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Lakers have long coveted Steve Blake

The 2009-10 regular season ended, leaving the Lakers wondering how their injury-hobbled and inconsistent team would perform in the postseason and the Clippers wondering how they'd fare in the free-agent market. For Steve Blake, it meant wondering if his first career triple-double -- 23 points, 11 assists and 10 rebounds -- in the Clippers' 107-91 victory over the Lakers on April  14 would help his chances in joining the defending champions.

"After the game was over, I was very happy I did that against the Lakers," Blake said, laughing, as the team introduced him Wednesday after agreeing last week to a four-year, $16-million deal. "I wasn't thinking about it during the game."

The Lakers surely were, but that wasn't the first time. Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak said he had pursued Blake three years ago as a free agent, was impressed by the physical  attributes Blake displayed during a pre-draft workout  and admired him from afar during his stints with Washington (2003-2005), Portland (2005-2006, 2007-2010), Denver (2006-2007) and Milwaukee (2006-2007). And the acquisition couldn't have come at a better time for the Lakers.

"Quite frankly, we have an aging backcourt," Kupchak said of Kobe Bryant (turns 32 on Aug. 23) and Derek Fisher (turns 36 on Aug. 9). "We need players that can play minutes."

That role will go to Blake, who is expected to back up Fisher as the first guy off the bench. But Blake's value is not just in easing the burden on Fisher; it's also what he'll  bring when he's out there. Blake nearly serves as the antithesis to Jordan Farmar, who accepted a four-year, $12-million deal with the New Jersey Nets partly because he felt constrained under the triangle system and could no longer provide the energetic scoring spark he consistently provided at Taft High School and UCLA. Blake embraces playing the team role, as showcased by his tendency to run the point and get others involved quickly, early and often.

"I'm a guy that likes to set people up first and get everyone involved," Blake said. "Giving the ball to a scorer and letting them do their work and read off of them is a role I'm definitely comfortable in."

There are numerous areas that indicated Blake seems suited for the job. Kupchak equally lauded his defensive intensity and his offensive playmaking. Blake equally embraced his distributor role with his ability to knock down open shots off of double teams. And he showered praise for the Lakers ("this is the best place to be"), Lakers Coach Phil Jackson ("the best coach"), Bryant ("the best player in the world") and Fisher ("I've always looked up to him. He's a winner. I've always respected winning").

Sure, there are plenty of things Blake needs to take care of before becoming fully acclimated to the team. He needs to learn the triangle. He needs to specifically iron out his role with Jackson, who talked briefly with Blake over phone after the team signed him. He needs to get to know his teammates, all of whom Blake just knows in passing. And Blake must find a new house  for his family, including his wife, Kristen, his two sons, Nicholas (3 1/2 years old) and Jamison (1 1/2 years old) and a baby who's expected in August. But all those areas will likely be promptly addressed as quickly as Blake decided on the day he signed to make a Twitter account, which quickly ballooned in followers.

"My wife has been trying to get me on Twitter for years now," Blake said. "I've been putting it off, so I figured why not now. The fans right away with the messages and the welcomes was overwhelming. It was cool to see. I wouldn't expect a lot of tweets from me though."

That's OK if he only has three tweets. Blake and his fans only expect a lot of production on the basketball court, just like he provided in that season-finale against the Lakers. It's perhaps a sign of things to come.

-- Mark Medina

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Mamba, you know I vaguely remember some of those posts the other night, but I was just too busy reading Justa telling us she was white with little hips.

Point is, on a blog your imagination and/or assumptions becomes psuedo reality, and sometimes when these impressions are struck down, we tend to show our arse. I've done it along with the majority of bloggers here.
Yes, one big dysfunctional family but family none the less.
I for one, treasure your contributions.

Now if I could only get a picture of Justa..........

Hi guys and girls.

Garrett Kall..You seem to have a very good understanding of the game and the history of the Lakers.I'm not American,and don't live in America.Lebron James is looked upon in Australia like the King of the NBA..He is advertised as the King of the NBA..What most people seem to look past more often than not is Lebron James is made from a very different cloth.Wade was surrounded by vets for a very good reason,as was Kobe..Its an old school mentality and respect that James and Bosh cant seem to get a grip of.

That team is going to need Vets to surround and teach James and Bosh the same way Wade and Kobe have been taught..They think they know,but they don't get it..As it stands that roster is not ready to win.I'm sure that in good time Riley will find the vets required,but as it stands that roster needs a smarter head to get it to work..Boston proved that you don't need to be able to jump out the gym to win.They played together and smarter than the Magic and the Cavs to make the finals.Vets bring teams together..Miami don't have those vets..Haslem and Z are not enough.It wont happen over night but it will happen..

A great place to start would be less concerned with dancing during time outs,and shaking hands after loosing games..A diesel engine will always last longer..

Garrett Kall,

In your initial post on this blog your claim was the Lakers cannot beat the Heat due to motivational issues.

Then you claim the Heat will win the next 5 or 6 championships.

How about explain how Miami will continue to retain the motivational advantage after winning 1 championship, or say, even 2 or 3.

Trying to understand the logic here, as this doesn't compute.

For my money, I would've taken Luke Ridenour.

Discussions have been weird.
Summer doldrums.

May I suggest for posting:

favorite Laker moments that you saw happening but couldn't believe your eyes were really happening. You know, those plays that slow down as you're watching in real time, and you're thinking "yes, I'm seeing it but I don't believe it."

My two:

---the ball bouncing out to Horry at the three point line against the Kings. "Oh my god, he's going to get off a clean look!"

---game 3 this year, Derek's layup and 1. "There's no one back, he's going to the hoop!"

Anyone else?

Think of them as palate cleansers, like ginger between sushis.

And while prognosticating and predicting is half the fun, a little perspective:

“A state of doubt is unpleasant, but a state of certainty is ridiculous."



Please let me get on your Mamba24 bus.

Mamba/LarrY: Come on, brother! I've been gone for a couple months since the game #7 and look what happened! Throw some cold water on your face and get your sense back. You are an irreplaceable component of this blog and LEAVING this blog is not an option. It's an off season and lot of things could happen since we're all bore and couldn't wait for the season to start. There is a threat rising in the East, Saron had commanded an army of golums (Bosh, Miller & Wade) and orks (LeCrab & Z) to take over the NBA. You're Frodo of our LakersNation! Our journey and quest for the threepeat will not be completed without you.

JonK, good to see you back.

Justa, Honey I'm home! (OK, I take the trash out!)!

MM, how about setting up a weekly social event for the Bloggers to get together? We can find a place in LA where we can just chill, have a beer and talk Lakers! No trolls are allowed!!!

Art - "Majah Raja!"

I find you a man of many talents with a background in fine culture.

First you are rendering Shakespeare beautifully and now a quote from the great and wise 'Curley' of the Three Stooges.

Fatty - Who is still savoring and enjoying the brief scene of the Three Stooges in 'Its a mad. mad, mad, world'.

Do you mean despicable, Wes? I think so.

And for those of us who feared the Big Ring-Chaser might go to Miami, the pot has been stirred:

"The Celtics and Mavericks have been monitoring the O’Neal situation, although one person with knowledge of the Celtics’ plans said they’re “not very” active in their discussions about turning Shaq into the Big Leprechaun. The Knicks’ reported interest in Shaq is lukewarm at best, sources say. But if O’Neal is willing to lower his price – say, to the bi-annual exception of $1.9 million – his market would expand considerably. One Eastern Conference GM said if the right team gets O’Neal, he could be “the key to the East.” The thinking is this: The only weakness on Miami’s superteam is in the middle, where Shaq could do some damage."

I think the Miami/Shaq move is unavoidable.


With all the posts about how good the Heat will be, the key word here is "will be". Who knows how long it will take Lebron to be able to handle playoffs pressure and not quitting as shown in game 5 vs celtics? Who knows how long it will take Lebron to grow HEART? Granted the Heat has 1 star in Wade, 1 incomplete star who would rather pose for imaginary pics than win and one good player in Bosh who never got out of the first round, the fact of the matter is there is only on bball for them to share and knowing the King, will he be able to accept his new role of 2nd banana? These are unknown facts that need answered before their fans go off and assume the Heat will be great. Just remember when you assume, you put your ASS before U and ME. On the other hand the Lakers have proven by winning the last 2 championships, despite various injuries to Kobbe and Bynum. I take my Lakers any day of the year, even on that LAUGHABLE day of the DECISON.


re: Miami/Shaq. Didn't he throw them under the buss when he left for Phx?


Thanks, those Stooges were just that weren't they. Used to watch them as a kid.

And you even remember their old Maha-Raja routine.
I'm impressed and happy you picked up on it.

Isn't it funny how some stuff sticks in your memory for so many years and other stuff just drifts away.

Garret Call, C'mon You know way TOO MUCH about the LAKERS to be a Heat fan. I'd say you're jumping on their bandwagon. I wouldn't do that just yet!!!!!!!!You have to get by the Celtics and the Magic to even PLAY THE BEST!!!!!!!And LEWSTRS, keep the ZINGER's coming. As much attention as the TROLLS give us, we MUST be pretty SPECIAL.BACK TO BACK TO BACK!! NO body can say that except the BULL"S, who I might add PHIL JACKSON was the coach. EAT your heart out guy's. MAMBA24...We need ya, come back.


Despite the way Shaq left Miami, I wouldn't be surprised to see him back down there. Rat Piley would sell his soul to the devil for another ring.

Wilt Chamberlain quote of the day:

"They say nobody's perfect. They also say practise
makes perfect. I wish "they" would make up their minds."

Instead of discussing who will be the better team we should listen to the god of basketball WILT:

And I really count on Kobe Bryant to one more time get better through practice. This will take LA LAKERS to another title.


I wouldn't be surprised to Shaq with the Heat either. I just read something recently that his asking price is too high (5 mill-ish) and isn't getting much interest, but if he lowers his expectations down to the league minimum then several teams may make a run at him.

From the Clippers FO - Doesn't this sound like something Tim-4-Show has been saying?

"From a due diligence standpoint, if Tracy McGrady wants to come work out for you, for the price of a plane ticket and a dinner, how do you not bring him in?"

Hey Random, did you see my post about "Andrei Rubelev" and Dylan's "Jokerman"?

Dylan obviously finds the film as interesting as we do.


Good morning my Laker brothers and sisters!

These trolls are getting way too much attention. I am refusing to get caught up in their bandwagon love. Didn't see them around last season, so they hold no sway with me. Quite frankly talking with them is a waste of time. The one guy is on par with a certain Phoenix fan and his "moral victories." Ridiculous.


Until that happens anything these trolls say doesn't matter. It's all speculation, opinion, etc... and they can kiss my purple and gold butt.

In terms of Steve Blake, I'm pleased. Great role player with speed and the outside shot. I like it!


Okay, now I'm REALLY mad. My mouse pad's scrolling feature is broken from overuse from the LA Times site.

Can I sue for damages?

We got to do something about all this scrolling. Is the LA Times in cahoots with the scrolling manufacturing people?

Laker front office knows what to do. If they aren't doing it, learn what they know. If they do it, it's proper.

TMAC sounds nice - looks nice from a distance - maybe, maybe not. I remember Bob McAdoo and the incredible job he did for the mid-80's Lakers. Is McGrady the equivalent? Of course, Bob was healthy and a rebounder. There have been other "point-a-minute" subs for the Lakers and they were all so so valued - Orlando Woolridge, Terry Teagle - I'd like us to get ourselves one.

Good Morning Nation...

Youth infusion comes...
Here's Caracter and Ebanks
Raw talent abound...

Have a great day all...


Being from Hawaii, I don't consider myself a die hard Lakers fan, but I do like them a lot. I just like good basketball. So when someone comes on here and says that the Lakers have 0% chance of winning the title and Boston and Orlando have a better chance because of motivation, it's hard for me to take anything you say seriously anymore.

That said, I think the Heat will be a very good team in the REGULAR season just like the Cavs. The problem I have with them are two things: defense and outside shooting. I have always thought Kobe's defense was overrated, because it's ususally his guy that makes the 3 pointers or slashes to the basket because he is not paying attention. I know he is a really good defender when he wants to be, but that doesn't usually happen. Now, Lebron's defense I thought has been underrated because he recovers from his mistakes so well. With all that said, who else is going to defend for the Heat? How many offensive teams have made it to the NBA Finals the past 10 years, let alone win? Let's see: Lakers, Celtics, Miami (with Shaq), Spurs, etc, all defensive teams.

Now let's talk outside shooting, you will say that Miller can knock down 3's which I will definitely agree with you. The problem is when is he going to be on the floor? He is a shooting guard/small forward, and who is taking up those spots on your roster? That's right the two guys that are probably going to being playing the most minutes. Of course you can put Bosh at center (ha ha), Lebron at PF, and Miller at SF which would be okay offensively for Miami. But now you have Drew on Bosh, Pau on James, and Artest on Miller. How good does that sound to you on the defensive end?

I think the Heat will be a very good team, I just don't expect the Lakers to have 0% chance of winning the title. I would put their chances at more like 75%.

Meh... its amazing how trolls come out of the wood work. I just can't believe its a friggin Miami troll...where the hell where you last year???

Also I'm sorry I missed the comparing cars to teams comment. Personally I'd take a Chevy

In Fact this Chevy

Corvette ZR1 > Ferrari 599

An open letter to Mamba24/Larry:

Mamba, you have been a part of this blog for years and we appreciate all that you do to keep us all locked into our Lakerholism on this blog. Your bandwagons, poems, videos, etc. are things we all look forward to.

I didn't read what was said and only knew something was up when I read other's comments but I think we've all said and done things that we regret at some point or another, either on this blog or in life in general. I thinks others will agree that we are all adults and can forgive and forget and move on.

You are a key piece to this blog and I don't want to see you go. Please stay...don't you remember we're going for a 3-peat again...we can't handle that alone man. COME BACK!!!

Take care! ECJ



you wrote: Despite the way Shaq left Miami, I wouldn't be surprised to see him back down there. Rat Piley would sell his soul to the devil for another ring.

my response: I'm with you on Pat Riley. I just question if smart basketball
people would *really* want Shaq.

Pro's - a true big, skilled.

Con's - old, slow, injury prone, competitive fire has been doused.

If he couldn't get the Cavs over the hump, 'win a ring for the king', why
would he make a difference in Miami?

Just my .02 cents.

There is no way Shaq is going to Miami..Shaq wont take the minimum and the CAVS will NOT do any sign and trade to help Miami. Unless of course they get Lebron back..LOL

Why is anyone surprised about the trolls infesting our camp. We are the Lakers - the team everyone loves to hate. We outlasted the trolls who infested us during the Smush/Kwame glory days. We outlasted Red's Love Child & 131-92 during the shame of Game 6 2008 to the glory of Game 7 2010. They come. They go. It is what it is.

To our new bandwagon riding Miami Heat trolls, we salute you. Welcome. Enjoy your stay. But we will outlast you too. Ask Red's Love Child.

Actually you can't...we ain't heard from him since June 17, 2010 at 9:00 PM. LOL!

Gone today w/ lakerholic Mamba24 a blog utopia where we hear only positive things. It brightens our morning summer heat replaced by vitriolic anti-Lakers one from the Heat and the other from the team we disposed a month ago.

I think I would never see the day when I will watch basketball by reading the comments of the fans on both sides. They know their numbers, their positions, their strategies, everything except the game itself. It is really fascinating to read how basketball is played in the blog by non-players. Someday, it will be included in high school debates on NBA Finals in 2010, I wonder if Celtics will win in that debate or this new gang in South Beach who have never reach the Finals and yet they talked as if they already won the Championship in the blog. Shall we continue the conversation on fantasy games of 2011? For those unemployed continue doing it to whilst your time.


You're right on point when you say that the Shaq "last piece of the puzzle" tour is wearing thin. It didn't work in Phx. or Cleveland. But, never underestimate Pat the Rat!

Its amusing to read Wade's statements; it is obvious Wade does not want Lebron to feel any pressure (is it because he can't handle it, that was why he fled to Miami?) by saying the Lakers still are the best team. In addition to that, Wade blasted Barkley for stating the obvious truth as to why the King left Cleveland. Wade worries too many truthful statements about LBJ will hurt his fragile psyche, a so-called future champion.

Something for overexcited Miami fans to keep in mind: perhaps the most talented Laker team of the last 20 years (on paper) was the team that started Gary Payton, Kobe Bryant, Rick Fox, Karl Malone and Shaq--with Fisher & Horry off the bench.

That team got swept in the finals by a Detroit team that was probably one of the least talented teams (on paper, again) to make the finals. This isn't fantasy basketball....

Are they serious...I laughed when I heard Shaq and the Heat might reunite...but now they are thinking of signing Penny Hardaway to one


If you allowed Eric Wright, DFish and all these trolls, then you should also allow the original bloggers here like Mike T to post and also allow Jon K's posts on Lebron. Even during AK/BK era, bloggers are not expelled outright, they're warned and fully know what violations have been committed. I find it disheartening that banning becomes a weapon used in discriminating posters and yet allowed others to come back. By the statement alone yesterday that Mamba24 was also banned without any warnings is just unacceptable. We come to the side of LAT as our blog home because we believe in freedom of the press. Personally, I'm mixed up you go for automatic posting for immediate delivery of information which is well and good and the extremely positive and banned forever if you lost your cool and uttered foul languages. Please be specific with your policies and laws before convicting bloggers and posters.

you wrote:

"Hey Random, did you see my post about "Andrei Rubelev" and Dylan's "Jokerman"?"

I did. Thanks, and I loved it. I hadn't checked in for awhile and was waiting for a time when I knew you were posting to respond (since there's not a lot of Lakers in it--although I think Dylan is always relevant to ANY discussion).

I hadn't watched that in ages--and it does have one of all my all time fave Bob lines "half asleep neath the stars with a small dog licking your face" --I swear he SINGS "neath" even though it's written in the video and everywhere else as "near" and "near" is more poetic.

Discovering the sources of creative decisions is an idle time occupation for me. Example: I've always wanted to ask Woody Allen if Zelig is named in homage of Italo Svevo's title character in the novel "Confessions of Zeno"

Goes to show you, the best (steal? borrow? learn from?) the best. LIke Kobe learning low-post moves from the Dream? (added for relevance)

Kevin Tully,

>>>Gasol vs Bosh, Bosh clearly wins, 4 yrs younger and 24 ppg vs 19 ppg,
>>>also 11 rpg vs 9 rpg

Bosh was the #1 guy on a bad team. That pads your numbers a lot. Gasol was the #2 guy on a very good team (with lots of scorers). They didn't NEED 24 points out of him. And what's more, Gasol is a far better defender than Bosh.

>>>>Yes, James is HUGELY better than Artest and 5 yrs younger

Funny, but they were saying that Kevin Durant was HUGELY better than Artest and much younger. And they were saying that Paul Pierce was HUGELY better than Artest (though not so much younger). But Artest absolutely OWNED Durant, and did a pretty good job on Pierce as well.

Let's talk some numbers, lest you think I'm just boasting about Artest's prowess.

During the regular season, Kevin Durant was the leading scorer in the league and hit 48% of his shots and 37% of his 3-pointers. In the first round, with Artest houding him, Durant only hit 35% of his shots, and 29% of his 3-pointers. That's DEVASTATING. That's turing an absolute scoring machine (best in the NBA) into an inefficient scorer. Additionally, Durant's assists were slightly lower vs Artest and his turnovers were slightly higher, but not by a significant amount.

During the regular season, Paul Pierce hit 47% of his shots. Versus Orlando in the Eastern conference finals, Pierce hit 51% of his shots (very impressive). With Artest defending him in the finals, Pierce was held to 44% shooting. Not as big a dropoff as Durant, but still a significant reduction in effectiveness.

Now let's consider LeBron. Also a very efficient scorer during the regular season at 50% shooting! And vs Chicago's weak defense (they played Kirk Hinrich vs him much of the time), he bumped that average up to 57%!!!!! FIFTY SEVEN PERCENT!!! OLE!!!! Matador defense by Chicago. Then LeBron faced a good defensive team in Boston, and he only hit 45% of his shots (and 27% of his 3-pointers). BIG difference.

That's the thing. If you look at LeBron's regular season average, or his performance vs the weak lower seeds of the Eastern conference, then he looks like a King. But when he actually faces a strong defensive team, then he's as mortal as Kobe or anyone else.

So here's my thought (and you're probably going to laugh when you hear it).

The Heat's best chance of winning a title sooner rather than later is for LeBron to resign himself to being the second best player on the team. If he decides that Wade is Batman and he is Robin, then that will immediately make the team much better. Wade has more of the killer instinct and the fire inside than LeBron does. LeBron may be more physically gifted, and even more talented than Wade. But Wade has LeBron beat by a mile in the mental game.

So if LeBron drops his pride and embraces the role of second best player, then the Heat will flourish. If he can't do that, then it will take them a bit longer to get to the top of the mountain.

I can't believe he's banned from the blog. I thought strange things were happening yesterday, but I really didn't think that was Mamba 24 blogging that. Lewstrs.....We need a [We NEED and WANT Mamba24] back caravan. I really enjoy his imput and Bandwagon's

Posted by: NewMexicoLakerLifer | July 15, 2010 at 10:42 AM


I agree, Mamba24 is part of the family...

So here it is...

Comeback Mamba24 Bus

|___ COME BACK MAMBA 24 ___\__\__

Rick Friedman
Jon K
Edwin Gueco
Mark Medina
john lakers manila
The Outlaw
Art - FL Laker Fan
Hügo Böss (on the roof)
Magic Phil
zen (The original)
Nemaia Faletogo
Rui Guerra
Troll Man

Kevin Tully,

Thanks for the props on the blog. And know that while some of us revile the Celtics, its mostly because they are our most respected and successful foe.

As a standard of comparison, when Phoenix beat the Lakers a couple of seasons in a row while the Lakers were rebuilding, a lot of Phoenix fans came in here on the blog and tried to espouse that there was some big rivalry between the Lakers and Phoenix.


Phoenix has never won a single championship. They beat a couple of Kwame Brown/Smush Parker teams and suddenly think they're a rival? No chance.

Sacramento at their peak, maybe.

Portland at their peak, maybe.

But those guys all pale compared to the Celtics, who the Lakers have been duking it out with since the beginning of time (or so it seems). It's like the Lakers are Gandalf and the Celtics are Sauron (you might see the analogy as reversed :-). Phoenix is like a single orc warrior. Portland may be a Nazgul. But it's the Celtics who are Sauron.


I was just listening to Kevin Love on the radio. You could tell he would love to be a Laker in place of Walton.

Mamba24 or larry,

I wondered why you have to reveal your real last name and also face book, now your anonymity is known to other "curious" bloggers. Your privacy has been compromised. You became repulsive and felt as though you are under attack by everyone. Remember Mamba24 as your mento (which u oftenly considered me but preferred to be just a fellow poster) - "If life plays you with a joke, then you play it also with another joke." Don't lose your cool by saying goodbye cuz' u felt embarrassed. You have not done anything wrong, perhaps you were under pressure in personal life and turned to the blog as your outlet. Unfortunately that pressure was also detected in your posts.

You can take a vacation now but you have to call the roll call first before taking it. For good old time sake, come back. There is nobody here who is an important blogger except you. That is a special privilege shared by many in so many posts and bandwagon just for your return. If there are some detractors or objectors, there are only few. Undoubtedly, they cannot fill in your shoes. It is an honor accorded to you. Please don't disappoint your friends in this blog.

Edwin Gueco,

I don't think Mark Medina banned Mamba24.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



As an "OB" ("Original Blogger") its to be expected that we will have people attack us at times. It's the name of the game.

In short, we have to be a man and deal with it.

We're the Lakers. The team everyone loves to hate. We expect our players to play like Champions. Well, they have to deal with a lot more crap than we will ever have to deal with. So, we can't be like little girls and run every time some troll (or even well-intentioned fan) insults us.

So, buck up and get in here and give us a roll call, darnit!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


So, I think we're all going to have to face the uncomfortable reality that Steve Blake is going to be our only signing of significance and find some solace in the rational hope that Mitch made two GREAT choices with Ebanks and Caracter.

I'm not sure how my Lakeraholicism is going to get through the offseason with this cold knowledge.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Yes you are correct Mamba24 was able to post yesterday and MM clarified in his post that Mamba24 is not banned. However, Mike T. is banned, I missed that incident. My point is, if Eric Wright of Alberta and DFish are allowed to come back and post again after all those insults and vitriolic attacks on you, then why don't we allow Mike T to post again and define the rules that he violated.

We are not afraid of trolls like Garrett and Kevin, I think they're just pushing their teams aggressively in this blog to rile others. I don't know whether it whets your interests in reading a game through stats and talking about the future games that have to be played. Anyway, if it interesting to them to prove their point that's ok, I wish there is a special coverage or chat for fantasy blogging. To me it's a waste of time.

hello people and good morning lol

who let the trolls in??

To our new bandwagon riding Miami Heat trolls, we salute you. Welcome. Enjoy your stay. But we will outlast you too. Ask Red's Love Child.

Actually you can't...we ain't heard from him since June 17, 2010 at 9:00 PM. LOL!

Posted by: utzworld - the ONCE AND FUTURE BANNER HOLDER | July 16, 2010 at 09:05

I like it!!!!


Please don't feed this Tully guy. He doesn't just get to show up one day and occupy so much blog space. Had he been a regular troll who talked trash before the Heat got LeBron/Bosh/Mike Miller, then he'd get our respect. But he's the worst of the worst kind of troll--a bandwagon troll--who only grew the stones to talk basketball when his team suddenly signed the top 4 FAs on the market.

That took a lot of guts.


Edwin - I never allowed DFish or Eric Wright to come back. They just simply changed their IP addresses. They're relentless. It's like killing mosquitos. Anytime they post something, they're immediately deleted.

As far as giving second chances and all that, I was more than patient with Mike T and any other blogger. I've posted numerous times the Times policy on what are appropriate comments. I don't know why I always have to repost it.


Blake is from Miami, FL.
Played for Miami Senior High and then transferred to Oak Hill Academy in Virginia.
Played for Maryland.
Doesn't turn the ball over.
I've followed his career.
Not a great player, but doesn't make mistakes!

GarretKall: What are you posting on this board for? Shouldn't you be on the Miami Herald site? If this were a sports forum you'd be banned for baiting. The only one of your 'big three' anyone has any respect for is D Wade. Bosh hasn't accomplished anything in the league, plays no D and is soft, and need we really say any more about what a D-bag Lebron is? It's pretty much a consensus outside of Miami. These guys' chemistry will suck. They won't be able to recruit any serious role-players. No one in LA is the least bit concerned except the cowards and chumps.

Kobe does not pout, and quit playing like L.J.

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