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Drew Brees and New Orleans Saints edge Kobe Bryant and Lakers for ESPY awards

The irony wasn't lost on New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton.

In an interesting twist, the Lakers lost the Best Team award to the Saints, while Lakers guard Kobe Bryant fell short to Saints quarterback Drew Brees for the Best Male Athlete on Wednesday at the 2010 ESPY Awards Show at L.A. Live's Nokia Theatre.

"It's hard to beat the Lakers in L.A.," said Payton, whose team had six ESPY nominations.

But they did.

Despite collecting his fifth NBA title, winning his second Finals MVP award and valiantly, although painfully, fighting through assorted injuries, Bryant failed to capture what would've been his fifth ESPY award, which is determined by fan votes. Former Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James, St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols and NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson were the other nominees in the Best Male Athlete category, while the Best Team award included the Alabama football team, the NHL's Chicago Blackhawks, Connecticut's women's basketball team and MLB's New York Yankees. The Lakers won the award last season.

The consolation for the Lakers entailed the Coach of the Year award, which went to Phil Jackson after he collected his 11th NBA ring as well as the Best NBA Player award to Bryant. Only Lakers guard Derek Fisher was seen in attendance, though he wasn't made available to media during the red-carpet ceremonies.

In his 14-year career, Bryant won five ESPY awards, including two individual honors. Those came in 2006 when Bryant won the Under Armor Undeniable Performance Award for his career-high 81-point performance against the Toronto Raptors as well as in 2008 when he collected the Best NBA player award for his regular-season MVP performance. The other ESPY awards given to Bryant including a Outstanding Team award (2002) and Best Team Award (2009).

"More than three-quarters of this group was rooting for the Lakers to win the world championship this year. Brees said. "Being in L.A. and obviously there being a hometown crowd, everybody's cheering for the Lakers and everybody are huge fans. What's they've been able to accomplish as a team and an organization, they'er an unbelievable team, too. I feel like we all look to them and we can learn a lot from them. They just repeated. So we'll see.

--Mark Medina

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I guess I can go back to hating on Raja Bell again.

Best coach/manager - Phil Jackson

Best NBA player - Kobe Bryant

You mean to tell me, Fatty did not win the best blogger award at ESPY. That's farce!

I think we need to move these awards around the Country instead of just being in one city.

If Tracy joins the Clippers and being coached by Vinny Del Negro, I just think they are playoff bound barring unforeseen injuries and letting the basketball people run the team rather than the lawyers and the realtors tanking at the team. Up and down, they have youth in combination with veterans except for ex Laker scrub Brian Cook, a seatmate of Luke Walton on the bench. lol!

Hey Edwin, you are too much.

Fatty needs to go to bed early. Big day tomorrow in trying to find another free agent for the Lakers, since we lost out on Raja the Bell.

All I want is someone who can shoot the lights out and play D. Plus, sign for nothing.

That's all......and with that, Good night.

money is more important, with only 1.8 m available , it's understandable that Bell won't come to LA , he needs to feed his family ( like Latreal Sprewell ) as well, a ring won't do that , let's be realistic .

Raja Bell...fade to black

Why was bell wearing a Lakers necklace at the espys

.only to sign with Utah? Must of happened pretty fast.
Pics on tmz

Since Raja is no longer an option and we're not expected to resign Brown, I hope Sasha plays well this coming season.

Oh yeah, here's the pic yenlard mentioned:

Rick Friedman,

"I guess I can go back to hating on Raja Bell again."

At least we have that.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I thought I saw a DJ Mbenga sighting at the Espys. Can anyone else confirm?

Raja Bell wore Lakers necklace to the ESPYS only to ridicule lakers fans. He gets a kick out of it, he had no intention of joining the lakers from the gate. He is a small fish merely looking for recognition at lakers expense.
I don't blame him for opting to sign with Utah for the amount offered in comparisen to lakers'. It is just a good business decision but I still wont touch him with a ten foot pole if he had offered to join lakers for free. Dude is a bad news for lala land. He would have sabotage the chemistry.


>>>I guess I can go back to hating on Raja Bell again.

Yeah. What a frickin little poser. He'd rather get swept in the playoffs the next three years than to drop his pride enough to team up with the best player in the league.



>>>Since Raja is no longer an option and we're not expected to resign Brown,

If all the other FAs keep signing for more money elsewhere, we may well see Shannon back next season. If there aren't any better quality players willing to play for only 1.77 million in order to get a ring, Shannon's not a bad option, if he'd come back for 2-3 million for 2-3 years (with a team option on the last year)

>>>I hope Sasha plays well this coming season.

It's a contract year. Last time that happened, he played very well. Wouldn't shock me a bit if he did it again.

I can live pretty damn well on the intrest a banks would give on 1.8 mil. But maybe its because I'm an every man thats learned to pinch pennies here and there and wouldn't need to live the "NBA Life Style".

Pretty effin funny how LBJ was getting punked, roasted and booed. No wonder he didn't show up.

Raja isn't all that anyway. He'd be the 8th - 9th man on the Lakers. Guess he didn't want to be like Ammo. Jazz will be lucky to make the playoffs so at least we won't see him much.



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