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Lakers Summer League Chat

--Mark Medina

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63 Footer, I actually posted my "Whoops!" to DJ as I totally brain farted. However, it brings up the following totally academic question (since Mike Miller signed with Da Bulls):

If the Lakers are well over the salary cap & above the luxury tax threshold, HOW DO THEY FIELD THE REQUIRED 13 MAN SQUAD Assuming the Following Roster:

Steve Blake

Let's Presume that Sasha & Luke are Untradeable at this Point in Time. Although Sasha's expiring contract could be used. But, correct me if I'm wrong, since we're over the salary cap, the Lakers' can't trade for a draft pick and trade exception.

The Lakers CAN'T combine exceptions. Veteran's minimum & partial MLE is left.

They NEED to sign 4 more players.

1. Fisher is a Lakers' item (No MLE or Vet's minimum involved).

2. Shannon Brown (Lakers' item).

3. Ebanks (Lakers' item).

4. Caracter (Lakers' item).

If Fish & Brown don't sign, then Ebanks & Caracter must be signed & the other two signings would have to be at bargain basement prices.

Unless aTeam agrees to a Sign & Trade for Sasha, then we might be able to pull off another player.


That player introduction party by the Heat last night was bigger and more dramatic than anything at the Lakers' championship parade this year. And the fact that LeBron is already predicting "7" championships really makes me think it'll be a while befor this team actually wins something. I think the gulf between thinking you're champion and actually being champion is larger than these guys realize. I certianly have never seen a championship contending team celebrate like this before wining anything.

This really gives me hope for a threepeat. That seven game series we just went thru with the Celtics is the real path to being a champion, not just getting the right players.

Oh, and let me say this. As a Lakers fan since birth, I absolutely reserve the right to root FOR the Celtics if I choose when they play the Heat. For this year at least, I do not want these posers gathered in South Beach to represent the East in the finals. Anyone who dances around on stage like a champion without being one is not going to get my respect, and to see LeBron pose and strut on stage a few weeks after he sputtered and wilted on the hardwood against the Celtics, is leaving an unsavory film in my mouth. Yuck. LeBron's like a bully who got punched in the mouth and started to run home until he saw his gang coming up the street. Unfortunately, Lebron, the spotlight doesn't erase history.



Like the Secret Service, we have unlimited black Suburbans
to escort DFish to the Lakers training camp in El Segundo...

====------ === ------===
/_____l______l__ ___\____
ll - - -PAY DEREK FISHER -------]
L___(0)l______l__ ____l(0) J

====------ === ------===
/_____l______l__ ___\____
ll - - -SIGN DEREK FISHER ------]
L___(0)l______l__ ____l(0) J

====------ === ------===
/_____l______l__ ___\____
ll - - -LOVE DEREK FISHER ------]
L___(0)l______l__ ____l(0) J

====------ === ------===
/_____l______l__ ___\____
L___(0)l______l__ ____l(0) J

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PREACH IT WES - I'm with you. Bunch of posers who have no idea what they're in for.

(And yes I know Wade has a ring, but he can't do without Snaq) HAHAHAHA!!

MM, Could you post the answer as to whether DJ Strawberry or Kurz would qualify for the Veteran's Minimum Exception. Thanks


Korver going to the Bulls - just saw the banner on NBA tv...

Princess & Bosh signed for 6 years / $110M
Wade for 6 years / $107.5M

I don't really care about Shannon Brown. I think he's way overrated. He can't defend the opposing point guard. He can't dribble penetrate the paint. His shooting is inconsistent. His dunks are spectacular, but highlights are overrated.

Hey, Wes you have my permission to root for the Celtic's. I think many fans will root for whatever team is playing against the Heat. I know I will.
Also I accidentally watched about 15 seconds of the intro party. Bosh was saying something about the three of them daring to be great..heck to me the three of them teaming up to TRY to win a Ring smacks of insecurity not daring...
any way my take... From the sound of your comments, I'm glad I only saw the 15 seconds.

Typical, i get on the Chat & can't chat, I get on the Blog and no ones home.
Oh well, Night Laker Nation!

Mamba24 - what you talkin? Some of us are here lol!


Why? Because CBA rules *forbid* it. This isn't the NFL where you can...the current CBA forbids any player from doing it in order to subvert the salary cap.

Don't like and still complaining: FILE A LAWSUIT if you care that much and most likely lose.

Otherwise Summer League wise: Derrick Character: Glen Davis
Ebanks: Trevor Ariza.

Sup Laker Fam,

Both Caracter and Ebanks looked good again tonight. Should they continue to play this way and improve, they will do well in training camp and make the team. I believe that both can contribute off the bench this year. Both have solid games and will only get better when they play with the varsity Lakers. Mitch did an excellent job in this draft. Caracter seems like a natural, comfortable scorer around the basket, but I'd like to see him be a little more nastier on the boards and defense(rebounding pretty well right now). Ebanks is an Ariza clone with a better jump shot at this stage of both of their careers. He'll continue to develop and get better. I'm really impressed with both of them and again, Caracter just seems to have it in the post. His game is very fluid and he seems to get any shot he wants around the rim.

Mamba24 - what you talkin? Some of us are here lol! Posted by: justanothermambafan | July 10, 2010 at 05:29 PM
Dag, i thought I was in a version of the Twilight Zone. On the Chat I could see the Chat but it wouldn't let me post anything. On here I kept waiting for a post to show up and none did.

Hey Nemaia, Blitz, JAMF!
Ebanks is a Keeper!

Mamba24 - yeah -I get a big delay sometimes too....

Anyhoo - agreed on Ebanks & Caracter. Both are looking pretty good. I wonder if Mitch agrees...

Anyhoo - agreed on Ebanks & Caracter. Both are looking pretty good. I wonder if Mitch agrees...Posted by: justanothermambafan | July 10, 2010 at 05:42 PM
I don't know why, but i get this feelin Mitch is working on something big like when he did the Pau trade and this DFish thing is all a ruse to keep teams looking one way while he steals another player. Don't be surprised.

I hope you're right, Larry. But - even if nothing miraculous happens , I still say we're better next year because we'll be healthier. And a healthy Mamba is a dangerous Mamba. Here comes MVP # 2, Finals MVP # 3 and Larry # 17!!!

@JAMF, We're also better because The Lakers will not be the only team in everyone sights. Now everyone will be shooting for Miami especially after Princes Jimmy at that lil stupid rally he Bosh & Dwade had said they will win 7 Titles. All of the East has gotten better so they will beat each other up just as the West did last year. I think this will be a Laker record setting year. I'm talking about 34 in a row 73 wins, 12 and o in the playoffs. If this is PJ's last year expect him to unleash Kobe and the Team and for them to go out Big Time.

Also agree on the two rooks looking good. I hope Ebanks can become a defensive specialist who can come off the bench and play lockdown D, also hope he improves his long shot. As for Caracter im liking his inside scoring buh im not sure he can be Bynums back up just yet. He is undersize and would struggle against bigs in the NBA. He is definitely more of a powerfoward. If he wants to play center in the NBA he has alot of work to do, must get stronger.

Also agree on the two rooks looking good. Posted by: "I Bleed Purple and Gold" | July 10, 2010 at 05:59 PM

So which one do you think The Lakers keep? I'm pretty sure they won't keep
both. They'll probably send one down to the D-League. My money is on Ebanks. Then again they might not keep either

I'd rather go 16-0 in the playoffs.... :)

Hey Justa and Mamba!

I believe Mitch likes what he sees so far in Caracter and Ebanks. The only thing I would like to see more is Ebanks crashing the boards because he did it in college. He's probably just showing that he can shoot and score because he didn't really show it in school. A lot of analysts and writers on twitter are saying the Lakers got two steals from this draft. Check it out on, one guy said that both Caracter and Ebanks were easily first round talent and another asked what were some of these other teams thinking when they passed on Caracter and Ebanks. Sure, they're both young and have a ways to go, but it's still nice to have two 6'9 players who highly skilled in different ways. One is ambidextrous with great post moves , jump shot and rebounding skills while the other is a slasher type, defensive minded player with a better than advertised mid range game and 3pt shot. I can easily see Caracter developing more(character development? That's funny, lol), practicing and playing with Kobe, Pau, Drew and LO. Ebanks would definitely benefit from Kobe, Fish, Ron, LO and Luke(knowledge wise, regarding the Triangle).

While it's only summer league, these two and possibly Jabber(real long shot), can give us something off the bench(hopefully more than we got out of Jordan, Shannon, Josh and Sasha gave us this past year).

Reports are out saying Fish is done meeting with the Heat and is heading back home to LA. Hopefully we get this deal done with him and continue to move forward. Peace!

Mamba to be honest with you who the heck knows. I mean I agree I think Ebanks has an advantage because he can be utilise at the sg and sf position and he will strickly be called upon to use is quickness and athleticism just to play defense. As for Caracter it is more of a risk I belive because if he is not ready for the NBA bigs hes going to get tossed around.

I'd rather go 16-0 in the playoffs.... :) Posted by: justanothermambafan | July 10, 2010 at 06:11 PM

Don't scoff, It can be done. We should have did it the time we played Iverson in the Finals and lost that first game.

Hey Nemaia, Yeah just about every scouting report I read says that Lakers got some steals on those 2 guys. They both look like they are hungry so if we do keep both I think they will give us a lot more than at least Sasha & Jordan who might have got a lil complacent. But just the fact everybody now has at least 2 titles under their belt should make everybody a lil better.

Mamba24 - I agree! We wuz robbed!! LOL!!! (But you said 12-0 so I was just correcting that egregious error on your part....) LMAO!!!

To paraphrase a great bard, This Fish saga is full of sound and fury & signifies nothing. If Kobe wants him - and he does - he will be on the team.

Mamba24 - I agree! We wuz robbed!! LOL!!! (But you said 12-0 so I was just correcting that egregious error on your part....) LMAO!!! Posted by: justanothermambafan | July 10, 2010 at 06:23 PM
Gee thanks for the correction JAMF. lol! I got to remember to stay on your good side.

I am very pleased with the 2 rookies...Mitch did a brilliant job again!

Not looking good for Josh Powell, and I don't think they will resign DJ Mbenga...

Is it correct that Ronnie Lester is the Asst. GM...

Just thinking how this would be a perfect job for Fish, when he retires of course...

I'm not so sure I would count Sasha out of our equation just yet. If he gets his shot down, like he can, he hustles and play fairly good defense. With a fair amount of PT, just might surprise us! Hope so anyway!

Let the record show that you're never on my bad side, Larry. :)

Sasha is our wild card, if he gets his shot back, wach out!!

@DJ & I Bleed Purple, I take it you two have been listening to Faith again.
@Lewstrs, yes Ronnie Lester is Asst. Gm, I don't exactly what an Asst. Gm.
does, but if you think it's perfect for Fish then I'll have to defer to your expertise.

@JAMF, Whew!!!


Always hopeful ya know!

@JAMF, don't get me wrong, neither one of your sides is bad. What I'm trying to say is...Oh never mind! :-)

Gotta get up to the plate soon, will try to blog between innings, ha, ha!

@DJ, hit one out of the park for the Blog!! Lol!

Looks like Joe's benching me tonight, guess I can blog easy now!

Looks like Joe's benching me tonight, guess I can blog easy now! Posted by: D(erek)J(eter) | July 10, 2010 at 07:07 PM

WTF? Bench D(erek) J(eter)! Aw Hell Naw!!!!! Lol!

I don't believe you're the real Derek Jeter. Get the blog some seats to watch you play - then I'll render my verdict!


I don't believe you're the real Derek Jeter. Get the blog some seats to watch you play - then I'll render my verdict! Posted by: justanothermambafan | July 10, 2010 at 07:13 PM

Hey, If Ron Ron reads the Blog, why not Derek Jeter?

Well this DSL is too slow for me. I guess I'll call it.

Good Night Mari G. wherever you are, I still Love ya's dear!

Good Night 2010 & 16 time NBA Champion Laker Nation!

good night Larry. Hopefully your connection tomorrow will be better.


Re: your question of how we fill out a roster (or for any team over the cap), there's no limit to the number of players signed under the minimum salary exception. This differs from other exceptions, like the MLE or bi-annual.

If DJ Strawberry were to make the Lake Show even for one game, you better believe it I would order his Lakers jersey to add to my collection. His father is my all time favorite baseball player. Imagine the possibilities Darryl could have accomplished.

Cölöradö löves öür Wörld Champiön Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Derek Fisher - Laker spy

Why is Derek Fisher not going to Miami? He has no shot of his jersey ever being retired to the rafters of American Airlines Arena.

NYT's Maureen Dowd, a one-time sportswriter herself, weighs in hard on LeBron and what she dubs Miami's Hoops Cartel. Good stuff:

Which brings up another point on D-Fish. If Fish goes to Miami, he won't get a one-hour TV special.

I think Derek Fisher went to Miami just to tell Pat Riley that they'll never make it to the ECF this coming season...then had a brief conversation with LeBrick before boarding a private plane, telling him he'll choke again in the playoffs.

This just in from Lakers headquarters. The Lakers have scheduled a 1-hour live news special for noon tomorrow on ESPN, when they will announce a major trade with the New Orleans Hornets to acquire second year point guard Darren Collison and veteran center/power forward Emeka Okafor in return for enigmatic power forward Lamar Odom and veteran small forward Luke Walton.
Speaking about the trade, Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak denied that the move was in any way a response to the Heat’s signing of the Three Kings. “We just think Darren Collison has the raw talent and solid potential to be an all-NBA player and defender at point guard and we could not pass up an opportunity to get a player we think will be our starting point guard for the next ten years.”
Lakers owner Jerry Buss chimed in with the following comment. “We hate to let Lamar go but we couldn’t pass up the chance to get Darren Collison. We believe he is Rajon Rondo with a jump shot, an all-pro defender who shoots over 40% from beyond the arc and 90% from the free throw line. The trade was a rare opportunity to get a once-in-a-decade player and make our team better defensively.”
The Hornets were willing to give up Collison because the Lakers were also willing to take Okafor’s 4-year $52M contract which will save the Hornets $23M over the next 4 years. Financially, the Lakers will get the starting point guard they desperately needed without trading any of their top players and with only a $600K increase in their total salaries for the next two years, although they will have now committed to continue their current level of salary for the third and fourth years of Okafor’s contract.
Other general managers were surprised the Lakers were willing to take on Okafor’s contract and felt that the Lakers move reminds them of last year’s “trade” of Trevor Ariza for Ron Artest and was likely a response to the threat posed by the Miami Heat’s signing of the top three free agents. Basically, the Lakers just traded Lamar Odom for a point guard of the future and more size and length in the post. The loser in this scenario may end up to be Derek Fisher, who suddenly seems to be out of the Lakers plans with Collison and Blake now manning the point for the Lakers. Jerry Buss again goes all in.

Dream on Laker Tom, you are just trying to be either too funny or making that BS so your boy Bynum gets minutes instead of Lamar.

Dream on.

c'mon lakeTom, are you pulling our leg with your own breaking news?

LakerTom, that sounds weird....did u drink? DC is a good PG, but we don't need DC in LA, the triangle runs better w/ Blake than DC...Then you have Okafour...SOunds like a bad deal to me, unlikely to happen.

i thought that trade was true...i almost fell for it...LoL


Please tell me you are not lying about this. This would be the greatest move I think I have witnessed since getting gasol. Oh man this would be perfect. Please be true. please be true. Please be true.

Guys that ain't happening since 1) New Orleans has not stated they will trade Collison and 2) Mitch has said they won't make any major movements the rest of the summer.

Laker Tom, actually in this case BYNUMTom is just trying to have fun and again try to trade for Collison and get rid of Odom so his precious Bynum can have 30ppg.

Like the Bosh-Bynum rumored trade: IT AIN'T HAPPENING. Even Bynum Tom admitted a trade of that was less likely than Bosh-Bynum.

Bynum Tom being Bynum Tom I suppose lol.


The only problem was you included Luke in the trade story. Everybody knows Luke's contract is untradeable. Luke will retire a Laker.

dfish is back on the blog

if your supposed to be the KING and the best player in the world, other players would want to come and join you in your team and not the other way around.. How can you be king if there is DWade sitting on the miami throne?

He should have stayed in cleveland and demand the owner to give him support (if thats what really is needed).
But Bosh wouldnt want to join him at Cleveland. Maybe Bosh knew that winning is not guaranteed without DWade.

He didnt join the Bulls or NY where he can be the Man, because he cant be the man. He joined the heat so DWade can cover his a$$ when he choke.. You cant grow heart or balls.

Jerry Buss Best owner in proffesional sports. Why? Because he pays what a player is worth. He is not cheap. If he was, would we as fans be, celebrating the past 9 champioships under his ownership? He cares about loyalty. I say let DFish walk and earn his money else where. Tradefor him mid season, close to the playoffs where he apparently shows up and shows his value.

CAn anyone point out where in a season he made a big shot or a big play ? Not mentioning the playoffs. Yeah, thats right DFish is nowhere in the regular season.

Another Beautiful Day Begins for the 2010, 16 Time NBA Champions Lakers Nation!
Good Morning: Laker Nation & Laker Blog
Good Morning: Mari. G. The most beautiful thing in all of creation. Yes My Goodness YES!!
@Dwade, Princess Jimmy, Chris Bosh, Have you decided which of you are going to be THE MAN! Oh sorry Princess Jimmy you're a Princess! Chris Bosh you got to grow some before you can be one. I guess that leaves DWade. You knock him down 7 times he gets up 8! WTF? Then knock him down 8 times!
I shall now go on a stroll and meditate on the meaning of SuperTeams in History. All Failed miserably you know. The Dr.J, Doug Collins, George McGinnis one = o Titles. The 2004 Kobe, Shaq, Mailman & Glove = o Titles The Wilt, Elgin, Logo, = 0 Titles with * They won when Elgin left.
So Be not afraid Laker Nation! Why?Cause...WE GOT THIS...So... BRING IT ON!!

Hoops World reporting Cavs free agent center big Z stated he wants to join James in Miami and that the Heat have made a 'compelling offer' to Fish.

Hoops World reporting Cavs free agent center big Z stated he wants to join James in Miami and that the Heat have made a 'compelling offer' to Fish. Posted by: Art - FL Laker Fan | July 11, 2010 at 07:03 AM
Art I learned the hard way to stay away from the Reports. I'm the one who had the Mike Miller going to Chicago with Kyle Korver bit. I got Korver right, but bombed on Miller. I don't think there is any way in Hell Fish is going to Miami or anywhere else other than LA. As for Z going to Miami the more the better.We are The Freakin 16 time Champion LA Lakers...WE DON'T ADJUST TO TEAMS, TEAMS ADJUST TO US!...BRING IT ON!!! cause WE GOT THIS!!!!

Jerry Buss Best owner in proffesional sports. Why? Because he pays what a player is worth. He is not cheap. ...

Posted by: Joe_Corad | July 11, 2010 at 03:51 AM


I am sure Luke will agree with you, wholeheartedly...

DFish must be BUI.....

Blogging Under the Influence

After reading those comments about Fisher, that's the only logical conclusion a person can reach.

Take a couple of Aspirin for your hangover fella.

Greetings Lakeshow Fans,

LTLF...Thanks for your insight. I'm SURE there's got to be a MILLION dollars or more extra hovering around LA somewhere...Our Lakers certainly don't want to FEED the opposition by serving FISH on a platter...We shouldn't underestimate LEADERSHIP at it's finest...SIGN the man!

Speaking of the opposition outside the basketball court, here's a recent thought coming from Orlando Magic GM Otis Smith about LBJ's departure and a rebuttal from LBJ himself...

Here's MY TAKE in the whole LBJ saga below.

OS on LBJ:
"I thought [James] was more of a competitor. The great ones usually stay in one location."

LBJ of the Magic: ``That's funny that they questioned my competitiveness. I like that. We're going to put a lot of that stuff in the locker room. We're in the same conference with Orlando, so we'll deal with them later.''

Read more:

Hmmm...First of all, OS was speaking for himself, not the Magic organization. It's OBVIOUS in the sentence structure. LBJ got emotional in that reaction and decided that every team in his path to title glory is the #1 ENEMY...

As or LBJ, why would he need locker room material to win it all? Three "THREE KINGS" getting together should be reason enough...BTW, this Heat team is going to have to DEAL with Boston, Chicago and others in the East, not just Orlando...including the Lakers in the West, the two time DEFENDING CHAMPS.

LBJ through all this hoopla did himself no favors by "exposing" himself on national TV as an inexperienced public speaker that needed some TACT in his message delivery. He should have consulted with a counselor specializing in the art of handling human emotions. Heck! He has the resources to do so...but didn't DO IT the right way.

LBJ believes that BUSINESS is BUSINESS when he made the decision. That's fine and dandy and personally had no problem with that part of his choice. However, when it comes to human emotions and trust, he, as a polarizing human figure in pro sports nationwide and in OHIO (and heartily accepted the title of KING), should have simply let it all go by TALKING WITH the fans of Cleveland about chasing his championship dreams genuinely ELSEWHERE, not TO OHIO (not somewhere else).

This approach would probably have "lessened" the backlash of disrespect and anger that LGJ is getting and will get for a LONG TIME...The bottom line is that LBJ was adored by many fans in Cleveland and elsewhere despite not getting them a championship YET. Heck, he's from OHIO, which makes him that more unique/special to Cleveland fans. No question he was dealt a HARSH hand from Day #1 as a Cavalier and state son. Well, he's got more to worry about than just winning championships in Miami.

After all, when all is said and done, there's no place like HOME. At 25, he's still needs to learn more about the "burning bridges" concept when dealing with people and handling his stardom. Listen, no one is perfect. Just a maturity thing…

However, he is the exception and a unique talent that comes once in a blue moon. He knows it! It's the APPLICATION of his graces that seems to be the issue...

I'm sure over time he will get better at it, being a bit WISER that is....He has no CHOICE but to become wiser, if he TRULY wants to live his life to the fullest BEYOND basketball and winning titles. We all get OLD and will need help down the road in the thing we call LIFE.

For good measure, he should have referred to John Stockton, who never won one, but loved by all his fans as an example of "playing hard" and "keeping the faith."

Well, I guess the almighty dollar doesn't always guarantee TACT or WISDOM...Handling ADVERSITY the RIGHT way does.

Handling ADVERSITY is why guys like KB24 and MJ have been successful at their basketball craft. They NEVER took days OFF when things got hot and bad in terms of their play, injuries, and feelings about losing. They used failure to become CHAMPIONS.

Let's Go Lakers! Three-Peat STILL in SIGHT despite the Miami Hype.

very inspiring words, Larry

@Fatty, You know ya right! LMAO!
@The Snake, Now, now now. Luke has high BBall IQ. LOL!!
Well, I guess the almighty dollar doesn't always guarantee TACT or WISDOM...Handling ADVERSITY the RIGHT way does. Handling ADVERSITY is why guys like KB24 and MJ have been successful at their basketball craft. They NEVER took days OFF when things got hot and bad in terms of their play, injuries, and feelings about losing. They used failure to become CHAMPIONS. Let's Go Lakers! Three-Peat STILL in SIGHT despite the Miami Hype. Posted by: Let's Go L's! | July 11, 2010 at 07:27 AM

Yes I have to say it...OUT FREAKIN STANDING!!!


What's a starting point guard on a Championship NBA team worth?

The average starting point guard in just the NBA makes 7 million. Few of those have the skills to lead a team to the Title. Their personal stats may look good, but their team stats are weak.

Miami is praying the Lakers blow Fishers free agency. They want him badly. He's one of their missing pieces, and know if they sign him, they weaken the Lakers as well.

Kobe is demanding we keep Fisher and emphatically stating we MUST have him to win again.

Nothing wrong with debating his worth. Wanting him to go is silly.

very inspiring words, Larry Posted by: Magic Phil | July 11, 2010 at 07:38 AM
Oh Behave, I promise the check is in the mail! lol! Thanks...Yes Mari. G. is the most beautiful thing in creation and she is my inspritation! Just playing with you Magic Phil, I thank you sir and have a beautiful Sunday!

Nothing wrong with debating his worth. Wanting him to go is silly.
Posted by: Fatty | July 11, 2010 at 07:42 AM

This is an excellent article, tracing the roots of The Decision all the way back to 2006:

@The Snake, Great Article brother, thanks I would have missed it. So is Darth Stern going to fine Pat Riley for Tampering? Pleassssse! MJ advising Princess Jimmy, I never did like that bitter bald headed SOB! I don't think Riley will be able to duplicate the Shaq, DWAde miracle twice. This team will be under too much scrutiny. He will not be able to institute the "Don't touch my Biatches Rule" for fouls on Dwade & Princess Jimmy. Mark Cuban for one will be watching very carefully. This is a very brittle team. Where is the fire, where is the Heart? Where is the Leader? This Team is nothing but all Flash that will evaporate when the going get's tough.


The Cleveland Plain Dealer is asserting this morning that Pat Riley and the Miami Heat bordered on tampering in a master plan to recruit LeBron James. The article by Brian Windhorst is titled "Inside 'The Decision': Miami's coup was a 'surprise' built on long-coveted goal of James, Wade and Bosh."

When you read the details, putting 2 + 2 together may make some inferences about why the Heat's offer to Derek Fisher is described as "compelling." I have no idea what perks Riley may have put in front of Fish, but clearly Riley will use every advantage to get what he wants.

@mamba24 - I don't hate Luke; it's his contract that gives me heartburn... 8-)

So LBJ decides not to wear #23 on his Heat jersey, supposedly out of deference to MJ. And so he decides to use #6??? Are you kidding me? That's the number of William Felton Russell, who has as many rings as MJ and Kobe COMBINED! And LBJ fancies himself as a good student of NBA history???

@mamba24 - I don't hate Luke; it's his contract that gives me heartburn... 8-) Posted by: The Snake | July 11, 2010 at 08:23 AM

Yes it's amazing. For some obscure reason his cntract doea ten to have that effect on people. Lol!

@Rick Friedman, I don't care if Pat Riley is a Laker legend, he's a greasy, snake oil salesman. All I have to say is Fish better watch his behind. H might find himself without either a Laker or Heat contract.

So LBJ decides not to wear #23 on his Heat jersey, supposedly out of deference to MJ. And so he decides to use #6??? Are you kidding me? That's the number of William Felton Russell, who has as many rings as MJ and Kobe COMBINED! And LBJ fancies himself as a good student of NBA history???Posted by: The Snake | July 11, 2010 at 08:35 AM

Good Student, Princess Jimmy? ROFLMFAO!!!!! HAHAHAHA!

Never trust an Irishman who just happens to be the GM of the Miami Heat. This was an old take on why we have to be concerned when a guy like Riles is after our guy Fish.

I know it"s a wishful thinking. Dr Buss and Mitch always have a secret that we do not know. They will always pull something off that as a fan do not think it"s going to happen or possible. That's why there are so many championship banners at the forum. I believe in the Lakers organization .

I saw a fan poll this morning where 89% voted that the Lakers should re-sign Derek Fisher. For the record, I voted with the majority. But let's play out the scenario where Fish doesn't come back, that he signs with Miami or Chicago or some other team. Is it the end of the world? Of course not.

Fish won a lot of hearts and minds with his performance in the playoffs and especially in the Finals. Kobe is vocal that he wants Fish back. The fans are vocal that they want Fish back. Mitch is vocal that he wants Fish back. The Lakers and the fans are all saying the right things.

So, what's the problem? Fish and his people would have us believe it's about the money. Yet, it's not about the money. The Lakers can offer Fish more money than the Heat. That's the math. That's the reality.

Fish and his people would also have us believe it's about the security. He wants a contract of more than one year. The guy is 36 years old. God bless him. He's in great shape. But he's still 36 years old. The Lakers could promise him a post-roster role in the organization where he's won 5 rings. Why would the Heat? Why would the Bulls? Might Fish actually believe Riley would give him a meaningful job in the Miami organization? One would have to question his sanity.

If Fish let's his ego get in the way of common sense, the Lakers will be fine. Mitch has brought us Pau Gasol. Mitch has brought us Ron Artest. Put sentimentality aside. If you think PJ and Kobe can't win another ring without Fish, question your own common sense.

Like you, I'd like to see Fish return for the quest for the 3-peat. But that's driven by sentimentality. The Lakers have gotten better every season except for the Rudy T synapse. The Lakers can get better again.

@Fatty, That was a great article Fatty. Say what you want about Riles, he's a heck of a Salesman.

I know it"s a wishful thinking. Dr Buss and Mitch always have a secret that we do not know. They will always pull something off that as a fan do not think it"s going to happen or possible. That's why there are so many championship banners at the forum. I believe in the Lakers organization . Posted by: Jay Woo | July 11, 2010 at 09:02 AM
No, No, No! I don't think it is wishful thinking at all. I too have this feelin that Dr. Buss and Mitch are cooking up something. Riley is not the only salesman in the NBA. Mitch learned from the best, The Logo.

@Rick Friedman, not only can the Lakers get better again, They are and will get better. Why? Cause we are The Freaking 16 Time NBA Champion LA Lakers and 16 rings don't lie!



thanks 4 the

Maureen Dowd, a one-time sportswriter herself, weighs in hard on LeBron and what she dubs Miami's Hoops Cartel. Good stuff:

i have a few comments but myslf needs some more Peet's to type them. after the Final. she has a few brilliant line, if one knows her vein.

No worries. The Lakers showed with the Steve Blake signing that they will be locked and loaded for 2010-11. Better get on board, Fish, cause you ain't gettin' a multi-year deal at age 36. Sign a one year deal for the same money as last year, then retire as a Laker after the threepeat.

Bynum will be better, and hopefully, healthier. Luke Walton needs to live up to that contract by making a contribution. Odom needs to step it up in the playoffs - you're making alot of money, dude. If you guys can't hack it, we'll find people who can. Maybe one of the rookie forwards will contribute....

Only thing that bothers me is the lack of a consistent three point threat to counter collapsing defenses and Kobe double teams. Mike Miller would have been nice but the money wasn't there and at least he didn't go to the Heat! Maybe if Sasha spends all summer shooting threes he could regain his touch?

As for the Miami Heat, I've never seen so much celebrating from a team that DIDN'T win a championship. How can you NOT root against these clowns?

Certainly gives you new appreciation for the Celts - a bunch of tough hombres, for sure, and a worthy opponent if ever there was one!

LeBron tried to sound like a bully and intimidate the Magic by saying "we'll deal with them later." Now he's trying to sound and act all tough just because he can hide behind Wade and Bosh. What Otis Smith said is simply the truth. Kobe did it as THE man without Shaq and now LeBron will NEVER have that opportunity to do it as THE man. How can he now, when he's playing with Wade, who has won one title already as THE man and will always be THE man with one more title than Bron has no matter how many they can possibly win together? LeBron has forever removed himself from the class of MJ, Magic and Kobe because despite the great supporting casts of those three, they were clearly THE man on their respective teams. Who is THE man on this Heat team? Without question, DWade! Which means that LeBron has relegated himself to being the third best player in the league behind Kobe and Wade, and possibly even fourth behind Durant who is definitely THE man on his squad and may possibly win a ring before James. This is why the arguments of those defending the notion that this move doesn't in any way tarnish or diminish LeBron's legacy don't stand up! Take nothing away from Bill Russell(in my mind in one of not the greatest winner in all of team sports), but why is MJ considered by many the greatest champion and player off all time despite having only 6 rings compared to Russell's 11? How about Kareem who is tied with Michael with 6? Why will it be hard for Kobe to ever be considered better than Michael even if he ends up with more rings? The reason is MJ was THE man in ALL 6 title wins, period! It's hard to say Russell was for all 11. Kareem was THE man in Milwaukee when they won, but a rookie named Magic won the his 1st and Kareem's 2nd ring when Magic played Center for the injured Cap in game 6 against the Sixers, won finals MVP and was THE man the rest of the way. But, Magic came up short against Jordan head to head and in rings. Kobe for all his brilliance was not THE man in the first three-peat, Shaq was. Kobe has sinced moved closer to both Magic and MJ by winning the last two titles as THE man, but his legacy isn't complete yet.

Now that LeBron has joined Wade's Heat, he will never come close to MJ, Magic and Kobe because LeBron will be THE man down there in South Beach. My question is, how can be a king without a kingdom?

correction on my typo. Regarding Bill Russell, I meant to say that in my mind Russell is one of, if not the greatest winner in all of team sports.


Caracter and Ebanks have been looking real good. I like both of them. Mitch did an excellent job stealing these two players who both will probably make the team.

It's amazing how similar Ebanks looks to Trevor Ariza, they have the exact same skillset. Ebanks is actually taller, and looks like he has a better shot at this point in his career than Ariza did. Ebanks looked like a 1st round talent in these last two summer league games.

Caracter is a big dude. The comparisons to Big Baby definitely have merit. He got that big body that can bang, and he's pretty aggressive at the basket. He has been making a lot of dumb little mistakes though in these last 2 games.

Aside from these 2, I don't think any of those other guys will make the team. Daryll Strawberry's son is a very good athlete and really works hard on defense, he might have a chance maybe with another team. We're giving a good look to Jaaber, I saw nothing special out of him. I heard he (Jaaber) was starting over Brandon Jennings overseas? That's just crazy. Jaaber has nowhere near the talent that Jennings has.

Go Lakers!
Sign Derek Fisher!
Pay the man!

Sorry fam, another typo correction. Last paragraph, I meant that LeBron will NEVER be THE man down in South Beach. OK, I'm out.

Fatty- If Kobe demanding that the Lakers keep Fish, Then redo you're contract and make it happen.

Love the scouts reports on our draftees. Kevin Arnovitz (ESPN) has this to say about Caracter after the second day of summer league:


LAS VEGAS -- Large bags of ice are taped to Derrick Caracter's shoulders and knees as he sits on a folding chair beneath the bleachers of Cox Pavilion in Las Vegas. The Lakers have just dropped a Summer League game to the Nuggets, but Caracter continues to make the Lakers look smart for nabbing him with the 58th overall pick in last month's draft. After racking up 20 points and 10 rebounds against the Pistons on Friday, Caracter scored 17 points and grabbed 12 rebounds on Saturday. Even though Summer League is largely an exhibition to display individual talents, there's a tacit rule not to take too much pride in personal performance when your team loses. Still, as a late second-rounder who has been carrying baggage, Caracter's strong play has him in good spirits.

Few have ever doubted Caracter's raw talent as a basketball player, but his two years at Louisville furnished skeptics with plenty of material. After battling conditioning, academic and behavioral issues for two years, Caracter was dismissed from Louisville and ultimately landed at UTEP, where he began to rebuild his reputation as a brute force in the paint and a genial kid who just needed some time to mature.

That process continues here, as Caracter has dominated the low block on the offensive end of the floor during his first 28 hours in Las Vegas. Caracter gobbles up space by the yard down low. Both Friday and Saturday, he was the most physical presence on the court when the Lakers had the ball. Putbacks, explosions from the elbow, back-ins that leave defenders crumpled beneath the glass -- all of them are part of Caracter's repertoire.

"It's really about positioning and there are tricks," Caracter said before chuckling. "I like to look a guy in the eyes -- not intimidate him, but to talk to him with my eyes and read what he's thinking. Sometimes I'll post up hard, and sometimes I'll give him a different position so he never truly knows. That makes it hard to match my strength."

Caracter can't just throw his weight around indiscriminately. He has to conform to the triangle offense under Chuck Person's direction. Does the structure hamper his game at all?

"I was talking to Coach Chuck [Person] about this today," Caracter said. "If one guy gets a little confused out there -- which happens to all of us because we just learned it like two weeks ago -- if he forgets something, there's a domino effect in the triangle. It's not like a regular system. It's all reading and playing off the other five guys on the court. It definitely makes me a better player."


Can anyone recall whether Farmar said similar things about the triangle only to become discontented after several seasons? Maybe I'm being cynical that these young guys are saying the right things and showing the right attitude now, only to quaff under the triangle that limits what they can or cannot do later, like Farmar.

Hopefully I'm wrong, and Caracter and Ebanks truly develop through the triangle and become excellent additions to the Lakers for years to come.


Nice post regarding Ebanks and Caracter. I agree with you and I believe that they will both make the roster and help us this year. Although compared to Big Baby, in my opinion, Caracter has a better all around post game with the ability to score with either hand and a deft touch around the basket. He also has a good mid-range jumper as well. He also seems to be pretty smart with regards to footwork and little tricks in the paint(there's an article on that praises Caracter's inside game and how he's making the Lakers look real smart in selecting him). I was disappointed that we didn't take DeJuan Blair last year, but Caracter may more than make up for it. Caracter's mistakes are more from being out of position and still working himself into better condition.

If Ebanks continues his strong play, he should definitely be able to back up Artest and contribute this year. It looks like Mitch and staff did their homework and scored well this time around. Well done.

Fatty- If Kobe demanding that the Lakers keep Fish, Then redo you're contract and make it happen. Posted by: 2Phatt | July 11, 2010 at 10:52 AM

ROFLMAO!! Cmon 2Phatt, Stop that. 1. You know according to CBA basketball contracts can't be redone. 2. You are talking about The God of basketball taking a paycut. Fraked up finger, Strained leg, screwed up back gonna have arthritis in his hand for the rest of his life and still played so the Lakers could get that home-court without which they would not have won the Title. And yet you, yes YOU want him to redo HIS contract? No, No, HELL NO!!!!!!! Lol!


I really liked your post a bit ago on LBJ.

Still would like a way to get Miller.

Mamba24- Snake oil salesmen, CLASSIC, Why does Rile's hate PJ? And will do anything to derail PJ 4th 3-peat. 1. he would hate to see PJ hanging in the rafters. 2. PJ going down as the greatest coach in NBA history. Even himself as a Lakers legend will ever make the Organization or fans put him same bracket with Phil. Trying to still LO, getting Shaq, now Fish, just plain HATEN. A true SNAKE OIL SALES MEN, nothing but smoking glass and MIRRORS.

Hi Mamba24,

Got into the game last night for a pinch hit single after Joba blew a great pitched 7 inning shutout by Javier. Wonder if Joe T would like to trade for Joba, ha, ha!

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