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Lakers Summer League Chat

Guys, It appears Scribble It Live has changed its platform. So we may have to change to yet another chat interface in the future. But for now, we're going to kick it old school style and have today's chat on the comments thread.

With instant posting, feel free to talk all things Lakers, including tonight's summer league game against the Knicks and the team's free agency plans. I'm out on assignment so I won't be able to join the chat, but I'll make sure to read through the comments later on.

--Mark Medina

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Yeah - thanks lewstrs - rub it in... lol! Where were you sitting? I'll have to see if you can be seen on the replay tonight....

LOL at the Queens fans!!! What - exactly - do they have to talk smack about??? A rookie??? OOOOOOO - our rookie can beat up your rookie??? HAHAHAHAHA!! What a bunch of idiots. Re-living OUR glory years with THEIR flawed memories. Poor slobs - I guess that's the only way you can cope if you're not a Laker fan.

Staples 24...are you really that scared of Miami...I'm not...Miami looks good on paper and when Miami Vice was on in the 80s...but that's it...

No need to make a major overhaul like you are posting...

Our team is already better than last year...and as hard as it for Mitch to fill the roster on our budget...Miami will have even a harder time and is farther away to filling their roster...

I think we sign either Bell or TMac, then either DJ or Kurt Thomas, and we should be done... Now we concentrate on getting healty, acclimating the new guys...and get ready to jump on the 3Peat bus...

Staples I had bad seats up high, but they were free, even the snacks and I couldn't complain...

Believe me, the coverage is not anything like pros...even the UNLV Rebels have a better set up than this game...

I will definitely represent for the pre-season game they have here every year...

typo: Staples = justa...

From Dan Gilbert,

"Last week, Gilbert fired off his incendiary letter, ripping James' decision as "a shameful display of selfishness and betrayal." He called the MVP "narcissistic" and "self-promotional" and vowed that his Cavaliers would win a championship before "the self-titled former king."

Apparently, the message was just what the spurned fans of Cleveland wanted to hear.

Commissioner David Stern wasn't as pleased.

He fined Gilbert on Monday, calling the letter and comments Gilbert later made in an interview with The Associated Press that he felt James quit in the playoffs the past two seasons "a little extreme."

On Tuesday, some Cleveland fans offered to pitch in to help Gilbert pay the penalty. Gilbert issued a statement of thanks."


Lakers can bebefit from all these.

Staples I agree though that Cleveland is ripe for the picking...

But the only guy I like on their roster is Anderson Varejao...he is the only decent player left, even if you include

The problem with all these Cavs players...they have the stench of Lebron...

Mo Williams putting that jacket on Lebron, Varejao dancing and doing the neck pump with Lebron, the dreaded 3pt hand sign in front of the eye, all the posing, etc, etc...

Now with Z following the princess to Miami, it shows these guys loved Lebron and not the Cavs...Now the rest of the princess' court is left in Cleveland...I feel sorry for Byron...I wish him good luck...

I know Gilbert said they would win a ring before Lebron...I would love to see that happen, but that's pretty far fetched...

Lakers can bebefit from all these.

Posted by: Staples 24 | July 13, 2010 at 08:44 PM


Sure they COULD, but again, where's the money gonna come from? These guys are all already under contract and they ain't comin' here for the rest of the MLE.

Staples 24...are you really that scared of Miami...I'm not...Miami looks good on paper and when Miami Vice was on in the 80s...but that's it...

No need to make a major overhaul like you are posting...

Posted by: LEWSTRS | July 13, 2010 at 08:37 PM

Agreed LEWSTRS, I think here are really overreacting to the moves by the Heat. We're not lookin' too bad so far and there's no guarantee that the Heat will even make it out of the EC, much less make it to the Finals.

Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!


that should've have read 'I think some posters here are really overreacting'

The Raja/tmac debate has been interesting, but even my wife doesn't understand the "oh my back, oh my ankle, oh my knee, oh my shoulder, oh my elbow, oh my hand, oh my hangnail, oh my eyelash mcwhiny" getting any credit. She said all he has done is be injured. That egomaniac is a leech and will do his best to drain our championship mentality to make himself look better.
Come on guys, i know from reading posts over the last few years most of you are smarter than that.

What's up with Javaris Crittenton? I thought early on that he was probably going to make the team as a backup guard. How has he played in summer league? Is he even playing?

Didn't Tracy McGrady sign with Boston?

I thought Critter was just coming back from an injury, and is not up to spec yet. Could be wrong, though.

lewstrs - LOL - "the stench of LeBron" HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Yeah - poor Byron - step 1 is gonna have to be hose the Q down with tomato juice.

Sup Laker Nation ?

Its simple Phil/Fisher/Kobe/Odom/Gasol/Bynum/Ron ron and company beat boston and have played in 3 straight finals.

The west is a bit weaker upcoming season, and Kobe/Gasol will get some needed rest. We have won with and without Bynum.

Does Kobe need any more fuel now with Miami starting something big...In a few years it will be hard to contend with Miami. And next season they will put up a fight, but they have not gone to war together. And Kobe scored the winning shots in the olympics.

Lets stay healthy and lets play hard..3 Peat is possible :)

RAJA BELL before Shannon Brown:

Lets bring Raja Bell first, who can defend and shoot 3s better than Shannon Brown. For Kobe to go out of his way, to personally recruit Raja must be important from players perspective.





>>>None of the guards on this summer league team know how to run an offense,
>>>they take wild shots, go one on three on fast breaks and don't give it to our bigs.

My sentiments exactly. There was one point in last night's game where after a rebound, Sacramento was scrambling to re-find people to cover. Green had the ball about 20 feet out and Caractar was right on the low block being guarded by a little. Green dribbled once or twice and then jacked up a brick from 3-point range.

The one guy they had been playing in Summer League who was trying to get the ball in to the post was Jaaber, but he didn't play yesterday. Strawberry, Green, and Robinson treated Caracter like he had the plague.

But if Im Mitch, and both Raja and Tracy said, Yes, I take a smackeroos to come play for the Lakers NBA Champion Los Angeles! Who do you say exactly? Is Buss to green light? Unless Both can be had somewhere in the range of 2 million combined

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