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Kobe Bryant undergoes successful knee surgery

Kobe_300 The Lakers announced on Friday afternoon that Kobe Bryant (pictured at right) had arthroscopic surgery on his right knee last week.

The team said Bryant is rehabilitating from the procedure and is expected to be ready for training camp when it starts on Sept. 25.

Bryant's knee bothered him during the last season and he had the fluid drained from it during the playoffs.

--Barry Stavro

Photo credit: Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times

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Talk about under the radar!

now that was a subtle gesture, YESSSSSSSSS

doin' the walkin' before the talkin'

Good, now Drew needs to fix his bum knee, Kobe needs to fix that hand and we'll be back in business

yay good job kobe, get some ice on that fingure all summer long buddy its gonna be a long season, BYNUM get your KNEE surgery done ASAP!!!

Good thing we don't have "company time" any more.

Cap's Goggles,

"Kobe needs to fix that hand and we'll be back in business"

How do we fix an accelerated arthritic finger? Joint replacement?

I don't know what are options are.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


You mean he didn't need to hold and hour presser on BSPN, stringing us along until the very end? And Jim Gray didn't need to interview him?

One Kobe injury down, 2,834 to go...

"Kobe needs to fix that hand and we'll be back in business"

How do we fix an accelerated arthritic finger? Joint replacement?

I don't know what are options are.

@ jon - yea well we'll just put a fake one on his hand, after all we are LA home of plastic surgery heheh well get DR.90210 to look at it! lmaooooooooo


Can you get us some film on that surgery? And can you set up a live chat for us to discuss it?

Good thing we don't have "company time" any more.

Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | July 23, 2010 at 04:30 PM


"Kobe Bryant (pictured at right)"

Really?? Like we don't know??

@ Fatty - i think MM is on vacation, but then again he probably took his laptop with him lol

ive been asking MM for the chat this whole day from morning until somenoe shed some light on me and told me that he is on vacation.


this is the latest news, from last week? why the mistery? now tell us that bynum had his surgery right after the finals.

no such luck for that finger unfortunately:

Guys I'm not on vacation. I was just out in the field collecting interviews. We'll have a chat on Monday.


So maybe after this surgery we get a more bouncy Mamba?

Hey Phred, thanks for "I thought Trevor Ariza was the poor man's Trevor Ariza." Hilarious. And I agree.

I'll sleep so much better with year's veteran bench. Guys who will learn their roles and play within them. Play defense. Do the dirty work.

I appreciate the contributions of Jordan and DJ and Powell. But real seasoned vets like Blake and Barnes and Ratliff are the kinds of guys who come off the bench and give you consistent effort every night. They understand they aren't headed to the all-star game, they just want to win. This team just got a whole lot better. These guys will blend well with the starters, and if our second five end up out there for 5-7 minutes without any starters, I won't be hiding my face.

Deee-fense. I predict the the 2010/2011 Lakers set an all-time record for free TACOS!!!!!!!!

Guys, we may or may not have a chat for USA basketball. I gotta run errands and such. But I'll let you know for sure by tomorrow


i know right

MM between errands, r u censuring posts?

This surgery means one thing --- Kobe is real serious about achieving something within the next two (2) years. What are those?

1. A Laker 4-peat. NOBODY has ever done this before.
2. 7 championship rings. NOBODY has as many as a player.
3. Greatest NBA Franchise of all time -- 1 more championship than the Celtics
4. Greatest Laker Team of all time

Note that the first 6 (Kobe-Pau-Drew-Fish-Ronron-LO) are locked in with contracts during this period. Without that shabby media fest staged by Lebron and company, these unselfish players have quietly agreed to make a run for basketball history. Laker fans are lucky to be the REAL "witnesses" to this quest.


>>> 7 championship rings. NOBODY has as many as a player.

Yeah, after the Lakers win the title next June, the battle cry will become

Get 24 7!

Dang are we serious here? Kobe is going to have to play with that messed up hand and finger for the rest of his career? I do not like the sound of that.. Is there seriously nothing he can do to atleast make it a little better?? Dang I dont like this!! Can someone please tell me that everything is going to be fine..

I, for one, am extremely upset that Jim Gray wasn't involved at all. Maybe he did the surgery? Kobe needs a new chief lap-dog, er, I mean business manager!

Woops. Here's a repost, but addressed to Longtime who wrote the original post. I agree that the James, World Wide Wes, and Mavrick Carter are a bunch of losers. Leave the small towns alone! Here's what they're doing now, after turning Cleveland and Toronto into NBA ghost towns, they have their eyes set on New Orleans. Back off creeps!

"In a Twitter pronouncement on Thursday, King James declared, “Best of luck to my brother [Chris Paul] … Do what’s best for You and your family.”

James was referencing Paul’s half-baked trade request that’s come through Worldwide Wes. Do what’s best for your family? Here’s an idea: What Paul ought to do is run away from James, Wesley, Carter and not stop moving until he’s returned to New Orleans and reaffirmed the obligations he’s made there. No, this isn’t a championship team, but a franchise player reveals himself in good times and bad.

What’s best for Paul’s family is best for everyone’s family in the NBA. It needs James to restrict the polluting onto others of his own warped value system. James plays for the Miami Heat, but somehow he wants control of transactions elsewhere, too. He wants the building of these so-called super teams to protect his own legacy, to make it look like he isn’t the only superstar searching for the easy way to championships."

What a bunch of creeps.


Did not Robert Hory win 2 at Houston 3 at Lakers and 2 at Spurs

Love these blogs keep it up

so who's the real leader of the Lakers?

Fish, who gives interviews, fakes meetings in Miami, and proclaims himself in every interview he gives as the soul on and off the court?


Kobe, who a week ago had surgery and no one (figuratively) knew about it?

Dogs that bark, don't bite

i prefer the assassin ones.

isn't Kobe way more ZEN???????????

Raymond42n - At the risk of being pedantic - didn't Bill Russell win 11 rings? And didn't those Septics win 8 in a row?

On the other hand, I admire the Mamba for doing this so quietly: assassin/professional. Better, stronger.

Please correct me if I'm wrong on the facts (I am NOT wrong about the Kobe).

OOoohhhh, THAT'S Kobe Bryant? All these years, I've been calling him 'Mr Krab Apple. Why didn't someone tell me? Ok, that was a reach.

um, not to quibble, but somebody else would just say it, so doesn't Bill Russell have 11?

@LTLL...Hey, good to know we have another girl with high BBIQ. I wonder how many of the "guys" are really "girls?" LOL

Posted by: LakerTom | July 23, 2010 at 04:50 PM

LakerTom- Yeah, and don't tell anybody, but Rick is Jewish.

And there's more. What fiends! I hope N.O. doesn't crumble to these fools and trade the NBA's version of Barry Sanders for a bunch of New York scrubs. If he's traded, they better get all-stars in return:

"Before New Orleans hired Dell Demps as GM, Wes was asking people: Who is that guy? Now, Wesley and CAA will try to overrun the young, inexperienced Demps and coach Monty Williams with a trade demand. CAA does have a list of preferred teams, and Demps’ first act as GM should simply be to take the list and tear it up. Paul has two years left on his contract and no leverage unless the Hornets are foolish enough to relinquish it.

Paul is a first-team All-NBA talent, and you don’t trade those players. All the proposed deals for him bring back the same thing for New Orleans: far less value. Five nickels don’t add up to a quarter in basketball trades.

All this saga promises to do is cast Paul as an insolent star, and James’ group as the ultimate powerbrokers. Paul doesn’t want to hear this, but they’re preying on his insecurities. They’re using him.

In Paul’s earliest days with Team USA, officials preferred Deron Williams(notes) to him because they believed Williams was far more his own man. No one liked the way Paul was so eager to follow James, Carmelo Anthony(notes) and Dwyane Wade(notes). These changes haven’t come overnight with Paul, but over time. James, Carter and Wesley embarked on a long, orchestrated campaign to work Paul over, unfasten him from past loyalties and trusts, and transform him into a creation of their own.

And he’s let them, for no other reason than it seems Chris Paul believes this is somehow the path that will convince people that he belongs with the sport’s biggest stars. He could’ve stayed true to himself and elevated his standing, and now they’re dragging him down with them. Everyone else embraced Paul for an All-American image, for a wholesomeness, and it feels like he’s rejected it all now.

Chris Paul doesn’t need LeBron and Maverick and Wes. They need him. For their operation, Paul represents credibility. He’s always been better than this, and he needs to be again. As much as ever, the NBA needs Chris Paul to be true to his upbringing and character. Commitment always mattered to him, and it still should with the Hornets.

After all this bluster comes and goes this summer, and the Hornets don’t trade him, he still has to return to play there. All his brand new business partners have made that so much harder for him. He saved the NBA in New Orleans, and now it’s time he saves something else before it’s too late. His reputation, his good name.

All the advice that Chris Paul has ever needed out of LeBron James came calling in less than 140 characters on Thursday. Do what’s best for you and your family. Before it’s too late, Chris Paul needs to think for himself and respond with the best move of a brilliant young career: Turn around, go home and leave King James and his court of jesters far, far behind."


oh yeah, and Horry has seven. Nice catch, Claude.

>>>Did not Robert Hory win 2 at Houston 3 at Lakers and 2 at Spurs

Not to mention Bill Russel has 11 rings with a single team.

Good luck Kobe, on the recovery. Look for "Sambucus nigra", it's an herb. Make a tea of that and dip your hand in there, courtesy of the amazon-natives.

amazon = rain forest.

ha, raymond42, that'll teach you to ever ever make a mistake!

LOL. nothing gets more attention around here than a slight factual error.

well, that and Luke dying.

LTLF- huh. It's spelled 'Horry,' thank you very much. Jeez. Ignoramus.

1. A Laker 4-peat. NOBODY has ever done this before.
2. 7 championship rings. NOBODY has as many as a player.
3. Greatest NBA Franchise of all time -- 1 more championship than the Celtics
4. Greatest Laker Team of all time

Note that the first 6 (Kobe-Pau-Drew-Fish-Ronron-LO) are locked in with contracts during this period. Without that shabby media fest staged by Lebron and company, these unselfish players have quietly agreed to make a run for basketball history. Laker fans are lucky to be the REAL "witnesses" to this quest.


Posted by: Raymond42n | July 23, 2010 at 05:07 PM

If no one has posted it is a Matt Barnes interview and how excited he is to be a Laker, and how Kobe influenced him...

justa - got you on all the suburbans...and you are very FUNNY...

LakerTom - please let me know when you do come to Vegas, maybe we can watch a game together...and second round is on me...unless you want to hang out by the pools or Lake Mead, summer is not the best time to come...

Mamba24 - You are Mitch Kupchak, and I am Ronnie Lester...and I am here for any assistance you need...NEVER feel like you are stepping on my toes...

longtimelakerlover - Man or woman, I enjoy your posts...But nothing better than a stimulating woman who would have no problem wearing Purple and Gold underwear....

phred - You never fail to make me laugh...comes in handy when having a rough day in the office...and you have the best line in the blog...but very true..."IT'S ALL ABOUT THE LOVE"

jon k. - I'm sure you are glad to be home from 'behind enemy lines,' but any chance of moving to South Beach...your dark opps and covert info from Cleveland was brilliant...your monniker "What do we play for? RINGS!!!" day is not complete till I read it...

MagicPhil - never thought you to be a trouble

Nemaia Faletogo - you always have great material...but stay away for MagicPhil

"Marc B (With a 'C') - The Triangulator is a bad a$$ handle...

Fatty - We are entering the 2 hottest months in Vegas...but everyday I check the precipitation thinking of you...Keep strong and I wish you luck...

MM - So you snuck out on us huh...Have a nice vacation...

Everyone else - The contributions of this blog is by far the best in all of the net...Now how do we get through the next 2 months...I can feel the 'jonesing' in everyone's post...This will be a very special season...Can't wait to enjoy and witness it with you all...Have a GREAT and SAFE weekend...

Dang are we serious here? Kobe is going to have to play with that messed up hand and finger for the rest of his career? I do not like the sound of that.. Is there seriously nothing he can do to atleast make it a little better?? Dang I dont like this!! Can someone please tell me that everything is going to be fine..

Posted by: "I Bleed Purple and Gold" | July 23, 2010 at 05:18 PM

Don't worry about Kobe's finger... from an article I read that was posted here not too long ago (if I can find it I'll re-post) where someone who was helping Kobe adjust to the injury was explaining how the injury in some way made Kobe's shots more effective. Kobe was using his middle finger to add more backspin to the ball so his shots actually would go throught the rim and "POP" the bottom of the net. The only injury that was hampering him, really, was the knee. But as we all saw in the playoffs, when the knee got drained, he was a brand new player out there. So now with this GREAT news on this surgery and if all is really well, then we basically will have Kobe back to pretty much full strength... OPPONENTS BEWARE!!!

Welcome Theo & Matt!!! Along with LO, Blake and hopefully Ebanks, Caracter and UPS...

We now have BENCH MOB 2.0 LOCKED & LOADED!!!

"Gold Tower this is Purple Strike Leader Black Mamba, We have target 3-PEAT in sight. Permission to Engage, over..."

"Copy Black Mamba, this is Gold Tower, Permission to Engage Granted"

"You here that boys, it's a go... Let's Lock & Load... YEEEEEE HAAAWWWW!!!"

I'm with Raymond42n. Robert Horry only has three rings far as I'm concerned.

And Bill who? Some people just like to make stuff up to cause trouble.

I'm not a dyed in the wool Shaq hater, but does anyone else find this funny? No one loves Shaq anymore?

- "It was reported earlier this week that the Hawks were the only team with active interest in free-agent center Shaquille O'Neal.

Atlanta is now on the verge of signing Josh Powell, which could cloud O'Neal's chances.

Marc Stein of writes that O'Neal may have to drop his asking price and demands for regular playing time or he may not land a contract for the 2010-11 season."

Read more:

Can Kobe even palm the ball anymore? So he's back to using that wrap for the rest of his career?

htj - you're right; I realized I was having a nightmare, dreaming that I was Jerry West, and everytime I went to the finals I kept seeing this really big dude. Then I woke up... and Kobe had magically got his surgery. Then I rewatched game 7 of the finals, and this really big dude (with much more gray hair) was giving Kobe this trophy. Weird. It must be the drugs: either too many, or not enough.


needs a better headline. How about

"That one guy from the Lakers who always sat on the end of the bench and hugged Kobe beats out Shaq for last Hawks roster spot?'

not enough zing?

Sorry I forgot...

Art - FL Laker Fan - Your Luke dying had me in stiches...u fanny man...

LAL818 - Loved the songs post...I think Lebron should be, " All I Wanna Do Is Zooma Zoom Zoom Zoom In A Boom Boom!"...for his pimping out of Cp3...

But I ain't into trickin, just to treatin
and I ain't into treatin every trick that I'm meetin

thanks, LEW, preciate it.

Ring count
Sam Jones-10
Hondo,KC Jones,Satch,Heinsohn-8
Horry,couple of other Celtics-7
Kareem,MJ, Pippen,Cousy-6

Kobe & Fish have a legit chance to surpass Kareem,MJ and possibly even Horry. That would make them the ultimate winners outside of the Celtics domination in the 60's. Hats off the Jerry West, Kupchak and of course Dr. Buss and Family


>>> don't tell anybody, but Rick is Jewish.

And here I thought that was "our secret." Anyway, off to synagogue now for Shabbat.

Phil's going to have some major pieces at his disposal in his quest for a ridiculous 12th Championship. Kobe will have some veteran soldiers, some mercs, some old homies but warriors all in his journey to win a sixth title. The Buss family has shown, once again, why it puts it's trust in the hands of GM Mitch Kupchak who has constructed an incredible roster given the resources he had to work with.

It's no small surprise that the Lakers are one of the most valuable franchises in sports today, one of the most storied sports names in history and in a position to tie the Boston Celtics as the winningest NBA franchise. By locking the core of this team into the year extending past the lock out, we're in a great position to win more than 1.

If we do have a lock out where the season is again reduced to 50 games, don't you think Phil would think long and hard about basically coaching for half a season and still getting a chance at a ring? How great would it be for him to win in it all during the type of season he has said Popovich's Spurs should have an asterick by?

These are all just grandiose dreams, unfortunately, we have to grind out the regular season with an even bigger eye on our team, a bigger target on our back and a hype around us surpassed only by Miami, which will have until Christmas to establish just how super they can be.

Our teams title aspirations, championship pedigree and grace under pressure are unquestionable; if we re-sign Shannon Brown we'll be bringing back 66% of the team and all of our core. We'll have upgraded at every position while possibly adding some youth with potential for the future.

If that doesn't qualify as an absolute off-season success, I guess Mitch better start figuring out how to turn lead into gold.

i know he can be frustratin' as heck, but the man brings it every season... now, what about the finger?

I know he's not a Laker, but a lot of people had interest in Jeremy Lin and his story. There was a great interview ESPN did with him that you might enjoy. I really like this kid and I hope he makes it.

Jaime Sweet-
Boston may have won more rings in an era where an unscrupulous mastermind was able to heavily stack the deck in their favor, but I'd still argue the Lakers are far and away the winningest franchise already. Boston was mostly irrelevant for over two decades, chanting MVP for Kobe up until some more dirty, backhanded dealings between former red disciples landed them a true franchise player. Couple that with some questionable at best officiating and no AB in the '08 finals, and they got a tainted ring.

Can't believe I'll be going to that hellhole for a wedding next weekend. I should see if I can find a purple and gold tux.

It might sound crazy but, is there still a possibility that the Lakers can get Shaq?

I know that Kobe and Shaq had some very difficult times together and if the Lakers were to win another Championship Kobe -would always be one up on Shaq for the rings.Besides where is Shaq going to retire with Miami,Lakers, or Cleveland????

Let's bring Shaq back home to L.A.!!!!!Bring home the Diesel!!!

G-damn, effin Walton. Just retire already and make the people of LA happy with you for a change.

'Sheed still looked like he had plenty left and he hung it up.

I may be crazy, but I'm starting to think Rasheed Wallace is a more decent human being than Luke Walton.

Prove us wrong Luke, and just hang it up.

Snaq is not coming back to LA unless he wants to visit his ex-money, I mean wife.

Phred - "Regarding poor choice of Shaq headline"

Its my job to research and then present the facts so commenters like you and others can use their almost genius-like creative talents to inspire us all to more productive blog lives, full of rich entertainment value.

I provide the fresh and wholesome ingredients, like the Shaq tidbit, that you bake into headline masterpieces.

At least that's what Mark is paying me to do......

Hey htj,

At the very least, try and find a cummerbund with the Lakers Logo on it and purple & gold bow tie...

And make sure you remind all those "Chowder Heads" who won... LMAO!!!


Maybe I'll get a purple top hat and gold cane.

vic - Is that short for 'Vic the Brick'? just curious.....

Any way, with the signing of Theo Ratliff, the Lakers have effectively taken down the "Help Wanted" sign for the Lakers center position.

Although I am against a Shaq number on the retired wall, Jennie Buss says he will get one.

Fatty - Who will buy a ticket to the Shaq retirement number game, just so he can lead the throng booing the 'Big Traitor'.

Bring home the Diesel!!!
Posted by: vic | July 23, 2010 at 06:23 PM


get yourself an AMTRAK ticket and enjoy the Diesel.

Great news. Get well and plenty of rest Kobe. I hope the surgery to your finger goes well too whenever that may be.

Shaq could be out of work next season. As a gesture for the out of work, I propose that should there be a Laker game 7 finals again, we collect a pot to buy Shaq a ticket. He shouldn't miss Kobe's chance to get 2 up on him.

Christopher -

I think the only surgery Kobe gets for his finger this the splint he wears will be sewn on permanantly.


>>1. A Laker 4-peat. NOBODY has ever done this before.
>>2. 7 championship rings. NOBODY has as many as a player.

Uhhh Raymond, I hate to be the bringer of bad news but a 4-Peat: "Nobody" had ever done this.. Please check your basketball history books and look for the Celtics... I might be wrong but I think they had an 8-Peat going once.

And uhh 7 championship rings. "Nobody has as many" as a player. You might want to ask Robert Horry too. He has that much. And you might want to check Bill Russell, I don't know what he got but I am certain that he has more than 7...maybe 10 or 11... Just don't want to burst your bubble Raymond.

Oops, sorry folks. Missed the posts by my fellow Laker Nation on Raymond's claims. I see we are a knowledgeable group. :) Go Lakers.


WOTS is Sheed is having second thoughts on that retirement thing. His wife probably told him no way he was leaving 13mil on the table.

p ang

:-). i will wait till Kobe goes for his 8th, so he can double up.


Hey, as long as he plays like the Mamba24 of old, put up those 30 points nights, and we take home the trophy, I'm good... I just hope he doesn't delay his surgery too long, b/c if he comes back full strength. We are golden as a team. Despite all the FA acquisition, I'm just worried about him, about Bynum, about Odom (and his shoulder), and about Luke (eerrr, forget Luke)... You know, just health. If we are healthy, we have a very good chance of 3 peat. I don't care what that Superteam over in FL has, if we are healthy, we will be tough!

Far as I know, retired players still get paid. It just comes from the insurer if they retire due to injury. They don't count against the cap or lux tax either. And the team gets some sort of injury exemption to sign someone in their place.

I may be wrong, but LTLF or Fatty can probably verify or refute what I'm saying.

Luke can retire, still get paid, he won't count against the lux tax any more (we're over the cap with or without him), and we can sign a replacement player for Luke's money.

That would be a gift for the Laker Nation unlike any other.

I'm gonna have to say no to the "Bring Shaq Back" requests. I agree with those that say that his presence really would, at this time, be more of a detriment than a help.

Although I never really hated Shaq, (I am a die hard Kobe fan) I always wanted the Lakers to demolish whatever team he was on.

I am not against the idea of allowing him to sign a 10 day contract to RETIRE as a Laker & only when he's fully ready to do JUST THAT.

I don't care if you hate him now... I know for sure that when he was with us during the first 3-Peat era, you ALL ROOTED FOR HIM JUST LIKE I DID!!!

He deserves to have his Jersey up in the Rafters.

I know that NONE of you have forgotten.

Hey htj,

If what you are saying about Luke's contract is true, then this is my message to Luke Skywalker (not) Walton,

'Hooohhhhhsss...the force is not strong with you my son...hooosssh... retire, get your money, and give the Lakers Nation' a gift.. hoohhhsss'

C'mon Luke...Do it for us...

i'm wondering if LTLF stands for

Luke Today LUKE Forever. it really feels like!

If a team has a superstar the likes of Paul and does not fullfil it's duty to build a viable team around him, that superstar has been relieved of his responsiblility of service to that team. I might agree that Paul is being used, and I am no fan of the LeBron dream team. Wes makes excellent points. However - Paul should and will force a deal. He will not go where he wants to, probably, and will most likely have to wait two years to go where he wants. Charlotte is a dead-end basketball team and city.

Otis- you mean New Orleans?

Thanks for the article, frmkt.


Nosebleed seats are about $100, that's just about $0.50 per comment in the blog. (at least 200 comments per day now). For 50 cents wouldn't you want to brag, when they show Shaq on TV during the finals, that you paid for his seat? Part of LA Times goodwill work.

And another collection to buy the seat beside it to the Blog's choice of the biggest Shaq hater. lol.

Shaq deserves what he Shaq jersey in the rafters...All the other players with their jersey up there would of never behaved like the Big Dummy...

We all know what he said about Kobe, the Lakers, PJ and Dr. Buss...The rap song after we lost in 08, he did on Kobe was unforgivable...and his explanation that it's all good, it was just free styling and Kobe understands was BS...

Shaq how does Kobe's jersey on the rafters and yours not feel...How does my ass taste now...

What city does Shaq claim unemployment at...Cleveland...oh no...they already have one of the highest unemployment rates in the country...

Yes - Orleans. TY mucho.

Charlotte is, as well.

From Larry Coons NBA Salary Cap FAQ
DISABLED PLAYER EXCEPTION -- This exception allows a team which is over the cap to acquire a replacement for a disabled player who will be out for the remainder of that season (if the player is disabled between July 1 and November 30) or the following season (if the player is disabled after November 30). This exception can also be granted in the event of a player's death. This exception can only be used to acquire one player. The maximum salary for the replacement player is 50% of the injured player's salary, or the average salary, whichever is less (see question number 25 for the definition of "average salary"). Approval from the league (based on a determination by an NBA-designated physician) is required for this exception to be used. This exception can be used to sign a free agent, or to create room to accept a salary in trade. When used for trade, the team may acquire a player whose salary (including any trade bonus) is up to 100% of this exception plus $100,000 (not 125%). Also see question number 20 for more information on the availability and use of this exception.
If a player is disabled between July 1 and November 30, the team must acquire the replacement player within 45 days. If the player is disabled between December 1 and June 30, then the team has until October 1 to sign a replacement. If the disabled player comes back sooner than expected, then he may be activated immediately, and the replacement player is not affected. However, if the disabled player comes back before the exception is used, then the exception is lost.
Teams sometimes have had difficulty getting the NBA to approve an injury exception. For example, Danny Manning tore an ACL toward the end of the 1997-98 season, yet the NBA did not approve the Suns for this exception. More recently, the Magic did not receive this exception in 2003 for Grant Hill. However, this exception was granted in the 1999 offseason to San Antonio, so they could replace Sean Elliott, who was disabled due to kidney problems. This exception was also granted to Charlotte soon after Bobby Phills was killed.
Don't confuse this exception with the salary cap relief teams can apply for a year after losing a player to a career-ending injury or death (see question number 55). This exception allows a team to acquire a replacement player. The salary cap relief removes a contract from the books.
55. What are the rules for retired players?
There's nothing binding about a player announcing his retirement. The player can still sign a new contract and continue playing (if he's not under contract), or return to his team (if he is still under contract) and resume his career.
The only exception to this is when a player is still under contract, wants to quit, and his team doesn't want to let him out of his contract. Under these circumstances the player can file for retirement with the league. The player is placed on the league's Voluntarily Retired list, forgoes his remaining salary, and cannot return to the league for one year. The latter requirement prevents players from using retirement as an underhanded way to change teams, but can be overridden with unanimous approval from all 30 teams.
Any money paid to a player is included in team salary, even if the player is no longer playing or has retired.
There is one exception whereby a player can continue to receive his salary, but the salary is not included in the team's team salary. This is when a player is forced to retire for medical reasons and a league-appointed physician confirms that he is medically unfit to continue playing. There is a waiting period of one year following the injury or illness before a team can apply for this salary cap relief. If the waiting period expires mid-season (on any date prior to the last day of the regular season), then the player's entire salary for that season is removed from the team's team salary. For example, in March 2003 the Knicks were allowed to remove Luc Longley's entire 2002-03 salary from their books (and since the luxury tax is based on the team salary as of the last day of the regular season, the Knicks avoided paying any tax on Longley's salary). This provision can also be used when a player dies while under contract.
If the player "proves the doctors wrong" and resumes his career, then his salary is returned to his team's team salary when he plays in his 10th game in any one season (including pre-season, regular season and playoff games). This allows a player to attempt to resume his career without affecting his team unless his comeback is ultimately successful. A team loses this salary cap relief even if the player later signs and plays 10 games with a different team.
Teams are not allowed to trade for disabled players and then apply for this salary cap relief. Only the team for which the player was playing when he was disabled may request this relief.
If a player retires, even for medical reasons, his team does not receive a salary cap exception to acquire a replacement player.

@63 Footer --

No, you're absolutely right. Sorry for missing out on Russell. Thanks for the correction, dude! Now, i'm a bit depressed. I've read so many times how KB was gunning after MJ's legacy as the G.O.A.T. Like me, i guess some people forget that Russell had a more productive career (in terms of championships won).

Thanks MM,

Even more good news...coz we all know that a healthy Black Mamba is D.E.A.D.L.Y.!!!!!

Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

From LRob:

Ring count
Sam Jones-10
Hondo,KC Jones,Satch,Heinsohn-8
Horry,couple of other Celtics-7
Kareem,MJ, Pippen,Cousy-6

Kobe & Fish have a legit chance to surpass Kareem,MJ and possibly even Horry. That would make them the ultimate winners outside of the Celtics domination in the 60's. Hats off the Jerry West, Kupchak and of course Dr. Buss and Family

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU LRob, phred and the others for the facts. Hats off for the research.


Now my day's totally screwed. A bunch of Celtics at the top. Sigh... Oh well, at least during the time that i became 'basketball-cognizant', i had the joy of seeing Magic-Kareem-Worthy, then Kobe-Shaq, and finally the present Gang of Six (KB-Pau-Drew-LO-Fish-Ron) in building Lakers dynasties.


BTW, Jon K; et al

The 'Decipher' hip-hop show is on right now. Check it out if you like. :)

Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!

So the way it reads, if Luke is forced out this season because of the back, we can sign a replacement at around ~2.5mil.

If the injury is deemed a career ender, we won't see the cap relief until some time AFTER next season? The season that probably isn't going to happen anyway. Is that how you're seeing it?

The bigger question is, How can anyone tell the difference between an "able" Luke and a "disabled" one?

Laker Tom -

So what is the best scenario for a win win for both the Lakers and Luke...

We get the exception this year, and he could come back next year...

When's Mamba gonna fix his finger(s) huh?

The best case scenario is Luke takes up cliff diving in some third world country way off the radar this summer.


I have the answer. There is no such thing as an "able Luke."

IN case anyone hasn't seen yet, here's a link talking about Luke potentially missing next season:

Can Kobe ask Obama to let the CIA works on his finger? Isn't their technology much much more advanced than what's available for normal folks?

HTZ/LEWSTERS…My understanding is that if Luke & his physicians decide he is out for the season for medical reasons before Nov 1st, the Lakers would receive a disabled player trade exception that would enable them to sign a free agent with first year salary around $3M, but which they would have to use within 45 days from date league approved exception. Ironically, if Luke then miraculously recovered, we would still be able to keep the replacement player. Of course, the question is whether Mitch would spend it, especially at this point with the roster set. One thought that went through my mind was that what might be going on is the Lakers holding off from making a deal with Brown because they might end up with the ability to sign a better player if Luke really cannot play. That might be way Mitch referred to getting something done the next couple of weeks. It’s possible.
Now as to Luke’s salary, I believe the Lakers still will be on the line to pay Luke but may have risk insurance to reimburse them. As to whether his salary still counts against the salary cap and luxury tax, the medical decision would have to be not just out for the year but career-ending. If so, the Lakers would still have a waiting period of 1 year before they could apply for relief, which would be worth $6M in saved luxury taxes for the 2011 and 2012 seasons. That is saved money that likely ends up helping to pay for personnel upgrades or raises to key players whose contracts are coming up.
Pat Riley deserves a lot of credit for convincing his Big 3 to take less than max. It reminds me of his move in getting Shaq to sign for less than he demanded from the Lakers. At any rate, Pat probably did the Lakers a favor because I’m sure that future Lakers negotiations are going to involve team expectations that the Lakers core players accept less to help keep the team competitive. That would mean that Andrew Bynum, even if healthy and an All-Star this year, won’t be getting a huge raise. That’s one good thing that has come out of this Super Friends deal. Really a gift from Pat Riley.


>>>LTLF- huh. It's spelled 'Horry,' thank you very much. Jeez. Ignoramus.

Get a life. If you had read, I annotate the parts of my posts which are quoted from someone else.

That's what the little >>> means.

And just because the original poster misspelled Horry doesn't make them an Ignoramus, either. Ever heard of a typo?

If they were an ignormaus, then they would have spelled it orry.

I said this 2 years ago, last year, and I'm saying it again. LakerTom needs to be on the payroll. Outfreakinstanding!

Kobe is so much about winning now, that he basically just traded a finger for a ring. He knew he was probably trashing it beyond repair and just said, "screw it". I seriously doubt we will ever see a more driven athlete again.

LTLF- [shakes head sadly] and they say that emoticons aren't necessary.

Ok, add this then; : ) LOL!

Thought you would get that. Guess not, sorry. I am a little hurt that anyone would think that I would use the word 'ignoramus' when I wasn't utterly and completely joking, I thought this word was only used in Three Stooges and Oliver and Hardy videos to indicated humorous pomposity.

oh well, I tried.

Okay, question: I was reading the CBA articles about retirement, season-ending injury and death, but I was ALSO re-watching the old Agatha Christie-based movie "Murder On The Orient Express." So, my question: do we get cap space, a new player AND retirement money if Luke is injured, killed AND retires? It's so confusing....

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