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Lakers Round Table: discussing Derrick Caracter with the El Paso Times' Bill Knight

You've learned what to expect from West Virginia sophomore forward Devin Ebanks in Vegas Summer League after the Lakers selected him with the 43rd pick. Now it's time to see what's in store for Texas-El Paso junior forward Derrick Caracter, whom the Lakers picked 58th overall.

The El Paso Times' Bill Knight provides those answers, having covered Caracter's college career with the Miners. He credits Caracter's rebounding skills, but mentions that his conditioning needs to improve. Knight highlights Caracter's attitude problem at Louisville, but details how he matured at UTEP. He explains the difficulty Caracter has in cracking a spot in the Lakers' lineup, but he ultimately believes Caracter will make the team. You can follow more of Knight's work at The El Paso Times' website as well as on Twitter.

--Mark Medina

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MM -

Who won the caption contest...

Knicks to sing Amare Stoudemaire to 5 year 100 million. could be signed as soon as today. Yahoo Sports.

That's Kmicks to "SIGN"

I will be very surprised if Caracter makes the team. Unless he is a 14th man or something. This is a 3-peat effort. Low 2nd round rookies don't usually have a place on a team like this. Maybe Ebanks. But Caracter, who seems to have problems with character that go beyond his spelling of his name, is a long shot.

I'm interested to see how Mitch (and PJ!!!) fill out this roster. There are about 7 spots up for grabs. Fish will be one. But the rest are a bit of a mystery at this point.

And with this active free agent season, more guys will become available as all the movement starts to really happen. After a team signs a free agent, they may have existing players to dump. Guys will be moved for cap room. Guys who don't get the free agent of their dreams will be looking for trades.

It will be an interesting summer.

With the huge and long contracts that the Lakers' best players have upto 2014,there will be lots of veteran's minimum,1yr contracts,rookie and bit-part-player signings in the next few years just to make up the numbers...

And if a "super team" forms this summer,then we are gonna need a strong bench to contend...

Mitch Kupchak is gonna have his work cut out.

Congrats HalosAnt on the winning caption contest...

LEWSTRS, put me in the PJ bus, plz


I need a seat on that bus, please.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


MM -

Who won the caption contest...

Posted by: LEWSTRS | July 02, 2010 at 10:35 AM

I DID!!!

By the way, Thank You MM for picking my caption.

HalosAnt, Congrats on winnining!

LEWSTRS, Thank you for my bus pass. That seat is priceless!!!!!!

yellofever & Mamba24,

Kwame-Antoinette, The Modern Day "Let Them Eat Cake" Villian has the hands of a T-Rex!!!!!!

Off the bench, He's Good for 3-5 Turnovers a Game.

How Soon We Forget!!!!!!

Mike Miller, This Should Be a No-Brainer!!!!!!

How Many Rings Does LeBron Have?????? Zilch!!!!!!

How Many Rings Does Dwade Have?????? One!!!!!!

How Many Rings Does Kobe, Pau, LO, Drew, Ron & Sasha Have?????? Thirteen (Eighteen Once Derek Signs)!!!!!!

How Many Rings Does PJ Have?????? 13 (11 as a Coach & 2 as a Player)!!!!!!

Come Play for the Winningest Coach in All of Sports History!!!!!!

Come Play for the Soon to be Winningest Franchise in History!!!!!!

Come Play With the Best Basketball Player in the World!!!!!! Hell, the Friggin' Universe!!!!!!

With Your J, You'll Play!!!!!! You Were Born for the Triangle!!!!!! Just Ask Bill Paxton, Steve Kerr & Craig Hodges!!!!!!




In their quest to land either of the top two free-agent power forwards – Chris Bosh or Amar’e Stoudemire – the Houston Rockets have been offering Trevor Ariza, Shane Battier and free agent Luis Scola in potential sign-and-trade packages, league sources said. Scola obviously would have to agree to a sign-and-trade because he’s a free agent. If the Rockets can’t get either Bosh or Stoudemire, they will push forward in negotiations to re-sign Scola. Yahoo! Sports

Magic & Kobe are Playin' Texas Hold-Em' at the End of the 2010-2011 Playoffs:

Kobe: "I'll See Your 5 Rings and Raise You Six!!!!!!"

Magic: "Too Rich for My Blood, You Are The Best!!!!!!"

Kobe Picks Up The Phone: "Hey Michael, 'Sup"??????

[Peanuts Cartoon Style "Wah, Wah, Wah" Sounds from the Phone]

Kobe Reply's: "Sure. I'll Pencil You In For Next Season's Post-Game Poker Tournament. Bring Your Wallet!!!!!!"


I dont get Jordan Farmar. In his exit interview he was all about wanting more playing time and a chance to start. Now he posts on twitter that Portland is in the mix. Why would he go to Portland if his desire is to play and start. Portland has good, quick, young guards.

I truly think Jordan will regret this decision. Hope we get Shannon.

I find it amusing, that in this state of the economy, NBA owners are throwing sick money at players...

It baffles us, but they are scrambling to keep up with who...

The Back2Back reigning champions...

The Los Angeles Lakers...

#17 Coming Up!!!

Marc B,

I understand your reservations regarding signing Kwame for the minimum. The Kwame era was not a pleasant experience for most of us (myself included), and I agree that Kwame was turnover prone and a liability on offense. However, the difference this time around is that Kwame would NEVER be relied upon for his decision making or scoring on offense. Remember, Phil was forced to use Kwame as our offensive post presence due to the lack of options in the post. Against Phoenix in the playoffs, Phil actually had the team force feed Kwame in the post. With this version of the Lakers, Phil probably wouldn’t call a single play for Kwame all season long. Kwame could simply focus on playing defense, rebounding, and beating his man down the court on a fast break (the man can still run well for a center). Many of Kwame’s liabilities would be masked with this team. He could easily provide some valuable minutes (while Bynum or Gasol rest) against centers like Dwight Howard, Perkins, Shaq (who is rumored to be going to Dallas), Nene, etc. (all teams the Lakers may see in the playoffs). Plus, how entertaining would this team be with both Artest and Kwame on board?

Is this the same Miller that Shaq sent flying across the court, when he shoved him in the chest...

hey Marc B
Bill Paxton? I assume you were talking about John Paxson. :)

This team will have a strong 8 man rotation, then a couple of supporters, then one huge drop in filler talent on the cheap.

You must carry 13 players, which means both our draft picks have a real shot of making this team, when normally they would just be training camp fodder.

If Miller doesn't sign, then plan 'B' may be a combo of Raja Bell at the 2 and Sasha at the point. Or we sign an Earl Watson-type point guard and keep Sasha at the 2.

As it stands right now, I think we will have Fisher, Sasha, and J Critt. And maybe Kobe, Shannon, and Sasha at the SG. But, things can change in an instant.

I used to cringe when I saw Fisher play (especially when he drove to the hoop), and I loved when Brown went to the hoop. Here's what changed my mind about both:

Fisher on Kimmel show with most of the Lakers:

Kimmel: "What happened that you had to go to the locker room in the 3rd quarter?"
Fisher: "I kinda did the splits and make sure my drawers were all in place".
Kimmel: "You were merely checking your testicals"
Fisher: "Making sure they were as big as I thought they were".


As for Brown, I have a picture on my desktop of the Lakers celebrating the championship, everyone is pointing one finger (symbolizing them being number 1), except for Brown, pointing two fingers (I guess because it's his second). OOPS!

Is this the same Miller that Shaq sent flying across the court, when he shoved him in the chest...Posted by: LEWSTRS | July 02, 2010 at 11:16 AM

marc B

kwame was a starter with a big contract and huge expectations back then.. this time around he'd be backup role player for little over minimum.. its a whole different can of worms.. just give us some meat in the middle and play D!

it can work.. hes an extremely strong and great post up defender... we'll need him esp if we acquire bosh ;)

I find it amusing, that in this state of the economy, NBA owners are throwing sick money at players...It baffles us, but they are scrambling to keep up with who...The Back2Back reigning champions...The Los Angeles Lakers...#17 Coming Up!!!Posted by: LEWSTRS | July 02, 2010 at 11:11 AM
I'm sorry LEWSTRS but I have to say it...OUT FREAKIN STANDING!

it can work.. hes an extremely strong and great post up defender... we'll need him esp if we acquire bosh ;)Posted by: yellofever | July 02, 2010 at 11:24 AM
I say Aye also! Give Kwame a chance, he deserves a ring.
For what? Hell if I know, maybe enduring that Blowhard MJ.

Mike Miller would be a dream come true. There was a time when the front office was pursuing Artest and Miller in a trade involving Lamar. How sweet would it be to have ALL THREE on our roster?

After the moderate success of the Phoenix Suns zone against the Lakers, you can bet that more teams will be utilizing zone defenses against the Lakers next season. Mike Miller is a ZONE KILLER. With a lineup of Kobe at SG, Sasha at PG and Miller at SF, no team would dare use the zone against this lineup. Miller is a bit injury prone, but is an ELITE rebounder, passer and shooter for his position. I'm not sure how legit this rumor is. It's almost too good to be true. I'm crossing my fingers.

Since I haven't done so on this board yet, here goes:


This title is soooooooo sweet, but man the Lakers didn't make it easy on themselves - or us fans. How beautiful it was to see Kobe masterfully change his game over the course of the game, it was apparent that he was trying too hard in the first quarter, instead he became a rebound-monster and facilitator, then morphed into the all-time best closer that he is.

Beautiful game, beautiful season, beautiful title! This one to me ranks right up there with the '85, '87, '00 seasons as the sweetest ones ever.

Ron Ron, man I will NEVER forget his sheer exuberance.

D-Fish, so happy for him, he was getting so ripped on this blog mid-year and it seemed like it was only a few of us that were up against the world in defending him, saying he was clutch, would come through in the end. The quality of the MAN shone through, D-Fish was as much responsible for this title as anyone after that game 3 performance.

Anyways, this one was very, very sweet, I'm still on cloud-9.

Shoutout to everyone, including my personal on-line buds MAMBA24, Jon K, LakerTom and all else - now we start chasing #17!

MM a special shout-out, this blog was floundering some before you came and you raised it to another level - more like another 10 levels. Much love for what you do, and I'm sure I speak for all Laker fans in saying we are lucky to have ya here!!!!! Great work bud!!!!!

My life is rushed these days, but wanted to copy this down I read a few days back written about Caracter by Dave Krieger in the Denver Post, looks like he was sought after:

"Another example of the Nuggets struggle to improve their roster came a week ago at the draft. Word was that somebody would draft Derrick Caracter for the Nuggets in the second round. The Nuggets would then trade for the rights to the UTEP power forward. After all, every team needs Caracter. The Lakers ended up drafting him with the 58th pick.

When a subsequent trade was not announced, and Nuggets vice president Rex Chapman said publicly the club had been unable to move into the second round to take a big man, it left the impression the Nuggets could no longer get the simplest of deals done."

Mike Miller: do it! Raja Bell: dude's pretty old but like his tenacity. Go for Steve Blake in free agency. Sign-and-trade for Bosh ONLY if Bynum isn't included. I say if T'Mac and Shaq want to play for the vet's minimum and try to win rings, bring em in. Re-sign D-Fish. This year they should give their draftpicks a legit chance to make the team. I really have confidence in Mitch - he is SO FAR GONE from his 'Cupcake' days and deserves a world of props for these titles! Competing with 29 other teams isn't an easy thing to do, we have as solid a GM as there is!

PJ is back so we're locked-and-loaded already, just picking out which free-agent bullets to shoot at #17.

There are only 2 types of fans, LAKER FANS and those that secretly WISH they were LAKER FANS!!!!!!

GO LAKERS!!!!!!!

WHY PLAY FOR A KING WITH NO RING??????COME JUMP ON THE BUSS, THE "JERRY BUSS" EXPRESS!!!!!!GO LAKERS!!!!!! ONE, TWO, THREE-PEAT SQUARED!!!!!!Posted by: Marc B (With a 'C') | July 02, 2010 at 11:03 AM
DAGGGG! I almost missed this...OUT FREAKIN STANDING!!!

LAKERTRUTH- Thanks for proving my point.

There are only 2 types of fans, LAKER FANS and those that secretly WISH they were LAKER FANS!!!!!!GO LAKERS!!!!!!!Posted by: CyberCosmiX | July 02, 2010 at 11:31 AM


I agree to a limited extent. The problem is that the Triangle offense is predicated on triple-post rotations and ball movement. It's not about running a specific play, it's about starting with a play and reacting with ball movement to how the defense reacts.

In an optimal running of the triangle (think back to the 2001 playoff run), the ball rarely touches the floor--quick passes and rotations to find the open man.

Can't even run pick-and-roll or pick-and-pop with Kwame. Add to that his poor free throw shooting and guess who the defense is going to force into the scorer's role.

I'd play small ball before I'd play Kwame. I'd re-sign Mbenga before I'd sign Kwame.

Fact is that if Bynum is off the floor, Pau is playing center. Phil rotates them for rest with LO.

Moreover, half court D starts with strong offensive execution. Transition D is required when the offense breaks down.

Which would you rather be playing: Lots of Transition D Due to Poor Offensive Execution and Turnovers? Or Half Court D?

Just My Two-Cents Worth......



Yes, I meant John Paxson. LMAO AT MYSELF!!!!!!



SEE MY POST TO "LAKER TRUTH". I'm NOT questioning his D, I'm questioning his offensive liability that causes the team to have to play more Transition D when he's on the floor. To force a team into half court situations (where Kwame can shine defensively), you have to control the ball offensively (i.e., no turnovers (forced or unforced)).



We sign Shaq and Kwame for the minimum.

Sign Steve Blake.

Sign Raja Bell.

Keep Ebanks.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I don't want Shaq back here Jon K. He was too rude to too many Lakers. Dr Buss. Tex, thanks. I'd rather cuddle with Ed McMahon. And French kiss Rosie Odonnell. And suck Oprah's toes.


Wait Mamba24! Stop!! Jumping on the bus - please.


Happy and safe 4th all!

LAKERTRUTH- Let me say that another way. Near as I can tell, none of the statements you made about Luke's contract are factually untrue. None of the statements that I or LTLF made about Luke's contract are factually untrue.

Do you see where I'm going here?

Also- I would love Mike Miller. I think everybody would love Mike Miller. Here's to hoping that he will accept slightly less money to play for us, because he's probably going to get a better offer.

No, I don't want Kyle Korver for slightly less than Mike Miller. I want Kyle Korver if some some reason he wants to play for the minimum. I'm not very impressed with Kyle Korver, at least compared to Mike Miller.

Happy and safe 4th all! PLG. Posted by: PsychedLakerGirl | July 02, 2010 at 12:02
You have a Nice and safe Holiday also Psyched. And you know Lewstrs wouldn't pull off before you got on. LOl!


"You've learned what to expect from West Virginia sophomore forward Devin Ebanks in Vegas Summer League."


Mavs are pursuing Shaq.


This whole Luke discussion began when someone suggested that the Lakers would be in better position to re-sign players or use their mid-level if it weren't for Luke's 25 year contract. I thought is was a fair statement. LTLF then went on a tirade stating that it was ridiculous to blame Luke's salary because other players like Kobe and Pau make more money than Luke. My $1,000 analogy was to clarify the point that although Kobe and Pau's salary count more against the luxury tax, they carry their weight. They EARN their salaries, while Luke's salary is nothing but dead weight. If your contract is dead weight on a team that is struggling to reduce their payroll, than the dead weight is the first target that fans are going to blame, yet LTLF still has a problem when fans target Luke's contract. Perhaps I should have addressed my analogy to LTLF, instead of you. Thanks for the response.

Mark B

Even Kobe said he liked Kwame's tough screens on people. It doesn't have to be a pik n' roll to be effective. An off the ball screen can do wonders to free up people.
Plus Kwame owes us for all that money the Lakers over payed him and the team needs some form of comic relief to keep our guys loose.

phred, "self appointed judge and jury of blog debates"

LTLF is flat wrong on the Luke debate.

Fatty is right and you are wrong.

Debate settled.

Fatty - Newly self appointed judge and jury of blog debates.

A tree can be cheaper. It can block shots, protect the rim, make tough screens, and can surely shoot better.

I cant stop thinking how evryone in the NBA got the mvp award wrong! Kobe Bryant got rippd from the award once agn this year but why???Becuz Lebron James averages higher stats& can jump higher but cant win when it counts for the life of his team??? Dnt get me wrng,Lebron james is a special player,&sure he's the2time mvp of the 2time best team of the last 2 regular seasons... But Lebron has been anythng but the best player on the court these last 2nba playoffs when it matterd most, losing twice in as many years,ending up as heavy underacievers? Lebron James deservs to b on evry allNBAteam ,theres no doubt about that. But mvp??Forget about it! Theres no doubt -Kobe is the best clutch player in the basketball universe when it comes 2 winning period!DOESNT MATTER WHO OR HOW MANY PLAYERS R GUARDING HIM!hE'LL STILL SHOOT WIT THE SAME PRESENTDAY KILLER INSTINCS& NOT2 4GET 2 MENTION...WITH THE SAME RESULTS! Strip lebron james of his crown,kobe bryants the bettr provn definition of wat MVP means &does 4thier respectd teams! If u question Lebron's blinding mind boggling stats of the regular season compared to kobes, but then addin his playoff lacklusting ability2win biggames& then add in Kobes.. All it concludes is that..LEBRON LOSINGBIGGAMES JAMES is a true story.My point being... Kobe Bryant has been & is still...THE MOST VALUABLE PLAYER IN THE NBA! He's simply amazing!!!

lardass shaq can beg kobe all he wants.. get on his kness and suck his toes dry.. even ask him how his ass tastes now.. he will never be a laker as long as kobe is here.

Lakers made thier 1st offer to sharpshooter swingman Mike miller & r awaiting his decision, they originally gav him til midnite lastnite 2 decide but my source saids Miller has another 48 hours 2 decide

shaq can beg kobe all he wants... get on his knees and suck all his toes dry.. even ask him how his azz tastes now.. he will never be a laker as long as kobe is here

If you didn't catch Silver Screen and Rolls article about
17 reasons the Lakers will win next year check it out,
a good read.

I'd like a seat on the bus, too. Something by a window.


Players are not allowed to sign until July 8th

If Fisher gets loose &doesnt resign with the lakeshow,we have a problem. I think most definitly that would push Mitch Kupchak in packaging a deal with either Lamar or Drew for a SOLID pg &perhaps a backup powerfoward. With Farmer-Brown &Fisher gone, Sasha Vulchak is no more than a lackadaisical backup pg& even if we were to land Steve blake. Our pg position would go back looking like Smush Parker again. Derek Fisher gives us 1more year at a discount to run 4 a 3rd consecutive title. If u pass that up, i dnt care how kind u were in the past, ur just like every money hungry bb junkie. Ill boo ur ass &i hope thee entire staples center does too. Currently we're trying to add Mike miller &ofcourse Tracy mcgrady is alrdy a lock come the end of july. All we wld need is Fisher back to help Kupchak look like a genius. It is very possible ,mike miller- tracy mcgrady &either Fisher or a lower level pg will be added soon to our beloved lakeshow. It is key4 the lakers, for fisher to be patient, which he has just recently stressed he will not. Mitch kupchak will have his hands full this summer. Hopefully he can pull another rabbit out of his hat like he did 4 Gasol

My bad, ofcourse if the lakers trade drew ,it would b 4 nothing less than a solid stud power forward&perhaps a lower end backup pg

Joe Johnson gone, Rudy Gay gone, Paul Pierce gone, Dirk gone, Amare gone!

Whose left Lebron, Wade, Bosh, Boozer! 3 max and 1 less

NJ (needs 2 superstars), Chicago (2), Miami (3), Clippers (1) Knicks (1 more)!!! Total of 9 SUPERSTARS NEEDED!!!

9-4= 5 missing, Who will loose in the free agency?

How much you think Bynum and Gasol will get today's free agency with no dominant CENTERS available, MAX CONTRACT!! Mitch K, thank you for locking up them early at a reasonable price!!!!

|____PJ Farewell Tour Bus ___\__\__


complex brotha (window seat-shotgun)
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Laker Tom
Mark Medina (window seat)
LEWSTRS (next to bar)
Jamie Sweet
Nemaia Faletogo
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Fatty (surfboard on top luggage rack)
2Phatt (window seat)
Marc B (With a 'C')
Art - FL Laker Fan (AC vent and a mojito)
Magic Phil
Jon K.
kb all day
lone star laker fan (window seat)

You asked for it, and you got it... ALL ABOARD LAKERNATION!!!
Let's make PJ's finale a memorable one with the 4th 3Peat in his illustrious career...

Miami has 2 players under contract in their roster, Knicks has 4, Chicago 6. I don't know aout NJ...

The likes of Mike Miller, Steve Blake, Brendan Haywood, even Kwame Brown will all wait to see what happens, because there will be a lot dollars left on the table with NO STARS to SIGN... This is why Mike Miller had a due date offered by the Lakers..

Miami has 2 players under contract in their roster, Knicks has 4, Chicago 6. I don't know aout NJ...

The likes of Mike Miller, Steve Blake, Brendan Haywood, even Kwame Brown will all wait to see what happens, because there will be a lot dollars left on the table with NO STARS to SIGN... This is why Mike Miller had a due date offered by the Lakers..

I would definitly take Bosh for Drew! Despite how big young &skilled he is, ive had enough with his lingering injuries. His knees r only gonna get worse with age, honestly i cannot see him playing a full season without a serious injury &he hasnt yet. I think its time to get something while we can. Once he gets injured 1more time his stock will ultimately drop for good. I love his size &skill but its time to get that proven 3rd player back in return, preferably Bosh

To Kwame Brown
To Shaquille O’Neal
To Chris Bosh
To Shannon Brown
To Jordan Farmar
To D.J. Mbenga
To Josh Powell
To Derek Fisher
To Mike Miller
To Steve Blake
To Brad Miller
To Devin Ebanks
To Derrick Caracter

@Fatty "Even Kobe said he liked Kwame's tough screens on people. It doesn't have to be a pik n' roll to be effective. An off the ball screen can do wonders to free up people."

I'm Not Questioning His Screening Either. My Point is that, Unless the Lakers Abandon the Triangle, the Ball Will Find It's Way to Him (Especially if He's the Open Man). Hell, Even if they do abandon the Triangle while he's on the court, he'll be the man that teams layoff of and he'll still have to catch the ball and protect it while going to the rim.

Small Hands!!!!!! Problems Catching Passes, Problems Keeping Control of the Ball = Opponent Fastbreaks!!!!!!

I think this is just academic anyway, Mitch isn't going to bring Kwame back when we have won back-2-back championships with Drew, Pau and Lamar as the core rotation. Whaquille O'Neal doesn't scare anyone anymore!!!!!!

@Fatty "Plus Kwame owes us for all that money the Lakers over payed him and the team needs some form of comic relief to keep our guys loose."

Kwame's $$$$$$ == PAU GASOL!!!!!!

Want "Comic Relief", UNRETIRE JOHN "THE SPIDER" SALLEY!!!!!!


Amare took the max contract in NY, BOSH will soon take his either in Chicago or NJ, reason he wants to play with a legit CENTER... ): like Bynum!!! HAHAHA!

If this happens, WADE and LEBRON will be the one following/chasing Bosh or Amare. I can see Wade choosing Chicago and Lebron to Knicks!!!

Unless, Wade and Lebron ties it up together in NJ...

Chicago gets Noah, Bosh, Deng, Rose.
NJ gets Lopez, Favors, Lebron, Wade, Harris
Knicks, Amare only
Miami, 000000!

If Bosh does not sign with Miami, you can not expect Lebron to go to Miami, which means Wade is gone too!!! BOSH is not going to go for 15 mil, I don't think so!

Bosh is the key, now Amare is gone.

i say the miami Heat will b the biggest bust this offseason once Wade departs. Miami is the ungliest of the remaining teams with all thier money 2 spend& only 2players commited. Miami needs atleast 2 stars &2 or 3 above average roleplayers to fill a empty starting lineup &a empty bench. To me pat riley in Miami better start getting busy or he's gona b labled the worst gm in the nba. Miami ritenow has no shot of winning an nba title unless they get all 3-wade-bosh &james..but still no bench &no roleplayers wont lure any of those top guns. Wade knows this & im for certain he will not b returning to miami unless its too good 2 b true. Wade is goner, to where will b very interesting. Look4 him to join another elite superstar. Srry miami but ur as dead as a duck& i could see that coming from a mile away. SNAPS, that Pat riley didnt c this coming!

It is a hard sell for Pat Riley to offer Bosh and James and Wade only 15 M each. On top of that they do not have a CENTER. Beasely and Chalmers are the only two they have.

Funny to see all the wild trade theories and to see what is happening in the FA market this off season...

I remember last summer...It was re-sign Ariza, an onslaught of positives and negatives on Artest move...and then, 'Bring back Lamar'...

With all 09 Championship accomplished, the arm chair GMs were already at work, while I was still savorying #15...

We heard wild tales, crazy scenarios, and all sorts of opinions...

What did Mitch do...besides signing Artest, he also re-signed Lamar to a more reasonable salary, with LO taking a pay cut...

The results: Mitch's main move paid off HUGE, with Ron Ron doing what he was hired to do, and incredibly, the reason we won game 7, and #16...

So I sit here amused...looking at everyones 'expert' opinions and trade scenarios...While deep down, it will be Mitch, with Dr. Buss's blessing, that will decide the future of this team...

I have no problem with that...In Mitch Kupchak I trust...He will make sure to make us competitive, in the parameters of the team's financial situation...

From HoopsWorld: "Eric Pincus - 07/02/2010 4:13pm EST-
After meeting with LeBron James, the Los Angeles Clipper released the following statement from General Manager Neil Olshey:

...'We're not going to go into any details about the meeting's specifics. But it was our goal to present tangible and very obvious reasons as to why we think LeBron choosing our organization is his best option: we clearly have the best team already in place for him to join, we have the best city, the best arena, the best practice facility – overall the best situation.'"

Best City: "Lakerville USA"

Best Arena: "The House the Lakers Built"

Best Practice Facility: $50 Million Facility in Playa Del Rey--Maybe or Maybe Not......

Best Situation: "Living Under the Shadow of 16 Lakers Championship Banners and Becoming the Bastard Child of the Staples Center. Constant Reminders of Kobe's Greatness!!!!!!"

Lebron's Response: "Yeah Baby!!!!!! That's What I'm Talkin' 'Bout!!!!!!"



This Just In from HoopsWorld:
Eric Pincus - 07/02/2010 4:28pmEST-
Free agent Javaris Crittenton was not named to the Los Angeles Lakers summer league roster as many expected. HOOPSWORLD spoke with his agent Mark Bartelstein who indicated at this time Javaris isn't lined up to play summer league ball with any of the 30 teams.

As far as any interest from Crittenton's former team (the Lakers) or any other squad? "Nothing new right now," said Bartelstein

It will be interesting to see if a team takes a chance on Javaris after the unfortunate gun incident with Gilbert Arenas when he was with the Washington Wizards.





@LEWSTRS "In Mitch Kupchak I trust"


And if he happens to bring Kwame back, I will NOT be calling him names. I will trust in his decision as HE LEARNED FROM THE BEST, JERRY WEST!!!!!!




>>>As it stands right now, I think we will have Fisher, Sasha, and J Critt. And
>>>maybe Kobe, Shannon, and Sasha at the SG.

Unfortunately, it's not even that rosy.

Right now it's Kobe at SG, and Sasha starting at PG, with Luke backing both of them up. Critter is signed to the summer league team, but that's not the same as being signed to the regular season team.

Until the Lakers re-sign Fisher &/or Shannon, the guard spots are perilously thin for the Lakers.


If he'd sign for a minimum contract, I'd love to have Kwame on the bench. He'd be a huge upgrade over MBenga. Maybe even for two million.

They need to solve their guard issues first, but I'm all for Kwame for depth.

If they'd have had Kwame last season, they could have thrown him in to bang with Perkins & Fat-Baby for a few minutes a game and he would have done fine (while giving Pau a rest).

If you didn't catch Silver Screen and Rolls article about
17 reasons the Lakers will win next year check it out,
a good read.

Posted by: Art - FL Laker Fan | July 02, 2010 at 12:41 PM

Big Favor needed from one of my LakerBlog Crue...

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>>>LTLF is flat wrong on the Luke debate.


What part was I flat wrong on? I said a lot of things, so I just wanted to understand where I was wrong.

For example, I said that Luke had a terrible season last year. If I'm wrong about everything, then you are claiming that Luke had a good season last year.

I also said that Luke is overpaid. So if I'm wrong about everything, then you are claiming that Luke is not overpaid.

I also said that if there was some magic loophole that would allow them to get rid of Luke's contract, then I'd take it. So if I'm wrong about everything, then you don't think they should take it?

I also said that Luke shot a higher percentage than Artest. Fact. look it up

I also said that Luke started more games than either Rad or Ariza for the 2008-09 Lakers. Fact. look it up.

I also said that Luke gets more rebounds per minute that he plays than Artest does. Fact. look it up.

I also said that Luke gets more assists per minute that he plays than Artest does. Fact. look it up.

I'm frequently wrong, I'll admit. What I want is for you to explain to me which of my claims about Luke are flat wrong.

Lewstrs dude, we pretty much lost our entire front court & that means Fisher too. i do agree that Kupchak will make the rite moves, but what scares me is with what he has left to pick from. Theres so many teams with big $to spend,even average roleplayers r getting paid fat- more than the lakers cld afford wit only thier midlevel exemption to work with. Im bigtime stressing about all our loose ends& the possibility of going into next season with earl watson as our starting point guard& sasha to only back him up. The only consistent pure shooter on our team at that point wld b Kobe. If we lose fisher thats another clutch shooter we'll b under. The lakers need atleast 2more decent wingmen who can score&forsure atleast 1 above average playmaker who can play the point. Otherwise next season we'll b screaming DFENCE- DFENCE!

>>>How much you think Bynum and Gasol will get today's free agency with no
>>>dominant CENTERS available, MAX CONTRACT!! Mitch K, thank you for
>>>locking up them early at a reasonable price!!!

Staples 24,

That is an excellent point. If either of them was a free agent right now, I think they'd be a lock for a full max somewhere. In fact, they'd be pursuing Pau ahead of everyone except LeBron and Wade. And they'd be pursuing Bynum ahead of everyone except those 3 and Bosh. Some teams might even pursue Bynum ahead of Bosh (depending on if they had a stud PF on their roster).


Go back and read me post again. I said "I think" we will have them. Not sure where you are going with your statement?

Staples 24,

>>>9-4= 5 missing, Who will loose in the free agency?

Don't know yet, but I'll tell you who will win. Second and third tier free agents. When teams like New York and New Jersey get shut out and have to spend some or all of their 30 million cap space on less-than-superstars (and worse yet, they're COMPETING for those less-than-superstars), then guys like Steve Blake and Mike Miller and even Jordan Farmar might get overpaid.

I hope the Lakers get Fisher and Brown locked down before that sort of feeding frenzy kicks in.

I think Fisher will end up with the Lakers regardless. It would look very disingenous of him if he left Utah to be in a city with the right doctors to take care of his daughter and then left for Indiana or something for more money than the Lakers offer them.

Halos Ant,

Here ya go, 17 reasons why the Lakers win again

I don't have to tell you the news. You already know the news. It's why you're here.

So let's just skip that part, and I'll tell you something else. Coincidentally, you probably already know this, too. But it's a lot more fun to talk about, so STFU already. Here's what you need to know: With Phil Jackson back for another year ...(brief pause for collective w00t!)... the Lakers are primed to threepeat.

We'll have some more detailed thoughts on what this means in the near future — but this moment, this one right here? This moment is for pumping your fist and reveling in your favorite team's prime position, for envisioning another season ending just like the last two, and for boldly standing up and daring all comers to give us their best shot.

So in the spirit of this excellent moment (second only to this most perfect moment), here are 17 reasons why the Lakers will threepeat in 2011, starting with the Zen Master himself.

1. The Zen is Back
I'll be honest, I never saw him leaving. Not quite yet, at least. I agreed with the great Woj when he said that Phil doesn't want to leave any championships on the table, and I think as long as the Lakers keep winning championships, Phil will be back to defend them. And let's be honest: PJ back on the sidelines increases the Lakers' chances of threepeating dramatically. Brian Shaw would have run the same system and been comfortable with the players, but I'm not keen on the idea of a rookie coach for a defending champion team. I would have liked Jeff Van Gundy as the best non-PJ option, but who knows if he would have been interested. And Byron Scott? Well, no thanks. The Lakers probably would have had good chances of returning to the Finals with any of those other three, but with the Zen Master, they have a pretty good chance of actually winning the championship.

2. If Anyone Can Do It...
...PJ can. To continue with the theme of the day, Phil Jackson is really the only coach in the modern era who really knows how to coach a team to three straight championships. Repeating is hard enough; it takes an entirely different mental approach to win the second than it does to win the first. So you can imagine that that is even more true of threepeating. A team looking to win it's third straight needs to be coached to a different mentality than one looking to win its first, or even its second. And guess what? PJ knows precisely what those coaching needs are. He knows how to develop the necessary mentality. He's done it three times — in fact, he's never not done it! Which leads us to...

3. It's in the Numbers
I've been tossing this thought around for a couple months: Would it not be one of the oddest, most peculiar things for a professional coach to win 12 rings, and all of them in bunches of three? Statistically, I can only imagine that the odds of that ever happening to anyone must be so low as to approach impossible. And yet, if the Lakers can defend this title one more time, that's exactly what Phil will do. Just think about that, for a moment. I think it would be one of the strangest things in sports history. And it doesn't stop there — Kobe and Fish would be the second duo to win two sets of three champions together. To which I say that this is clearly destiny at work! Clearly, PJ is fated to complete his fourth threepeat, and Fish and Kobe their second. It's in the numbers; it's meant to be.

4. Matchups and Adjustments, That's What It's All About
This will be the last of our Zen-centric reasons to expect a Lakers threepeat, but hey, on a day like today I'm sure you haven't minded. But let's just get this out there: I don't care who comes to challenge us, I like our chances. See, this game isn't about regular season numbers, and it isn't about which superstar-studded team looks better on paper. It's about matchups and adjustments. The Lakers have the physical skills and the coaching ingenuity to match up with anyone, and no one is better at the adjustments between games than Jackson. But most of all, it's about finding a solution for whatever problem(s) the other team presents, and at that, Phil Jackson excels. How many times have you seen a team wreak havoc on all of its other opponents, only to fall to Phil? Last year, no one could find a solution to Dwight Howard, nor could any team contend with the Magic's long range bombers. Phil Jackson had answers for both. This year, neither of the East's two best teams could figure out Rajon Rondo... or even come close. Guess what? Phil found answers for him, too. So yeah, I'll take my chances against whatever star-studded LeBron- or Wade-led team comes out of the East. Because this game isn't about who can average a triple-double or win 70 games in a season. It's about matchups and adjustments, and finding solutions to the problems the other team presents, and no one does that like the Zen Master.

5. Fish Will Be Back
Hey, I did one for PJ being back. Fish will be, too. It's not just that he wants to continue to play and no other team wants him, though that is as good a reason as any to expect his return. But it's more than that. It's that the Lakers can't make it without him, and they damn well know it. They need his leadership on the court. They need his clutch shooting, even if that's the only thing he provides (which it won't be). They need his leadership off the court. They need his veteran presence. Most of all, they need him to be Kobe Bryant's best friend. They need him for Kobe's sanity. They need him because he softens Kobe's leadership. They need him to be the vocal leader, because that's not Kobe's style. His and Kobe's "Good Cop, Bad Cop" routine doesn't work very well without the Good Cop. They need him because he's the only guy Kobe will listen to, and you need a guy who can tell Kobe when he's "effin' up." No, this isn't just about Fish wanting to play, no one else wanting him, and the Lakers thinking that having him back would be a nifty idea, for a few plays a game. No, this is about the Lakers desperately needing him. And because they need him so badly, you can be assured they'll get him. And anyone who has paid attention in the last couple years knows that having Fish back, standing next to Kobe, means we got a shot at a title. A beautiful, high-arching, buzzer-beating, left-handed rainbow shot at the title.

6. An Older, Wiser, Freer Ron Artest
Okay, so really only a year older — but it's not about age, it's about time. Specifically, time spent in the triangle offense. Ron was awesome this year, particularly in the Finals, but let's be honest. When the ball touched his hands, it tended to stop moving. After another full training camp and another full year in the triangle, Ron will be much more comfortable with the offense. Next year, that ball will flow through him, rather than stopping at him, and we'll be that much harder to stop. At that point, maybe he'll even stop being an afterthought on offense, as he'll have learned where to find his offense within the system.

At the same time, the dude has been playing all year with a ginormous monkey on his back. First, there is the pressure of trying to redeem himself, trying to win a championship, and you've got to know that was huge. Second, there's the pressure of all of Laker Nation peering at you under a giant magnifying glass, demanding that he prove the Ariza "trade" was worth it and threatening to f--- his sh-- up if he f---ed this up for us. Next year, he'll be free from those pressures, both internal and external. He has nothing left to prove; he has been redeemed. As for the fans, well, the Ariza issue is settled, and I'm thinking right now Los Angeles loves Ron Ron just about as much as Kobe and Pau. Or almost. A Ron Artest who is more comfortable both in the offense and in his own skin will be an improvement for the Lakers.

7. Still More Bynum
The last three years: didn't play, didn't matter, didn't dominate. It's been a general upward trend for Andrew Bynum, and I think it's safe to say that with this postseason, he earned the respect of Lakers fans everywhere, and then some. If the trend of being a bit more effective each year continues, hopefully he'll be stronger, better conditioned, and healthier for the 2011 postseason — and even more effective than he was this year. L.A. proved over the last two years that they don't need him to dominate. But if he does? Look out.

8. Kobe Will Be Better
Seems counter-intuitive, right? The dude ain't getting any younger. Here's the thing: In two or three years, Kobe will reach the point where physical deterioration due to age will start to really affect his ability and impact as a basketball player. But that's not next year. At this point in his career, the things that make Kobe better or worse have nothing to do with athleticism; they have to do with maturity, leadership, willingness to share the spotlight (and the ball), making the right decision, submitting himself to the offense, etc. Did anyone else notice that after Ring No. 5, Kobe acted differently than he ever has before? It was like this one did something even No. 4 didn't — it didn't just make him happy, it lifted the weight. He was able to be someone he's never let himself be before. I think that carries over, and I think we see a Kobe more willing to submit to the team concept than ever, because he feels less the need to prove himself than he ever has before. And of course, there's health — and his off-season will be quiet, and devoted to surgery and getting healthy. With healthy fingers, knees and ankles, I feel confident that he can be a little better than he was this year.

9. Pau Gets A Vacation
The Spaniard has been playing non-stop for, what, three or four years now? And he has still managed to dominate. However, this year started out with Pau on the bench, injured. As a result, he is withdrawing himself from international basketball in this, the summer of 2010, in order to get some much needed rest. Wise move, Spaniard. Got any guesses as to how he might spend his time? Here's mine: In the weight room, beefing up. Because here's a news flash, Shaq — for an NBA athlete, "resting" doesn't mean "sitting on your ass and doing nothing"; it just means not playing highly competitive basketball. Pau has already gotten a lot stronger, and this summer will be an opportunity to spend some time in the gym getting even stronger still. Then he can spend the rest of his time relaxing.

10. We're Stable, but We're Not Set
As C.A. said, the Lakers are the most stable team in the League. That doesn't mean we'll stand pat, though. We got Ron Artest last summer, and that turned out to be the most important free agent acquisition of 2009, but have you noticed that most of the veteran free agents have been heading to Boston over the last couple years? Well, not anymore. There are rumors about T-Mac, and there has been talk of the Lakers acquiring a decent point guard who can let Fisher take the bench. You think that's the end of it? We're repeat champions, and I can assure you the list of guys who want to jump on the banner bandwagon won't stop there.

11. Bye-Bye Boston
I hate the whiny little bitches every bit as much as Dex. I really do. But here's the thing: They're the only team that has presented a serious problem for the Lakers in the last three years. They're the only team that had the physicality to really give Gasol a hard team; he's dominated everyone else. They're the only ones capable of triple-teaming Kobe while still having at least some hope of rotating back to other guys when Kobe gives it up. For that matter, they're the only team that has even the remotest chance of causing Kobe to struggle, at least in some small way. And they won't be back. C.A. has talked about the many roster decisions that will make it tough for Boston to continue to contend, and he's dead on. But I'll say this, as well: Even if the Celtics can bring the same team back for one more run, it won't be enough. Not this time around. In 2009-10, everyone thought they were too old. In 2010-11, they actually will be. Sure, Celtic fans will point to the fact that doubting them and calling them old wasn't such a good idea this year, but I don't care. They really will be too old this time, and I don't see them coming out of the East again. And if they did? They didn't beat us this year, there's no way they'll beat us in 2011, a year and 110+ games older.

12. The Magic Is Gone
Meanwhile, the Magic are looking less scary than 2009, to me, not more so. C.A. touched on that, and I've got nothing to add, but suffice it to say that all the stable competition coming out of the East looks very beatable.

13. Who's Left?
In terms of current, existing threats, that takes care of everyone in the East. As for the West? Please. As C.A. said, the Thunder are probably the biggest looming threat, but I think they're a year away, still. Portland has never scared me, even when healthy... and they won't be healthy. The Suns are exciting, but still not built to beat us. And Denver is a team that is singularly equipped to beat a championship contender — themselves. Let me put it this way. The Lakers would win the West for the fourth straight time with Jeff Van Gundy at the helm. They'd win the West with rookie Brian Shaw at the helm. Hell, they'd win the West with Byron Scott at the helm. Barring some truly mind-blowing free agency (or mid-season trade) transaction, the Western Conference simply isn't up for grabs. It's ours. So, if the East's existing challengers aren't likely to beat us, and the West isn't up for grabs, who does that leave? Oh, right... the Free Agency SuperTeam. Speaking of which...

14. LeBron+Wade+Bosh Just Ain't Happening
Does the idea of competing against Michael Jordan's legacy scare LeBron away from Chicago? I have no idea. But this much I do know: LeBron does NOT want to share credit for whatever championships he wins. Oh, he wants help... but not "first-tier" help. Chris Bosh? Amare Stoudamire? No problem there, because the King Exiled Prince would get all the credit. Those guys would qualify simply as the "help" LeBron needed (and supposedly didn't get, per the revisionists). But Wade? The man has already led his team to a championship. If LeBron can't even get out of the East with a Cavs team that won 60+ games two years straight, but then goes on to win with Dwyane Wade, you know what they'll say. Couldn't win without Wade. In fact, some would even credit Wade for leading them to the championship. Worse yet — it could actually prove true. And what if Wade has an awesome playoffs and gets the Finals MVP? LeBron couldn't bear that. And it will be worse if he plays with Wade AND Bosh. No, LeBron couldn't bear that. Plus, he doesn't want to share the ball as much as he'd have to with Wade (I don't care what his assist numbers are, LeBron's game revolves around him dominating the ball). No, LeBron won't play with Wade, and he sure as hell won't play with Wade AND Bosh.

15. LeBron+Bosh Doesn't Bother Me
I disagree with some of what Kelly Dwyer says, especially when he goes off on his ridiculous nonsense about Pau Gasol being the best player in the playoffs and the Lakers' MVP. But I recall him recently talking about Bosh, and making the point that Bosh is Pau Gasol... except not as good. And that much I definitely agree with. So why, exactly, should LeBron+Bosh be so intimidating? Kobe is better than LeBron, and Gasol is better than Bosh — and the rest of the team is stronger than any supporting cast that another team could put together once LeBron and Bosh are on the payroll. Now, I'm not saying LeBron+Bosh, or LeBron+Amare, and whoever else will be easy to beat. Definitely not. They'll likely be the team that comes out of the East, if such a team does come to exist, and they'll be tough to beat. But a new team needs some time to mesh and meld, and like I said, it's about matchups, adjustments, and solving the problems the other team presents. Short of a LeBron+Wade+Bosh (or Amare), I still think we'd be favored to win that series.

16. Cleveland Is Still the Front-Runner for LeBron
All the experts seem to think Cleveland still has the best chance of bringing LeBron back, and though I have to admit it surprises me, I'm starting to think that might be true. Not smart for LeBron, if you ask me, but true. And if it does happen? They couldn't even get out of the East this year, and there's really not that much they can do to look very different next year. To be honest, re-signing in Cleveland is the best thing LeBron can do... if he wants to help Kobe widen the gap in rings. And if LeBron does re-sign in Cleveland, the East's only hope of assembling a team that might be favored to beat the Lakers (i.e., better than 50% chance) will be Miami's attempts to bring in a couple stars and some solid role players to suit up with Wade.

I like our chances in just about every realistic scenario, but LeBron signing with some other team that has the cap space to put a player like Bosh or Amare next to him (let alone one of those guys plus a Joe Johnson-level player) is still the biggest threat to the Lakers threepeating in 2011. If LeBron returns to the Cavs, the biggest challengers will be Orlando, Cleveland and Boston. And we know how that ends.

17. Did I Mention PJ's Back?
There you have it. 17 reasons the Lakers will win #17 in 2011. Phil Jackson's free agency was the biggest question mark surrounding the Lakers, and the biggest threat to their ability to defend their title, and he's back for one more run. Enjoy this, folks. The rest of the league can drive itself batty trying to piece things together, but we've already got what we need. Anything else is just gravy.

Not that I don't like gravy.


My are you sensitive! I was just joking with are man Phred. Sorry you took it wrong....

Daniel Leon,

Fish will be back, count on it.

Thanks a Million Art - FL Laker Fan,

You sir ARE THE BEST!!!!

>>>It is a hard sell for Pat Riley to offer Bosh and James and Wade only 15 M
>>>each. On top of that they do not have a CENTER. Beasely and Chalmers are
>>>the only two they have.

Miami would take a huge hit if they lost Wade and didn't lure any of the other max-deal guys either. But they could still manage to put an okay team on the floor.

Without Wade, they basically have Beasley, Chalmers, and 51 million worth of cap space. If you don't spend 16.8 million each on two guys, then you can get a lot of "not quite as good" players for less.

For example, with that much money they might be able to field a team like this:

C - Brendan Haywood, Brad Miller
PF - Michael Beasley, Udonis Haslem
SF - Mike Miller, Travis Outlaw
SG - JJ Redick (or Kyle Korver or Anthony Morrow), Shannon Brown
PG - Ray Felton, Mario Chalmers

And they could do a lineup like that for less money than the big 3 lineup would cost them. Okay, so it's not going to win any championships, but it's at least as good as the team they fielded last year. And it could leave cap space for next summer as well.

>>>This whole Luke discussion began when someone suggested that the Lakers
>>>would be in better position to re-sign players or use their mid-level if it
>>>weren't for Luke's 25 year contract.

That is one thread of discussions about Luke, and it is true that if it weren't for Luke's 6 year contract, Buss might be more willing to spend the MLE. I don't disagree with that point.


If you argue that Luke accounts for 12 million worth of salary, then I disagree with that.

If you argue that the reason they're in the luxury tax is because of "dead weight" like Luke, then I disagree with that.

If you argue that Luke didn't contribute anything to the 2007-08 finals squad or the 2008-09 championship squad, then I disagree with that.

If you argue that Luke had a terrible season in 2009-10, then I agree with that.

If you argue that Luke will never contribute anything to the Lakers as a player again, then I don't know. Until it actually comes to real games and he's either playing or not playing or retiring and never playing again, we don't know.

See. There are points on which we agree and points on which we disagree.

Art laker fan: The lakers have moved in the direction of today Mike Miller is thier #1 priorty& offered him the midlevel exempt that Fisher was eagerly vowing for& Fisher even stated he wld not accept the 1.15 mil 1yr deal the lakers wld hav left 2pay him if they use thier midlevel exempt on some1 else. I believe inside Fishers upset that the Lakers didnt go 2 him 1st wit thier mid level exempt &feels unappreciated& neglected . Its thee exact opposite of what happened last off season with Ariza. The lakers made him thier offer & gave him a day 2 decide,& once the lakers learned that he was entertaining another offer similar frm Houston- the lakers pulled thier deal off the table instantly...U kno why? By entertaining houstons offer, he proved he wasnt loyal. Mitch kupachak doesnt mess arnd & was quick 2 pull the trigger on Artest, where in reality -Ariza deservd to b paid after what he did for the lakers, but his greed got in the way of our lakers loyalty. Now, what does fisher hav to do wit all this....Fisher will do what Kupchak did to Ariza. Fisher thinks he's more important to the lakers than any of the possible free agents the lakers mite sign & therefore feels betrayed. If he doesnt get the midlevel exempt SOON he's has good as gone. Take that to the bank art laker fan

Now that Phil is back,the next move would be to sign fisher and Miller.If brown leaves,then we have to pursue Morrow and Blake.

this will be our line-up:

C: Bynum,Shaq/Powell/Kwame

When this line-up,tell me guys if we can't get out 17th championship trophy at the end of the season.

lol You will never see shaq in purple & gold again! After rapping in a miami niteclub singing 4 kobe to kiss his ass, Shaq can actually kiss Kobes ass! A teammate of kobe shaq will NEVER agn be! For 1thing i wld b afraid shaq mite sabbatoge the team. We all know he's still jealous of Kobe stealing Los Angeles from him. He'll forever b jealous of Kobe. LA is the place to be!

lol You will never see shaq in purple & gold again! After rapping in a miami niteclub singing 4 kobe to kiss his ass, Shaq can actually kiss Kobes ass! A teammate of kobe shaq will NEVER agn be! For 1thing i wld b afraid shaq mite sabbatoge the team. We all know he's still jealous of Kobe stealing Los Angeles from him. He'll forever b jealous of Kobe. LA is the place to be!

Great tour bus drawing, Lewstrs.

Could it be "The Magic-Buss" ?

And I'm STILL celebrating the Lakers Championship victory. Bring on the Three-peat!

>>>Go back and read me post again. I said "I think" we will have them. Not sure
>>>where you are going with your statement?

My bad.

Longtime laker fan; i wasnt applying what i said to u, i was commenting back on art laker fan who thinks evrythings fine &dandy with Fisher where to me it obviously aint. Again if the lakers dnt give him the mid level exempt ASAP, he's gone. i d0 love Fisher &evrything he brings to my Lakers. Thats 1 tough roleplayer that will b impossible 4 the Lakers 2 replace. At 1st i was leaning towards the lakers paying Miller , but without Fisher we're in trouble. I guess i now think Fisher shld get that mid level exempt if it means he'll come bac 4 one more. &Longtime laker fan, i just wana let u know im rite on about ur post. Especially the Luke walton mid exempt killer lol That actually could of been Fishers & we wld still be able to pursue the best shooter in this years free agent market---Mike Miller who is also a nice rebounder. Remember with Boston, the team that led in rebounds won every game. I too like many others have complete faith in Mitch Kupchak. He'll do whats best for the Lakers

art laker fan; Nice 17 step blueprints! #17 is on deck! i like that nice work

Steve Blake reaches a 4 yr 16 million$ deal with the Lakers giving us some insurance incase Fisher doesnt return. Great smart 1st move!

The Lakers have a stud to replace Mbenga/Powell, he's in the Spanish League - last year's draft pick Chinemelu Elonu - they should look into bringing him back. This guy is an animal on defense, much like Serge Ibaka of the Thunders.

First of all guys, we're signing Steve Blake as it was announced and agreed on today.

2nd, the article said that we can sign our own FA for whatever we wish and that the numbers were close with Fish.

3rd, they're looking for more help in the backcourt - possibly Miller, but who knows? Only time will tell

4th - Kupchak had a discussion w/Buss last week and Buss agreed to spend a little bit to insure another title.

5th - In regards to Luke, he was hurt this year and is going to try to rehab it he said. He doesn't want surgery and he hopes that the rehab will work. IF it doesn't, he might retire and I'm not sure how that would or would not count against the cap. Sometimes it does but the Lakers might have to buy out his contract to accelerate it and give them some cap relief next year.

Seeing Derrick Caracter drafted by the Lakers and being a big L.A. Lakers and UTEP Miners fan all I can say Laker nation is that you want a Derrick Caracter on the Lakers!!! I got to see this guy last year and he was a beast...he was just so dominant...the main reason that I want a guy like this is to stabalize a guy like big baby Davis...Caracter came to UTEP at 300 lbs and was at one time suppose to be the #1 best player in all of college basketball when at Louisville...he has now slimmed down to 260 lbs and is just so athletic!!! Caracter is so much better than a DJ Mbenga, Kwame Brown and possibly a Josh Powell and comes at a cheaper price so I hope the Lakers give him a fair shot and he makes it which I know he can!!! GO DC!!! Lakers 3-peat!!!

basketball sucks...



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