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Lakers among Top 50 most valuable sports franchises

The Lakers rank 49th on Forbes' list of the world's most valuable teams, according to figures released Wednesday. That same lists ranks Kobe Bryant as the third highest-paid athlete in the world at $48 million, which covers his salary and endorsement deals. And partly thanks to the Lakers' second consecutive championship, Forbes also says Staples Center remained the most profitable sports venue in the U.S.

Bryant's ranking hardly raised any eyebrows. He recently finished in a first-place tie with Tiger Woods as the favorite American sports star, according to a recent Harris Interactive Poll. He's also topped NBA jersey sales for two consecutive seasons. I did a double take, however, when I scrolled through the list and didn't see the Lakers at the top of the list. When I see teams such as the No. 4 Washington Redskins, No. 18 Cleveland Browns, No. 28 Cincinnati Bengals and even the No. 45 McCourt-sapped Dodgers above the Lakers, it becomes obvious that the rankings are based off profit margins. The Lakers' are valued at $607 million and have collected $209 million in revenue, modest figures compared to No. 1 Manchester United ($1.63 billion in value and $459 million in revenue) and No. 2 Dallas Cowboys ($1.65 billion in value and $280 million in revenue). Fortunately for the Lakers and their fans, owner Jerry Buss measures his team's worth in championships.

--Mark Medina

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How's this for a twist. It has been reported that Jeremy Lin said he only knew of the GS deal, but the report also stated that both the Lakers/Mavs made counter deals offering more money, but Lin decided to stay home. Now there's a report out that Chris Paul wants to be traded and that the Lakers are one of only three teams he wants to play for. Wow. Lin, an undrafted rookie, turns down more money and the Lakers, while Paul, arguably the best PG in the league wants to be traded, possibly to the Lakers. I thought Harvard Grads were suppose to be intelligent?

Well here is the flip side of the coin. Now we see the money side of the ownership, does everyone still feel Dr. Buss needs to open his wallet...

How can the most successful team in the NBA not even make top 10, and ranked #49?

Thank you Dr. Buss. You are ranked #1 owner, in our poll.

Yes, Buss still needs to open his wallet. He did in 2010 by keeping LO and has another trophy to show for it.

Yes the Lakers are only #49 valuable franchise according to Forbes, but they were the top NBA team on the list. Most of the franchises on the list were soccer and football. You really can't compare those franchises to basketball because football is the most popular sport in the US and soccer in most countries outside the US.

JBuss is a great owner. The #1 in US IMHO. He's almost always showed a willingness to spend to put the best team on the court. I hope the Buss family continues with that philosophy. Only 1 ship to tie the C's and 2 to past them.

Dr. Buss - I am a lifelong Laker fan, suffering through the bitter defeats in the 60's and 70's, and who was a beneficiary of the Showtime Lakers with Magic, Kareem, and the rest, put together by Mr. Laker - Jerry West, NBA Logo. I was later the beneficiary of the Shaq/Kobe Three-peat team, and now the Kobe/Pau/Fish potential three-peat team.

The entertainment that Dr. Buss has provided to me, a middle-class fan who was able to see some games in person 25-30 years ago, but have alway been a follower of cable and local TV, watching thousands of Laker games on TV. Dr. Buss has always been committed to winning, and the resale value of the Lakers has increased dramatically since he purchased the team from Jack Kent Cooke. Even if it is not among the most profitable on a year-by-year P&L basis, it has to have a great balance sheet and must also be profitable to ancillary partners - the NBA, ABC, the NBA Network, merchandising, vendors, Staples Center, and on, and on.

The LA Lakers are what they are because of Dr. Buss.

The LA Clippers are what they are because of Donald Sterling.

Who would YOU prefer as your owner?

There should be a statue of Dr. Buss outside Staples Center.


So you want the Lakers to make a big move to counter all the hullabaloo in Miami? How about trading Lamar Odom and either Sasha Vujacic or Luke Walton straight up for Chris Paul, who has said he wants to be traded to the Lakers, Knicks, or Heat. This year salaries are close enough for the Lakers to make the deal but it would really strap the Lakers financially for the next few years since they would be taking on CP3’s $50M in return for the $22M in contracts for Lamar and Sasha. But look at the Lakers lineup:
PG-PAUL, Fisher, Blake
This would give the Lakers the best player at every position but one vs. the Heat and the Celtics. Of course, like with the Heat, there could be ball and ego issues and lots of hangers on. I would not do it but I have to admit it would really be great fun if Jerry Buss went all in like that.

let's not all get jo-jo about Chris Paul wanting to come to LA. he is not coming folks, nor would he be a good fit in our current system. the guy absolutely loves to dribble the basketball til there are 4-6 seconds left on the shot clock. this is not conducive at all to triangle or team basketball.

I was surpised to see CP3 want to come to the Lakers. Sure he could fit in, but some of his skill sets might be a little wasted.

Unless after PJ leaves we plan on changing our offensive style........

Still, what NO would want, we wouldn't give...AB. They wouldn't settle for anything less.

Love CP3, but not for the best fit for current Laker team. Our biggest advantage is our length. That plus the Bynum injury factor are big reasons why LO is a keeper.

LakerTom, loved your analysis but don't sleep on Orlando.

Dr Buss's Lakers 5oth?

This just goes to show that not all stats can be trusted.

The plus/minus's of franchise ownerships are important. But its Dr Buss's intangibles that matter us always having some of the best NBA players in their time and of course, 16 NBA Championships doesn't hurt either.

The Lakers may not be financially the most lucrative, but I'm proud to say we are the best franchise in the known universe.

Team America Lakers F*** Yeah!

I go with what LakerTom said and further add Shannon Brown as well plus future 2nd rd draft picks.

Will Hornets agree with that lofty exchange? That's the problem. Here's what I envision the line up if CP3 is with the Lakers assuming they got all the players offered.

CP3 14.9M/Blake 4.0M
Kobe 24.8/Fisher 3.8
Artest 6.3/Ebanks 0.5
Gasol 17.8/Caracter 0.5
Bynum 13.8/Mbenga 1.1

Total Salary = 87.5
Add three more players from the Summer League

What do the Hornets get?

LO 8.2M
Sasha 5.4
Luke 5.2
Brown 3.5
plus one 2nd rd draft pick of their choice for the next three consecutive years

FANTASTIC UNBELIEVABLE the dream come true to every Laker fan.

Mitch, I will no longer utter the word "cupcake" if you can make this happen.


Interesting points, I think our first 6 or even 7 players match up just as well as any other team out there. Throw in Kobe and Pau's superb chemistry on the court and our great team defense and I like our chances of repeating this year.

On CP3 becoming a Laker

Hard to imagine the Lakers breaking up the team that much to get a PG. They would want to move Fisher or Blake, otherwise we have way too many PG for a team that isn't built around that position. Of the two, I would say Blake would be more valuable to the Hornets, Fish's worth to the Lakers is more than it would be to any other team based solely on his relationship with Kobe.

I would not trade Andrew Bynum for Chris Paul, not with how effective Bynum was in the playoffs while still being limited by his knee. I think he's going to keep tracking up and Chris Paul's true ability to change games is in his ability to get his bigs easy shots, or pass out to his shooters after penetration. It's no mystery to me that Tyson Chandler had his most productive offensive season when both he and CP3 were healthy for the whole year. Pau doesn't need a PG to create his shot, just dump the ball into the post and look to rebound or get in transition. Andrew is getting to be the same, so why get a PG whose best ability is wasted?

I agree with PurpleHeart, to a small degree, in that CP3's game that he has played up until now is not a good fit for the triangle. The same was said about Ron, and there were indeed possessions where Ron simply dribbled the clock away and then heaved up an atrocious shot. But Ron changed his game and so would Chris Paul, I feel.

If CP3 wants to bail on a team, city and fan base that is crazy for him and that he has worked hard to reach out to, the only reason will be because he wants to win a ring. He would adapt to the system (which, incidentally, may fall by the wayside after this season so I wouldn't base all trades or signings based solely on how a fellah fits into the triple post offense), however, due to our team's ability to get good shots in a half court set, the only place where Chris Paul is a serious upgrade over Fisher or Blake is in running the transition game.

Keep the team together, we're in good shape as it is once we fill out the roster.

Wow!! Finally a post without a 100 + comments. This blog has really taken off since the Lakers became the WORLD CHAMPIONS!!! (Was it that or the switch to MM? I can't recall : )

WHO IS THE OTHER LAKERS' OWNER?? It is Gerald Buss and a guy named PHILIP ANSCHUTZ?? Why do we never hear of him? Is he a banker? Perhaps we can start a letter writing campaign to PHILIP and get him to shell out some cash to BRING AMMO BACK !!!


Well basketball is different from Football and Soccer, where one sports is the most popular in this country while the other is by far the most popular across the world. Id be more surprised if it didnt list the Lakers as the most profitable basketball franchise, which it does, so thats really the most accurate guage.


yes blog been goin ape banana over a lot of guys lately... i think lin's a promising but we got 2 other PGs locked for 3 years so how does a guaranteed contract to a guy who will barely get minutes make sense? no wonder he chose GS

Posted by: yellofever | July 21, 2010 at 12:56 PM

Playing time is just as much as a factor to finances in determining where a player will land my friend. All of the blog was firing so much on him to "develop with LA" when he wanted to PLAY. Almost no one can understand how much these players want to play in the NBA. No they don't want to be sent in the D-League, play in Europe then come back, or wait years sitting on the pine for their turn. These dudes want to play in the NBA and as much as winning a championship is intriguing, they don't want to be mascots just because bloggers here want him to so he could develop.

Besides it's not like the Lakers didn't try. LA and Dallas offered him more than the Golden State Warriors offer actually it seems. It seems that playing in his hometown and getting a chance to play in Golden State was worth more to him than money and team was.

Stick that up to his supporters here in the blog LOL.

cp3? for sasha, odom and luke? Uh huh.

Man, i'm sorry I didn't play basketball in HS, maybe I would understand how that deal could ever happen in a million years. Right now, it looks a bit hard to believe the Hornets would go for that. I guess Mitch just won't ever get any credit from Edwin for being a good GM.

LEWSTRS- The amazing thing is, despite having an relatively how income, Jerry Buss always does open his wallet. He paid Odom last year, he paid Blake this year, he pays what he has to. Amazing owner. This is the golden years of Lakers basketball.

Here is another idea:

Trade Bynum and Luke for CP3 and get this Omar Samhan 6'11" 265 lbs

Gasol /Samhan

If you have another tall body out there with good hands ppg 21.2 in College and 10.5 in Summer League. Not bad to get a poor Bynum in Samhan but got CP3 and eliminated the blog enemy no 1.

For those saying CP won't be a good fit in LA:

I wouldn't mind seeing those.

JohnnyP- good questions. Jerry Buss is the majority owner, he has at least 51% (more than that, i assume). There are several minority owners. The Buss family has done okay by building the value of the franchise and then selling minority shares of it off, which is probably the best way to get any profit out of any franchise, as it doesn't do you much good to have a 680$ mil property if you can't spend anything beyond your net profit.

Or so I figure. I'm not an economics whiz or anything, but that seems to be the deal.

Phred, What do you think is the best trade idea to get CP3 w/o hurting the Lakers? Take it from a fan who admitted that he didn't play bb in HS, maybe you are better GM.

Thanks Dr. Buss, for always putting WINNING ahead of finances. You're the greatest owner of all.

JAMIE… It’s good to see Lakers bloggers putting their money where their mouth is regarding building a cohesive team they way the Lakers have versus instantly creating a fantasy super team like Miami. While the spotlight is on the heat, real basketball aficionados understand that ALL of this year’s free agency related moves have been by teams chasing and trying to matchup with the Lakers.
It remains to be seen whether LeBron and Wade can co-exist. I think LeBron is going to quickly have buyer’s remorse. From the King to Dwayne’s sidekick? If the guy has any brains, he is thinking now maybe it wasn’t a good idea to let his high school homies make his big-time business decisions. The criticism of The Decision has been unanimous. The old time superstars have scoffed at the idea. And the LeBron brand is sinking fast. I wouldn’t bet on all of this turning out for the best. And even if it does, they still lose the matchups with our Triple Towers. Damn straight. We’re the champions.
The biggest factor is something none of the other elite teams want to consider, which is how tough the Lakers become with a healthy Andrew Bynum in the playoffs. And the one reason I would love to see a great point guard like Chris Paul play for the Lakers would be to see how he would get the ball to Drew and Pau so we could really take advantage of out length and inside game. Without Lamar, of course, which is why you don’t make the deal. CP3 would be kryptonite to the Lakers chemistry.

Dr. Jerry Buss is the best owner since 1960 when he bought this team from Jack Kent Cooke. We have heard this from the golden voice himself and also his anecdotes with Jerry. This is really obvious. It is the next Buss generation that could complicate the Laker franchise, well seemingly Jimbo became reticent after the Kobe rants. Jeanie Buss is just too nice to Phil, to BSPN LA which can be translated as conflict of interest being the Lakers VP Marketing. Mitch is the basketball wizzard out there guiding the family decisions, sometimes it is run based on their favorite player not the overall Laker interest. Anyhow, who are we to question a winner? Jerry Buss is a gift from God. The O'Malley's are gone and the Singing Cowboy has long been dead, only Jerry's team is keeping LA as the center of sports in USA.

CP3 would be a waste in the system?

I love you guys, but how else can I say it.... BULLHIT!!!!

1. PJ only on board for 1 more year
2. Penetration in the triangle makes the tri more powerful
3. A guy that can pass, shoot, run a fastbreak, and play D will always be valuable - even in the triangle (do those skills sound jordanesque?)
4. You may as well argue Magic Johnson would suck in the triangle...

Come on and get real - CP3 would be worth a big trade right now... he's a free agent next summer and the trade demand means NO gets squat unless they make a deal...

So do it and watch us roll off 3 more titles even against superfriends

NO won't get much for CP3 because he can walk at the end of the season. Sorry, but Kobe, Pau, and Bynum would all be off the table. I'm pretty sure Ron Ron would be off the table also

MK's likely best offer would be LO + ... too bad JF already signed, he would have been a great 2nd piece

Johnny P - Philip Anschutz is owner of Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG). One of the largest concert promoters in the world. AEG was promoter for MJ's 50 shows in London. AEG also owns various entertainment venues including Staples, Kodak, O2 in London - where MJ was slated to perform. So yes, dude is loaded.

PHRED… It’s just about the money. New Orleans is on pace to lose millions. If they can trade $50M contracts for $20M, that could literally save the franchise. It’s the same reason why Memphis was willing to trade Pau. The difference here is that CP3 is not the fit with the Lakers that Pau was.

Um actually Phred GM abilities left a lot to be least in this year fantasy bball league. Only kidding phred - thanx for organizing everything - LRob - aka Ballin Sparty style.

Johnny P,

PHILIP ANSCHUTZ is the majority owner of AEG enterprises which also own Staples. He is # 89 Forbes World Richest Billionaire.

If you think about it, CP3 is doing what we wanted KG to do before he went to the Celts. He's doing the same thing that Pau did in Memphis (and look at how that worked out)...

As a player that wants to play in a bigger market for a contending team under CURRENT CBA, this is his optimal play... hold his team hostage during his contract year

The Lakers have more parts than meets the eye = even Josh Powell if he'd bail on Atlanta, called sign and trade... NO will take the best offer, but those offers will be somewhat slimmer than normal because he can bail at season's end, hence his desire to go somewhere where he can just sign an extension

uh no. no reason to break up a team for cp3, especially when he'll be a free agent next year anyway.

Why would you have to break up the team?

You just have to show up with a better offer than other teams. Sadly, the best team out there with pieces to offer would be Boston... and thankfully they aren't on his list

Adam Morrison may become the most valuable Laker of the post season...

If we want to keep Bynum And get Chris Paul, the best chance we have is to probably trade Odom for someone's trade exception. The Cavs have one, no? Like 12-14 million? The exception, both caracter and Ebanks, two number one draft picks, and...that's probably not nearly enough.


I don't care what you say... Kobe, Pau, and CP3 would crush the L just like superfriends

And of all the people to shun the thought is LakerTom... do you have any idea what CP3 in LA would do for Bynum??? Long term is solved + short term is solved.

Come on man, THINK

Tim-4 - the reason we (if I may add my 2cents in with mud) are saying that getting cp3 would involve breaking up the team is because of the reason you stated - it would cost us at least LO plus at least 1 other guy, right? That constitutes breaking up the team IMHO. LO is a very valuable piece of our team. His versatility is always commented on by other coaches who are trying to figure out how their guys match up with us. Plus of course his length adds to our size, which is the main match up nightmare the Lakers present. Why tamper, tinker, or otherwise change what is working? 2 titles in 3 tries proves what we have works - no?

I didn't even add what I happen to think of that little drama queen Chris PUNK Paul...

I didn't even add what I happen to think of that little drama queen Chris PUNK Paul...

Posted by: justanothermambafan | July 21, 2010 at 09:45 PM

What did CP3 do besides getting kicked by Bruce Bowen?

He's a dirty player. Whiney too. Cries if he doesn't get the calls. I absolutely cannot stand the guy.

And seriously - can someone say unibrow? Come on man! Get some tweezers and pluck.

Why did Chris Paul choose the Lakers, Knicks and Magic? What about the Bulls, Nets and other teams who are below the salary cap?

Well, he chose the high profiled teams with a huge market base. Orlando because he knows that Dwight Howard needs his Olympic partner to get it done. He knew that Orlando's PGs are feasible exchange plus Vinsanity. NO is a dead end team for him, he loses promotional marketing from a small market and no chance of landing the NBA Finals. While Kobe, Amare and Dwight are at their prime, he wants to win a ring and earn good money too.

Lakers will be walking in a tightrope in asking themselves whether this is a very enticing proposition. It is something to think about and only the gutsy people can do those kind of decisions. This is how we got Kareem Abdul Jabbar from the Milwaukee Bucks by trading Brian Winters et al for one Superstar. Jerry West is the best GM when it comes to a crossroads such as this. I think Mitch inherited that talent as well unless his hands are handcuffs and play the favored player.


I felt like you do when they traded Norm Nixon to this unknown Byron who from the Clippers? Lakers won also 2 championships with Norm at that time. However, there are some basketball decisions to be made. You cannot based the past achievements to future developments. You have to meet change with change as well.

"He's a dirty player. Whiney too. Cries if he doesn't get the calls. I absolutely cannot stand the guy."

Doesn't that sound like Kobe as well.

If that's your logic if Kobe was playing for another team and never played for LA I'm betting that you would say the same thing about Kobe.

Like Edwin stated: Storming Norman Nixon for Byron. Really helped the way Magic's Showtime.

Edwin - maybe so. If it happened he could be great.

Still - one guy on the team with eyebrow issues is more than enough don't you think?


Wow, this blog changes from Mike Miller, Korvar, Bosch, T-Mac, Barns, Lin, CP3
it's like everyday were working hard on somebody's jock. And we get Blake, enough of this fantasy Crap. I know everybody likes to DREAM, Oh well October is around the corner. DREAM ON

If Mitch can get CP3 without having to give up Drew, he should get a statue outside of Staples in my opinion.

I think Orlando makes the most sense for CP3. Can you imagine him and Howard running the pick n roll? That would be an awesome that could give Miami a serious run for their money. And Orlando has the pieces to get a deal done. I'm fairly sure Otis Smith is burning the phone lines as we speak.

Blitz - you think that description sounded like Kobe?

Ummmm - no. Gotta disagree there, buddy.

CP3 is worth the risk for several reasons. First it extends Kobe,s career because he does not have to create for himself and others he would have a true point guard that will get him the ball in scoring position which would take some ware & tear off of Kobe. CP3 is also an excellent defender at his position he is in the top five in steals which creates easy scoring. could you imagine CP3, Kobe & Artest on the perimeter wow talk about lock down defense. Remember though Lakers fans we have got to get Okafur as well to make it work you still need a servicable starting center. Oh and by the way Okafur career #,s are better than Bynums.

"Ummmm - no. Gotta disagree there, buddy."

Sorry Justanothermambafan but if I had to be another fan other than LA I would definitely think of KB being whiney at calls that don't go his way, had his share of dirty moments (remember when he was so angry at Mike Miller hitting him and he didn't get the call he went out and elbowed Miller which earned him a 2 game suspension), and while today the NBA loves him over LBJ (and that was before LBJ's decision which really lowered his reputation) there are fans who still dislike him for being an pompous arrogant dude who is a wannabe MJ.

That is of course if Kobe played for some other team and not the Lakers. Because he helped bring NBA titles to Los Angeles many of us can see through that at times.

Again if Kobe never played for LA and he did those things I'm betting you would think of him that way, I understand it's hard and you can argue you won't because well Kobe has in fact played in LA.

One reason many Laker fans revere Robert Horry for his contributions to LA (especially Game 4 2002 WCF against Sacramento) even though later on in his career he got the "Cheap Shot Rob" for his actions against Steve Nash and David West. Those same Laker fans who were wary of him being traded to LA from Phoenix for Cedric Caballos after an altercation with then Coach Danny Ainge.

But the fact is CP has rarely down any "dirty" things so far in the NBA. All players whines at calls that don't go their way and ALL Lakers do from KB to PG, to LO/RA/AB and the list goes on.

It's fine to disagree whether CP3 would be a fit to the Lakers or even personal dislike. But to say he's dirty when he really hasn't done anything major dirty that earned him a suspension is really off base.

Remember: Many Laker fans were calling Ron Artest dirty as well as crazy before coming to many Laker fans are still going to hold it against Ron at the time being?

2phatt that was too funny....what is going on with brown? whats taking so long to sign the guy. is mitch working on something else? its either him or barnes at this point i guess. although i still cant see barnes wearing a laker jersey. so jeremy lin's agent didnt tell him that he had better offers from la and dallas. doesn't make sense.

so if you were to trade for cp3 you're basically renting him for one year. then, he wants a max contract. no way lakers can afford that with pau, kobe and bynum.

I have no idea how Tiger Woods remains so popular as an athlete.

Dude, the guy hits I little white ball with a stick and no one's even trying to tackle him while he's doing it. Talk about lame.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



If he can get CP3 w/o touching Bynum -

Laker fans should petition as well to change 11th Street into Mitch Kupchak Blvd.

Dude, the guy hits I little white ball with a stick and no one's even trying to tackle him while he's doing it. Talk about lame.
Posted by: Jon K. | July 21, 2010 at 10:29 PM
Truth as it can be!


Sorry for all my typos here, in the past and in the future. I'm too lazy to read what I already typed so just adjust as you read. Thanks anyway.

No, I think Mitch is still part of the decision body. As stated he, Jimbo and Jerry Buss make the final decision. Of course, the recommendation originates from Mitch being the GM and formerly a player himself and well versed of the CBA. At the age of JB, he would not go with details while Jimbo is too new to be acquainted with ramifications of NBA.

With regards to your hatred to Fisher, firstly, NO would not agree for such a deal and it's not dollar for dollar trade deal. secondly, he has been their player since 1995 who just re-signed with the Lakers taking a pay cut, it would be awful to trade at this point. There is such thing as word of honor. thirdly, fisher is the lucky charm of the Lakers not only as a player but a proven leader outside of the basketball court. Kobe would not allow Fisher to leave the Lakers.


DFish was being sarcastic. As much as he wants Fisher away from the Lakers as much as possible even he knows that New Orleans would never do that trade.

It was more of a mockery of how us Laker fans treat Derek Fisher.

I'm glad I don't have to make this decision. To trade for Chris Paul or not?
I would probably go crazy thinking about different scenerios and endless possibilities.

Like in poker...

I will keep these hand and play em...


4 Aces...only thing that can beat us is a straight flush...

Why give up four Aces to try to draw a straight flush...

I’ve never been a Bynum-basher. He gives us length and strength – and still has room to grow. But I’d trade him in a Miami minute for CP3. We’re talking about the NBA’s premier point guard here. Would much rather part with, say, Odom and Blake, but I doubt New Orleans would bite.

Hey, Edwin gueco don't make comments it eritates the readers.

Of course, Forbes is all about value, and the Lakers simply cannot sell enough tickets (small arena) or jerseys to compete with NFL teams. Football (be it European or American) is still the top sport by a wide margin. The Yankees have their TV network (something I seriously wouldn't mind the Lakers having, and I would be willing to pay for it).

So the Lakers are clearly #1 among NBA teams but lag behind other teams like the Detroit Lions and Jacksonville Jaguars.

Dr. Buss pays by far the highest salaries in the league. Can't complain when his payroll is rivaling NFL teams at a fraction of the annual revenue.

And let's not get all worked up about Chris Paul. The Hornets will probably say, give the new GM a year to build a new team around him... which probably works out just as well for the Lakers. Once Phil leaves, they are free to change the offense, and a trade of Odom, Bynum, and Blake for Paul and Okafor would work out pretty well if they used a new offense. Chris Paul pick & roll with Kobe or Gasol would be pretty damn good and might prolong Kobe's career by about 3 years (less reliance on him to drive and create).

For undrafted rookies (like Jeremy Lin), it's about playing time. Winning a couple of rings while on injury reserve isn't going to do you any good career-wise.

Thanks for the answers on Philip folks!


Jeremy Lin made the SMART move by going to Golden State, for playing time, to play in his home town, and also for guaranteed money.
The Lakers are a solid 5-deep at guard, and just signed Steve Blake for 4 years at 16M to be their backup point guard. The Lakers also are at the cap so couldn't offer Lin a competitive money offer. The Mavericks are a solid 4-deep at guard, and were only offering Lin a D-League spot.
For NBA playing time, for sentimental home town reasons, and for guaranteed money, everything made sense to choose Golden State.

"Dr. Jerry Buss is the best owner since 1960 when he bought this team from Jack Kent Cooke."

Posted by: Edwin Gueco | July 21, 2010 at 09:13 PM



You got the year wrong.

"Buss became an owner in World Team Tennis. He purchased the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA along with the Los Angeles Kings hockey team of the NHL, The Forum, and a large ranch from Jack Kent Cooke in 1979. The purchase price, $67.5 million, made it the largest transaction in sports history at that time. Buss later sold the Kings, retaining ownership of the Lakers and The Forum. He then reached a major advertising agreement with Great Western Bank for the naming rights to The Forum, resulting in the official name of the building being changed to the Great Western Forum."


Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

And seriously - can someone say unibrow? Come on man! Get some tweezers and pluck.

Posted by: justanothermambafan | July 21, 2010 at 09:55 PM



You seem to always find a way to make me chuckle...thanks!:)

Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

Beastie's Boys' Sabotage sounds so good just about now.

No to Christ Paul.

With some chatter about players tanking (most especially LeBronze and RuPaul), he might be LBJ's pawn to sink our championship hopes next spring.




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