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Lakers Summer League Chat

--Mark Medina

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Fanhouse: The Decision Is In: ESPN Guilty of Hype

"Hardly anyone associated with Thursday's journey into wretched excess should walk out of it feeling clean. And worse yet, ESPN has almost certainly set a precedent that if the subject is big enough and the topic is important enough, entertainment and programming will always come first over sports and journalism."

I know this doesn't have to deal anything with the lakers summer league, but is there any news concerning derek fisher's contract?

Miami would go down in flames against Orlando with CP3 or Deron Williams.

Watching the Lakers' first Summer League game.

So far, I've seen some positive things from Ebanks, Jaaber, Frank Robinson, and DJ Strawberry. Caracter has been so-so.

Nice block at one end and basket at the other by Rob Kurz there.

I like Caracter's rebounding. So far his offense hasn't really impressed me.

Detroit has more hyped draftees and some guys who've played lots of minutes in the NBA (e.g. Jonas Jerebko), but so far the Lakers are leading.

Green has Kwame Brown hands.

Green blows it again trying to get to the rim. Hopefully he can win the jump.

Nice post move by Caracter there.

another turnover by Gerald Green.

So far, he's doing nothing but suck.

I'm liking Caracter's post game. Hooks with either hand, an up and under, plus he kicked out to the 3 point line when he got double teamed. Obviously, this isn't true NBA level competition, but so far so good.

Another nice defensive play by Kurz - running back to stop the fast break.

And a foul at the other end by Gerald Green

Ebanks is eerily reminiscent of Ariza. In a wide shot showing the whole court, you'd swear it's Ariza weating an Ebanks jersey.

Caracter with an 18 footer - smooth.

Kurz with an awesome offensive rebound and putback.

So far Caracter has been outplaying the much more hyped lottery pick Greg Monroe.

Nice attacking the rim by Ebanks.

espn just reported that DFish will meet with Pat Riley!

espn just reported that DFish will meet with Pat Riley!

espn just reported that DFish will meet with Pat Riley!

I think the most important issue is a strong Bynum

Caracter is strong with soft hands, same as Paul Millsap, Leon Powe, Jason Maxiel, Glen Davis, Luis Scola, Carl Landry type... Nice Addition to Laker bench!

Ebanks a combo of Horry/Ariza. More like Horry I think, with his built and length, his shooting looks better than Ariza and looks more like Robert Horry's, walks like Horry!

Slahing and finish more like Ariza but has some looks like younger Robert Horry!

Defintely can be a good addition to the bench.

FIRST GAME EVALUATION. playing against Pistons, Monroe, Austin Daye and Jonas Jerebko.

Caracter is my first choice, second Ebanks, my third choice most ready to contribute at the NBA level is the 6'2" pG Jabeer. He has solid ball handling skills, like a little- taller more athletic Derek Fisher maybe!

Robinson, the big guard has a strong bully drive finish to the rim, I like too.

Gerald Green, No please!!! Kurz and Sims, not too bad, but I doudbt they will make the team.

MIAMI CROWD is chanting BEAT LA already!!!! holy crap!

They are introducing the LCD display! leb,chris,dwayne!

Staples 24,

>>>Caracter is strong with soft hands, same as Paul Millsap

Funny, that's exactly who I was thinking of watching him. A bit undersized, but able to get his shot off in the post and a good rebounder. Greg Monroe's the hyped lottery pick, but Caracter played him off the floor tonight.

Caracter could be a steal.

Staples 24,

I mostly agree with your assessments - Caracter and Ebanks look like they could both make the squad easily. Caracter is already better than Josh Powell, and Ebanks really has a Trevor Ariza vibe. Good defender and a slasher.

I also like what I've seen from Strawberry and Kurz. Less likely to make the team, but if Shannon signs elsewhere for more, they could do a lot worse than Strawberry as a replacement.

Kurz would be an okay backup, but there are only so many seats on the end of the bench. If both Caracter and Ebanks make the team, then I doubt Kurz makes it. I think they'd favor a veteran like Kurt Thomas for the last bench big spot. But if teams keep spending stooopid money on anybody tall, then maybe Kurz has a tiny chance. The Lakers really need someone taller, though.

Oh, and then there's Jaaber. Very impressive - decent defender and a really good passer. Not much shooting touch, but other than that I was really impressed with him.

And again, Gerald Green was bad bad bad. Bad shooting, bad passing, bad dribbling, bad defense. I doubt he even gets invited to the Lakers training camp. I could see all of Ebanks, Caracter, Strawberry, Jaaber, Robinson, and Kurz making it to training camp, but not Green (unless he makes a dramatic turnaround).

Wow, the baby Lakers really tossed up the game in the 4th. Some good promising play there by the two second rounders though.

Caracter 1 foul short of a triple double.

ooh lah lah

Caracter and Ebanks were really impressive tonight. Caracter has great post moves and finishes well with either hand. I expect him to be in great shape by the end of summer league and training camp. He definitely has the post game that Powell doesn't. Ebanks played a solid game as well and has a nice mid range jumper to go along with his slashing to the hoop.

Keep in mind that more than a few scouts said that these guys were easily first round talents. I'd like to see them stay consistent throughout summer league and training camp. As mentioned before, the Lakers may have gotten a couple of steals.

pat riley is scheduling that interview with fish so the lakers can panick and sign him!!!!!! trust me he doesnt want the fish, he just wants to make sure he stays with the lakers just in case miami gets to the finals

i loved our two 2nd round pics today and i also loved what i saw in Jaaber, i liked his defense and his passing i you tubed him and the kid can shoot!!!!, i think the lakers should consider signing him to bag up steve blake

and maybe they should give that kid strawberry a long look also to go along with our draft pics to round out the roster, i just dont want to look up and were the spurs old!!!!! we need to keep youthful ,energetic , and athletic players to go with our core players, and they all can be had for cheap

Yeah, Caracter and Ebanks were considered first round talent, Ebanks likely had a chance to go first round would have definitely gone first round if he came out last yer, Caracter stock dropped because of all questions surrounding his stay our Louisville, but he was #1 ranked kid in the country until Sr year of HS, and was considered a lottery lock out of H.S. and owned Greg Oden when they both were in H.S. If their picks continue to progress and show consistency, they might make the team, and Lakers might have quite a steal on their hands.

MM: where is the comments area on the chat. Usually it's there, not today. Is the chat by special invite only :)

Come on gerald green i know u can do rooting for u

Boastful King James claims the "bigger 3 compared to Celtics" will win 8 championships in 10 years and by age 35 put Kobe behind him & MJ! LBJ could not do it himself so he decided to join the Wade/Bosh bandwagon & Riley's desire to sabotage Lakers. Riley continues to pursue both Miller & Fish (Laker Leader & Playoff clutch shooter). Kobe you need to do what the Heat gang have done, renegotiate your contract take $5 million less. Easily made up with endorsements after a 3-peat. Exactly what MJ did to keep Pippen and win two 3-peats. JB, PJ, MK, MJ and even PG should all act as a financial team to reduce their own take by $ 10M this coming season. That would give $7M under salary cap plus $8M luxury TX . With a S&T it would allow Lakers to get Fish back; Mike & Brad Miller/Scola/Kwame; Raja Bell/Ridnour to round out the bench with Evans, Caracter, Jabeer & Strawberry/Brown. JB we need creative financing & contracting like Bulls, Celtics, Heat & Spurs! Kobe quick with your surgery! Go Lakers double 3-peat & dethrone fake King!



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