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Lakers have long coveted Steve Blake

The 2009-10 regular season ended, leaving the Lakers wondering how their injury-hobbled and inconsistent team would perform in the postseason and the Clippers wondering how they'd fare in the free-agent market. For Steve Blake, it meant wondering if his first career triple-double -- 23 points, 11 assists and 10 rebounds -- in the Clippers' 107-91 victory over the Lakers on April  14 would help his chances in joining the defending champions.

"After the game was over, I was very happy I did that against the Lakers," Blake said, laughing, as the team introduced him Wednesday after agreeing last week to a four-year, $16-million deal. "I wasn't thinking about it during the game."

The Lakers surely were, but that wasn't the first time. Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak said he had pursued Blake three years ago as a free agent, was impressed by the physical  attributes Blake displayed during a pre-draft workout  and admired him from afar during his stints with Washington (2003-2005), Portland (2005-2006, 2007-2010), Denver (2006-2007) and Milwaukee (2006-2007). And the acquisition couldn't have come at a better time for the Lakers.

"Quite frankly, we have an aging backcourt," Kupchak said of Kobe Bryant (turns 32 on Aug. 23) and Derek Fisher (turns 36 on Aug. 9). "We need players that can play minutes."

That role will go to Blake, who is expected to back up Fisher as the first guy off the bench. But Blake's value is not just in easing the burden on Fisher; it's also what he'll  bring when he's out there. Blake nearly serves as the antithesis to Jordan Farmar, who accepted a four-year, $12-million deal with the New Jersey Nets partly because he felt constrained under the triangle system and could no longer provide the energetic scoring spark he consistently provided at Taft High School and UCLA. Blake embraces playing the team role, as showcased by his tendency to run the point and get others involved quickly, early and often.

"I'm a guy that likes to set people up first and get everyone involved," Blake said. "Giving the ball to a scorer and letting them do their work and read off of them is a role I'm definitely comfortable in."

There are numerous areas that indicated Blake seems suited for the job. Kupchak equally lauded his defensive intensity and his offensive playmaking. Blake equally embraced his distributor role with his ability to knock down open shots off of double teams. And he showered praise for the Lakers ("this is the best place to be"), Lakers Coach Phil Jackson ("the best coach"), Bryant ("the best player in the world") and Fisher ("I've always looked up to him. He's a winner. I've always respected winning").

Sure, there are plenty of things Blake needs to take care of before becoming fully acclimated to the team. He needs to learn the triangle. He needs to specifically iron out his role with Jackson, who talked briefly with Blake over phone after the team signed him. He needs to get to know his teammates, all of whom Blake just knows in passing. And Blake must find a new house  for his family, including his wife, Kristen, his two sons, Nicholas (3 1/2 years old) and Jamison (1 1/2 years old) and a baby who's expected in August. But all those areas will likely be promptly addressed as quickly as Blake decided on the day he signed to make a Twitter account, which quickly ballooned in followers.

"My wife has been trying to get me on Twitter for years now," Blake said. "I've been putting it off, so I figured why not now. The fans right away with the messages and the welcomes was overwhelming. It was cool to see. I wouldn't expect a lot of tweets from me though."

That's OK if he only has three tweets. Blake and his fans only expect a lot of production on the basketball court, just like he provided in that season-finale against the Lakers. It's perhaps a sign of things to come.

-- Mark Medina

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Welcome Steve!
You're now a BLAKER!

Yeah we got Blake and Fisher, that's history. What's news about Shannon, Mbenga and these two draft picks. The most important news coveted by many what's going on with the medical bulletin on Kobe, Bynum and Odom. No surgery on the last three, no 3peat. In a way, because of abundance we are spoiled living in America. At age 30 and below, these players are getting lots of millions playing basketball, they have free medical yet they don't grab the opportunities and doing it on their own sweet time.

Look at Haitians or people from Africa they have nothing so they can't aspire for anything. How they too wished for medical plans from the government or any organization that will take care of their ailments. This is just my opinion on the black out news of medical treatment. This was our problem during the playoffs and God gave us some relief during the playoffs and healed the ailments of Kobe, Bynum was able to play as well as Odom.

Here is another story of how players can abuse their popularity to an adoring society. They are treated as Gods but the truth is, they are just punks and goons running around.

Agence France-Presse
First Posted 08:12:00 07/16/2010

Filed Under: Basketball, National Basketball Association (North American Professional), Crime

UPPER MARLBORO—Cleveland Cavaliers guard Delonte West pleaded guilty Thursday to weapons charges and was sentenced to eight months of electronic monitoring.

West will also be subject to two years of unsupervised probation, 40 hours of community service and psychological counseling.

Authorities said the basketball player was carrying two loaded handguns, a loaded shotgun and an 8 1/2-inch knife while speeding on a three-wheel motorcycle on a the Capital Beltway ring road around Washington last September.

West's lawyer said he had the weapons because he was transporting them from one home to another that he owns in Maryland, after his mother instructed him to remove them from one property.

The 26-year-old player told judge Graydon McKee that he was ashamed of the incident.

He said he has been "put on a pedestal" because he can "dribble a basketball," and worries about letting down youth who look up to athletes.

Following his arrest last September, West reported to Cleveland's training camp but missed the team's first four training sessions without an excuse.

He also left the team for a week to deal with personal matters, and last October his wife filed a domestic violence report against him.

The Cavaliers made efforts to help West, who has battled bipolar disorder.

He was accompanied by his mother, girlfriend and uncle in court.

NBA spokesman Tim Frank said the league would review the court's decision before making any decision on disciplinary action.

Dang, I've forgotten just how big Mitch K is. Blake looks like a jv kid next to him.

They won't beat Miami next year and it wont go 7 games. Heat will be favored to win next 6, and they will win them all because they're younger, smarter, better, stronger, faster, better at life, better men in general. Can't see how 1 true nba fan could say anything different?

Posted by: Garrett Kall | July 15, 2010 at 05:27 PM

Ok G. Kall,

Explain this to me. In the 2004 Olympics your younger, smarter, etc... Lebron & Wade could ONLY win Bronze

In the 2006 World Champions the younger, smarter, etc... Big 3 of Lebron, Wade & Bosh again could ONLY win Bronze

ONLY when an OLDER, WISER, HARDEST WORKING KOBE joined the group did they finally have the fortitude to win a GOLD in 2008.

Please explain that.

You see, your younger, smarter, etc "BIG 3", as it stands right now, is still ONLY a 3rd rate, er I mean, 3rd place worthy team and unless Kobe decided to leave the Lakers to go play in Miami would we, The Laker Nation, be worried... but seeing as that's NEVER gonna happen, I still like our chances that OUR 5 TIME CHAMPION & GOLD MEDAL WINNER will manage to LEAD OUR TEAM TO ANOTHER 3-PEAT!!!!!!

Doesn't Blake look a lot like Georges "Rush" St. Pierre of the UFC???

Hopefully he can be our Ultimate Fighter on the court...

I think this ignorant troll is BK missing the blog and coming back to argue....

Speed, toughness and youth. Get Shannon on board.

We already have too many people in California, so do us all a favor and stay in Florida.

Garrett - you said "defending a 21 yr old drug attic"....

What's a drug attic??? Did you mean drug ADDICT???


Dude - if you come on here talking trash, the least you could do is make some sense. So far, all I've seen is some very ignorant smack talk about basketball-related matters - with no proof to back up your fantastic claims - and some very poor spelling. Maybe you should try sounding the word out.

Come back when you got game, son.

Or don't. We could NOT care less.

Garrett, welcome. There is no doubt that the Heat have made themselves contenders, and I think what you see from a lot of Laker fans is a reaction to the over the top antics surround "the decision" and "the introduction" of the new guys, and perhaps more than anything, the statement that the Heat are likely to win as many as 7 championships.

Laker fans are a proud bunch, and over the years, we have been spoiled by our team's incredible success. However, we have also tasted the bitter pill of defeat, and had a few years of being lost in the wilderness (a starting lineup with the likes of Smush Parker, Luke Walton, and Kwame Brown). So, we are in the somewhat unique position of both expecting greatness but also understanding just how difficult it is to win a title.

What the Lakers went through this year with injuries to all their key guys, and then a real war with the hated Celtics in the Finals, well that just made our understanding of what the word "champion" means. When a guy who has never won anything in the NBA (besides personal awards) starts talking about running off a string of championships as if they hand those things out just for being a talented team, well that gets our ire up--as does the suggestion that Miami now has the best threesome of all time. That is precisely the kind of talk that is going to keep the Heat from winning the title next year. They aren't ready to be champions, and the way they "celebrated" and talked about their own greatness just proved it.

That said, Laker fans would be crazy not to view the Heat as a threat. If (and that is a HUGE "if") Miami can make a commitment to defense, they can have a shot at being a championship team. Boston did it with 3 guys past their prime, but only because they made a real commitment to the defensive end--which isn't about words but about effort. Whether the Heat can or will do that remains to be seen, but I have my doubts for next year. After that, we'll see, and maybe a finals matchup with the Lakers (ending in another title for LA) will knock the cockiness of Miami in a way that makes them a better team down the road. For now, however, they look to me to be far too enamored with themselves to be title-ready....

There is an art to building a great team and creating the synergy and chemistry to win championships. It’s an effort that takes time, patience, vision, and wisdom. It’s not something that happens overnight. Nor is it about having the best individual player at every position but finding players who complement each other and fit together as a team to create a roster that can matchup against any challenge.
When you play fantasy basketball with real players, which is what Miami is doing, you end up taking the best available players regardless of how they fit. That strategy works fine if you’re talking about a stats driven fantasy basketball league but in the NBA, players don’t win championships – teams do. Miami may end up being a force to be reckoned with but there are real reasons they could fail.
To begin with, no real NBA general manager would choose to start a franchise with LeBron James AND Dwayne Wade. Hell, even picking sides at the local outdoor courts, you always try to pick guys that make up a team – someone to score, someone to pass, someone to rebound, someone to defend. Rarely do you ever pick two guys whose skill sets and needs are as similar as LeBron and Dwayne.
As Otis Smith, the Magic GM so aptly pointed out, there is only 1 ball. Someone is going to have to be Robin and someone is going to have to settle for 7 shots a game. There are issues to be worked out and issues always interfere with building the chemistry and synergy needed to win championships. And a six-game Olympic tournament is not the same as an 82-game NBA season plus playoffs.
Meanwhile, Kobe Bryant and the Lakers are just loving how everybody is disrespecting them as if they needed any further motivation than the team tying the Celtics for NBA championships and Kobe tying MJ for individual championships, not to mention Phil Jackson’s Last Stand and shot for 4th 3-peat. They know they have the best player, coach, and front court and are the 2-time defending champs.

Because Lakers are on the top, every fan from other teams get jealous especially a feat of back to back Championship. Other teams could not even win one. There a thousand of Garrett around, the best thing we can do is ignore and let him release his frustrations and be buried from envy of the b2b now on route to 3 peat Steve Blake special.

Fatty - LMAO!!! Poor AK/BK - working for the BSPN.... I didn't catch their take on the princess' I-love-me-fest... did you?

So I'm watching the Lakers-Spurs game from earlier today. (Praise the lord for TiVo)!! I've gotta say that I'm quite impressed with our 2 young fellas. And it really is weird how much Ebanks looks/plays like Ariza. Anyways - they both seem to be working hard to garner a spot on the roster. What are your thoughts? Have you been able to watch much of them?

Justa- I hear you on the two rookies, why is everyone so hyped? i'm not that impressed. Just one man's opinion, and we know what they say about opinions.

I don't blame Raja for going to Utah for more money. I'm just glad he didn't go to Miami for less money, which would have really been a slap to the face to Kobe. At least he'll be harmless in Utah. 

So who will they get with the piddly amount of MLE they have left over?

So the Heat now have a better guard than Kobe, a better forward than Pau and just for the fun of it we add Bosh and his 24 ppg and 11 rpg. But the Lakers are still the better team, right? I don't think so.
Now you have at least 2 teams from the east to worry about.
I am sure Steve Blake will offset what the Heat have done!

I really think Steve Blake is going to work out great!! Welcome aboard to the best TEAM in the NBA!!!!!!!!!

This is all very amusing to me:

Jim Gray just said on Charlie Rose's show that it was essentially his idea have the hour special. He pitched it to LeBron's people during game 2 of the finals and they loved the idea and ran with it.

Jim said that the Clippers were actually one of the first options. They have the best roster and it would have created a bigger rivalry between him and Kobe.

Jim also said that the Cleveland owner's letter about Lebron leaving was in poor taste. I'm surprised Charlie didn't ask him if Jim thought that the 1-hr special was in poor taste. I guess Charlie knows what Jim thinks about it.

Forget Raja Bell he wants to be a Kobe stopper in Utah let him try. I just wanted him so he could guard Wade and Artest guard Lebron o welll

"I still remember Sadale Threat's shot that bounced twice off the rim to beat us at the buzzer in 91. I think Mia-La hsd the makings of one of the best rivalries we seen."-Garrett Kall

Isn't it crazy how fans from other teams remember these obscure regular season games. Dude, winning a regular season post-Magic Johnson game at the buzzer does not constitute a rivalry with the Lakers.

I can't remember any point in history when Miami had any rivalry with the Lakers except when Shaq went there. And even then, it wasn't really a team rivalry, it was more of an individual rivalry.

So now Miami wants to have a rivalry with the Lakers? First things first win a road game against us in the finals, then it's on.

Go Lakers!

I forgot to send a birthday card to Pau on July 6th. Welcome to the over 30 crowd! Now there are 4 of you. This team is aging fast.
But there is always the "kid" Bynum. Only problem is his knee is 40 years old!!

Jim Gray, Ric Bucher and Gerardo Rivera what are the similarities.

They will chase ratings to hell.

Whoever is posting under the name "God" is going to get some hardcore fricken bad karma for doing that.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Garrett Kall -

Before you get too excited about your untested Heat, realize that you came on a Lakers Blog and started short changing our team because Vegas has you favored to win it all...LOL

Just remember that the Lakers have the most spectacular record in the NBA since Free Agency and Expansion. The Lakers have only missed the Playoffs a handful of times in all the years since their inception! No need to list the stats, look them up on Wiki, and you will be impressed, if you are a true BB fan, as you stated.

The Lakers have so much to be proud of...Now they have a core of Kobe, Gasol, Bynum, Artest, Fish, LO, Blake for the next 3 years...You see that list in Wiki...well it is not done...we have unfinished business...

Meanwhile, I looked up the Heat, and all I see is one Championship, with Wade who needed Shaq (from the Lakers), to win the big one...

My point is, this team is so rich with tradition and WINNING...Before you sell them short, realize what they have accomplished, especially this current team, and don't come in here disrespecting that, questioning their desire, just because handicappers are saying the Heat are favored...Means squat...

Favoritism -
1. the favoring of one person or group over others with equal claims; partiality.
2. the state of being a favorite.

Winning - .
1. to succeed by striving or effort
2. to gain the victory; overcome an adversary
3. to succeed in reaching (a place, condition, etc.), esp. by great effort:
4. to get by effort, as through labor, competition, or conquest:
5. to gain (a prize, fame, etc.).
6. to be successful in (a game, battle, etc.).
7. to make (one's way), as by effort or ability.
8. to attain or reach (a point, goal, etc.).
9. to gain (favor, love, consent, etc.), as by qualities or influence.

You can be the favorite...we will take the WINNING...

Nice press conference for Blake. The guy's definitely impressive, led the league last year in total assists and threes made. Plus he can defend. As for the summer league, Caracter and Ebanks finished up at number 2 and 4 respectively on the rookie ladder. Not bad for a couple of second-rounders.

2Phatt - I'm not overly hyped about them. I think they're playing well, and definitely (per BShaw) have a chance to make the team. They're ranked at the top of the summer league (yeah - I know - summer league) but are considered the steals of the draft by many. If they can learn the system, have great attitudes, and work hard at their game, you never know... I'd rather keep Mbenga & Powell, but if Buss wants to save on the $$ then these guys can't hurt us, considering they'd be playing just as many (or few depending on your point of view) minutes a game. Again - I want to keep the guys we have, because you never know how injuries or foul trouble will affect us over the course of a game or even a season - but for the $$ there's not really much else. Your thoughts?

According to, the Celtics have hired Lawrence Frank, former NJ Nets head coach, to replace Tom Thibodeau as their defensive coach. He'll fit right in with the Celtics...he's a whiny, crying nudge on the sidelines.

I mean I have to be honest as a Celtics fan. When the Celtics put together their big 3 they won a championship and pushed the Lakers to a game 7 2 years later and lost by 4 points. But I would have to agree that the Miami big 3 is much more impressive on the face of it all talentwise and agewise.

But the supporting cast is important and the Lakers have the edge right now and might still win it all. But that is kind of like saying that your Ferrari with Walmart tires won't beat my Chevy with Pirellis.


I only said that because BK used to do that when the blog was slow to stir things up in the early days.

Most here were changing names, acting like opposing teams fans, and starting arguments. As you can see, its still going on, and still rankling the blood of the Lakers faithful.

Steve Blake seems like a stand up guy. Humble but with a good dose of self-confidence. He's saying all the right things about how he can best fit in with team. So far me likey.....


Don't insult our intelligence on this site. When you use "attic" and you mean to say "addict", that is not a typo or error due to a wrist injury. It's simply wrong usage of the word. And I love your referring to the championships that you've seen in your "30 years on earth". I doubt if you are 30, probably more like 14. But even if you were 30, just how many championships could have you been old enough to understand and evaluate? Did you watch your first Finals before you could walk and talk? Son, don't come here with weak'll only get REJECTED!!!

Kevin Tully - having owned numberous Ferrari's, first: a Ferrari with Walmart tires will ALWAYS beat a Chevy with Pirellis. Second: if anyone's a Ferrari, it's the Lakers... and I don't see a Walmart player among them.

Mitch Cupcake says: "quite frankly we have an aging backcourt!" That's like the understatement of all time.
Quite frankly we have an aging owner.
Quite frankly we have inferior forwards to Miami.
Quite frankly we have an unreliable center.
Quite frankly what does Jerry Buss's daughter see in Phil Jackson? Oh that I can answer: $12 MILLION!!!

kevin tully...

Yes, Steve Blake is an answer to the Lakers' questions. Because the Lakers didn't need much. The Lakers are the champs. Other teams have to try to catch them. Miami looks good on paper. We shall see!

One winner, and 2 certified losers will win 6 championships. I can see why Garrett only won 33 bets during the season.

LMAO @ LakerSunshine...

You missed my point totally. Miami is the Ferrari and the LA is the Chevy. But the LA supporting cast are the Pirellis vs the Walmart tires of the Heat.

I congratulate you however on having had numerous Ferraris in your time, clearly you are a man of good taste ( and a good wallet!)

Justa- There is no doubt I'll keep them, they may or may not develop into something speicaal one day. And for the bargain price you can't go wrong, I just didn't see anything speical today vs the Spurs.

Hey Garrett, I understand where you're coming from, but really all sports fans are eventually alike: fans raise their teams to (sometimes unreasonably) high pedestals, and rip the same team down. The reason? It's always not enough. It's not enough that you played your heart out: you have to win. It's not enough to win: you should crush the opposition. It's not enough to crush the opposition: you have to win the championship. It's not enough to win the championship: you gotta win multiple championships. It's not enough to win multiple championships: you gotta have a dynasty. It's not enough... And so on and so forth.

Now, I myself won't call you a troll: but I'll call you out on your "pseudo-mathematics" since you talk of formulas and motivations in the same breadth.

I happen to work in the gaming industry, and one of the more technologically and numerically inclined people there... you know what? No formula is foolproof. One of the guys I worked with before was involved in designing and developing a multi-million dollar system that predicted horse racing results... and he made tens of millions as a result. You know where motivation (in this case, the jockey's) comes in? As a very small weighted variable lumped along with with criteria such as "health status" and "marital situation" and "financial outlook" and "family situation" among others. In short: motivation is lumped under "intangibles" that don't really get a true value but rather some perceived value regarded as a spread. Why? because it can't be measured with any definitive formula.

Besides, if you talk of motivation... the Lakers have a lot of it too:

1. Bryant wants to be the greatest player of all time: no motivation is bigger than that

2. Fisher wants to prove he can still compete in the highest levels.

3. Gasol wants to demonstrate he is not soft; and even though his recent plays were definitely not soft, he wants to be unequivocal in this area.

4. Bynum wants to show he is worthy of becoming an All Star - it eats him up that despite his size and skills he still hasn't made it so far.

5. Artest is motivated by whatever random thoughts that come flying across his psychedelic brain... plus being known as THE Lockdown player from hell (and... he wants to make up for his poor showing against LBJ last year).

6. Blake wants the world to see that his signing is a very good decision on the part of the Lakers, and he definitely wants a ring.

I could go on and on... Phil wants to cement his legacy with a good number of rings: 12, as in 4 x 3peats

The Lakers would like to overtake the Greenies in total number of Championships as soon as possible, and tying them this year is the first step.

The Lakers are also motivated to prove that they are still the best team in the NBA, with or without a Miami cabal.

I also think that a lot of players -- especially Bryant and Fish I'm sure -- are already looking beyond a Threepeat. Now is their time to go for a Four-All-Time, something even MJs Bulls were not able to achieve. The ability to achieve this would cement this Lakers team's legacy as arguably the best ever.

So Garrett, formulas and motivation is not that simple. There are so many variables involved, and it would be a disservice to everyone, including yourself, to say that the Miami Kinglets will win it all because they are younger and more motivated. Younger? Sure. More motivated? I don't think so.

And by the way, welcome to the blog.

Lakers = Ferrari

Heat = Muscle car with a modified big block engine and nitrous tank...

Too bad the NBA season is not a 1/4 mile race...

It's cross country through the 82 game season...and then through the canyons and switch backs in the playoffs...

I think we have the better vehicle for the race to the top of the mountain...


Yes, Miami does look good on paper, I have to agree with you. But that is what they said about the Yankees last year too. And that is what they said about the New Orleans Saints also.

So sometimes what looks good really is good.

KT- I did catch that you intended the Heat to be the Ferrari's; I'd implied that if anyone were, it was the Lakers in response to that. But, we'll see. The Heat seem more like Lambos to me, but I'm wasting everyone's time with this car talk. When's the season gonna start?!

Mr or MS Tully, we are glad you could stop by, but you really need to be on Orlando, CHicago, Boston Blog. You do realize that u have to go thru them first, right?

When we finally (as a blog) domesticated Red, the ceptics were defeated by the Lakers and he disappeared afterwards. All that work lost.
Now we have the same type of troll in that "Garrett Kall", and we'll need to do the same all over again?
And the next year if CP3 and Melo sign in NYK, another troll will do the same thing?
That's the worst part of being a Laker Fan. Even worst than knowing about Luke's contract Lol.

Ugh - Miami - make it out of the East come June. Then we'll talk - ok?

You guys are the ones with something to prove.

If the Lakers are the Ferrari then they are about to have a blowout because the tread is totally worn down on the back tires. Even Mitch Cupcake "quite frankly" admits that.

Kevin Tully,

It is about time to love our own brand Ford and Chevy. Chevy are the Lakers and Ford the Celtics. We need employment from our American standard, keep on dreaming of Ferrari with one car amounting to 100,000 and you can purchase 10 cars out of one car. Spread the wealth and create employment. That is what Summer and off season can do, we talk of all kinds of weird things from NBA goons to cars !!!

Edwin and Lakersunshine

You no longer have the best team in the NBA but if it is any consolation you continue to have the best BLOG. So I will continue to pay a visit now and then. I have visited the Orl and Bos blogs and they are as dull as dishwater in comparison. Laker fans are truly the most passionate and well informed that I have seen. You should be proud!

2Phatt - the Spurs game wasn't the best indication of what they can do. If the guards got the ball inside more instead of jacking up 3's early in the clock, you might have gotten a better idea of what Caracter can do. But he had good defensive position, got some blocks, made some good passes, and has a sweet little hook. He's got to cut down on his fouls though. Ebanks looked good - some smart passing and can drain his shots, long on defense, and seemed to have good court awareness. I think he should be signed just because he looks like Trevor. Then we'd have both Ariza and Artest and some peeps on here could finally give that argument a rest! LOL!!

Looks like they may re-sign UPS whom I like. He didn't play as well as I would've liked in the post season but, he did have the injury to his shooting hand. I'd like to see him work on getting in the paint more and USING THE GLASS...could help raise his FG percentage.

Also, can't remember who it was that critized LO but, is it possible he can appear on Regis and Kelly AND work on improving his game? Geez, some of you guys are very demanding...and unreasonable.

Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

Garrett Kall - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . . . where do they come from?

"Yes, Miami does look good on paper, I have to agree with you. But that is what they said about the Yankees last year too. And that is what they said about the New Orleans Saints also."

Best player in the NBA-Kobe Bryant
Best overall Big Man in the NBA-Pau Gasol (Garnett is getting older, so is Tim, and while Dirk is the better player to build a franchise around Pau is a great second fiddle)
Top 5 center in the NBA-Andrew Bynum
One of the best perimeter defenders-Ron Artest
Quality 6th man-Lamar Odom
Best Coach of All Time-Phil Jackson

Yes you are proved right we won two titles.

If I just had to do a simplistic head to head comparison:

PG-(Fisher) vs Chalmers-Even
SG-Bryant vs Wade-Even
SF-Artest vs James-James
PF-Gasol vs Bosh-Gasol
C-Bynum vs Illgauskus-Bynum
Bench-(Odom/Blake/Vujacic) vs (Haslem/Miller/moot)-Even
Coaching-Jackson vs Spoelstra-Jackson
Intaginables-Lakers three-peat, Jackson's last year vs Three Kings-Even

Results: 3-1 point value.

No doubt the Heat will be good. People saying that James-Wade won't be working well together will be proved wrong. The Heat is one good team. That being said they will have to go through the Orlando Magic (Howard destroyed Illgauskus in 09), Chicago Bulls (Thibodeu and vastly improved Derrick Rose and Bulls Squad), Boston Celtics (2nd Big Three still very good in Playoffs, Team mostly the same save for Tony Allen), and most underrated team in Milwaukee (made playoffs, Brandon Jennings, young team ready to be 2nd good team in Central Division).

Yes the Lakers will have to go through an improved Thuggets Squad (Al Harrington going to be a major boost), improved Oklahoma City Thunder, bounce back team in Portland, Dallas, San Antonio, the return of Run DMC in Golden State (David Lee/Monta Ellis/Stephen Curry), and a Suns team that even without Stoudemire that at the time being just won't die. But we are up for the challenge. We want one more ring at least and we'll be ready to go through the challenge just as much as the Heat is.

We'll see what happens. My guess for the Christmas game actually won't be Miami vs LA but rather Miami AT Cleveland.

Btw sorry for this homer line but:


Man, these guys are close! How close are they? Check this out...speaking of chemistry?!

Justa - I am not worthy to even approach one of the blog goddesses, but in respect to Ebanks: "I think he should be signed just because he looks like Trevor." That just made me laugh!

For what it's worth:

1972 Miami Dolphins-Greatest Team Ever in Miami! Perfect!

Wade-James-Bosh don't even compare

KB Blitz,
You are less than honest I think.
Gasol vs Bosh, Bosh clearly wins, 4 yrs younger and 24 ppg vs 19 ppg, also 11 rpg vs 9 rpg
Yes, James is HUGELY better than Artest and 5 yrs younger
NO, I am sorry but Wade beats Kobe, better numbers especially on assistspg and 4 yrs younger.

Funny, you Laker fans made such a big deal about age vs. the Celtics but I don't hear anything now about the HUGE age disparity between the Lakers and Heat.

The Heat Big 3 are clearly collectively superior to the Laker Big 3. End of story. But the Lakers still have the Pirelli tires!!!

63 footer - NOT a goddess - just "one of the guys" on here - but thanks!

I'm just so sick of the Ariza / Artest debate - ya know? LOL!

What did you think of our draft picks?

Hey kevin tully, how good are your c's against the new heat?
What are you going to do with your aged big 3 (aged even compared with our aged players), against the younger three stooges?
Now you sound more a fairweather troll than a real c's fan

Justa - draft picks look good, though summer league is always hard to judge. I think we got two "steals," but whether that equates to a sign-on-the-dotted line or playing minutes... who knows. Not I. I would like to hear some news on SOMEBODY getting some surgery sooner, rather than later though. I never thought we ever really got the full team in sync last year because of health (and piss-poor bench play). It would be nice to see the Lakers stretch their legs a little this year and breeze some.

I posted this before, but I think the timing calls for a repost...

The Big 3 - Garnett, Pierce, Allen
The Bigger 3 - Wade, Bosh, James
The Biggest 3 - Kobe, Gasol, Bynum

And it will be confirmed on Figueroa St...for the #17 parade...

I just don't get it, what is point to argue with those 2 trols? Lets ignore any trol and they will be gone pretty soon. Should we start IGNORE TROLS wagom?

Garret, so you are "a psych major", you have an infalible math formula, and won 33 bets last year... (as i remember you said that, i'm not going to read again what you said)... being a "psych major", what that can say about you?

You came with all your condescendent talk, your title, etc, what shows that?
What do you really need?
Are you a insecure person?
Did your fathers hug you as a kid?
You know more about that than me. So explain us why are you acting like this. And what are you really looking for here.

And please, what can i do about my anger management?

I would tell you this. Getting out of Akron and going to "South Beach" might change a 25 year old boy/man a great deal. I mean, he didn't say he was going to the Miami Heat organization he said he was taking his act to South Beach. Now I am in Miami quite a lot and know how nice it is down there and Mr. James might not put up the numbers he has been putting up, but we shall see how he does with all of the distractions.

It took the Celtics 5 games to beat Miami this past year, with James and Bosh it will probably take 7 games!!

But I won't be shocked to see Miami beat the Celtics either. But I also won't be shocked to see the Celtics win.

G Kall says:
It's just laughable how some of u LA fans are totally dismissing how good the Heat will be.

No, we understand how difficult it is to win a ring, much less to repeat.
We have to listen to fan boys like you say that you will win the next 4-6 rings, and even on our blog. Even Jordan didn't spout off like that.

We have dweebs from every team come to our blog because it is the best blog for the best team in the NBA.

You won't find me on a Heat, a septic, or any other team's blog.

LA Lakers 2009-2010 Back-to-Back NBA Champions

Garrett Kall
You are a very interesting character and your posts make for great reading. Keep up the good work sir! To those who would call us trolls we should instead be considered honored guests. What a boring blog this would be without some diversity of opinion I say in a most humble way.

Oldest Big 3-Celtics
Second Oldest Big 3-Lakers
Youngest Big 3 with the most to prove-Heat

Tully I just wish there some kind of help for that warped psychic ability you have. Other than that I have no problem w/you on this blog. During these trying times, I don't blame u for grasping on to whatever hope floats in your life. Be strong my brother. There could be more hope coming if Boston, Orlando, Chicago, or the Nets let the Heat come out of the East.

kevin tully -

I gave your team more credit than you...I fully expect Boston to beat the Heat this year...Your Big 3 has a proven commodity...chemistry...

And didn't you beat both Lebron and Wade last playoffs...

We heard it all month..."We took em all down, 1rst Wade, 2nd Lebron, 3rd Howard, and Kobe is next"

Well looks like you guys went to the well one too many times...

I think Boston needs Matt Barnes the most. They haven't had a solid defender who can knock down 3's coming off the bench since Posey. I have a feeling Barnes will sign there.

As for our Lakers, I think we'll sign Shannon Brown and hopefully Oberto. Add Ebanks and Caracter to the team, and roster is basically set for next year.

Kevin are you a Lakers fan, u sound more pro-Celtics

Posted by: Garrett Kall | July 15, 2010 at 10:13 PM

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Kevin are you a Lakers fan, u sound more pro-Celtics

Posted by: Garrett Kall | July 15, 2010 at 10:13 PM

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Kevin are you a Lakers fan, u sound more pro-Celtics

Posted by: Garrett Kall | July 15, 2010 at 10:13 PM

You two deserve each other!

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kevin tully....
The Yankees and Saints are defending champions. They share that in common with the Lakers. The two-time defending champion Lakers. Heat haven't done anything yet but walk through a lot of smoke and talk a lot of .....

There is no doubt that Miami (or South Beach if you're LeBron) is going to be awesome. They are putting some pretty good pieces around "The big 3" and their offence will be potent.
That said, barring injuries, our defense will be ferocious. We just watched a finals with Bynum at 25% where we out defended a team who I thought had the best D in the league. Assuming we meet in the finals as we should, I envision the Lakers delivering a beat down similar to what the Celtics did to us in 2008. Wade may be able to handle that kind of defensive intensity and the bright lights of the finals, but Lebron and particularly Bosh will dribble in their shorts.
Also regarding matchups, Miami most certainly does NOT have the "best guards" in the league and whoever believes that they do needs to switch from Pepsi to Coke. Furthermore I'd take Pau over Bosh anytime. LeBron is a nightmare but we do have a lunatic guarding him and no one will be able to guard Bynum and LO does great agaist less physical teams.
At the end of the day I pray that both teams make the finals 100% healthy and let the chips fall where they may. My money is on the team that has been there before.

You make good points and I concede the argument this one time to you.

I am a lifelong, diehard, rabid, intense, devoted, passionate Celtics fan. But I appreciate that other teams are good and sometimes better.

kevin tully, it's my idea or you are afraid of the heat? -i respect them, but i think they are not ready yet)
You are'nt so sure you are going to beat them, are you?
Your players are older that the Lakers's and WAAAY older than miami's, how are you planning to beat them? how can that be possible?
Can you explain me that, and please, convince me.

Just read some Pau/Bosh stats above. That is very misleading. Bosh was on a crap team and had to carry the load. Expect that to drop next year...

Garrett Kall, that was a good advice, thanks, but i don't need a "psych major" to tell me that. I can go to any bar and hear the same thing from a drunk guy.

You didn't answer my previous questions, so i think your "psych major" is useful after all. I hope you have understood what i really meant.

A sincere advice: be a pompous idiot and you'll be treated like that. Be a fan, and you will talk to fans. Be humble, and you will be accepted.

Mr Nano

I am not personally afraid of any team. I also don't look to convince anyone, just give my two cents. I think it will be more exciting to watch the Celtics vs the Heat however and I look forward to the games. It may be that the Heat have the best team. But they have to prove it. Only Wade is a proven commodity in terms of knowing how to win a championship.

I like the Celtics next year, if they can stay healthy. Rondo could be much better next year if he develops a jump shot and learns how to hit a free throw. KG was coming back from a serious injury and only showed flashes of good play last season, he might be much better this next year. Paul Pierce was injured during the year and seemed very tired in the postseason. I think the series against the Cavs took its toll as he guarded Lebron. Ray Allen was very inconsistent.

They need offense off the bench and didn't get it this past season, if they do something about that they could be much better.

It might take the Heat a year or two to find their chemistry and play well as a team.

"Garrett Kall
You are a very interesting character and your posts make for great reading. Keep up the good work sir! To those who would call us trolls we should instead be considered honored guests. What a boring blog this would be without some diversity of opinion I say in a most humble way.
Posted by: kevin tully "
Now I know it's getting close to training camp time, the trolls are coming out and talking smack again, last year it was Celtic trolls, this year it's Miami trolls.
Ahh Kevin, Pau Gasol owns Bosh head to head, check your stats, he's taller, a better passer, can shoot right over Bosh and he's a better defender. And If Wade is so much better than Kobe how come Kobe has 5 trophies and Wade has one, I'll take Kobe at the end of a game if it's close, Thank You. And Le Bronze, don't even go there, the guy disappears when it's finals time, Artest can't slow him down just like he did Durant. BTW your point guard is a joke, and your center is tall but moves like a glacier. You don't have a bench, and you have a great record (0-0) In short it's far too early to be talking smack.


>>>When a guy who has never won anything in the NBA (besides personal
>>> awards) starts talking about running off a string of championships as if they
>>> hand those things out just for being a talented team, well that gets our ire up

Nicely stated. The whole post.

greetings Laker bretheren, how's everyone's summer going? wow, has it only been a little over a month since we BEAT THE BOSTON CELTICS for our 16th NBA TITLE! damn, can the fall hurry up and get here, ha ha. i'm enjoying my "new championship loot" my 2010 nba champs mousepad as i type! ha ha, how cool is that, along with my new hat, tshirt, 2 different beer cooler-holders AND my new Lakers nba championship coffee cup when i've had too much to drink from the night before.... when i was upset over a laker's loss....and i needed the caffeine. it's all good in arizona. welcome aboard steve blake. damn, he's going to get so many freaking, good looks from 3 point land....he could most def, average double digits this year. i'm glad the "choke artist" from akron is "taking his talent" to miami, CUZ THAT'S JUST WHAT KOBE WAS HOPING FOR! that vegas would install the MIAMI "we've haven't won anything yet, but we're holding a WWE celebration event for our new, big 3" HEAT! all i have to say is GOOD LUCK MIAMI. the scrutiny and pressure you'll face every night will wear you DOWN. skinny-ass bosh HAS NEVER EVER faced the pressure he'll soon be facing. IN FACT, the only one who'll be able to hold up to the pressure will be D WADE. we all know what lebron did against the celtics this year....AND that WAS CHOKE! he'll gag again this year! they've got a tall order JUST getting out of the east. it's going to be fun watching them get everyone's best game. bosh will fold like a deck of cards and lebron will call his mom daily and ask her not to go out with delonte west while he's living in south beach! ha ha


My goodness, Miami fan is already on the blog. The big three will win some rings but not this year and maybe next year as well.

First of all size matters. When it's looking like Big Z is your starting center your in trouble. He's been done for 2 years now. And unfortunately for heat fans, he's the best guy left that they can get with the minimum. While Miller is a nice player, they really should have went after a big. When you consider that Chris Bosh doesn't like to play inside, that is a huge problem. If Andrew is healthy (yes big if) Miami will not match up at all. And if he's hurt, they still won't match up. And match ups are what the NBA is all about.

Second toughness matters. Wade is tough and Haslam. Thats it. Bosh is much softer then Pau, who has now proven his mettle against Howard and the Celts front line. And Artest will make Labron cry in a seven game series. Labron will do well. he's to good not to but Artest will hurt him and he will not do as well as usual. Fisher tough guy. Blake tough guy. Kobe poster boy for tough. Even Andrew playing through his injury proved his toughness.

Third Defense matters. If you have ever watched Bosh play, he is an average defender at best. Labron is very good and Wade is pretty good but not on Kobe's level. After that who? Miller? Big Z? Haslam as I mentioned is tough but undersized, he can't guard our bigs.

Fourth. Orlando, Boston and Chicago, like L.A all three present real match up problems for Miami inside. It would be better to worry about them first.

The last thing is age. Fisher is on the down side of his career and that's about it. Even with a bad knee and broken finger, Kobe still brought it in the playoffs. And is still considered the best. Pau and Lamar are considered still in their prime. Andrew is still several years away from his prime. Artest not quite prime but still tough enough. I am looking at Miami in 2013 for their first ring. Of course L.A could make another move by them, so will see.


Hey Garrett Kall


kevin tully, thanks for the response.
I didn't know what to expect from you because i din't pay yo too much attention, but in this case i do. That's why i'm so interested in your point of view, because in this case, you can really convince me that your team is better than the heat. I saw your team defeated in the finals, so i think your team isn't that good. But good anyways.
How about the machups?

Justa and 2Phatt,

I was able to catch most of the Lakers-Spurs summer league game, but it's the only one of the five games, so I only got the one snapshot.

Ebanks and Caracter have skills, but they are still projects. I also liked what I saw of Gerald Green. Considering how much run the far end of the bench gets, I say invite them to camp and if they show more game than I saw today, let them fill out the roster. The way Phil runs his rotations, most of the time the 2nd unit will be Odom, Blake, and either Sasha or maybe Shannon plus one of the above, since Phil usually has one or two starters on the floor with them.

The important thing for me is to see the Lakers actually develop some of these younger players so they can eventually work their way into the rotation. That's not been a strong suit of our team.

One last note. Where is Winton Dupree? We need a good spritz of Troll-Be-Gone to inoculate this space. Anyone coming forth at this time to suggest that Miami or any other team is imperiling the Lakers prospects for a 3-peat is obviously doing so much dope they should be in rehab.

You made a funny with the iphone thing, I salute you. You also were funny when you said Pau owns Bosh and Artest would shut down Lebron. Bosh has better numbers and LBJ has better numbers and that is all you can go on. And then you mentioned you would take Kobe if the game was close; how much did he score in game 7?? Your entire team only hit 6 field goals that game in the 4th qtr. And we shouldn't even mention Kobe's performance in game 6 in 2008 now, should we?

You have a great sense of humor, KEEP IT UP MY MAN!

And then you mentioned you would take Kobe if the game was close; how much did he score in game 7?? Your entire team only hit 6 field goals that game in the 4th qtr. And we shouldn't even mention Kobe's performance in game 6 in 2008 now, should we?

You have a great sense of humor, KEEP IT UP MY MAN!

Posted by: kevin tully | July 15, 2010 at 11:20 PM

You forgot to mention the awful FG%!!
And a little thing, THE LAKERS STILL WON!!!!!
That's why is a Team sport!!

Ps what about the matchups?

KT, sorry!
I was blinded by the RECENT HISTORY.
My bad


Wade vs Allen overwhelmingly goes to Wade
LBJ vs Pierce substantially goes to LBJ
Bosh vs KG is pretty close actually, defensively KG, offensively Bosh
Perk vs Z I would give to Perk

But you have to remember that the game is NOT SOLELY ABOUT THE MATCHUPS unlike multiple posters on this blog claim. The Celtics win on TEAM play, they are collectively better than other teams that might have more talent. They are without question the best defensive team we have seen in a long time. They lost the finals due to a lack of offense. In 2008 they blew out the Lakers with 131 points in the last game. The 2010 Celtics would need two games to score 131 points.

>>>. It's like having Magic, MJ, and a poor man's Garnett all in their prime.

See, and that's where the pride will get you.

LeBron ASSUMES he's already as good as Magic.

Wade ASSUMES he's as good as MJ (well, probably not, but you seem to think that).

Poor man's Garnett? Since when has Bosh dominated a defense?

When you compare the three players who have achieved very little to 2 of the top 10 players in NBA history (Magic and MJ) and one player who would have had more titles if he had been on a better team, you're setting yourself up for a fall.

I think it's a good thing that they all got together. Given a year or two to add a few higher quality role players, and to gel as a team, they could be a serious contender. But just because you threw 3 very good players together doesn't turn them into Magic and MJ. Magic and MJ proved their worth many times over. I don't even compare Kobe to either of those guys (at least not yet), and Kobe currently has 4 more rings than Wade and 5 more than Bosh or LeBron.

If you wanted to be realistic, you might have compared the Miami big 3 to more realistic models. Maybe compare Wade to Joe Dumars. Or compare Bosh to Charles Barkley. Or compare LeBron to Scottie Pippen (I know I'll take some flack for that choice, but to this point Pippen had a better career than LeBron other than regular season stats - and Pippen was an all-around player like LeBron).

If you'd say "It's like having Barkley, Pippen, and Dumars all in their prime", then that would sound like a very good start of a team, and wouldn't sound overly boastful. Wade claimed they were the best trio of players in the history of the NBA. Totally ludicrous claim. Just looking at the Lakers history, I can name TWO sets of trios that were better - Magic, Kareem, and Worthy, or Chamberlain, West, and Baylor. And that's not even mentioning trios of players from other teams. It's that sort of vanity that grates on my nerves like a cheese grater.

Frankly I don't fear the Heat next season. I doubt they'll beat out Orlando or Boston in the East. But give them a couple of years to gel and to add one or two more key role players, and then they should be able to pull off a title or two. When they get their number of titles up to 5, then you can start comparing them to Magic and MJ and the like. Until then, it's just boastful and ridiculous.

kevin tully, thanks again.
One last question: the better team always wins?

>>>>Youngest Big 3 with the most to prove-Heat

Here's what I thought of when you posted that line:

Three little maids from school are we
Pert as a school-girl well can be
Filled to the brim with girlish glee
Three little maids from school

Everything is a source of fun
Nobody's safe, for we care for none
Life is a joke that's just begun
Three little maids from school

Three little maids who, all unwary
Come from a ladies' seminary
Freed from its genius tutelary
Three little maids from school
Three little maids from school

kevin tully
YOU SAID " And then you mentioned you would take Kobe if the game was close; how much did he score in game 7?? Your entire team only hit 6 field goals that game in the 4th qtr"
HEY KEVIN, WHO WON THAT GAME ? as opposed to Lebron against the Celtics, GREAT NUMBERS but another loss. Your right, I mean Kobe only had 4 oz of fluid on his knee, and three broken fingers on his shooting hand, none of that matters RIGHT, and Bynum had three tears in his ACL, NO BIG DEAL right?
Lamar, hurt shoulder, Artest hurt foot, we were beat up and we still won. YOU SEE ONLY MAKING 6 FIELD GOALS IS OK IF YOU ONLY ALLOW BOSTON 5.

Wade over Kobe based on production?

So Oscar Robertson>>>the whole NBA ever?

MJ: Owned "younger" players at Age 33 beating the likes of Reggie Miller, Glen Rice. KB still 32 nearing the end of his prime but still in his prime nevertheless. Has guarded Dwyane Wade very well the last 2 years AND still managed to be productive. Only time Wade went off was when Artest guarded Wade.

Wade: Great player, Great help defender, incredible slasher however more unreliable on perimeter shooting than Lebron James. Has been hurt in the past. Body could be wearing out soon from all the hits and contacts the last few years.


Bosh over Gasol? Really? Gasol: MVP in Euroleague 2009. Had injury at beginning of the year but went off again mostly at Forward. In rebound average LED Lakers with another good rebounder in Lamar Odom and a decent one in Bynum. In his PRIME. Will be posting up Bosh's butt all day long. Bosh is a great player and could his worth being a complementary player but he is NO Kevin Garnett.

Only good argument is LBJ>>>Artest. How do you know this time Artest again will suck against LBJ? Artest coming back with less weight won't stop Lebron but will give LBJ a harder time. Saying LBJ can't be stop is forgetting the job Kobe Bryant did in 08-09: Shot 31% against Kobe's defense.

Celtics: Great team still....definitely a threat against Miami. Loss of Tony Allen may prove critical.

We're bored....waiting for news on Shannon, DJ, etc... That's why we're feeding the trolls, right?
C'mon, I don't even read it. Nonsense...WE WON. PERIOD. The best team in the league.
Now, the past 2's hold tight until we hear from Mitch about Shannon, DJ, whoever is coming. We're close to the final roster.

uh oh...
sock puppets...

i really like what i'm hearing from Blake. i think he's gonna be a great addition.

The better team always wins. In 2008 the Celtics were better despite what many whiny Laker fans said about Bynum. In 2010 the Lakers were better and I won't use Perkins as an excuse although he would have reduced the rebounding edge somewhat that the Lakers had.
Sometimes the better team is not the more talented team. When the Giants beat the Patriots they beat what was clearly a more talented team. But I concede that they deserved to be called the better team that day.

Good night everyone.

>>>In a sport that has a salary cap, it's VERY hard to repeat, especially now
>>> when the road inevitably leads to Miami, a potential powerhouse this league
>>> has never seen before.


Okay, let's use this as an example.

Someone who was just a Miami fan posting here would say something like, "It's very hard to repeat, and I think LeBron and Bosh will be more motivated than the Laker players."

But when you say that the road to a championship goes through Miami, or when you label the team as a "potential powerhouse this league has never seen before. ", that's when you get into troll territory.

Sorry buddy, but the road to a ring comes through Staples Center, the home of the current champions. To make grandiose claims about a team that hasn't played a game yet and to claim that they're better than a team that has just won two championships in a row shows at very least a great naivite, and at worst gross boastful ignorance.

Keep your boasts a bit more modest and you can remove the troll epithet.

Of course, once the Lakers win their three-peat in June (note that I'm talking about a team that has already proven themselves capable of winning championships), then you'll probably tire of posting how great your team is when you've already been proven wrong. We're used to it. We always get Celtic trolls, and usually some Suns trolls as well. This year we even got some Oklahoma City trolls, if you can believe that. But once their teams went down in flames, they soon vanished from the blog.

But just to let you know, much as some of us enjoy troll-baiting (others chastise us for the practice), we won't miss you when you're gone.

Good night kevin tully, dream about this:
If better team always wins:
the c's can beat the heat
the Lakers can beat the c's
so, the Lakers can beat the heat.




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