dumped his hometown(s) on national television. Cleveland (and, by extension, Akron) happens to be the most tortured sports city in America. To do that, then say "I know how loyal I am" ... wow, wow, wow.

I wish I could sit in on one of LeBron's meetings with his advisers. Does he make them all wear mirrored sunglasses, so that when he looks at them he sees himself?

We really don't ask that much of our sports stars. Try not to get arrested for anything big. Don't curse at the fans. You know, small stuff. We even understand that 95 percent of the time, they will make career decisions based on money -- we might not love it, but we understand it.

But see, the biggest thing that we ask of our sports stars is this: Take the competition as seriously as we do.

When LeBron James loses to Boston in the playoffs, we want him to take the heat, not take the Heat's offer. We want him to spend the summer adding to his game, calling and texting his teammates, plotting to do better next season.

Instead, well ...

4. "It's about joining forces with the other two guys."

He sounds like a nine-year-old playing Star Wars games with his buddies at a sleepover. And again: I do believe this Miami team will win a title. But it won't be as easy as he wants it to be. Miami will have the weakest bench of any contender next season After that, the NBA will have a lockout, and the league could eliminate the mid-level exception, which would be Miami's best tool for adding talent.

So this is a cop-out, but it's not as easy of a cop-out as it appears. And that brings us to ...

5. "This is the greatest challenge for me."

LeBron James just jumped into an elevator and wants us to think he can fly. Sorry, but we know better. We know that he did something Michael, Magic, Bird and Bill Russell never would have done. We know he ditched Cleveland for an All-Star team.

But you know what? In Miami, anything short of a title will be a failure. Nobody outside of Miami will root for this team, and nobody in Miami roots for anybody. They're too busy enjoying the weather.

I thought he would stay in Cleveland, because I thought all he cared about was adoration. I was wrong about Cleveland, but he is wrong about adoration. He thinks he'll get it by winning a title. He has insulated himself from the world, surrounded himself with yes men. He has no idea how much backlash he is about to get.

That's one of the great ironies of this -- James is trying to flee pressure, but he will just face more of it. He is trying to maximize his "brand," but he just damaged it.

The first time I watched LeBron James live, I thought he could be the greatest player ever. The sad truth for us, for him, and for the NBA is that he never really believed it himself.

MM, not pulling your punches! All I can say is, well done lol.

But perhaps my most favorite and apt line of all this is from OC Register's Mark Whicker: "He will join Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to make the Heat the instant favorite to LOSE to the Lakers in the 2011 NBA Finals."

Here, here. Dy-NASTY commences and Lebronze and his cronies will eat our dust lol.

Ok, hurrah, Bron's in Miami. Holy Camole, Batman!

Random thoughts:

1. Bosh wanted to be the main man so he joins a team where he's the 3rd option. Numbnuts.

2. The last time the three were together without Kobe they won bronze- 2006 FIBA. Spain with Gasol won gold. As Alfred Neumann says "What, me worry?". Lakers have Gasol.

3. Mike T is now a Celtics fan. There is a God.

4. Just in case Bosh and Bron missed it, its not Pat Riley coaching, guys. Its some guy named Spooslteramanthingagig. Don't worry, he's smarter than your old coaches but he ain't Riley.

5. Was more worried the C's would dump PP and go after Bron. I'm happy now.

6. Orlando and TNT hired the wrong Van Gundy. Rather hear Stan on TV and Orlando might win it all with Jeff, he does run more plays than pass to Howard and everybody pose.

7. MM is one heck of writer when irked. Who knew he can be irked? If I may suggest, how about a Laker Girl write up and/or blog presence once a week for the entire season?

I've always defended LeBron on this blog, because I don't like to take part in the endless, mindless hating that people have always shown Kobe. But I thought LeBron was really heartless last night by using all those kids the way he did. Those kids with him in the studio in NY were visibly upset that he didn't choose the Knicks. I'm sure they figured there was a reason he had pulled them all there. What is he doing, aggrandizing a decision that he knows will leave so many of his fans hurting?

And there was nothing, not one kind word for the young fans who supported him so much. Wow.

It was like dad having a 60 min party to announce he's bailing on the family for the babysitter.


Honestly, Cleveland seemed to quit on the Cavs before LeBron did, if not obviously then in some way. The Cleveland fans are acting like outraged degenerates.. throwing temper tantrums and burning jerseys in the streets..

Nice job guys, now everyone thinks you're pre-schoolers.

Shame for Lebron James

I feel bad for Cleveland fans. LBJ is not a king, not in the NBA at least. Karma is a bad thing.

Kobe is now the favorite player in the NBA. I say its well deserve. Even if J.A Fake Adande says Kobe did the same in 04. (Adande picked the Celtics to win it all)He never had that one hour special. If he did he had 3 rings to claim his money. Shame shame on James.

Any expert that says The Heat are the favorites to win it all; are dumb bias,lazy fat people and losers that saw the LAKERS BEAT them in any point in their careers.

Why is everyone running away from the west? i thought out west was where u found gold?

Let it be noted that the Heat assembled a team of Wade/LBJ/ Chris Bosh. 3 supposedly superstars; not to keep a promise to play together.

But to beat the Los Angeles Lakers. Thats their only hope. Rather have a 3 legged lap dog in Bynum than a four legged poodle in Bosh.

Thank Heaven that we didn't try that experiment. We already have two players that r trying to be nominated in an EMMY.

A lapdog bites, as far as i am concern.

Let it be noted that the Heat assembled a team of Wade/LBJ/ Chris Bosh. 3 supposedly superstars; not to keep a promise to play together. But to beat the Los Angeles Lakers. Thats their only hope. Rather have a 3 legged lap dog in Bynum than a four legged poodle in Bosh. Thank Heaven that we didn't try that experiment. We already have two players that r trying to be nominated in an EMMY. Posted by: Joe_Corad | July 09, 2010 at 05:27 AM A lapdog bites, as far as i am concern. Posted by: Joe_Corad | July 09, 2010 at 05:31 AM
Great stuff Joe!

Enough about this turd with a heartbeat, let's get back to talking Lakers.

The 2011 Finals is down to the Lakers and the Heat.

No way in heck PJ loses to Pat Riley even if he led to the Showtime Lakers to 4 Rings in the 80's.

He coached the Knicks/Heat. Good Job. Thats where it ends. Pat Riley is an opportunist. He only works hard when he can see the bling.

Supposedly his bext coaching Job was in Game 6 in the Finals againts the Mavs where he said; go out and win it, it doesn't matter what i say, u have to want it more."

Awesome, it shows some laziness, and lack of responsibilities. Yeah Pat Riley is oppurtunistic. No way Phil Jackson Loses to him. He'll blow his two steel hips knocking his ass down


Absoulutely great post. And, I think you summed up nicely many of the sentiments we expressed during the live chat.

Clearly, what set everyone off was the classless way he gave Cleveland the business. He really rammed it to them.

Actually, if he stayed, it would have actually been a nice way to "give back" to the team that stuck by him.

It's nice when you publicly show your loyalty. It's evil when you publicly show your disloyalty.



Next season we are going to have 4 All Stars. Bynum, Kobe, Gasol, and Artest.

No way Phil Jackson Loses to him. He'll blow his two steel hips knocking his ass down Posted by: Joe_Corad | July 09, 2010 at 05:48 AM
Don't forget also those days when Pat Riley coached the Knicks & PJ coached the Bulls and the battles they had. They hate each other. Especially the time in the Eastern Conference Finals when the Bulls - with just Scottie Pippen without Jordan - should have went to the Finals but Riley worked the Referees and they gave the 7th game to the Knicks. Every since then, they have been Blood enemies. PJ is probably licking his chops at this! I hope Miami gets out the East, but my money is still on Boston.

Yes, “The Decision” has been made, but this is a hilarious article mocking the process
LeBron James announces that he will buy the Miami Heat, endorse the New York Knicks, marry two of the LA Clippers’ Spirit Dancers in a Utah ceremony in August, become Executive Vice President of Mining and Distribution for Polyus Gold (NJ Nets’ owner Mikhail Prokhorov’s gold empire) and play basketball part-time for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Read the FUNNY article here:

Fantastic words/view, most comments about the post are the same as what I have to say. Of course the guy had every right to leave Cleveland, he didn't owe them anything except a proper way to say good bye. That was cold. Really cold.

I'm just glad this is all over. I truly hope this gives the Lakers more fire under their seats to defend their title. If they can capture another championship, get PJ's 4th three-peat, tie Kobe's # of rings with Jordan, defeat the Celtics, defeat Dwight Howard, The Big Three, LeBron, Wade and Bosh, it will most certainly make him the all-time player in his generation without a doubt. As well as finally silence all the critics about the Shaq debate.

But of course we will see ESPN over-analyize it IF this takes place and still give their devotion to LBJ.

Thank you for this column and your previous ones. BIG FAN.

Now the word is that LBJ,Wade and Bosh could win because of their experience in the Olympics.

In 2004 they all came out in 3rd, thanks to Lebronze. In 2008 we won the Gold, but funny how everyone forgets who decided to take the big shots and beat the late surge of the Spaniards( that was KB24 who plays for LA) led by Gasol (who also plays for LA) .

It only seems to be fair to give credit to the same players who played in 04 and won the Bronze, only because they were young and straight out of high school/college.

Kobe can't be there for the national team in Turkey because of his injuries. What are every other players excuses that decide not to play this year? Yeah those teammates that got their Gold medals because of Kobe


Thank Heaven that we didn't try that experiment


If you mean LA never tried to topload a team with future HOFers, I think you're forgetting "The Last Season." Two were at the sunset of their careers, but LA did try it.

And I'm really not digging the hate on Riles. People forget their history. Riles is responsible for coaching perhaps the greatest team in the history of the game. He coached the Lakers to what REMAINS the Greatest Victory In Laker History and the sweetest title they have ever enjoyed. Respect a Laker legend.

I wouldn't mind seeing a Heat/Lakers Finals next year. Not sure the Heat can get there in one year but who knows, now they're getting Miller too?
If they can put together some more decent role players they may get there.

Riles vs Phil, Kobe and friends vs three of the best of the east, should be a fun one if it comes to pass. If they can add some strength in the middle they will be a tough team.

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