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Lakers sign veteran center Theo Ratliff; Is Matt Barnes next?

The Lakers took another step toward rounding out their bench, agreeing to terms with 37-year-old center Theo Ratliff on Thursday.

Ratliff, who signed a one-year deal for the veteran's minimum of $1.35 million, gives the Lakers an experienced defensive presence among their reserves. Next season will be the 16th for Ratliff, who began his career with Detroit in 1995, when Andrew Bynum was 8 years old.

Ratliff didn't do much with San Antonio most of last season, averaging 1.6 points and 1.9 rebounds in 21 games, though he posted better numbers after being traded to Charlotte, where he started 26 of 28 games and averaged 5.1 points, 4.2 rebounds and 1.5 blocked shots in 22.3 minutes a game. Defense has always been Ratliff's speciality: He has averaged 2.4 blocked shots per game in his career and led the league three times in the category.

The Lakers now have 10 players under contract next season and will find out Friday if Matt Barnes will be No. 11. The free-agent forward could sign for $1.77 million next season, the most the Lakers could offer any free agent after spending $4 million of next season's $5.77-million mid-level exception on guard Steve Blake.

Barnes has been offered between $3 million and $4 million next season by Cleveland, but the Lakers are appealing because they are two-time defending champions.


“If he decides to play there [in Los Angeles], it’s his desire to play there,” Barnes’ agent, Aaron Goodwin, said Thursday in a phone interview. “He has a relationship with Kobe and he’ll make a decision in the next 24 hours.”


Barnes has averaged 7.3 points a game in his seven-year career and is a 32.9% shooter from three-point range. He has been with seven teams since leaving UCLA after his senior year in 2002.


Earlier this week, Barnes appeared to be headed to Toronto for two years and $9 million as part of a sign-and-trade transaction, but the deal fell through. He averaged 8.8 points and 25.9 minutes a game last season for Orlando.

--Mike Bresnahan and Broderick Turner

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Nice move. Would of liked DJ Mbenga but still a good pick-up by the Lakers.

I would've preferred Oberto, but not a bad signing for the vets minimum.

Theo Ratliff? Were Dikembe or Robert Parish not interested?

Meh. Theo is basically and older version of Mbenga at this point in his career. I'd have just as soon kept DJ. Whatever, it won't matter much. He'll be lucky to play 200 minutes this season.

Ratliff will be fine. He's an emergency bench guy in case Bynum or Gasol gets injured. He'll probably end up playing about as much as DJ MBenga, and about as effectively.

So it sounds like Barnes has been offered 2 years at 3.5 million by Cleveland or 1 year at 1.77 million with the Lakers.

We'll see if Barnes prefers winning or money. 5.23 million is a lot of money to give up, but if he wins a ring next season with the Lakers, he may be able to earn that much (or close to that much) next summer.

Its a good pickup...I ain't madd. Not a whole lot out there really..Defense is what we need..especially around the basket -- Theo is not a slight dude -- he has some guns on him -- he is not gonna be pushed around...So I likes..

This statement, "Matt has a relationship with Kobe."????? Since when??

Ratliff? Dang, he is old. I guess the FO thinks he is better than Mbenga, which i guess tell us what they think of Mbenga, as if him not playing in the Finals last year wasn't enough of a clue. Darn, I hoped we could get Kurt Thomas, but I guess that's cool.

I don't know, I still think (can't prove) that Barnes is a jerk. I could be wrong, but he has left a lot of teams in his wake. I guess he is about as good as is out there right now, probably better defender than Shannon. Shannon can't pass either, I suppose. We'll see, I would expect him to want more than 1.7 mil. Heck, the way the FA scenario is winding up, we will have to pay Shannon like 3 million to keep him. Ridiculous money out there this year, ridiculous.

mbenga is lively and energetic but that's mostly all he is. remember phil doesnt like him in there for the main reason that he doesnt make wise decisions on defense. and he's given 2 seasons to correct that but didnt.

at least we'll have a wiser center out there to back up bynum.
rather than playing junk minutes at the end of the 4th quarter during regular season or rarely during playoffs (mbenga)
he will play some quality substitution minutes during games when bynum needs to sit out and rest. perhaps regularly he will come off the bench. let's just see..

Jon K -

"We need a third string point guard and a back-up center."

We got our back-up center, which we needed, but I don't think we need a 3rd string PG. Sasha is capable of stepping in and playing the point, and Lamar and Shannon (should he sign) have shown they can do it in spurts. Between the durable Fisher and Blake, I don't think they really need to make that investment. Should one of those two guys get hurt, they can probably pick someone up off the waiver wire as an emergency 3rd stringer.

Is Ratliff still playing?
OMG!!!! Museum Time!


Hmmm... might be able to offer Bynum a decent mentoring role.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Of course, I think there were like two and a half years Ratliff got paid like 18 mil to not even dress for Portland and Philly, so those might not count against him.

Okay, here's the deal. Lakers trade: Sasha, Luke, Caracter and Ebanks for CP3. Wouldn't that be great? Yeah, I know, impossible in oh so many ways. I can dream though, can't I, ha, ha?

Can we keep DJ just for pratice purposes? He was the best on banguing Bynum and Pau to their limit, hence making them better...


Okay. You've adequately supported your position.

Resign Brown and pick-up Barnes and we're probably where we need to be.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


For some reason I'm not really buying this Matt Barnes stuff. I like him and I think he could help the Lakers, but I think the Lakers are being used to pressure Cleveland into upping the ante. I hope I'm wrong...

Ratliff is more injury prone than Bynum, but it is a good signing nonetheless. He can at least play some minutes when Bynum goes down.

The Lakers are not desperate you all..Don't get it twisted..This is just insurance and trust and believe, they have determined that Theo still got some game to contribute esp at the minimum -- he was aiight when he was in Charlotte -- again, we ain't desperate & this was a good move by Mitch considering how tapped out the Lakers are..

Chill. They got this! *wink

Just the other day during the chat we were making fun of how old Joe Smith is... and then we go out and sign someone even OLDER. Eek!

This is great! Barnes is expected to sign soon as well! We will have a very tough defensive-minded team, and forget Chris Paul, he and LeCon have the same management, and quit on their teams! Bynum is only 23, and ready to blossom!

I'm not miserable but I'm not happy.

Ratliff has more a Gasol-type build and we need someone taller, bulkier, and more muscular to spell Drew or replace him if he goes down to another injury. I liked DJ - as everyone here knows - but even beating Miami to Maglore would have been better.

The Mrs. watches Basketball Wives, and she said Barnes comes off OK, but his baby mama is a total A-hole. The fact the he came on that show already speaks volumes.

Looks like the Lakers scored Matt Barnes. Hopefully for more than 1 year but we'll see

D(erek) J(eter);

- how about, the Hornets just get sick of CP3 and cut him, then the NBA agrees to waive all the rules of the collective bargaining agreement so the Lakers can sign him for a 12 year, $ 12 mil dollar deal, and then UNICEF takes up a collection to pay his salary for us? All those kids, out trick or treating with the little can of change instead of a bag of candy, just so we could have Chris Paul play for us...

"I believe the children are out future...teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess INSSIIIIIIIDEE...give them a sense of [smack] ah, thanks, that's better.

Sorry, I'm feeling a bit out of it today. Wait, I'm...wait[checks pockets, looks in mirror, checks underwear for label, makes mental note to wear underwear next time, shrugs] Ok, I'm pretty sure I'm phred, I don't think I have to apologize for that sort of thing, it's expected.


LOL, you're the one that started that whole Joe Smith is older look who we got, hahaha. It's all your fault! LOL!

Just give these vet a ring before retire from NBA

Magic Phil - "Barnes is a thug..."

Me likey thugs...thugs hurt wimps......make wimps cry.

Great pick up. With the two 2nd rd picks coming in, you needed another vet on the bench. If we pick up Barnes too, our defense would greatly improve, despite having the best D last year. We know how sasha played in his contract year last time, guess what, it's that time again.

Ratliff still can work out heavy...Get in shape and ready to bang LeGone to the floor, so we can throw some tacos on him.

I was hoping we could get Shaq at the veterans minimum as a backup. He would be better for practice use than Mbenga and he could also be a mentor to Bynum on being a dominant center in the triangle. Go ahead and rip my comment apart my fellow Laker fans. I know all about this being Kobe's team and the history of the feud.

DJ Mbenga, Theo Ratliff, or Kurt Thomas it really doesn't who the lakers got, simply because there are no good back up centers for the money the lakers could offer. This one year deal is perfect next year the lakers won't have any key free agents, they've secured the back up guard position with blake. I see a bright future and plenty of PT this season for the rookies ebanks and caracter, so that secures the foward position. Especially when you take into account walton's recuring back injuries and sasha's inconsistency. So come next summre the lakers will finally be able to spend their MLE on a decent back up center.

As for Matt Barnes that would be a great pickup, at a one year deal it makes the possible addition even better.

I hope Theo knows how to give good hugs, that's all i'm gonna say.

Theo Ratliff is a tough agressive defender. Theo will protect the rim. Ratliff is smart. He's just what you want for a back up to a back up.

DJ had the enthusiam and ability but didn't have the defensive smarts.

You can size his ring now. He's gonna get one with the Lakers.

Ok, that's not really all i'm gonna say. Who am I kidding?

I think that if I recall my prediction, that means that Shannon is most likely gone, as we will probably get a guard with the 1.77 mil left of the MLE, since we didn't have to pay it for Ratliff.

Now I just need to find a couple of good songs to parody for Ratliff and Steve Blake.

What does a Theo Ratliff have for a NBA nickname?

He sounds more like a doctor or proffesor.

"Paging Dr Ratliff. Dr. Ratliff, you are wanted in surgery"


"DJ had the enthusiam and ability but didn't have the defensive smarts."

But he was a blocking machine.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


we need one more center and another bk guard. brown is ok, but not gonna help us win the ring w his "last season" playoff shooting.

i guess we have enough to win a ring, so i'm happy either way.

I don't buy the best defensive center label- crapI guess Management are banking bynum is going to injury free and eat up all the minutes but what are the odds on that .Management moves this summer have been mediocre with all the large pool of people that were available .Our bench will suffer this year at least powell was productive when he got minutes.r

Forgot to comment on Ratliff. Great blocker and outside shooter. There were other years in which i hoped for him as a backup. But, like Johne said he's the best we can get with the money we have. Looking forward to the new bench mob of Ratliff, Odom/Caracter, Barnes(if we do snatch him up)/Walton or Ebanks, Sasha, and Blake.

Not so bad but I would have preferred a young Center to replaced Mbenga. The best of Theo was 10 years ago when he was with the Sixers, great shot blocker, good rebounder and big body out there for short minutes. His FT% is decent at 70% that's what you can ask from 3rd stringer. I don't know if it is a waste of money on part of JB since he will be shelling out 2.6M that includes luxury taxes vs. 1M on a rookie who would just be as good as Theo. Let's see first before the verdict.....

Matt Barnes is ok, again I'd prefer Shannon Brown signing first before anything because he knows the system and lots of room of improvement, now that Farmar is gone and Blake on 2nd unit. Let's get both and have a nice summer.

Sorry LakerTom in the previous threads, I was just playing with u being wind up with Bynum vs. Paul. I know you're fully concentrated in building a fortress of protection for Drew. lol!

Didn't Theo retire about 10 years ago?

Hahahaha Nemaia it totally is my fault. That's what I get for making fun of old guys!

Oh well, it could be worse. We could have signed Shaq - aka The Big Diaper (because he's really old but is still a baby, and is full of crap). LOL

Wow, I just realized Wilt was The Big Dipper. Could there be a better nickname for Shaq now than The Big Diaper? LOL

Yeah, Barnes is using us to get a better contract from Cleveland.

But if your going to use and abuse someone. It might as well be the Lakers.

Fatty - Who gets a warm fuzzy feeling inside, knowing that we are so good, that NBA free agents use us to get a better contract from other teams.

"If you don't meet my terms, I'm going to sign with the Lakers" (Put Clippers in for Lakers and it don't work)

Great pickup by Mitch....Theo filled in for the often injured Tyson Chandler he played over 20 min per after leaving the spurs.....still has a great blk per 48 min. stat......The Lakers appear to be focusing on strengthening their defense......Theo is a vet with playoff experience (which means Phil will trust putting him in for 10-15 min to give Andrew a rest .....LO will provide the rest Pau has to have to remain fresh/healthy.....If Barnes joins for his first Chip tomorrow then the Laker will just have to find a solid backup for Kobe

Seriously, though, if you measure age in terms of NBA minutes, Kobe is close to twice Ratliff's age. Interesting stat:

Kobe 37366 minutes played
Theo 20429 minutes played

Perhaps Theo has some game left

LLChick- great stat.

Theo gotta be kidding. I preferred DJ, KThomas, Barron, or almost anybody with a pulse. Theo used to be a very good defensive player and a heck of an intimidator...but that player left a few seasons ago. Here's his avg from last yrs brief playoff stint with Charlotte:

12 mpg/2ppg/1reb/38% fg ....oh yeah he played 48 total playoffs minutes and blocked a grand total of....drum roll shots. So please don't try to sell me on his defense or anything else. He is just a warm body.

Dear Laker fan of Machine, Phred Phredington,

Please do not worry. Machine easily fill void left from Josh Powell. Machine now first string hugger of best friend Kobe. Machine has contract year, and will not disappoint.



I suppose I will trust the Laker FO, they've done pretty well over the past 3 years! Sure would be nice to see CP3 here though.


HOGAN said... “I'm sure I'll get hammered for this but I would argue that Bynum has a bigger upside than even Howard. (Lewstrs & LakerTom agreed)

Well let the hammering begin...

DHoward has been 1st team all NBA and 1st team all defense for 3 consecutive years. He's a better one on one defender, help defender, offensive/defensive rebounder, shot blocker, intimidator than Bynum. He plays with more intensity, grit and determination than Andrew. Yes, Bynum has more low post moves and is a much more polished offensive player than Howard - but he is nowhere near nor will ever be the dominant player that Superman is. Consider Howard led his team to the finals without another defensive minded player on Orlando's frontline. Last time I checked defense wins championships or did we forget about gm 7 of the finals already?

I like Drew's game a lot. I was against trading him and Odom for KG. I was against trading him for JKidd and I'm against trading him for CP3. I think his length and presence allows Pau to play at a high level. Of course Pau gets the accolades and Drew is sometimes taken for granted.

Drew is an important piece of the Lakers puzzle, But let's not try to make him into Hakeem, Kareem and Duncan? He's a good player with the potential to be very good. I don't believe he has the fire in the belly desire to be great.

Here's a question for all that "say" Drew has more "potential" than Howard, would you trade Drew for Howard straight up right now? Pleeeease...I'd fly to LA and personally pack Drew's bags. Talk about a dynasty, the Lakers with Dwight would win the next 5 championships EASILY.

BTW,Howard is currently in Houston getting lessons from I don't think he's resting on his laurels.

Shoot, I thought he had retired years ago..can I play on the Lakers? I'm only 5'1" but I'm younger by 4 years? LOL

Why didn't we keep Mbenga? I loved Congo Cash...Ugh!! This better work or I'm blaming Mitch if we don't 3-peat.

Theo? what's next, Kareem comes back for a another ring and keeping Kobe away from the most points scored for the vet min?

For all that didn't want Shaq back...enjoy Theo. Let's see Boston adds JO for frontcourt depth and the Lakers add Theo.


It's difficult to block shots when you're bodying up Dwight Howard the entire time. He's actually a decent help defender, but when your responsible for sticking to Dwight at all times, there aren't many blocking opportunities. Theo averaged 1.5 blocks and 4.2 rebounds in 22 minutes in the regular season.

LRob I think Boston needs a whole lot more than to get back to the finals in the East now. I'm not sure about the Theo move but Shaq??? Dude, come on.

LRob I think Boston needs a whole lot more than to get back to the finals in the East now. I'm not sure about the Theo move but Shaq??? Dude, come on.

LRob - "Warm body"

You think that little of our FO and Dr. Buss's chech book?

Theo Ratliff

28 games w/ Charl

22 min per/ 5pts/4rbs/1.5 blks .....defensive minded Center .....will protect the basket and give clean hard fouls.....

*than JO

As far as nicknames go...Back when Theo was in Detroit (where I'm at) he was known as the Rattler. The Pistons used to play a hissing sound when Theo blocked a shot. Needless to say with the Black Mamba already representin the reptiles I doubt if that nickname will work.

So, now that we're not getting Shaq, I guess I can divulge some information that I picked up at a business meeting on Tuesday evening.

Have you noticed how Shaq seems kind of awfully insecure a lot of the time despite being a giant? Have you noticed how he often almost plays the role of the bully? It's like he's over-compensating for something, you know?

Well, my business associate's ex-girlfriend used to date Shaq and I was told that Shaq is not physically proportionate in all ways, if you know what I mean, so he might feel insecure because of that and, thus, the need to over-compensate.

So, there you go.

All those years of chaos in Lakers organization and infighting comes down to one simple physical issue for a Hall of Fame NBA center.

Life is crazy.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Good post. You beat me to it regarding the silly Dwight/Bynum comparisons. Dwight also faces defenses designed to stop him every night. He sees double and triple teams on a consistent basis.

Barnes is just using us, same thing Raja did, same thing the Lin kid did. He will sign for the Cavs if infact they are offering that much money. No one in his right senses would pick the Lakers over the Cavs under these circumstances

@HOGAN... “I'm sure I'll get hammered for this but I would argue that Bynum has a bigger upside than even Howard.

Posted by: LakerTom | July 22, 2010 at 04:24 PM

I actually agree, it goes along with what I've been saying about Bynum all along.

But to be fair, the same argument can be made how Wade can possibly have more upside than Kobe, given his 2 playoff performances the only time he had some kind of legit 2nd option, just like some could say Durant has more upside than both of them, given his freakish size advantage, just like someone else could say Lebron has more upside than anyone that has ever suited up in the NBA, due to his combination of size & strength, basically a better Magic Johnson, with the most unstoppable finish at the basket ever when he wants to be aggressive.

Just like if Rondo ever develops a jumper, he can be better than Chris Paul, Rondo being the 1st player since Wilt to average a triple-double in a 7 game series, the years surrounding that year he either won the title or was in a few bounces of winning it, where Paul, in the most and really only meaningful quarter of his career, game 7 at home vs the Spurs, differed to Pargo, hid in the corner the entire 12 minutes, me not exaggerating at all, and he was even afraid to dribble the ball across half-court, was shutout not because of lack of skill, but because he didn't even demand the ball, was fine with their season living and dying with Jannero, I have the video, the proof...

It's all hypothetical obviously, but to me a player has to first get it done at the highest level before he surpasses someone else who has better numbers, which Bynum, Wade, & Rondo has, where Paul, Howard, and Lebron hasn't. Until they do I have no problem saying Kobe is better than Lebron, Rondo is better than Paul, and Bynum is better than Howard. It's only fair, throughout a career every star player will get his chance for redemption, will all have one fair shot to win a title, but until it actually happens, the guys who HAVE done it deserve that much respect. If not, then why even play the games? Just simulate an entire year on NBA2K and call it a career!

I actually liked Josh Powell, he did a nice job in the Orlando series in 2009, can't believe Theo Ratliff is still around, but I guess its no different than Juwan Howard signing with Miami, except of course that Howard is a former fab 5 stud, all-star caliber forward who would look pimper in a video playing with guys like Wade, Lebron, & Kobe whereas Ratliff, is just some awkward tall guy who blocks shots well out of Wyoming

I also wanted Shaq but Mitch is definitely working on something.....Shaq unfortunately is still looking for around 5.6mill per. If the Lakers signed Barnes Tomorrow and sign either TMAC/Shannon the second unit would include:

Blake, Shannon-TMAC, Barnes, LO, Ratliff, Ebanks, Characater, Sasha, Luke (More than enough scoring....but more importantly a major upgrade from a defensive stand point....Looking good so far just needs a couple more pieces)

If the Lakers don't get Barnes, they should go after Jarvis Hayes.


Can I interest any of you in some attractive swap land? I just saying if you approve of Theo....

Nice, user friendly graphic chart. Just looking ahead @ who I see as the biggest potential threats in the Western Conference next year:
1. OKC-They were the biggest threat LAL had in the playoffs this year and they're only going to be more experienced. Kevin Durant's game is scary good and he has plenty of pieces around him.
2. Houston Rockets- If Houston is healthy, watch out. Yao will be back, Ariza, K.Martin, A. Brooks...and they have solid role players like Scola & Brad Miller.

Basically, everyone in the Western Conference has gotten a little better, except for the Utah Jazz, who lost more shoes than Gordon Heyward can fill, and the San Antonio Spurs, who, after getting swept by Phoenix, have shown that they are getting old fast. But hey, they at least resigned Matt Bonner!

Posted by: Dan_NBAExpert | July 21, 2010 at 05:40 PM



You might also want to consider adding the Blazers to that list. If Oden is healthy and remains so(big IF), then they'll have a pretty long frontline themselves and we know they've given the Ls a hard time in the Rose Garden over the past few seasons but, not so much on the road. Camby,Aldridge,Oden,and Pryzbilla is a pretty lonnnnng frontline to have to face also...don't you think?

let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

Ok Jon K, with that comment, you will have to go back to psyco analysis school.

Cmon, Jon k! haha .......Man are you stretching or shrinking that one.

Fatty - Who is soo tired from sandbagging all day....and says. "Let the rains comes, you won't f**kin beat me!"

Sometimes you wonder our knee jerk reaction in the blog but also appreciate the blog conscience that awakens our F/O. Mitch could not beat the Warriors in getting an excitable young PG who "may" have taken the Laker contract if offered a decent amount above and longer than what GS offered. We opted for Theo so that he could provide insurance to our soft centers, one made of an imported bamboo tree and the other one is a coconut tree. Got King Theo standing tall like the Redwood but immovable due to passage of time.

Let's give a break to our young recruits Caracter and Ebanks they represent tomorrow if not the Lakers the league.

Management moves this summer have been mediocre with all the large pool of people that were available .Our bench will suffer this year at least powell was productive when he got minutes.r

Posted by: ocharvey | July 22, 2010 at 05:49 PM

Umm..The signing of Steve Blake was a great move. And do you not remember the draft? LA had an unbelievable draft getting 2 guys in the 2nd round in Ebanks and Caracter who could potentially step in and get minutes.. 2 guys from the 2nd round that have done nothing but impress so far! I'm also more than happy to say bye-bye to J.Powell and Hello to Derrick Caracter-DC is going to be a stud

LRob - Swamp land? hahaha

Theo averaged 22 minutes a game for Charlotte as a starter. He will have no problem contributing about 10 minutes of tough nosed defense a game for the Lakers off the bench. Those 10 minutes will give Phil the luxury of reducing Pau and Bynum's minutes by 5 minutes per game, which should provide big dividends once the playoffs start. Sure, there are better centers out there, but for the minimum, Theo is a solid choice.


You are entitled to your don't Like the Theo move.....I respect that but I disagree....Theo is a guy Phil can trust to focus primarily on defense and rebounding....If he can just do what he did in the regular season for Charl last year, it would be a great pickup.....Pau cannot be forced to play backup C this season.....Theo will play 10-15 and help keep Andrew fresh/healthy....No one is saying Theo is going to do what Shaq can do....however that's not what the FO felt like the ball club needed (even Kobe was trying to recruit Kurt Thomas)....I think Mitch will make other moves to fill out the roster with scoring from the second unit.....Bottom line is Phil didn't trust DJ for whatever reason! Theo's experience will make him a great addition


The FO is great 95% of the time. Unfortunately Theo falls in the 5%. They've done a superb job and the team is so stacked that it probably won't matter. I just don't won't them to try to sell me on Theo being a defensive force anymore. That ship sailed a few seasons ago.

Garrett Kall agreed to LakerTom who was expecting to be hammered in saying Bynum is better than Howard. The sentence was not finished. Bynum is better than Howard in selecting an orthopedic surgeon. lol! (j/k only amigo)

Theo is a great get! He knows how to play good D and protect the rim without getting into foul trouble (not a foul per minute like DJ) and rebound the ball..which, ironically, is exactly what we're looking for!. Even at his age, he's probably the best defensive big available ( c'mon as much as I love Mbenga...he can't wash Theo's jock). Remember all the monster minutes Pau played because he was the back-up center and Phil couldn't trust DJ with minutes that mattered? Theo will play more than DJ dreamed about, play well, and spell Pau and Drew. Our bench is rounding out nicely. Barnes would be the ideal add because he brings more size and physicality (than Shannon) to our perimeter defense and provide a better match-up against LeWade and the HEAT. He also brings a fearless attitude and mental toughness, that would make us more formidable. Hopefully, Kupchak and Kobe can pull it off and get Barnes in. If Barnes plays one year with the Lakers and plays well during a deep playoff and hopefully championship run, he'd probably be a more valuable free agent next year than he is this year. Go LakeShow!

TRatliff is fine as a 'filler' for one of the remaining roster slots. He's always been a pretty good shotblocker and defends the paint pretty well.

As far as Barnes is concerned, I would be fine with him also. Y'all know I'm ALWAYS thinkin' defense first, so Barnes would definitely fill the bill in that regard.

TMac also has a certain appeal as a potential scoring punch off the bench, provided he's healthy and still has his shooting touch and can slash like he used to.

I still wouldn't mind seeing Shannon return...I just like the young man's attitude and upside.

Guess we'll just have to wait and see what Mitch decides to do. :)

Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

LRob - My post is ONLY about AB's post game compared to Howard...

No one can deny, AB has a better back to the basket game...

Not overall player...only one facet..."post up moves"

Tell me I am wrong...Tell me Howard's ugly baby hook is

I posted the other day about favorite available free agents and Mr. Ratliff was on the list... Not the first option (Kurt Thomas) for the backup center spot but he was second.

Theo has that Dikembe/Robert Parrish build where they can just keep on playing and playing forever..

So it sounds like Barnes has been offered 2 years at 3.5 million by Cleveland or 1 year at 1.77 million with the Lakers.

We'll see if Barnes prefers winning or money. 5.23 million is a lot of money to give up, but if he wins a ring next season with the Lakers, he may be able to earn that much (or close to that much) next summer.
Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | July 22, 2010 at 05:08 PM

The Lakers could offer him 1.77 1st year and 1.91 2nd year as a player option, in fact I'm almost sure that what's on the table, so thats 3.68 vs 7 million, still substantial but only 3.32

LRob -

That's what is great about the blog. We all have our opinions, and I respect yours. I feel Theo has enough in his vet tank to give us some quality minutes when needed.

Theo is what 1.4 million gets you, minus the $600,000 the league pays for us.

Fatty - Who loves the thought that David Stern has to pay almost half of Theo's check. is feeling his second drink after a hardd day of sand bagging.....

It happened!!

Free-agent forward Matt Barnes(notes) has reached agreement on a two-year, $3.6 million contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Barnes will likely sign the contract on Friday. The deal will pay him $1.7 million next season and give him a player option for $1.9 million in 2011-12.

The Cleveland Cavaliers had guaranteed $7 million over two years with a team option for a third season, but Barnes wanted more guaranteed money to sign with a non-championship contender. Cleveland refused to improve its offer and ultimately was willing to let Barnes go to a lower bidder.

The Lakers also signed veteran center Theo Ratliff(notes) on Thursday.

Barnes announced earlier in the week he was signing with the Toronto Raptors, but a sign-and-trade deal that would have paid him $9 million over two years fell apart.

j -Dizzle -

If you are pulling our leg?............


I'm sure I'm asking the right person...

Did we save any money by signing Theo over DJ...

I know we only paid DJ 900+K last season, but we signed Radliff to 1.35 mil...

Was this because we would have had to give DJ a raise...

If not, then we are spending about 450K more on the same role player...

Or did the FO really think Theo has more to contribute than DJ and spent the extra money...

I like Theo personally...he's a good guy, a competitor and a smart player. But his biggest asset throughout his career has been his quickness and leaping ability. Age has a way of diminishing those talents. He's never been a physically strong guy and never displayed any real offensive game.

KThomas on the other hand is a physically tougher defender even though he can't blk shots like Theo. Higher bball IQ and is much better offensively

DJ is better athlete, but not as savvy as Theo. An even DJ is better offensively. Plus he knows the triangle.

EBarron would've brought youth, athleticism, energy, rebounding.

Those are the guys I would've preferred.

Fatty? Sandbagging? What's going on?

I like how our FO does things under the radar.


Agreed. No question AB has better post moves than DH. Not even close.


They opted for a player known for shot blocking. That's what they bought in Theo, a little faster than mbenga formerly an ASG when he was with Sixers but often injured like Bynum. Therefore, what kind of Ratliff do we get this season, a reliable defender or an injury prone in practices. DK.

Yeah, Yahoo sports has it, and that's real news, not Ric Bucher's twitter news; Barnes has been signed.

I guess that's about it, Shannon probably won't be back, we have a couple of rooks to fill out the roster, barring anything interesting happening in training camp. Weird. I didn't want Ratliff or Barnes, but for the money, that seems to be what we got. It's a better bench than we had last year, if only slightly.

We'll see.

It never ceases to amaze me how many uneducated, ill-informed people like to comment on the internet. Theo is an AWESOME pick up. He will be for the Lakers what PJ Brown was for Boston - a hard-nosed difference making big man off the bench. And for those of you that say Mbenga was better, you clearly haven't watched many NBA games. If you were, you weren't paying attention. DJ is a practice player. Period. At his best, he could do some things on the court that were helpful, but there is a reason that he hasn't done much in the league up to this point.

I would love to get Barnes, but I don't see anyway a role player like him can turn down all that extra money from Cleveland. I hope we get him. If we do, then I have a really good feeling that this final roster will be a lot better than last years.

WOW Mitch working overtime today...

Well sign the two rookies and our roster is set...

Deep down...(I'll miss the guys that left)...I think we got better...

Now on to #17...As with every year...The X factor will be HEALTH...

That is the only think that can derail the 3Peat Bus...

Theo also would be a good mentor for young Bynum. Bynum really did not have any true center teammate who could advise him during the game. DJ was not mentor for him. Good move by Mitch.

Edwin Gueco,

you wrote: Garrett Kall agreed to LakerTom who was expecting to be hammered in saying Bynum is better than Howard. The sentence was not finished. Bynum is better than Howard in selecting an orthopedic surgeon. lol! (j/k only amigo)

my response: LOL!!!

typo: think = thing...

I hate the fact you can't edit or delete a post...(MM - ???)

LRob- Dwight Howard has some serious holes in his game. Better rebounder and shot blocker than Bynum, but he can't shoot to save his life, and for all his muscles, he doesn't have the um, lower body mass to shove around with. If Bynum was healthy....well, you know how that goes.

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